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Scene of Excitement Along the
Docks Over the Incident.
F. J. 7ta Arrested for Aaaaultlne an
Officer Jetole Kae Protest Against
Her Druthers Learlng-Etc.
There was weeping and wailing
on the Kinau and Claudine
wharves yesterday afternoon. Sev
eral hour3 before the Kinau eailed
natives rcen, women and children
wended their way thither. Tho
majority of them congregated to
catch a glimpse of and bid adieu to
the thirty-five native political pris
oners who were sent oCT on the ves
sel to Hawaii, whero they will do
road duty until further orders.
A platoon of police, under com
mand of Captain Parker, preceded
the arrival of the convicts. There
was con&iderable excitement, eager
expectation and more curiosity
over the event. The arrival at the
wharf of the prieonera in their
natty etriped euits was the signal
for an outburst of feeling on the
part of thoee near and dear to
them. Women wailed, men shouted,
children bawled, dogs barked, and
altogether the scene was quite
V. C. Lane, Patrick Lauo and
John Wise were among the prison
ers. John Lane was scheduled to
leave with the party, but owing to
his having been attacked during
the morning with German or some
other kind of measles, he was left
The crowd .remained on the
wharves until the Kinau entered
the passage, and during the time
waved hats, handkerchiefs, umbrel
las and what not, keeping up a
continual howl.
F. J. Testa, he of obese tenden
cies, and who enjoys distinction as
editor of a native paper, the owner
of a stubborn disposition, and an
all-round hater of haoles, was pres
ent in spirit and flesh. He was
there for the purpose, no doubt,, of
gathering material for a caustic
tirade against the Government. In
fact, so eager was ho to get all the
news that he came in contact with
the strong arm of the law and as
usual in such cases, got the worst
of it.
The editor had his notebook and
pencil in hand, ready to jut down
anything that might be of interest
to his readers.
Tfalaiaaiatfd.that. it . wag his
duty to block up the passageway
on the wharf reserved for the pris
oners to march through. A police
man thought differently and w;-"
him to desist, gently r- ,
avoirdupois frame v rgr
This enraged nt0 ll.ne;
and so- .oc whilom journalist
th- .culator to such an extent
hs forgot his duty to his fellow
man, and struck the ofiicer a
stinging blow on the chest, coupled
with an epithet not usually found
in print in secular newspapers.
The policeman expostulated with
his weighty opponent, and finally
fnmed the "miehtv man of Gaul"
aside. The matter was reported to
Captain Parker, who immediately
ordered Testa arrested and taken
to the city jail, where a charge of
assault was entered against him.
Later, after the show was over, the
would-be knocker-out of limbs of
the law was released on $500 bonds
furnished by C. B. Maile and Mau
liawa. During yesterday morning Mrs.
Jessie Kaae. sister of the Lane
boys, called on Marshal Hitch
cock and protested againBt the
sending of her brothers off the
island. She would have the Mar
shal to know she was a lady, and
that some respect should be shown
her., wishes in the matter. The
Marshal replied in a matter-of-fact
manner to the remark that he
hoped she was a lady.
Concert at Emma Square.
The regular Saturday afternoon
band concert will be given in
Emma Square at 4 :30. Following
is the programme :'
1. March "Liberty Bell" Sousa
2. Ularlouet Solo ".Louisa Mill
er" Bergson
W. Keough.
3. Cornet Rolo "Silver Stream"
(new)...... -Rollinson
Ch. Kreuter.
4. Selection "Uieii7i' Wagner
5. Waltz "Declaration" (hy re
quest) Watdteufel
6. Selection "A Gaiety Girl" (by
request) -Jones
"Hawaii Ponol."
Baseball Today.
There will be a game of baseball
this afternoon at 3 :30 on the Ka
mehameha School crounds between
the Philadelphia and Kamehameha
clubs. The Kamehameha Cadet
band will piny during the game.
All are invited.
alio xiAnauoj umnt viujiraiii
manufacture rubber stamps of all
3 wi ina
Heralded by the People of the Entire Country as the Greatest Living Expo
nent of Psychology the World has ever Known His Wonderful
Feats Stagger Belief and Baffle Comprehension.
-SiK am- m h mw
ptmwo ll f v- AmM
meqpmiteI ' isM j
yftWD-HoW-THEl j t I vPpl
A5QMVEL y V .:. Ml
This Symbol was lu votxc by the Ancients Six Thousand Years before the Christian era.
are so
eo ei
March. 1st
30 DAYS !
I Am Overstocked.
Everything, including shelves
and counters are loaded with
I Must Have Room
and have marked prices down
to inaugurate a Great Sale.
THE WAK between Ja-
pan and China
is still on, although active
work in the field has been sus
pended until spring.
Through my agents, I made
arrangements before war was
declared for an immense stock
of goods to be shipped as I re
quired, consequently I can af
ford to sell at the same low
Ex Bentala received a con
signment of goods comprising
all the latest and freshest de
signs in Dress Goods, Scarfs,
Morning Gowns for ladies and
gents, bilk Kimonos, Smoking
Jackets, Silk Pajamas, Japa
nese and China Ware, Screens,
Portieres, Lamp Shades, etc.
The latest thing in Lacquer
Ware, is the Cherog Lacquer
made up in handsome designs
which cannot help to please
the most fastidious.
""Rem ember, I have the
leading store for first-class
Japanese Goods.
Special Sale
oJ Bcme article each day, which
will be displayed in the window
each day prior to the day of Bale.
This will be a grand time for
for the people of Honolulu to
secure bargains.
Don't Forget the Date
MARCH- 1st.
Id of
M. G. SILVA, Prop.
Corner cf King and Nuoanu Streets.
fECJust received by the Australia, a
fresh, invoice ot
Enterprise Beer and Oysters
CCTTelephone 805. 390 7-tf
The Hawaiian Gazette Company
mannfactnr robber stamps.
The above is our epecial brand of
First-class in quality.
Controlled by our selves only and at
prices to suit the times.
at the
atever it if. it m iniv rrpwl. nnd should 1 Dfostitute the sTanze feift to the r.fe ot tne moumeDanK, me act
U baeer than tho vilest profanation. In its appWion to the fecret ElTdirs and hore of those who choofe to consult
pretentioi s ar put to the severest testa couceivao e, anu noui my umy w - ----
is an honest nran aro vitally involved. The effrontery of the charlatan would be rebuked in an attempt to lay bare
of a pst life or to unfold with the danngliand of prescience the unread vo ume oi me waning lmure. ....
h. thertfore, my tak. involving revelations oi the prestnt ana luiure oi my ration?, aeu uu uuuiuku j
that is incompreht-nbly mine: and the leeiing inat no punisumeni comuientumw nu CUU4Ui"J v'
Public oi inion is the supreme tribunal the court of last resort, before hich all men must s'and on final appeal.
This tribunal is vuilant exacting mercies. 1 at tribunal 1 -pp oach not in the spirit of the braggart, but modestly,
ccnCdentcf ihemer t of my canse and the unimpeachable chaiacer oi mv witness.
Cund d y i admit that the nature x my pioio&iiion on wmcu x ireuicaiw my nsm lu-ruiwjr , j i4uiuid "'u"-i
;na OB fn T.ito on inrn iln'i'v that can onlv be removed bv inis utablo testimony, and to invite criticism
actir ethat to" be turned to favorab e account leaves riie no alternative, but to rest my plea on the sure fouudation of
overwhelming evidence. . . . . . . . . ,
'J he powe that I pofst-s is to me as much beyond the province of e'ear explanation as n is mysterious and incomprehensi
ble to my patrons Whether it is epiritua , devintory, cr psychic, I leave wholly to those who experience and witness its
amazing manifestations.
tne my
myself i
the incidents
1 approac-
the strance power
my crime could be deviBeu tor its conscimceirBS aDusa. . . .. . .
lly witnepees are those who have visited me at my Cottase on Richard, street, adj fining the Hawaiian Hotel since my
arrival at Hcnolula. The Fame regard for their feelings that shall control me in my relations with those who will
B.a I f-el mBelf b'-fore the bar of public opinion. I am assurea
teoi dtLeWndeninrecfdcult,ttat them, stcaieles, inquiry will cev. lop thaM ttt T-T C17T. WAT.KTNTG PLOWS W6
now CMrry in scock ana can uu uiueia xui F
1 uey ija.vtt it?eu luuruuuiv tuou xuy kuw f
i -I nrTTnimpnT ii . r 1 1 C Untrrn!! nlnna nnrinff t.hfl
OUltl OIJ I Ull 1 ULl IJUO lOlftUU . . i tj
-1 1 1 i A I 1 1. lrnnm rt rtefd T.hinCT
pabt two montns snows mar, ine piauLers huuy a
i x i ; t.
wueii mey seo iu. , j ic j
" -. . ... -rrii Tt 1 10 l A Ik on M
We still sell tne weil-Known nan oreaKor, J6, i,
1R.?nPh whinh i M.srt mnrfft hv the MOL1NE PLOW COM-
rSTRemember rrofessor Leonard mill receive callers only until Wednesday Mwh 27th oppose Central Union PANT. One Of Olir latest , CUStomeW SayS WW.
htnd at .his Cottaee. ro. 1C0O, adjoining Hawaiian Hotel. Consu'tations strictly private and confidential. iNoap- ''Send ICO a 16 inch 'HallV Breaker, I have tried Otder
i l tzA Arx mr h t thounr r.nnr, vnurh win.
HI like 3 liittJlV aUU UUU tUDJf VIW AiWU vr "W --; - . . j
ttt- i ii DlAmo 1 fn 1R inP.hftS! alSO BlOB
tfl t3 LIUVO till Mira KJL v w
i ! i T1
mil ana mrrow riuwa. , . , . ,
We have the most complete assortment ui iuuw ui
1 1 T 1 ' .nA-k lnniO
Oar stock of SHIP CHANDLERY and ROPE has been
aaaeu lo inteiy anu wo cciu luiuian aiuiuou
4.1TT a T7 XT' Ci 3 A XT TJ A DDPn WTRR iu for- nViOHfl ff nV Other
TTTTT1"T1?"DV PlllinV 1 make; try it. and you will be' surprised with the results. If
11 I I i I i I J H, t I - - I "1 1 fl F I fki II ' XirrA Mooir rioir. TTonPA Wirfi we have a
MjjLJLJLJXJl X" JLJXt) JL n V vy - iyuu hioici ftaiYauiu ui xv. ..
neavy swck. f
If you want 3. perfect wre stretcner senu iu
E. O. Hall & Son.
31 ani- rs to queMicns involving 8UirB ti tne uearr. oi ousid e, ui uuu c n.r, w-. , : r,r- ..
uron whr m the h.avy har d cf ffrctun hbs lllen. nd o! aU the emotions of love, of h.ipe, of frars that rise and fall in the
human heart and t! at M8mp thir on luman destiny ate not a whit more .tartliDg hn JLC
1 am .1 abUd to devine aid at.wtr the nmpoken q. tBtions then Belvef. I have but to add . bout ; boast
30U ill vifcit m prUr. ar d il.e tor eultation in not fatifcfbCtory in every particular, ro fe will be accepted. 1 will d uve tne
doubt fn m our" n it d ai d slay tkepticiem at rht glance and you uill join the growing army .f my honorable and unim-
able witntPseBintl.iscrmmuuitv. hich is now arrayed to give voiuniaryiebumuuyio.ua tiu uu j
character oi my claims on your regard and jour confidence.
cendv You s,
pointmenip; Grit t onie. fit fervid
4 ffie'e hours from lOi M. o 8 r M.
Note That the War
Is over, and it is the duty of evry citizen
to f upport thf existing form of govern
ment. -Althongh things may not move
with the cordidlty that would insure an
everlasting pece, etill ihey may be al
lowed to fubB'de into that lnnmerence
without animosity, tuat would allow
either party to work cut their best
int rests.
A things considered it may be for the
best, but time, the ODly arbitrator in f ucu
cae, must aione Ufciue mat. j. u.
STEWART is a plumber and will dc
your work in a shape aud at figures that
will vive 8ausfaciion.
349-tf 15 H ETHEL STREET.
J. T. 1-iind,
1 Bethel street, PRACTICAL GUX and
LOlKMII; Repairing of all des
criptionp, El-ctiicA Corngatel and Ar
chtectura Iron Vork;0 imtnntal If on
Gtt-BMnd rVnct-s: Hrowr.ink. Blueing and
Kestocking Guns and bicycle hepairing
Jas. W. liergstrom,
I Tuner and Repairer. Orders Mt m
ihrum'e Bookfctoie, will receive prompt
attention. oatti-Y
-:- IMPORTED -:-
Pattern Hats and Bonnets ! SHABBY GENTILITY
MARCH 23d, 25th AND 26th AT
N. S.
520 Fort Street -:-
X7"Laies are co.dially invited to attend.
-:- Honolulu
Ml i- l1 Lw, nnrcnri nf nCiTYPP.t habltB. It 13
In euner men or women win ue iui-iiru uj v: , , ct .. ..,
ways easy to be well ded at the pres. nt coi dition of puces at d vooc-b.
I im ort di-ect from Japan ai d buy for cash an comeqi.nily get low mjuea.
31y present stock of Sil and Cttton Underwear, Towels Hats and Cpe are the
latest importation and are eual to the demand of tt.e most fastiCiou.
1 aipo nanoie rtoviHorip. aianinB iuuci cuo,
Japan se Goods which I can impoit on ihort notice T: . j
Take home a sample package cf my S. T. Tea. I guarantee it tobefcfiist-clbes
in every i.aiticular. " .

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