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Vutfititi OJiit-.
Odlclal noil. .; hiving been Khu to this
ptrtu.etit tl.at during tins tempor-iry abssues
lroui Honolulu of Mr. Tajma Raiu WaUif,
.Acting. Urlilab Vice Consul,
Will discharge the function- nf (Acting. Urltlsh
Vice Consul for C. re.t hntair:. All persons ar
hereby required to i.. i:.il faith aud credit to !
H thrt ijftu'bl act-, t u.oojlJMr. Francis M.
(Signed., ioDrTiEY UliOWV,
70Mjy30waugl Ml ulster of Foreign Affair.
1'Hjt vtsrh Notice.
'I tii- Assessor for Honolulu will be in Li omce
to attend the returns from M.mJiy, the lbth,
to Sat unlay, the lit.lh ot July, fruui Sa tu. to t
ji. m. After July Uoth the Assessor 'will be eu
gaed on Hie outride limits of the district.
T4' jylttt Assessor for Honolulu.
ilCpHrilllCII t ol" filtHIM'.
All persons having claims against the Hi
waiim tio veruine tit r requested to send them
1 ii it U as littl f delay rs i .oss title, to the depart
t.i er; ?8 le.'.pensille for their liquidation.
Minister of Fluture.
Honolulu. ,Ju'y l'j, ls.s7. 7J9jyl3tf
VOll'V OF HONOLULU, 11. 1.
Alliin AI.S.
Priuay. July 29.
Sticr AV.viminalo, from Wattiiiinaio
tmr C 11 Bishof:, Chimney, from Koolau
Stmr Ka, from i'.wa
Simr J A Ciimmnw, Neilsii, from Koolau
Sohr Nettie Merrill, from I.ahainu
Hchr Mille Morris, truui Koolau
Hchr Kob Roy, from Koolaiu
Schr Manuokawai. from KooIju
ii:im itinus.
l-'irAY, J uly 29.
Haw schr Mana, Neilaon, for ihe South Sea
Am ship Mercury, J L latino, for Port Town
tend Kchr Rnlnl'OW. tor Koolau
Bchi M ailt le, for Lauimhoeuoe
4seis f .! intr i iMlny.
Am bk Hope, 1 V P 1'etihallow, for fort
Tow use nd, V T
Haw hk James A King, Berry, for Port Town
send Schr Waloli, for Kuan
el, in Port Strom Foreign lorli.
Haw bark Kalakaua, II Uendur.iou, from Val
paraiso V ti S Adams, Loium Kemj-ft', from Acapulco,
vi;i llilo. Hawaii
H B .M's S t'onquest, Charles L Oxley, from
Fsqulmault, 1J C
Am bktne Eureka, Meyers, from San Fran
cisco P.rit bk Iron Crag, Jones, froui San Francisco
Am bktne S X Custle, II W HuhLard, frotu San
Am hk Jame S Stone, C F Barstow, from Bos
ton. Haw S S Australia, II C Houdlette, from San
Haw bk Liliin.J B Holland, from Hongkong
f eflMhxprt'te.i from FrFI;'n I'orc.
Haw schr General Slegel, Sanders, from
French FrUate Shoals, due Nov 20-;it)
Am bark St Luciv, sailetl from New York March
2t, due September 5-W
tier bk Peter Goddefroy, , Hailed from
Liverpool May Srd, due Sept 1-25.
Brit mirk Birwah, froui Glasgow , due October
Ger t-irk Hydra, fiotu HoDKkong, due July
Brit bk Velocity, from Hongkong, due July
Am bktne Ferris S Thompson, C Potter, from
San Francisco, due at Kahulul July 16-Ul
Am bk Ceylon, K Calhoun, from van Francis
co, due July t-2-1
Am bktne b G Wilder, U A Paul, from San
Francisco, due July 2tVU
I'SS Yandatia iriashipi, from Chile
t rench frigate Ducrex, from Chile
French frigate I lorie, from Chile
Am ok Edward May, Johnson, sailed from
Boston June lid, due Nov 1-25
Am nhip Matilda, Merriman, from Hongkong,
d lie July 12-ol
Haw steamship Zealandla, R van Oterendorp,
from the Colonies, eu route to San Francisco
due July 29
V S S Juniata, from China, due July 8-20
Am tern W S Bowne, W Blubni, from Port
Towcsend, due Auk lu-25
H b M's s Wild Swan, Jno S Halifax, from X
America, due Aug 1-20
Am brgtue Wm G Irwin, J E McC'ulloch, from
Sad Fraucieeo, due July 31
Chilean corvette Esmeralda, lrom srJth
Am brgtne Consuelo, E B Cousins, from ort
Towuseul, due Aug 15-31
KM ! S Mariposa (Am), Hay ward, from 'tan
Francitteo, en route to the Colonies, due Aug 5
Supposed to be lost.
sini'i'i.vd xoriis.
The steamer F.w a broiight 400 bunches bananas
frotu Ewa, Oahu, July 2ytii, for the Zealaudia.
The steamer W.G.Hall will arrive next Mon
J.iy afternoon from Maul and Hawaii.
The ship Mercury sailed July -'Jtb. for the
The American Uritantlue Wm. G. Irwin, Cap
tion J. E. MeCulloch, ia 11 days from Sau Fran
cisco for this port.
The steamer Surprise ha been hauled on iho
M.irlue Railway to be cleaned.
The Hawaiian bark James A. King, Captain H.
U. iierry, sails to-day for Pi. get Sound, and will
ruturu with lumber.
The -teamer Mokolil will rectie her new
boiler next week.
The schooner Emma arr ved July 2'Jth "nun
ilai with 60 bag- nc.
The steamer Kinati will airie to-morrow at i
noon from windward ports.
The schooner Man sailed July 2!tli with 80
returned laborers for the islaudsin the South
li. b. M. s. corvette Conquest win probably i
leave next week for the other islands. j
Tho schooner Kaulelua arrived off port last !
veiling from Kauai.
The steamers Likollke, Lehua. and Waialeale
are due to day.
The steamer Waimacalo arrived last evening
from Waialua and Waianae.
The schooner Xettie Merrill, Captain Crane,
arrived yesterday from Pima, Hawaii.
The schooner Mille Morris brought Sot) baijs
paddy from Koolaa, Oahu, July J-Jth.
The Americau bark Hope, Captain D. W. P.
Penballow.ls expected to sail to- day in ballast I
for port Towimend. .
The bark James S. Stone has completed (lis- j
charging carjo. She will leave next Wednesday j
with Chinese passengers for Hongkong.
The barkentine Eureka leaves for Sau Fran- !
Cisco fcither next Monday or Tuesday,
Th- Xeii C'oiiHtltulloii.
The P. C. AiivtRiistH oiiice has i
printed the new Constitution in pam- j
phlet form. It is inserted in the "Hono- I
lulu Almanac ami Directory," which
also contains the old Constitution, and j
will be sold ut the old price titty cecU
A copy. '
Now tj the lime iu m-i un- ti.wuaiin iii
ladies u ii f childien V hut at N . S. Sa. h'-.
Clearance naif.
l-'oiue to-morrow and bring yuur friend? I
to -ee the niimraoth bargains iu ladies' i
ha.li, frrn 50c up, at Chan. J. Pi-shel's lead- ;
iti Millinerv House.
Remn.w.ls in o
iorcd emluoiderie-. can
. fsaeh's clearance .-ale
j Le found at N.
Way below cot.
Call e.sriv to-morrow
I morning.
Uenuine bargain-)
ui la'.ie
and t'ursi-H at at h's -tore. ( ail a! .nice
The mo-t wonder) ui. aiiii-- in huhi Vand
trimmed and li nt i irn tned In r - eer
o He red in Honolulu art' at l'i-hci' i. .
MillilUTV llutM'.
Tin. !'", "u and
like lit t ca kes ar
" out hat :. ri- s
lii li '- ( lea rani e -a!e
1 1 i n
The serviivsut St. Andrew's Catlu-.lr.il
to-mtjirow will bo: H.lv Coiiununi. n,
0:30 o'clock u. ui. Matins with
sermon, at :'M A lock u. m.
rrouclier, tho rishoi of Honolulu.
Chinese service at 11 :1" a. in., with
ppruioii by Kev. H. H. (ioweii.
Conlii nuition service Kr Chinese at
2 p. m. Hawaiian evenr-on. at o ::()
1. m. rreacher Kev. Alex. .Mackin
tosh. Evensong, with sermon bv tin1
i' Uev. II. II. Ciowen, at U . in. Seats
are unappropriated.
Secotnl Congregation, Kev. (ieo. Wal
lace, pastor : Morning prayer, with ser
mon, at 11:15 a. in.; evening prayer,
with sermon at 7 :o p. m. Sunday
tschool meets at 11) a. m. Seats free at
all services. This will be Mr. Wal
lace's last Sunday previous to his de
parture for the States on a vacation.
Fort-street Church The llev. E. G.
Beckwith, D.D., of San Francisco, will
preach at 11 a. in. and 7:30 p. m. Sun
day school at 10 a. m.
lioman Catholic Cathedral. 0 and
a. in., low mass with Holy Communion ;
10 a. in., high mass, with sermon either
in Hawaiian, Portuguese or English,
alternating according to the three prin
cipal different nationalitiesof the church ;
2 p. m., rosary and catechism; 4:30 p.
m., instruction and benediction of the
Blessed Sacrament.
Kaumakapili Church. Rev. J. Waia
mau, pastor. Sunday-school at ) :30 a.
rn. Preaching at 10:30 a. in.
Kawaiahao Church. Rev. II. II.
Tarker, pastor. Sunday-school at 10 a.
in. Preaching at 11 a. in.
Y. M. C. A. Young Men's Bible
Class in the parlor at. 9:43 a. in
ducted by the General Secretary,
pel Praise Service at b :30 p. rn.
Chinese Church. Fort street,
corner Berotania. Mr. To Ten:
near ,
l'.b i
evangelist. Chinese Sunday-school,
9:30 a. m. Chinese ami English Jim
day-school, 2 :30 p.m. Preaching at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p. in. Bible class
Chinese Y. M. C. A. Hall, 0:30 p m.
in i
Ilolie t otirr.
bkfoick police justice i-avton.
Friday, July 2'Jth.
Kaheleniauna pleaded guilt- to the
larceny of two pair of pants, the property
of Ah Fat, and valued at $10, and was
sentenced to one month's imprisonment
at hard labor and to pay a line of $3.
Two other cases were further con
tinued. CIVIL CASES.
Ahi A Co. vs. Mrs. E. Batchelor, as
sumpsit for $33 15. Judgment lor
plaintiff for $23 33, wifh interest and
costs. Defendant notes an appeal.
Mun Sing vs. Hang Chang, assumpsit
for $32 for wages and stable rent. Judg
ment for plaintiff for the amount claimed
with costs.
Paanana an.l Kailiene (w) vs. Kama-
ka, assunif)sit for $42, balance due for
tobacco. Defendant's counsel moves for ;
. .1 T-1.1 '
a non-suit, which was granted.
iffs noted an appeal.
A I.it of Mr. I.ei J. l,ej" Sale
lor To-tlay.
. Mr. Lewis J. Levey, the auctioneer,
will be a busy man to-dav. At 10 o'clock,
bv order of T. F. Lansing, a-signeer of
. i
the bankrupt estate of Man Hong o. Co.,
he will sell the stock and fixtures of the
said estate.
At noon he will have another assig-
! nee sale, when will be offered a set of 4
harnesses for draught horses, a set of
double carriage harness and a lumber
In the evening, at 7 o'clock, Mr. Levey
will be found at the store of P. Mcln-
j erny, where he will offer the whole of
j his stock of ladies', gents' and childien's
' boots ami shoes.
Unnoe at aikiki.
Last evening Mr. T. R. Walker, Act
ing Briti.-h Vice Consul, and Mrs.
Walker, gave a dance at their seaside
residence, Waikiki, iu honor of the Caj
tain and officers of H. B. M. S. Conquest
and V. S. S. Adams. The large 1 uiai
near the beach was used for dancing,
and was brilliantly illuminated with
lanterns. A detachment of the Koyal
Hawaiian Band plaved for dancing. A
large number of invited guests were
present, and the occasion was an ex
ceedingly enjoyable one.
The "Honolulu Alnianuc and Directory '
for lsT is now on sale at J. 11. .Soper'n
and A. M. llewett's news depute, and al
this office. Price. 50 cents.
.' The Likeiike i-due in port tui- i:i"i f':..
The Kin iu i; due from tl;e Vi-ica.i to
I morrow afternoon.
The sale of furniture a! Cue res-idem- ol
; Kev. ".torge Waihue taivis pLiv.e at l'J
! u't lo. k i ht. inorniii.-r.
Chief Knpineer Ezra J. Whitaki-i , late of
i the C. ri. S. Adam-, lt-ases for .-an Ei;t:i-
ci on the Zt-alatidia.
;' The Royal Hawaiian Hand -ert-naded H.
! li. II. I'rinctBS I.iliiukalani at her rt-i-
! .1...... fu.f wt'ij i niiit'inii
Mr. M. D. Mon-rarrat, Foreman of Ho:e
Company No. 1. liai a notice to the ie
l men of Honolulu iu another column.
! Mr. Rudolph SpreekeK who ha- been
' vi-iting Honolulu the pa-t month or so,
return- to San Frai:oi-. o on the Zeal.i.i lia..
' If you want to have a pood en bath,
take the "bus ami go out to the W aikiki
bath house. Every aetomnndation will
be found there.
Ye-terday Mr. Ju-tice l'reston ordered
: that the evidence in the divorce suit of
Do.hi ( w) v-.. Dodxl (k) be not p.ublihed in
' the paper- until the ca-e was completed. j
A meeting is to be held at (he Honolulu ;
' Rille-' Armory this evenuig by the voting;
j men of Ward 5 intere-ted in hone-t con- !
; stitutional government, for the purpose of i
j organizing a Young Men's Reform Club.
Dr. J. S. MeGrew is in "pilikia,"' accord- i
. iug lo a notice in another column. His ;
f lark half Jer-ey cow ha- strayed from the 1
preiiiL-es corner of Alakea and Hotel
-treets, and a reward is offered for Us re- ;
turn. '
'The Educational Societies will give a j
lnau at the Palace this afternoon in honor !
of the return of Her Majesty the Queen j
ami the Princess Liliuokalani and -suite j
from their tour abroad. The Kawaihau j
Club will be pre-ent and render vocal ;
Selections. ... " '
i;ulertuliini-n t nt tlie V. M. '. A.
' The entertainment given by the Y..j
M C. A. last evening to the sailors of I
II. B. M. S. Conquest and U. S. S
M .
Adams was fairly well attended. Mr. .
F. J. Low rev, President ot the Assoeia-
I . J. Low rev, tresnient ot t tie Assoeia- i resimuues me souu water tanks that are sup
lion; Kev. II. H. Gcwen, Presi.lont of! pl-ed drug stores from central factories, and
.,, T t r. ; the priiicip,e is the same. Onee a week, or
.he Blue Ribbon League, and Mr. fe. je ,hlV u- lu,.t,sSfu th, consilJJier 1V.
.... i t .-. '
D. Fuller, General Secretary, and .Messrs. j eeives his charge of amtuoniaeal air, and by
P. C. Jones and C. M. Cooke were i means of a gauge he can produce any temper
seated on the platform. Above them j ufrer f; Tbe. is no din
1 . water to look alter, and the question ot short
hung Hawaiian, British and American weErbt in ice deliv-erv is a thm-j- of th .t
flags. Mr. Cooke, who had charge of
the evening's programme, introduced
Mr. Jones, who, in his usual humorous
style, welcomed the men of the Con
quest and Adams. lie told them that
once the Captain of the Constance said
that Y. M. C. A. stood for "Ye Men of
Constance, Ahoy." But he had heard
lately that the abbreviation stood for,
"Young Men's Climbing Association."
The programme was opened by Miss
j Jennie Grieve with a song, "When the
j Heart is Young," which was rendered
j with pleasing effect, her voice beintr
J heard to much advantage. She was de
J servedly encored. W. Passel of the
J Conquest next sang, "The Sea is Eng
land's Glory," 1. is shipmates joining in
! the chorus. He sang in excellent style, j
j and was loudly applauded. Miss Addie j
j Peterson gae a recitation, en- j
j titled "Jimmy Duller and the Owl," I
j in a very pleasing manner. Shr was j
encored hut did not respond. Francis j
Goose, of the Adams, next appeared and
adliiT l lit l ii t M 1 ttl 1 'Tin Vili-nr-wi in !
fc ii n - - v. - j . t. . s - v a. lout-iiiiail
Rev. H. H. Gowen then gave a brief
! address of welcome to the seamen. He
said that thi9 day was one of great im
portance to him, for a year ago lie left
the shores of England for a country
which he knew nothing about; but
know ing it was his duty he came. No
matter in whatever climes they are, or
whatever liag thev bear, thev should
remember always the one head above. !
He impressed upon them that duty was I
the sacred principle in every man'e i
heart. !
U. Warne, of the Conquest, sang "Set j
the Bells Tolling" with fine effect, j
Mesdames Judd and Paty gave a duet j
called "The Lily and the Rose," and it J
was certainly the gem of the evening, j
The audience were so pleased that the !
ladies were compelled to repeat a verse.
W. Rook ol" the Conquest next gave a
stump speech on Phrenology." As he
ascended the platform, wearing a tall hat '
and holding a Chinese umbrella, his face !
being somewhat blackened, the audience .
broke out into roars of laughter. Book
kept them in a very happy mood.
Stevens sang "The Moon's Behind the
1 1 ill." He possesses a powerful voice,
and his rendition of the song was excel
lent. Mr. S. P. Fuller 'concluded the
evening's entertainment by telling the
i, i . - it i ,
-eaiueu uiai. me l . .u. K . ..v. rooms were
always open to strangers, and he noticed
that men-of-wars men had not been slow
in enjoying that privilege.
Ice cream and cake were then handed
around, and social conversation fol
lowed. llliio Iii3bon Entertainment.
The following is the programme to be
given this evening, at the Y. M. C. A.
Hall, under the auspices of the Blue
Bibbon League :
Piano Duet Mi"es Young
Song. . J. Stevens, 11. B. M. S. Conquest
Recitation MaterCeorge ltoss
Violin Solo P. Miller, Iron Crag
Song J. Koskruge. II. B. M. S. Conque-t
Reading . ' .Mrs. L. A. Thurston
Song . James McGuire
Brief addresses bv Rev. II. II. dywen and !
Mr. P. C. Jon'es. '
Concert ut I'lntun Square.
The following mu--ical programme will
he given by the Royal Hawaiian Military
Band this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at
Emma Square:
Overture "Silvana" Weber
tialop "Hunting".. .. . Faust
Selection "Maritana" Wallace
Ballad "Morning". .. .. Beethoven
Waltz 'Summer Evening" Waldteufel
Polka "Ionian". . . Wai.lrope
"Hawaii Ponoi."
The I.it?l Oite.
In the Supreme Court yesterday
morning Henry il.j Whitney was ar-
raL'ie'i on a eharge o iihel. an-i ntre-l
.i p!e.i of guilty as pub!ilit i of the "Ha
Aaiian ia?ette." Mr. .Justice Frcsion
will .lelivcr judirm-t.t in tin- ca-e at 10
o'clock this morning.
Mr. Tltoiupon ami the Faintiug lfrldc.
Assistant S-H-relry Thompson, of toe
treasurj-department is sai.l to U a:i e.Tert
in reviving swooning- pt-i-sons bu not unti'
la.-t wt- k did ha have nn oi-trtuiiitv to di-
j.'.ay hts -K.nl m that h;iu for the benefit of his
Wfiicial Av-ot-iatw. A party of New England
excuiijiats were passing through tho de-
partinent, tuncng them being a newly mar
ried coupl-3. In consequence of the overexer
tion or the poor sanitary condition of ike
trort-ury. tho your;g- bride fdl in a faint hu
mbatoly iu trout of Mr. TLompson's ofli.v.
Hearing the cuium.t;on m tha corridor,
Mr. Thompson opened his door, and, taking
in the situation at a glance, directed .hal the
fainting iudy ba laid up..n the sofa m Lis
rcKAn. The young La-ban J was almost frax
tic, and with an utter disregard for the pres
ence, of strangers he endeavored to restore his
w ifo to cc.!isciou.snesi by pressing her to his
bosom and caressing her extravagantly. Mr.
Thompson suggested his infallible remedy of
stretehbig tho patient upon her buck, with
Ler head down war, 1, ?o as to allow i ho bl.xxl
to circulate to thobiain. The young Lu.-band
at first rcinon-trated against w hat seemed to
him to bo tieatmeiit too heroi.-for his better
half, but he finally consented, and in a few
minutes the young lady was restored, and the
hap;y eo:ud.: i-joioed ttuir friends and eon-
liuueJ their sight scemg expe-lition.
Mr. Thour - n bhvs he o!tain..-d his ex peri- '
enco in fainting ruses from Dr. Giltings, of 1
Columbia, S. C. The doctor w as called upon
to admiui-ter to a lady who had fainted.
Upon his arrival ho found tho patient
stretched out upon a sofa, with a high pillow
under her head. Tho doctor's first instruc- :
tions were to t a c that pillow from under j
her hea l and plae:Mbo family Eibio under .
her heels, and slu will be all right in a rain- j
uL-.'' Mr. Thompson never forgot this
remedy, and he has pra:tisel it repeatelly '
with great sucecss. Uallimore Sim.
Ice N'o Longer Itequiretl.
i Science has com.' to t be relief ot the large
; con.-, u n let s of ice w ho are no longer victims
J of the rapacious i- e d-aiers. In fu:t ice is no
! longer required iu refrigerators, which can
be kepi ata pleasant or low reinierutiire by
au improvement on tho amnioniaea. process
Two two-im'h pipes a,o place.l in the ieo box
with the cuds attach.-. 1 to a copper tank-
win-re the cold air is -nerav-d. The outfit
i resimbles the soda water tanks that are sup
To Make Xes Copy Salable."
I asked James Gordon Bennett, the elder,
once how to make my copy "salable." "Put
news in it that I must buy for fear that you
will sell it to some one else," was his answer;
and he added, '"Make yourself exjH-nsive to .
newspapei as a seller of news and ii will pur
chase your time for a salary; then you'll have
a city editor and a managing editor suggest
your stuff for yo, instead of having to think
it up or look it up for yourself." He said
that to more than one, and every one to j
whom he said it has found that it contains i
the w hole secret of getting ou in journalism. I
Brooklyn Eagle. j
The Kiiyllsli L'pper Clu.e.
Englishmen often make themselves quit
merry over the easy divorce laws of the
United States, while one disgusting divorce
case after anol hei-cinnes up before the Eng
lish courts ami is reitoi ted at length in all the
London and ot her leading journals. Tho wife
of a member of parliament who dined with
me tt short time ago, and who knew jterson j
ally all the parties connected with the recent i
Colin Campbell case, gave me such an in-
sight into London ' high life" as to make m
lose all hoj of a regeneration of the English ;
ifpper classes. So long as men and women of ;
j wealth have nothing to do but to plot and I
plan society intrigues, so long as women use i
all their arts to stir mail's passions, we cannot I
look for any improvement. Elizabeth Cady j
Stanton in New York Sfar. i
Bending the Tree's Twljs.
The pause of the fertility produced in fruit
trees by bending the twigs at au acute angle
has leen investigated by Professor tSorauer.
He finds that tho bark on the lower
surrace of the twig, below the bend, is
thrown into transverse folds, here and there
detached from iho wool. Xew woody tissue
is formed in the-:e cavities, which is filled
with starch grains, and afrer this there is a
formation of ne w woody tissue of a normal
character, but always thicker there than
elsewhere, and especially on the convex upper
surface. The mass of woody tissue checks
the flow of water toward the tip cf the
branch, to the great advantage of the bud sli
rectly beneath, which is thus more likely to
develop as a fruit hud. Chicago Times,
Any stranger coming to New York just
now has a perfect right to think that all the
well dressed women arc in a rage. A scowl,
or at kat h lock of indignation, is deemed
wry good form. And whyi Beca'.'.se, my
Alakea an.i Hotel streets en the nig1 t of
J uly li tit h or i n t !.e iiiornuui of J uly a dark
half-Jersey cow, ivni? imlk She has a nickel
plated eaiinark i': th- b.-ft ear. Anyone return
lr..' lier to me i i ' i 1 e revk-.re .
I NO. S. McGllEW.
riiTiiien o onom o.
I once aain appear before you as a caadldate
for the position of CLief T naiti.-er, in conjunc
tion with my termer a.-. t opiates on thu ticket, ;
Messrs. Asche aud Souza Althou(rti wlected by j
a majority of vote aud accord iug to the usages j
in for.-e for over 3u years, yet hlng legal ad
vice on the subject, I have accepted ths situa- t
tion and therefore present myself for the com
ing election.
Two Assistant Engineers duly elected declined
to serve with me.
A great amount of veuoiu has been wasted on
Pacific Hose Co. X.. 1 a. to how members had '
been picked up on the streets, etc. Since 1 have
had the honor of beiu g 1 oreman of Pacific Hose
Co the company Laa steadily increased aud there
has been good attendance at drills and fires.
The company cocsists of men of all occupations, ,
and I fail to see any law by which the number of
voting memlers of any com j any for this elec
tion can be limited, as it would be a manifest
injustice debarrici members who are now in
good standi n from voting. 1 w:.li not follow
the example of some and deceni to personal
ity. My motto is, "The good cf the Depart- j
mentand ot the public," and on that platform I
will meet my opponents, and trust to your good
fense and honest feeling in the coming election, j
"C2)Mj 1 f .iaa o PtidSc Uvse Co. No. i.
: Three Wti!.- Itojt.
' One decked Whale-i;...t. i
M Ion,', -i feet df f ,
Tw 0 w-ft surf iwt
j one ist-feet surf isoat.
' Ul"' decked Plunder, li fret lon, feet t; inche
I f5' i,.,'10,'rs '"f.V uJ ?,u;
I iiin.
One lJ-t
IjgtUer. decLed
i: K. It VAX.
liat i'ii:hei and l.tLOul Jol ber
I. i. KA'tl . H. bUOWM
T. ef. I ASS & CO.
lrul .u tt is ui and I'eroers iu
-Artists" - Materials,
Vaiut-t. UiU, Olai-. Yjktin.-t.es. Tnn eatin.
.Mnuiai'tui'ers of .Mouldintis, HctUie
K rumen, etc.. eu- , etc.
14 find 16 KIU .Mro( urmr Market,
SAN FliANClSt i). CAL.
fUmay Mtf j
Iron, Steel, Fij Mill ibd Mining Supplies.
Ill to 113 4 allium la St.. Shm 1'raueinco.
r-4 I itriKlll
Australian Mail Service.
4 .
t - t r?v
1 be new and f ue Al steel itonaimhit
Of the Oceanic Ntonmrt!i;i t'ompariy. will bo dui
at Hoiinlutu from Sj.iney m.n Aueklantl
on or u oiti
JULV 29, 1887,
Ani4 will leave for the i.tiivo p..rt with mails auJ
passengers on :r abo.it that ihite.
For freight or pas-awe, hnviiig sCPEKIOK
aCt'OMMol'A I IO NS, apply to
Win. G. Irwin Co.,
For Svdnpv ami Auckland.
t he new and fine A 1 steel steamship
Ol the Oceanic Steamship Company, will b
due at Honolulu from Sn Fraud'aco
or or aboni
August 5, 1887.
And will have prompt dltpatcji with malls and
passengers for the atiovi- port".
For freight or puH!u;, Iihvihk SITKIUOR AC
(.'OMMOl'ATlONS, apply to
Win. G. Irwin & Co.,
New riiotograph Hooms.
next the shooting Gallery. Picture, Port-
! raits and iews. First-class w oik. Sat in faction
J "te'b Il4ap2 . A. GONSAI.YKS.
! Wm. II Ii win &
i tt IT G A 1 S
In Barrels,
Half Barrels,
And 30-pound Boies.
In Half Karreis
And 25-pound Roies
iu Sd pound Botes.
( i OTl E
: n Half Eartei.1
Blue Mottled Soap
Cases Corned Ueef.
Cs 31 odium iireatl.
i UX AM. I.l'I
Galvanized Iron
Suoai' Pajs--22 x'M'k
Miliil i in I M,t.l, 1'aliana 1'wllie, W h:"l Line
Heed's Felt Steam Pipe j
and Roiler roverin.
(jkass si-:i:i)s,
' IKSf", isuitttble for camp
ir.f ab.l .urreliJirr parties
! N EW
B. h EHLElffi & CO.
If you want a fine CIGAR, try some
arrived at
lOO Kort
T-T. ITj. JNlcIntyre & l'ro.,
(roceines5 Provisions and Feed.
kant corner fokt and kixu sthkktm.
New OooJ .
Produce by ever
elty frep of eliH.-'
Telophoue No. V-
Ived by every packet froni the Eastern !SUw an. I Kttrcpe. ."re-ih Callorn.a
amer. All or.lera f1thfully attended to, and Ooods dellverel lo any part of th
IsIhuJ orders (to'loited. SHtlufHcnon jrimranteed. Poittirtlee B.n .No. 14i
t aplt
11876. GEO. W. LINCOLN. J R86.
T5 and 77 Kino- Street,
H4-I1 TelIion 273. H5
Only House making a specialty of Flue Groceries and Table nellcaHe
arri vius.
Arreirr aa.u ifc co.,
Fancy and Staple Groceries,
Correspondence Solicited. Shii FrniM-lifo, i nt., V. H. A.
Gordon k Dilworth's fini Preserved Fruits and Jellies In irlaxs; Richardson A bobbins' Canned.
Potted or Deviled Meats. Curried Oysters. Fowl, Plum Pudding: Thos. J. Meyer k Co ' Oysters,
Vegetables, etc.; H. O. Wilbur & Sons' Chocolate, Cocoatheta, etc.; E.J Larrabee's flue Crackers
and Bucults; Wilson A: Cass Co., Crystal Soda Wafers; Franco-American French Soups, iu glass
and tins; Windsor Manor Pickles; Shrewsbury Tomato Ketchup; Mac Crqn irht'n onlv genuine
iinoorted Worcestershire Sauce; Dandicolle X. Gau lin's French Mubronins, Vegetable's, etc in
Klass: J. Mot tet & Cle., pi-ize medal pure olive Oil. (iilllrt TessUer'a Freticb Maccarotii ti'er
mieelll and Pastes; Adams' pure Maple 8-riip: Mattoni's Giessbubler iKarlsbadi Empresa of Table
Waters; A. B. Cleveland Co. OMmitedl new Droce-s Snlit Peia: Merrttt'u itn..t T..i..rt
Xorton's Pineapple Cheese; Julius J. Wood Starch
Fourth Year of rubliralion.
1 A AT
4T1I 1 AT if
Far tho Tear of Our Lord 1SS7, Coiiliiiniiii- nn
Astronomical, Civil & Ecclesiastic '1 Calend'r
Official and Business
erooKi ni.i:
Full Statistical and General Information
j Grep.t pains and expense have been gone to by the Publishers to
! make this Almanac and Dikbctory the most useful and coniprehen
j sive work of the kind ever published in the Hawaiian Kingdom. It
j will be found invaluable to men of business, travelers and tourists,
! and is guaranteed a wide circulation at Home and in Foreign Coun
Its Court and Oflieial Calendar
i moment.
; Articles of special value to the Islands have oeen prepared by ex
Ti00ull ! Pert wrers' which are well calculated to beget great interest iu
their condition as 3 prospect abroad.
Semi in your orders
Ill Tort .Strl. luiMrler muit nlr In
Staple -and Fancy Groceries.
By every steamer from California, and always on hand, a full and complete line o
Provisions, TCtc.. TCtc.
cl t'oti.-f action gurnteed. Telephone No. L'40. P. Cb liox No. l.'K7.
i)0 Fovt Street,
just opened a new consignment of
JDCST" I nsj action Invited. 1
of Straitoit Storm's, which have juttt
i 1 1 P t
- - - ITonolulu
Mutual Tlilionr Xu. 63.
New Novelties always
Voseuiite Fruit ParkiugCo., S.m Francisco,
495 augia
Directory of Honolulu
carefully corrected to tho latest
for copies early.

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