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Necessitated by the Erection of tho
Y. M. C. A. Gymnasium.
Old and Building Will Be Joined
Giving Urn Indication That It Was
Erected In Section.
As previously announced in the
Advertiser, the contract for the
construction of the . M. G. A.
gymnasium has been let, and Lucaa
Brothers, the contractors, wuicom
mence work as soon as possible.
The addition to the present build
ing will necessitate many changes,
and in speaking of the alterations
the Y. M. C. A. Review says :
The main addition, containing the
gymnasium and class rooms, will en
tirely cover the large vacant lot ad-
. . I 7. m. L..I1J1 TT.i.l
joining ine present uuiiuiug ou xiumji
street, and the bath rooms, lockers,
etc., will be placed in a wing to be
erected on the adjoining vacant lot on
Alakea street. The porch will be
changed, with a veranda extending
along the whole front of the present
bulldinsr. The exterior of the audi
tions will be the same as the present
building; old and new will show alike,
civine no indication that it was
erected in sections. Owing to the
shape of the vacant lot to be covered,
the gymnasium will not be a perfect
rectangle in outline, out will do some
what irregular in shape. Its average
size being about 3oxt6 reel, wltn a
height of 24 feet, and the room being
clear of columns or other obstructions
save a gallery at one end 14 feet above
the floor, and reached by a stairway
from the entrance hall of the present
The baths will be of the latest de
signs, as also the lockers, nearly one
hundred In number, are directly con
nected with the gymnasium also hav
ing an entrance from the main floor.
The reading room will be removed
from its present location to the south
side of the present building, and will
be 18x22 feet in size and have splen
did light on two sides and shelf room
on the other sides. The parlor will
remain in its position, but will b.e
enlarged by the addition of the office
of the general secretary, which will
become an annex to the parlor, con
nected by a large archway, and will
be utilized as a game room.
The secretary's office will be moved
across the entrance hall, and occupy a
part of what is now the reading room.
This office will be large and so ar
ranged that the secretary can com
mand a view of all who enter the
building or are engaged in the gym
nasium. The rear, stairs to the audi
ence room are removed, and the en
tire floor space made available. An
entrance is had to the rear of the au
dience room by the stairs leading to
the four class rooms over the gymna
sium, and near this rear entrance to
the audience room is placed a pantry,
sink, etc., for use at socials when re
freshments are served. The windows
now in the wall at either side of the
rostrum will be changed to the south
side ofthe room.
Election of Officers and Other
Business Disposed Of.
Squad 5 of the Citizens' Guard
met last night in the parlors of the
Y. M. C. A. for the purpose o
electing cflicers and attending to
other business.
Dr. C. B. Wood was made ser
geant, Wray Taylor first corporal,
H. H. Williams, second corporal,
H. A. Parmelee, third corporal,
and C. V. E. Dove, fourth corporal.
Kamakau, a native living oppo
site the residence of President
Dole, was present at the meeting.
On the first day of the outbreak he
offered his services to President
Dole saying that he wished some
duty would bo assigned him. He
was sent to Captain McStocker but,
owing to the confusion of the time,
he was lost sight of. Captain Mc
Stocker sent a note to Wray Taylor
recommending Kamakau very
highly. He is the only native be
longing to Squad 5.
Bruce Cartwright recommended
that in the choice of line officers
for the Citizens' Guard under the
new organization, Dr. C. B. Wood's
name be put forward promin
ently for the office of lieutenant.
The doctor has been a hard worker
from the time the squad was start
ed, and it was he who prevented
its consolidation with another
Dt. Wood in replying to the
kind remarks of Bruce Cartwright
spoke very highly of the efficient
services of Wray Taylor, giving
him the credit of being one of the
most assiduous workers in the
It was the opinion of the mem
bers that some kind of cap3 for
officers and privates should be pro
cured as soon as possible. The
case of a member of the Citizens'
Guard being shot at by another of
the Bame organization because the
latter was unable to distinguish
him from a rebel was cited.
L. D. McKisick, of San Francis
co, has been appointed by Attorney-General
Olney as special coun
sel for the United States Govern
ment against the Leland Stanford
The Hawaiian Gazette Company
manufacture rubber stamps.
Long Branch to be Beautified and
Improvements Contemplated.
Saturday was a lively day along
Waikiki beach and at Long Branch
especially, over 200 people being
present there during the day, all of
whom enjoyed a dip in the briny
at that popular resort. Jim Sher
wood says if the Government
would grant him a license to sell
beer and light wines he would
make a great many improvements
at his place. The present frame
structure would be torn down and
replaced with a commodious two-
story building with all modern ap
pliances and in keeping with the
patronage bestowed, he has in
j ii i .
view many aesirauio cuanges u ne
could secure a license, and would
erect and operate a first-class bath
ing resort something long needed
at Waikiki. Keading-rooms, gym
nasium, billiard and pool tables,
board and lodging accommoda
tions and other necessary requisites
would be provided, besides a gen
eral beautifying of the grounds at
Lone Branch. Mr. Sherwood is
enthusiastic over the subject of
these improvements, and says if he
could carry out his designs the
people of Honolulu would marvel
at the changes and, conveniences
he thinks are" necessary to the
comfort of the public.
Orders have been sent by Mr.
Sherwood to Mexico for a large
number of cedar shrubs that thrive
along the Mexican coast. These
will be planted along the beach in
front of Long Branch, and will add
considerably to the beauty of the
place. These shrubs grow in the
sand and are used in Mexico to a
great extent for the purpose of re
claiming ground. Ihey contain
hundreds of long, tough roots,
which quickly spread out and are
kept in a growing state by salt
water. Sand brought in by the
waves is washed on to the shrubs
and held there by the roots, which
soon forms a bulwark for the small,
scrubby trees. These shrubs will
be the only ones of the kind ever
introduced into the Islands, and if
they prove a success at Long
Branch, other residents along the
beach will likely import numbers
of them for similar purposes.
The Expedition in . Search of Frank
Lenz Abandoned.
Boston. Jan. 24th. After all
that has been said 'and done rela
tive to the trip of Robert Bruce in
search of Jb rank Lenz, the "round-
the-world" cyclist," who is reputed
to be lost, it how turns out that the
tnp will be abandoned. This is
no fault whatever of Bruce, who
was anxious to search for his lost
friend, but rather through the ex
cuses of the parties making the
contract with him, who did not
consider they would be justified in
sending the young and venture
some fellow on this trip against
the wishes of his family.
It is well to remind business
men that they do not have to send
abroad any more for rubber stamps.
The Gazette Company make them
to order.
Hood's Saved
Their Lives
Poisoned by Impure Water
Now In Good Health, Lively, Happy
Eva, Carroll and Lily Brawn
Stowe, Vermont.
C. L Hood & Co., Lowell,' Mass.:
"Gentlemen: Last winter, my two gtrls, bo J
and wife were taken 111. Tbe doctors said they
were poisoned by drinking water from an old
well. The two girls failed to rally under the
doctor's treatment. Era, aed four years, fell
away so she only weighed 1S lbs. ; coughed
all the time and was helpless. Physicians said
She Had Consumption.
Lily, aged eight years, was nearly as bad as
ETa bnt being older and stronger, held op a lit
tle better. Wo gare them both Hood's Sars.
p axilla, which built up their strength and health
finely so that they became fat and plump, lirely
nd ha.DDv. Mr goa Carroll was In a bad con
AMnn. harinff a bad couzh and rery weak. He
was obliged to He down most of the time.
One bottle of Hood's Sarsaparllla put him oa
his feet and restored perfect health. I bellere
Hood's Sar-taparilla sared my children s liTes."
J oils T. Browx, Stowe, Vermont. e
HOOD'8 P1LL8 cure all Liver Ills, Bilious
ness. Jaundice. Indigestion. Sick Headache.
366 Wholesale Agents.
An averace of nine vessels a day
passed through the Suez Canal in
Is all right a-foot. This is quite necessary, notjonly for puss, bat for every one in
town, this time of the year. Keep the feet all right, and health and comfort are
apt to be secure. Our stock of footwear embraces pretty much, everything in
boots and shoes for in and outdoor wear, business and pleasure, town and country.
After inspecting our collection of footwear, there's nothing more to see in the way
of variety, and certainly no prices can be lower than ours. These figures were
made on a little last, and the goods are good enough to last till the flowers come
516 POET
Use Lola Montez Creme. Skin Food and Tissue Builder. Does
not cover, but heals and cures blemishes of the skin. Makes the
tissues firm and builds up the worn-out muscle fibers, and makes
them plump. Lowest in'price and best in value. 75 cents labge pot.
'imlimxa Mas. Habrisok's Face Bleach. Cures most aggravated cases
MMCuf of Freckles. Blackheads, Flesh Worms, Sunburn, Sallowness, and
Moth Patches. Quick in action and permanent in effects. Price $1.
Mas. Harbison's Face Powder. Pure adhesive and positively invisible.
Three shades white, flesh, biunette. "Will not clog the pores, stays on all day.
Price 50 cents.
Mrs. Harrison's Hair Vigor. . Stops Falling Hair in one or two applications.
Prevents Gray Hair and causes rich and luxuriant growth of Hair to grow on bald
heads. Cases of years standing specially invited to a trial. Price $1.
Mrs. Harrison's Hair Restorer. Only four to ten days required to restore
hair to its natural color. Is not a dye or bleach. No sediment or stickiness. Color
is permanent when once your hair is restored to its natsral shade. Hair becomes
glossy and clean. Price $1.
Mrs. Harrison's Frizz. For keetinz the hair in curls a week at a time : net
sticky; don't leave a white deposit on the
MRS. NETTIE HARRISON, America's Beauty Doctor.
26 Geary Street San Francisco, . Cal.
C&For sale by HOUJSTER DRUG COMPANY, 523 Fort Street, Honolulu.
fCT'Anv ladv call at Hollister Drncr Comnanv will be riven a Ladv's Journal
containing a Beauty Lecture written by
Royal Insurance Co.,
Assets January 1st, 1892, - $ 42,432,174.00
tSfJtite ri9.8 on alt cinas of Insurable pro perry ta&en at Current rat
J. 8.
ask: your
These are new pack Large, Fat, Extra
N. U. The Cans of This Brand
Than Those
Frank B. Peterson
A SoeeiAl Christmas Sole, commencing
everything regardless of cost for 8 days only
XLy Come and inspect our stocfe o:
Commission Merchant,
Japanese Metal consisting of 3Iatch
. 1 T T T 1 T n
mm CT
Boxes, uecoraiea apanese nanu 01 . . ... ., .
Just received by China and Bentala from Japan, Provisions, Matting, Touet
SoaD. Cotton and Silk Goods, etc. , ' . , .
ouap, ,, , , , nr.3 rr',nU t or. mnnrt on short notice.
gjj1 Try our S. T. TEAS. Prices
1 t
ft 1 MJ -
hair. Price 50 cents. ,
Mrs. Nettie Harrison.
Agent for Hawaiian Islands
grocer for
selected. One trial will prove their merits.
Contain a Greater Quantity
of any Other
& Co., Coast Agents
MONDAY, December 17. We will
nouaay uooas ; tee jlu vv ol ana utoi.
Wholesale and Betail
Tnwpia and CaDS : Fine .Line oi
Safes, Ash Trays, Card Cases, Soap
the lowest.
Arrived bvthe Alameda
And added to our large and
selected stock of
ardware !
Steel Garden Trowels,5,6 and
7 inches, Hawaiian Flags 4J
to 12 feet, Wostenholm Poc
ket Knives, 150 dozen assorted;
Stubs' Jewellers' Files, 109
dozen assorted; Door Mats,
"Aloha" and plain, large as
sortment; Brass Blacksmiths'
Rules, Steel Blacksmiths'Kules,
The best Swing Strops, Mixed
White Shellac, Hair and
Horse Clippers, Hunning's
Transmitters, L. D. Hand
Telephones, Bull's Eye Dash
Lanterns, Powder Loading
Measures, Hammock Hooks,
Paint Brushes, Patent Castors,
Turn Buckles, etc., etc., etc.
E. 0. HALL $ Si
Corner Fort and
King Streets.
THE WAR betvveen . , Ja-
nan ana L-nina
is still on, altnough active
work in the field has been sus
pended until spring.
Tnrougn my agents, I made
arrangements before war was
declared for an immense stock
of goods to be shipped as I re-
quirea, consequently 1 can at
ford to sell at the same low
.fciX Bentala l received a con
signment of goods comprising
all the latest and freshest de
signs in Dress Goods, Scarfs,
Morning Gowns for ladies and
gents, Silk Kimonos, Smoking
Jackets, Silk Pajamas, Japa
nese and China Ware, Screens,
Portieres, Lamp Shades, etc.
xne jatest tning in lacquer
Ware, is the Cherog Lacquer
made up in handsome designs
which cannot help to please
the most fastidious.
E-Remember, I have the
leading store for first-class
Japanese Goods.
Is what we want, bat in order to ob
tain it, we most give
and invite the attention of the PEO
PLE (tourists especially to make a
thorough examination of our etock
and prices, in Sterling Silverware
Souvenir Spoons, Plated Ware,
Watches and Diamonds, Native
Jewelry, manufactured in unique de
signs tnd to order.
Jaeobsou & Pfeifter.
Wenner & Co.'s Old Stand.
few hundred dollars to invest in a
business ravine 10 per cent, per month.
Addres? "INVESTMENT," this office.
On our success for the past
year that we have been in
business , we are more than
pleased with our sales, and we
feel confident that all our
transactions with our custom
ers have been of such a nature
that they are as fully pleased
as we are.
lookiDg Eorward
To the prospect for tho com
ing year we hope that wo. have
so mcased our patrons that vo
will see them again, and that
their friends will seo how nico
lythoy have been fitted out
and profit thereby.
We shall greatly increase
our stock this coming year,
receiving new and frcsn goods
by every steamer direct from
the most reliable manufact
urers of Europe.
Timely Suggestions
for the coming few. months
mimi if-tviiw iiri imr kiimiit! initio -
Ladies' Underwear in Mus
lin, Flannels and Silks at
greatly reduced prices.
Ladies' hosiery in White,
Black, and Tan at prices that
will surprise yon.
A fine assortment of Silks
in all shades and grades from
50 cents up.
Complete stock of Ladies'
Gloves, and Silk Mitts. Nit
tins Silks, (in all shades) in
prices that can't bo duplicated.
1ST" Don't fail to inspect
our stock of Ladies', Gents'
and Childrens' fine Shoes and
519 Fort Street,
Also White and Black 8and which we
will call at the very lowest market rata.
EZJBzll Tmlstkoxm No. 414.
CCT'M0TUi Txuipnoiri No. 414,
Why let her waste
her strength and
time running all
over town for
goods when
can come to my store and find jost what
she wants in my
which will last for 30 days; a specialty
each week. I must have room for
my new Spring Stock which will be
large and choice. This week I am of
fering my entire stock of Millinery,
Flowers, Feathers, Aigarettea, TJn
trimmed and '
Trimmed Hats
50 Cents.
514 Fort Street.
Temple of Mod
Stop tier

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