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:rv ei.ti"eil: Honolulu, makcii 12, isu5.
i tie Pacific Commercial Adertiser
Iud Every Mon.ing,
Gazkttk COMI'ANV
t So. .UK Mcrrhvit' Street.
IARCH 32, 1893.
Political conditions of the coun
try, as connected with and influ
reached Buch a state that it is po.s
enced by the recent embroglio, have
eiblo to look over tho two months
passed and note with what wisdom
and strength the Government has
wrought. While we can hardly
rise to the heights reached by a
local orator, who epoke of the re
bellion as tho "bloodiest revolution
of the nineteenth century," it can
be truthfully said that there has
been no more important crisis in
the history of the country. There
wa?, indeed, very little bloodshed.
One killed and three wounded
cover causualities on the Govern
ment side. Of the insurgent?, two
are known to have been killed.
Others are reported killed, but the
fact that one of these men turned
up a few weeks after the fighting
was at an end shows that little de
pendence is to b placed on the re
ports from the rebel ranks.
The military strength of the Re
public and the perfection of its or
ganization was demonstrated by
the ability to place nearly one
thousand men under arms, and in
position to guard the streets of the
city, within an hour of the sound
ing of the first alarm.. The un
known power of the Citizens' Guard,
which many royalists dubbed a
myth, proved a tower of strength
of no mean proportions. With this
and the regular and volunteer mil
itary companies, the Government
had fully twelve hundred men
ready for active service on the
morning of January 7th. The in
surgents may have mustered five
hundred men, but before the fight
ing began there were many deser
tions, until on tho first morning of
the rebellion Wilcox and Nowlein
had possibly one hundred and fifty
men with them, more than half of
whom, according to their own tes
timony, were ready to throw down
their arms and get back to town as
best they could. The rebels were on
the defensive from the outset, and,
although their flight might have
been brought to an end more sum
marily had the Government forces
been in more experienced hands, it
would be unfair to compare a citizen
soldiery of hardly two years stand
ing, with trained officers and regi
ments of larger and older nations.
Immediately the rebel leaders
were captured the Government set
about the formation of a Military
Commission for the trial of the
men captured in the field, and as
many others who had knowledge
of and assisted in instigating the
movement, but who kept in the
background hoping to escape the
penaltiejTof their guilty action and
TherMilitary Commission began
its sessions on Friday, January
18th, and its work was practically
finished on Friday, March 1st, at
which time it had tried and rend
ered decisions on 190 cases of
treason and misprision of treason.
Thirteen of this number have yet
to hear toe sentence passed upon
them. I
On February 27th, when the !
sentences of 149 prisoners had
been made public, five had received
sentences of ten years imprison
ment at hard labor; three, eight
years ; one, seven years ; two, six
years; and 122 five years. The
majority of this number were na
tives captured in the field, and the
usual fine of $5000 was remitted,
except in the cases of W. C. Laue,
J. C. Lane, and ex-queen Liliuoka
lani. The sentences of fifty-eight
were suspended and four were ac
quitted by the Commission. Those
who acted as Government witnesses
were given their liberty, also the
body of natives who acted as guards
at Washington Place. The six
leaders were each sentenced to
Nowlcin hirl HerU'l
ral!owel their free
reward for turnir:
Statc'd evidence
Thnv, like the
others who-c- iiU'iict-y were
suspended -ire liable to ar
rest rind imprisonment for the
full term of sentence on the dis
play of a disposition to offer firmed
re?irtarico to the Government.
Walker and Widemann received
sentences of thirty years imprison
ment and $10,000 fine ; Greig and
Marshall, twenty years and $5000
fine ; V. V. Ashford, one year and
$1000; J. F. Bowler, five years and
$5000, and John Cummins, $5000
fine. All of those mentioned have
been put in the care of the marshal
of the islands and are norr serving"
their sentences.
Cransloun, Mueller and John
stone, men of anarchistic tenden
cies, have been forcibly deported
from the country, and twenty-three
of those implicated in the plan.- A
the rebels have accepted the alter
native offered by the Government
and voluntarily left tho country, to
return when given permission by
the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
The majority of the white men who
have been connected with tho re
bellion are either British subjects
or have been known as English
The present
like all
similar events of late yeara,
been confined wholly to the island
ofOahu, and with few exceptions
to the close- vicinity of the city of
Honolulu. While royalist sympa
thizers of the other islands un
doubtedly had knowledge of the
intended outbreak, no disposition
was snown to taKe up arms ana
w .
many nave endeavored to cover
their tracks by lately avowed loy
alty to the Republic. They, like
others of their kind in Honolulu,
have accepted the lesson taught by
the unswerving action of the Gov
ernment, and will be slow to be
come a party to any revolutionary
movement for some time to come.
They have come to know by what
civil and military, if necessary
strength the Republic of Hawaii is
established, and are respectful ac
cordingly. While military vigi
lance still remains a necessity, the
Republic of Hawaii is on a sound
footing and its ability to adminis
ter equal rights to each and every
law-abiding citizen unquestioned.
Republics stand the racket better
than monarchies. See how easily
and eafely France and Hawaii pa?s
through their troubles. St. Louis
The present question in relation
to Hawaii is not that of annexa
tion. For the present it is the duty
of the government of the United
States to hold up the hands of the
governing, intelligent and moral
class on the Islands, who want to
make progress in civilization. The
question of annexation comes after
wards. Cincinnati Enquirer.
tuition Salts.
James F. Morgan.
On Tuesday, March 12
AT '10 O'CLOCK A. VL..
At the Residence of Hon. C.R BISHOP,
mnia eiroei, i win se'i at runlic
Auction, the entire Houeehold
Furniture, comprising in part
Ur-ivy Plate GI&s dressing Mirrors
Willi Marble Manilla ;
Mahogany Chairs and Table
French Walnut Office Table,
Ebony Parlor Suite
Upholstered in Brocaded Silk ;
Inlaid Centf-r and SiJe Table?,
1 Koa State Kedstead
ATahcgayv i.d Koa Vu!r bes,
1 B.W. Mirror i-runt WarJrob,
P.W. l'ilir Lxtnion Table,
Hnreans, B.W. Si Aboard,
iLo lab m, Ku.t htc., Etc
fczJT Premise t upn f-;r inspection thij
day March 11th, from 9 a.m. tn 3 r.M.
$10,000 iir:e,
mann l);!)
dom iiH a
Jas. t Morgan,
T O ,
When a man puts his wits
together and invents machin
ery that saves money to the
farmer, the manufacturer or
the planter he is called the foe
to labor. The fact that he
gives to the world the means
of producing staples at a less
cost, and consequently be
comes a benefactor of the
masses indirectly is not re
cognized. That he has taken
work from an individual or
certain classes of wage work
ers is sufficient cause for the
condemnation that is landed
on his head.
The man who invented the
sugar land implements that
we sell did that which acts to
a certain degree as an offset
to any tariff legislation in the
United States.
A whole colony of planta
tion laborers could not do in
one day what an Avery Stub
ble Digger operated by one
man can perform. It saves
labor and consequently coin.
In distributing fertilizers every
plantation manager knows
that it cannot be done by hand
without loss of material. By
the use of the Avery Fertilizer
Distributor the material is
spread so evenly tnat mere s
no loss wnatever. ana one
man with one of these machines
can do as much work as
nine without it.
The results that follow the
use of these implements ap
ply as well to the Stubble
Shovers and Disc Cultivators.
The following testimonials
regarding the implements
should be a sufficient guaran
tee of their usefulness.
Hutchinson Plantation Company, Na-
AtEnu, IlAWAir.
March 1st, 1895. )
E. R. Hkndrv, Esq , Hawaiian Hard
ware Company.
Dk ar Sib: - In answer to yor letter
inquiring about tl e Avery fitubble Dig
gers and Fertilizer Distributor, I wou'd
say that he fact that we heve just re
ceived the fecond btubble Digger speaks
for itself. We have dag over four hun
dred acres of rattoon stools and consider
it will be a great benefit.
The Fertilizer Distributor i3 a good
thin? and has effected a material savin?
of labor in the application of Fertilizer
and applies it better than can be done
by hand.
These machines are very simple and
well constructed and we have bad no
trouble with the working of them and
we consider them one of the most useful
labor eaviog machines that can be used
on a plantation.
lours Iruly,
G. C. Hewitt,
Manager II. S. P. Co.
Onomka Scgau Company, )
Papaikou, Hawaii, February 25, 1895. J
31k. Joun A. rcoTT. Wainaka. iiawan.
Dear ik: The Onomea t-ugar Com
pany has now in use three of the Stubble
1 think these machines are indispen
sable for the proper cultivation of
We have never had an implement that
would bo thoroughly loosen the earth
around the stools, and put the soil in
such condition tbat the air, moisture and
fertilizer would eo readily find access to
the fine roots of the cane and tbe roots
around them.
I am glad to testify to the merits of
these tools. The tiugar Land Disc Cul
tivators arrived too late for much use in
the cultivation of the lat young plant
and rattoons, but 1 believe they will
prove to be very useful and labor saving
implements in districts where cane is
ra;s( d vithoat irrigation.
Your Truly,
Wm W. G. odals.
Maimier Caomea tJugar Company.
Hakalac, Hawaii, February 1G.1R95.
Mr. kj. K. Hendry, Prendent and Man
ger Hawa itin Hardware Company,
Honolulu, ahu.
We u' tho Avery Ktuhble Diger, Fer
tilizer l)i-tribu -r and Cane Cultivator
They hit I iro-and do the work cl iirud
for ihpm. T:ir -tu'b! Digger 1 onid
er a parlioulaily tool implement
Yours Truly,
tiro. ho
Manager IJakalau Plantation Cocu;any.
lis Eassiiafi Eaitoe Co. Lti
? r
: and
1 U
Requiring skill. ul handling, is work
which we are especially fitte-1 to do.
The attention of .reA Captains and all
owners of tine Chronometeis which they
value, is called to our excelfeut facili
ties for putting their instruments in
The long experience of our Head
Watch-maker with the bst concerns on
the Coast in just this kind of work, ena
bles r.3 to guarantee absolute
We spoke casually in our last ' Ad" of
complicated wsrk. You'd ought to see
the array of Chronographs and Repeat
ers repaired during the last few weeks.
Surprising where they all came from.
People appreciate this kind of work at
home, and it won't bo long before "we do
every complicated watch in the country.
Fort Street.
Embarrassing isn't it. to
have your best girl "take in"
your feet whenever you visit
;- Hal .i
Buy a pair of Mclnerny's
perfect fit stylish Shoes and
enjoy peace of mind and foot.
Rubber !
Blade to
at the
VV n ih n, ft
The Aloha Map Will Show You.
The Maps -: -:- -:-
The Aloha Map shows the eight inhabitable islands of the group,
with the mountain ranges, harbors, bays, and rivers well defined; also tho
Lames of over one hundred of the towns on the islands.
It is an excellent reference.map for the home or office. It is just the
map you have been looking for, to send to your absent friends, who have no
distinct idea of our unique geographical position in the cross roads of the
Pacific. This is illustrated intelligently by a separate map in one corner,
showing our distance between North America, Australia, and China. The
three steamer routes across the Pacific are indicated.
Hawaii am
Aloha Tooth Powder
Oar aim has been to produce
without harm, and at the same time prove agreeable and pleasant to use.
Aloha powder is manufactured from
no "sana" or cuttlefish bone to make
will harm the teeth or crums.
We have received many very flattering verbal testimonials. That it
is pleasant to use will be conceded by anyone with a brush and a pinch of
the powder. That it will not harm the gums is another claim we make for
it. What outsiders ay seems to carry weight. One of our customers who
has used Aloha powder for several months, says:
"Before using ycur Aloha powder I had been troubled with sore
gums. I was never free from this trouble for more than a week at a time.
I have n3w been using you powder for several months, and have not had
the slightest trouble with sore gums. I believe that it was the powder that
I used irritated the gums.
The Premium Offer -:- -:- -:-
Wa give with each bottle of Aloha Tooth powder the map above
referred u. We do this to push faster the introduction of this excellent
dentifrice, for when once used its reputation is established. Do not ask us
for the nraps. They are given only as a premium with every bottle of
powder. We do not sell the maps. You get tho Aloha Tooth powder for
25 cts., and the map thrown in.
Himalya Asthma Bemedy
gSC The Pamphlet doesn't cost anvthing the cure only
Two Dollars.
iC7"Cal on or add i ess the
or the
"I loath this horrid prison bouse I" exclaimed
Vina, a abepaoed her toudoir. She wm tbe beau
tiful daughter of a item, but wealthy pa eat, whe
kept her la, like a bird In a patent cage. Still
she was beloTed by Apolllnaris, wbo promised
to come tbat night at twelre and carry her off ia
a hack. Towards midnight her father retired:
the dog also As she waited she dozed. Present
ly there appeared to her a headless hackman.
"So yon have come with Apolllnarls to set me
free! But why headless t Ah. I perceire. You
an bear nothing sea nothing. O, what a
jewel of a hackman yoa are I" gushed the girl.
But her emotion caused her to awake and she
saw her cruel parent standing before her.
Apollinaris was true to the tryst, but because
she came not he drore away and threw himself
into tbe sea.
Carriage Trimming Goods
In Leather, Duck, Clotb, Fringes and Carpet, comprising many
varieties in color and design, are offered for inspection.
HA Will
E Ar
-:- -:-
a tooth powder that will clean th toAlh
the very best materials, and contains
it cheap. There is
nothing in it that
for :- ASTHMA.
ill S
thirty-fir. yian hard laW witk j

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