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The Steamer Service
p 1
between Honolulu and San Francisco i
sadly mixed just at present, and as a
result it is hard to know just when goods that are due will arrive.
We still have a store well filled with nearly everything that anyone
needs in the Hardware line, to say nothing of Paints and Oils,
Leather of all kinds, Guns, Rifles and Cartridges, Bicycles and
Bicycle Supplies, and as we depend largely on sailing vessels from
New York, England and San Francisco we are able to keep our stock
well up all the lime. When needing anything in any of the above
lines try
E. O. HALL & SON, Ld.
In addition to recent invoices from'the United States,
The Pacific Hardware Co.
have just receive. direct from England:
Winsor &, Newton's Artists' Colors,
Color Boxes, Canvas, Academy Board
Palettes and Vouga's Studies,
Dandy Brushes, Wostenholm's Cutlery,
Wade and Butcher's Razors,
Open and Twisted Link Trace Chains,
And a full assortment of
Pacific Hardware Co.,
Fort Street.
Remington S
tanflard Typewriter!
A simple, compact, and durable machine, which successfully
performs the work of the pen, with a tremendous saving of
time and exertion.
It produces, with speed and certainty, in clearly legible
printed characters, one or many copies of any kind of writing,
excepting such as must be done in books.
To every one who has writing to do. In business circles its
desirability is assured. Lawyers and journalists cannot do
without it. Professional and scientific men realize its worth
to them. The author and thinker find it invaluable. It con
serves the most potent kind of energy that of the brain by
reducing to a minimum the mechanical labor of writing, and
distributing it among all the fingers of both hands. Writer's
cramp disappears where it is used. It- presents the printed
appearance of the work to the mind at once.
Any one of ordinary intelligence. A very few trials enable
any one tp write upon it readily. Thereafter it is only a mat
ter of practice.
C&TTON, HE33LL & C3.
founders and Machinists.
213 Queen St., bet. Alakea and Richards Sts., Honolulu.
Invite Enquiries for General Ironwork; Iron and Brass Cast
ings. Ships' Blacksmiths. Cemetery Railings and
Crestings Made to Order: Samples on Hand.
TEL. 410.
lead the Hawaiian Gazette
Issued Tuesdays and Fridays.
ACT 42. ,
Ax Act to Ami;m Sections 4, :H. o7, 71. 72, 7:J. 10, io. l7. 55.
- and GO ok Land Act of 1S!5. Ki;latin; To Pcdlic
lie it enacted hy the Legislature of the ReimhUc of Hawaii:
Section 1. Section 4 of Land Art 1S!)5 is ht-reby a mended
by striking out the words, '-except leases executed under the
provisions of Parts I and 7 of this Act," so that the section
as amended shall read as follows:
"Section 4. All future leases of Public Lands in the classes
of agricultural, pastoral and pastoral-agricultural lands may
contain a proviso that the Government may at any time with
reasonable notice and without compensation, except for im
provements .taken, take possession of any part of the premises
covered by such leases which may be required for laying out
and constructing new roads or improving or changing the line
or grade of old roads, and 'take from, such premises soil, rock
and gravel as may be necessary for the construction or im
provement of such roads; provided that such privilege of
taking without compensation shall not extend to such parts
of such premises as are under cultivation with annual crops
or sugar until such crops shall be harvested, nor to such parts
of such premises as are planted and cultivated with coffee,
fruit trees or other perennial crops, or occupied or improved
with permanent improvements, except fences."
Section 2. Section 0 of Land Act 1S95 is hereby amended
so that the section as amended shall read as follows:
"Section 30. Such charts of survey shall be open to public
inspection during business hours without charge. All appli
cations for any of said lots shall be made in person by the
applicant at the otlice of the lib-Agent, and shall include
a sworn declaration substantially according to the form of
Schedule A. The applicant shall pay to be Sub-Agent a fee
of two dollars at the time of making the application. Upon
receiving any such application and the said fee the Sub
Agent shall endorse upon the application the day and hour
of receiving the same and the receipt of the said fee. In
case two or more persons apply for the same lot, the ore
whose application is first received shall have the preference;
the fee deposited by the unsuccessful applicant shall.be re
turned to him. No application not including a declaration of
qualifications as above required or not accompanied with the
said fee shall be received or considered. All fees collected
shall be turned in and accounted for as Government Realiza
tions. Provided, however, that the Sub-Agent may in his discre
tion issue a certificate of occupation to any person qualified
to apply for Homestead Leases according to the provision of
Section 31 of the said Act, who has established and con
tinuously maintained a home upon Public Land for a period
beginning at any time before the publication of Land Act
1805, for such occupied land or a part thereof within the
limitations set forth in Section 28 of the said Act, without
the public notice provided in Section 29 of the paid Act."
Section 3. Section 57 of the said Act is hereby amended
to read as follows:
"Section 57. The Agent of Public Lands shall' thereupon
give public notice in the English and Hawaiian languages
through newspapers and posters, and, if he deem it advisable,
in any other language in which newspapers in the Republic
are published, and shall post such notice at the Post Office
and Court Ilouse of the District, declaring such lots to.be open
for occupation according to the provisions-therefor in this
part of this Act, or in his discretion, -declaring such lots to
be open for occupation according to the provisions therefor in
this part of this Act, or according to the provisions of Section
17 of this Act relating to special agreements of sale, at the
option, of qualified applicants."
Sect row 4. Sections 71, 72 and 73 of Land Act 1895 are
hereby amended by inserting the words "Right of Purchase
Leases and' immediately before the words "Cash Freeholds"
(wherever the words "Cash Freeholds-" occur in the
paid Section?), pubstitnting the words "Executive Council"
for the word "Cabinet"' in' said Section 71, and by inserting
the words ''Lessees and" immediately before the word "Free
holders" in said Section 72, so that the said sections as
amended shall read as follows:
"Section 71. In case six or more persons who are qualified
to applv for Right of Purchase Leases and Cash Freeholds
under this Act, shall form themselves into a Settlement Asso
ciation and apply for holdings in. one block of land, the Com
missioners may, w ith the approval of the Executive Council,
cause to be surveyed lots in one block corresponding in num-
, ber to the number of persons forming such Association, in
agricultural or pastoral land or both according to the pvo- ,
visions of this Act."
"Section 72. The provisions of this Act relative to Right
of Purchase Leases and Cash Freeholds shall be followed in
the settlement of such block of land, and shall apply to all
matters relating to .the' occupation thereof and the rights
and obligations" of the Government and Lessees and Free
holders under such occupation, provided that the notice by
the Agent of Public Lands declaring such land open for
settlement shall be directed to such Settlement Association
and shall be in one language only; and further provided, that
in case of the surrender or forfeiture of the holding of any
member of such Association, such holding if declared, open for
settlement shall be open to any applicant under the pro
visions of this .part of this Act.
"Section 73. If any lot of such block of land shall be
left for three months after such block is declared open for
settlement, without being taken up by any member of such
, Settlement Association, the same may be declared open for
settlement by any applicant under the provisions of this Act
relative to Right of Purchase Leases and Cash Freeholds, or
may be disposed of in any other manner provided in this Act
or may be reserved for public uses or otherwise at the discre
tion of the Commissioners.
- Section 5. Section? 10, 20, 27, 55, 62 and 69 of Land Act
1805 are hereby amended by substituting the words "Execu
tive Council" for the word "Cabinet." wherever the word
"Cabinet" now occurs in the said sections, so that the said
sections as amended shall read as follows:
"Section 10. The Commissioners with the approval of the
.Executive Council shall have power to purchase lands for
homestead purposes with any fund that may be appropriated
"Section 20. Previous to the last two years of the term
of anv general lease the Commissioners shall with the ap
proval of the Executive Council decide in regard to the
premises covered by such lease whether the same shall be de
mised under a new hast- or he reserved by the Government for
other disposition thereof under this Act, or for forest im
provements, or for the development of water supply, or ofher
public uses or otherwise, or whether a part should be so
served and a part demised under a new lease, and shall
promptly notify the lessee of such lease of the nature of such
"Section 27. The violation of any of the conditions of a
General Lease to be performed by the lessee, shall be sulli
cient cause for the Commissioners with the approval of the
Executive Council to take possession of the demised premises
without notice, demand or previous entry and with or without
legal process, and thereby determine the estate created hy
such lease."
"Section 55. The Commissioners of Public Lands with the
approval of the Executive Council are hereby authorized and
instructed to cause to be surveyed and set apart from time
to time suitable portions of public lands for the occupation of
such persons as may desire to obtain holdings under this part
of this Act. Such lands shall be selected only from agricul
tural and pastoral lands and shall be laid out in lots of not
over one hundred acres in first class agricultural land, not
over two hundred acres in second class agricultural land,
not over two acres in wet land, not over six hundred acres in
first class pastoral land, not over twelve hundred acres in
second class pastoral land, and not over four hundred acres
in mixed agricultural and pastoral land. Convenient roads
as to grade and direction shall be surveyed connecting such
lots with a public road."
"Section 62. The violation of any of the foregoing condi
tions shall be sufficient cause for the Commissioners, with
the approval of the Executive Council, to take possession of
the demised premises without notice, demand or previous en
try, and with or without legal process, and thereby determine,
the estate created by such lease."
"Section ;:. In case of default in the payment of any of
the sajd instalments for thirty days after the same are "due
respectively, or failure of performance of any other of the said
conditions, the Commissioners, with the approval of the Ex
ecutive Council may take possession of such premises without
notice, demand or previous entry and with or without legal
.process, and thereby determine the estate created by such
Freehold agreement."
Section C. This Act shall take effect upon publication.
Approved this 15th day of June. A. P. 1898.
President of the Republic of Hawaii.
eiorate for the Boys to Arrive,
....Just landed at the....
in rt'oiwaJ KB
A new stock of Fireworks, Stars and Stripes Decoration
Bunting ....
American Shields, President McKINLEY'S Pictures, Red,
White and Blue Festooning, .
American Bunting, Muslin and Silk Flags, all sizes; Button
hole Buttons, etc., etc.
S. W. Lederer.
j Cor. fluuanu and King Sts.
roc gs
8 55
eai Estate and Financial Agents
Telephone 678.
Progress Block, Fort St., Honolulu.
We are ready to purchase Large Estates near Honolulu and Hilo, and
Coffee Lands on Hawaii.
Loans placed and negotiated; Estates taken charge of and managed.
Choice Lots for sale at Kewalo, at Punahou and the growing City of Hilo
on the installment plan. Houses built for Investors. No trouble to Bho-w
property to intending purchasers.
Sale of Work and Fairl
Saturday, June IS,
In the Sunday School Room.
Flower, Fancy, Toy, Sewing, Candy,
Lemonade, Ice Cream, Coffee,
Table and Grab Box.
The Emerald Quintette Club in the
Doors open 2 to 5:30 and 7 to 9:30.
New Zealand Apples
We have just received a fresh sup
ply of New Zealand Apples and Sweet
Sorghum. Place your orders early.
Orders will be promptly filled as re
ceived. H. MAY & Co.

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