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A. W. KErCH, Esq.. haa this day
been appointed a member rf the Boar J
of Ki-eConmUsionera for the City of Ho
nolulu, vice S. B Rose, resigned.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, April 3d, 1393.
W. C. WEEDON has this day been
appoicted Deputy Tax Assessor and Col
lector fcr Oabu, vice T. A. Lloyd, resign
ed. J. B. CASTLE,
Asteescr and Tax Collector for Oabo.
Tbeq. C. Porter,
Minister of Finance.
Finance Department, Honolulu, April
3, 1S93. 3346 6t 1474-lt
Foreign Office,
Honolulu, April 1, 1693. J
His Excellency the President of the
Provisional Government of the Hawai
ian Islands has received an autograph
letter of which the following is a copy:
President of the United States of
To Ilia Excellency
President cf the Executive and Advisory
Councils of the Provisional Govern
ment of the Hawaiian Islands
Gbeat and Good Friend: I have
made choice of James ti . B ount one of
our distinguished citizens as my Special
Commissioner to visit the Hawaiian Isl
ands and make report to me concerning
the present status of affairs in that coun
try. He is well informed of our sincere
desire to cultivate and maintain to the
fullest extent the friendship which has so
long subsisted between the two countries,
and in all matters affecting relations with
the Government of the Hawaiian Islands
his authority is paramount. My know
ledge of bis high character and ability
gives me entire confidence that he will
use every endeavor to advance the in
terest and prosperity of both Govern"
ments and so render himself acceptable to
Yoar Excellency.
I therefore request Your Excellency to
receive him favorably and to give him
full credence to what he thall say on the
part of the United States and to the
assurances which I have charged him to
convey to you of the best wishes of this
Government for the prosperity of the
Hawaiian Islands.
May God have Your Excellency in His
wise keeping.
Written at Washington this 11th day
of March, in the year 1S93.
Your Good Friend,
Byiho President.
W. Q. Gresbam,
Secretary of State.
3344 1473-3t
ACT 22.
A.n .A.ot to Confirm a Contract
Between the Minister of the
Interior and C. 3N". Spencer
and G. D. Freeth, Dated
March 29th, 1SOO, and to
Authorize a Lease of Lnyean
and IjiHiansky Islands.
Whereas, the North Pacific Phosphate
and Fertilizer Company, an Hawaiian
Corporation, now holds a franchise from
the Hawaiian Government for the re
moval of guano and phosphates from the
Islands of Laysan and Lisiansky under
certain terms and desire a lease of said
Islands in order to advantangeously car
ry out said contract :
Be it exacted by the Executive and
Advisory Councils of the Provision
al Government of the Hawaiian Isl
ands :
Section 1. The contract made be
tween the Minister of the Interior and C.
N. Spencer and G. D. Freeth, dated
March 29th, 1890, licensing the taking of
phosphates and guano from Laysan and
Lisiansky Islands, and the amendment
ta aaid contract made with the JSorth
Pacific Phosphate and Fertilizer Com
pany, dated June 25th, 1890, are hereby
Sectiok 2. The Minister of the Inter
lor Is hereby authorized to execute a
lease to aaid North Pacific Phosphate and
Fertilizer Company of Laysan and
Lisiansky Islands for the remainder of
the term of said contract at the rental of
one dollar per annum in addition to the
royalty mentioned in said contract.
Section 3. This Act shall take effect
from the date of its publication.
Approved thi3 31st day of March,
A. D. 1S93.
President of the Provisional Government
of the Hawaiian Islands.
,T. A. King,
Minister of the Interior.
3343 1473-3t
Notice is hereby given that Mr.
JOSEPH MORTON OAT, has this day
been appointed Postmaster General of the
Hawaiian Islands, owing to the retire
ment of Mr. Walter Hill, on account of
serious illness.
Minister of Finance.
Government House, Honolulu, Apri
1st, 1S93. 3317 1469 3t
ACT 23.
An Act to Grant to the Torth
Iacifio 1-honphate and ferti
lizer Company, an Ilawaiinn
Corporation, th Riant to
Min for Sulphur and Sul
phur Bearing Iroduct lor
Twenty Yara. to Import
Machinery for Said Xurpos
and for the Equipment of
"Works to Manufacture Sul
phuric Acid and Works to
Manufacture Fertilizers and
Materials to he Used in Such
Manufacture, Free of Duty.
Whereas, the North Pacific Phosphate
and Fertilizer Company, an Hawaiian
Corporation, are about to erect works for
the manufacture of fertilizers which will
be of great benefit to the agricultural
interests of the country, and for euch
purpose it is necessary to produce
sulphuric acid, and to import machinery
tor the manufacture of the same and for
the manufacture of said fertilizers :
Be it Enacted by the Executive and
Advisory Councils of the Provisional
Government of the Hawaiian
Islands :
Section 1. That the right is hereby
granted to the North Pacific Phosphate
and Fertilizer Company and its assigns
to mine for and remove in any part of
these Islands, sulphur, sulphurous ores,
and sulphur bearing products and gases
of any nature; provided however that
eaid Company shall make proper com
pensation to the owners of the land on
which said operations are carried on.
Section 2. Said privilege shall he for
the term of twenty years.
Section 3. Said North Pacific Phos
phate and Fertilizer Company is
authorized to import free of duty all
machinery, plant and materials to be
used by it in said mining or manufactur
ing operations and in the equipment of
works for the manufacture of sulphuric
acid and of fertilizers.
Section 4. This Act shall take effect
from the date of its publication.
Approved this 31st day of March,
A. D. 1S93.
President of the Provisional Government
of the Hawaiian Islands.
J. A. King,
Minister of the Interior.
3343-3t 1473-3t
Office of the Board of Health, f
Honolulu, March 30, 1893.)
Notice is hereby given that Section 20
of tho Sanitary Code of the Board
of Health has been amended
by adding to the end of said Section the
words "or its agents," so that said
Section shall read as follows :
"Sfxtion 20 Lands at Kalaupapa,
Waikoiu and Kalawao, on the windward
side of the Island of Molokai, have been
and are hereby set apart by the Board of
Health for the isolation and confinement
of lepers ; and all the masters of vessels
are prohibited from touching, receiving
or delivering passengers or freight at
either of the above named places, except
oy special permission of the Board of
Health or its agents.
President of the Board of Health.
3342 1473-2t
Mr. JAMES B. CASTLE has this day
been appointed Tax Assessor for tho Isl
and of Oahu, vice C. A. Brown, resigned.
Minister of Finance.
Department of Finance, Honolulu,
H. I., April 1, 1892.
33t4 1473 3t
Department of Finance,
Honolulu, 11. 1., March 29, lS93.f
Notice is hereby given, that the
salaries of Government Employees
will hereafter be paid on the First Day
of the month following, instead of tho
last day of the month aa heretofore.
Minister of Finance.
3341 6t
Office of thb Board of Health.
The following named persons have
been chosen and appointed Officers of
the Board of Health :
Hon. W. O. Smith President.
Charles Wilcox Secretary.
C. B. Reynolds Executive Officer.
David Dayton Agent on Leprosy.
L. L. La Pierre Inspector and Mana
ger of Garbage Service.
G. W. C. Jones Inspector.
The Committees of the Board are :
On Leprosy Dr. F. L. Miner, John
On Quarantine, and Contagious
Diseases, other than Leprosy Dr. F. R.
Day, J. T. Waterhouse, Jr.
On Public Health and Sanitation
Dr. G. P. Andrews, J. O. Carter.
Secretary Board of Health.
Honolulu, March I6th, 1893.
1471 3332-3t
The membership roll of the An
nexation Club is open for signa-
t.nrPH nt. ihn Vspnrinnnrtera of the
Executive Committee, Campbell
1 .
Kal lkauas Crown
Left Without Or
.4 alaable Coronet Stripped of
Diamonds and Other Pre
cious Stones.
Kalakaua's crown
robbed of its iewels. The theft
was discovered on Monday morning
when James Robertson turned over
some property to the Government.
I-,.., .
Ever since the monarchy was ;
overthrown Robertson has been
custodian of the Palace and every
thing was in his charge. The other
day the Government decided to
dispense with his services and hi3
successor was appointed. The dis
missed custodian was ordered to
turn over all property in his pos
session to his successor, and while
doing so the robbery of the jewels
was discovered.
The details of the sensational
affair were hard to obtain and they
are as follows :
Two Crowns, one formerly worn
by the late King Kalakauaand the
other by his wife, Kapiolani, were
encased in a handsome plush box.
They were kept in a vault at Bish
op & Co.'s bank for a long time,
but eventually the coronets were
turned over to the Chamberlain at
the Palace. Whether they were
first handed to George Mact'arlane
or to Robertson it could not be
learned last evening.
When the jewels, reached the
place they were placed in a sole
leather trunk, where they remained
for an indefinite time. The trunk
was kept constantly locked, and for
safekeeping it was deposited in the
Chamberlain's office, which i3 situ-
ated on the basement floor of the
When the trunk was brought
forth on Monday it was found that
the lock had been broken. The
box containing the coronets had
been opened and Kalakau's crown
had been robbed of its ornaments.
All that was left of it was the vel
vet cap.
The crown was nearly oval in
shape, and was ornamented with a
Maltese cross at the apex and bril
liantly studded with diamonds and
other precious stones, and on either
side were gold kalo leaves. In the
center of the cross was a large dia
mond about the size of a ten cent
piece. It was taken along with a
number of other smaller precious
The Chamberlain's office was
searched, and some of the filigree
work was found in a small closet.
Nobody knows who the thief is, but
frou a hurried examination made
on the day the robbery was dis
covered, it is almost a certainty
that it occurred during the old re
gime and not since the Provisional
Government has been established.
a strange coincidence.
The most curious portion of the
affair is that the crown worn by
Kapiolani was untouched and noth
ing else in the trunk was disturbed.
It is a strange co-incidence.
It will be remembered by old
residents that the crowns were
made in London at a cost of .$5000
each. They were worn by Kala
kaua and Kapiolani on February
12, 18S3, when tho late king was
crowned. At the time the taxpay
ers of this country strenuously ob
jected to the expenses of the cor
onation exercises, but their objec
tions carried no weight and the ex
pensive festivities went on.
Marshal Hitchcock will take up
the case on his return from Hawaii
to-day, and as there is a faint clue
to the identity of the thieves he
may be fortunate enough to capture
The Native Papers.
Bush's paper, Ka Leo, is respon-
gible for the following: i
There are certain rumors that j
the Queen would be restored to the i
throne, and that the independence j
of Hawaii would be perpetuated,
and that the royal ensign would
wave again these are included in
Commissioner Blount's message to
his government.
A renegade Hawaiian woman
was urging the natives last Satur
day to cheer the Hawaiian flag
when it was restored.
! TT II' 1 V 1 t ll !
iioinsier mae a specialty
of keeping fine Manila cigare.
A Fire Starts in the Steamer
The fire alarm was rung yesterday
! morning abont 10:45 o'clock. In a
I few seconds afterwards Engines No. 1
J S ; and 2 were seen pasting down Fort
! street at a lively rate. Cries of ' Fire cn
: the Mikahala " brcnght several hun
; dreda of people to the 1. 1. S. N. Co.'s
i wharf at the foot of Tort street.
.' When the erjginea arrived, the blaze
; was found to be well under control,
; so they returned without rendering
; any assistance.
It appears that 20 tons of fertil
OPEN j izers.put up in 130 bags, were placed
I on deck in the forward part cf the
! ship. The name of the inflamablesub-
stance differ, according to down-
town scientists. One gentleman calls
it saltpetre, a guano specialist names
it nitrate of soda; Captain Goodmau,
; oi tne -uorjc-rt Lewers, says it is ma
! nate of potash. Whether all these
! scientific terms mean the same thing
' or cot, the experts could not agree;
but they all say it is a dangerons
i cargo. The 60-called saltpetre was
cart-fully stowed on the forward deck
, on .1 Jprnnorarv nlatform mnd of
redwood boards, being specially bnilt
as a precaution against hre. A
thick covering of taipaulius wa
also carefully placed on the ton and
the sides so every hod v on board
thought the cargo was perfectly safe.
W';! (1 n: . i
iiiuiiu mo uuitcia niiu ilk'u were
busiiv eUrare(i .,,. f,P,vht
board, one of them noticed smoke
issuing from the saltpeter pile. Two
good sized streams worked by the
wharf donkey engine played on the
fire for nearly ten minutes, but as
the flames began to spead, Passenger
Agent Wm. Ross telephoned the firo
alarm. WThen the lire engines ar
rived, a detachment of sailors from
the Boston was already on board
helping to put out tho fire by throw
ing overboard bags containing tho
substance. A boat's crew from tho
Naniwa also came but they returned
on board their ship as the fire was
already under control. By 11:15
a. m., or about thirty minutes from
the time the smoke was first noticed,
the last spark of fire was extin
gnished, tho two streams from the
donkey engine being successfully
applied. A part of the redwood
boards on which the substance was
placed was scorched while several
were completely burned up, but the
deck of the vessel was unharmed.
The balance of the saltpeter was
removed on 6hore by command
of Captains Campbell and Godfrey.
Captain Chaney of the Mikahala was
at the company's blacksmith shop
during the fire, and only learned of
the impending danger to his ship
when it was almost out. When he
arrived tho bags wero being taken
ashore. "
After the trouble was all over Cap
tain Peterson of tho Pelo related his
" o I r ..v.pn. v. "
experience on the Pele when a cargo
of the same substance took lire at
sea and tho entire cargo - was jetti-
soned to savo the ship.
Captain Campbell seconded his
Btory by giving a similar instance
which took placo on the Liholiho
some time ago. Captain Penhallow
was tn eye witness years ago of an
instance where 400 tons of saltpetre
took fire in the hold of a vessel lying
at anchor at Calcutta.
According to the steamer's people
the bags caught fire last Monday on
the wharf, but it was quickly put out.
The twenty tons of saltpeter was
shipped by II. Hackfeld & Co., and
was intended to be used as fertilizer
at tho Lihue Plantation. It wa
valued at 2000. About one-fifth of
the cargo was thrown into the sea.
Tho fire is supposed to have been
caused by a spark from the donkey
engine which i9 stationed on the
wharf. .
Charles H. mil and Miss Mc
Earen Married.
The wedding of Miss Marion
McLaren and Charles H, Hill, one
of the oldest employees of the
Union Ice Co., took place yester
day morning at the residence of the
bride's father, Mr. Wm. McLaren,
on Fort street. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. Dr. Beck
with. There were quite a number
of intimate friends present who all
joined in wishing the newly wedded
couple a long and happy married
life. Miss Annie McLaren and
Mr. D. W. Roach wero respectively
bridesmaid and best man. Mr.
and Mrs. Hill departed on the Hall
for a trip to the Volcano. San
Jose, California, will be their future
Special 3Xctircs.
For Sale.
4 Kooms, Kitchen, small back
Yard aud side entrance, at present
occupied a9 a Saddlery hop by Jose
Dias, situated on MarkeJtSt., Wailaku, in
j the business part of tne town, centrally
j located." For further particular?, apply
I to Jose Dias, on the premises or by
j etter
To Let.
lor, Dining Koom, 4 Bed Room",
Kitchen, Pantrv, etc., corner of
Beretania and Keeaumoku iSts.. at pres
ent occupied by Mr. J. M. McChesney.
Possession given after April 15. Applv
to c. J. McCarthy,
3339-tf 35 Merchant Street.
Harness. Apply "C. X.," this
Mrs. A. A. Will tarn
Lynn, Mass.
For the Good of Others
Rev. 2Ir. TTUllams Heartily m
dorsea Hood's Saraaparilla.
We are pleased to present this from
Rev. A. A. Williams, of the Sillsbee
street Christian Church, Lynn, Mass. :
M I see no reason why a clergyman, more than
a layman, who knows whereof he speaks,
should hesltata to approve an
Article of Morit
and worth, from which h? or his family hav
been Jlgnahy fceneQted. and whose commenda
tion may serve to extend those benefits to
others by increasing their confidence. My wile
has for many years been a sufitrer from severa
Norvous Hoadacho
for which she found little help. She has tried
many things that promised well but per
formed little. Last fall a friend gave her a bot
tle of Hood's Sarsaparilla. It seems surpris
ing what sinipiy one bonis could and did do
for her. The attacks cf headache decreased In
number and were less violent in their Inten
sity, while her general health has been Im
proved. Her appetite has also been better,
i rom our experience with
Hood's SarsaparMa
I hav8 no hesitation iu endorsing ij notriu.'
A. A. Williams.
(antle an4 effect.-.-..
Wholesale Agests.
To the voyager whose life
is made miserabe by sea-sickness,
Taro-maloo is as welcome
as the , (lowers in spring. It
brings harmony to the discor
dant elements in the stomach
and makes the tourist yearn
for a longer journey.
It is commended to the per
son who desires to visit the
volcano,-but hesitates on ac
count of crossing the channel.
Taro-maloo "busts" sea
sickness all to pieces and your
grocer sells it.
Pure m Mill
Delivered to any Part of the City.
F"Ring up Mutual Telephone No.
507, Bell Telephone 460.
3342-ltv Pkoprietoh.
We wish to state that we are the only
authorized Agents in Honolulu for the
above Beer.
L. II. DEE, - - PKorr.iETOR.
Oyster -:- Cocktails !
L. II. DEE - - PjiorniEiOR.
in Honolulu to get your
Plumbing and Tinwork
Done is at
Cor. Eisg and Alakea Streets.
Prices Lower than Ever! Call and
be Conymced.
mln ordering by Telephone be sure j
and ring up the right number: i
Mutual Telephone Store 261, Eesi- i
' dence 244. Bell Telephone Store 78. '
P. U. VOX oo'J.
Ilorsford's Acid Phosphate.
The Best Tonic
known, farnishingsustenancetoboth brain
and bodv.
rCciu iltflrfrtiscmrnta.
Tho vacaucy m my Watch
Repairing Department caused
by the-death of my old "Watch
maker, has been filled by a
competent man of experience
from the States.
Wo are now in a position
as of old, to do any and all
work in this line, and to
guarantee satisfaction.
Xo work too intricate.
No watch too complicated
for us.
Tho excellent reputation
gained in tho past for fine
work and only such will bo
maintained at all hazards.
My Optical Business is now
an established institution, and
hardly needs mention. Yet as
I am making this a feature
and a large one of my reg
ular business, I want to keep
it constantly before you. Tho
many flattering testimonials I
have received from my pa
tients tho past two months,
and tho daily increasing busi
ness convinco mo that you ap
preciate my knowlege, and
are willing to profit thereby.
A failure to correct any
trouble which glasses can cor
My system of testing is so
simple and yet so perfect, that
tho whole thing becomes a
pleasure to you, .instead of a
tedious and painful operation.
AVill you bear it in mind ?
tSiT'No charge for testing.
320 1471
PACK OF 1892
Now on Sale.
7"Every Can guaranteed Fiist
Wholesale -:- Grocers
2G and 28 California St., San Francisco
Sole Agents.
Salmon and all Kinds Salt Fish
Just to hand ex Miike Maru.
New and original patterns in large
Election of Officers.
Meeting of Stockholders of the
Hawaiian Pork Packing Company,
Limited, held on the 9 h inst.. the
following Officers were elected for
the current year :
E. C. Winston.. President & Manager.
Vm. McCandless. . . .Vice-President.
-R t An,wh i Secretary and
K. .L. Au.roaci.. Treasurer.
F. F. Porter.... Auditor.
The fo'lowing named gentlemen con
stitute the Board of Directors :
E. C. Winston,
F. F. Porter,
J. Ena,
Wm. McCandless,
J. Bnrke,
W. B. GoJfrey.
Secretary II . P. P. Co.
Honolulu, H. I., Mar. 11, 1893.
Fine commercial and society
printing at the Gazette Office.
Provisional Government of the
Havi-aiiin Inland a.
li. IXiV, President of the Provisional
- . - mm -
vivnrrumt'iu iue Hawaiian Isl
ands, aud Minister of Foreign Af
fairs. J. A. Kinjr, Minister of the Interior.
The ). C 1'orter, Minister of Finance.
V. U. brmth, Attorney-General.
Advisory Council.
S. M. Damon, Viee-Fiwident of the Pro-
visional Government of tho Hawaiian
C. Dolte,
Cecil Brown,
John Emmeluth,
K. I. Tenney,
W. F. Allen,
Henry Watei house,
A. Young,
F. M. Hatch.
John Nott,
r. W. McChcsnev.
James F. Morgan,
r.il, tMitir
J. A. McCandh ss,
tfiTRKME Court
Hon. A. F. Judd, Cief Justice.
Hon. 11. F. Bickerton. 1-irst AssfxiU
Hon. W. F. Frear. Second Associate
Henrv Sruiili, Chief Clerk.
Fred Wuiid-.ilu iv. Deputy Clerk.
Geo. Lt:c.i, Soco..;J IVi.iKy Clerk.
Walter Jones, Stenographer
- CiucriT JrixiEs.
ill' t 1 .
""(ootid Circuit: A. N. KoiHiikii.
Third an 1 Fourth Circuit: S L. Austin.
Fiftti Ci limit: J. Ilardw
Offices and Court-rovm in Government
Build. ng. King &tnet. Silting in Hono
lulu-First Monday ia Fehruary, May,
a.uguai ana iovemuer.
Department of Foreign Affairs.
Office in Government Building, King
His Excellency Sanford B. Dole, Minis
ter ot Foreign Affairs.
Fran P. Hatinus, Secretary.
V. Horace Wright, Ed. Stiles, Lionel
Hart, Clerks.
Department of the Interior.
Oflico in Government Building, King
His Excellency J. A. Kjng, Minister of
the Interior.
Chii Clerk, John A. Hasstnger.
Assistant Clerks: James 11. Boyd, M. K.
Keohokalole, James Aholo Stephen
Mahaulu, George C. Ross, Edward
S. Boyd.
Chiefs of Bureaus, Interior Depart-
Mb NT.
Survevor-General, W. D. Alexander.
Supt. Public Works, W. E. Howell.
Supt. Water Works, Andrew Brown.
Inspector. Electrio Lights, John Cassidy.
Registrar of Conveyances, T. G. Thrum.
Deputy Registrar, Malcolm Brown.
Road Supervisor, Honolulu, W. II. Cum
mings. Chief Engineer Firo Dept., F. Huttace.
Supt. Insane Asylum, Dr. A. McWayne
Office, Government Building, King
Department of Finance.
Minister of Financo, His Excellency T.
C. Porter.
Auditor-General, George J. Ross.
Registrar of Accounts, Geo. E. Smithies.
Clerk to Finance Office. Carl Widemann.
Coll ctor-General of Customs,
Tax APseKsor, O.ihu, Jan. B Castle.
Postmaster-General, J. Moit Oat. s
Customs Bureau.
Office, Custom House, Esplanade, Fort
Deputy-Collector, Geo. E. Boardman.
Harbormaster, Captain A. Fuller.
Port Surveyor, M. H Sanders.
Storekeeper, Frank B. McStoeker.
Department of Attorney-General.
Office in Government Building, King
Attorney-General. W. O. Smith.
Deputy Attorney-General, G. K. Wilder.
Clerk, J. M. Kea.
Marshal. E. G. Hitchcock.
Deputy Marshal, Arthur M. Brown.
Jailor ,Oahn Prison. Capt. A. N. Tripp.
Prison Physician, Dr. F. L. Miner. -
Board of Immigration.
Office, Department of Interior, Govern
ment Building, King street.
President, His Excellency J A. King.
Members of the Hoard of Immigration :
Hon. J. B. Atherton, Jas. B. Castle,
Hon. A. S. Cleghorn, James G.
Spencer Mark P. Robinson.
Secretary, Wray Taylor.
Board of Health.
Office in grounds of Government Build
ing, corner of Mililani and Qaeen
Members Dr. Day, Dr. Miner, Dr.
Andrews, J O. Carter, J. T. Water
house, Jr., John Ena, and Attorney
General Smith
President Hon. W. O. Smith.
Secretary -Gh as. Wilcox.
Executive Officer C. B. Reynolds.
Agent on Lepro-y Oavid Dayton.
Inspertor and Manaeer of Gaibbage Ser
vice L. L. i a Pierre.
Inspector GST. C. Jones.
Port Physician, Dr. G. Trousseau.
Dispensary, Dr. II McGrew.
Leper Settlement, Dr. R. K. Oliver.
Board of Education.
Office, Government Building, King
President, Hon. C. R. Bishop.
Secretary, W. James Smith.
Inspector of Schools, A. T. Atkinson.
District Court.
Police Station Building, Merchant street.
William Foster, Magistrate.
James Thompson, Clerk.
M. L. MINER, D. V. S.,
and Dentist.
Office :
r-Hotel Stables.
Hours: 8-10
3:30 p. m.
a. m., 1:30-
Rebidexce : With
Beretania Street.
Dr. F. L. Miner,
3yAll calls will receive prompt at
tention. 3303-ly

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