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PasiCc Coaaercial Id? ertiar
is xtjbi.isiiei
was to Cake place on th constitutional
date at Oaracos by a meeting of dele
gates corresponding to - oar j Electoral
College- They met; declared themselves
not a quorum and are adjourning from
day to day. The probability is that in
stead of an election of President, Gux
man Blanco will be recalled from Paris
as Dictator. . ' :
If itbetnae,)
- That darknes is the chrysalis of tight.
Aad tie mote tongue toe nrotherhood of speech;
ocr next r-m teach. -
j bereft of sound aad sight.
Stx mcmih.
Per montn
S 09
3 SO
- 50C
' xama ataulons from all parts of the KlniJom
Perscas resfrfSa? Is any part of Uxe United State
can remit the kmotra't of sabscflptioa doe by Post
0Zc taoacr order,
V&tur intended for poMicatioo fa the editorial
etw mos aboail be addressed to
" Karros Pacific CoanrBaciAL. .Advxktiszb.
aol be addrracd afmpfr
aa f wot to hwHvtdaaJ
FaeiSe Commercial Advertiser
, l now tor aal n.T at the FtHiawtnz places
I, fl. SOPZB.... - . i -.Merenaat strot
T. f. I HBtTM
...... ......Merchant street
Fort street
Five CeaU per Copy.
: : March 21st
A Seattle Grand- Jury has indicted
the city officials for allowing the sanitary
laws to jwO unobserved, and doing noth
ing i ent sickness in the business
pot of the city.
Is the 3Iarch number of the "Ameri
can Jo jmal of Science" is a continued
article on the history of the changes in
the crater of Kilauea, from the pen of
Prof. James D. Dana. It is most inter
es.ing reading.
With England preparing a mobiliza
tion scheme, Austria ordering siege guns,
Germany increasing her army, Jtaly
strengthening her armament, Russia ne
gotiating a heavy loan, and offensive and
defensive alliances in process of forma
tion, it looks it a little like business in
Rear Admiral Hekeage, the officer
commanding the British squadron in the
Pacific, is earning the epithet of "Sir
Joseph Porter." He has forbidden any
officer or man to walk on the poop of the
flagship while he is there, and insists
on the crew uncovering their heads as
long as he is on deck. He also requires
his officers to wear white kid cloves at
divisions on Snndays, and to have their
frock coats and tunics buttoned on all
occasions. We are not longing tor a
berth on his vessel.
A resident of Los Angeles, who had
become utterly disgusted with the Chi
nese, resolved that he would never em
ploy another one of them in any ca
pacity. Having laid in his winter's sup
ply of cord-wood, he accordingly em
ployed an Indian to saw it up for fuel at
a dollar a cord. The gentleman, having
occasion to go away for a few hours, left
the Indian sawing; but on returning he
"found that Indian sitting astride the
yard fence,, and bossing two Chinamen
who were sawing at fifty, cents a cord."
A libel suit has Just been ended in
Lancaster in which ; a. newspaper was
sued for stating that the plaintiff had de
serted his wife and children, and that
they were objects of charity. The truth
of the statement was proved on the trial
and the verdict was in favor of the de
fendants; but the: latter, it appears,
must pay part of the costs. An Eastern
paper asks, with some right, "If it is not
about time that the bummers who bring
frivolous libel suits against newspapers
should be made to pay the costs unless
they establish their cases V
The Commission to administer the af
fairs in the New Hebrides will consist of
a President and two British and two
French - officers. Each nationality is to
furnish a President monthly. The Com
mission is to assemble when any dis
turbance arises at the islands, and no
military or naval measures can be car
ried on without .first , having obtained
the sanction of the. Commission. In
matters of urgency the nearest com
mander shall act in concert ; but, if that
is not possible, action may be taken
separately. Such action must be re
ported to the senior officer, who will
await the Commissioners' orders. The
powers granted to "the Commission do
not extend to land disputes. ,
J UrnFmm v. Je&a7.Cait.
1 Ed. P. C. A. Sir: The wording of
; the effusion of one John F. Smith in
I the "Bulletin" of the 13th of this month
compels me to rush into print, although
I don't profess to be as good a hand in
that respect as Mr. 8. does. Mr. S. has
answered my writing by no argument of
reason, only by one of force. He " has
not combatted one single advancement
I made for my countrymen in this King
dom. All he does is to declaim against
us for our national dress; says that we
are nasty, and that we make Honolulu
a spittoon. (This is what I am told he
means by his elegant word "caspidore."
This Mr. Smith must be a very learned
man.) But he says he is champion for
the voters -the f ranch ised citizens of
Hawaii and as such advocates the right
to kick us out of the land in which most
of us are employed by the leading people
in trade and wealth in it, without whose
generosity and kindness this very. Mr.
Smith and most of his envious country
men would not be here. Ihia he calls
"Christianity." It is so with a ven
geance. I don't believe thatlhe "Chris
tian" voters he would call on to do us a
manifest wrong would call it so, neither
will they, for they must have a better
opinion of the rights and duties of Chris
tians in this and every other country
'than he does. Christianity calls for
peace, good-will, brotherly love and
charity none of which Mr. Smith sup
ports as his special virtue. Let Mr. Smith
look in at the Chinese doings in their
church on Fort street and at their ad
joining institution and see for himself
what the Chinese advocate there. Let
him peruse the constitutions of bur be
nevolent and friendly societies framed
for promoting all the above virtues, and
then what kind of a face can he put on?
I am not the special advocate of any
form of religion Chinese or haole but
I am, and my countrymen, so far as I
know whether followers of their fore
fathers, great Confucius or Christians
are advocates of the above virtues, and
endeavor to practice them, whether Mr.
Smith does so or not. The free consti
tutional Government, so called (if there
be one) is v "' not likely to do
us a wrong by compliance with
Mr. Smith's urgent demands. The
law of this country will protect us in the
.right. Neither I nor my countrymen
can object to anything which may law
fully be done in repressing further im
: migration of my countrymen into these"
Islands to . help the leading industry.
But it is right for us here to demand an
equal justice with all other free resi
dents. Slaves, as you, Mr. Smith, have
: termed us, we were neither bought nor
'sold ; our sins have been honesty to as
great a limit as humanity will bear,
frugality, peacefuiness and advancement
in business ; not enviousness of others,
but law-abiding, quietness and non
: political. We think that you, Mr.
Smith, must know something of slaves,
perhaps, in another country, the eman
cipation of whom cost that country so
! much blood and dollars. If you think
we are really slaves why don't you
rightly start at once to emancipate and
elevate and enlighten us, as your coun
trymen did, instead of treating us to the
lash and usages bestowed on the real
slaves you so well remember? If you
did so you would meet with the support
you call on to keep us slaves, '-'born to
be slaves of the fields," as you write,
and not otherwise. As to our nastiness
and harming, the lrtter speaks for itself.
Thank you, 3Ir. Smith, for according us
some one thing clever as to the former.
There must always" be good and bad in
everything. Honolulu is not a clean
place, but the law-makers and those em
ployed by the Government for health do
everything that they can to keep things
clean. The Chinese, if out of order, are
subject to lawful correction, and so are
the natives, haoles, Portuguese, Japa
nese and other foreigners, who are equals;
if not worse, in their lines of uncleanli
ness, as officials will recognize.
Now, Mr. Smith, you have heard from
your "slave.'' I. have on my part been
forced into writing this. Anything un
charitable or unchristian which I have
written, please excuse, and in like man
ner I excuse you for anything in yours.
Yours, etc., Ho Fon.
Honolulu, March 20, 1888.
A c ' toyHAX, who arrived March 5th
at 1 tdeiphia from Venezuela, says :
"TIio conditinn of affairs in the Repub
lic is seriously alarming. Even the
United States Consul is deterred from
communicating with a ship in her road
stead. Lively factions were gathering
and arming, and those supposed to be
In opposition to the present administra
te era being sent out of the country.
Tk3 trm cf President Guzman Blanco
'-1 February 20th. The election
Police Court.
Tuesday, March 20th.
Kale forfeited bail of $6 for drunken
ness. ...y," .
Jack was fined $4 for profanity.
Chin Qui Sen was fined $5 and $3 20
costs for cruelty to animals.
Pauaka (k) was fined $30, and Luika
(w) $30 for adultery.- -
Geo. Wilson, hackdriver, charged with
assault and battery on John Hamilton,
was reprimanded and discharged.
Sam Kaanaana was charged with lar
ceny of a horse from .Ah Quai. After
hearing the evidence he was discharged;
- Children's bats; children's hats trimmed
and tin trimmed, in fine leghorn and fine
white Milans, also a good assortment in
school hats, at one dollar each at Sachs'
store, 101 Fort street.
Beyond the limits of oar day and nifct.
Bene from the slime of a-estoaheizts
TSThere God gives promise to the sod of
t why should love, the Terr gentlest part
Of m. man's nature, aad the power which binds
life to a life as leaf is bound to tree.
Not grmr and deepen in the human heart
Tia in the future of the Mft finds
TIate banished from the stralttSs and the sea -
George Edgar Montgomery in Coamopoffran
A Cbelera. Patient la
' 31'mrse A Terrible
IXr- Edward WeftzeJ, of Detroit, formerly
advance agent for a popular theatrical com
pany; tells this story: " .
MVhile on my way from LamsriBe to
Nashville name three years ago I found my
self in company with the members of a
troupe Mrbo were going to Hemphis. It was
a nighl express, asd - preTioos to retir
ing to their berths some half dozen' of them
myself, among the number sought the amok :t
ing apartment of the sleeper f or a smoke and
achat. As is usual when a number of actors
get together, the conversation was o-the
Stage stagey, uatH cne of them varied it by
relating a personal experience that struck me
forcibly at the time. J " .
, When I was a call boy at the Chestnut
Street theatre in Philadelphia,' be said, a
celebrateii phrenologist, Dr. Simms, came to
that city to lecture. He was a great friend
of the manager of the theatre and wanting a
young man for an assistant he applied to the
manager. I was offered the position and as
the doctorwas about to start on a trip around
the world I accepted. We visited nearly all '
the crehzed countries on the globe, and at
the end of two years found ourselves in
Brazil. During our stay in Bio Janeiro the
cholera broke out and the old doctor (who
was a fine physician) determined to remain
and attach himself to the medical staff of the
hospital. He offered to send me away if I
wished to go, but I told him I would stay,
and stay I did, assisting him in his work at
the hospital. . '
" After a fortnight I was taken sick and
on describing my symptoms to the doctor I
received the cheerful " information that
cholera had fastened its grip on me. . How
ever, the doctor attended me so faithfully
that I passed the crisis safely and at last
found myself, convalescent. The nurses at
the hospital were mostly Sisters of Charity,
and the fearlessness with which they per
formed their difficult and dangerous duties
was enough to make those of the patients
who could appreciate their untiring devotion
regard them as almost divine beings. In the
same ward in which I lay was a Portuguese
sailor who was also convalescent. His bed
was but a short distance from mine, and one
morning: when one of the sisters entered the
ward alone he offered her an insult. The sis
ter hurriedly left the ward. One of the na
tive doctors attached to the hospital entered
a few minutes later. Going up to the Portu
guese, he asked him how he felt. "Better,"
he replied. "Yes," said the doctor, "you will
soon be able to leave the hoepital, but I must
change your medicine.'' And he did so.
There was something in his tone that struck
me at the time, and I wondered if the nurse
had told him of what had taken place. That
night, when the dead cart crove off to the
lime pits with its ghastly load, the body of
that lately convalescent Portuguese sailor
who had offered insult to a Sister of Charity
helped to make up the loadf "Detroit Free
. or -v:,
. Just received and for
Ed. Hoffschlaeger & Co
Offer For Sale
Ales. Beers, TTines,
Brandies, Whiskies,
Bargains, in Embroide1
Embroideries ! Embroideries!
Popular Milliner j Hons
104 Fort St, Honolulu,
SATES, including
Ccaacsy Brandy,
Celaset XSrmaidx,
L'AdToeat Qrsadr,
TVailte Elepbmat Ola.
Scne Joff Gin J
XXeyal Ciafe (UIb,
AocMtara fji iters, Ete. Ete
TVnile Yet There Is Time.
Then take your' pleasure today while yet
there is ttm Things may not be in the best
shape for the visit that yon have been so long
planning to your' only sister. It might be
better if you would wait till you had a more
stylish suit of clothes, or till the boy was at
home from college to look after the place;
but she is ready now. You are both grow
ing old you had better go. John drives
around with the horse. "Jump in, mother,"
he says, "it is a lovely day; you need the
fresh air.n Dont say. "1 cant go. I was
going to make doughnuts," or "my crimp
ing pins axe not out," or "my dress isnt
changed.1"; Pot on a warm cloak, tie a veil
around your hat, take your ride. If you
dont take such things when you can get
them, they are apt to be shy when you meet
them again. Brattleboro Household.
Fiensborg Stock Beer.
AUace Ale of the Schiltigheim Brewery.
M. B. Foster Jc Son's Ale and Porter. - -W.
X. Johnson Jc Cos Stout. ;
Thistle Blend Scotch'- Whisky. '
Old Glea Highland Whisky. i'--
, Daniel Crawford A Son's Scotch Whisky. .
r Uavouraeen Old Irish Whisky;
Ed Holfeclilager; & Co.
K- 1 W . . . t
Hamburg and Swiss dgings!
Hamburg and Swiss Inserth-
Children's Embroidery Flounces ! Ladies' EabroMery FloJ
In hkirt and tloloku Lengths.
Lafe' Box Suits ! Ladies Box Si!
Thereby saving the United States Duty. The Entire Lot a ill be
Astonishing Prices ! Astonishing Price
Mice to the Public of lira
Tery Rapid Promotion.
A Dutchman, whose son had been employed
in an insurance company's office was met by
an acquaintance, who inquired: Well, Mr.
Schider, how is Hans getting along in his
new place?"
' "Shoost shplendid; he vas von off dem di
rectors already." '
"A director! I never heard of such rapid
advancement the young man must be a
"He vas; he shoost write shplendid handtl"
Oh, yes, plenty of people write good
halids, but you said Hans was a director.".
"So he vas (indignantly) ; he direct dem
cirgulars ten hours efery day already."--
Ixniisville Courier-Journal.
A Colored Preacher's Comment.
Governor Taylor, of Tennessee, recently
told of a colored clergyman who preached a
sermon on the text: "And the multitudes
came to him and he healed them of divers
Said he: "My dying congregation,
this is a terrible text. Disease is in the world.
The smallpox slays its hundreds, the cholera
its thousands and the yellow fever its tens of
thousands, but, in the language of the text, if
you take the divers, you are gone. These
earthly doctors can cure the smallpox, cholera
and yellow fever if they get there in time, but
nobody but the good Lord can cure the
diversw"New York Tribune.
Wanted It Understood.
"Wanted Lodgings by a B. A. Adver
tiser wishes it clearly understood that 'hone
need apply who object on principle to fall in
with his not excessive requirements, which
include 1st, punctuality , in .serving meals;
2d, moderate quiet in house; 3d, dry toast
thrice daily; 4th, joints to be roasted (not
baked), and chops and steaks to be grilled
(not fried) ; 5th, the free use of a latch key;
and 6th, the absenca of a cat." This adver
tisement appeared in a country newspaper in
England. New York Sun.
r.; i ,-TJse a Xarge Stove. :
A large stove consuming the same amount
of coal as one of smaller size will radiate
more heat, and is therefore the more eco
nomical. The reason for this is that the
larger: stove has more surface, and hence
when hot its effect is greater upon the sur
rounding air. Of course, the factor of intel
ligent management must be taken into ac
count with this comparison. Boston Budget.
:.: ' -' "Urn Tron XXls TUbU . -
' Landlady (at dinner table Mr. McGinnis,
what are you doing with that microscope f
Boarder I am winning a bet of 5, Mrs.
Barzog. The are nineteen kinds of vic
tuals in this hash. My bet was that X coald
find fifteen. Chicago Tribuna. -
Is prepared to do all kinds o
Commercial f& Legal Work
Having just Received a Comple te and New
Assortment of ' I -
Job Types arid OrDameofe
Of the Latest Styles, f rem the mbst 'Cel
bra ted Foundries of the United States,
" and empioymff only Experienced
and Tasty Workmen; we are
prepared to turn out
rjortraa-e ClaBka,
Snlpplatar Coaitraeta,
....... .A . . '
fin Hawaiian A Eaaiich)
Blank ffeeefca.
Havrriaeje Cer tifi
CItftIna; JjmI
Letter tleavda.
CJU XlesMts.
' Sot XleaMU.
Steefis CertiCeatee,
nnxisiess CrCa
ZXeal CSieeSta,
- XHUl TleEteto.
- Essh Ctaeeti
And in fact e verythirig which a firct-clrsa ;
c(Tco coo do.
Ladies or gentlemen who contemplate giving orders for the above article
respectfully requasted to call at the Honolala Pioneer Steam Candy Factory
Bakery, established 1863, before going to any other house, as my establishing;:
POSITIVELY the only establishment m Honolulu, notwithstanding all the ri
ulous, empty, and pompoas newspaper blowing and puffing, where a cake or.
procured to give the greatest satisfaction to the most refined tastes, and to k
ornament of exquisite workmanship on your table which will not cranii
pieces when cut, but be a credit to the fine art of the Confectionery, which bn
only for twenty-five yeais, but still bids competition defiance to this day. ihj
tempts in any other establishment are inferior to mine, and not worth thejL
you pay. ; It is an indisputable fact that all over" the world a good workman'i r
dnntinna am alaratra rhmtnor than halfmndA nnpfl am Ffavinor had over hllfli
tury's (practical experience, the undersigned is enabled to ornament Cakes xl
and the highest styles of the art.
- The only Practica I Confectioner in all branches Proprietor Honolulu Skr
Candy Factorv and Bakery. Hotel between Fort and Nuuanu Streets, HonoKj
H. I. .
75 and 77 Kinp-Street, - - - - HonoW,
Bell Telephone Ho. 37S.
Xlasaal Telephe
J O H INT "N" O T T,
Stoveb, Bangeo and Houceteeplnfi od8.
Plumbing, Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron
EC. E. jMcIntyre & Bro..
Oiocei?ies, Provisions and 5?ee
- EAST iXriUXi&Xt MJJiil a j
i;-" -V: v.- : . ;-."v.fv: :'.'f', jtt&f&i
, CTew oocd. received by every pacaet frca if pM fFM&&n&tW

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