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Commercial Advertiser,
power of Congress to "coin money"
only. The shell was too small for the
Men, who have made millions in
stock speculating, and have finally lost
Kliem, anl then resort to bucket shops
3n ilime speculations, invariably agree
in "holding that thjeir failures were
largely due to an over-confident belief
an, their own smartness.
When a man is remarkably success
ful In "hitting it right" on the stock
exchange, his head begins to swell,
however prudent and conservative he
(has been, and he gives himself credit
for sagacity and brains, when hi3 suc
cess should be credited to good luck,
and opportunities which he did not
himself create. For this reason ninety
per cent, of those who have been very
successful stock operators, finally fail,
and end their lives in poverty.
The reasoning which satisfies this
-class of men is this: "I used my brains
and made up my mind to purchase
stock. I did purchase, and I have
made a lot of money. Now if I macte
money through my own judgment and
sagacity at one time, why should I
mot make it at another time?" The
fallacy of the argument lies in exclud
ing from consideration the forces at
-work coincidently in favor of the suc
cessful man, of which he knows little
or nothing. The things that make and
unmake values are many, and exact
knowledge of them is rarely obtain
able. The unexpected is ever iappen-
There i3 a limited class of men, who
upon reaching a fair amount of success
in speculations, do not deceive them
selves, and rigidly accept the doctrine
that stock speculation is mainly gam
bling, and they refuse to take new
risks. These are men of nerve, and
dare to recognize their own ignorance.
One of the common sights in a great
financial centre, like New York, or
Chicago is that of men who have made
sums on the exchanges, where wheat,
cotton and stocks are dealt in. They
have a prosperous look, live in fine
nouses, ride in carriages, and talk with
all the confidence of successful men.
A year or two Jater these same men,
and tthey number thousands, will be
living in cheap boarding houses, and
be borrowing small sums for margins
on limited purchases.
No doubt confidence in one's self is
a strong factor in business or specu
lative ventures. But it is a two-edged
sword if there is any truth in experi
ences. The self-made man of large
fortune is often a product manufactur
ed by the hand of Chance. He is wise
if (he knows this.
letter of the Constitution limited the student of this educated community
have published books or contemplate
coming out in a literary way between
covers. It's a desryerate venture. Tho.
national crab. The Supreme Court, ate Harold Frederic had the mind and
confronted with this vital question, j the training for making a book. He was
found out. ihp p.im for the oneninsr 1 called a success! ill author. Jt or his
k int.mrot popular books there
It said substantially that the nation
: had the right to save itself from ruin.
So ii interpreted the Constitution in
such a way as to make paper money
as good as gold coin.
It boidly met the necessities of the
case. The strict constitutionists on the
Bench did not agree with this opinion,
but the majority did. The Constitution
was simply enlarged by the Supreme
Court. The nation was saved from
sore distress, if not from widespread
bankruptcy. Congress could not reach
this result. The Supeme Court could.
It has, of course, a dangerous power,
but in all of its political decisions dur
ing the hundred years of its existence,
it has thoughtfully, wisely, and con
siderately sought lor, and expressed,
the best wisdom of the people. It has
no Jingo sentiments, and the Jingoes
and professional patriots are not very
fond of the Court. But the back bone
of the people, that is the national com
mon sense, is behind this great Court.
There is analogy between crabs and
tbeir shells and nations and their
constitutions. The shell of the crab is
bard and inflexible. But the crab
grows, and when its flesh is so large
that the shell cannot hold it. the fine
and imperceptible seams around the
under edges of the shell begin to open,
and they continue to open until the
crab draws his pulpy body, and soft
claws out of the shell, and hides for
Beveral days until a new, larger and
Siard shell has formed about the soft
body and claws. This curious process
of mature is repeated so long as the
crab grows.
Tne British .government, owing to
many can aes, has an elastic constitution
like the skin of an animal that en
3arges with .its growth. As the nation
grows the constitution readily grows
with it. The American constitution,
owing also to many and good reasons
is. on the other hand, like the shell
of a crab, 'hard and apparently inflex
ible. But it ha3 some fine seams in it,
like the seams in the body of the crab
that open under great pressure, and
allow the nation to enlarge itself. The
Founders did not intend to allow any
seams to exist, excepting only one
ntfbich they called "Constitutional Am
endments," that turn out to be useful
fin some ways, but impracticable in
other ways.
They did, 'however, almost uncon
sciously provide a seam, by giving the
Supreme Court the power to interpret
the constitution and the laws. This
power is vast and indefinite. It can
open the constitution as the crab opens
its sbell, and so permit tfie lawful
growth of the nation along the lines
of Expansion.
For instance. The Constitution per
mits Congress to "coin money," but
grants no authority to issue paper
money. The Founders knew too well
the evils of paper money.
The gigantic Civil "War could not
be carried on upon a specie basis, in
the opinion of Congress. Paper money
was therefore issue, and by law made
the equivalent of coin. After the close
of the war, there were $1,500,000,000
of this paper money outstanding, and
the Supreme Court was required to de
termine whether Or not the issue of
this paper money was constitutional.
If it was not constitutional, and the
imoney was worthless, national bank
ruptcy would have followed at once.
That result 'was plain enough. The
Just as the British nation has en
larged its unwritten constitution, the
American nation, aided by the Su
preme Court, will enlarge the Federal
constitution. What is simply written
law must give way to the final and
settled thought of the average citi
zen. Strict constitutionists, conservatives
and Anti-Imperialists are of the high
est value in preventing a premature
opening of the seams in the constitu
tional shell, or in making experimental
openings. They feel that it is a solemn
thing to declare that "the nation has
outgrown its constitution." They have
the right to feel some apprehension.
But they may be justly criticised for
failing to take in that broader and
wiser view that makes the inevitable
growth of the people the first consideration.
was a
combined sale of less than 18.000
copies. Frederic in his later years had
an affluent salary as commissioner at
London for one of the American
dailies. He left no estate.
A San Francisco weekly states under
its first page headline that it is "De
voted to the leading interests of Cali
fornia and the Pacific Coast." A few
inches below this confession of faith is
the mild suggestion that the members
cf the Board of education there should
be lynched. If half that is said about
these members is true, they- should be
in prison, where there are bars all
around, but no liquor. However, it
does not seem to occur to the critics
that it would be ta good plan to at least
attempt to put the law on the Board of
Education gentlemen.
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Honolulu Messenger Service deliver
messages and packages. Tel. 378.
It is too bad that McKinley's south
ern popularity cannot be stored away
for use at the next election.
Frank L. Unger has broken into the
society column of a San Francisco pa
per with an attack of "symptoms of
the grippe."
Maj. Potter is not likely .to get
"stuck" on his buy of Foreign Office
Postage Stamps. 'Twas a good invest
ment he made.
As one beneficial result of the war
there has not been so much beard of
Sharkey, the successful pugilist, being
the pride of the navy. The tin with
Spain elevated the forecastle standard
in the combative ideal.
It has been figured that the occupa
tion of the Philippines will cost $G0,
000,000 a year until the natives are giv
en political working cards for them
selves. The sum mentioned is just
about the size of the United States pen
sion roll.
A late frost overtook .the only T.
Daniel Frawley's San Francisco stock
company at Kansas City. T. Daniel,
by the way, has not kept a promise he
made from the stage here one night.
His pledge, in his own words, was that
he intended to "make these annual
visits to Hawaii every year."
The friends of Roberts, the Utah
Congressman-elect, who is a polygam
ist to the extent of three wives, con
tend that the man is legally united and
morally bound to them. Up to date
the people of the United States have
not asked Roberts to rearrange his do
mestic affairs. The popular voice,
pitched to the key of a demand for
decency, merely insists, just now, that
such a man as Roberts should be kept
out of the National Legislature.
A good many of the scholars and
IV the advice given in those three
words is heeded, good health will fol
low. City water is not good for many
reasons, principally, because it is con
taminated with vegetable and putrid
matter of all descriptions. A simple
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water at our Soda Counter to all who
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deliver the water to your home In case
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January 20th, 1899.
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the peopie of Honolulu can
boast of. is the excellent
Kona coffee. No doubt there
are some who will contradict
this, but we would like to ex
plain a thing or two to you,
then perhaps you will cor
roborate our statement.
Probably the last lot of cof
fee you purchased did not
taste just like the former
batch, and you of course came
to the conclusion your Grocer
must have given you an in
ferior coffee. Well perhaps he
did, or did not, but you should
use a little consideration and
direct your thoughts to the
Coffee Pot. It has no doubt
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liar burnt taste. If such is the
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