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Commercial Advertiser.
I) It. C. M I1YUE.
Even If the nation which freely gave
$1,000,000 per day in driving the Span
iards out of Cuba, in the name of and
for the sake of humanity, cannot con
tribute funds towards the establish
ment of this International Institute,
the men and women of the nation can
! do so. The ignorance and weakness
'and thriftlessness of the Spanish must
The death of Dr. Hyde was not un
expected. He has been a sufferer for j
several years.' During his long service
in these Islands, he has been connected
with many of the principal religious
and charitable institutions, and his
ability, industry and integrity have
been recognized and appreciated. His
unselfishness and earnest desire to dis
charge the duties and obligations he
ihad assumed, placed upon him great
responsibilities, which he cheerfully
accepted as his life work. It may be
justly said of him, "Well done, goovi
and faithful servant."
now be reached though their girls and
women. The benefits to be conferred
on the coming generations of Spanish
children, by an Institution that will
teach the young women of Spain the
best theory and practice of life, known
to the Anglo-Saxons, cannot be meas
ured in money. Above all, America
owes a sentimental debt to Spain.-
which cannot better be paid than by
planting in Madrid a perpetual memo
rial of the discovery made by Colum
bus. .
T"ho discovery of a helpless, infirm
and retired idol buried many feet under
the soil, near Ewa, has produced a
commotion among the idols who are
now residing in the Bishop Museum,
at the expense of .ne great Bishop
charity. The monotony of their lives
was suddenly broken when Prof. Brig
ham, their beloved priest and friend,
announces to them the recovery of an
esteemed idol from a hole in the
ground, "Gentlemen Idols and gods, I
have the pleasure of announcing to
you the discovery of one of your long
lost brethren, and my expectation that
he will become a useful member of
your society. While the most of you
have behaved like true gentlemen and
responsible idols, since I -have had the
honor to receive you and provide for
your wants, in this beautiful Museum,
which the irreverent call a 'Heathen
Temple I have noticed that a few of
you have been discontented and rebel
lious, and have failed to appreciate
the 'high mission which is your lot,
and which this magnificent structure
has been erected to aid you in fulfilling.
In introducing to you this distinguish
ed stranger, and assigning to him a
permanent place in your ranks, I un
dertake to guarantee his respectability
and .his sacred pedigree. Any failure
on your part to receive him as an As
sociated Idol, will cause me to resort
to the painful process of playing the
hose on your venerable and consecrat
ed forms."
It ia an open secret that since many
Idols of Oceanica have been placed in
the Dishop Museum, Prof. Brigham has
oot always respected or recognized
their different ranks and idols of low
pedigree have been placed on shelves
which are higher than those upon
which the most distinguished gods
- - m . a. . .
-were iocaie.a. mas unrortunate ar
rangement has caused much irritation,
and, during the last year, there was
formed "The Amalgamated Order of
Asociated Idols," which has finally se
cured harmony among all classes of
resident gods. The Executive Commit-
tee, under the wise ; advice given to
them by Mr. Joseph S. Emerson, as an
impartial arbitrator, have finally com
promised all claims, and "seated" the
gods according to their several ranks.
The native Hawaiian gods have the
preference in .place, while the idols
' from the Insignificant, islands of the
southern Pacific and New Zealand are
regarded as guests.
These idols represent different types
of lower and higher heathenism, they
are conservative in their theological
' 11. . i ...'
vjiews, aunere to traaitions ana are
conscious of the contemptuous remarks
made about their personal beauty -by
ino anconsiaerate visitors who gaze
-upon them with curiosity. The cura
Ar of th6 Museum must be congratu
lated upon the success with which he
has organized a happy family of in
dependent gods.
H. K. Thurber of New lork city,
who died several weeks ago, was one
of the remarkable men of America.
In 1858, he established in that city a
wholesale grocery house, which intro
duced for the first time in tne Ameri
can trade, the packing of groceries in
an attractive form. In 1884, he retired
from business with a fortune of $2,000.-
000 acquired entirely by honest toil and
superb management. He then lost his
head. Like many of the poor boys who
had left the country towns, for ven
tures in the Metropolis, he had, for the
best part of his life, thought of noth
ing but money making. Philanthropy
interested him as a side issue, and he
contributed freely to its needs. But
the best part of his life had been spent
in acquiring the habit of money mak
ing, and when he -retired, he found
himself in the deep canon' of this
habit, and he could not rise above its
Any other life but that of a money
maker was strange and unnatural to
him. So he soon plunged into new en
terprises, the nature and conditions of
which he did not understand, although
he sincerely believed that he did.
These affairs gave an outlet to his
great energy. His shrewd lriends could
not hold him within bounds. 1 1 is
wife, to whom'he had opened his purse,
freely for every philanthropic cause,
could not restrain him. He had fixed
his habits and could not change them.
He also lived in and breathed the spe
culative air of tne times. He invested
in a great soap enterprise, a large boot
and shoe manufactory, in steamships.
in western ranches and mines, and in
1891, he "went under," owing large
sums of money. Instead of giving up
the game, he started in his C3th year
of age for the West, and undertook to
get out of his scattered properties, by
careful work, sufficient money to pay
his creditors. He worked against an
ebbing tide, but he pulled a lusty oar.
with the enthusiasm of youth. .He
contracted pneumonia in Kansas and
died a few days ago. It was said by
one of his friends who had seen him
when he was the genial and ambitious
King of the grocery world, that it was
pathetic to watch the enthusiasm of
this broken merchant, who had once
been the leader of the New York Cham
ber of Commerce, as he dashed over
the . western prairies, in his old age.
following up his cattle interf-sta out
of which he expectc-d to pay many of '
his debts.
He was a staunch Republican. No
man gave more freely to the c.iuk !
But he denounced his own party in j
a memorable article in Belford's Mtiri-1
zine in 1SS9, because it had permitted
the American foreign marine service
to become nearly extinct, and th? Star
and Stripes to become as rare la for
eign ports as the Hag of Peru. He de
nounced the protection of the manufac
turing interest alone. He claimed that
it was unjust and "un-American" to
abandon the Flag on ihe high .ms.
But the party did nothing.
Mr. Thurber will stand as a typo of
an American of the Speculative a so n
age of vast commercial success, and
of infinite personal suflering and ilia- j nd Uniruor.
Well (Made
IMakes Well
Hood'a $4r9AprilU i pri-jrrd Iy ex
perienced rhrmtc!n of todty.ttho ht
brought to the production of thU crrl
medicine the l-ot resulu of medic I rv- .
crch. Hood S4rapril!A U a modcra ,
medicine, containing Jut Ihoc TxctMe
ingredients which ttcro Mrmlncly In
tended by Nature hertclf for the allevia
tion of human Ilia. It purine and en
richee the blood, tone the stomach and I
digestive organ and create an arprt'te;
It absolutely cure all scrofula eruption. !
boil, pimple, sore, salt rheum, and
form ol skin dlrae: cure lUrr '
TE fflSPECnOff
Egg collectors recently had a chance
In London to buy one of the three
eggs of the great auk, which were for
merly in the collection of Count Ilaoul
de Berace. There are about seventy
eggs of thl3 great extinct bird now in
existence, and at recent auction sales
they have brought from $300 to $750.
The eggs are rather smaller than
those of the ostrich. Living specimens
of the great auk were found off the
coast of Iceland within the memory of
people now living, but tney yielded to
the rapacity of hunters and collectors.
Os the Ptamme
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Watrr Bottle?, Bulb and
Fountain Syringe.
complaint. Kidney trouble, strengthen ?
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tirely overcome that tired f celiac, rtrin:; J
strength and energy In plsreot weakness
and languor. It ward of! malaria, tr- '
ptioid lever. and ny purifying the LUkhI It
keep the wbolo yirra Leal t by.
Mood's sss.
Is the be5t-in fact the One True III tod flutter.
SoUibTa!ldnicr1t. $i;!xforf
Hnotli PiHcrMr" " ,jTrr i"dS
Especially manufactured for us and
guaranteed to last longer than other
Rubber Goods in this Climate.
Have You Seen Our
August titn, :8q9.
The Burglar
Is enjoying a regular picnic here Just
now, and no matter how much he may
he hated and despised, he cannot be
blamed for "taking things as they
come." It Is nature hid own peculiar
one, no doubt. The nature of the po
liceman Is shown In the specdr man
ner in which the burglar Is sought aft
er we were almost saying, caught.
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Residence Lots on Pacific Heights
Are Now Offered For Sale.
EST" No ic-iilcncc iroicrty having'
similar ;nl vantages and at t met ions, as for dealt hf til ne ot
location, having an elevation of from 170 to Nt feet, and
affording the nintlct marine and iconic vicu: a ;i1m itV
proximity to the lniines part of the rity, tain;: less than :i
mile from the IVorcvi Mock, ha over before been nroentc!
to the people of Honolulu.
One of the main features of this property, ami procured at
great e.pene. U the abundant Mipjily of inire .spring water,
pronounced by Dr. C. H. Wood as tain; tup purest and best
drinking water obtainable in the i1and, which is now tainp.
conducted into storage reservoirs upon the property by an inde
pendent pipe -lino, and will be supplied to resident at
Government rate.
our Maramiteeo
AVe caiARANTEK to all purchaser
of Lots on PACIFIC HEIGHTS that we will, within ids
months, provide rapid transportation to the highest lots on the
property, connecting the sunc with the Honolulu Rapid Tran
sit Co.'s'li neon Fauna Road at the beginning of Kaiulani Drive.
TERMS: 1-:) Cah, l-:i in one year, 1-3 in two year;,
interest, six per cent, per annum on deferred payments.
Our carriage will convey parties desiring to inpectthc
Fropcrty to and from the same.
The lion Hie Co.!
ST" For maps and full particulars rail at our Office, Kot'ins-
'? and S, Frogrcs block.
Bruce f mm & to.
The bitter feud which has so Ion
existed between the Hawaiian idols.
and the missionary party has now sub
stantially ended, 'me idols concede,
alter seventy years of controversy
that for 'the accident of their general
overthrow and the breaking up of
their sacred heiaus, or temples, in 1819,
the drunken sailors and not tne mis
sionaries were mainly responsible.
Tho President of the Amalgamated
Order of Associated Idols remarked in
fiis annual address; "There is nothing
mean about us. We give the mission
aries credit for making a better state
of things, although they prevented
our restoration, "and made us humili
atea oacK-numDers. we wui even
shake hands with Dr. B."
It is to be presumed that this restor
ed idol will be placed in the Museum,
with appropriate ceremonies. Let us,
who were born in these Islands, and
whose geographical ancestors wor
flipped these idols, publicly acknow
ledge these links in the fhain of our
national evolution.
(HI &&&q (uia trite its ff w Sewaong MactMaiKe
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Domestic. Standard. Automatic. EldridgeB. Seamstress.
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with button hole attachment.
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Second Hand Machines for sale cheap.
0 NEEDLES, PARTS AND ATTACHMENTS, and REPAIRS for all makes of Machines. . .
In another column appears a restate
ment of tlie matter involving the estab
lishment of an International Institute
for Spanish girls in Madrid, Spain.

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