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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser
Uaued Crery Mornlnj, Excpt
Sunday, by th
Hawaiian Gazette Company
At No. 3li Mrlnt HtvU
FEBRUARY 8, 1895.
and still exist flagrant defects
in the political systems ae carried
out in the city, state and nation,
largely due to the etay-at-home
policy so general among the solid
business men the political and
moral reserve of the country. The
movement for municipal reform
... e it
;n tinrlniihfprilv reacn iariuer
than the cities. 8
Jimly 5opie5
February 4, 2895.
The outlook for the sugar
industry in the United States
is at least blue and how it is to 1
preading through be made brighter is beyond
and permeating; every portion of the ken of the average man.
the Republic, bringing "intopoli- The nation cries out against
tica" men who are sadly needed to any further tariff tinkering, the v)ATTj ICITTT
purify the atmosphere that has per- farmer Uses his voice against ff In, iH
,aa Ufr?altnrftfl. and doea not . - . 0 V V -II L. JL. -LL.
f"""" v 1 r the bounty and the sugar pro-
always stop at the door stool of na- wu . &
tional houses of legislature. . . ducer of Louisiana has grown
QnmathmiT IB TT1 fLT iffistlv wroncr. I hoarse in denouncing free
UUUJCkUlUk w , m- J l I w
when a leading newspaper gives sugar as an insult to American 1st, The Eye
voice to, ana puouc opiuiuu ouP- indUStnes. veruy tne pro
ports the sentiment, "the man who ducer find the iegislator are
accepts public office sacrifices self- b .the jevil and the
respect." The error is.in the per-
sormel of the public officials rather deep blue sea. Nor is sugar
than in the systems of government, the only staple that is sailing
Eternal vigilance is the price of in troubled waters; closely
liberty, and if on each and every alljed to it is the meat industry,
election day the citizens 01 iew between the United States and WHAT
York, Boston and Europe there has been a sort
municipalities would come out .
with the same determination evi- interchange of commercial
denced in the elections just passed, relations uiai nas Deen consia-
there would be far less grumbling ered, generally, mutually satis
over defective systems of legisla- factory, but, if the United
lion, ine syBveoiB io xx xi6Uv. Stat nQt sweeten its
. J U , Z 11.. I ... A W I
wnai IB- neeaeu m mo , umicu
When a Yankee has ideas which
circumstances will not allow him
to express - he say's, have an
oninion' we can- nay uui.uiub
more of the "statement of Mrs.
Dominis published this morning.
Human nature is bound to find
some source for dissatisfaction,
whatever its lot. The ladies of
Denver, Col:, were highly indgnant
because they were, not allowed to
sit on a jury, while not a few males
are equally indignant because they
have to do. it. After all, it is very
much like the child who, imme
diately he is refused a choice mor
sel, is overwhelmed with a depi'rp,
which the possession of that which
he can't have, alone will satiate.
1 BIMVIIIV I 1 1 W-I 1.B m 1B A. Mm. A-A "mmW W W M M f 1 A. mm.
u w -. -v n n t. m TiPKMKii 111 Liin , uuibDu -
cra that malicious and preboster- C4 .Minn nf c0"ee Wltn German sugar
oussUtements are'bemgrmanufac- that cia88 0f people, who have some Unde bam cannot expect
tured to go abroad, of ill-treatment appreciaUon of the principles that Uncle Fritz to gorge himself
of the prisoners in Oahu jail, we pr0Inpd the framers of the con- on , American spareribs. In
have made personal investigation Btitutionj and later those who held this instance retaliation works
oiwB i,.u:iuvub- unbroken the great family ot na- r on the United States
son 01 sense nero wuum iur iuw 1 tion8 nown as the United States.
ment believe such statements as
are alluded to,' and their "refuta
tion is not required in'-.this com
munity, we wish to inform our for
eign readers that there is abso
lutely no truth in any such reports,
no matter from what source they
emanate. We publish, today an
interview 'with Jlar8halHitchcock
. which conclusively showVthe facts.
An experiment with ball btaricg3
was recently made in Canada. A street
car fitted with ball bearings was drawn
a distance of several hundred feet by
men pulling on 'the three strands of or
dinary -sewing; thread. A( carriage,
manufacturer put another etyle of ball
bearing on the axlea of a coach ordi
narily puled by lour horses. A. trained
dog was hitched to. the pole, and he
drew the coach around the yard with
little effort. Daily Bulletin.
2d, The Foot;
3d, The Purse.
Fort Street.
New mile-etone in Hawaiian
sive enterprise.
Destined to supplant the
Quality superlative,
varying. -
Each roll not less than
14 ounces.
Price : 90c.
Apropos of recent r Hawaiian
events .the experience of Julian
Santos, an American' citizen in
Ecuador, is interesting.- Mr. San
tos was arrested in Bahia Decem
ber 10. 1884. charred with consrjir-
acy to overthrow tne government i rr ,r7"w
of President Camaan. According I HfllPy
great indignities, and his mother,
for whose sake he left the United
States to settle some business af
fairs in Bahia, fell dead on learn
ing that he would 'be executed.
Mr. Santos claimed indemnity
from the Ecuadorean government
and waa given the moral support of
his home government,- though the DOTJIT) A T A TADV submitted to tne con
matter was submitted to an arhitra- JL JLtrjjL AJiilxUJtLI dehorning hydraulic
tion board. It is anticipated in
39 13-1 m
view of the strained relations be
tween Ecuador and Peru that Pres
ident Cordero will conciliate the
United States by giving Santos
full indemnity.
than it does on Europe. " How
long can the American pro
ducer continue selling sugar at
a half cent a pound under cost
of making? : : And where is the
remedy except. in CTtting' off tttsT A W,W WrlHllS
o 1 rnp nrnnnPTinn ann nianTinrr
thf rilrlc with cnmpthinrr mnrp I nn a enKiaot
gmt. I N W W AAA, 4 ,. mm - WAv W m. IJ W V W
uaiiiuium 1 ti t 1 I r- 1, :m :4
proncaoie. ineres no neip in "iv-" oa.uwW Wm luwrwusvery uau;
Weteht an- legislation; to add to the duty For years we have done the fine watch
weignt un- & repairing in Honolulu.
WOUld , make ., the Situation .DifficaIt work. of-every, description
1 pound and .Wrs,., Jpr J te leglslaJS ' ,wlich .had;icrlyreA.;8e.Wp;the
' k through the power OI the trusts Coast, was first propsrly handled in our
ry 1f thatwould Be workecl against iliriPfViS6.cK:S,?
brought to : bear ' "upon the WiAKBIfi.li. Kfir.iQ STU WINDERS
European governments to ..re- , : i-z toAJ rt
P Pfl Ce Uie tounty because the description; demAfenetfeingr; maklfg by
Ot UUI interests of their people are at hand. any lost part of a complicated
ofL j u 4. . j . .watch; in fact any difficult work pertain-
505 Fortfctreet. Stake and must be . protected;, Wto the repairing of fine watches is
mi. The number of watches which find
position IS worse because the their. way into :6ur BepairingDepartment
day of bounties to the oroduc- atler having been through the hands of
prtf,nn;,1 :ll ' numerous EXPERT8(?)is beyond beUef.
er of any particular article in Whilst we are at all times ready
the United States is buried and willing to do every conceiv-
with the dead past. We would liouid11 it not pay ou better J to
suggest that the matter be hring your watch to us in the first place
cnKmlftnJ . ana De assurea 01 an nonest amount 01
SUDmittea tO tne Committee On work at a reAaonabla nrirfi. rathftrthan
take it from one to another, causing you
February 12.
Municipal reform crusades have
become quite the fad throughout
the United States- and the - rotten
political hearts 'thatThave' been 'ex
posed to public criticism in more
ram!! in
the Amorln n J 9. "a annoyance, to eay notrang ot
vuuk;itoa oiiu i ttiQ ereater
-mm a -i
KliOPiiJM let thpm finH n rTiVf
The Clauss Knives are with- We Charge LeSS
out question the best thinp in
the world for cutting warm ?or Perfect Work
Dreaa or cake: best because of
In the Circuit Court of the First the facility with which they go than you have been used to paying for
Circuit. tnrougn tne materials. For rXXJSfw
young married ladies Who per- cleans your watch with a pair of bellows
BANKRVP rCV. SISt in OaKin? tiieir OWn brenri I tt uuwuiur w iiiKco muro
. . . : money man tne nonest workman wno
Uiese. Knives are particularly does an honest job and charges an
1 a I t-iNT Aet miMk
TA?? 4PF;B OF THE E8TA.TE ucwuac d" " Because your watch isTeturned tcTybti
L 13nto of Honolulu.. Oahn. a I WeiPntV eTtPct: arp rpmnvpH mnnim.fai.tv iron tf ;a nni'arinn hot
rH?1-, .... '. " . . bv thpir n?e. it has been properly repaired. The great
than one citv. are amDle evidence. U r L 1110 Bai amtrupt are ' - , , annoyance attendant upon the rrepair-
wau uuoutjr, aru utupio eviaence- hereby notified tocome in and nrnvnthpir I A fish srapr fnr 1 mnrtorl: k Ko. rinf no
Of the necessity of the movements debts before the Circuit Court pt the First is one of the best invptmpnte tell if the work is well done -but are
and that there is an unbounded g, e urtroomof thUCourt.at one oi tne Dest investments Mtl.fled lf watch is keeping some
ana inai mere a an unoounaed Honolulu:Oahu. on raU)AY,jhQ8th you can make because its use where near the correct time.
field for future action. The Amer- ar-ofiebrMry l89j, between the saves time Besidp5 tliP cIpc Who can see the jewel protruding half
i 1 ' , ... hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and J-lillc uciiues uie SCaieS w ,j
unpeople nave a cnaracienetic j noon of said dav. and elect mA" I are more thnmucrhU, roA I rilKU;rvy;r:rirr"
political Assignees, of the said Bankrupt's J from the fish than with a knife little glue, orhammered in with a sledge.
custom of ' standing more
jobbery, for a longer time and with
greater indifference, than any na
tion on the globe. . When political
conditions reach a state that can
no longer be endured, the people
rise in their wrath and it is a sorry
day for the professional politician
who falls within their grasp. In
the past, after these upheavals
have cleared the murky municipal
atmosphere, the Government puri
fiers have retired quietly to the
rear, trusted the continuation of
the work to other hands and inside
of ten'years the same old condition
obtains, the ward heeler has crept
slowly to the front, living like a
leach upon the public purse and
creating boss systems founded on
deviltry and teeming with evil and
dishonest practice.
Seldom have the waves of reform
swept over the country po gener
ally or so completely torn asunder,
root and branch the miserably con
structed "machines,$ set up by po
litical schemers. There have been
Bv the Court.
v . 1 now oueu me Mxrunr - grinds on ine
udvc rctcivea anoinpr yimfren Htatr. .nfe th iawpI a iifti
invoice of the large size Pansv lowr f?n? yu ho haa,.P1t n a ?ew
cf.. Tir j sti& and charges yon a little less than
OtOVes. W e Consider this the the price and you go on your way rejoic-
best wood or coal Stove on thf ioS- But some day you will discover the
-1.q4V v . . , fraud, euch work cannot last long. It is
maricet because It IS a quick dear at any price, which you soon dis-
heater, and uses very little fuel coyer to your sorrow.
YUr'-., t- j r Moral: Mate no mistake: take it
We Ve SOld thmmn nric rt u : 1 'n a
Mau" h.vtog mad a" siiS.ment ?nd. every given satis- "d ,hat is ,ha Wng Department of
to rx.e ot all his prooei ty for the benefit of iaction. 1 he price IS easv lor
his creditors, all persons havine claims on artMa o. v. Vr,
against the said Kou Kee are hereby 5P. artI5 ,as good as S. The
requested to present the same within two Dietz Oil Stoves will arrive
months from date to the undersigned, wlfhin trSo noVf t,, i rr
and all persons owing, to said Son Kee Wltn,n next two weeks. If
will please make immediate payment to VOU prefer using oil to Wood
or coal tne Dietz is the best
stove we have ever seen fnr
w Llm
the purpose. If VOU COntPm. Grocvr.es
olate buvincr 'i rtfxxr rM froai EURar to the choicest of luxuries,
pwie OU)IRga new Oil Stove S1y motto is to give VALUE FOR
wait and examine the Dietz. VALUE. Everything new and fresh.
It will broil, fry or bake as I
well as the best coal stove 3'ou '
ever saw, perhaps a Jittle bet-
Assignee of b'ou Kee.
Honolulu, January 19th, 1895.
3898 1622-3t
&t Hawaiian Gjzvtte Office.
Something New.
I have just returned from thi Coast
and have opened up a complete stock of
. very tinner and anything
Our Imperial Bail-Bearing Axles
be adjusted to any Carriage or Hack.
:- r.j j lut;ll
..... -I 1 . . ? , m, t I 1 '
-r -
wfiy; Limited
New Goods received by every packet from the Eastern States and Europe.
h resh California Produce by every steamer. All orders faithfully attended to and
Goods delivered to any part of the city free of charge. Island orders solicited.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Fostoffice Box 145. Telephone No. 92.
C'-me and set my
7 i need.
Hotel ar.d Union
prices ani De con-
Cash Grocer,
sts , opp Arlington
Jas. W. Uergstroni,
Tl Hawaiian Hardware Co. I&
j aSto, tipp: and n ed okgan
I Tuner and Repairer. Orcors left &
THE HAWAIIAN FERTILIZING COMPANY keeps always and constantly
on hand all the well known CHEMICAL, FERTILIZERS and offers them for sale at
the lowest market rates.
They manufacture complete Ujgh Grade Fertilizers to any special formula and
guarantee the analysis, and all that other firms do.
Planters would do wall to write the undersigned before ordering anywhere else.
gjCT" A dollar saved is a dollar made.
! hiU'n'i L-Miktore, will
receive prompt
Proprietor and Manager Hawaiian Fertiliziiig Company.

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