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,-7-'-"k,- ' ' ...... f ,U
i f . a; v, -; .
i A 4 t t '. -
J i
.1' 'V
;;y a I YUOIUTY.
Seal1! Ten!ef 4.
Sealed tenders will be received at the ,-thce of
the Hoard of Health until 12 o'clock toon, Jan- j
uary 23d, laS8, for the d livery at the L per Set-tlt-ment
on the Island of Molokai, of one hun
dred and fifty cords of firewood within three
months of the date of signing agreement for the
It is reqnind that the vood he of algeroba,
monkey-pod, eucalyptus or any of the hard
native -woo!s; that it he cut in (4; four feet
lengths and he si lit, if necessary, so as to he
easily handled; that it he filed at Xalauraja,
and that it be nua-ni'd by the Aent of the
Koard of Health.
n jj. kmkkson,
ttv. Koard of He ilth.
January lfith, 1
rOHT 01' li.iSC.LlLU, is. i.
riloND.vY, J.muary i;8.
Am tern Kva, Wikrr.an. :0 days from Humboldt
-ebr Kualokai. fruir. Kauai
Schr Kaulilua, from Kauai
Schr Ka-A'ail iii;, trom Kooia'J, Oahu
f-efcr I.eaiii from KoLiaU
Schr Kob Hoy, fiom Waianab, Oahu
ZvIoxday, January 22.
St.-ir Likrlike, Da vies, for Kahului and way
Stmr Kihuiea Hon, Cameron, for Hamakua.
Hawaii at p m , .. .
.-imr Lthua, Chu'.e, for Hamakua, Hawaii, at
5 p m
St in j
p m
Mukolii, M-Giegor, for Iolokai, at 5
JIaala, I'Liierv.ooJ, for Vctialua and
.-tun- J A Ciiniiiii:!.', fr Koolau, at '. a m
simr C U-Jiiihop, Chancy, for Kooiau, Oahu, at
J ;i m
Schr V..iii b- f-T Kuau
Schr Wai-.di, fur Kuau
Krls Lt avitiz TMjay.
Am bitne Vv' Irwi n, for San Francisco, at
himr I.i
u, Lorenzn, forMaui and Hawaii, at
4 r. m
t.t:iu. Miuah la, Freeman, for Nawiliwili, Wai
iu i. i ' i, etc, Kauai, at o P m
huur Waialt-ule, Cam bell, for Hanalei and
Stmr James Makeo, Maeauiay, for Kilauea and
K.ipaa, : t j m
Si-!ir L a!ii, i r Kobala
Sclir K r.vaibuii, lur Koolau
iii rt iroji Fori;jM !Of l
I s s '.'..ndalia.Kear Admiral Lewis A Kimberly,
fi i in r.di-us s. a.
II 1; MS Caroline, Sir "Wiseman, Bart., from
li iw l.:n-k Lilian, from South 8a Islands
Am bkiui- s C Uiidei, liugg, fiom l'ort Towns
end r.m brtne W G Irwin, McCulloch, from San
Am blctue Planter, Perriman, from Sau Fran
cisco Aia b' ine S X Castle, L II lluhbard, from San
1 lan.isco
Am U rn Kva. J O Wil.man, from F.ureka, Cal,
e-.'i s, m-i -. 1 i m I r'iTi fori
11 Neth TJ's H Zil vf ren Kruis, Jocke, from S
A ! i . i t lea, due .Alar 1-LI
I'SS .Marion, from South America, due Jan
uary lo-:-d
Am bark Will W Case, Itoberfson, from San
i'r mci.-co, due at Kahulni, Jan 2-l"i
A in s s Al am. da, xl G T.lorse, f lorn the Colon
ies. -u route to San Fianciseo, duo "Feb 12
PI 1 .J MS Tsukuba, from Tahiti, d je April l-.'O
ier bark lt utchhn.d, from firemen, wailed
Oi lulit-r Sth, di!'' February 1-2'.)
Am bk .Martha Javis, lr M Uenson, from Bos
ton, due Man h 1
Am shipMs:ie Belle, Cooke, from New York,
due Mareh 1-20
I ".vit i.k St Ihomas Hell, sailed from Cardiff,
October 'J21, due .March 1-20
Brit Lark Nat una, sailed from Liverpool Nov
2'.'th. due March a-ol
Am bk Saranac, mailed from Liverpool October
2'.Hh, due February 'J
Am bk Lady llarewood, from Hongkong, due
J fct-nibt-r 5-2f
tier bk II Prltzenburg, from Hongkong, due
Dfmiil.er 10-15
Am bktne V.ureka, Meyers, from Sau Francisco
due Jan 1-10
Am tern G C Perkins, Nord!;f rg, from Puget
Sound, due Jan 1-10
Am bktne Amelia, WNt whall. from Port Town
send, due Jan Jt -:il
Am tern Dora bLihm, from San Francisco, due
at Hilo Jan 2.VM1
Am bark C U WLitmore, fiom Port Townsend,
due Jau 2U-ol
For Mini, per stmr Likelite, January 23 Mr
Vv'atson, wif ' and maid, Miss Mirrlees, Vv M Gif
fard, C Iosse, Mis 11 Sheldon, N Omsted, W
LuYvll, .Mr Purntll, Hon James Campbell and -iO
deck pa.seners.
The stern-wheel steamer Ewa ha3 been low
ered from the Marine Railway.
The schooner Hawaiian! arrived January 23d
from Koolau, Oahu, with S'JO bags rice.
The steamers Kilauea Uou and Lehua took
4o and 30 head cattle respectively for Kahului,
ilui, January 2;d.
The steamer James Makee takes, to day, 2S5
kegs petroleum and about 50 tons machinery for
Kapai, Kauai.
The steamer Kinau reported having sighted
three whalers oil the Kona coast, Hawaii, last
The bark Lilian has been docked at the old
Custom House wharf, and is expected to leave
for China within three weeks.
The brigantine W.G.Irwin will leave to-day
for San Francisco.
The schooner Hob Roy will take a cargo of
lumber and shiugles to Puuloa, Oahu, to day.
The American tern Eva, Captain J. O. Wik
man, arrived early January 23d, 30 days from
Eureka, California, with JJOlVOO feet lumber for
Messrs. Lewers & Cooke. Reports head winds
and rough weather the greater part of the pas
sage. The Eva is moored near the Oceanic Com
pany's wharf.
The schooner Kaulilua arrived January 23d
from Eleele, Eauai, with SCO bags sugar and 100
bags rice.
The steamers Ki uau, -MiKahala, Waialeale and
James Makee -srill leave this afternoon for their
regular ports.
The barkentine Planter will finish- unloading
cargo to-day, and is expected to leave next Sat
urday for San Francisco.
The schooner Kaalokai arrived January 23d
from Waimca, Kauai, witn 280 bags sugar.
The barkentine S. G. Wilder took in' 5,000
lags sugar yesterday. She will leave the latter
Part of this week for San Francisco.
The schooner Leahi arrived January 23d from
Jiohala, Hawaii, with 1,161 bags sugar. She
lfeaves again to-day with 1,200 bags brau for'Ko
kala. Tlje steamers Iwalani and Surprise are due
ruJa Windward ports.
' Ane Koyal Hawaiian Band gave a rap
! concert at Kmii, Sou
s evening it - w,!t plav
A i t i n . ,
:il Thomas
The Volcano is very active.
Another glove f ght in j.rospcct.
The Kinati leaves at -1 o "clock this after
noon. J ' Mail for San Fiuncisco closes 2t 11 o'clock
I thi.i nionnng.
j Kauraatapili Church is to be lighted
ri.,Mtinp r,nb is flourishing Its
A LIU VUUlttwm"-
members are now "roped" in.
Th .San Francisco papers received by
the Mariposa are teeming full of Hawaiian
io to James F. Morgan if you want
some good applet. He sells llK) boxes at
noon to-day at his salesrooms.
Messrs. J. E. Brown & Co. have placed
on this market a delicacy in the shape of
fresh "ew Zealand mullet. Try it.
It was rumored around town yesterday
that Marshal Kaulukou had resigned and
would be succeeded by Mr. J. II. JSoper.
Embroideries and laces to set of the faces
of pretty young sweethearts and wives.
If you would buy them, at Sachs' I'd try
You will find children's dresses there too.
The office of the Pacific Transfer Com
pany is now at J. I. Dowsett, Sr., Queen
street, with Mr. D. R. Vida, manager. If
you want any drayage done well and cheap
give them a call.
According to the "Bulletin" the price of
the "Planters' Monthly" has been reduced
to $250 per year, thereby bringing it "within
reach of all. With such hard times could
not the editor reduce it a little more say,
to $200 per year.
In the Police Court on Saturday, Mike
Coffee was sentenced to five days imprison
ment at hard labor for larcenj' of $5, the
property of C. V. Turner. This is a rather
lenient sentence. If it had been a China
man he would have got a three or six
months' dose.
Table linen and napkins, fine towels and
linen crash,
In Turkish and in Russian (and Mikado
shades so flash),
At Sachs' store you will find them, and
polite attention too.
Take my advice and go there; it will pay
you if j'ou do.
The Committee of the House on Foreign
Affairs called upon Secretary Bayard Jan
uary 12th, according to custom, and was
received very cordially by him. Secretary
Bayard made a short address, in which he
dwelt upon the importance of extending
the trade of the countrj" with China and
Japan and the islands of the Pacific. His
address was confined almost exclusively to
matters relating to the Pacific Coast.
The "Bulletin" states that information
has been received of a Portuguese boy who
was dragged to death by a mule at Waiopai
Ranch, Maui, the other day. The lad had
slipped a rope, to which the mule was
tied, over his wrist with a running knot.
The animal became frightened and ran.
The boy kepthis feet for about two hun
dred yards trying all the time to release
the rope from his wrist. When a ditch
was reached the boy lost his footing and
was killed.
If perchance yon need a Shade Hat, a
sailor Poke or Flat,
A little hat for Lovie, trimmed with this
or that;
A bonnet for the baby, of muslin, silk or
I can tell you where to find the them 101
Fort street is the place
N. S. Sachs, proprietor.
The success of the- experiment at the
Parkinson Sugar Works, at Fort Scott,
Kansas, has stimulated a veritable sugar
boom for that State. There has been 150,000
acres devoted to sorghum this year, and
there will be twenty sugar works in opera
tion in a year. Hutchinson, Sterling,
Topeka and Ingalls have new works started.
An Ingalls, Kansas, capitalist went to Fort
Scott to inspect the Parkinson Sugar
Works, he returned to Ingalls and prom
ises the citizens of that thriving burg a
sugar works inside of six months.
The Attorney General of Missouri sub
mitted a motion January 9th in the Su
preme Court to dismiss, for want of juris
diction, the case of Hugh M. Brooks, alias
W. II. Maxwell, who is now in prison at
St. Louis under sentence of death for the
murder of Charles A Preller. The mo
tion ot the Attorney General of Missouri
has virtually the effect of bringing Max
well's case before the Court at once on its
merits, and if the motion to dismiss be
granted, it will, of course, be equivalent to
an affirmation of the sentence of death pro
nounced bv the State Court.
Tlie Quarantine Club.
The members of the Quarantine Club
now wear yellow bands around their
hats. They are a Bonney crowd. Last
night the front of the club was illumi
nated with lanterns, and fine vocal
music filled the air in that vicinity.
One of the members is a good performer
on the concertina. At 8 o'clock this
morning Mr. J. J. Williams will pho
tograph the Quarantine Club if the Pres
ident of the Board of Health has no ob
jection. Look out, Jimmy, and don't
get your camera in quarantine.
3Iail for Shu Francisco.
The Oceanic Company's brigantine
Wm. G. Irwin sails at noon to-day for
San Fra'ncisco with a cargo of domestic
produce. She will carry a mail, which
closes at the Post Office at 11 o'clock.
This will be a good opportunity to ans
wer correspondence received by the
Mariposa, as the Irwin is a fast sailer,
and should arrive at San Francisco sev
eral davs in advance of the next steamer.
Hloonlisht Concert.
The following is the programme to be
given by the Royal Hawaiian Band at
Thomas Square this evening, com
mencing at 7:30 o'clock :
Mirch "Ttudolf Stefanie" Krai
Overture Sphipenii " Gluck
Waltz "Ghana" Bucalossi
"I!emini-c eiice of Weber" Godfrey j
"Pili Aouo." !
Selection "Pir-.tes of len?.ance"..Sullivan j
Waltz "Maruar.a"
"Tv o Marches"'
"'i'.'.iili I Oii i "
. ueiimirer
T .11!.
Em-ron l C. A. 1ist Sunday iiiorn
in? 1 was much surprisfMl to hear Bishop
Willis preach a very strong rrnon
at St. Andrew's Church against temper
ance. Much more surprised was 1 when
Isawth Tv. Mr. Gowen, the worthy !
iVjsidW. of the Uun Ribbon Ugue,
C'lpying a seat right und?r the Bish
op's nose. Whether the discourse was
aimed at Mr. Gowen or not I do not
know, hut it looked to me as if it vras.
The latter takes great interest it the
temperance work in this city, snd I
hope he will let the Bishop's worls go
for what they were worth, and nt get
discouraged. However, in the evening
Mr. Gowen, in an able discourse, jut a
very different complexion upon the sub
ject. The clergy ought to be theones
to help this cause with all their night
and main, and not oppose it.
Blue Kibin.
Supremo Court January Teru.
Saturday, January Sst.
Humuulu Sheep Station Co. , s. L.
Ahlo, replevin. Appeal from 'olice
Court, Honolulu. Motion to plac this
case on the banco calendar for thhterm
John Perrott vs. Noa Ka-aa, covenant.
Defendant's exceptions to verdic and
motion for a new trial. Counsel t- fur
nish bill of exceptions signed b the
Justice who heard the case. V O.
Smith for plaintiff, W. K. Castle fc de
fendant. G. W. Willfong vs. John II. !aty,
equity appeal. Continued until Schefer
vs. "Willfong, on. the calendar, is h.ird.
V. O. Smith for plaintiff, F. M. Iiteh
for defendant.
A. J. Cartwright vs. T. W. Evrett.
Plaintiff's appeal. Bill of exceptics to
judgment in favor of defendant. A;ued
and submitted. W. A. Whitin for
plaintiff, W. A. Kinney for defend&t.
Estate of Manae. Appellant's rition
to reinstate appeal is allowed.
Kiau Tai et al. vs. Young Al In,
equity appeal from McCully, J. by
plaintiff. Argued and submitted P.
Neumann and A. S. Hartwell for plint
iffs, W. O. Smith for defendant.
Stephen Spencer, vs. James Idd, I
assumpsit. Plaintiff's exceptions cm
October term. Argued and submied.
A. Rosa for plaintiff, Paul Neuman for
-Monday, Jannary 2c.
Augusto de Bego vs. J. W. AUai,
trespass on the case. Tried befo a
mixed jury, who return a verdict foile
fendant, one dissenting. V. V. Ashrd
for plaintiff, W. O. Smith for defendat.
The Lunalilo Trustees vs. Waije
Sugar Company, ejectment. Tried-e-fore
a foreign jury. A. S. Hartwell r
plaintiff, F. M. Hatch for defendant.
i'oliee t ourt.
Monday, January 23c
Geo. Patterson, for assault and batty
on George Engelhardt, was fined 0
and $1 costs.
Lehuanuij Chas. Paddington, Frsk
Boach and Keawe were fined for drut-
Ah Ning, larceny o: a silver watt.
Continued to 24th instant. Bail $200.
Chas. Mitchell, larceny of goods d
cash from J. F. Morgan. Continueco
20th instant.
Kale, larceny of fifty cents. Nle
Manuahi Liihi, larceny of a gld
watch. Nolle pros.
Frank May, assault and battery n
his wife. Mrs. May swore that defel
ant did not assault her and he was g
charged. CIVIL CASE.
Wilder's Steamship Co. vs. Kiliihaa.
Deserting contract service. Orderedto
return and pay $3 costs.
Island Views.
By calling at J. Gonsalves' pho
graphic gallery, Fort street, you can b
tain views of the different points ofa
terest on all the islands of the group
of the Vole ;ano. Photographs taken.n
all styles.
To tlie JPaablic.
Tlie Pacific Transfer G.,
Office with Jas. I. Dowsett, Sr., Queea
I am fully prepared to do all klcas of art e,
r v
hauling or moving work, al! of which I will
an tee to execute faithfully.
3D. R
X 26 tf Queen St., Ho-ialn
Goods Seduced in Every Department
I beg to state that it is impossible to announce a price list of every article in my store, but my
entire stock of
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Boys' Clothing, Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes,
House Furnishing Goods, Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.,
Remember, It Will Pay You to Visit the Temple of Fashion During
this Great Sale.
Children's Cashmere Vests, short sleeves, extra quality,
reduced from 75c to 25c.
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Vests, in Balbrigan, Me
rino, Gauze and all wool full lines, immense reduc
tions. Children's Sun Bonnets, from 50c to 15c; better qualities
reduced 25 per cent.
Special attention is called to
Immense Bargains in Ladies' White ; Underwear.
Great Reduction in Embroideries,
half. j mer juice $3.
Corsets Reduced One-half of Former Price.
Great Rduction in Hosiery, Ladies',
in Ladies' Jerseys, reduced one-half,
in Ladies Parasols.
in Blankets, Misses and Children's Straw
I)o Not
Buy Your
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Shoes will be sold at ccst
During- jVXv Clearance Sale Goods will be
liiinorters and iojler in f'liinese
ami Japanese Cloous, 42 Xiiuaiui
, Street.
Have constantly on hand Silk, Satin,
Crape, Grass Cloth, Embroidered and
Hemstitched Silk and Grass-cloth Hand
kerchiefs, Silk and Crape Shawls and
A great variety of Japanese and Chi
nese Tea Sets, Vases, Bronze and Lac
quered Wares.
Ivory, Sandalwood and Tortoiseshell
Card Cases, Paper Cutters, Fans and
Jewelry Cases.
Gold and Silver Jewelry, setting with
tiger claws, cat-eyes and amber, such as
Scarf Pins, Earrings, Bracelets, Neck
laces, etc.
An assortment of Chinese and Japan
ese nick-nacks and curiosities too num
erous to specify.
Chinese Matting a specialty.
Also, just received, ex Hawaiian bark
"Lilian,' a large invoice of Ebony and
Marble Furniture in sets. Table, Chairs
and Settees.
A full assortment of Flower Pots, Arti
ficial Flower Baskets, Lacquered and
Bamboo Goods, etc.
The public is respectfully invited to
inspect our goods. 768 feb2
Commission Merchants,
Importers and dealers in all kinds of
Chinese Provisions, Merchandise, Cigars,
Ebony Furniture, Ebony and Marble
Chinese and Japanese Crockery Ware.
Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Vases of all
Mattings, Camphor "Wood Trunks,
vKattan Chairs, Clothing Baskets, etc.
' Silks, Satins. Embroidered Silk Hand
kerchiefs. Grass Cloth, Crape Shawls and Crape
All kinds and all styles of China and
Japan Teas, of the latest importation.
Opposite W. C. Peacock & Co., Nuu
anu street, Honolulu, H. I.
Mutual Telephone No. 18. P. O.
Box 1S6. 3m
t hi porter &- Commission Merchants,
X Qaeen streei, uonoiuiu, a. .
IT OR 30 D A.Y
my stock of Infant's and Children's White
from 5c a yard up. I Great Reduction in
in every description of Laces. I 1 m Lisle ihread, Silk and Jersey u loves
in Linen, Cambric and Silk Hankerchiefs I and Mitts.
in Window Curtains, prices reduced one- Ecru Window Curtains, reduced to $1 75 per pair, for-
Gent's Misses and
Dress Goods Until You Learn Our Prices:
6;J and 05 Fort Street (Opposite Irwin & Co).
In England and
7" Call early and examine these
or not.
Ill Fort Street. Importer nnl leIers in
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
By every steamer from California, and always on hand, a full and complete line of
Provisions, Etc. Etc.
Fati U cfir i- guaranteed. Telephcne No. 240. P. O. Box No. 29?.
life Assurance
The protection of Life Insurance combined with the Inveitment Principle of Savings
Bank. Example of a20-year endowment policy for ?10,GC0, taken out at the age ot 25 years;
Annual premium, 8487. Total premium in 20 years, 80.740. Cash fucd then due, 518,110. Equiv
alent paid up policy for life, ?43,&00. Or, annuity for life, ?1,310.
Estimates for different amounts and different aes cheerftlly given. Protect your family
from future rant or provide for your own old age. Policies Free, Indisputable, oiiforfeltble
Etc., Etc. For further particulars apply to
Alexander J". Cartwrint,
Oencral Asrent, Hawaiian Islands.
0 N
Children's Lace Caps, reduced from 50c to 15c.
A splendid and large assortment of Children's Lace Caps,
Hold at cost.
Ladies' "White Wrappers, reduced from $2 50 to $1 75.
Ladies' Calico Wrappers, only 75c.
Misses' and Children's Vhite Dresses, only 50c.
Wear, every article in that line
Undressed and Dressed Kid Gloves.
Great Reduction in Flowers, Feathers and Tips.
" " in Dress Goods, Hand Satchels, Etc
Linen Figured Lawn to Close out at Reduced prices, 6
vards lor $1.
to close out.
Sold for Cash. Orilv
tlie United States
goods, wliether you wish to purchase
'i v
, 1 il. u
i' I
; i i
. i
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