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(Continued from First Page.)
Forts on shore opened fire first. Terrific bombardment of
the American ships soon ended the light.
Four hundred Spaniards are reported killed, this including
two commanders.
American ships are apparently uninjured.
Manila may be bombarded now. The step was expected
unless there was a surrender.
Consul Williams left Manila just in time to reach Hong
Kong and join Commodore Dewey's fleet before it sailed to the
Philippines. Williams is supposed to have carried to the Com
modore complete data regarding the defense of Manila, and
particularly the mines and torpedoes in the harbor. This, with
the information supplied by the insurgent chiefs, probably
enabled Dewey to take his fleet safely into the harbor at night.
' ....
3 IMM-
N Mil, H"
Having carefully bottled up all the "blowing" done by our
competitors during the past few months we are now able to offer
the public FREE WIN D, and you will find same on tap a little
to the East of our King street store door, also near our JBicyde dis
play in the store.
hverybody is welcome to wind, and the connections will 'fit
any wheel.
By the "Zealandia" we have another shipment of RAMBLERS
and COLUMBIAS; also an Enameling Oven for our Repair Depart
ment. For new wheels, or for tha best repair work, go to
E. O. HALL & SON, Ld.
oooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Associate Press Dispatch 3. F. Chronicle.
NEW .YORK, April 5. The sales of the Remington
Standard Typewriter, the world over, for March this
year, largely exceeded any previous month in its his
tory. Typewriter sales are a good barometer of general
q industrial conditions.
0000000XX0XXX)0000XX00 oooooooooooooooo
H. HACKFELD & CO., Ltd,, Sole Agents,
Hamakua Plantation,
Paauilo, Hawaii, H. I.
Mr. J. G. Spencer,
Pacific Hardware Co.,
Dear Sir: The Secretary Disc Plow I pur
chased from you is giving us satisfaction. We
are using it to plow under a crop of lupins. They
are three feet high and very thick. Your plow
turns them completely under, at the same time
plowing the land fourteen inches deep.
I feel satisfied that with this plow the draft
for the same quantity and depth of work is as
6 to 8. That is, with the old plow, to do the same
work, it takes 8 good mules; with your plow it
takes only 6, and they are less tired at night.
Please send me another plow by first schooner
leaving for this.
You are at liberty to use this in any wayyou
may see fit. Yours truly,
LONDON, May The Madrid correspondent of the Stand
ard, telegraphing at midnight, says:
"Senor Agueilera, the civil governor of .Madrid, has just
posted on tl ie walls of the Home Otlice the customarv pro
clamation intimating that the civil authorities consider the
circumstances justify the handing over to the military author
ities the mission of keeping order.
-Lieutenant-C.eneral Daban. captain-general of Madrid, has
assumed charge and the first military patrols have just ap
peared in the Puerto del Sol. The measure has been taken in
consequence of the attitude of certain political parties since
yesterday. The whole garrison is ready in barracks."
(Special to the S. F. Bulletin).
NEW YOKK, May 4. A Key West dispatch says:
It is understood that this city is to be placed under martial
law on Friday, and the first step of the military will be to
arrest a dozen Americans who are known to be in the employ
of Spain.
The blockade of Cuba has been more or less of a failure,
and a number of small craft have succeeded in reaching Ha
vana and Mantanzas with supplies.
An oflicer of the Iowa says there is proof that the Italian
man-of-war fJiovanni Iiausan landed ammunition in Havana.
(Special to the S. F. Bulletin).
NEW YORK, May 4. A Key West dispatch says:
Late intelligence regarding the movements of Sampson's
fleet shows it is the intention of the Admiral to attack and
occupy Porto Pico before the Spanish fleet arrives. After
destroying the base of supplies there the American fleet will
put to sea in search of the Spanish vessels.
NEW YOKK, May 4. A dispatch fro mKey West says:
The crew of the United States steamer Eagle, formerly the
yacht Almy, are positive that one Spanish gunboat was sunk
in the fight at Cienfuegos, and that a torpedo boat was badly
damaged. It was necessary to stop the Spaniards' gunnery,
which was excellent. One shot knocked two feet off the
Eagle's bowsprit, and two flew over the decks. The Eagle was
alone at the beginning and the Spanish had ten boats, but
the little ship edged in as close as possible. The Eagle's people
say the Spaniards did excellent shooting. The cruiser Marble
head, steaming up, got a warm reception, but made the Span
iards run. Both ships fired over a hundred shots each.
LISBON, Mav 4. News has been received here to the effect
that the Spanish Cape Verde Squadron has returned to join
the Spanish fleet near Cadiz, which is nearly ready for sea.
It is added that the combined fleet of Spain will shortly start
for American waters.
WASHINGTON, May 4. The government has obtained
possession either by purchase or charter of the Pacific Mail
steamship City of Pekin, now at San Francisco, and she will
be put in condition to sail by the 15th at the latest, with coal,
stores and troops for Manila.
PARIS, May 3. General Woodford, former United States
Minister at Madrid, is a passenger on board La Touraine, which
left Havre Saturday for New York.
SOMMERS N. SMITH, off Key, via Key West, Fla., May 2.
The cruisers Marblehead and Nashville and the converted
yacht Eagle, forming the fourtli division of the North Atlantic
squadron and under command of Commander Bowman H.
McCalla of the Marblehead, sailed the early part of last week
for the south coast of Cuba. The division arrived off Cienfue
gos on Friday morning. About 10 o'clock the Nashville sight
ed a steamer to the westward and began a chase. After a
couple of hours the steamer was hove to by a shot across her
bows, and an armed boat's crew was sent aboard.
The prize proved to be the Spanish mail steamer Argonata,
bound from Batabano for Cienfuegos. The Argonata is an
iron steamer of about 500 tons burden, single screw and two
masted, schooner rigged, laden with general cargo and carry
ing forty passengers. Among the latter were ten Spanish
officers and ten soldiers. These, with their arms and accoutre
ments and 500 rounds of ammunition, were transferred to the
Nashville. The prize was captured about eight miles west of
Cienfuegos. The Marblehead steamed toward the Nashville;
and the Argonata and Eagle remained at the entrance to the
The Venezuela, a mail steamer from Havana, bound to
Cienfuegos with mails, dispatches, etc., was captured by the
Nashville off Cienfuegos with General Vincente de Cortejo
and his staff in all ten officers and 100 soldiers aboard. These
were all detained as prisoners of war.
KEY WEST, April 30. It is stated
by Cubans tonight that Blanco is burn
ing the interior towns of Cuba, and it
is believed the truth of the statement
is established by the great volumes of
smoke which were noticed rising from
the interior of the island yesterday.
means of preparations."
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State conferences at the White House are not unusual occurrences, but there ar.
tunes when they are of more than ordinary importance. When the President con
fers vrith a trio from the fighting: branch of his large family the situation is excep
tionally interesting.
leu you hi
Are what business men?
have a right to expect from
well managed legitimate en
terprises. Hundreds fail
where one succeeds, not from
want of merit in the goods
offered for sale, but because
of a lack of the right kind of
knowledge as to what their
customers require.
A good Carriage, Buggy or Harness don't forget to exam
THE ISLANDS. I can make vou nrfres whirh will inter
est you and which defy competition. Just received, ex "Albert:"
Extra Fine Surreys.
Roomy seats furnished in latest styles.
I guarantee all goods.
Fort St., above Club Stables.
A Cup
With one's breakfast is the most relished wkei
properly made, nor is that all the coffee must not
only be a grade, but freshly ground. We have an
excellent coffee mill (3 sizes)? suitable for the kit
chen wall, and just as a flyer we will sell them for
20 cts. each former price 50 cts.
20 Cts., 20 Cts., 20 Cts., 20 Cts.
We have a coffee pot that will make a delicious
cup of coffee in a remarkably short space of time.
Sanitary Plumbing a Specialty.
75-79 KING ST.
TELi NO. 31
Water -Or
iven Centri
VIENNA, April 30 The newspapers
of this city unanimously declare that
the Emperor Francis Joseph has not
contributed and will not contribute to
the Spanish national fund being rais
ed for the purpose of increasing the
strength of the Spanish navy.
The offer of the British Consul-Gen-eral
at Manila to place all Chinese
subjects in the Philippines under pro
tection of the British flag was rejected
by the Spanish Captain-General Au
gustin. The official note says: "This
news caused surprise, although people
are accustomed to the methods of
those who direct British interest."
MADRID, May 3. Weyler's organ,
El Liberal, has made a bitter attack
on the Government. EI Liberal says:
"It is unfair to blame the enemy for
possessing forces superior to ours, but
what is worthy of being blamed with
all possible vehemence is this infam
ous Government, which allowed our in
feriority without neutralizing it by
KINGSTON, (Jamaica), May 3. The
direct West India Cable Company has
received the following notification
from Barbadoes: "The Government
has established a censorship at this
station to supervise and control the
forwarding aijd delivery of telegrams
with the view to carrying out strictly
the neutrality laws."
LONDON, May 3. A special dis
patch from Madrid states that it is
Spain's intention to unite her naval
forces to crush the American squadron
in Cuban waters.
Which does away with two-thirds of the
floor space, three-fourths of the oil, and
the whole of the belting required for
drying sugar with the ordinary machine.
May be seen in motion on application to-
Queen St.
Founders and Machinists.
213 Queen St., bet. Alakea and Richards Sts., Honolulu.
Invite Enquiries for General Ironwork; Iron and Brass Cast
ings. Ships' Blacksmiths. Cemetery Railings and
Crestings Made to Order: Samples on Hand.
Hawaiian Gaz
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