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Gallant CommaBfler's Tribute to
His Bit Chief.
Plea for Revival of Grade of Ad
miral For Dewey Size of Vic
tory Strain Cool Friend.
The following splendid tetter was
'written to Senator Perkins of Califor
nia and published in the Army and
Navy Journal:
U. S. S. Charleston,
Cavite, P. I., Oct. 30, 1898.
jMy dear Governor: I am sure you
will allow me to take up a small
amount of. your time in asking you
to ido all in your power to have Con
gress confer upon Read Admiral Dew
ey a reward approaching the value
of the great services .he has rendered
to our country. I speak not only as
a naval officer in this, but as a Cali
fomian, for Admiral Dewey in his ac
tion of May 1, the most brilliant and
far-reaching in its effect of modern
jiaval battles, was defending our "West
ern porta and securing the whole Pa
cific Coast against any possible Span
ish attack.
Of the battle of Manila May 1, I
need say few words, as all the world
recognizes its paramount importance
In the late war, but when one reraem
lers that the Admiral, with a squad
ron of only six cruisers, over 7,000
miles from a home port, or place of
repairs to his ships, entered the bay
ot Manila, passing iheavy batteries and
crossing submarine mines by which
the bay was defended" in order to reach
ihis enemy, who had a' greater number
of vessels with every advantage of po
sition, supported iby well placed bat
teries on shore, it is seen that Dewey's
victory haa no parallel in naval his
tory. And the completeness with which
the work is done, without the loss of
a man on our side, is, and will always
be, a surprise to men who study naval
actions. The conditions had been so
well understood by the Admiral, and
his plans so thoroughly matured, that
on sailing from Hong Kong he was
The Islands
Fine Portraits!
able to fix practically the ho;ir at
which ho would attack th Spanish
fleet, ami had to give few orders in
action beyond those to follow his t.z
and to close in on the enemy.
After the battle of May 1 can a
long period of anxious waiting and
exposure for the Admiral, who had it
in his power to compel the surrender
of Manila at any moment, l ut had
not the force to preserve order in a
city of 200,000 people and at th some
time guard the vital interests und.-r
his charge. Holding the city and hay
in a grip of steel, from which there
was no escape, in the face of the thin
ly disguised hostility of the naval force
of a pretended friendly power. Dewey
showed patience, resolution, unerring
judgment in every phase of the situ
ation, and a readiness to meet all con
ditions and act for the highest inter
ests of the country that have never
been surpassed by any military leader,
of our own or any other nation.
The surrender of Manila, and with
it practically the Philippine Islands,
was the result of Dewey's plans, and,
as he commenced the active operations
of the .brilliant war with a victory, he
closed it in a most appropriate fashion
by securing all the fruits of that vic
Our country is always ready to ap
plaud gallantry In battle, and no voice
was raised against the action of Con
gress in promptly carrying out the
President's recommendation to give to
Commodore Dewey the thanks of the
country and to advance him to the
grade of Rear Admiral. But Congress
and the President, all unwittingly we
must believe, did not see that their
action practically failed to do what
they intended. The Admiral was pro
moted two numbers on the Navy Reg
ister, a smaller promotion than was
given his juniors, he received his pro
motion only four months sooner than
he would have attained the rank of
Rear Admiral had he remained quiet
ly ashore during the war, and finally
the thanks of Congress carried no ad
ditional service, as such action did
during the war between the States,
when men far interior to Dewey were
given ten years' extra service.
It is not too late to correct the mis
take made, and it seems only neces
sary to state the case to secure prompt
action by Congress; action that wo.ild
be applauded by the country at large
and appreciated by the naval service
as lan act of justice.
The grade of Admiral was crea:cd
in our Navy for Farragut, who was the
leading naval officer of the world in
his day. His true successor in me.-u.
and in the grateful appreciation of
his country, is Dewey, and as the
grade of Admiral was expressly cro-
Hawaiian Gazette Company, limited
In Paper Covers
In Cloth
In Leather
- i
vice the rank should ! !:oai u;
on R'-'ar Admiral Dewey, ah ha r.:
only won the nchl to the hUh ; dis
tinction shown to o ir Navy, b it
?er vices would thus ! ryTv-l t
the rouatry.
I believe 1 can scy with . oati ! :;- .
that you know I liave n-vt r r'vi-.-; 1
your influence for any measure not. in
the hst interests cf the Navy, an!
hence I can now mor frciy .uk .
as the senior cen:.or from th 1'aclf.c
Coast, to introduce a bill reviving th
grade of Admiral in the Navy an 1 or.
ferring that rank on R-ar Admiral
Dewey, or to support such a Al in
the Naval Committee and Senate
should it have been already intro
ANGI2LKS. Jan. '2 ;. To-.Uy
witnessed the completion in every
d -
tail of the longest power transmission
system in the world, that which .sup
plies the city of I-os Angeles with
electricity from power i.'ve!o;ed at th
head of the Santa An.i river, eighty
miles away. A telegram was sent from
this city to-day by Senator G. H. Mar
ker of the IMisonKIectricCompany and
Southern California Power Coxnmny
to C. A. Coffin, president of the General
Electric Company in New York. In
forming him of the completion of the
work and Its successful operation for
forty-eight hours. The system has oc
cupied several years in building and
has caused the expenditure of large
sums of money. The wires enter the
city on underground conduits.
WASHINGTON. Jan. 31. A h vva
passed at the opening of the Senate
session to-day granting extra pay t.
the officers and men of the temporary
force of the navy two months extra
pay to tho'.e who served lx-yond the
limits of the United States and one
month's pay to those who served with
in the United Slates. The provision
of the bill are apply to all such tem
porary force vvhetlver discharged yet
or not.
One of the most Important art
Taught in the Ilritish Army Is the art
of cooking. A School of Cookery is es
tablished at each important headquar
ters at which the privates detailed for
the cook-tent are taught the "divine
art" of properly preparing the food
served out for the company mes.-cs.
The result may 1k seen in some degree
by the immunity of the expedition late
ly operating against the Dervishes In
Kffypt from stomach and other food
at-d and reserved fvr spxial wa.-
$ I.OO
C3 Advancement
Colored Race.
Rc port Made by Rev. Ceo W. Moore
of NahvlUo-Hn Bern De
tail InvetliiAt!on.
Ni:V YORK. Jan. ! Tr. r.-i ! -:.:.iry
l:i the Sv;:h Ar.T;o.i
M;.;onnry S ;:'. R v. Gece .
M.xre of Nashville. ha. n.ade . i t -tr.i.-ttil
ar..l dttald tnv?ca:lon er.
rnlr.,r the r.csm in prtflntl life.
He reports that in In?-: thr erc
ir.ll students In profv!)naI co-inw la
-o!orel sehto!j. and f the i;s ej..
Tlur weri Tt'3 Mud &!a and 7 cra.1
uate In theology, 121 ntudnt and 21
graduates in law, 2S tudn: and 2J
gradtuites In metliclne, and praduatr
In pharmacy, and MudntJ and !
ma luite In ni:r training. There
were 2.1 schools of thxilojrr, 5 MrhV.
if law and ! chx! of mtdic.r.e. In
addition to these ohoo!. which hae
lrn rstabllshed for l he r.rj:ro la pr
t' sslonal life. w dv.rs if he V.idins
cc!!cgc and unlvrr .f the Nrth.
Uast and West are or: t .;ra.
Sine.' lM there have n crad-
uate. who rvr!.vl !tp:mis iror.i
reputable medical -o!lrs . nviklns a
total of sol. This 1U: d.n s n: Include
the large nutnlfr of ner.i r.a whi
have gradtiatrd from Northern Institu
tions. There are twelve jchoV,4 Tr
training colored womea a nurses. The
Frredmen's Hospital of Vah!nston.
D. C, is the lare.-; ho-ip'.Ul In the
country open to colored peo?l- The
me Ilea I tlepartmrnt of Howard Uni
versity Is located at this hospital. It
has graduated 2.13 r!ored dH-tor..
Meharry Medical Oo!; of Nash
ville. Tenn., ha gradaatel 210 men tn
medicine. ZT, In d:Jitry and 13 In
Shaw University of IUL i'h. N. i.
s.Ua has a xvell-tuipr'1 radical
.-ehiHil. Abie corps of colored physi
cians are associated with white rhyjI
cians as professors In fie of the t:X
mi .Ileal colleges -s:abli!hNl in the
S.ith fr colored physician. There
are a number of colored phy.W i.ir.s and
Cvy Cxfi?3
Able Articles
lh department
it : 1 V-i
a:. !
la the i j.h o n t.t t" rvl rr-a
c-j:t a r.::r.--r ? c':
Ya. !i-:vr!. li'.n U:;;
I'r.!. r;: f M; v..n
Th a:r u. :t t"1 rr.:-
K;i r-I ar.4 Pr . y :-:un m. :;".:?
ti- -! rr n. ;: tJ,-y f. rnj ra-y
1 V
ar. ! lUp?:
!!;; ;al. t.; Afr;n Mth !.:
pal Z;n and the r:.r-d M-:h !.:
I!p:.;vi! hut Vj. t.:!,rr :h-.r
minister. r-t ;! tcf ;-:. fa
:h:r rh :r.he.
A Cordial lae Vi!l li- Git en Acs iroa
IX)NIX)N. Jan. 23 The Kac'.Uh p-l-V.e
U K.iinc formard mllh !atrrt to
the ;t of the American fie--i in Jane
and Krt are the preparation ta-ak-ItiZ
!y the Admirattjr to rre the
5ctrio'i American ?hlp. It U h-rpl
that t!w Nat Iepanm-nt i'.l f,i
ti hij I a more rrpre'ntuTite f'U-l
ren than thai mentioned li the Kss-
jlih xrr an 1 rmrt;ini; the croir
iChlcai. UrtiIJjn. NeatU an 1 Nah
S . The nnly Ar; rU.n armrrl
r! In that V.m U the itri.!j n. hkh
jli.i already !e-n hre. It r. Un-
rie S.m. repf--n:i!o h-v d i;ir.c
the q-ievn Ju!'i!ri.
The nr.s!lh channel siaadrua UUU
will receUe. the vr.M-U l lir.c rn'lrt
ly rfltte.1 an I VTrha:!l aa I th
! ike of York i!l command U. The
crral latt'eihlp St. Gire U l-itic
catlrely rciit'.e.! acd o rr hau!r! la an-
tirlpation of Cyia bin fla. an! be Me
all the UritUh J-ttathan etir rtadroa
ill apjar rry mail in! n;e
fh;; can t nt.
"1 think I ttouM ro ctasy ;th pa:a
were ll no: for ChamlKtlala'n Taia
IUlm," wrltf Mr. W. II. Stap'.cia.
Hcrmlale. Pa. I ba Uca atr.ictrd
with rh-c'tmatiam for cral j-ear aai
have trieI remcdiet mithcul n timber.
hai Iain Itaim I the K;rd5cinc I
have pot ho!4 of." One application rir-
lievrii thi pain, lor ia!e by IleoiMaa
Smith A; Co., Id . mholciualc a;raU.
Alexander. Dr.
r. :n the Ur.;vd S i
::. th rr. f Maj r.
Hosmer, Prof. Richards,
and others.
.vi:!:n us 7 it ani)h;s
P.- : - a r. : A ;;:
n : : a:, u
i'z. -a a
3 -ii
1 I"a
i a v a 1 : y t" itt
Zi.l i.4t;ts mc4;.:i li-
TL't !nai;ta "nm-r n
T!i.e t )c inrt tt;e .tif a
Attcc'I with vo;4?al l:-z.i!t.
fr r t- trt. atj S te 1
sva r;c a! 1 K r a:.l m.t4
it t-;r I'. . i,jtaas:! r4 t
!;c:v:e. i:c-itar i': ;a Kni. ne;
h: 1 .. S it.! t-a tiw ;er,
:I.r wte a:trsd4 !j tt-e csa
.;! th m'.fe of t,e c;U:a t."ftet
tt the t(tr jin-i ma ami.sc . -
kw -mithtni: teirc far sej
at; 1 all. ra if t& lhrrrj.r- 4il
rrah 1J !a t!;e kde.
-Sj Co!. Ii3i era oV.lcJscty i..t
aa rr!r th.al lle ma Vra:4 so
er attcad rrJoa r1rr atttrl in
trt'rVal cwsame.
list th troaK- ra4wl ly i"
ca a irtw? aip d'4 tHt rr te.- It
thai x hcicr Uoth 25il tet
ri:cel up) oa tl" f tt ItiJUn
xu te :4.r ! i4 tKa
to diu". as I M aa -2 t
the tt'z -jiff ttai'a arrai:'?:tit t-
pum frm tte ccctae j, i w
rrrat .nrarri f -a ma.r
tV m. Ii a;ca4 tl vw cf :3.-
!i.i,mr tth as 1 t!js --MJr t- s-
aa:?a:eik prc-a;i aa4 minas cf-j-trnare,
cj)1 te h4 frca re d
liir.-'om of the a!ia orvJpir-I 5V the
mife 4 the chjpiain. llfrrr! Ti"
tady a vV-rlJ J4 tb tuar
f ijehti-mrr lath taaU le doof a"ay
Sth. U;wa the cI vosiaaV cyioj
p):a: the order aorwriisclr
el. Thi U hy the iKiyn cf the r.Ji
Kan4 a:e rt.f4 la may t3 -
ma ta ?rp hiyK.""
J.2jaaei esafrh thrra.'fa t
cttl lh? Smed:a. Tb t;cr:a'Jt4.
vUch van 5,c:3 ctxmi cf toteik a list
row to 9.x.cx3 rrt. la 2.
C;oj ejtMf la 1C Tbe rir rr
raje f.f 7.2 J toten U tlCZ&. Ja;a
no yp;45c ChSsa aad Ia3iov, &S.4 i
worilnf: It r lata th !tr;tiph
for a
Hundred Year!
Beautiful Views I
Emerson. Prrkf

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