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H' oMMi:i:riAE aivi:ktisi:i:
IIONnl.n.r. MAIIt'H. '21. 1V0.
f t'A.vjir it
Commercial Advertiser.
Mr. Cooper should discharge the du
lies of Attorney General v,i:h credit to
himsoif, because he has had consider
able judicial experience, and was held
in (nigh estimation by the Bar a.s a
judge, lie is also familiar with the
social condition of our mixed races
and will not make errors from lack of
knowledge. He is xdso familiar with
the roiiLne duties of the Attorney Gen
oraTs ofllce.
Ho has yet to show what his execu
tive, ability is in the rather difficult
position of President of the Rcard of
Health. The sanitary conditions of the
city requ-- constant attention, and in
enforcing sanitary regulations there is
always more or less friction. He will
undoubtedly mtake an efficient officer.
At the time, in 1897, when Mr.
Cooper, as acting Attorney General,
drove 'back to Japan 1159 immigrants,
tho Advertiser believed that it wa3 an
unnecessary act of cruelty, and, prob
ably, a violation of the treaty rights.
The subsequent payment of indemnity
was not however a recognition of the
correctness of the legal position taken
3y ;tho Japanese government.
At the time the poor unfortunate
immigrants were driven back, it seem
od as if he alone was responsible for
a cruel act, even if it was lawful. Hut,
an justice to Mr. Cooper, it should be
(mid that he only represented the
views of the dominant party in the
community which had declared in its
platform that all of its power and
inlluence would be used to restrict
Asiatic immigration. Guided as it was
3y lofty principles in its purpose to
make these Islands a -White Man's
country, it exacted of the Attorney
loneral and he responded to it, the
utmost vigilance in driving back the
Asiatic invasion. It was not JMr. Coop
or, 'but the community acting through
ttrim that forced the unhappy immi
grants home. The government must
represent the people.
Since that fearful outbreak of in
dignation against the .Asiatics,
fuho community, including the do
minant party, has found on a closer
and more exhaustive analysis of its
lofty principles, that it is a very nar-
row and "un-American" view ot the
matter to Tesist any Japanese invasion.
On the other hand, we are under the
strongest obligations as humble assist
ants in carrying the White Man's bur
den, to give the "open door" to the
Japanese. This we are now doing, and
If 'Providence permits, will continue to
do, until selfish politicians on the
Mainland interfere and arrest the good
(work. , r
!Mr. Cooper, as. he reflects xipon the
(position which he was forced to take
iy the dominant party, will quite agree
with Disraeli when he said that:
"There i$ .nothing in which the power
of circumstance is more evident than
in politics." Another power of circum
stance operates with overwhelming
force when there is a dollar in sight,
We hope that Mr. Cooper will, in the
coming years, the identified with the
progress of these Islands,, and, if he
desires to hold office, will' secure it,
iby reason of meritorious services ren
the amount of saccharin? rr.a.tf:
the canv will def-rminc t!:- qi -tinn
of profit or Iozj. A difference of S p-r
cent, will, in the czzo cf a 10,0- '0 ton
plantation, make a difference of a mil
lion of dollars on the. valuf i;s
Our own planters arf thoroughly
alive to the importance of this mattc-iv
At the same time, their great su -cess
in the ne of water by irrigating meth
ods attracts the attention of the sugar
cane planters in all parts of the world,
and they are educating them to adept
the same course.
It is now said that the beet sugar in
dustry of California will be recon
structed, and that hereafter the lets
will I grown only upon lands subject
to irrigation.
The 'Planters' Monthly quotes iai
length from the discussion of the sugar
planters of Jjouisiana, at their annual
aneeting, on ie causes of the different
percentages of sugar in cane. In any
close competition in. the production cf
s gar, profit or loss will be determined
by the difference of this percentage. It
was stated in the debate that in De
merara and other countries the per
centage of sugar rarely rose above
twelve per cent, because the canes were
gorged with .moisture. In other coun
tries where it is dry, or there is a ces
sation of moisture, the percentage rises
to 16, 17, and even as high as 20 per
-cent. The same differences in sacchar
ine matter are found in the cultivation
of watermelons, and they are due,
aside from the chemical properties of
the soil, to the amount of moisture.
The Southern darky prays for dry
weather when his melons are ripening.
This effect of more or less moisture
on crops, so far as sugar is con
cerned, is well known to all intelli
gent planters, but the laymen under
stand it imperfecty.
The time will soon come when uie
amount of excessive moisture during
the season will " become an important
factor in calculating the values of su
gar plantations.
It is settled, of course, that a plan
tation with an ample irrigating sys
tem, Is of much greater value than
the plantation that trusts to Heaven
for rain, other things being equal. But
an the close and even fierce competi
tion In the production of sugar at the
lowest possible cost, which must take
place whenever protective duties are
abolished, a very little difference in
I'oor China hos nu prr?s age:;'.
It is evident that the latent, nr.vs
from Manila has no. yet reach e 1 V r.o
The Presid.c-nt is keeping a .n cf
people busy trying to think cut what
he is trying to think out.
The verse put forth on Kipling's ill
ness and recovery and on the git a:
writer's latest poem will soon 'pial
in measure the rhymes inspired by the
Major-General Otis knows the luys
of his army when he says that :liey
are all anxious to stay in the !kdd
till the last man jack of the enemy has
Rev. Jr. Talmag3 is again a free
lance and may onc3 more visit Hawaii
and preaeu a sermon beautifully and
store up some sentimental po!itical
They ought now to charge Gen. Al
ger with trying to get Admiral Dewey's
job. This is about the only possible
offense for which the Secretary of War
has not yet been arraigned.
The tributes to the memory of the
We Judge H. A. Widemann spoken in
the Supreme Court were sincere. There
was an absence of tone of fulsome flat
tery and there was earnest acknowl
edgment of the worth of ithe dead jur
ist. There is shown in this single in
cident that while political feeling here
during the past six years ran high, it
could not sever old friendships.
Holy Week.
The following union meetings will
be held during Good Friday (next)
Tuesday Service at the Christian
Church. Speaker, Rev. C. M. Hyde.
Wednesday Service at Methodist
church. Speaker, Wm. M. Kincaid.
Subject: "God's Love to Man."
Thursday Services at Central Union
Church. Speaker, Wm. A. Gardner.
Subject: "Man's Love to God."
Friday Service at Central Union
Church. Speaker, Rev. G. L. Pearson.
Communion address.
ISalloon Corps at Work.
Deputy Marshal Chillingworth and
Ohas. Faneuf .made a successful raid
on Chinese gamblers last night. Twen
ty-eight were captured, together with
a lot of incriminating evidence.
The den was situated on Hotel street.
There was no entranco visible. The
Deputy Marshal however heard, the
click of the bones and was determined
not to be baffled. Accompanied by Fa
neuf he scaled the roof. Refore he
knew it he. crashed through, landing
in the midst of the astonished Celestials.
The Gazette (semi-weekly) will b
tssaed thla morrlng In time for thf
outgoing island and foreign malls.
Organization .Now Complete
Ouotions at Ilnd.
The second n;e;ir.g of ;h newly or
Stnized Mini.-fria! Union v,u I 1 a:
the Y. M. C. A. y-t-rday. Th-iv wu
a good a:trndar..-e of mini.-: ri an I
others v.-ho are connected with Chris
tian organizations. The by-laws an 1
constitution, which had b n drawn up
by a commit' ec appointed for that pur
pose, were presf nted to the mc:aUr.s
and approved. The constitution wu
signed by about fifteen Cf those pres
ent. Reports wen? th.-n ivad by rainistvr.s
and heads of religious organization.
Japanese and Chinese missions. Salva
tion Army, V. M. C. A., and many
other subjects came up for discussion.
Tho urometers of the Union are v rv
much pleased at thj succos with which
ineir rrtorts are meeting. They think
that it will b. a great powtr toward
creating unity and harmony in th
many different branches f Gos;. i
work. It is Intended to map out a
course of tudy of theological an.! so
ciological questions. Many other plan
are in contemplation with a view to
ward creating interest in the work h--
If the advice given in those three
words Is heeded, good health will fol
low. City water is not good for man)
reasons, principally, because It Is con
taminated with vegetable and putrid
matter of all descriptions. A simple
analysU shows this to be a fact.
Our doctors are busy treating pa.
ticnts who are suffering from com
plaints, more especially malarial dis
orders, which will be materially bene
fitted if they drink a water that la pur
and possesses curative features, as does
Bartlett Spring Water.
Ask your family physician about thf
water, and if he Is honest he will en
dorse Its use.
AH who have drank the water speak
in the highest of terms for It.
This climate demands the use of
such a water and you cannot afford to
be without it.
We "will serve free of charge a glas
of this wonderful natural Spring
water at our Soda Counter to all who
care to ccme and test Ita virtues. We
deliver the water to your home in cats
lou at JC.50 for 50 pints. 19.50 for 50
Aimort Blind paCjfjC Heights" Notice
Scrofula Affects the Cvcs-Llttlc 0 '
Scrofula Affects the Eyes Little
Boy Treated b an Oculist With
out Relief-Cut Now Ho Is Well.
Wbn my Uttlo ty m thr rr-nth
old hi
aln.ot Mind. I tv'c li'r. to n iul!:
who triated him for l rr.or.ths n:id !cf:
h!r.i a I j I a hr at t!.e l:'.nn!n;.
Iir.!ly HKd' -jv4r;!l m rrc m
mended and I l-rCla civlrc It to Mm.
In Io) than three nnV u
to fo into t!o m m without w.rrinc
hi ry-. and tt!T Li ryc are jrfr tly
well, and hi rar and u, which wert
t-adly affected, aro alo ntl. lLvx!
SararilU h crrtalnly dor.c nondcrt
fr my loy." Mr.,. Jami j II. Painter,
Arr.a'lor. California. i:r:rnitf
n n n q
r i it i i
At!.!n: ?i !t f. r jvt.f til --r
Hood's Iills i'Llii.-
March :oth, io)9.
Our .Iv r!L r..:i!- r il.o
month have Wm il;rv;f l. rally,
to Xho !uu.4onlf. !)'tt c tJiir.
In our store that will 1 ln:vr'.t t
ibo wife a- well . h :i ..:: I. No
iluub: yiii b.irI a -wt;: ;.. r ira.ty
.i few wYk. at:o. . ..u .i4 rl.Iir.:
ibnvn Tort 5tre :. U:- u ! .Vtily
got frlsine.! at fur.;.' olj-v:, 1-canic
'inra.i::jsiMMc an J :artcl to run away.
The man triel every effort check th
horse, hut without avail. A man kar
nenel t be coming t: t!; sttrel oa
his bicycle an.I lcforr he cotiM j:cl otit
of the way. th? hore, vehicle an I all
were uroa him. Th Meycl!t vjt
seriously hurt and wa conf.nM to hi
bril for sonic time. Now who !u you
think In to blame for that u.-ciJent? Wc
blame th tlrlvrr. a 1 hve
hal one of
Aj j'!uM!:n will !-? rcvc:vrl al th :Y.c .f H;u o Wrirs Cc
f- r t!.e :ifi-h.iv if 4in
ItuaJol a tl.e n ap:jlf.int l.UUl Je
Iftwrrn NtUMtut ami r.ui Valley ar.il o :x:rr.ir.I;n a uj:l marine
."nl-.-rr.:c v;. w tr-tch:n from i:arr.on.l !lril..rr Tunclilm ls iht
Waianat- Kanpr of Miunta::;.
A lrvnl, Htnilin Il-.ulrvatJ in ncora ti V? rrjxtr If now
hi cm:rie of roti:rurtnn at l Cnoicr of urt"cent ara fr mai
fjfent la tiif -trail nill t e ava:!al !r.
U.c Ntitntr.2 fulc .f t!.e Hill i a xYi rr.!rv:inp :t trczs.
t!i-Inch wir.- a::i! l.ravy huwrr of the Nuuar.u Va!!rr, c r.urzns i
fa!ul.r:u cltu;ate.
7! e r!-vat: a i the tri.-r:r 1 fr.:n I V) t. 70 fel al sve lb
M i IcVl I.
A'pl;Mt:.:i will nut:;lrl ai..l fj!c.l ai.l ih;r VA l
all-ttc.l a.x .liti t.i t.r nu::U-r if t! r 9 j.liranon.
:t!y ! f r a Let 10) hr 1S f -Tm; f a,.r.
Offices: 7 and 8. ProrcA. Ulock.
Tl:c Tir ilraw wlrJo::i frcna ihz
lip of th phihtophrr, xtA thiilf t:p iht
n:tn;th of thi fx!ih; il prneralr a Myle
co:ivrtat:cnt rrntrnj!alivr, th jphlial,
lr.cvn!cnt ar.J unaffnc :!. Tl.vrlrtrty.
Hol lister & Coe
American; Havana and Manila Cigars
Smokers Articles.
Fine Grades SMOKING T01UCC0 a specially.
Cor. Fort and Llercliant Sts. - - - Honolulu
for hi liorc or A HACK I NR. r ItA
CINi: DUIVINC. IUT. A smil pull
on the rein will chvk the wilJfAi plr
Itril hor.o living. U the bsts
tec carry a full line of curry comb, the
Pandy llorc ltnihc. HSacJt Ssak
Whips anil Hon? an.I Mute Collar of
all Alzot.
in liii Mm iii.
Will Drive Mosquitoes Away.
Cures the Bites!
Brings Comfort I
Benson, Smith & Co.
Fort and Hotel Streets.
We Have Just Received Another Shipment of
Direct From the Leading Factories of Europe and Will Open Them Up on
Saturday GVHorning, tilarch 0, B99.
Elegant New Prints in tasty patterns, thirty is. fcr
Ten thouasnd pieces New Dress Goods, cts per yd. and
Valencienres Laces in great variety of design, twelve yds.
for 2cts.
lames uxdeu:lotiies
al special prices.
at special prices.
OVUSDflninior 0m Great Variety,
Five hundred different styles of Trimmed Hats Si each. " Magnificent Easter Hats, direct from Paris that are dreams of beauty.
To sco thorn moans to buy, as thoy aro irresistible.
This is the place to get your Easter needs in Hats, Dress Goods, Laces, etc. The choicest are always taken first. The wise come early.
Quooin Street,

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