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The Pacific Commercial Advertiser
(ued Every Morning, Except
Sunday, by the
Hawaiian Gazettk Company
At No. 318 Merchant Htrt.
MARCH 28, 1S95.
in the twelve hour3 work being
forty minutes taken for a meal.
Lodging houses near the factories
furnish meals at the price of not
quite 1 cent?. The manufacturer?
have quickly learned to take ad
vantage of women- and children as
cheaper labor than men. Thirty
five spinneries give work to
10,879 women and about
one-third the number of men.
Girls eight and nine years
of age are forced to work from nine
to twelve hours a day, notwith
standing the law requires they
should ba in school. The teachers
finely 5opie$
picee of
ie aus-
J.fxrch 2j, zScj.
What 'about the cable?
What about the canal? Does American
the United States Senate be
lieve that other governments
will be willing to accept a "dog
in the manner" policy and
allow the Pacific to be without UNION SOU ARE
a caDier uo ine ocuaiurs iui
one moment imagine that the
Will be held at
Nicaragua Canal will continue mi 1 flTTAn;nnJ
To discuss the question
28 til,
of '
The unanimous sanction of the
nronosition advanced by the Ad-
f thor- comnlain but the employers form
ough military training at the head a powerful syndicate and the offi- to exist merely in the imagina
of the armed forces of the country cials offer few effective objections. t;on Qf the world and as z
leaves no question as to the line of On every hand the employers raise channei only for paper ships?
action to be pursued. Furthermore barriers placing employees com- w knQw nQt Hawaii is in
tbereBboma not oe an unneceBry pieieiy at tu u. terested in both schemes to
putting him at work at the earliest The ready submission of the very great extent because there
moment. The first mail to the working people to the indifference is no doubt that her commerce
Coast is none too soon to put the of employers, the employment of wjH be increased by the com- Addresses will be made by
matter in the hands ol Minister cnildren wno lor me dbbi ia t Qn 0f one or toth Qf the Jurl A R TTo.fii Toi
measures. Nor is Hawaii the
of the nation should be in schools
and the breaking up of homo life
Neumann, D. B. Smith, Bren-
United States Consular uerK by making Human raacuines i I ' . ' ... bom C. X. TT! Tnmo.
ine unuea urates, pariicuiany 7
Martini in a recent report to the I women are facts which the modern
State Department, shows the won-1 student of social problems cannot the States along the eastern
derful development of England's look upon with favor. If Japan's and western seaboard will pro-
telegraph system since it came commercial progress is gained by fit by the completion of tlie canal
under the control of the Govern- making slaves of its common peo- to a wonderful extent; the mer.
ment in 1870. Daring the year pie it has vet many lessons to .
following the purchase, the total iearn. Such methods do not raise chantmarme that has been lying
number of telegrams handled week- the intellectual and moral stand- idle will receive an impetus
ly by all offices was. estimated at ard on which the lasting strength the like of which has not been
from 128,000 to 215,000, while for of a nation must be baaed. felt in years. Freight could be
1893 the total exceeded 1,1UU,UUU,
Quinn and C. B. Wilson.
Teachers' -:- Association
and the number - sent annually ex
ceeded seventy million. The num
ber of words handled in the pres3
service is thirty-six times more
than in 18G0.
so much reduced that thou
sands of tons would .be ship-
Under the
auspices of
the above
The last news from Hawaii is ped from New York that
that the ex-queen, Liliuokalani, d . t othenvise leave tne
wrtptViPr mnvfd hv concern for nor
In place of sending personal safety since her arrest by warehouses.
75 words per minute one way, the the authorities of the Republic or We have iust received n-
wires now carry 500 words a ta- by other motives, has signed a very .. q ceebrated DR. B. G. NORTH KOP
ute and six messages are sent sim- 7 ,u Tu u e rv rvi c .1.
, , b . rp, claim to the throne, or any hopo of Dietz Oil Stoves, the same
ultaneously on one wire The ser- reyival of the raonarchy for the extPnq:VP Tv ued in Hnnn
vice is performed with strict bentfit 0f any person. It looks "w extensrvely used in Hono-
punctviality, the average time of like a work of supererogation to be lulu and which give universal
transmission of a message being declining that which is lost beyond satisfaction. As a fuel coal
. . ... in ao away
.J nours in ine rate is actg &g the recent in8Urrection. It United States and here on ac
cents for VZ words paid oy stamps, practically removes, too, all pre- t f jt cheaoness and bp.
Tf. t lmnnRfil-b? tn estimate the text for tha nreeent administration counc 01 ,cs cneapness ana De-
cause ot the quickness with
which a meal may be cooked.
With the Dietz Oil Stove there
is absolutely no odor from the
burning oil and no danger of'
Y. M. C. A. Hall,
nf tha ervice. owincr to the in this. country declining to enter
combination with the postal ser- Uic aropitio
vice. England, nowever, aoes not Boston Traveller.
look upon the telegraph as a means Ifc appear8 that lhe arm8 wero
of direct revenue, but reaps the re- carried from San Francisco on an
eral trade by means of prompt in- involve Secretary Gresham in still explosion. The cost of oil for
United luriaer compucauuua. xi aibu ap
pears mat ine Hawaiian iovern-
Friday, March 29tli
AT 7:30 O'CLOCK P. II.
During the evening musical selections
will be giren by MISd M. GKEENf
formation. When the
- . . 1 . 1? A.
oiaies comes 10 Know ine inairec ment hag refaBed l0 promise that
revenue to be derived from im- capital punishment will not be in
proved telegraphic communication, flicted on the fifteen insurectionists
the cable question will be grappled who are Lnglishmen. 1 bis if, per-
with crrfiatpr vim. . proper.
o ' 1 L'i:.v,
should the
send one or
a meal averages about three
cents and when you are
through heat and expense
ceases. We have never had a
word of dissatisfaction from
Tickets may be had of T. G.
Thrum, Hawaiian News Company, Gold
en Rule Bazaar.
progress made
parties using- these stoves: on
more of its warships to Honolulu A contrary we are told that
nnitft likpiv to hannen. we mav thev will broil, fry. bake, and
The wonderful progress made nffiiin liponm a involved in flomn I I
. , , , A . & 1 V . luaai cuudiiy L-uuu us a
by Japan in the development of complications. Any person guilty , . 0 , .
modern industries has excited of treasonable action toward the wood or coal Stove and at less
United States Government, such as expense.
'If you contemplate renewing;
the youth of your dwelling by
the use of a little paint, bear
this fact in mind: Hendry's
Ready Mixed Paint will fro
quite likely -that he would dc .o at further and reta;n the loss
Honolulu to bully and bulldoze a 6
f os- ana coior longer man any
this I other reavmiYpH namt nn thr
in view when he informed Secre- . , . e ...
tary Gresham that "in the event of market. We have it for inside
another insurrection or complica- or outside work in quart, half
' n ii . t - .
gallon, and gallon tins. If you
3'.52 :;t
widespread comment and not a
little approbation from those who
see in the manifestations of the
common people a desire to beoome
the equals and finally competitors
with the working people of what
have been known as the more en-
these English rebels havo under
taken, would be summarily dealt
with, even if he were an English
man. We do - not imagine for a
moment that John Bull would send
a fleet of vessels to bombard New
York in consequence, but it is
Tourists' Guide Through Hawaii.
2500 Copies.
To Be Issued April 15tL
lightened nations. The Japanese
are ambitious, and appear ready to smaller and weaker country
accept almost any condition of eer- eibly Minister Thurston had
vitude so long as it constitutes a
step that will in the course of
events put tnem enoulder to tion" the Hawaiian Government
shoulder with races that have long "might temporarily be able to af
1 a
posed as their suoeriors. Hours ford protection" to American citi- wane 10 ao a nine oaa job ana
of labor and remuneration are as ns and property. Undoubtedly, do not require the services of
Secretary Gresham has yet heard a painter get a tin of our paint
the last of their miserable Ha- always ready for use. If vou
t tr . I .
wanan policy, uy no means ine
least poBsiblo trouble that could
overtake them would be the arrival
in Washington of their friend, the
ex-queen, Mrs. Uominis. 2n. 1.
nothing when the object to be at
tained is taken into consideration.
This complaisance is abused by
mployprs to an extent that would
never be allowed among the
nations with which Japan
will sooner or later come in direct Commercial Advertifer.
competition. X German writer
gives a compiehensive idea of how
this slavery of men, women and
children is brought about, particu
larly in the cotton factories which
employ a large number of hands.
The usual time to begin work is
6 a. m., but the workmen are will
ing to come at any time, never
complaining if they are ordered
out at 4 a. m. Wages are main
tained at a figure to which ne
American would submit. In
the large industrial centers weavers
and spinners average only 15 cents
a day, women receiving only G
cents a day. A single establish
ment at Kanegafuohi employs
2100 men and 3700 women. The
laborers are divided ipto day and
night shift?, the .only interruption
Just Received
carefully eelected assortment
Havana Cigars !
F. A.
3953 5t 1641 6t
& Co.
Corner of King and Nuuanu Street i.
ust received by the Australia, a
are, for any reason, opposed
to the ready mixed article we
can supply you with either
English or American lead and
raw or boiled oil at the lowest
possible price.
The Avery sugar land im
plements have proven a won
derful saving to the planters
here and our sales are con
stantly increasing. Planters
are realizing that economy
must be practiced in every de
partment of their plantations
and labor saving implements
are on the road . to succes in
this respect We will gladly
furnish information and supply
photographs to parties interested.
A second edition of this very
popular hand book descriptive of
Hawaiian Scenes and Scenery is now
running through the press, and will
be published on or about April 15.
It lias been carefully revised, and
portions of it rewritten, bringing it
down to the present date, makiDg it
an indispensible band book.
Besides a fall description of each
of the islands, it contains most val
uable information for tourists rel at
ive to steamer travel, rates of passage,
hotels, weather records, health
resorts, the Government, exports and
imports, a brief account of the
revolution of 1805, interesting facts
for inquiring tourists, notes on coffee,
sugar, &c, &o , and. all information
songht by tourists regarding these
islands. A full index accompanies
The book will be beautifully illus
trated with maps and some twenty-
live full page pictures.
Can be obtained from the News
dealers in Honolulu.
X' Price 75 cts., per copy.
Editor and Publisher.
P. O. Box 159. Telephone 75.
3W7 1639 lm
fr-sh invoice of
Enterprise Beer and Oysters
C7Telephon 805. 3907-tf
The Hawaiian Hardware Co. Lti
Oyposlt Spree eL Blok
Note That the War
Is over, and it is the duty of evry citizen
to pupport th- existing form of govern
ment. Although things may not move
J with tha cordialty that would insure an
1 ? in 1 - .
everlasting pece. eim iney may oe al
lowed to Hubside Into that indifference
without animosity, tuat would allow
either part; to work out their beat
int rests
All things considered it may be for the
best, but time, the ODly arbitrator in sucn
cape, must alone decde that. J. G.
STEWART is a plumber and will do
your work in a shape and at figures that
will give satisfaction.
3949-tf 15 BETHEL STREET.

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