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lY AljTliOKm.
Department or Finance.
AU persons having claims against the Ha
waiian Government are requested to send them
la with as little delay as possible, to the depart
ments responsible for their liquidation. -
Minister of Finance.
Honolulu, July 12, 1887. 739jyl3tf
Tcesdat, July 12.
Stmr Waimanalo, from Waianae
Schr Mauuokawai. from Eoolau, Oahu
Tuesday. July 12.
Stmr C It Bishop, Chaney, for Eoolau, at 5 p m
Stmr Mikahala. Freemiii, lor Nawlliwili, Wai-
mea, Kolo, etc, Kauai, at 5pm
stmr Lebua, Clarke, for Hamakua, Hawaii, at
Sttur Ivy. Holmes, for Waianae
Am brgtne John D Spreckels, Friia, for San
Francisco, at 1 a in
Am bark Colusa, Backus, for Port Townsend
ycmnoIm I.civiitir To-uay.
Oer fck Ceiastes, Bruruund, for Royal Roads,
li C.
Schr Kulamanu, for Hamakua
Schr lieeia. tor Wa.alua
Schr Luka.'for Kauai
Schr Emiua, for Kauai
Vessel in Iort .Troiii Foreisu pons
Haw bark Kalakaua, C H Henderson, from Val-'
B1 bk Goillermo, Sandmann, from Tort
Townsend, W T
Am bk C O Whitmore, T Thompson, from De
parture Bay
USS Adams, Louis KempfT, from Acapulco,
via Hilo, Hawaii
Am bktne 'Eurek, Meyers, from San "Fran
cisco Am bk Forest Queen, J C M Winding, from
San Francitco
Am bktne Ella, E C Rust, from San Francisco
Brit bk Iron Crag. Jones, from San Francisco
,Ger bark Cerastes, Capt J Brumund, from Liver
Tool . v
Nor bark Gyda, C Erieksen, from Newcastle,
esiiHbxiecteii rrttia Foreign f'or.
Haw schr General Siegel, Sanders, fron
French Frigate Shoals, due Nov 20-30
Am bark St Lucitt, sailed from New York March
20, due September 5-1 f!0
' Am bk James 8 8tone, Barstow, sailed from
Boston March. 12. due July 50-31
Ger bk Peter Goddefioy, , sailed from
Liverpool May 3rd, due Sept 1-25.
Brit nark Birmab, from Glasgow, due October
Am ship Mercury, Palarmo, from Hongkong,
due July 20-31
Ger bark Hydra, from Hongkong, due July
Brit bk Velocity, from Hongkong, due July
Haw bk Lilian, W Fhillips, from Hongkong,
due July 19-30
Am bktne Ferris S Thompson, C Potter, from
San Fram-ieco, due at Kabului July 16-31
Am bk Ceylon, R Calhoun, from san Francis
co, due July -24
Am tern W S liown,"W Bluhm.from Humboldt
Bay, due Juy 20-31
Am bktne Amelia. "V Newhall, from Humboldi
Bay, Cat, due J uly 18-25
Am bktne S N Casil, H Vf Hubbard, from Sao
Francisco, due July 12 25
Am bkine S ii Wilder, H A Paul, from San
Francisco, due Julv 20- 11
H B M's S Triumph. Rear Admiral SirCuIme
SeMiiour, from Victor a, B C. due July 10-16
H B ai'h S Conquest, Chas L Oxlej , from Vic
toiia, BC, due Julv 14
.ikW S Wild'Swau, Jno S Halifax, from N
USS Vandalia (flagship), fiom Chile
U SS Juniata, from Ameri a. due July 8-20
Chilean corvette Lspinraida mm South
America .f""""""1 .-
Irech frigate Ducrer. froni Chile" j-1
French iriguie Florie, flora Chile
Am ok Ldwaid May, Johnson, sailed from
Boston Jone 23d. due Hov 1-25
Am ship Ma ilda, Menlman, from Hongkong,
due July 12-X
Supposed to be lost.
For San Francisco, per bgtne J D Spreckels.
July lth W G Irwin & Co. 252 bags sugar and
289 barrels whisky; J T , Waterbouse, 362 bags
sugar: Hyman Bros, 773 bags sugar and 1,505
bags rice; Sing Cboug & Co, 700 bags rice; Hop
You, 450 bags rice: M P Robinson, 400 bunches
banaa.s. foreign value, 8,670. Domestic
value, $20,283 6 J.
For Pan Francisco, per bgtne J D Spreckels,
July 12th Hon Walter M Gibson, C C Maring. T
R Osborne sfa& J Blaisdell and wife.
For Maul and Hawaii, per stmr Lehua, July
12th Major W H Cornwell. Hon Paul Iaenberg,
N F Glade and Rufus A Lyman, Jr.
For Nawiliwili and way ports, Kauai, per stmr
Mikabala, July 12th Miss A Hassforth, Miss
Brewer, Miss F G Morley, Mias L E Appleton,
Mrs Y H Rice, Hon P P Kanoa, J F Colburn, O
Scholz, L Kaltofen, E Kiuse, Miss Kalama, Mas
ter Clarence Cooks, YVA Hardy, Mrs Fred Tur
ner and about 30 deck passengars.
The steamers W. G. Hall, Surprise and Kllau-
a Hou are due to-day from windward, ports.
The bark Forest Queen has been repainted
black. . '
The sloop Kabihilanl brought 200 bags paddy
from Ewa, July 12th.
The schooner Moi Wahtne may be expected to
arrive to-day from Hamakua, Hawaii.
H B M.'s ships of war Triumph and Conquest
are about 17 days out from Victoria, British Col
umbia. They may be looked for any moment.
The schooner Manuokawai brought 366 bags
sugar, 100 bags rice, 48 awa and 6 roll9 native
mats. The sugar was put on board the bark C.
O. Whitmore.
The barko C. O. Whitmore and Iron Crag and
barkentines Ella and Eureka are out in the
stream waiting for sigar.
The bark Hope is about 20 days out from Port
Townnend, with a car;;o of lumber for Messrs.
Lewers & Cooke.
The German Iron bark Cerastes, Captain J.
Brumund, expects to sail to-day in ballast for
Royal Rotds, B. C.
The steamer "Waimanalo arrived last evening
from Waiauae and Waialua with paddy and taro.
The new American barkentine S. G. Wilder,
tinder command of Captain A. H. Paul, may be
expected to arrive during the week from San
The American bark Colusa,:.CaptaIn Barkus,
sailed July 12th, in balla&t, for Port Townsend,
W. T.
The American brigantine John I.J5preckels,
Captain Chas. Frils, sailed July 12th at noon, for
San Francisco. She took 1,477 baes susrar, 3,005
bags rice, 400 bunches, bananas and 289 barrels
whisky. The cargo was valued at $21,150 CO, the
domestic produce being valued at $20,383 53."
The Hawaiian brig-Hazard. Captain Goodman,
was to leave Hilo, Hawaii, July 12th, for San
Tito Sew Constitution.
x a, -
The P. C. Advertiser offi'." has
printed the new Constitution in pam
phlet fr. r,aorH in t.h "Hono-I
lulu; ::..ivxi- ui.;! Litet.ry," which!
aleo cortitut, tho old Constitution, and j
will be Bld at the old pri-e fifty contsa
copy. ' .
Now is the time to secure bargains in
ladies and children's hats at N. S. fcach'a
Clearance sale.
Come to-morrow and bring your friends
to see the mammoth bargains in ladies'
hats, from 50c up, at Chas. J. Fishel's lead
ing Millinery House.
Remnants in colored embroideries can
be found at N. S. Sach's clearance sale
way below cost. Call early to-morrow
The most wonderful values in ladies' and
misses' trimmed and untrimmed hats ever
offered in Honolulu are at FLsfael's leading
Millinery House.
Genuine bargains in ladies' underwear
and corsets at Sach's store. Call at once
The 25, 50 and 75 cent hats are selling
like hot cakes at Sach's clearance sale.
I be Kahnlul Races.
The Maui Racing Association opened
their new track on the Fourth of July.
It was only in fair condition, owing to
late showers of rain. The attendance
at the races was very large, and much
interest was manifested. Major Corn
well carried off every race he entered
lor. The following is the result of the
various races :
1. Match race, $50 1 mile.
L. M. Vetleson's b. g. Tin Tag 1
A. F. Hopke's b. g. Fourth of July 2
2. Association Purse, $100 K niile. For
two and three year old Hawaiian bred
Appleby's b. h. Silver King ..: 1
U. B. Miles' g. g. Gray Eagle. 2
O. Broad's b. g. Ivanhoe 3
W. Goodness' b. m. Ivy 4
3. Spreckelsville Plate, $40. For Hawa
iian bred horses.
D. Center's s. g. Jerry 1
D. H. Uitvis' . g. uiu Moi 2
J. H. Stelling's b. g. Tun.my the Scrub. . 3
C. B. Miles b. g. Wonder. 4
W. H. CornweiJ's Moliie, withdrawn.
4. Waikapu Plate, $20 K mile.
C. B. Miles' b. g. Hancock 1
Appleby's b. h. Silver King 2
V. II. Corn well's g. g. Fourth of July. . . 3
5. Trotting Knee, $1501 mile heats,
best two in tnree.
W. H. Corn well's s. g. Dick 1
A. F. Hopke's b. g. Billy 2
J. Kerr's b. iu. Daisy 3
Dick won in two straight heats : time, 3
min. 25 sec. and 3 min. 214-5 sec.
6. Wailuku Plate, $501 mile. For Ha
waiian bred horses.
W. H. Cornwetl's Moliie. $30 1
D. H. Davis" Poni Moi, xa. 2
C. B. Miles' Wonder, $5 3
7. Kahului Plate, $50 mile. For Ha
waiian bred horses.
D. Center's s. g. Jerry, $30 1
C. B. Miles' g. g. Gray Eagle, $15 2
J. H. Stelling's b. g. Tommy the Scrub. . 3
8. Fourth of July Plate, $252 mile
race. For Hawaiian bred horses.
L. M. Vetlesen's Tin Tag 1
C. B. Miles' g. g. iviiuo 2
Johansen's s. g. Dancer 3
9. Mule Race, $10 mile.
W. H. Corn well's Wailama 1
D. Center's Fitz Patrick 2
10. Pony Race, sweepstakes K mile.
W. H. Cornwell's g. m. Moliie 1
Sproull's g. g. Tomahawk 2
W. Goodness' b. g. Nigger 3
11. Consolation Stakes 1 mile. For
horses not having won any previous race.
Sproul's Tomahawk 1
U. H. Broad's Ivanhoe, Jr 2
A. 1". Hopke's Fourth of July. . . . 3
12. Corinthian Race, sweep? t?.kes Free
to all; IK miles.
C. B. Miles' g. g. Kimo 1
L. Jorbert's b. g. Dandy 2
W. H. Cornwell's Cresper. 3
13. Match Race, $100 mile dash.
Quong Fong & Co.'s Nigger 1
Ten Kui's g. m. Miss Perry 2
14. Match Trotting Race, $50 K mile
heats, best two in three.
H. G. Butler'9 g. m. Bessy B 1
J. H. Stelling's b. in. Pet 2
A Powerful Klfle.
A magazine rifle of great power and
efficiency has been recently tried at
Vienna, with the most successful re
sults. Herr Fortelka, the inventor, was
a lieutenant in the Austrian army, and
during the occupation of Bosnia he re
ceived a shot in the left eye, which de
stroyed the optic nerve, and by sympa
thetic action so affected the other eye
that the poor officer, now only 28 years
of age, has been blind for the last eight
years. Undaunted by such a grave mis
fortune, Herr Fortelka devoted himself
to mechanical pursuits that required the
nicest precision, and during these years
he has invented not only a new maga
zine rifle, but also two machines for the
anti-oxidation of iron, steel and other
metals, at a very small cost; further, an
apparatus for automatically mapping, a
new micrometer, a new sort of gunpow
der, not to speak of smaller inventions
which found their way into the lesser
industrial establishments of Vienna. To
an interviewer who expressed his aston
ishment at the possibility of devising
complicated machines without being
able to see the separate parts, the blind
inventor said: "I see with my fingers,
and not in' one single case have they
deceived me. It's really curious that
when great or minute measurements are
in question, those who see with their
eyes are wrong, and I, with the use of
my fingers, am right. The models for
my machines against oxidation of metals
were entirely made by myself from
carved wood, with the help of string,
wire and bread crumb."
X he 'Honolulu Aimai.ac and Directory '
for 1337 is now on sale atJ. H. Soper'3
and A. M. Hewett'3 news depots, and at
this q1Sc- Price. 50 cets.
On Saturday, July 2d, a half-caste
named Charles Davidson, a student at
Lahainaluna Seminary, Lahaina, Maui,
accidentally shot himself.
It appears on that day he went out
shooting with sever il of his classmates
in the neighboring woods. He carried a
double-barreled shotgun, and loaded it
before he started, Reaching the woods
a plover came in sight, and Davidson,
taking aim, shot and killed it, the bird
falling in some thick bushe3.
Young Davidson took hold of his gun
by the muzzle, and in attempting to clear
the thick brush away to get at the bird,
the other barrel went off. The shot en
tered his abdomen and he fell to the
ground. His companions, who were
some little distance off, immediately ran
to his assistance, and carried him to a
shady place. They asked him several
questions, bat received no answer, which
caused them to become alarmed. He
was alive then, but five minutes after
wards he breathed his last. Upon ex
amination his schoolmates found his
bowels protruding, and one of them,
ICekipi, put them back in their place.
Some natives who were working a
fchort distance away were summoned,
and they carr!e.l the dead body to" the
Seminary. The funeral took place the
following day, the remains being in
terred in the cemetery.
Mr. Hitchcock, the Principal of the
Seminary, was absent at Lahaina at the
time of the affair. He had alway pro
hibited the use of firearms, but it seems
the young man took advantage of his
absence and went out shooting, with the ,
above result. j
The deceased was about 17 vear's of
age, and a bright and intelligent youth.
His parents are both dead, but lie was
cared for by Mr. Davidson, his foster j
father. His nearest relativo is a cousin
living at Lahaina. Dr. Kuehn.the Gov
ernment physician, was sent for after
the shooting, but of course he arrived
too late.
The steamer W
(Jr. Hall rnav be looked
for this morning.
Mr. Locke Richardson is meeting
much success in Sydney.
The brigantine J. D. Spreckels carried
quite a mail to San Francisco yesterday.
All claims against the Hawaiian Govern
ment are called for by the Minister of Fi
nance. At 11 o'clock this morning Mr. Lewis J.
Levey will sell a quantity of lumber at
Brever's wharf.
Hon. F. H. Hayselden resigned the As-.-.
-worship for the district of Honolulu on
Saturday last.
Major W. II. Cornwell, the Hon. Paul
IsenbergandMr.il. F. Glade lett by the
Lehua yesterday.
The uual prayer meeting will be held at
the vestry of the Fort-street Church this
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
There will be the usual services at St.
Andrew's Cathedral this evening at 7:30
o'clock, conducted by the Rev. George
A meeting of the Woman's Church Aid
Society will be held to-morrow afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock in the St. Andrew's Sunday
school room.
The following are the officers of the
Ironworkers Rifle Association: President,
John Gilfillan; Vice President, James Ly
cett; Secretary, M. Rosevvan; Treasurer,
Thos. Smith.
The death is announced of Dr. Thomas
Spencer Baynes. Professor of Logic in St.
Andrew's University, one of the editors of
"Encyclopedia Brittanica," and author of
many "Review" articles.
The members ot the Honolulu llines
who did not obey orders and turn out j
during the late trouble are to be arraigned j
before a court martial. By godirey, it
will go hard on one or two.
Yesterday afternoon a team of dray
horses ran away on Queen street. A
Chinaman who was on the dray when the
animals started was dragged a consider
able distance, but not seriously injured.
4 2 Niuiaun .Street.
Just received, ex barkentine H. N.
Bangs, large quantities of Silks, Em
broidered Silk Handkerchiefs with ini
tials ; an assortment of Scarfs and
Shawls, Graas Cloth, and Grass Cloth
Also, s. great variety of Japanese Tea
Sets, Vases, Bronze Sleeve Buttons,
Lacquered War.e, etc.
Satin, Crape, Ivory, Sandalwood and
Tortoiseshell Card Case, Paper Cutter,
Fans and Jewelry Cases, Matting, etc.
Gold and Silver Jewelry, setting with
tiger claws, cateyes and amber.
Instection invited. ;
A Traveled Actor.
"Oh, no," said an actcr who was basking
in the sun on the omer of Fourth avenue
and the Rialto, 'Tm never afraid of acci
dents when traveling about the country, but
I'm careful, of course."
"Yes, indeed, vouchsafed another actor,
who has the number of railroad ties in the
country down to a fine pomt; "I s'pose you
keep your eyes open for trains coming in
both directions." IS ew York Sun.
' An Adjustment of Differences.
Valerie Villemer ( Vassar, 'STJ But, auntie,
all the researches of modern science convince
us that evolution is the only theory to which
we can attach any confidence. Admirable
Aunt Well, my dear, if you won't disturb
my ancestors in the Garden of Eden, I will
promise not to feed peanuts to yours at the
zoological garden. Harvard Lampoon.
V . Heading Her OtT.
Cfcarley, her city c'U:u in alarm) uu, wt
r-mx't, w.int 8'ivt-hin-r stewed. Fanny. Better
take Bometliir.'s nice to order French chops, ;
f.-r tngtAr;riNftw York Sun.
A Tonus Jinn N'med Isvidsou
Shoots Himself at Lahaiua.
Swift as sound of music Ced
When do more the organ sighs
Sped as all old Joys are sped.
So your lips, love, and your eyes.
So your gentle voice replies.
Mine, one hour, in sleep that seem,
FliS away as slumber fiies,
Follpwing: darkness like a dream.
As the scrnt from roses red. : . .
As the lawn from April skies.
As the phantom of the dead.
From the living love that hies,
As the shifting shade that lies t "
On the moonlight silver stream, - v
So you rise, when dreams arise, 'V'
Following darkness like dream.
Could some witch with woven tread.
Could some spell in fairy wise.
Lap about this dreaming head
In a mist of memories,
I should lie like him that lies '
Where the lights on Pat raos gleam,
'Neath Selene down the skies
Following darkness like & dream.
exvoy. 4-
Sleep, that jrrant3 what life denies, .
Shadowy bounties and supreme.
Bring me back her faie, that flies,
Following darkness like a dream.
Andrew Lang.
Comparatively Few Men Attacked Noi
days A Itule Among Business Men.
"Comparatively few men are now at
tacked by footpads on the street,' said a
gentleman who for the last twenty -five
years has made frequent business visits to
Chicago. "There was a time before the
fire when business men and others coming
to the city felt unsafe on the streets, be
cause there were frequent instances of
men being stopped or knocked down and
robbed by vagabonds, who as a rule made
their escape. There is less of this now
than there was years ago, because men
carry less money than they did years ago,
when there were few bsnks in the country
towns and no good system of exchange or
"It is a rule among business men of
this era to carry with them mcney enough
only for their immediate expenses, and a
mprrTinnt. n rlrovfr. nr n tradpr of nnv
dnd coming to the city, instead of having
thousands of dollars on his person, will
havo probably less than a hundred. The
footpads have come to understand this,
nd they take fewer risks, because they
know that the returns will not be sum-
ciont to warrant the risk. Hundreds of
business men in Chicago make it a rule
to carry less money in their pockets than
do their employes or the averago working
man. This is as much a rule of business
as is the depositing of cash in the Ijank at
a certain hour.
"The effect of the rule is seen in the
comparative freedom of the prosperous
business man from attack by thugs or
street vagabonds. Twenty or more years
ago the very opposite was the rule. A
man doing a prosperous business felt that
he was; called upon to demonstrate the
truth of his pretensions or claims by
covert or open exhibition of a plethoric
pocketbook. Particularly was this the
case with men coming to the city with
out acquaintance or letters of credit.
Their pocketbooks were their certificates
of financial standing, and a man who did
not have a full pocketbook or who did
not exhibit a disposition to spend money
freely was not regarded favorably by
new business acquaintances. The mere
fondness for display of money, the ex
ultation in the possession of money, led
men to be a little reckless in the display
of large bills cr of gold pieces, and men
with the heaviest pocketbooks were easily
spotted by footpads." Inter Ocean
"Curbstone Crayons."
The Commune of Paris.
But few people are fully aware of the
immense proportions which the commune
had taken on before its final suppression.
Its military strength was simply enor
mous. Cluseret told mo of his furnish
ing rations, at the true he was delegate
to the ministry , of war, to 125,000 sol
diers in Paris. And the amount of war
material in possession of tho commune at
the time of its collapse was prodigious.
There were 548,000 guns of different
Models, with saber bayonets; 56,000
cavalrv sabers of every form and descrip
tion; 14,000 Enfield rifles; "39, 000 revol
vers making a total of nearly 700,000
weapons of every kind taken from the
liands of the communards.
Independently of the vast amount of
this particular material, the military au
thorities of the commune had 1,700 pieces
of cannon and mitrailleuses, which they
haa robbed from the city and which they
had used with such terrible effect. But
what must ever excite amazement is the
knowledge of the vast number of people
in Paris at this time who not only were
in sympathy with the commune, but who
abetted and sustained it in its career of
crime and blood. The minority, embrac
ing the better class of Paris, was com
pletely cowed and subdued by this vast
insurrectionary mass of population. Ex
Jlinister Wasliburne in Scribner's.
Examples or Drifting Sands. "
Near the sea the sliif ting of sand by
the winds is a familiar sigh., and the
drifts are often known to encroach on
cultivated fields, forests and villages.
Striking examples are found on Lako
Micliigan, where tho withered tops of a
forest are visible above a sand drift, and
in Norfolk, England, where farms and
houses have been covered. The same
phenomenon occurs in deserts, the great
sand hills being net only carried about
by the wind, but even forced beyond the
proper limits of the sandy wastes. The
extensive Ilegistan desert, in central
Afghanistan, is reported as being steadily
pushed northeastwardly, and calculations
have shown that its present rate of pro
gress will causo it to overwhelm somo of
the riost fertile and prosperous districts
of tho country in a few thousand years.
Arkansaw Traveler.
Tlie Queen' Padding.
We hear from an acquaintance in Bir
mingham that the luncheon table laid for
the queen was a thing of beauty. It was
set out for four persons, and there were
exquisite flowers arranged in vases of
Worcester ar d Coalport porcelain, sent
by Messrs. Osier, who also provided some
wonderful cut glass finger bowls of a sur
prising thickness and beauty. It seems
odd that the queen of England and Em
press of India should have that simple
nursery dish, a tapioca pudding, specially
prepared for her: but tlx choico i3 at least
consistent with the simplicity and home
liness of her life. I wonder if the Prince
?f Wales likes tapioca pudding. London
After "Chestnut," tho Hickory.
Johnny Hardnut gets about as many whip
pings every day as there are school hours,
and yesterday the teacher caught him at hia
tricks as asual.
"You raughty boy.w she said, "if you do
M.1 - . , V- ,,--..,,
' i .'hefnut," he reaed i-npudently
'Hickory is better, I think," she renia-'cfi
quietly, and gave him aoout half a cor J
across tha back. V7asuir.ta Critic
London' Strongest Adjective Oath.
"Bloody" is the strongest adjective
oath in the low street calendars. Yet the
word haa a history dating from the days
of Queen Elizabeth. When the maiden
Queen Bess sat on the throne of England
a chivalrous oath of the knights was one
in the name of tho queen. Uncovering
the head and looking toward her castle
they would exclaim, when wishing to in
tensify a statement, 'By our Lady Bess. ' '
On the other hand the queen had many
enemies among her subjects. These would
mutter under their breath in accents of
imprecation "Bloody Bess, tho word
coined by speaking "by our lady"
quickly. Henceforth the adjective indi
cated loathing and insult. Low class
Londoners do not often swear in the sense
of taking God's name in vain. Their
swearing is mostly confined to a reckless
flinging about of this sanguinary epithet,
which I've written with bated breath, so
accustomed have I grown to regarding
tho word as the veriest leprosy of 6peech.
Annie Wakeman in Philadelphia Record.
. Etiquette In French Families.
The etiquette in the best old families of
France as regards young girls is very
6trict. At 17 they begin to bo seen at
their mother's "at homes,' but at 18
only they make the debut in society, be
ginning with the opera, Lenten recep
tions, and what are now generally called
bals blancs. The French girl never lias
any cards of her own; when she is what
they call in England "out" her name is
written below her mother's. Tho letters
addressed to her aro always delivered
first to her parent's hands, who passes
them to her opened cr unopened, as she
bees fit. She wears no jewels beyond
one row of pearls around her neck. She
tides early, before tho fashionable hour
it tho Eois, escorted by her father; hot
brother may take her out driving, and
the is even permitted now to take tbx.
reins, a liberty which, ten years ago,
would have stamped her outrageously
fast, frencn girls or almost any
including the bourgeoisie,
never walk
put clone. They marry young
ably before 20. Pioneer Press.
Two Classes of Newspapers.
America's successful newspapers are
becoming differentiated into two classes.
One class i3 composed of the great, mul
tipago morning journals which publish
everything, are sold for the cost cr less
than the cost of their white paper, and
make up their losses on circulation by a
copious supply of advertising. The other
class comprises trim, neat little papers,
which boil down tho news to its final es
sence, contain no unnecessary words, and
depend upon immense sales for their
profits. San Franrisco Post.
The Leading Millinery Bouse
Chas. J. Fisliel.
For two Weeks Only
Remnant Sale
will take place
All our remnants will be placed on the
Counter, and marked way down.
In Ladies' Trimmed and Untrimmed
Hats, we are prepared to offer BIG
RemnaDts in all departments.
Come and see what we offer you next
Leading Millinery House.
The Equitable
Life Assurance Society
Death claims paid in 1886. . .
Assets, January 1, 1887
Liabilities, 4 per cent basis.
. . 100 per cent
.175,510,472 7 .
. 59,154.597 00
Surplus, 4 per cent basis 116,355,875 76
The surplus is based on the conservative
assumption that only 4 per cent interest
will be realized on investments.
Assuming that 4. per cent will be real
ized, it amounts to $20,495,175 76.
27The SURPLUS, on every basis of
New assurance in 1886. $111,540,203 00
Larger thin tbat of any other company.
Outstanding assurance 411.779.098 00
Larger than tbat of any other company.
Paid policy holders in 1886. .
Paid policy holders since or
ganization Total income
Premium income
8,336,607 90
9f.547.783 53
19,873,733 19
16,272.154 62
Larger than that of any other company.
Inr.rase of rrem. income $2,810 475 40
Increase of urplu, 4 per cent basis 2,491,636 68
Increase of aasecs ?,957,C85 25
Policies lasted on all the plans, with all (he
guarantee and concessions. For full particu
lars apply to ;
632 may! 2 'fS No. 3 Kaahumanu streat
Expressman & Drayman,
Telephone So. 202.
Bsldecce, 121.
5 ri, it was dt-.i'ifc rS:V tL- xeiA Ci
.rrrioi to pi-r m.-f- c :'." lit or
".an . T ... W. stiUlC ' '-'-3
j , a n' a,; .
Absolutely Pure.
This powder nc er varies. A marvel of purity,
itrenfrth and v!olesomeness. Jlore economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in coin
petitio i with the multitude of lo-y test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold on lt EI
cans. Hot au BA&isa Fowssa Co.. 100 Waiirefc
V Y.
TA l 0 LU l) R ACT0RY,
Wai oho, Zfaaf,
May 26tb, and are now repared to supply
fAI-O FLOL'K in any quantities.
With new and Improved machinery and other
apparatus, the present Manager guarantees to
upply 'I aro Flour that will make a better class
of Poi than ever produced.
All orders to be sent to W. H. CUMMINS,
.Manager, at the Factory, Wailuku, Maui ; or to
W. U. IRWIN CO., Agents, Honolulu.
three-cornered shawl The finder will
"onfer a favor by leaving the same at this office.
By virtue of a writ of execution issued out of
the Supreme Court on the 18th day of June, A.
D. 1837,against B. Kalilimoku.defendant.in favor
of A. J. Cartwright, trustee of the estate of R. W.
Holt, deceased, plaintiff, for the sum of $398 o5,
I have levied upon and shall expose for sale at
the front entrance of Kalakaua Hale, In Hono
lulu, Island of Oahu, at 12 o'clock m.on
Thursday, July 21, A.D. 1887
To the higehst bidder, all the right, title and in
terest of the said B. Kalllimoku, defendant, in
and to the following property, unless said judg
ment, interest, costs, and my expenses be pre
viously paid.
List of property for sale;
Land at Keanae, Hana, Maui, R. P. 3,267 L. C.
A. 4,897, to Ohiki; area 1 50-100 acres.
Land at Pahou, Koolau, Maui, R. P. 3,215, to
Kalilimoku; area, 13 7-100 acres.
Land at Honokohau, Kapauku, Maui, R. P.
4,615, L. C A. 5,927, to fiapoi; area, 50-100 axre.
Right, title and interest of B. Kalilimoku in
a certain piece of. land at Walanee and Pahou,
Keanae, Hana, Maui, described in lease recorded
Lib. 45, fol. 481; area, 107 acres.
B. Kalilimoku with Kulili (w) of Kulihi, Oahu,
made a mortgage to Honuakaha of Honolulu,
dated Nov. 13, 18WJ, recorded Lib. 80. folio 148-9;
B. Kalilimoku mortgaging the above described
lands, and Kalili (w) the following lands to wit;
1. Apana 1, R. ?. 1,195, L. C. A., 1,238, to Hoe
nul, Kalihi, Oahu; area 4.10chains.
2. Apana 3, R. P. 1,495, L. C. A. 1,58 to Hoe
nui, Kalihi, Oahu; area, 25 1"0 acre.
Terms cash. Deeds at expense of purchasers.
Honolulu. June 21, 1887. 722jy21
Is prepared to do all kinds of
Commercial & Legal Work
Having just Received a Complete and New
Assortment of -
Job Types and Ornaments
Of the Latest Stvles. from tbe most Cele
bra ted Foundries of tbe United States,
and employing only Experienced
and x'asty Workmen, we are
prepared to turn ont
Letter Deads.
Bill Heads.
If ete Heads.
Ellis or Ladfajc
BortaK Blanks,
fthlppfiur Contracts,
Jin n.railan & Engllth f
Blank t'htnks,
Stock Certificates,
nnsfness Cards. " "
4 Meal Cheeks,
' HI lk Tickets,
Fnk Cheeks
Harrlaxe Certifies.
- Dlplomns,
rlttlnir !c!i
.nd iu fact eveiythbifc Thkh a tfrst-cW'p ;
C'i'c can do.
Commercial Advertiser
hree Whale Boats.
Tne decked Wr ale Boa 30 feet Ions, 3 feet deep,
O 8 feet wide.
Two 22-fee Snrt Boats.
One 18-feet Surf Boat.
One decked Plunger, 16 feet long, 6 feet 6 inches
wide, 1 feet 6 inches deep, wi.h mast and sails.
One 22-f4rt Sailing Scow, deckel, with mast and
Ono 12-tc n Lighter, decked.
710jel6tf Boat Builder and General Jobbtr
T. J. BASS & CO.
Importers of and Dealers In
A.rtists' - Materials,
Paints, Oils. Glass, Varnishes, Turpentine.
Manufacturers of Mouldings, picture
Frames, etc., etc , etc.
14 and 16 Ellis Street near Market,
Iron, Steel, Pipe, Mill a J Mining fluppliss.
Ill to 115 California St., gaii Francisco.
641 auglO
Australian Mail Service.
The new and fine Al steel steamship
Of tho Oceanic Steamship Company, will be due
at Honeluln from Sydney and Auckland
on or about
JULY 29, 1887,
And will leave for the abeve port with malls and
passengers on or about that dale.
For freight or passage, having SUPKRTOR
Wm. G. Irwin & Co.,
For Sydney and Auckland.
The new and line A 1 steel steamship
Oi the Oceanic Rtemhip Company, wi' I be
due al Honolulu from Fau Fraudsi.u
or or about
August 5, 1887.
And will have prompt dl3patcn with; .i.at.w ol
passengers for the above ports.
For I eight or passage, V.nv!g svrKKloK AC
Win. (t. Irwin A Co.,
We G. Jrwin J Co
S TJ Or A. Ti S
In Barrels,
Half Barrels,
And 30-pound Boxes.
In Half Barrets
And 25-pound Boxes
In ao-pound Boxes.
In naif Carre's
Bine Mottled Soap
Cases Corned JBeef.
Cs'Medinm Brea '
Galvanized Iron Roofing,
Sugar Bags 22.x 3(5.
Manila and Si.al. Fanana Twine, Whale Line
Reed's ; Felt Steam Pipe
and Boiler ..Covering.
A" VSNTH, (snUtfete for esrjup ;
U; ar.rt msrveyjr.g parties.)
22 tt

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