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To Visit Paris.
Commercial Advertiser,
! fairs. It will not, perhaps, be forgotten
, by Franc?, when her press recovers! It is expected that be:ween fifty and
ia voice ami her real leaders their a hundred people from Honolulu will
power, that the public opinion of Eng- visit the Paris Exposition in 1900. Ai
land protested with indignaiicn against yet' ho''vevPr. the different steamship
L, .i , . , . . . companies have not hocked anv n?on!e
, . ,. ... ,. have signified their intention of
as I beiicve this eclipse of liberty in going to the exposition. The advance
T ar n A" kU.. 1 . . T
MAY 1 i rauc 'Li u-- tj.iitmerai as u is vio- -oooKings extend to August.
lent, it would be a permanent source
of resentment abroad if this country
had not expressed what every free peo
ple must feel on such an occasion. Nor
The Administration will have little is it, in my opinion, useless or unneces
trouble, in the Philippines, with Amer- sary to keep alive in England a strong
icans who may offer aid and comfort to feeling on this subject. This nation is
Agulnaldo. The Americans who are a good deal enervated by a long peace,
opposed to the Philippine war will not by easy habits of intercourse, by peace
betray the government- Moral treason societies and false economy. To sur
er this kind is not in the blood of the mount the dangerous consequences of
race. The meanest voter has the same such a state, the Government will re
right to oppose the prosecution of the quire the support of tpublic opinion,
-war, as the President has to carry it and that can only be obtained by con
on, but he will commit no overt act vincing our countrymen of the truth
-which will give the enemy material that we have now a dangerous and
comfort. faithless neighbor. Happen what may,
If the Filipinos are braced up by the there is nothing so important as to sus
Teports from America which represent tain a tone of moral independence and
tbe anti-expansionists to be strong and a clear judgment among the people of
increasing in numbers, it is only one England, who will grudge no sacrifices
of the incidents in the process of ex- if they are convinced that the prin
iending American influence. The ciples they cherish are even indirectly
scheme of expansion does not include threatened from abroad." Lord Gran
the right, in the rule of democracy, to ville acknowledged that the principles
suppress any man's or any party's laid down by Reeve were sound. "Your
thought or speech. It is better that the letter," he said, "is abla and unanswer
Filipinos get moral aid and comfort able. I 'have no doubt that what the
from anti-expansionists in America, Times says is right, and that it is jus
than that the despotism of democracy tified in saying it." Reeve's letter and
prevent and free discussion be sup- , Lord Granville's were laid before De
pressed. ' j lane, the editor of the Times, who thor-
The Filipino leaders are well aware , oughly approved of the position taken
of the military situation on the Main-jtnat a journalist s iuty is not identical
with a Ministers. The two may have
the same object in view, but their
means of attaining it are, necessarily,
different. A Minister should not sub
stitute leading articles for civil di$-
should a journalist
uoubtless, tnough," said one of the
listing clerks, "a number of the people
booked ahead will include the Exposi
tion in their itinerary. However, as
they did not say that was their inten
tion we do not know it for a fact."
None of the companies have yet re
ceived any literature on the subject.
They expect loads of it in the near
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i Hip hi
67.4 1 es J es 1 - I
land. They know, as well as we do,
that the; regular army fixed at the num
of 61,000 men, 'and authorized by Con
gress nearly .a year ago, has not been
yet fully recruited. The fact suggests ,
to them that there i3 a general disap-! Patches, neither
proval of thenar, and it is a very sug-!bore and Perplex his readers ,ith ma
gestive fact, if the situation is not un-!teriaIs for a blue bookv Agan, it was
derstood. The military operations of " uul, w i.v..
the last year have created a realizing
name of justice and .humanity agaiist
sense of what war really means. There such an outrage as the coup d'etat,
are now a hundred thousand young sol- j
diers who will testify that campaigning
whereas a Minister, whatever he might
feel as a private person, was bound, in
in the tropics does not mean bananas M" dealings with the French Govern-
mem, 10 suppress nis personal opin
tuid flowers and sleeping under Roy
al palms, but it means hard tack, tough
beef and dirt, and all sorts of discom
forts. These experiences retard enlist
ments, and encourage the Filipinos to
"believe that the Americans are tired
of the campaign
this fact prolongs the war, the Expan
sionists cannot criticize their fellow
citizens who do not agree with them,
Th is incident discloses with singular
clearness the difference between inde
pendent journalism which may and
does, fall into error at times, and the
no i r A mi i-tvo 1 1 tt tnrt t riof nrnno t rc lil-a
the knowledge of . J
a ioj- uog, anu oniy oarns wnen me
bosses squeeze the bellows. The parti
san press predict disaster whenever in
dependent journalism stands in the
Reeve illustrated for many years the
power for good of such journalism.
however much in. error thev mav be.
, ... . ... . . . pathway of popular sentiment
.because it neither is a constitutional :
-or legal principle that the minority
shall not think or talk ven in the pres
ence of an enemy.'
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somewhat startling development in
Henry Reeve was for sixty years well wnai Promises to be a not campaign
I. .11 e : 1 j.1
ioiown in England as clerk ot the Ap- luu ot uipribes comes eariy 111 uie
peaod, Registrar of the Privy Council. Iar"il, "x a wum auuuumwmtjit . uy
leading writer on the London Times, .Christopher A. Buckley to his follow
and editor of the Edinburgh Review. ers that be is OVf openly in politics
Hia knowledge of Continental politics ,aSain and .that "Democratic headquar
was so accurate and extensive, and he,ters" wilV Pened in the Baldwin
used it to such good purpose that the j'Annex. now beinS remodeled and re
Times obtained great political influence Paired.
In the European courts, as well as I
among Englishmen.
One incident in his career, especially
exhibited his ideas about independent
JournaMs'm, and the widely different po
aitons of the statesman and the editor.
T3ms distinction few understand and
therefore blame an editor for taking
iosItion which he would not take if
Me were in the responsible oflice of a
statesman. As a lesson to the young
who are not generally instructed to
look at affairs from this standpoint, it
a especially instructive.
When Louis Napoleon destroyed lib
erty in France by his coup d etat,
Heeve wrote "leaders" in the Times
"Utterly denouncing him. Lord Gran
ville, the premier, wrote to him that
such articles goaded Napoleon to do
,misohief to England and, he wrote,
"may seriously inconvenience us.".
In a reply Reeve propounded his
-riewa of journalistic responsibility: "I
.should agree with you in deprecating
the censure of the Times on the French
Government if I thought that it had
been incited by any foolish desire to
goad on Louis Napoleon to acts of vio
lence, or that it had been carried be
yond the bounds of a just commentary
m the events of the day." What are
those bounds? "The responsibility of
Journalists is in proportion to the lib
erty theyt enjoy. No moral obligation
can be greater. But their duties are
not the same, I think, as those of
Statesmen. To find out the true state
r. facts, to report them with fidelity,
to apply to them strict and fixed prin
c5p4es of justice, humanity and law; to
Inform, as far as possible, the very con-
lence of nations, and to call dowrn the
judgment of the world on what is false
or base or tyrannical, appear to me to
be the first duties of those who write.
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Those upon whom the. greater part of
political action devolves are necessarily
'governed by other rules." After draw
Jag this broad distinction between the
3Mict$on of journalists and that of exec
utive statesmen, Reeve went on o say
2iat, "In this particular case I further
se advantage from the course of a fair
ad independent judgment on those af-
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