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ill i t UUtdo I'i
uud tho Hut-
i' and tuUi
. I.. .1 iilf llH""
,t ahill al'l'LU-
SuutclV tW Value of tbu
. 1 ....i r.we.l vulue thereof, un4
bUili liv'kt'.i
Icie the v .icmUc fvr i.vw Unu, lie
IhaUu-t-tN tb ub-uutuf suoUUc
!;, . v. ithii'i thirty d-o from l" l"
id hU
iilt of
i . i l . . ., i, . K 1 1 111 U
WlbUlU . I,.
imoSut t5 uwulhV rent of tho
mwi Nv UU U-o ahull U yUxliUd
CAUou VUuUrUlvluw' such appli
cation ud fo within such tUWlv day,
&aut .ball. It all tb Condi
tions of tU U h tforuml ty
tfw up ta mob. tliae hU have
ucw iu duplicate lu tvor of
tt. MxUtlusr lessee lor the leased prvm-
fox a aw terin of tweuty-ou
ver, to he reoXoued from the day of
three year rrirllvtdy, from lh
late of the (uvhold nrceinent wtllt
Inter tot at iht into of x iK-r leutum
. t ft ft 1
a vrr; provMtu. uou inu ireciu'we
may pay auy uv lutuliuewt l.wro
It it due, und thuthy atop the lurua
lOtuUlg ilttf lest.
- I UUiVallOU OI Uwl UP-, lliitit Ifii
Ji'.T t elktUltt ol lw wrtU tl lite ruin
I'lvuvbta, it uiU'uUuim! laiul, at uuy
Oue time hvfie. the elitl uf the ihli'H
.Year, or fetieiiiH iu the ttttue if jiash'ial
Uuvl wllhio such time; I'lwvuii-ii, n"i
if the lilvliib ale I'lassttl tts aal'iai-
. I I . . t .... i. ..It..!'
uative ciHuUHouj ohall ui-iy ie-tw-tlvely
tu the twt kliuli v.f Iuial.
;. tmttmuris cullivaUou !
less tmu teu ter centum of the ait-a
of sueU Hkriieuliurul Uiul liwiu Ut fin
year to the r u i ti mu
A . k ft I
or t ue imivi
. - . -
t. Iteahieuee oil tlie i.ieiuised irum
the euU of the accural year to the eiui
of the Uth year; wovlileil
maiuteuauce hy the freehohier 01 ma
home utt auvh premise hall he buui
cleut without hi own constant lrca
euce thereou. . , .
He shall hot ttaalKU or uuiei,
couUltlouaUy or otherwise, hu luUr-
eit or auy ivart thereot uuuer iuo uw
ivoia uKreerueui; wttnout iuh wi
coueut ol thu iuh-ageut eUilorBeit ou
buch agreemeut; proviaeu, inai
may sub-lei by prol ny varl
aaia vremUealeAA thau the whole aiul
iiittiiiiiinir liU reaiuence. itr um
.....irtirwi nf thi term of the oivi i ...4t.,..t.. u.i .Upt7tinLr nf Hiiv croi)
la.w from lap oi time, aud abaU Ue- oa wich uoea uot require .over
Uver to the leaee oue auplKW there- 1 . tor lu cutiVatUn ami har-
n.i the other autxhcaUou tl " . unii
la hLioJftlco. The rlpt ol aucU uew vx.rtlier urovhUd that freehohler
lasa bv the lea? U W u avceoi- haviue thtt'
... k tk Ia uliau pe au acep- i ... i.i JntrMt in a tree
aoc aia aulrmatlou oX tb atlpuU- UM agreement may at any time
tirkn therein coutAlueo. . I uikon ll IU innitltioiiB thereof IU DM
m-- ' - t.ol TI MV
Sucn uew ita u yw i irI.r.M1i ilV tliA frIioUler unto hucu
ubjec; to tbt coiiUltiotxa t forth iu j4 u u haye beeu iUUJilauUally
. Wx tiiiVYtMl a.nti third. I . nnvArn.
provided, bowevw, twt V.,"? meat uoU lutereat by Uelivery or iue
wowu,a iuuw r " . JrL I Crncua agreement iu iuo B""T-e" '
iin Kall b bad uioa the uew aj- I UH thu intention ta surrender the
i.iMiuant of th uulmpxoveU valu I att.ft oiriv endorsed thereou and
m . t.-. n.Miiiiiiii . -
of tha uremic, rivu , ...
the leee and freeholder under tucli
occupatiou provided that the notice
by the agent of public lands declaring
uch lund open for uetlleiut nt nhail bo
directed to uch aettieiuellt asocia
tiou and ahull be in one language
only; und further provided that in
case of the surrender r forfeiture of
the holding of any number of audi
iution, r if uny audi member
sw holdd his lot undir right of pur-
cbusM leuse ahull full to apply for u
liuW b ase, of his holding mvordillg to
the provisions of atclion 11 of the part
of tltis Act, touch holding if lei lartd
opcli for fcfctllfctuent ahull be Open to
any applicant unuei ine jiovisioo u
this part of this Act.
-U If any lot f uch block of
land ahall be lelt for three month
after audi block Is declared open for
aettlement w ithout being taken up by
uny member of audi aettlement aaao
i Iution, the aame way bo declared
open for settlement by any applicant
under the provisions of thid part of
this Act, or may be disposed of iu
other manner provided In this Act, or
may be reserved for public uses or
otherwise at the discretion of the com
missioners. Bed. -7. Iu case of a vacaucy oc
4 iirrliitr in th memhershin of a settle
ment association by the death, resig
nation, expulslou of a member who
has uot acquired a holding in sucb
block, such vacancy may bo filled by
the association with the approval of
thrt nommissionars.
Bko. U3. An application of a settle
ment association for a block of laud
shall contain a list of the name, age,
nationality and occupations of the
members, whether married or unmar
ried, and the area whioh each member
desires to acquire.
I 1
ot any of ta said conditions the iu
teret of ib le iu tb prmUe
w . u' thtese aban void.
Sc. n At any time brfox the
v-r of the term ol such
Zl HI tbi W aball beeutitlea
W;rT,.: hi fox a Und latent,
itxwlins to the coaditloxxs ol section
STbuti uwu the bai ot the new a
pcaimJatot the uuirnvroved value
toe premweiw t .
Sic 15. It the lessee oi auy ught
ot puxebas lese badi rAUtouotiry
tbe sub-agunt ot hU deire to leas
tH prerubtr for a new texux under the
provbuoa of sx'tioa 10 and U, or
ihall tail to deroelt with the sub-aeut
. . ... .W nutvU .1111.
tae fee scwkobj .v uv-ia 'v" 'v:v7
theaseotot pubUc land shall fortb
wltgive public notice axordlui: to
the pwvlsioc of secUou 3, uvclaxiug
aictx premJbee to be open tor settle
meat under the proTUionaot this part
of: thl-i Act urea the date of the ex
pixatioa ot the existing lea bv lapee
of time ehargl wlta payment by the
new teoaat ot the appraul value of
the permanent ixaproTemenU ap
praiaeii a aforesaid- And tne
metiiovis couditioc and requtre
menta for dispoeins of the premwe to
a new lets?ee or freeholder, shall con
form ia alt respect to those herein
oiH.fw. for ItftsiiLr to the eriginal
hfssee or selling to a freeholder, except
algued by them in the presence of the
sub-agent aud attested by blot. Huoh
surrender shall release the freeholders
fTom all further duty of performance
ot the coudltlous ot the document sur
rendered. Hut uo such surrender shall
be permitted if auy id such freeholders
are under the age of eighteen years
nW anrdi minors are renreseuted by miblic expense. President Eliot,
statutory guardians; and I of Harvard University, writing in
Further proviueo;, mat any tree- Or.tnher Forum, of "reasons
bolder over the age ot eighteen years
may asslgu his interest to his co
tenants. ... t
tv lie shall not manufacture for sale
iiutllhnl or fermeuted liquors,
onlum or smuggletl good, or permit
ine same to ot
done ou the said
7. Conditions lu any freehold agree-1 Bjon for public comfort. At Brew-
mentiortue- hcvhhwuw : Til era wharf, in tne crounas oi vuo
Ou our success for the -past
veur that we have been in
business we are more than
pleased with our hales, and we
leel confident that all our
transactions with our custom
ers have been of &uch a nature
that they are as fully pleased
as we are.
Looking Forward
To the prospect for the com
ing year we hope tnatwe nave
so pleaded our patrons that we
will see them again, and that
their friends will see bow nice
ly they have been fitted out
and profit thereby.
We shall greatly increase
. t i -
our sbOCK tins coming year,
receiving new and fresh goods
by every steamer airecii irom
the most reliable manufact
urers of Europe.
Timely Suggestions
for the comins few months
and hints on our specialities.
Ladies' Underwear in JIos
lin, Flannels and SiTxs at
greatly reduced prices.
Ladies' hosiery in White,
Black, and Tan at prices that
will snrorise von.
A fine assortment of Silks
in all shades and grades from
50 cents up. " . .
BHdd Bargalc. in Handkerchiefs. - V1, i'A
50 ceiU . dozen; Lart.e?-ancy -"-.S".rr U10VeS,..aHQ DlUt.JUU.Kfc J-wir
ffi ded uSrcK ft V& A
publio sanitation. In all the large I (iTTW SILKS VVH OU UllilNXO jHL 1&JjJJ
cities of America as well as Europe VUXi XJJXVJO x. vro
Ii Delicate Shade, and Fancy Stripe, are gO1n0 wr, w
Wicker Waie,
Uugb and Poitiers of all sizes,
Shaving Stand
Curd Tables,
1 n Oak or Cherry,and other goods
too numerous to mention.
Repairing of all kinds prompt
ly attended to. Furniture packed
for the other islands. Special
care given to Piano moving.
Improvements Sug&eatcd.
Mr. KniTon: While the Gov
ernment is making sucb commend
able efforts to increase tbe water
supply of Honolulu, public atten-
lion niav well be called to tne im
portance and necessity of provid
ing some public conveniences for
cood use of tbe water furnished at
Suitable for Voung
aud Old, Male or Female,
merit can toe Found at
Varied. A.ort-
520 Fort Street
wby tbe republic may endure,'
specifies among otber such facts,
Via Increased attention eiven to
ViV.!r.t vLumb Wsbj that Snuare. and other sucb central
may be on such premlsi", or the pre- points public lavatories should be
vention ot the future lutroductlou of Jrovue(j a the public expense for
such pests. . . TM-iVtlin fonvpnipnee.
He snail allow ine ageuts m i v
Government at all times to enter and
avrt-tiriA the iiremiee.
o rv.vmdnt of all taxes that may
be due on account of tbe said premises.
Sec. 20. In case of default in the
payment of any" of the said Instal
ments for thirty days after the same
are due respectively, or lauure oi pyr-
our stock of Ladies'- GcatsV
and Childrens, fine Shoes and
Honolulu, Jan. 3, 1895.
Silk Drapes, Lace Scarfs. Fancy Table eSJSS? GSI
' Silk Hose, we have a nne MBorraeui 1 "'2 Rs.
and Ehades oi tan : XAmea- dju. eeio, r TZZTv.
Lace Curtains or a l-ace jeoBpreu
jjo yoa want something for the bouse?
Temple of Fasion
the vear. We have a variety oi vvorsiea urfxa ,
Colors at very low prices.
519 Port Street,
that the new lessee shall, in addiUon formance the second, third, fourth,
to the require! fee eorrepociln to sixth, seventh or eightn of the
six ratmth rent which shall be baed g-ij poodiUons, tbe interest of the
on the WW appruiamenR ot .uieuuiiu- frho!tier in the premises snail cease,
rroTed xalue thervor, aepouii wivu uu i . the f rehold agreement snail ne
A Dream ? H. E. McINTTEE & BEO.,
B tripes and Solid J G BILTA,
.nnlitioa tne amount. w i
praised value cf the permanent un- if it 9ball appear at the end of
Movements on sach premises, whlcn sixyeass from the date of the free-
- imoonfe shall be paid to the outgoing hoJ-J agreement that tbe freeholder
lessee upon the delivery to tne new fadJet to perform the said ninth
lessee of a new lease, or if the prem- COQditioD his interest in the premises
isea are
advertiseo! as a cash rreenoia, i cease and the freehold agree-
ther shall be offered at auction a. tne t shall voidi unless be shall
ajgatasxtincf the appraised value soch unpaid taxes forthwith;
of the permanent improvements and L that the non-payment of any
th iinimrroved value of the land, as -aed on the premises which
anaii oe cai n k th merit, snail now ubwuoiuww
rmni tna nrsc nocer wu- i performance or tne saiu couumuu.
CrOverriiiiciii uum t-
No, for my awakening was a stern
roalitv Ya T cntpred McIKERNY'S
SHOE STORE yesterday and bought a
pair of
New Goods received by every packet from the Eastern States d Europe.
Fresh California Produce by every 'steamer, jui nnukteL
J J ,1 An. ann nart M T M H fl I V inWUl UMMKO.
"t "Fostoffice Box 145. Telephone No. 92.
3 EC- Id- AH appikanfjor Ah
freeholds shall be made in .writing, or
in t.inrind nartiT in print,
T. f th aab-aarsnt. and
Sec. 21. Upon the forfeiture of a
right of purchase lease or a . freehold
rmT.t fnr non-nerformance of its
conditions, the premises with the
the salvaging ana i - .n, improvements shall be
haJi include a sworn declaration suo- i r,, ,v thn Hurvevor-General
stantially according: tp the form of I subajrentln one amount, and tbe
gchedule L, ana scau ocwxww
vith a- fee amoontiaz to ten per
YifnTn. Af the aDoraiaed value of the
lot applied for, which fee shall be for- - provisions of wtlon 3, but the
feitetl in case the applicant shooed fail ,fy rental if the premises are
to taie the premises at the upset price Jea hH be baed upon sucb new
in case there s nouid re noo " I aooraiemot which shall ne ine up-
thrpfor. ana in cas i. wyyrm -
I agent of public lands snan mereuiKJu
by alvrthement declare snch prem
ttlment according to
Tirr ttmotto atmptt poMPANY of new YORK hRfiantiful CoBiier anrl
I 1.1: x m . - i - A. A.
vuccui, - . . . - r , . .
should be successful sucn rec
creditM to him on account of bH first
installment, but if there i a hjgber
bid than the upeet price and the ap
plicant fails to obtain the premises,
th said fee shall be returned to him.
No stich application not including
such declaration or not accompanied
by such fee, shall be considered.
iKC. IT. When one application
for a cash freenoia is maa?, hj ut
Atrent shall a.iverti?e through news
papers or posters or both, an auction
iaTie thereof at such time and P'"
th district a be shall select, rfoch
notice shall specify the lot . to be
offered for sale and the appraised valae
thereof, the upet price.
Skc IS, 11 there are two or more
appl'i?ation and there i no bid above
the uTvet priv, the order of prrerM
hU be decided b7 ballot. The sub
agent may act as auctioneer at sucn
rzr. 10. A pMrchaser at any such
snl'e ahall immediately pay one-fourth
of the pirchae price to the sub Agent,
uv .u.n tViriiTAn rfeli-vr to bim a
certiflcate ?uttantially according to
the form of Schedule F, which shall
be termed a freehold agreement, and
shall file a duplicate of such freehold
agreement in his office. The pur
chaser cn receiving sucb freehold
aoTeemeni shall be designated the free
holder, which shall also be the desig
nation of any successors to his rights
under the same. 3nch receipt of the
freehold agreement shall be an accept
ance and affirmation of the stipula
tions and conditions therein con
tained. Such freehold agreement shall
authorize the freeholder to occupy and
...o fVi n-amiw therein descnoea
and shall entitle him to a land patent
for snch premises at the end of six
years from the date of the payment of
such first installment, which shall be
the date of the freehold aint, ir
the following conditions shall tnen
have been substantially performed :
1. Payment of the balance of
set price if they are disposed of as a FQR
'.h freehold. The methcnls, condl
.rvri rwinlrprnffiU for disposing
of such premises to a new tenant shall
correspond to those provide! for dis
posing them to the original lessee or
freeholder. , .
: Leon a surren'jpr "
r. T.nrrtia; lease or ireenwm
I could scarcely believe my own eyes,
and this morning I bought another pair
for I believe in laying in a etock when
such inducements as this Is offered.
Assets December 31st, 1S93 : $186,707,680.14
A Good Record, the Best Guarantee for the Future.
5 O'Clock Teas
greeroentthe Hurveyor-Oeneral and
sut-agent snan iFr .""'
separately tbe value of the immanent
Irnprovements and the unimproved
vaioeof tbe premises, and the same
shall be disposed of sulstantlally
according to tbe provisions of section
i- 7s -v&laeof tbe permanent
improvements shall, when received
b-7 tbe Government from the new
tenant, be paid to the surrendering
lessees or freeholders.
o Prrrarlrled. however, that
upon "the forfeiture or surrender of a
rizht of purchase leae or freehold
agreement or dnrlng the twenty-first
tA the. term of such lease the
commissioners may decide to reserve
for iiublic use or other-
wie or to dispose of the same in some
other manner provided in this Act
than as a right of pmcnae lea-eiK,,,,
or cash freehold and proceed accord- I
Br.c -f. In es. eight or more per
son's" who are qoalified to fppjy Jr
homesteads under this part of this
Act shall form themselves Into a set
tlement association, and apply for
holdings in one block ot and, the
.'HL(Ar,t, mav In tbelr dicre-
tion, cansed to be surveyed lots In one
block corresponding in number to the
number of persons iormin5 su.
ciation, in agricultural or pastoral
land or both, according to the provi
sions of this part of this Act.
3 ec. 25. The provisions of this part
of this Act shall be followed in the
settlement of such block of land and
shall annlv all matters relating to the
I occupation thereof and the rights ana
BTOK 15-
Mutual Tel. 2W. V. O. Box 158.
General Aent for Hawaiian IalandB.
Some ftslow as
k.,..;1 iM,ritmas Sale, commencing MONDAY, December 17.
rervthipe reear.lless of cost for 8 days only. rmrtrnT
ITOl'orae and Inspect our tnck of Holiday Goods; the LOWEST
We will '
and BEST.
Commission Merchants YOKOHAMA
The htgbeet only about twelve. For an
acceptable present at a email cost, nothing
strikes ns as being more appropriate par
ticularly here, vrhere aiternoon teas are
the rule rather than exception.
Take our suggestion : Your friend will
be delichted with one on Christmas
morning. Make her happy by giving ber
one. They cost you atmoet nothing. v
rwroRTKRS A?rr tsaifrs
(Jeneral Merchandise,
Fine Manila Uiear,
Chinese and .Japanes Crockery ware.
J A fine aortrn' nt of I)res Pilfcs.
jjJT" Ins pec tion of nw Goods respect
fully solicited.
Trtchr oJ Kt"i t i on nrl Urn-rnntlr-
1 Eoprlih girl, 16 years of age.
drws U. M. B., thbi office.
Express Company
in th principal port of tb Island is
The Hawaiian
tl-:.. nal at .lialtt.d ncrtncip
' . . . 1 . , .n-a n ehnrl nnfino
and will fnrnisu nnnormea muB -J"VJi 'm: mi intrnstM to
oroptneH BUU uicpniiru iu cn 7
We guarantee proroptn
oor catCT- 0fBc and Stable, corner Hotel and Union street?.
Both Telephone 479.
stailmentf, in one, two
and I obligation of the Government ana

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