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cognize them then; ew flxsb of their
Kans ; did not lose sight of tbem ; ran to
boat house to catch them ; one man ran
oat from Bide of boat house toward Dia
mond Head ; couldn't tell who he was;
believe two shots fired by Lanes killed
Cartei; ten or fifteen neconds after firing
arrested both Lane bjyu; others were
arretted ; all had ar s ; can't tell how
many shots were fared ; somewhere be
tween one and one hundred ; Holi was
shot at first firing ; these shots came fiom
in front of Bertelmaan's house; saw
Carter fall ; he fell close to entrance of
boat bouse on Diamond Head side.
At this ftage of the proceedings Judge
Advocate Captain Kinney announced to
the Court a conversation between him
self and Counsel Boea, which, however,
Mr. Rosa strenuously objected to as a
breach of professional courtesy. J udge
. Advocate Kinney stated that be and his
associates, after careful and searching
examination the night before, were con
Tinced that the Lane boys did not fire
the shots caused the death of C. L.
. Carter, but they had the man outside
who did the shooting. This caused some
what of a sensation, and Counsel Neu
mann announced that further cross-examination
of Parker would cease.
Hakuole was the next witness called:
Was at Bertelmann's on Sunday, Jan
uary 6th ; myself and Poa were in the
berth oase ; saw two persons come around
Bertelmann's house from Waialae side;
eouldnot se their faces; they had on
uniforms; heard woman cry out, "Here
comes the police ;" we rose up and ran ;
as they came near the boathouse and
saw ns running, they called out for us to
stop; on our refusing one man fired a
a shot upward ; when I saw police com
ing, got frightened ; Tom Poole and two
Lane boys were in boathouse with me ;
Poole was on Waialae side near door;
witness was about six feet from Poole,
near the Lanes ; when firing began, two
Lanes ran out of shed toward Honolulu :
witness went toward Kahala ; afterward
Poole told me he had shot a white man
at the entrance of boathouse ; some white
nan reached out to take hold of him ; he
shot him and he fell in sand right at en
trance of canoe shed, toward Diamond
Head, on solid ground.
Poole was brought into Court and
Identified by witness, who said .Toole
.was married to one of his cousins.
- On re-direct examination. Hakuola
stated Charles Baxtow was leader of his
partv: some six or seven in party: he
said he was our captain ; we were going
to Bertelmann'B to surround police ; wit
ness went there on Sunday afternoon to
clean guns ; they had sand in them ; saw
. ... T?l
micox mere same aiiernoon: wucox
was at An tone Rosa's house when Bar'
tow organized nur eauad.
Kauahe e: Wilcox sent three squads
to Bertelmann'B house; Pan, Jr., com
manded first one; they bad revolvers
and tmna : eizht men in first squad ; six
teen in second, led by Pukila; he is
dead; they had lrngguns; third squad,
under command of Manuka, was tom-
posed of twelve or thirteen men armed
' with long guns ; was told to go to Ber
telmann's and arrest anyone found there ;
if they resisted, we were to shoot them;
we obeved orders and fired ; not certain
who fired at us; after firing, Wilcox's
forces retreated towards town; some
went as far as Campbell's place; after
wards they came back to Bertelmann's ;
know Tom Poole ; Poole said, when he
came back, he was in the canoe-house;
white man came along and stood just
out ide ; had his gun tired up and shot
him ; Poole said be was squatting down,
and when the white man came along he
fired at him.
On " croe--examination. Kauahele
stated, he with a number of others, were
arrested near old telegraph station on
Monday; the party bad no arms when
On re-direct examination, Kauahele
admitted having seen Lane boys at Ber
telmann's cleaning guns ; there had been
a fight between our men and the white
cw-tl i.ra tViia tra a V&nt nn nntil raa inr.
. rendered ; witness did not know how to
use a gun and laid down ; others done
the shooting ; had no leader ; when top
was seen coming out near Diamond
Head we ran away ; did not see Wide
mann, Greig or Nowlein out there.
Collector-General J. B. Castle was
next called. He recited the events of
8unday evening, January fcth. Was
with Charles L. Carter when that gen
tleman received wounds from which he
died ; Carter was standing near door of
canoe house when shot: think he fell in
side rhed; at opening of canoe house
there is a drop of eighteen inches to
sandy floor of shed ; there was one canoe
in house; Carter fell simultaneously
with first volley; saw flash firt volley ;
it came from Waialae side; Carter fell
near Waialae side shed; think three
shots were fired ; Carter was shot twice ;
witness fired at man running along
beach ; saw two men inside boat house ;
caller out to Carter, 'Look out Charlie;"
man was running eastward when witness
fired two shots at him ; Carter fell along
side mauka end of canoe very near en
trance 1 Carter raised from beaiud canoe ;
Carter and witness came from back of
Berteltnann's residence to canoe shed ;
,wa8 within three feet of entrance when
firing commenced.
On cross-examination Mr. Cattle stat
ed three shots were fired in first volley;
in that one Carter was wounded ; first
shots witness heard on place were those
fired at himself and Carter while at en
trance of canoe bouse ; no one was with
Carter and witness ; heard shots fired few
hours before while at home ; don't know
anything of shooting of Holi; was within
two or three feet of Carter when he fell.
To Colonel Whiting : Carter laid where
he fell for a brief spice of time; alter
witness tired shots be ran back to eee
Carter; didn't remember hearing any
shooting aher Carter was shot; witness
shot after that; Alfrtd Carter was firing
; i
also: perhaps eitfbt or ten shots were
fired between interval wheo Carter was
shot and Uken into bouse.
Mr. Castle was visably anectea wime
criTi'no. hta tPRtimonV. owio?. DO doubt
to the vivid remembrance of the danger
ous position in which he was situated
ana me um(ic euuiug v uto wuivt
friend on the evening in question.
At a n. m. J 11 dee-Advocate Kinney
asked for an adjournment until 10 o'clock
this morning, wnicn was gran tea ana an
nounced by Colonel Whiting. .
Th JnricA-Advocate eave notice that
commencing with today he would ask for
night sittings ot tne commission, w.
L. Wilcox acted as interpreter when na
tive witnesses wees called.
The prisoners were marched back to
prison. Crowds of people were standing
nntftidA thn pates of the Executive Build
ing and on the street corners to catch a
sight of them as tney passea.
Hoxoixxr, H. I , January
7, 1S03. J
. The- right of WRIT OF . HABEAS
CORPUS is hereby suspended and
MARTIAL LAW is instituted and es
tablished throughout the Island of Oahu,
to continue until further notice, during
ing which time, however, the Courts
will continue in session and conduct
ordinary business as usual, except as
By the President :
"." President of the Republic of Hawaii.
Minister of the Interior.
General Orders No. 15.
The line of sentries lately maintained
from Palolo to Nuuanu Vallejs inclusive
having been withdrawn, General Order
No. 14, is hereby revoked, and unres
tricted communication allowed.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief.
Adjutant-General's Office, Honolulu,
January 16, 1895. 3S96 tf
81 of Government Lots In the District
of Ullo. Island of Hawaii.
. On MONDAY, January 7, 1895, at 12
o'clock noon, at the front entrance of the
Executive Building, will be sold at Pub
lic Auction 17 Lots of Government Land
in Kaumana, Kahoahana, Paana and
Laupahoehoe, Hilo, Hawaii.
The Kaumana Lots are situated from
three to five miles above the town of
Hilo, and are suitable for the cultivation
of coffee and other agricultural indus
The Kahoahana, Paana and Laupa
hoehoe Lots are situated in what is
called the North Hilo Coffee Belt, and
they are ia the immediate vicinity of the
Barnard Coffee Plantation.
No. Cost
of cf Upset
Lot. Area. Survey. Price.
17 91.70 tG3.65 $92 00
20 117.90 81.80 S9 00
21 106 80 74.15 54 00
22 116.00 80.50 58.00
10 43-2 $28.10 $216.00
11 63.8 41 45 319.00
12 72.7 47.25 364.00
13 66.9 43.50 335.00
8 17.4 $23.00 $87.00
9 9.6 12.00 4S00
2 24.8 $16 10 $ 75.00
3 19.9 16.95 10i)00
4 12 4 10.15 38 00
5 92 3 69.00 370.00
6 104.2 67.75 417 00
7 20.7 16 55 104.00
8 a. 81.1 52 70 406 00
No person will be a'lowed to purchase
more than one lot.
The terms of the tale are cash, or, at
the option of the purchaser, one-fourth
of the purchase-prne cash and the le
mainder in equal installments in one,
two and three years, with interest pay
able semi-annually at te rate ot seven
(7) per cent, p-r annun.
Each pu chwer shall bein substantial
cultivation and improvement of hi? lot
during the first year and hull continue
such cultivation through thw succeeding
two ears.
At the ead of the third ear, if all con
ditions have been performed by pur
chaser, he shall receive Patent conferring
tee Simple Title.
Failure to perform the above condi
tions shall worWforfeiture of interest in
the land.
In eae of forfeiture, land to be sold at
anrtion by the Government; and if such
sale result in advance on the original
price, the original purchaser to receive
therefrom the amounts of his payments
to the Government on account of pur
chase without interest, and a pro rata
share in such advance in proportion to
the amounts cf his payments. If such
sale shall result in a lesser price than
the original, the amount of his payments
returned to him shall be charged with a
pro rata amount of such decrease pro
portioned .to the amount of his pay
ments. An agreement shall be signed by each
purchaser 9 with the Government cover
ing these conditions, and any assignment
of such agreement shall work a forfeiture
Each purchaser shall pay the cost of
survey and plotting of the lots immedi
ately after Ibe sale, together with the
first installment of the purchase price.
The map showing survey can be ex
amined at the Land Office, Interior De
partment, and at the office of A, B.
Loebenstein, Hilo, Hawaii, where full
information can also be obtained in this
Minister of the Interior. '
Interior Office, December 1, 1S94.
The above sale is postponed to Feb
ruary 13th, 1895, at the same place and
Minister of the Interior,
Interi' r Office,
January 17, 1895. 1621 S895-3t
Sale of Lei of of the Remnants of the
Government I-and Irlnr Between -Alaenul
and Pankaoa, in the
Districts of Klpahulu,
and liana, Man.
On Wednesday, January 16th, 1895,
at 12 o'clock noon, at the front entrance
of the Executive Building, will be sold
at Public Anction, the lease of
the remnants of the Government huids
lying between Alaenui and Puu
haoa in Kipahulu and liana, Island of
Maui, containing an area of 1500 acres,
a little more or less.
Upset price $150.00 per annum payable
semi-annually in advance.
This lease is sold upon the condition
that no cutting of timber or pasturing
shall be allowed on the said remtants.
The Government reserves the right to
take possession of such portions of the
above lands as may be required from
time to time for Agricultural purposes,
allowing a reduction in the rental in
accordance with the proportion of the
land so taken.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, Dec. 11, 1894.
EO"The above sale is postponed to
February 13, 1895, at the same place
and hour. , ,
J.A. KING, ,
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, January 17, 1895.
Sale of Government Land at Kauna ma
no, Hamakna, Hawaii.
On MONDAY, January 7th, 1895, at 12
o'clock noon, at the front entrance of the
Executive Building, will be sold at Pub
lic Auction, a tract of Government Land
situate at Kaunamano, Hamakna, Ha
waii, containing an area of 59 acres, a
little more or less.
This tract is suitable for cultivation of
Cane, Coffee and other agricultural
Upset price $S00.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, December 3, 1894. .
Xir"Ihe above sale is postponed to
February 13th, 1895, at the same pUce
and hour.
Minister of the Interior.
Interior Office, January 17, 1895.
General Headquarters, Republic)
of Haw vii, Aljutant-Gener4L
Office, Honolulu, Jan. 16, 185.)
General Orders, No. 16.
The following named appointments
are hereby announced for the informa
tion of the National Guard of Hawaii :
to be Colonel of the First Regiment,
N. G. H.t with rank from January 15,
Aide de-Camp General . Staff, with rank
of Captain, from January 16, 1895.
Quartermaster First Regiment, N. G. H.,
with rink of Captain, from Januarv 11,
elected Second Lieutenant First Com
pany Sharpshooters, with rank from
November 12, 1694.
By order cf the Co i m mder-in-Chief,
J NO. 11. SOPFR,
16il 3$03-tf AdjuUnt-Gpnera'.
General Headquarters, Republic)
of Hawaii, r
Adjutant General's Office,)
Honolulu, Island of Oahu, H. L, Jan
uary 16, 1895.
S fecial Order No. 25.
Order for a Military Commission.
A Military Commission is hereby
ordered to meet at Honolulu, Island of
Oahu, on Thursday, the 17th day of Jan
uary, A. D., 1895, at 10 o'clock a.
and thereafter from day to day for the
trial of such prisoners as may be brought
before it on the charges and specifica
tions to be presented by the Judge Ad
vocate. The Officer composing the Commis
sion are: .
1. Colonel William Austin Whiting,
First Regiment, N.G. H.
2. Lieutenant-Colonel J. H. Fisher,
First Regiment, N. G. H.
3. Captain C. W. Ziegler, Company F,
N. G. H.
4. Captain J. M. Camart, Jr., Com
pany C, N. G. H.
5. Captain J. W. Pratt, Adjutant, N.
6. Captain W. C. Wilder, Jr., Com
pany D, N. G. H.
7. First Lieutenant J. W. Jbne?, Com
pany D, N. G. H.
Captain William A. Kinney, Aide-de-Camp
on General Staff, Judge Advo
cate. By order of the Commander-in-Chief.
(8igned) JNO. H. SOPER,
3S93-ltf Adjutant-General.
Under MARTIAL LAW every person
found upon the streets or in any public
place between the hours of
9:30 p.m. and 5 a.m.
will be liable to arrest,
unless provided with a pass from Mili
tary Headquarters or the Marshal's
The gathering of crowds is prohibited.
Any one disturbing the peace or dis
obeying orders is liable to summary
arrest without warrant.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
General Order No. 13.
All persons in the District of Honolulu
except those engaged in the Military or
Police Forces of the Government, who
have in their possession any arms or
ammunition, are hereby ordered to pro
duce the same at the Marshal's Office
before Twelve o'clock noon tomorrow,
January 8, 1895.
Any such persons in whose possession
any Arms or Ammunition are found after
that hour will be liable for summary
arrest and imprisonment, and the Arms
and Ammunition to confiscation.
By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
Ad j atant- General .
Adjutant-General's Office, January 7,
General Orders, No 14.
No person whatsoever will be allowed
to pass through the line of sentries now
maintained from Palolo to Nuuanu
Valleys, inclusive, nor to leave the port
of Honolulu for the other Islands with
out a pass from General or Regimental
By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
Adjutant-General's Office, January 9,
halani," Lane,Command
er, will leave Hono.ulu as
follows :
Tuesday, January 22d; Friday, Feb
ruary lt; Tuesday, Fehruary 12th, at 2
p. sr., for Lahaina, Mahukona. Laupahoe-ho-,
Honohina, Hakalau, Honomu, Po
bakumana and Hilo.
Returning, leaves Hilo at 6 p. m. Mon
day, January 28th ; Thursday, February
7th, Monday, February 18th, callinir at
Laupahoehoe same day. Leaves Mahu
kona at 7 a m. Tuesday, January 29th,
Friday, February 8th, Tuesday, Fenru
ary 19th, calling at tahainasame day,
arriving at Honolulu fame nieht,
UMiTKD. 3895-td
JL pany's Draf son Wm G. Irwin &
Co., Limited, No. 1357 and No. 1425, in
iavor of James Ogioy for $70 each.
Payment on same Las been stopped.
Finder please return to office of Wm. G.
Irwin A Co. L'd. 392 tf
520 Fort Street
The Popular Millinery House.
New Goods received by every packet from the Fastern States and Europe,
Fresh Cali ornia Produce by every steamer. All orders faithfully attended to, and
Goods delivered fo any part of the city free of charge, island orders solicited.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Postoffice Box 145. T elephone F o. 92.
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-:- -:- Honolulu
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