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Commercial Advertiser.
APRIL. 15.
for several parcels of land in this place Reform organization, known as the
lower Broadway, New York City, turns settle the question of establishing
twenty-five years ago, when the popu- kindergartens in the public schools.'
lation of that city exceeded 1,200,000. The vote stood S7,972 in favor of kin-
The prices of suburban property here dergartens, 13.S7S against.
are equal to, and in many cases far
tract labor.
llow far should President Dole go
in observing the provisions of the Con
exceed the prices of excellent suburban
property of the cities of Philadelphia,
Baltimore and New York.
BRUSSELS, April 5. The Belgian
Geographical Society has received
tary servitude, except as a punishment the course of land values here. There
for crime whereof the party shall have is not a city of the Mainland that
We Know
By Experience
Wise men use the experience of others
and make it their own.
Those who have taken Ilood's Sarsapa
rilla are the ones who are competent to
speak of its merits.
The testimonial: nf rnrpa Vt- TTvr'n
Comparisons of price can on.y be d6mit ?J"tatoiS
ade in genera! way, and in given f'6 nf 'f f!!' " I proves the power of this medicinto cure
uc .wiv upeui- great variety ot diseases.
tionary steamer, Belgica, was 71.36 TwrA.n
they are perfectly natural and are easily
explained. They are the necessary result
of purifying and enriching the blood.
41 1 have been troubled with scrofula all
my life, and it effected my eyes so that I
was obliged to remain In a dark room. I
began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. Now
my eyes are so strong that the light never
troubles me, and my health is good."
Mrs. Carhie Weeks, Lompoc, Cal.
Hood's parilla
Is the One True Blood Purifier. Price ?1.
Hnnri'c Pi 11c easyt take, easy to buy,
lluuu 3 easy to operate. 25c.
April 1 2th, 1899.
instances may mislead
If the nooulation of this citv will nonary steamer, Ueigica, was 71.36
stitutioa of the United States which' soon reach 10,: 000. a3 some claim ft south longitude 92. Much bad weather
bear on the status of contract labor- will, the rise in values is justified. was encotered by the expedition but
era? Can the government actively be- How high the values may legitimately 110 iatense coltl except during Septem
comc a Dartv to anv contract for labor riss 1h ia imnnihio tn Mtimntn ThPro ber- Good maps were prepared of
immigration if the contract is pro- are too many unknown factors to per
hibtted? mit any sound judgment.
.Article XIII. of the Constitution , The experience of other cities may
reads: "Neither slavery nor involun- or may not furnish a general guide to
Hughes Bay and Palmers Land south
!of the South Shetland Islands.
MANILA, April 6.-10:45 a. m. The
United States cruiser Ohnrl
leon duly convicted, sha" exist within has not experienced sharp and disas- has been OPUlslng along the wes't
the United States, or any place sub- trous fluctuations in prices. Mon per- of LllzQn to the north gent a
ject to their jurisdiction." sons have been ruined by c .rations shor0 near Dagupan last Saturd
What is "Involuntary servitude" has in city lots and suburban property tQ make sounding3 The rebels opened
not been fully defined by the Supreme than have made money. At the same flM , tt- , m
nre, wounding a United States offl-
Court of the United States. In what time many have made money who real- . , , ,
, , . ,..,,,...., cer- The cruiser thereupon bombarded
js Known as tue oiiuor vit&e, wure x ly uuuerstoou rcai t-toLuie vuiues or xiau Vl ,. . . ..
: the town, the insurgents evacuating it.
fulfilling his contract, the court held j The argument that the growth of a
that tho tramers of the Constitution city will enhance prices is a deceptive
did not Intend to bring seamen -within one. It is true, so far as those .who
the reach of that provision, but it purchase at "bottom prices" are con
plainly intimated that any other con- cerned, because, as a rule, those who
tract for service which carried With purchase at these bottom! prices are
it the Denalty of imprisonment was shrewd enough, or lucky enough to
illegal and unconstitutional.
The court has not passed any judg
ment upon facts precisely similar to
buy at safe prices.
During the years 1S70-'71 and
there were vast operations in nearly
those involved in the Hawaiian penal all of the eastern cities, based on what
contracts for labor, but the opinion of was called a "sure commercial growth."
tho court indicates that it will not But while the populations of those
hesitate to declare the Hawaiian con
tracts void.
The Executive, under the circum
stances, should not attempt to inter-
cities steadily increased, the values,
after the reaction in prices of the year
1S73, steadily declined for six years,
and it was said by those who were
fere with or regulate the immigration well informed that two-thirds of those
of alien laborers, under our municipal ' who dealt in city lots, and nearly all
laws. While it is impracticable to get of those who held suburban property
at present any judicial determination
in tho matter, Is not the Executive
upon notice to observe the constitu
tional provision that has been cited,
and allow the plaiflers to get alien
laborers in their own way, and at their
own peril?
The Executive is not dealing with a
question of morals, but of legal rights.
It is, in a general sense, no longer the
caretaker of the people.
With annexation it ceased to have
any concern with a national policy, and
the .members of the government stepped
down from their high estate and be
came merely the agents of President
McKinley. Whether we are or are not
were ruined, where they had borrowed
money on the land.
While speculative movements in land
are active, the argument that is gen
erally advanced is that "prices are
bound to go up." During the land
speculations after the year 1SS1, the
visitor in any town or city in any
part of the Mainland from the Atlantic
to the Pacific would be confidently
told by banker and broker and mer
chant, that "prices here are bound to
go up," and the local newspapers in
variably called the doubters "miserable
and deluded pessimists."
The amusing feature of these predic
tions was that While banker, broker,
to be absorbed by the Asiatics is an j capitalist, merchant and journal in
affair that will be settled by Congress, ; every town and city confidently pre-
it it lias not already been settled here
in past years, by ourselves.
So long as the government in Wash
ington permits the planters to pro
mote alien immigration, the Executive
3s not justified in making itself a party
to an illegal or unconstitutional act.
If the planters, following their own
methods, bring in immigrant laborers
in violation of any law of the United
States, which does not apply to these
Islands, Congress has only to extend
the laws to these Islands and forbid it.
Mr. W. O. Smith presented a valuable
paper at the Thursday conference on
the subject of 'labor. .
But he and his former associates in
the government still seem to be -under
.v the impression that we are still a na-
tion, and that the Executive shouid
enforce a national policy. In fact we
are a tiny territory of the United
States, and the power here to regulate
our foreign relations does not exist.
Tine Executive here is only a little
wheel, a microscopic wheel, in the
enormous political machinery of the
American Republic.
No territory can regulate immigra
tion. We may as well accept this pro
position at once. No territory can
adopt any policy, for policy of the
fcind referred to is purely a national
matter. All of the cut throats, and
Unconvicted thieves, and swindlers
ihave the constitutional right to move
from one State to another, unless they
ihave violated a penal or police law.
With tho national government alone
is the power to regulate immigration.
If the national government declines,
as it did decline by refusing to extend
the Federal laws to these Islands, to
regulate immigration to this port,
then the planters have the right to
freely import labor, under, of course,
police regulations, and the duty of the
Executive Is, not to usurp the power of
Congress and attempt to enforce a po
licy here, but act simply under the
direction of President McKinley.
If the planting interest and the com
munity finally get into trouble because
of excessive immigration, the Execu
tive cannot he held responsible for It.
dieted that "prices were bound to go
up" in their own town or city, they
always had very grave doubts about a
rise in values in any omer xown or
city. There were always local reasons
which they advanced for the rapid rise
in values in their own places, which
had no force elsewhere.
It is quite possible that values here
may continue to rise. It is quite pos
sible that this place will not be gov
erned by the usual course of prices that
has prevailed in land values elsewhere.
The facts presented here refer only
to other places. . Whether we shall
have the same experience that other
places have had is a question that is
not discussed. Honolulu may be, and
it is most earnestly hoped that it will
be, an exception.
If the advice given in those three
words is heeded, good health will fol
low. City water is not good for many
j reasons, principally, because it is con
taminated with vegetable and putrid
matter of all descriptions. A simple
analysis shows this to be a fact.
Our doctors are busy treating pa
tients who are suffering from com
plaints, more especially malarial dis
orders, which will be materially bene
fitted if they drink a water that ia pure
and possesses curative features, as does
Bartlett Spring Water.
The cool weather we are having now
won't last long, all probabilities are
that after this cold snap is over we
may have .hotter weather than ever we
had before. If this is the case, we
would advise you to secure some means
of keeping your butter and vegetables
fresh, and at the same time making
your ice bill a small item of expense.
If you are open for suggestions let us
mention a few things about our
S A Q-
i 1
a Lot & I L 5 h?
5 Lot ' I , 2
S , I : to 5
u . SJ I i o X -
TZZZZB f - J v I
& Z
Ala ttinli.
CHICAGO, April 5 The new Chi
cago City Council is composed of 34
Democrats, 33 Republicans and one In
dependent Republican, and is said to
be the best that Chicago has had for
a decade. Of the 68 members, 47 stand
pledged for methods favored by the
Ask your family physician about the
water, and if he Is honest he will en
dorse its use.
All who have drank the water speak
in the highest of terms for it.
This climate demands the use of
such a water and you cannot afford to
be without it.
We will serve free of charge a glass
of this wonderful natural Spring
water at our Soda Counter to all who
care to come and test its virtues. We
deliver the water to your home in case
lots at 6.50 for 50 pints, $9.50 for 50
We can honestly say it in the best
constructed refrigerator ever put on
the market. It will keep provisions
longer and use less ice than any other
The inner frame is made from per
fectly odorless wood, and is lined with
zinc, polished as bright as a mirror,
presenting a very clean and' attractive
They are also supplied with Patent
Syphon and solid metal shelves.
Our space will not permit us to say
anything more in regard to this article,
so we would like you to call and in
spect them yourself. We have them
in all sizes and are from $15 to $500.
If you get more ice than your re
frigerator will hold we would advise
you to get one of our
ce Chests.
We also have them in all sizes, from
$S.50 to $25.00. ,
These finely improved Lots for sale.
Location excellent. Lots- planted with choice trees
and shrubbery, Prices reasonable. Terms easy.
Inquire of
Bruce faring & CO.
We have just received
pretty '. ''
some very
These coolers have wrought iron lin
ing, with pure agate enamel, preserv
ing the water and freeing it from me
tallic oxide, which is impossible to
avoid with ordinary lining. Sizes are
2, 3 and 6 gallons, and range in prices
1 lift ills di
307 FORT ST.
Chicago Dental Parlors.
0;o -( ,
First Class Work at Reduced Prices.
Crown and Bridge Work from $5. Plates from $7.50.
4Gold Fillings from $1; Silver and Bone from 50c; Extraction, 50c.
IW OFFICE IIOUBS: 9 to 5 and 7 to 8 Evenings.
Room No. 7, MODEL BLOCK,
Corner Fort and Beretania Str eet:
Will Drive Mosquitoes Away.
Cures the Bites!
Brings Comfort!
. OiN&iV AT
Benson, Smith & Co
Fort and Hotel Streets.
The prices paid for some of the
premises situated in the business part
of the city, are as high as the prices
paid in San Francisco, Chicago and
New York for land in the business
parts of those cities. The choice busi
ness sections of those cities are not
referred to, Tut sections where active
Jbuslness is carried on. The prices paid
For more rocm and will be begun TODAY", Saturday, April 8, and the
WS11 o
tart! I n
11 wain rrovc
Reductions From One-Quarter to One-Half Will be Made in the Following- Articles:
10-4 Bleached Sheetings, 15. cents per yard. Former
price 2 cents per yard.
vVhite Cotton, one yard wide, cents per yard.
r;o Cases New Prints, just opened, all at 30 yards for One
Kid Gloves, $1 oo per pair. ,
Special Bargains in Ladies' Underwear and Corsets.
Ladies' Trimmed Hats $1.00 each.
Great Reductions
mbrellas and Parasols,
0Bf Ooodls
,4 ,
?! 1-

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