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KUtlttil July j, I
VOL. XXX., NO. 63G2
rmcE five cm-
0 is
., - - - m T C. 1
i g I I I I I I I I I
ATKINSON & JUDD (A. L. C. Atkin-
Ecn and Albert F. Judd, Jr.) Office
over Bishop & Co.'s bank, cor. Mer-
chant and Kaahumanu sts.
ACHI & JOHNSON (W. C. Achl and
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West
King St.; Tel. 884.
ORRIN ANDREWS. Office with
Thurston fe Carter, Merchant St.,
next to postoffice.
,YLE A- DICKEY. King and Bethel
Stu,; Tel. S06; P. O. box 786.
FREDERICK W. JOB. Suite 815, Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
- Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wiscon
sin. dlAS. F. PETERSON. 15 Kaahuma
na St.
C. L. GARVIN, M.D. Office 537 King
St., near Punchbowl; hours, 9 to 12
a. m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
fice 512 Beretania St., near Alapai;
hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.; Tel.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
S to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St., opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
8 p. m.; Sundays 8 to 10 a, m.; Tel.
510; P. O. box 501.
1R. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. O. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 to 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m.
DR. I. MORI. 136 Beretania St., be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
and 7 to S p. m.; Sundays 9 to 12
a .m ,j
DR. A. N. SINCLAIR. 413 King St.,
next to the Opera House; office hours
0 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
T. B. CLAPHAM. Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist. Office Hotel Stables;
calls, day or night, promptly ans
wered; specialties obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
kinds a specialty. Office room 11,
Spreckels Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel. 1093.
M. E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea St.,
three doors above Masonic Temple,
Honolulu; office hours 9 a. m. to
f p. m.
03--S?-.T.Pnil,adeiPhIa. De5.ta.1
voneise xo; masonic rempie; rex.
GiiO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St., op
posite Catholic Mission; hours from
9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Office hours 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love
Bldg., Fort St.
.A. J. CAMPBELL. Office Queen St.,
opposite Union Feed Co.
j. DAiui Jieiuuer nonoiuiu &L0CK
y rm a T" t n r 1 T T . . -
Srchange; room 301 Judd Bldg.
ll Parts of the Islands bought or I
sold; No. 310 Fort St.; Mclnerny Blk.
.JAMES T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
Consulting Hydraulic Engineer;
S0G Judd Blk, Honolulu.
WM. T. PATY. Contractor and Build-
er. store ana omce ntting; uricK,
T.-cod or stone building; shop Palace
Walk; residence Wilder Ave., near!
A, 3UTTERFIELD. Contractor and
Builder. Store and office fittings,
shop and repair work; Bell Tower
Bldg., Union St.; Tel. 702.
3. E. LUCAS. Love liiag., Jbort St., jDeen received here uy captain w. w. rass ami iukuu v.inm.i.i m--upstairs;
P. O. box 351. I carry a full I Robinson Jr. The Garonne sailed from d. stance between Skagway and Ben-
line of ALL KINDS Ol? ULA&&ba
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
Fort St.; Piano, Voice Culture. Sing-
ing and Harmony; especial attention
Daid to touch, muscular control and
musical analysis.
New quick method; special attention
given to adult beginners. Terms $3
monthly. Address 4Musiclan.M Ad
vertiser office.
Instruction; terms by the lesson or
month; commencing on and after the
10th of July. "MIGNON": 720 Bere-
tania St., Honolulu. I
HOWARD & TRAIN. Architects
Suite 7, Model Block, Fort St.;
Tel. 989.
O. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St., between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
734; Honolulu.
T. D. BEASLEY. Plantation and To
pographical Maps a Specialty; room
306, Judd Bldg.; Tel. 633.
MISS A. A. ALLEN. Office cor. King I
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 7ol.
MISS E. M. BROWN Office over
Bishop & Co.'s, corner Kaahumanu
and Merchant Sts.
F. D. GREANY, A.B., (Harv.) Prl-1
vaie luior, wuu especial reiereuce
to preparation for college. Office cor.
King and uethei Sts.; lei. t- anairphr;in an,i Kellev. our coaches, arolstiwui .. m ii.n onitvir.t nn t.r.n
806; P. O. box 759.
MRS. B. F. McCALL. Latest dejigns
in. Taiior-juaae livening, Dinner
Gowns, and Wedding Trousseau, 73
Beretania St.
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeweler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a Spe
cialty; No. 2 School St., near bridge.
MISS PRESCOTT General Writer and
Business Agent; Commissions Un-
dertaken for the other Islands; ring I
up Queen Hotel; Tel. 809.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg- l
ments to instruments, district or ivo-
. . .
na, uanu; at w. u. Acnrs omce,
King St., near Nuuanu.
Magic Illusions, etc., by the only
Travelle. Address or call at Orphe
um Theater.
WAII. Price 60c; beautifully Illus-
trated. For sale by all newsdealers.
uk. a. u. .rusiSY. specialist ior tiye,
Ear, Throat and Nose Diseases and
Catarrh; Masonic Temple; hours S to
12 a. m.f 1 to 4 and 7 to S p. m.
King St.; Tel. 630. Dr. Luella S.
Cleveland, medical superintendent.
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; methods of
Battle Creek', Mich., Sanitarium;
baths of every description; trained
nurses in bath rooms as well as in
sick room; massage and manual
movements; electricity in every
form; classified dietary, etc; ample
facilities for thorough examination,
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physl-
cian and surgeon.
Gains Shown in Town Elections
NEW HAVEN (Conn.). Oct. 2. One
hundred and sixty-two of the ICS towns
of the state today elected officials. Re
turns up to midnight had been re
ceived from 133 towns and the tables
show Republican victories in 101 towng
and Democratic success in thirty-two.
Full returns from all the towns in the
election of 1S9G showed ninety-two
towns to be Republican, twenty-seven
Democratic and forty-three divided.
Comparing the full returns of last year
with the returns thus far received from
today's ltion the Republicans have
sained nine towns and the Democrats
five, these gains coming from the towns
classified last year as divided.
SEATTLE (Wash.), Oct. 2. A cable -
gram announcing the safe arrival of
the transport Garonne at Manila has
c0oHio Aniicf 10th with 4f0 hnrsM
and 120 men of the Third Cavalry.
University of California Eleven
Want to Come Here.
letter to makacer craiie
oii Piavn win Coma h
Co,,e Eleven will Come H
era or
fay Expenses or Honolulu
Team to California.
oa:bull should have a boom In Ho-!
nolulu for the balance of this year and
Manager Chas. Crane of tne Honolulu
eleven had little sleep last nlsht
through thinking over a etter he re
ceived by yesterday's mall. This was
nothing more or less than a llat-foot-
ed proposition of the University of
California eleven to tome to Honolulu
in December of early in January or to
pay the expenses of a Honolulu eleven
to go to California.
The letter is from Irwin J. Muma.
manager of the University team, and Is
a follows:
ici htifj , vai., in i. .
Manager Honolulu Football T
Honolulu, H. I. My Dear Sir: W
1. 1KU.
fou consider the proposition to playlpett. the last named representing the
he University of California a game of
football at Honolulu late in December.
1S.9. or early in January. 1900? Ours
u tho rlnmninn tonni of the Pacific I
coast for lS'JS and probablv 1S9..
, noUce tnal Mr church, formerly
of Princeton, is with you. Messrs. I
both Princeton men.
Will come over on an expense guar-
- - - m -
Awaiting an early reply. I am. very
triily. i. J. MUM A,
Manager Crane will consult wish
u'omineiu iooiikiw men uuring me uay
. t . f . M. t 1
md a meeting will probably be called
t act on the proposition, lie Is high-1
ly in favor of getting the Fnlverslty
team to come to tnis city, as a stronger
team could be got together to meet
them than if a Honolulu eleven was
sent to the Coast.
nil the Fnivrr.
..... .
ISMV 1 1 1 . 1 Il.lZrl'I .l?tv7 1 il 11 II.I I illlll 1 til I
- - , , , . ,
ball enthusiasts here to close tne ar
rangement at once.
. A visit from the Pacific Coast
champions would do more to boom
football in this city at the present
time than any other proposition that
could be imagined.
The California eleven Is a very
8trons one aml woullI ,P Very hard to
hnnt- Irwin .1. Muni.i In Ita ma tracer:
Jamcs K n,PPl0- captain, t.arr.tt
Cochran, coach: Addison W. Kelley.
coach; Albert H.
Captain Barker Assigned t;
Navy Yard.
WASHINGTON. (Kt. 2. Captain Al
bert S. Barker has bcti assigned to
Icommand the Norfolk Navy Yard, re-
lieving Admiral Farquhar. who takes
command of the North Atlantic rt.vMtR.in casing. Captain Itng.irth. bow
tion. Captain Barker will become a
' , , .
full Rear-Admiral within a month. At
present he is on waiting orders. Cap-
tain Barker commanded the iaitie-s:iip
Oregon on her memorable crul.-e from
New York to Manila in answer to
Dewey's appeal.
MANILA. Oct. .". An attack ujHin
Paranique was matle by the insurgents
last night and rebel sympathizers In
the town set fire to a number of build
ing. Colonel Daggett repulsed the attack
and declined offers of assistant e from
The extent of the damage done by
the incendiary fires has no: ye: ben
SKAGWAY (Alaska) Sept. 2t. via
Seattle (Wash.), Oct. 3. The Canadian
Government telegraph line was com-
1 pleted to Dawson yesterday. Th-
Dominion line reaches from Bennett t i
Dawson and the wires of the Vhi:
n,nt. The first mcssase was to th
Minister of Public Works at Ottawa.
Light Baffling Breezes Interfere
With Good Racing Yachts Do
Not Finish in Time Limit.
NEW lOKH. Oct. 3. The Sham-!
rock, towed by the lug Iawrcnce.
the first of the yachts to leave Sandy;
Hook bay. She arrived at the wnlst
ling buoy off the cast end of Gelncy
channel at 9:1a. The crew began at
once to hoist the mainsail, and at 10
o'clock the yacht flllel away on the
starboard tack under Jib and main
On board the Shamrock Inside her
captains. Hogarth and Wrlnge. wore
Vice Commodore Sherman Crawford
and Hugh McGIU Downey of the Royal
Ulster Yacht Club. allmak?r llatsey.
Navigator llamilloii and Henry K. I.lp-
Xcw York Yacht Club.
T. (v,ntnllu ,n uu m.i
, " ,
I"ri iuck. t.uuc
reaching out for the lightship at a lo-j
knot clip. She passed close under the
sirrn of th iiimnw-L- m to hVIdtl nmi I
' ' m m . .- v m mm b
x -T mm
and Mrs. foel'ln. were Captain Herre-!
shorr. William Butler Duncan Jr.. I
Captain Wooilbury Kane. Herbert:
U-..H..' ..r itVi
Yaelu Club. repreM-ntlng that club uan, ,,rr was gyhrd to star!oarl
board the Columbia. ; a.n,! i'-iln Jib topsail trlmme-1. The
Ttia wttisl iff fflil ff I nio 1 tt twirl 1i 1 t f ShamnKk had crtcl tiro mlnut
, rrh"
an hour. Doth vaehts n their club
topsails at 1:C0. tlm Columbia's men! "rk th Columbia crrtr dousJ th
handling their sails smarter than the; balbx.n Jib topsail smartly, and as
others. At 10: T, the committee Uut, thy roiindrtl tho mark, a float Sarins
Walter Luckenbach. in charge ol S.rJJ fj Vn1 thi,r' hLf ?
Nicholson Kane, came to anchor a 1,1,1 " t n the tar!oarl hand.
cable lencth east of Samlv lbok 1'cht-
shin and Immediately hoisted the com-:
pass signal, signifying that the course
XVould le south southwest. Two min
utes later the Shamrock's rrrw rigged
their spinnaker lom out to port, nil
ready to set that sail.
Promptly at 11 o'clock the prepara
tory signal a blue peter was scn on
loard the commlttt- Uiat. At the same
time a tug started to lead off the eour
of fifteen miles to leeward. During the
Interval of flftefn minutes between the
pif paratory and the starting signals.
the skippers of loth yachts maneti
rml 0 tUv nor,hnar, ,,f u,c starting
Hue. Both stuck cloj-e to th llsht-
I ship and Ave minutes Itrfore the start
ing signal the balloon Jib topnall was
iet up in steps on the Columbia's stay.
The Shamrock sent up a No. H toptail
about the same time.
At one minute before th start th
Shamrock was approaching th Hn
from the eastward anl the Columbia
from the westward. Vh"ti thirty sec
onds were left the Shamrork. whirh
bail been coming for the line with
boom to port, gybc-d to starlKMrd Jut
as tne t oitimtMa. wiin Imhihi to fxirt.
rounded the wet er.d of th lino an. I
': ' , ' "
lh? lead. and. Jui as the sicnal wa
j.Xvtt ,. Kyl tb Shamnk again.
ctossing th line ?. seonds after the
signal. The ofTalal tltr.e of th start
SHAMROCK 11: ir.:T.
COLFMIHA 11: !.:::
The Shamrock had th 1: th
start by in seconds.
As the Columbia crowed the lin- h'
broke out her No. 2 Jib topsail. At
11:17 th Columbia's spinnakt r blos
somed out t prt and h Ixgan at
onro to overhaul the Shamrock. For
some reason (aptain Hogarth did not
se fit to set the Shamreks spinnaker
until four minutes after th Columbia
had set hers, but as soon as it was st
the emerald-huM lioat legan to hold
& ... f. t
r.er own wiin me i oiumma. in
yachts bins then not more than three
lencthA apart. At 11: th- Colum- " 7V,J m; h lead and peara that th lYtaler of Naul haa
bta's liowsprlt was Jtnt overlapping th l"1'0 .JSL'n, ,Io"-'th thought it tl-craph th nsllltary authorities
Shamrock's starboard Niw. tl.o latter , 1 to tacks with his an- that th-y can rrn'! Newcastle no a-
havinj; the off-shoro brth. but sh J'"- o h- put the Shamrock on !:anc. adiic that If the Ikxrs ln-
was unablo to hold that position 1 nc. . '"'rl k th.nkln th Columbia trnd to attack lt town, romance
In elcht minutes tbe Shannck f.ow. bnt !i did. aad would be- fuUle aad that tap women
which seemed to hold tl. wind le tter. u ra wtter yacht tackvl at 2:Z:ZZ and children sbouM U seat away anl
had pulled out fully five ler.cths ahead! pearly a mil ad to win!- th town nmsi't'l
of the Columbia and em-l to U";' "7a
qainlnc every minute. Roth yachts , ,,:,r,s,!! t,v thirty m'.nats a
wer. headins considerably to th we:-
ward of their courses, and at 12 o'clock ; "un:""H lt au l uz. until a I Adbs from ItVmfctit in say
th- Shamrock, which ha I 1-n stejd-'1 . pn Jt . "re 3c;r- when the I the town. t cr.r.iial of the
ily calnlns. was pilt an eichth of a n'.r1 UA oa!.!a far fully CvelfYre State. prr-Mat a r('t aalna:
mil- aheail of the p.ritd lnMt. n,l?.',-f - In-Lore berth.l atparanc. Armed burxher jr.o
viv'ktp itr-r iv Tttt- i fin iii t.. natnrocic. off shor. hld a I evert where-. altVnrh tLe tloxt
;; i . . . , ,---s-r.onhean. when th- m:hyvj-m shower t.r.
At 12:l.i the Wind .hiff.l to the - . I '
northwest. The Columbia, llns
in-shore boat, caught It first. The
I rrrw took In the nlhnitrr hnrtlr.
taptain iiarr Kyi! her lo port.
tr.mmrxl down the staysail and bal
loon Jib topsail sheet ami In Just fltr
mlnutm the Columbia bad talked pan
the Shamrock and mat the leading
boat. Captain Hogarth gybe to
Shamrock after taking In the spinna
ker at 12: 1C They wt her spinnaker
to starboard at 12:30. but only for five
minute. Captain Hogarth, finding be
af loMng time, took the sail In
smartly and luffed the green sloop
across the Coltimbia'c wake, taking a
position on the starboard quarter.
The outer mark was obscured by
licio. jmi that it was not vliible from
tho yachtx until 1 p. m. That did not
matter much to cither Captain Ho
garth or Captain Itarr. for they were
indulging In a luffing match, rloiu In
' Jersey learh. for mom than half
.an hour. Finally Captain lUrr. hav-
ing thv Columbia Ui ll ahMJ
sheets and kept tilf for the mark at
clock, crowing the Shamrocks
nno-elshth of a mile ahead. At
: oclock S4t the sninnaker on
--w -
ta Columbia to tarbo.ird. nnd rm
w -
tnr th o'Her mark at perhaps
R,,,rr than a i-knot gall.
At 1:23 oVlork In came the splnna-
ker ncaili on the flnmtaii ih irin.t
havlnc haulrl lark m ih. nf.s,r.i
but she wVs not raining any up
10 nie. .ppnachlng th oufrl
! "lain Uwra strung oer to
Prt n11 sheets were trimmfl flat onlnndant General JoTjlrrt bas pub-
I . S . . .a. m. ...
I " siarwum lacic and the Columbia
ward work.
Th tlm taken at th outer mark
a each yacht lufTe around It mas:
COI.I-MIUA l:37:S7.
it Will In? crn by the ofTicUl f.C -
ureji that In the run of fifteen miles er. and W. P. Schrelner. ibcCape
from the start to th outer mark the ruler, and undertaken a Julnt rtnl-of-Coltirabia
outsailed tb- Shamrrck two Bcial peace taU4on and had artuaily
minutes and forty-four seconds. H-r started for ITetoris. here they ought
elapMI Urn to this point mas 2:ri:37; to have arrltcxl ut e-nlnc when U
Shamrock. 2:21:21. ter meKsa:ii from the Transvaal cap
swiirr nr aiout a rain. The Sham
rock, meanwhile, mini fj o;i ih tar
loarl tack two minut and trle
Mond. hn Sklpjr ll ranb put h-r
almt anl tran his windward work
In carr.e.t uiih the Rristo! bat. The
wlnI was now northeast r.orth. and on
th iri tack Uih yachts wrri heading
with sh-ts triminl !own flt within
fo-ir point of tl.o wind, which had now
increase! to a!ut tn ralien. It ira
not steady, however, and Its f.'iUn'
l--am apparent at l:Si. when It
can h-ad:n off th Columbia. The
Shamrock tackeI to starboard at :ZZ.
fpinnins around on h-r h
I la fifteen
fffnM from
Wtfi-M the (o nta!i i r,- r t,i.
p. tr n .ron Is later. hewun5 around
n th almost incrlibly short pac of
ten won.Ij tltne.1 i,y a stop watch.
Captain llosarth. aprareatly fe:ia:
AT m 9-m T i - V Aft. 49 9 41 W- A . a f A
' i ! a r.ci 05 jaort urki
u- tow). 1
could tz' t to the windward of the
o.umb.a. put th- r.amrock &Wat
steady work ocaln at 2::ci. ths Co-
,-"n ..om iacKs wer mad, lb wind
ihl iE J rL . Jpl . C ,umbu'n rnlMion and that. In any event, nothing
v ntr 1 uk I?V m Ul" toi' IwtM rt-i-rve rf. but the withdraw-
h?i . f rlount,,nc1. oafk- 1 f the Itrltl demands.
IS- n'Jli J5 i y Ji ' ,0pil tn hQm lhal th" tntthtr contempt
she Rdetl away. In twenty sond he rri'B.
o ir i Ki. Ma tarre rajr.u!M and forty nL,: breach of the conditions s
" FJf:a,n IUrr oi:owcJ suit tos-l to tavern warfare aaoac civl-
and h.s nlaw.e crew trlmmeJ b'!J Uxcd nations, aad if true proarea
J?5 ,b.': 03 Shamrock. r, or. than eva the Rlociaie4.
and whrj th-y loth sttbl djwn to f .,.,.
ita teat. Britiii Ttq
Ecchep:. at DeJb.
Anr;,E0 KAFFms vmi Kl zzm
Petition from the) Cape Assembly to
the Queen and Mr. Chtmbsr
Ulne Heoly.
X X UT 2T l V? "X VC A tf Rf X O
IjONIK)N. Oct- S.Tb Daily O
Telegraph publUhes In lu - C
ond edition this morning the TS
following dispatch from New- Ef
castle. Natal. date4 yestrrday: fj
The lloers A vance began tS
today with a gentral movement t
of artillery. The Doers are tX
ocrupylcg Laicg's Nek &lhUy Cf
and now bold the mountains to tS
the south of Volksrust. There 0
are no Itrlllsh troops nearer 0
than ladxnillh. and prepara- XX
tlons are being xnaJe to abio- XX
don Natal from the frontier to Ef
Glencoe. 0
The Inhabitant of Newra- ff
tl met toiay and Sxided not 0
to attempt to defend the town TX
In the etc; of a Ilorr advance 0
in force. General Symond is 0
preparing to evacuate within 0
tenty-four hours. The people, ST
are crowding the trains for 0
Ijdysmlth.- XX
' , , f ' t ( -V ' v ' tlf O
t , m. i !. J . r . M v
. f a -
I lailKJ. cl. Aitnougn toaay a
I news from South Africa Is grate, the
adherents tif rT- still derle a
gllmpM-. of hn; from ome di patch ra
I stating that the star of mxotlattona
i not jet fully ti rminatr-d.
The nems Is cxnlradirtory. Side by
1'' ? . v" , .!
Potnd a d.tpatcb fro a I'reimta vtal-
Ing that the Transvaal GoierntaeaL
has ImuH strict Injumtlans to tbo
mmaniant thu llritUh territory
. ... -
M1M'4 ,,wv w
I limbed a proclamation threatening to
hoot any man who rroKM-t the bor
der. Scarcely had the adrorates of peace
exchange contra tula tion oer the aa-
nounrtment from the Tranivxal that
lj. IL lloflmeier the AfHLndt-r Irail-
ital dec larval that the Ilorr Cot em
inent knew nothing of this allecd
t'p to 2 o'rl'xk this aftr-mtMn noth
ing ha arriw to cua&rsa the dis
patch from Necatl to tbr Ilaily TeJ-
sraph Atotumtirltis; that a general mA-
tanc t.f th IUt fojt s bc-an ycitT
day. Another N-cat3 s;ial forward
ed later than that to the Ilaily Tele-
craph :Ur that all was quirt on
th !m:r lat etrnin jitsd that there
was oo 'izn of a Itor advav.
Tb s!aien-j-tl in the Ilaily Tele-
srapa special inai iii-r w-re no
British troops t;arr Newcaille than
iaoe at i-aarm:m. is oitiouiy an
I rrfor, as Zfjt Britiih troops are cn-
I i - . . . .
from various mnm recardlt-c a
itr ultlrattim and th- expiration of
m. time limit la th- . tcainc. A ciis-
tiactly iUn and urly statement
cflojf from Newcastle to tb effect
I that lb- arral KafSrs awmpaay the
iur commands. This would !- an
An uhroam)e4 tepoti sa that
martial law Ls l-a pro'Iiim! !a the
ram eat
I I mm Cfih'T Newcastle advlries 11 ar-
Free Examination of the Eyes.
lC.at!nus oa Pare Z.)
(Coatiaufd ca P--xe 7.)

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