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30 lQS
Commercial Advertiser.
SATURDAY : : : : : APRIL 30.
In 'analyzing the returns made of
taxer assessed and paid, we nave nu
desire to create any prejudice against
the corporations. They are the present
basis of our prosperity, and are not
only entitled to protection, but to gen
erous moral support from the commun
ity. The facts which we have presented
regarding our system of taxation are
simply undisputed. Whether or not we
draw the soundest inferences from
them is another thing. If the system
as unjust the sooner it is reconstructed
by the Legislature, the better it will
foe. The dominant party can have :s
vn way at present.
When the table of the taxes levied
and paid during the year 1S97, is fur
ther examined, it appears that the Eu
Topeaii and American corporations paid
a real estate tax of $79,1G9, while the
-natives and part natives paid a tax of
them here, why should we invite set
tlers and tell them that it does pay?
Perhaps we do not like to say to them
that the freight on a small package of
vegetables from Maui to Honolulu is
more than the freight on the same
package from Honolulu to San .Fran
cisco. We do not like to put it into
our glittering hand-books that trans
portation from Island to Island, distant
only a few miles from each other is
about as expensive as it is from Hono
lulu to China.
If regret at the departure of Ad
miral Miller today, is any evidence of
a breach of neutrality, by this coun
munity, in the "unpleasantness" be
tween Spain and the United States,
then we have indeed grossly violated
international law, and may be duly
consigned to Spanish dungeons.
Regiments and Honolulu to .Meet
for First Time.
The two real baseball nines of the
1S9S league will cross bats at the Ma
kiki diamond this afternoon. A con
test worth while is anticipated, as the
teams have been playing and practic
ing for a couple of months and have
besides about the best material in the
Islands. Hart will appear in the- box
for the first time this year. His arm
seems quite strong again. He will pitch
for the Regiment nine and Lemon will
do the twirling for the Honolulu. J.
Hansmann, one of the best men the
Regiment team had, 1s out of it for t.he
season. He wrenched a knee in last
Saturday's game, and while able to be
It is Foul
But It is
Soon Cured by Hood's
Yes, Scrofula, if anything, may be called
the advertisement of foul blood. It is the
ecourge of the world offensive, painful,
debilitating, stubborn and well nigh
Outward applicati- . do not cure, they
only drive the difficulty to new quarters.
Emollients may palliate, they cannot
abolish the evil. There is but one sure
way out, and that is to eliminate the
taint from the blood.
There is one remedy that can effect this,
and it is the only one that, bo far as we
know, has almost invariably succeeded
. hi... -nrw phnnpps with the even where the system has been poisoned
tLUUUL, -CU.l. lAirkC Ai'J i - -
I 1 , . a . I 4- ,1 4 V, wn-irvC! r lL
Ipjt Allan Jones, baving a Cy- oywugji umt,uu
clomere first prize in sight for this ev-
. 5 J. 1 T T"
An in cr will Tint" n flV W1LLL Lilt? XWtiil-
ments. He will be substituted by Scan-
. . i i
i Ion. These are the teams ior luuaj
Regiment Wilder c. Hart p. Davis
lb, Moore 2b, Gorman 3b, Lishman ss,
Kilev If, Bowers cf, Scanlon rf..
Honolulu Dayton c. Lemon p, Wil
lis lb, Koki 2b, Pryce 3b, Thompson
ss. Holt If, Kaanoi cf, Pahau rf.
Hennessey .has been released by the
m . 1
T)nn.;moTit miiTinppTTienr. and ma ue
be repaired are tremendous. That remedy
is Hood's Sarsaparilla. Read this :
" My daughter was afflicted with im
pure blood. There were running eores
all over her body and they caused her
much suffering. We tried medicines that
were recommended as blood puriners,
but could not see that they did any good.
A friend told me about Hood's barsapa
rilla and I began giving the girl this med
icine. The result was that she waa per
fectly cured after taking a few bottles.
She has had no symptoms of scrofula
sores since that time." Marietta M.
n n n n
Is the best in fact the One True Blood Turiner.
Insist upon Hood's; take no substitute.
In all probability fighting has begun
between Spain and the United States.
Spain backed dow.n in suspending hos
tilities, in the hope of making some
arrangement. But Congress has re
fused to give further time for nego
tiations, and the President has prompt
ly acted on the joint resolution de
claring Cuba to be free and independ
ent, without recognizing any special
$59,714. That is to say, tne native governing u - rrZ,- .-frt, Smith. South Middleboro. Mass.
-naid 75 per cent, as much as the cor- tary and naval forces are probably no seen on the neui later m iuc u-- , -
norations did that represent $36,000,000 executing their plans, which have been of an(ther aggregation, juanuwu iuiu
t mIffi,t Raid in won matured. Reliable will join the Honolulus m a
or paia up us5Lts. ""b"" " i - , .ot
renly to this statement that the cor- Even the laymen can read between couple of weeks now and will be arm-
norations owneu oui s""1" . - ,tlJv, -
.et,to nnd their assets mpnta of the fleets will be made with patrons of the game.
rUrsonal property, unusual rapidity, and may astonis'h At , two different places last evening
mnvntthe returns on fighting men. To the outsiders it would members of the Honolulu and Regi
personal estate, we find that the cor- seem as if the first blow struck (by the
Txiraticns paid $148,040 on personal es- American navy would be at Porto
tate If this amount is one per cent. Rico, which is said to be the basis of
on valuations, then it represents a val- Spain's coal supply. Vastly more im
uation of all the personal' property of portant than heavy guns, or rapid fir-
r,f 14 Rr.4 000. But the incr emns. or torpedoes, is the item of
total valuation of corporate assets is Coal. Spain fights at a distance ol 2.000
MC 000 000 from her CaSt lineS'
If the real and personal tax of the about to illustrate to the people of the
corporations, which is altogether the United States the value of a coaling
CSS ! $227 809 is a one per cent, rate, station like Hawaii. If she can hold
it represents an assessment or Porto Rico against the American fleet,
men il icyi ! .io.roto with ?reat force the
valuation of only ?22,'u,uuu ol 1U wm MtocriP
value or tnese isiauus ds "ua,-point.
ments figured out to a nicety victory
for today.
HnnH'c Pi 11c act harmoniously with
nOOU S f IIIJ Hood's Sarsananlla.
Wholesale Agents.
fa in .
Estate and Financial Agents
nm VI T
Telecbone 678
We are ready to purchase Large Estates near Honolulu and Hllo. eafl
Coffee Lands on Hawaii. .
Loans placed and negoUated; Estates taken charge of and mmm
Choice Lots for sale at Kewalo, at Punahou and the growing City or HJ
on the installment plan. Houses built for Investors. No trouble to irw
property to Intending purchasers.
Hollister & Co.
Import Cigars direct from Havana.
OeO' 000OeOeO00000C00000C
porate property, while the paid-up as
sets of the corporations reach $36,000,-
000. These paid up assets may not have
this value as commercial things, but a
difference or discrepancy of $13,000,000
t - cip-iiificant item. On the face
13 AAA VJ O O "
In Circuit Court.
Ninito Sumner, by her attorney, asks
that she be given a hearing in the
of it it seems as if this large amount John K. Sumner case on May 5.
or difference was not .taxed. In the appealed replevin case of W.
-r nrocAntPd and on the v. Wrisht against the Marshal, the
VJll lilt? Ufc"1" - - T p
actual sales of Hawaiian crops abroad Supreme Court approves the findung of
last year reaching over $15,000,000, the Circuit Court, which was against
Kome sensational conclusions might be the Marshal.
offered The only object in analyzing m Hawaiian Commercial Company
these returns is to suggest that the sys- Vs. Wailuku Sugar Company, the plain-
. , ;nn ;a T,nt Pnuitable. and tiff's bill for an injunction as disallow-
that it should be reconsidered, as much ed and an appeal from the Circuit
intprpst f our personal safety Court is taken
111 tUU MV -
and comfort in the future, as in the in
terests of justice and fair play.
Hollister & Co.'r" Cigars direct from tha
from the
Hollister & Co.lrapoFrtaZlSa CiRars' dircct
any section or mis i, mn p cnnn V Ot water at an A
UI1IMIV fcff'-j - IV
will cause anyone to won- enormOUS expeilbt?;, UUL a v
Hpr whv more sickness
J i- r,-(cf TVl O Ob
noxious orders from defec- such a quantity or water ana V
w T- -TT I - m V
tive sewerage auu "j
iot MH9P9 oueht to oe
W LU.. -
overcome and that at once
Hollister & Oo.,mpoFnTob3CCOSdirectfrom,"
April 30, 1898.
The Summer is fast ap
proaching and shortly the
usual dry weather will pre
vail, and stock will suffer.
It is all right with the big
plantations, which have large
. w Utpm mimns and set an
A WaiK lurougu uiuai 1 - 1 r -
Hollister & Co.,mpoFl?oSn8Tobaccosdirectfrom,he
grg., Go lmport Snuff direct from the Factor,es'
TTn, jP r. Import Three B Pipes direct from the Fac
MOlllStei 06 OO. tory in London.
Oo Hav Havana and Man!IaClgars ln Bond
Hollister & Co.Are tobacconists.
Hollister & Co.AreLocated at
Corner of Fort & Merchant Sts.
could not afford the price.
But with our different sized
s cooococooocoooooooooo
Surf Riding. 5 CENTS A GALLON.
By reason of our statement that the
dominant party is under obligations to
-4leal justly' with the Asiatics, in the
matter of taxation, we have received
several inquiries asking if we advo
cate giving the franchise to the Asiat
ics. These inquiries are inly a r ere
ction of. the old argument used against
the abolitionists by the coppe-r heads:
-You wish to free the slave? Do you
wish your sister to marry a nigger?"
Ioing the Asiatics justice does not
make it necessary to give them the
franchise. That is, it ought not to be
necessary to give it to them. But if
our own sense of right and justice does
not impel us to be just, it will be "ne
cenrv" if or the Asiatic to see to it
vs j M" r
Wright's Villa, Waikiki, at any time
on thirty minutes' notice.
The canoes are fine specimens and
are manned hy experienced natives.
Look after your cess
pools, water closets and
earbaee barrels. They are
fever producers. Keep
them free from offensive
It saves doctor's bills.
we supply any quantity up to
10,000 Gallons an Hour,
First Circuit, Hawaiian Islands.
Tn Probate. In the matter of the
Estate of BEATRICE M. G. LUCE,
On reading and filing the petition
of W. S. Luce, the Guardian of Beatrice
at. G. Luce, a minor, praying for an
order for license to mortgage certain
odorless 1 mm.
to tha said ward
, . I 1 0
that justice is done to him, and in time Wyllie street, Honolulu, being an
he will get it in some way. we are undiVided half interest in the home-
educatin" the young Asiatics in our steaa Qf Mary E. Luce, deceased, con-
nublic schools up to the Anglo-Saxon sisting of 1.88 acres, with the improve-
puDiic btuuuis m(vnf, thprpon. he ns: a nortion of Apa-
trick of having something to saj g R R
things, and if we do not wish them to forth certain legal reasons why such
y,ar. ,1C wft had oetter fciup
scheme of educating them.
So long as we are honestly attempt
ing to enforce "American Christian
civilization," here with justice auu
equity, the Asiatics may not be very
eager to ask for the franchise. But if
"Christian civilization" means unequal
taxation, or the commission of wrong,
or the omission to protect rights, we
may expect that, in due time, they will
look around for some way of securing
justice. It is easy enough to jump on
another, if you have tied him up hand
and foot. But if the other gets the
chance, and in time it comes, he will
give a return blow that may hurt.
Without annexation, we are about to
irv a most risky and-novel experiment
in the art of Government. The closer
we bring that art to the principles of
........ i,.i,flHor it will be. But this
does not necessarily involve the grant
ing of the franchise. The Northern
States of America would not, if they
could, repeat the error of 1SG3 and give
the negro an unrestricted franchise.
The Mariposa brought from the Col
onies distant some 4,000 miles, 305
packages of onions, 70 sacks of potatoes,
22boxcsof apples. As these are products
which can be cheaply raised here, why
are they imported from points distant
4,000 miles? If it does .not pay to raise
-ronl estate should he mortgaged
It is hereby ordered, that the next
of kin of the said ward and all per
sons interested in the said estate, ap
pear before this Court on Tuesday,
the 3rd day of May, A. D. 1S98, at 10
o'clock a. m., at the Court Room of
this Court, in Honolulu, Oahu, then and
there to show cause why an order
should not beg ranted for the mortgage
of such estate.
Dated Honolulu, II. I., April 10, 1S9S.
By the Court:
4S9G-13t Clerk.
at a minimum of expense. It is
unnecessary for us to enlarge
on the good qualities of the
Aermotor as they are
known to all people who
v v - 1 m -
I. ... n n,,-iHn T h Q
tants. Used In an tne nave ever gone uuiaiuc
prominent Hospitals and hardlv travel
D,,Knn -Rnfidlnirs throusrh- "J J
a mile in any direction wim-
coiner one or more of
UUL ivh.q w.
Thorough tests at various
times and under all condi
tions have made the Aermo
tor the Standard.
CRESOLENE beinR administered by Inhalation,
Kives tha safest and most effectual means of treat
ing the throat and bronchial tubes. Its efficiency 1
Whooping Cough anu Croup is wonderful. Its anti
septic virtues render it invaluable in contagion
diseases, as Diphtheria, Scarlet Fever, etc. Ins
criptive booklet with testimonials free, bold ajr
HOLLISTER DRUG CO., Honolulu, H. I., Agents.
Much simpler and more
convenient than Chloride
T.imp Carbolic Acid
and many other disinfec
out the United States.
Sold in any
from 25 cents
Give it a trial.
6 CO.
nii life tin.
Sole Agents.
307 FORT ST.
For Sunburn,
Rough Slrin
SOFT, WHITE SKIN Is within the
reach of every woman. All that is needed
to make the complexion faultless is Mails
Removes every facial blemish, takes
away redness ana oiliness, preserves and
beautifies the skin.
Prepared Only By
enson, Smith & Co.
5 .q r r j "iMoi FOR ONLY!
thicr ivppk. and in order to do this
The balance of the goods saved from tte blgjre TV following prices .....
New, Up-To-Date Shirt Waists, 35c; former P?e?' rfoe $1.50.
All Other Dress Goods in propoiwuu.
3An effort will be made to clear these goods
by the end of the month. Now is the time
to secure bargains.
2 ca
r-J Via

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