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J dutljorttn.
Irrlnl Ion Sutlro.
Holders of witer privilege arc 'icrcby
notdied that the hunts for iivn:; wr.ter for
irriatinj pulpites arc from o'llo' k to s
o'clock, a. m., ami from 1 o'clock to ti
oVlork p. hi.
All those found Violating the above
notice will c liable to Imvo tiieir p! tvik'i
cut oil' without further notice.
CllAS. v.. WILSON,
Pupt. Honolulu Water Work-'.
Honolulu, Feb. 5, Js:. 2,v
Kalo f iivriitiii) t I.-an.
On TIiriI.SlAY, March 7, l.i, at the
front enframe of Aliiolani Hale, at noon,
will he oM itt I'uhhc Auction the Lease of
the Government LamN of Ojiihilala arid
l'aauilo, ITitmak.ia, Hawaii, and containing
an area of ITS acres, more or less.
Terms Lcae for ten years, dating from
Tehruary IS, l-'.K
Upset Price per acre per annum ,
layahle quarterly in advance.
Minister of Inten r.
Interior Ofiice, l Yb. 1, lsi,
12.)7-.U 32 Ct
Depaktmkst of Intfiiioti. )
Honolulu, 4, iasrJ. )
TUESDAY, 12th d iy of February, heinp
the Sixteenth (1(1) Anniversary of tlio Ac
cession of Ilia Majesty to tho Throne, will
be observed an ft National Holiday. ;md all
Ooverninent oflleea throughout the King
dom w ill bo closed.
Mitdster of tho Interior.
l'-WMt no-:itj
S.ilo of VTIOII-l t I.fnMOM.
On THURSDAY, February 7, iss), at 12
o'clock noon, at the front entrance of Ahi
olani Hale, will he sold at public auction
the leas( of the Old Custom House Duild
in on the water front near the foot of
Nuuauu street.
The shed at the Ewa end, and the small
buildings on the tueen street side are noi
to he included in this rental.
Term of Lease 10 years from January
1, lSSi).
Upset price $'500 per annum, payable
quarterly in advance.
Also at same time and place will be sold
the lease of the Shod at the Ewa end oi the
Term of Lease 10 years from Januarv
Upset price i'.' per annum, payable
tin irterly in advance.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, Jan. 4, 1SSJ).
Auction Salkx J, F. Monj.-n, cash s-.b-,
10 a. in.; L. J. Levey, Mucneul A Url;n
sale, 12 in.
HawaHan Oi'f.ka Housk Campohelh1
Opera Company, sale of scats all dav.
J. E. I'rown A Co.'s; Wilson A Cam
eron Specialty Company, box pl.m
opens, L.J. Levey's, Dn.'m.; Campo
bello Dpera Company, iert"ormance 8
p. m.
"W. C. T. U. Meets Mis Acktrman, Y. M.
C. A. ptirhrs. 2.;,.i) p. m.
Y. M. C. A. s'initinir Class, 7 p. in.
Dkbktinu Soc i iy ---Oaliu Lodyo room,
Fort street, 7:30 m.
Honoi ri. u FtKF. Dri'Aur.MF.sT -Montld v
m -feting lioarvl of Ueprescntatives, 7 :u
. in.
31 a so sir- Nuu am: Chapter of K,r-e Croix,
A. .t A.S. It., Lodge le Pro-res hull,
A. L. of II. Oceanic Council, K. of P.
hall, ovenins;.
3'oNoi.i i.u III fi. i-:sr-Company A, drill,
7:30 p. m.
PaciSc Coismercial Advertiser.
! Jit anil fear rmt:
Let all tho -iul! thou ainiVt at 1
Tliy Country's, thj- viol's auil Truth's.
Tbe mail brings private advices of
the death of Hon. llobert Stirling,
which occurred at his late residence
in Ash ford, Kent, England. Mr. S
came to tbt-se islauds about tbo year
ISO! or '('", from Victoria, 13. C,
nc-co:upanied with his wife, who
died a few years since. If wo are
rightly informed, he was engaged
lor a while after his arrival in the Ho
nolulu Iron Works as a draftsman.
L.iter on he resided a year or two at
Kohala, aft or. which he was engaged
in tbo Government service os Super
intendent of Public "Works. Being
n civil engineer by profession, the
services lu rendered at that time
were valuable. Under Lanalilo, ho
was appointed Minister of Finance
and l'rivy Councillor of State, re
taining bis commission to the latter
oflieo till bis decease. lie will be re
membered by old residents through
out tho islauds, as a courteous and
refined gentleman, who always took
n deep interest in everything relat
ing to Hawaii. His name has been
on the subscription book of tbe Hawaiian-
G.vzKrrK for over twenty
year, and in the last letter from him
he reiterated bis fond attachment to
his former home here, audi the pleas
ure which tho perusal of the paper
gave him.
Kr.inc!ru, Jaiiuary 29, ! s. .s. i
, ,. I
( i'roux our .S. clM Ouv ;ar'n?cnt.
America is at ast aroused cn the
(ric.-i'ion. 1 rom tbo Atlan
tic to tbo Pacific iku demand is gen
eral tiiir, the nation insist ca tbo
withdrawal of (it-rman support from
any faction on the islands. Tbe
demand is made witbout regard to
i:irtv and it baa about driven ioor.
. (
b r.els.-
cowering Bvyra'd crazy.
To add to his troubles, Secretary
Whitney has openly snoered hi the
State Depart meat's lack of sand, and
a Cabih'-t crisis is considered inevi
table. The recent meetings of tbe
Cabinet have been stormy in tho ex
treme. I': evident Cleveland is be
lieved to back up Whitney in waut
ing an aggressive policy. Tho week
will hardly pass without an open
sol it in the Cabinet.
Tbe situation is made more inter
esting by tho announce nent that to- j
wards the end of tbe week President
elect Harrison will communicate bis
ideas on the question to tbe press.
Harrison is known to be an aggres
sive man and recent callers have
credited him with the remark that
' be did not believe in letting tbe
Germans or anyone walk over us."
Tbe feeling against Germany is
intense in every section of tbo coun
try, and the belief is general that tbe
administration that is going out and
tbe ono that is soon to come in can
not atlord to adopt any half-hearted
It may bo said that public interest
throughout America was drawn to
the dispute on tbe 15th inst. On
that day President Cleveland trans
mitted a message to Congress urging
a lirm stand. On tho following day
the instructions sent by Secretary
Whitney to Hear Admiral Kimberly
were made public. Tbo instructions,
after referring to the battles thus far
fought, are as follows:
"You will at onco proceed to
Samoa and extend full protection
and defense to American citizens
and property. You will consult with
the American Vice Consul, examine
bis archives, and otherwise inform
yourself as to the situation and all
recent occurrences; protest against
tho subjugation and displacement of
the native government of Samoa by
Germany as in violation of tbo posi
tive agreement and uudei-standing
between tbo treatj powers, but in
form the representatives of the Gor
man and British Governments of your
readiness to co operate in causing
all treaty rights to bo respected, and
in restoring peace and order on the
basis of the recognition of Samoan
rights to independence; endeavor to
prevent extreme measures against
th Sumoans and bring about a
peaceful settlement. If such ar
rangement can be made upon that
basis you will report tbe same for
approval and you will inform your
government as soon as possible after
your, arrival in Samoa of tho condi
tion of ntTairs, and the projpect of a
peaceful adjustment, and whether
Germany was acting impartially be
tween tbe opposing forces wnon tbe
late contbet occurred."
Whitney also instructed him .o in
sist brmly on the rights of every citi
zen being respected.
On the liist of .January, Unifed
States rditiisier Phelps and Lord
Salisbury held a conference on Sa
moau affair. It was then given out
on trustworthy authority- that the
Britisli Government has decided to
uphold the treaty by the terms of
which European powers are pre
cluded from attempting to obtain
dominance in Samoa. The govern
ment has been fully informed of and
shares in the United States Govern
ment's views on tho subject. It is
agreed that the action of German
agents m Samoa is opposed to the
letter and spine ot the treaty-; that
it violates diplomatic etiquette and
endangers the good relations so ne
cessary for Europeans to preserve
when dealing with semi-barbaric na
tions. This news created a burst of anger
in Germany. The semi oflieial journ
als quickly denied it and joined in
abusing the United States for think
ing of interfering at all. The North
German Gazette, Bismarck's organ,
denied the existence of any treaty
precluding any European power
from acquiring ascendency in Samoa.
It also denied that England and the
United States pre agreed that the
proceedings of the German agent in
Samoa are contrary to the stipulation
of treaties or opposed to diplomatic
etiquette, and that these powers
have otlicially notified the German
government accordingly. The trea
ties, the Gazette further said, pro
vide that Samoa shall concede to
each treaty power equal rights with
either of the others, but no treaty
regarding the neutrality or indepen
dence of Samoa exists between Ger
many and the United States.
The New York Star on the 23d
inst. published what purports to bo
a part of Consul Sewall's testimony
before the Semite Foreign Eolations
Committee. The testimony is still j
withheld by the committee. The !
Star says that Sewall quoted exten-
siveiv irom tlie correspondence ue-
! tween himself and the State Depart
! n.ent from the time of bis arrival.
j showing taat the British Consul had j
j been acting with the Germans for (
! three years, and he expressed ihe j
j opinion freely that there was an j
1 arrangement between the two Gov- !
ernmeuts. bv
which (treat Britain j
kooj) hor haiuls off in this
His uiulorsiariuiDir, ho said,
had always been that tho German :
Government, nnder this arrange
meat, was to tak possession of
1 cvwmsa anil tno lriush (.lovernment
of tho Toivca islands, and that.
eai jiruain was io
T- -i '. a. . '
i como into possession
Of II;
avran, ,
j which was to bo the northern resting-
place of a cable between Vancouver
ari'.l Xew Zealand.
On tbo saine day as the publication
of thia siarthn. bit of information
tho united btates Senate took the
nrst definite step toward resenting
German interference and eneror.eh-
incuts. Senator iSLerniaii of Onto
on behalf of the committee on For
eign Kelations, reported tbe follow
ing as an amendment to the Dii lo-;
raatic and Consular bill: icr the
,. - it- ,14)-!
execution of ooh,rat:or:s and the t
protection of the interests oi ue
United States existing under the j
. .
treaty between
tween tbe United States i
and tbe Samoan island::, :0.0;J!), or j
so much thereof as may be necessary t
to be expended under the direction ;
of the President, this appropriation j
to bo immediately available tor tin-? j
survey, improvement and occupation ';
of the bay and harbor of Pa ego I
Pango, Samoa, and for tbo construe-;
tion of nec ssary wharves and build
ings for such occupation and for a
coaling station therein under tbe in
rection of the. President, luo,00 ). i
The Sen
at onco accepted the
This action still further irritated
tho German Government. Count
Von Haizfeld, the German Embas
sador at London, had a long inter
view with Lord Salisbury in conse
quence. Von Hatzfeld was assured
that Americans intend business.
The Berlin National Zeitung said
that measures for tbe pretention of
tho autonomy of tbe Samoan islands
are superllnous, because it is not
threatened by any one. Tho sole in
terest of America consists in not
allowing her good relations with
Germany to be jeopardized by a few
intriguing adventurers.
Tho Vossiscbe Zeitung, criticising
the argument in the Cologne Ga
zette of yesterday, holds that it
would be a mistake to attach no im
portance to tho measures taken by
President Cleveland, merely because
he is to bo shortly succeeded by Mr.
Harrison. It points out that the
authority for dealing with foreign
affairs rests with a committee of the
Senate, and warns the semi-official
press that it would be unwise to try
to appease tho German public with
fallacious illusions.
Tho London Standard's Berlin
correspondent said that the implied
attack upon German policy in Sa
moa has caused great irritation
there, but that feeling is suppressed.
In the meantime many think that
England and Germany should estab
lish a joint protectorate, to which
America would not object.
A sub-committee on foreign affairs
was appointed by tbe speaker of the
House on the 2ith inst. to consider
Samoan affairs, which come before
tho committee in the shape of the
correspondence from tho State De
partment and in resolutions intro
duced at the last session declaring in
favor of interference by our govern
ment to check German aggressions
at the Samoan islands. Morrow of
San Francisco is chairman of the
committee and members associated
with him are McCreary and liusseil.
The existence of tho row in the
Cabinet leaked out on tbe oth inst.
It soon becamo known that Presi
dent Cleveland, Secretary Whitney
and Postmaster General Dickinson
were in favor of serving an imme- j
diato warning upon Germany that j the New York Voi Id to foam at tbe
further interference in tbe internal J mouth under the glaring headline
ailairs of Samoa would be regarded f - Wii h German Shot," while the
as a violation of our rights under j Herald asks in half inch letters, " Is
cur treaty with Samoa and ouy Germany Mad I "
agreement with Germany herself, j Tlie Sun has two editorials, one of
aud that it would be reseated by j theu reproaching President Cleve
the United States. Their policy j laud for not having consumed the
would be to say to Gene any in the j surplus in fortifying American sea
most unmistakable terms, " Hands j port while the other hurls dehance
off F and to send to Samoa a fcreo at Prince 'Bismarck. This editorial
snQicient to enforce tbe decree. But j is what mig'ut, be called a "rouser."
from tbe ether members of tho Cab- It -.ys that German intrigue is si na
me t Whitney and Dickinson wo said j ply getting ready to throw oft' its
to receive little encouragement, j niask It is not a question of Gcr
Ffdrchild inclines to Tia Yard's do- i tn:inr'. vb-.hif-'no- .'iw!iirnt in poo
licy of caution and so does Secre-j
tarv Endicoit. Attorney-General)
Gail an i
d's position is with the Secre-
tarv of
State, Secretary id as, too, '
i to the surprise and disappointment I
of some of his ltiends .and admirers,
is a mnn of patience and long suiier i
ing and peace at almost any price.
The, recent meetines of the Cabinet i
have been very lively indeed. The:
relations between Bayard and Whit
ney are badly strained, owing to tbo
publication of a correspondence be- i
tween secretary mtner and w-u-!
gressman Herbert in which AVhitney j
sneered at Bayard's lack of back-1
bone. The last two Cabinet meeting
days are said to have been regular j
tield days in the Cabmtt room. The!
last council lasied a much shorter!
time than usual, and the reason as-1
signed is that some membvis of the j
Cabinet had almost lost their tern- !
pers and their j)atience with the
others. i
Bayard has now shirt himsreif up i
and will not see anyone, and pest j Courtney Ford, IS days from Ka
tive orders have been given :o ex j liadni.
elude all correspondents and re-j DrAnTrr.rs J an . 1-". S. S. Zeal
porters from his outer oil ice. Every j r.ndia. for H.oiuhi: Jan. IS. bark
attempt to get any information is j W. B. G-odfroTpi.u- Honolulu: Jan.
A L .1 ,1 t 1 A -. . : t i . . t ' Si - , - T T
coniempiuousi lepeuecu aaue ;
on the other hand has taken pains io ;
see that, so far as ms depaiiiuent
can accomplish it, tho American
public is informed from day to day
of the situation of affairs.
The hitney-llerbeit correspon
dence before alluded to is reran vk
ablv interesting, showing as it does
to what extent the acrid feeling pre
vails in the Cabinet. Ga the 2ith
inst. Congressman Herbert, of tbe
Naval Committee, wr
letter to
Secretarv Whitnev. asking fur nnv
recent development in Samoan mat
ters, and for a copy of Whitney's
letter of the 5th. asking the Srate
Department to announce a d.-ihdte
policy on the Samoan question.
Whitnev in reolv said that no news
was received from th
comma '.nit
in .Samoa later than that cunvovtl
in tho rroulout's mea-re of
loth. Tho letter continues :
"Your letter also contains tho
lovin: lvouost : I shouhl bo j-Ia.I
to know if any further emarire nent
oi appropriations
lie par
1 1-11 -
mom suonia no maue, m v.e.v oi es-
lstimr conditions.
"This inquiry upon
its face
rswnis to put iiro this department I
I tbo iv-f ponsibilitv of estimating for!
possible oxp.-'ndi uivs arising out of j
conaiuons vsnic-h it cannot antici
pate, lentil a decUion is reached
as to th policy of tins government j
regardn-g tbe. iu-.b"jpendence of the !
Scuacau i-Ioiui.;. no iad-i-ment can be j
furoi'jd upon ibe subject of possible i
tim.j the department is not aware j
that v. e nave b id r-ny national po- i
t , . .i l i '
1 upon, the subject. .Nfitmr the i
Aionroo uoetnne nor any other ex-i
preiou of national poller is under-
jdood to apoly to the islands of the
Pacific. One In one tbev have been !
take n
:i'u:t onr
rferetice. If
tnere to pe n.. acparturo alieehng
thi i group of island.-, I conceive the
department is pu.e able now to per
ioral every duty now arising cut of
tbe existing conditions. Unless
there is a c-onrlict between tbe policy j
of thi-s govercjur-nt and that of sonae j py VIllTUE 0F A WRIT OF EXE
otiier power, the dllbvence could i JD cutHn issued oat of the Supreme Court
donurh ss be harmonized, and no ex
traordinary expenditures would be
called for. Having urougbt to the j
attention of the Appropriation Da- j
partaient the circumstances within
mo vijisnwu u..? uaiuueu.
seemirir to can tor demure instruc
tions to
and tbe Whole i
m itter bavin"" svb-,equently been i
t - i f " " f- ' - - i - -j
bud beioro Con-re-s by the Presp j
dent, it vw'omd bo preferable that tins i
department should not anticipate
conditions bevo-id its authority or
A copy of Whitney's letter to the
Secretary of State, asking that a de
iinite policy be announced was. in
closed. In it Whitney says develop
ments at Samoa make it evident that
Germany intends to make a con-que-t
of the islands in behalf of a
commercial company; that he has
ordered vessels to bo in readiness to
sail for that point from San Fran
cisco, but that, under existing condi
tions, without a deiiuito announce
ment of the government's policy,
commanders would be at a loss
what course to pursue ; and
that, if the conquest is to
be permitted, additional vessels
will bo useless, as tbe Nipsic could
protect tbe consulate witbout aid.
lie adds that tbe American harbor at
Samoa will be of national conse
ouenee in tho future unless Ger
many takes possession, in which case j
it would be Useless.
On tho 28th inst. Representative
Ford of Michigan offered resolutions
calling on Secretary Bayard to pro
duce all the correspondence or docu
ment bearing on the Samoa question.
Consul Sewall is still in Washing
ton, and he does not know when be
will return to Apia.
Two tilings more have served to
intensify tho feeling against Ger
many. It has bojn discovered that
that government has a spy in the
East reporting on tho condition of
the sea-coast defenses, tho army and
the navy. This but adds fuel to the
On tho 2oth inst., Lo Temps, of
Paris, published a dispatch from
Zanzibar slating that an American
sailing vessel from Zanzibar for
Madagascar has been tired upon and
disabled by a German man-of-war.
The particulars have not been ob
tained. Tho cable from Zanzibar caused
with us, but that Germany's
infringes our rights under oiu
s action I
oar treaty
with Samoa. It is our business, and j
if we don't look after it nobody will. I
R. II. Ortm, tho Adjutant-General
of Caiifornii, is receiving appiica- I
t;on: from voliud -ers for
:on i rom voiurfoers lor service in
ease oi war with Samoa. John F.
Vnr-1. S.-r'.'winf. of Coivtr.tiT'v aF.
Second Cavalry- Volunteers, at Bed'
v.cod Ciiy, is the" liivt to apply, j
General Ortcn savs at the present j
r;o 10,000 men could be raised in
thirty davs.
Ar.r.ivu.s Jan. 10. S. S. Alameda.
o davs, Hi hours from Honolulu; !
j.ul o-j v; S. Austr ilir
ciays from
Honolulu: bkt. W. H. Dimond. 23 !
days from Honolulu; Jan. 25. bark !
Cevlon. 23 J..1' s irorn Honolulu: bvig i
J. p. hiav-kcls. lo ilavd from Mono- I
- i . I-;-;. - .'..-,i-.r K. Dou;t1h-s. 2.) !
d.avs fr.
m j-iauni-ai; schr. Anna.. 23
dav? from K.-.hului; Jan. 2S, brig!
Luriine, 2t dav.s livia Hilo? brig I
pa chr. ti eni;tiAV a:Ker. I or nono
rk a;
.nos :
Jan. 2i. bark Aid-ui Besse. for
;du: bidne W. II. Difnoncl. for
Jan. 20. bktne. Discoverv.
for Honolulu; I ktno. S.N. Castle,
for lb. noluin.
Pr.ojr.cTr.r DsrAr.Trr.Es Feb. 9.
S. S. Aia.
,eei. ror
Honolulu; bark
Cevlvn, for Honolulu; brig George
H. Donbass, briir -John D. Spreckeis,
schr. Anna. b:i:r L-rlino. j
Nrv.e v-n.i:. N. S. W. Sailed Dec. '
12. bark S. C. Alien and Bob bark
L'.rn Aii iit.l-o. t-. r Honolulu: Dec. 22, :
r iionoj-alu.
Sv-oNEV-SailevlD.v. 12.
McNeil, for Iloaoiuiu.
Adinl:iisnat )i-"s Xotiee.
i;nei having reen
;fi:-.i'' "tr.itor i-f tho e-tate
Cl.bi N'.r, i a -.L n'..t;"ec is
'. ri.'iil-r- uf -aid t-t:;:e
,-ir -i. tv the n:i.ier?-icned
. rk ihe d.ite pul-iica-!"
oi t !m v will b forever
'.V li.'.l.VM O". SMITH.
Jar.. 00. lyj. 01-Ot
FEBRUARY 7, 1889.
Election of Oflicei
stockholders of C. i'revrcr cV. Com nan v.
Li., held this tiav, the following persons
iv elected offic ers ot the Company
., t T
Iresident .v Manasrc-r. . P. C Jones
sTPf'irvA-Trfi5,rr t o r,rrr
Col. W. F. Ailcu
Hon. C. II. Bishop. Hon. H. Waterhouse,
and Mr. i. C. 'Allen.
SeeV. C. Brewer & Co.. L'd.
Honolulu, Feh. . 1'J. 33-lm
on die 4th day ot tebruary, A
i trains t L. B. Kerr, defendant, in favor of
70tU3 1 have levIed upcm ami f hall t.spo
f.,r sale at the auction rooms of Jas. F.
,1 . is. Mxrtin, plaintiff, for the sum of $1,-
Monran. in the District of Kona, Honolulu,
Island cf O.ihu, at 12 o'clock noon of
WF.DN KST) A Y. tliP 0th dav of March. A
D. 1SVJ. to the highest bidder, ah the
right, title and interest of ihe said L. B.
Kerr, defendant, in and to the following
propertv, unless said judgment, interest,
rtid ,nv expenses 1e pievioudy paid,
List of property for sale:
II Cases of Tailors' Goods,
1 Case of Hats.
1 Case of Perfumery.
Case of Buttons,
butheif-nt of the above property will be
sold (subject to a mortgage in favor of W.
j. Irwin vfc Co.), to satisfy said execution.
Honolulu, Feb. 5. lSO. 33-tf
- may not be placed in a wrorij? light he
fore the public, 1 wish to state that, in the
case of Martin ayainst myself, plaintiff's
counsel, for reasons best known to him
self, has insbted (as he might undei the
technicalities of the law) upon the Mar
shal's levying upon and advertising for
sale a portion of my goods under a writ
of execution, although well knowins that
all further proceedings on said writ will be
stayed in ten davs from Tuesday, the 5?h
instant, inasmuch a- my counsel assigned
error, tendered error bond of security and
served notice on plain tilFs counsel on that
day, and a writ of error will issue ten days
thereafter which by law stays execution,
ami although my "counsel to secure the
plaintiif meanwhile has olfcred to deposit
with the Marshal a sum of money more
than suiheient to cover the judgment in
cluding interest and costs of suit.
Honolulu, Feb. C, 1SS9. 3J-St
LUCE up to Januiry 31, 18s:),
are hereby requested to mrike im
mediate payment to Mr. Frank Brown,
Merchant street (formerly A. M. llewelt's),
who is authorized to receipt for all moneys
paid to him. J. F. HACKFELD,
Assignees. of W. S. Luce.
Honolulu, Jan. 31, iss;).
23-lm 12T)-lm
purpose, the following oilicers were
elected for the Oahu Railway and Land
Company :
Yv. R. Castle President
J. I. Dowsett. ...1st Vice- "
YY". C. Wilder... 2d "
M. V. Robinson..
. . Secret a rv
'. e". Williams. ...
W. F. Alien
S. C. Allen )
RoV.t. Lt wers V . . .
' I : : i t . i
j. . it. v ancer )
Jan. 31, 1SS9. -2-4t 12.."-4t
Cigars ! Cigarettes
Choice Lots Just Ileceivert bv
j ptTT CrWT7 li,r' f-or
Bet Kiss and Her-hunt.
OCGillliC SteaillSliil) CO.
The Al steamship
WiU leave IIotioKiju for the above port on
Tuesdnv. Feb. 12. 1!J89.
At Xooix.
rciglit or Pas5nc-e aj-j-ly to
Wji. g unvrs & co.,
-2- -i- and fen,th.. :a-J uur coiiftrcction of!
2-P.oP.fr Mill-, ss tLe- slat terUa inechan- !
isni for same with vi-r.f satisfactory results, we i
are tew i-repirt-J to contract f-r that c!ass of i
m-iC!i:nerv at short notice. "We Lave j atttrus on
; Laui for V-xt-'.n., ooxt'.fin., S2x-j-ia.
i iMia., iC'iin. s:z-s of roller?, steel shafting
a ad steel sfitiaj throngLotit with any iJre.l
type of ergine. they can be drirea frc-ai :
engiue it; use o a 3-P.oH Mill, ?y ceipoutiai
the game, tht-rehy econora:ZiEg steara. r.ts".Its
uiiiler eqttal coyDitioKs jraarutre.i rv-rn-
passed l y any other construction or system of ;
A -ent ItlsJoa Iron and Locoiiiot:v Work?,
13C1243-tf Sau Francisco.
3.T a nt5 csitnts.
Opera House
P'ebriKiry 7tli and 8tli
ai;tites :
Oi Her Majesty's Theatre, London;
Violin Virtuoso;
Solo Pianist, aud
Season tickets for scries of C nifrlits. ..$7 00
Single tickets $1 e0 and 00
I'.Hironv 75 cents
Gallery 50 cents
.fSr-Special cars to Waikiki at the close
oT the iKTiVrmance. 33-tf
Stage Manager
L. .1 . Levey
"Wilson ifc Cameron
A. W. Filson
On Saturday, February 9
Specialty Company !
Of American and European Artists.
Will make their first and only appearance
lirtvi.ju to their dejariure for
San Francisco.
This Cornr-any is composed of the great
est array -i talent that ever appeared be
fore un enlightened public, and consists of
The Comedy Team of the World. The
The Wonders of the l-3s.Ii Century i?i their
great act " Le llom.ues Eiasti-:ues."
The must iini-hed Vorali.-ts aud Coniedv
The (J-aeen of Serio Condone and Song and
Dance Artist.
The TVumifui Contralto
The Marvels, tlie Great, the Onh
From tlie Cir jue do Paris.
Box plan will oven at L.J. Levey's office,
corner Fort and i iti-n streets, on Thurs
day morninir at !) d i!..'k. .VJ-4t
5 and S"!
Ivmg street, next door to the t or.
t Fort street, will l.e to kt on
the lirst day of Mav next.
fTerms liberal. In-pure of
Can be fonnl next loor to the V. C. A.
OrF.ee, Mt-rchaiit street.
Hacks Xo. 1 37, GO, 75, ISO
IV Hell Ttleinne iv, "Iutual 300.
HAimys luxcii iioons
; Oped aii Xint! Heals at all Honors.
Kee: the Uet Cc. :',. Tea .-ii .I Choco
late to lie p.ad in tho City.
3ru.-H antl Milk every imrt!injr.
A Change cf Dinner Eyerv Day!
rc o.,lv sjjgawffs. UKI1:J)V
! !H
j i. i X. tM Sav't j Si. Sail 1 ruficico.C-L L'.S-
Combination !
-iPSSc fS2iw .s-SS:'i& ' J::yy
.-:o fX
Hawaiian Tramways Co.
i; p
! is S is
i i! 2
K. At. i . M. A. M. ;! A. M. A.M. A.M.
o.30 ! 5.50 COO 6.20
j :.ro c.50
n.30 I C..-0 i 7.90 7.20
7.10 1 7.: 7.50 !i 7.10 7.30 7.50
7.SU 7.5. j' $.00 8.20
8 io ! S.".0 !i 8.10 S.30 8.50
8.30 ! ! 0.00 S.20
9.10 ! ji.so 9.50 ,; 9.10 0.30 9.50.
9.30 ; 9.5') Si 10.00 10.20
10.10 10 3' 10.50 j! 10.10 10.30 10.50
io.50 ; 10.50 j
11. pi lt.30 ! 11.50 ;. 11.10 11.30 11.50
12. (0 ; 12.20 j j'
I. !. ' . ."t. j P. M. P. X. P. M. P. M.
12.10 I 12.30 12.50 I! 12.00 12.20
1-.30 : 12.50 I 1 12.10 12.30 12.50
1.1U j 1.30 1.50 j 12.50 1.10
2.10 I 2.30 2.50 1.10 1.20
3 10 1 3.30 3.50' 1.10 l.?5 1.50
3 50 3.50 i 2.10 2.S0 2.50
l.oo 4.2 j 3.i0 3.30 3.50
4.10 4.30 4.50 i 4.00 4.20
4.30 4.50 J 4.10 4.30 4.50
5.05 5.25 j
5.15 5..T) 5.55 j! 5.05 5.25
5.35 5.55 ij 5.15 5.35 5.55
0.15 G.35 ti.55 5.a 6.25
6.35 0.55 j 6.15 6.35 6.5A
7.15 7.35 7.55 i 7.C5 7.25
7.35 7.55 i 7.15 7.35 7.55
8.15 8.35 S.55 S.05 S.25
8.:5 8.55 i 8.15 8.35 S.55
9.15 9.35 9.55 9.05 9.25
10.05 10.25 ; 9.15 9.35 9.55
10.C5 10.25 10.45
Fares from Pal a ma to Rifle Range, 5c.
Wuikiki : 10c.
Waikiki passengers must travel on the
through cars or they will have to change
cars at the Kitle limine and take a fresh,
The traveling public are respectfully
informed that the Cars used for the
Waikjiu service are painted BLUE.
It is particularly requested that in the
event of any incivility on thk p.vut of
Tiiii co.mi'axy's servants a complaint bo
promptly hnlged at the Central office,
giving the number of tlie car, the direo.
tion - in which it was t -aveling, and the
time of day at which the occurrence
took place. lS7-tf
Notice of Copartnership.
Hawaiian Transfer Co.
chased the buiness of J. Green and the
American Express Company, have con
solidated under the firm name of the
and are prepared to carry on the Draying
and Express business of all kind 3.
f -Telephone office at No!" 75 Iling St.,
next door to Robt. ilore's.
Bell 160 Telephones Mutual 503.
IS? All kinds of carting fa'thfully and
promptly attended to; furniture removed
and carefully handled; always on hand on
arrival of steamers.
If you want a wagon or dray you will
find it to vojir advantage lo ring up either
of cur telephones. JT W. MtfJUlIlE.
iG-im j. McQueen. '
Firewood Eor Sale!
S8 per Cord.
4 Ihlfl Tlrst clRt ramilv Tiotel,
i-jSll bivln? just ol:rrged hands, bus ben
.2 thorourhlr renovated, together with
i'uf K.vi'KNA VKKMISrs aw tttacheJ,
ami is prei-ared to receive gmests
By tlie Day, Week or Month
At iteaciian!c Kate?.
will find evry acioiur.iodi1oc, a piace wbert
all the comlorta of a horue ecu te obtained.
Ilonolnlu, II. I. isf
For San Francisco.
Tbe Barkeutine
iv S. (i, WILDER,
j A. U. PAUL, Master,
j "Will Gail for the above Port on
Thursday, February 7th.
7&For Freight or Passage apply to
F. A. i:ClI AEFER & CO..
I Or to the Captain on board.
iron sale,
t ' r - ii
California Dairy Cows!
'--fk. Ah ap tine butter animals, and
some- ox tLera are registered.
TheiC ariiitsals are for c ale at a bargain.
For further information please address
C. II. rARKEil,
Honolulu, Oahu,
12.55 2Mra
pep ff-u.' pw3fWHMWM

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