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he Pacific Commercial
Iued Bvery Morning. Except
Sunday, by the
Jawaiian Gazettk Company
At No. 318 Merchant tre-i.
APRIL 13, 1895.
It should be remembered that
each additional dollar received
through the stereopticon lecture
this evening means so much more
pleasure for the poor unfortunates
at the leper settlement. The drill
shed ought to be crowded to the
Judge W. A. Kinney has been
criticised for linking the cause of
annexation with the partisan poli
tics of America and the opponents
of the Cleveland Administration.
Since the leaders of a section of one
of the great political parties has seen
fit to come out flat-footed against
annexation and has already made
a party issue of Hawaii we would
like to know how the Hawaiian
question can be considered entirely
and distinctly apart from Amer
ican political parties.
Much as we deplore the fact, the
political and commercial union of
this country with the United
States is bound to become more
or less mixed ud with the
platforms of the great political
parties, and, as one opposes, the
other will tend to endorse, it a
DOtmlar vote were taken in the
United States today upon Hawaiian
annexation, we have little doubt of
a result favorable to this country,
but the truth is this country can
not be dealt with in any such man
ner, which necessitates the gaining
of our ends through the medium of
a political organization. The
country's enemies have displayed
their prejudice to such an extent
that it is time wasted to crave
their indulgence by soft, meaning
less words. As Marshal Hitchcock
would say, it's a good thing some
times to call a spade a spade, and
this is what Mr. Kinney has done
in expressing his impressions of
American sentiment, nor will the
man or editor who is, in his heirt
of hearts, a true and unquestioned
annexationist, question his wisdom
in so doing.
before orders are extcuted. With
out established rules this latter
Contingency is a possibility. With
the rules clearly defining the du
ties of each person, not only is the
Citizens' Guard more formidable,
but the individual members are
more thoroughly protected from
one another's bullets.
By the lepeal of the court-martial
clause, a refusal to obey can
only be punished by dismissal a
dishonorable discharge, with no
court of appeal. With the removal
of the military regulations, the
Citizens' Guard becomes in form
what it is in fact, an armed con
stabulary for the protection of the
city proper and answerabio to the
Marshal of the Islands. The
scheme is a most excellent one in
theory and practice, and nothing
can be gained by wrangling over
officers or the division of glory.
The Citizens' Guard i3 formed for
business, and is only called upon
or held to rules when there is un
mistakable business to attend to.
riiuticn Galea.
Jam' a F. !'rLn.
This Day, April
: o'clock oox,
At the Flh Market Whf, I will sell at
Public Aueii m
40 Cords MZr Hard Firewood
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention
to Foreclose and of Sale.
Coin iu u nicated .
It was clearly understood that the
naval expedition made last year to
Neckar Ilani, undt-r the couimai d
of that bold bavigntor, Captain King:,
was not undertaken for the purpose of
annex int? that island, out, soieiy 10
eupply Professor Brishum of the Mu
seum with a new breed oi iuoi4, in
order to switch hiua oil from his
blood-thirsty comments on Mr.
As the name of Thurstoa inevitably
caused the Professor's temperature to
lise above 680 degrees, the faith cur
ists advocate'! this uuiqtie but power
ful remedy. Captain Kin?, by very
adroit means, and with the skilljul
use of a imal traps, bird nets and fi-h
books, secured three most respectable
iiiois, of a breed unkuowu iu Hawaii
proper, and, it may be added, inci
dentally attached a tajjf to the island,
with the address of the Republic on
it, in case it should get into auy pile
of lost luggage.
These idols were taken at midnight
with due solemnitv, i.nder the escort
ofColoml J S. Enaers-ou of the Ka
huna Inviucihles, to the museum,
and there deposited iu idolatrous
state, and their care solemnly con
signed to the great idol tamer of the
Pacific. It was theu believed that
Mr. Thurston and his friends would
get a rest.
All Polynesia has been disappoi nted.
The sweet communiou between the
Professor and the idols has suddenly
come to an eud, and the former is now
ducking Mr. Thurston in the horse
poud of his wrath.
It seems that the Professor, unduly
influenced by what is known as the
'higher criticism, "rudely attached the
authenticity of the idols, and accused
them, before their faces, of having no
correct pedigrees, and of inciting trea
son amou the other niois m tne
Museum. One of the idols known to
visitors as the one with an uneven,
etujnpy stone lea and an over- balaueed
mad, resented these imputations, ana
retorted that they, the idols, were
provisions of a certain mortgage made by
CIIAHLES B.WILSON, of Honolulu, Oahu. to
George P. Townseod, of said Honolulu, dated
-August 9th. A. l. 189!. and recorded in the office
of tne Reeimrar of Conveyances, In Book 47.
pages 4". 47 and 480: notice is hereby given
that 'he said George P. Townsesd, mortgagee,
intend to foreclose the said inortgaire for con
dition broken, to-wit: non payment of the prin
cipal when due.
Notice is also hereby given that the property
covered by said mortgage will be sold at public
auction at the auction roini or Jas. F. Morgan,
in said Honolulu, on SvTL'KDaY. the 13ih day
of April. A. D. 1895. at 12 o'clock noon. The
property covered by aaiJ mortgage is described
as follows:
All that certain piece, or pa-cel of land s'. uate
in Kulaokahua, in said Bcaoiolo, bounded and
described as fo lows, viz.: comnieucinir at int
ra tuka corner of" Young and I'iikoi streets, ai d
running in an eater!y direction along Young
street 19.8 feet, thence in a northerly ditectioti
150 feet, thence in a westerly direction to Piikoi
street 2t. 9 feet, thence in a southerly direction
along i-iikoi street 15'"-. 3 feet, to place of com
mencement; contiiuii.g an area of 781 1000 of an
By his Attorneys Carteh & Kinnkt.
For further particulars app'j to Carter &
Kinney. Attorneys for t-aid mortgagee, 410 Fort
Street. Honolulu
Honolulu, March 11th, A. D. 1S95.
Mortgagee's Notice of Intention
to Foreclose and of Sale.
that pursuant to the (.rov.sion and powers
contained in a certain mortgage deed made by
KAAPA (w) and KaALOKaHI, her husband to
Alexander Hutchinson, dated June 3rd, A. D.
1378 recorded in the office of the Registrar of
Conveyances, in book 55. paces 111 and ya,
which said mortgage deed ana the' note and debt,
secured thereby wtre as-igned by ) . ' . Carter
and J S. Walker, executois of the will of said
Alexander Hutchinson to W. G Irwin and Claus
spreckels, copartners under the Aim name of
' W. G. Irwin & Co." by indenture dated Kebru
ary 28, A. U. IS81. recoided in said office, in
book 70, pages 1 and 2aud indenture dated r eorn
ary 28, A D. 1881. recorded in said ffice, in book
70. paires 2. 3. 4 and 5. and by said VV. . Irwin &
Co, and others, assigned to The Hutchinson
getting tired Or tile fCOXeSSOVa dl ver- Plantation Companv, an Hawaiian Corporation
sified, rankled ami pu turesqu thea- : y indenture dated X vemher A. I). 188.
. ,i .. . .... , j I recorded In said office, in book 93. paires 16. 17
ter of right aud wroug, ami. it 13 re- ail(1 1S. ,.,ic i1v HAui . o nnrion th n,r,,-hian,
u solitude of the belhgeryut gods and
heir attractive, but uua'tornel anato-
. .
my, ne utw reverts 10 nis iorraer oc
cupation of iuimersitig Mr. Ttuuston
in the -t gnaut pouds of bis liuligna
tion. Possibly the arbitration Hoard,
propose-l by the L.-ibor Comuii3?iou,
may effect a reconciliation betweeu
the Professor aud his gous in iusur
It is well known that the idols are
iu good an 1 regular standing with the
anti mouarehy party because the mis- .
sionaries have always been extremely
seusiiive about the influence of idols, (
anil have never invited even visiting J
Hols t their tea parties Why the
Pro'essor shouid get out of line with j
such powerful allies, and virtually
side with the missionary parly, is in
explicable. At auy rate, when Mr.
Thurston returns, h Miould find a
happy family iu the Museum, and the
water let out of the Professor's horse-pond.
Easter at Central Union.
The elimination of strict mili
tary forms from the rules and regu
lations of the Citizens' Guard is,
on the whole a wise move although
the paragraph relating to court
martial and target practice was
undoubtedly unduly magnified in
the minds of a great many. It
should be borne in mind that an
armed force to be of any practical
use in actual fighting, and able to
offer formidable resistance to riot
ers or a company marching on the
city, must be thoroughly organized
under cne head, who, through his
subordinates is kept in constant
touch with each individual.
The experience of the recent
troubles taught those in charge
tbat while the Citizens' Guard
is a most estimable feature of
the armed guard of the Repub
lic, there are numerous de
fects easily remedied by the
enforcement of more rigid regula
tions while members are on duty.
From the very make-up of the or
ganization it bhould be as free of
military forms and restrictions as
possible in times of peace. Its
membership is made up largely of
a class of men, willing to stand by
the Government with their rifles if
necessary, but unable to devote the
time required by the regular vol
unteer companies.
When, however, these men are
called into the service for which
they volunteered, it is reasonable
to expect a strict conformation to
rules that will create an amalga
mated whole rather than a mass
of individualized individuals. A
man must forget his personality to
a greater or less extent when
called out to stand guard or fight,
and those in command ought not i The Hawaiian Uazjetti t ojtpaky
to be obliged to argue the question j manufacture rubber stamps.
market), drove hitU OUt Of the inner ' Plantation Company assigned to Louis Sloss by
temple Of the Museum, SO tbat he Can "i"-ninrenareu .June i. a. ii. i saw. recorded m raid
nn Cnnm- warm hlfl tH hM,,- lhrt office, in book 119. p .Kes 120 at,d 121. and by said
no longer warm nis toes oeiore tne , Loais Stars assigned to Tne Hutchinson ?agar
lighted altars of paganism. Plantation Company, a Corpora' ion incorporated
As he cannot hll bis soul auy mo-e ; under tne 1W or ine:ate of C tlitornia. L.S.
with ecstatic joy in the contemplation ' oATee
; last named Cor potation, the undersigned, in
tends to foreclose said mortgtte for condition
broken, to-wit: non payment of the principal
; and interest of the piomisory note and debt
6tcured by t-aid inongasie.
Notice i al o hereby given that t!ie property
I covered by said mortgage will be sold a public
auction at the auction rOW of Jaa. F Morgan,
in Houolnlu, Inland efOabo, BATUKDAT, the
, 13th day of April, A. D. 1S'J5, at twelve (12) o'clock
: noon.
! The property covered by said mortgage is de-
scr'bed as follows: All the right, title and in
terest of t-aid Kaapa and Kaa okahi ia and to all
that land in Kawalt. Kaa. Inland of Hawaii,
comprising A pan one of Royal Patent Grant
j No. 820 to Latveiiiili and containing nineteeu
(19) acres
For further particular apply to Carter !fc
Kinney, Attorneys lor The Hutchinson Sugar
Plantation Companv.
Dated Honolulu, March 12, 1895.
Jas. F. Morgan,
At the Central Union Church i
special music will be rendered at
the different t-ervices on Easter
kJUiiVJil . Jill 1 11 Ui'JlUlU I LIU CI 11
them?, 15 Wbv seek ye the living !
among the Warren ; . $m fan gflgJ ggj fflft
"Chriet, our Passover, Buck; of I - '
fertory, tk Easter Dawn," Wood- ; snk Waists,
man ; response, " lhe Mnle is j
0?er," Mendelsohn. i
April :2, i8g$.
Any one who reads Mr,
Ashford's sayings to San Fran-cb-co
reporters must read be-
t - i i Vra Itr.OL- fr nn retire n 1
I inv.t.11 niVy l ii 1 vo uuuv.1 jiaiiu
that he does net mean half
that he is reported as saying.
Mr. Ashford was long enough
ith m Hawaii to convince the peo-
pie tnai ne can leu tne ainer
ence between "a 'awk han a
'au saw," and that he under
stands full well the value of
silence. He has about as
much intention of heading a
filibustering expedition as he
has of returning here and
standin sr as a candidate for
ofnee. C. W. is a little joker
and the interview with the re
porter in 'Frisco was cne of his
jokes. When Mr. Ashford
left here, his main thought
was to do something in the
behalf of his brother. The
people here who know him
will not believe that a filibus
tering expedition is in the line
of assistance to that person.
Some time ago, we pur
chased a lot of European wire
and immediately afterward
some parties circulated a re
port that the quality had been
affected by some unknown
cause and that it was not up
to the standard of the Am
erican product. We had a half
dozen coils of the wire tested
at the Iron Works and it
showed a tensile strength of
2760 pounds. When this re
port was publibhed in this
column, the wire wras sought
after by plantation managers
and individuals from Niihau to
Hawaii. The other day, to ob
lige a skeptic, we ordered a
i hundred coils of American
wire from the Coast and as
it reached the store, we sent
a half dozen coils to the foun
dry to have it tested. The
result showed a tensile
strength of 768 pounds or
about 2000 less than the Eu
ropean article. We violate no
confidence when we tell you
that this American wire will
not be sold bv us. We have
an abundance of the European
article and can supply all sizes
and in any quantity. This wire
with the steel stays and gal
vanized washers comprise the
material necessary to use in
making the celebrated Jones'
Locked Fence than which no
stronger, cheaper or better
fence was ever made
Our new stock of Dietz Oil
Stoves are going as rapidly as
can be expected with times as
hard as they are. That it is a
good stove, no one who has
ever tried them will deny.
They are absolutely safe, be
cause there is no possible way
by which they can explode;
they are free from unpleasant
odors, because they are made
on the rnot approved plans;
they are economical, because I
cooking you extinguish the
flame. Twenty-four dollars in
vested in one cf these stoves
will save you a pot ot money
in twelve months.
The Australia brought us
the latest thing in tea strainers;
they fasten close up to the
"Adeltwrt Seattle, you cannot h my hna
tand!" Thee words rang throu.'h tb balmy,
cTu!Dgilrof Nuiunn Avenue with tbat inde
pendent tone character a tic of The New Woman.
With ty ftl .me sbe continued: " You applauded
that wrrtch at tbe hum iuetm who atd
any wonuu'i vote culd be bought with a com
pliment." It w is true, and be pa ed before tbe
awful charge Yet. poor. weak, "fla de. cteole"
man though he was, he gathered np atrenptb to
redden hin self. "For ouc, darling," be fal
tered, "You were out of my mind. I ws thluk
ing of the thousands of your inferiors with
whom comptimenta re so rare tbat tney re al
most priceless." "O, Adalbert. I forgiTe you!"
sberriel.and she threw b-relf into bis arms
avd wept there. He was moved, too. "Don't
cry now." implored the girl, '-your tears wliJ
et hit frizzes. "
Harbingers of Summer
are loose tires and spokes and a lot of other ailments that
afflict even the best regulated carriages after the rainy season.
The earlier you put your carriage into the shop, the earlier
we will attena to it and the earlier it will come out.
TnEiB Name is Millions? The "Smith" b.
An alms of old in me you'll find ?
A friend indeed wa I?
In storm and wreck a he'p eo kind ?
Of hearts to be I try ?
A 'Dol."
"Dnmon" and Pvthias.
The "King."
Woven Wire Mattresses which will not mat; Iron Bds which fold; Spiml
Springs for upholsterer--' use; all mule right here in flonoluhi by
The Woven Wire Man, Hotel Street.
Himalya Asthma Eemedy
The Pamphlet doesn't
1 WO
Call o'.i or address the
anything the cure
In the evening anthems
"God Hath Appointed a Day,"
Tour? ; "Christ, the Lord, is Risen,"
buck; offertory, "The R-urrec-tion,"
Shelley ; response, " Bene
dicts, " Gound
The polorets will he Miss Richards,
Mrs. Warriner, Miss Axtell, V H.
Hoogs, H. P. Wiehojan. Miss
Burhans will be the organist and
At the service of the Knights
Teujpl.r, at 3 p m., pecial music
also wiil he givm. Tms service is
open to the public, and promises to
be of general interest.
Ladies' Fine French Linen,
Underwear, Etc.
Sold at Very Low Prices
Warranted not to ISreak or
Any Kind of Underwear made
to Order.
Keep your friends abroad posted
on Hawaiian hfiairs. Send them
copies of tbe Advertiser or Gazette.
For Sale.
mare .lilly, f;r Washing
ton, too of Georse M. PatUhfii
dam Simvey, bv Wslliams-in's
now curry in stock and can fill orders for sime promptly.
They have been thorougly tried and the fact that we have
spout and the leaves are bound sold SEVENTEEN on the island of Hawaii alone during the
to be caught in the strainer. Pat two months shows that the planters know a good thing
Handsom-Jy nickel plated and j when they see it
J a TXT 11 i. 1 t t ttii r t r i t m a
v o ttiii aeii tut; v eu-Kiiuvv n nun nreaKer, lis, i, io ana
16 inch, which is a'so made hy the MoLINE PLOW COM
PANY. One of our latent customer- says thi:
"Send me a 16 inch HallV Breaker, I have tried other
make lately and find they do not do the work that yours will."
We have all sizes of Plows from 4 to 16 inches; also side
hill and furrow Plows.
We have the lno-t com olete assortment of Tools of all
twenty pounds of ice a day. kind for cleaning sutrar or roffee lands.
When we assured her that she j Our stock of SHIP CHANDLERY and ROPE has been
could reduce the quantity half! added to lately and ,ve can furnish almost anything needed,
the amount she laughed 'at us I "WAUKEAN" BARBED WIRE is far ahead of auy other
It was just ten days after she j make- il nd you will he surprised with the results. If
commenced using it that she "u l 1 , 1VdUlCU Pmreuco c
If vou want a perfect wire stretcher send to
E. O. Hall & Son.
we sell them for a quarter of
a dollar.
We are having, a run on the
Alaska refrigerators, because
they are the best ever brought
to Honolulu. We sold one to
a lady who had been taking
came in and reported that she
now buys just half the quaniity
of ice she formerly did
Tbe Hawaiian Hardware Co, Lt4
Join the Columbia Bicycle Club.

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