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VOL. XXX., NO. 5364
,av aa-
II; fill's
son and Albert F. Judd, Jr.) Office Fort St.; Piano. Voice Culture, Sing
over Bishop & Co.'s bank, cor. Mer- ing and Harmony; especial attention
chant and Kaahumanu sts. I
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West!
tung St.; Tel. 884.
LORRIN ANDREWS. Office with !
Thurston & Carter, Merchant St.,
next to posboffice.
2LYLE A. DICKEY. King and Bethel
fits.; Tel. 806 P, O. box 786.
PTTvwn Tf!TT W Jirm Suite 815. Mar-
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wiscon
sin -CHAS. F. PETERSON. 15 Kaahuma
nu BL
CL L. GARVIN, M.D. Office 537 King
St., near Punchbowl; hours, 9 to 12
a, m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
fice 512' Beretania St, near Alapai;
hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.; Tel.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
3 to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St., opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
8 p. m.; Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.; Tel.
510; P. O. box 501.
DR. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. O. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 tc 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m.
DR. I. MORI. 136 Beretanla St, be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
and 7 to 8 p. m. ; Sundays 9 to 12
a .m
DR. A. 'N. SINCLAIR. 413 King St,
next to the Opera House; office hours
9 to 10 a, el, 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
T. B. CLAPHAM. Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist. Office Hotel Stables;
calls, day or night, promptly ans
wered; specialties obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
kinds a specialty. Office room 11,
Spreckels Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel. 1093.
3L E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea St..
three doors above Masonic Tenmle.
Honolulu; office hours 9 a. m. to I
4 p. m.
DR. C. B. HIGH.-Philadelphia Dental
Hnilec-A iio- wncnnu rpm,.
College 1892; Masonic Temple: Tel.
5EO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St., op
posite Catholic Mission; hours from
9 a- m. to 4 p. m.
Office hours 8 a, m. to 4 p. m.; Love
Bldg., Fort St.
A. J. CAMPBELL. Office Queen St.,
opposite Union Feed Co.
C. J. FALK. Member Honolulu Stock
Exchange; room 301 Judd Bldg.
all Parts of the Islands bought orl011 Picpus street in Paris, are in the
sold; No. 310 Fort St; Mclnerny Blk. city at present, says a late San Fran
XA1IES T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
Consulting Hydraulic Engineer;
S05 Judd Blk, Honolulu.
WM. T. PATY. Contractor and Build-
r. Store and office fitting; brick,
Walk; residence Wilder Ave., near
S. A. BUTTERFIELD. Contractor and
Builder. Store and office fittings,
shop and repair work; Bell Tower
Bldg., Union St.; Tel. 702.
S. E. LUCAS. Love Bldg., -Fort St,
upstairs; P. O. box 351. I carry a full
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
Free Examination of the Eyes.
Daid to touch, muscular control and
musical analysis.
ptaxo TAUGHT IV six moxths
New quick method; special attention
giveu iu uuuii ueginners. lerms
monthly. Address "Musician," Ad
vertiser office.
instruction; terms by the lesson or
month; commencing on and after the
10th of July. "MIGNON"; 720 Bere
tania at., xionoiuiu.
Suite 7.
Tel. 939.
& TRAIN, Architects.
Model Block, Fort St.;
O. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St., between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
wrm m I t a a 1
UttAUbM IbmAN.
T. D. BEASLEY. Plantation and To-
pographical Maps a Specialty; room I
306, Judd Bldg.; TeL 633.
MISS A. A. ALLEN. Office cor. King
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 751.
MISS E. M. BROWN Office over
Bishop & Co.'s, corner Kaahumanu
and Merchant Sts.
F. D. GREANY, A.B., (Harv.) Pri
vate Tutor, with especial reference
to preparation for college. Office cor.
King and Bethel Sts.; Tel. 62 and
806; P. O. box 759.
MRS. B. F. McCLL. Latest designs
in Tailor-Made Evening, Dinner
Gowns, and Wedding Trousseau, 73
Beretanla St
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeweler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a Spe
cialty; No. 2 School St, near bridge.
MISS PRESCOTT General Writer and
Business Agent; Commissions Un
dertaken for the other Islands; ring
up Queen Hotel; Tel. 809.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg
ments to instruments, district of Ko
na, Oahu; at W. C. Achi's office.
King St, near Nuuanu.
Magic Illusions, etc., by the only
Travelle. Address or call at Orphe
um Theater.
WAII. Price 60c; beautifully Illus
trated. For sale by all newsdealers.
DR- A- c- POSEY. Specialist for Eye.
Ear, Throat and Nose Diseases and I
uatarrn; Masonic Temple; hours 8 to I
12 a. m.. 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 d. m.
vin ot. tw t nniin o
n;:, "g-JZX,m
tt" I:: r Z: t ,
i o mc,l1uo"3 ol
Dams ot every aescnption; iramea
nurses in cam rooms as wen as in
sick room; massage ana manual
movements; electricity in every
form; classified dietary, etc.; ample
facilities for thorough examination,
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physl-
cian and surgeon.
Three missionary fathers, members
of the Order of the Sacred Hearts of
Jesus and Mary, familiarly known as
Picpus friars, from the fact that the
motner nouse OI tne oruer situated
cisco Exchange, as guests of the Marist
Fathers, at the parochial residence ad
joining the Church of Notre Dame des
Victoires on Bush street. Father Jean,
the oldest of the 'missionary priests,
spent twelve or thirteen years laboring
tu me uii&siuniirv iieius ol liih .uar-
quesas islands. He is here to rest and
to recuperate after years of labor. He
wiU j f T .
on the Tropic
Bird, and will there renew his re
ligious work.
The other clergymen. Father Noail
los and Father Amadee, who will sail
by the same vessel, are to go to the
Marquesas islands. They are young
men, just ordained for the Catholic
missions of the South Pacific islands,
They received holy orders at Miranda,
Spain, the house of study of the Picpus
order. which has charge of the Pacific
islands in spiritual affairs and also
has a community house in Chile.
Biier Menace to Law anil Or
fler Than Was ReaUzsd.
Pauahl Street Den'zms are Men
aced by a Genir of Japanese
High Binders and Toughs.
All the Japanese of the city have not
grasped the idea of any law operating
here in Hawaii other than those exist-
insr hi mediaeval darn in Japan. A
- mull Oriental rommunltv exercises it
wn hum Mvtt I
r. I...'. nn.l nil Ihdll. ilUnllln nrQ I
settled according to their own code.
"toughs - wanted to express their dls-
approval of n certain project, they did
a, i A t t a f m t m I
u in uieir on way. i ney urn u wuu
clubs and antique weapon and hark.
The hacks alone mar the plcturesoue-
ns if n Ml.l.llc. pr onUo.tr Th tic- I
casion was this: it appear mat a pe
titlon was being circulated among the
better class of Japanese with the Idea
of getting their opinion on the Pauahl
street question. A Japanese circulated
the paper ami got about eighty nam
of some of the leading cilUen and
merchants. That night he was visited.
About forty of his countrymen called
in kimonos. The introduced them
selves as the proprietor of the plant
on Pauahl street, and ostentatiously
displayed their heavy stick. They
further stated that they and their
"club" owned furniture and fUting
over there valued at about $30.0o, not
counting the Smj women, whoe value
was no i stated. They told this man
that If this project went through, vir..
it the r-nuahi street tenant were
warned off, they would sew him .t In
a bag and deposit him in the harbor,
His sign should immediately come
down, and they offered to confer in
the next room as to the best mean of
disposing of him. They left hint in
considerable uncertainty as to what
would become of him. and they took
away the petition. This man's place
was closed up for a few days. In the
. . . a aaa .a
meantime me "ciuo ' fas they are
called on Pauahl street) continued to
call in hacks upon several signer of
the petition. It was the necessary I
policy ot some of these petitioner to
deny the genuineness of their stgna-1
tures or else claim that through Ignor-I
ance of English they were not aware
of the nature of the paper they had
Just last week, when a gang on.,.. on satnnljr no official notice
signed. They knew the "club. forl.t "Mandoline" Thome
mem iiiopKeeperi iuh-n,
upcn unwimngiy supplying them with
goous aner mis tasnion: i ne "ciuo'i
SP,a,f 'n,' 1m ,hvP, SSttl
Mor credit. He 1 politely denied the
request, whereupon he help- himself.
There I no gainsaying such an art-
lessly direct method, and the customer
s nevrr billed. Still not one of these
merchants will say this on the wit-
ness-stand. Such 1 the Intrenched po-
sition of the "club" that the Marshal
I is powerless, even should c ertain of
the police who patrol this district care
to move against the combination. But
the better element of the Japanese are
aroused: they say that many rase. of
sand-bagging and blackmail have ter
rorized the Japanese community: they
declare that these toughs are on the
InrnvKo lirnii4e iho women who
port them are increasing Ithe soldier I
off the transtM)rts have len an Im
mense source of Income); they feel the
odium of the thing and the national
disgrace, as the large majority of the
licensed women are Japanese. The
following is the text of the paper
signed by these eighty prominent Jap
"For the protection of the honor of
the Japanese name In this country, and
to preserve decency on our public
streets and the Innocency of our chll-
dren. is it not time to segregate pros-
. t i . i munAi ri.11-
iui imiis ui win vij . v if
I urged that all Japanese citizen who
desire this will subscribe their name
to this document. When the sentb
ment of the Japanese In the premise
is discovered proper steps will bo ta
ken to secure the approval and author-
Itv of the Government.
Change in Program.
Tonight the Orpheunt will present an
entire change of bill. The minstrel
first part will be strong, new songs and
jokes will be Introduced and six nd
I men will keep the performance up-to-
date. Mr. Jackson Hearde. late of
I MacAdoo's famous minstrels, will ap-
pear for the first time. He Is a great
cc median and sure ti pieae. The Wli
-lards will continue In the grand mui
ical act. Their lns;ru:nentall:n h:
taken the peop here by :orra. Mr.
Walton I Just a lry a ever an.l the
great coon ionp with big turves.
I'ngugcmciit Announced.
The engagement of Mis Alice h-
Wall. daughter of Mm. Kllzabcth Wall,
and Mr. Frederick C. Smith, the gen-
cral passenger agent of the Oahu Rail
way & Iand Co.. in announce!, lloth
Miss, Wall and Mr. Smith are
known and universally llkd.
heartiest congratulation of
many friend are their.
'I lie Olna I-ati J.
Surveying on the Government land
In Olaa 1 being done In pne of the
McKlnley proclamation, and money on
Lti.. r i .-.illrrg. mere of the mot !mrtrelYe na-
at tne lino lanti oKice wunin m paii
. .... . . .... . I
Imrri. prior to the arrival of the
. .
hl( bcrn rrc.hct ol ,hc .inJ otnrr
lrcjalVC to the Indefinite po:po3em-nt I
of ,ho 4c. iAmal Herald
CKAUIMa lll'I.li A 1IC.
Contractor L. 31. Wliitchou Han
Force on llilo H. H. Line.
I M. Whltehoti contractor for
clearing and grading th fir! r ft loci
of live mile of the Hi.n railway ha
rtabllj!H d a ramp n lilt!" n; ire than
a mite imck irom in ;ran nu.i
..a ". a a a
foir anl one-half mile.
lio Iia at prent - n:-n at r
but tin frr will ! dotiMfd a s- n
a the mn can i"' i--uri. t r t:.
present only tl exari m !!:; of ti;i
right of way will Ih clearrl o that
grading work ran l? pushed forward.
A trail ha lH-n rut through th fore-;
at four and a hiif mlW so thvt -ip
plies can lw carried In fron th main
ro.nl. Mr. White!nr.ie will probably
establish a :ore at the uppr camp and
another at th llil terminu l- yond
alakea where anolhT cani;
beatcd. Hawaii Hrald.
c:tit:i:Kr loMtiin
rricdcnttinl Hccttul nt the V.
IX A. Hull.
Following I the program for the
Frb-dcnthal concert at the V. M. C. A.
hall tonight:
Sonata In C aharn Minor tMoonlicht
I Sonata) Beethoven
,a) "Nocturne" (b) "Funeral March"
iri polonaise" In A tlat Maior
I Chopin
I ,a "Norwegian lans- Grle
) "C'sardaban luxtaian '
t,,fc i ..r nn
"Storm Scene" and th "Helmsman
Song" from th
man." flrt act ..
"Hying Ifcitrh-
... Schulert-l.Urt
la I "Serenade" ...
tbi "Melody in r
lei " Pasquinade
la) "(lavotte Antiqi-." by Corrrlll.
transerlletl by 1 riedenthal
lb) "Hungarian llhapvidy" .... 1.1 tl
Public .McHinlmhl Concert.
Followine U iur program for th
band concert at I'm ma Sq-iare to
night, commercing at o'clock:
March "Kalulatil
m a- a a a a a a Waal. if a
Overture "Jubilant" Klotow
"Reminiscence of Wrdi" ... Godfrey
la l "Wal Punalau" "Rain Tuahi-
r.e o Manoa"
Mrs. N. Alapai.
(bi "Hooheno" -Oiwi Nani"
Mr. llan Moe.
Medley "Musical Review" ... RUiere
March "Hello, M.i Baby" Beyer
Waltz "Thou anl Thou" ... S:ra4M
Fantasia "Recollection of the War"
"The Star-Spangd Banner."
Annnal .Meetings ToJny.
Walanae Company. 10 a. m.. at the
office of J. M. Dowsett.
Humuula Shfep station 0mrar,y. 10
a. m.. at the office of II. Harkf-M Sc
Co.. Ltd.
Olowalu Company. 11 a. m.. at the
I office of W. G. Irwin & Cx. l.d.
Rain started on Kauai last Thursday!
venlng and three Inche fell In the
twenty-four hours following. The fall
r.--,- r-nnn.-.i .u. t.i i
Several natives
were arresieu yc-
tcrday afternoon for gambling.
at tte Fen-
eral of fir. C. IL Hyde.
Pftlstt i Ckelr B4st:ra"v Decaratri
ami tat Cfcsna Cm Sri tt
Its t'taxnt Cmmr.
Tir funeral mtv lc over the re-irr
main of the late lr. C. M. llvde.lotje or ml&e. for It U the voir c2
which mere heJd at Central L'aloa
Church at II o'clock yesterday mora-
lllf Th rittlfll Mff rlinl I M.
- " " ..-
Kl-Iufu,,r droraled mith fiamrr. film
antl ,rrn ioierperl lth croe.
wreath and Coral erabjem. of every I
nat,rr- lYoferMor Ingall presided at I
the organ and by the time the o!Hor-,J' rw. rxc.iar. the tata-
ma cromdl to It uiaml rapacity. I
Fully on thotsaad people gained ad-l
tnlttanrf to the Uilliis? whll tnaayM, ii-x ae iiie dead. Th wU
other mer content to tUad oaulde. I
.. . . I
containing all that ma mortal of the
rctcrrd clergyman mam borne domn to
tho AlMr to th- front of the choir, the
onoraty u.ll-ara lf.v. k.
Hfhop. . . Hall. W. f. Allen. Iter.lgrW mxrald m to lodlrate
CI. I- Gullrk. W. IL ra!le. Cha. M.
t'otike. John lad.ncham and
lr. J. I. Whitney. hlle the actual
l-ratcr rrr eight :uileDu of the
X"fth PaclSe Mblonarr lbttlitif
Mr"f. II. Ptie. J. Iua, I.. Kay-
mrhea. K. Isitrll. i. fc Hetilj. Wll-
Ham Kauhl. J. KaUInj and II. Kale-
heir. k
T!.- rM-- ffr ctnjcacrd mith
prarr by the ltr. W. 34. KlncAbl aad
ih- irritation of tb lr.l" Prayer by
th pa? tor and roncrrgatlon. The Ka-
mefmrneha f.lrU ?hnol then aac
lorm part of iho burial rvicv. Nrvt
r.i'.Uimrd a funrral anthem by lb fll
choir, followed hy a mat lmrreHe
prayer by Iter. H. . Parker of Ka
walahao Church. Th" church choJr
I aradiM. The funeral Kftaoa hy
Rev. W. M. Klocald touched largely
'ijn ir.e me ani lire mora or lae tje-
ce.e,j. The artlc al J;e church
rr brought to a cIm by the alnglag
of -Angela i:rr Bright aad Pair." by
ilrs, t . ii. Cooper.
A the body maa borne from the
church to the Xu'jaa4 Cemetrry the
choir and cunsregatloa aaag "Hark.
Hark. My SomI. Ar.gtllr Soaca Are
A tcry large proce-Mloa formed at
a a a. g -
... ...r owr.r,,,
rnr Rl l.e Rijir arte IrmrX.
S-at mere r-'rvev at the church for
m ml-r of the family aad the rrre-
e;;tatite id the following Uordi aLd
rirtr-. ft all Cif mhlCh the !-rr XM"d
ma attached In om rapacity: Oaha
C:iece tni :. M- r.. Joa-a, I'rar.
Th-irion. Hr. Km-ra: Kamrhameha
in;i'e. Mei.tir, Cartrr. Smith.
Holme.; M4M-urn tru!"e. J4Mr
Iklsham. Walcott. Stnkea; North Pa
rlf.r atltate atudau: Hamallaa
!-ard. Rev. It. Ilinsham. T. Richard.
A. !. C-re: .j.rary. Prof. Sco!t. Ir.
R'-lrr; Historical Socteiy, T. fl.
Thnni: .orUl Science nub. Ir. W.;r
Maxmell; Kaumakaplll Church. S. M-S !.;;'. 1.
KaaaVanul and Rrv. Walamva; Ka-J "
i.u.iii i r. ana ojo-
ers: Chines- Mio;on. I". W. Damon
ft aft- . . . - a. .
an-, rrrrr,rnu,nri; iwnrs'
Mllon. Rv..-.are ar.d lJ
eatatUe. Oahu Collr- fac-alty aad : uvtVd m
ix student. Kamehameha Manual.. JL.
teacher. Kamehameha GlriV School
t jrher and atudeata.
fo!loming la the auhi!ar.re of ReT.
Mr. Klacald't rmoa la the church:
"And I heard a voice from heavta
saylag ua:o me: White; b.red are
the dead mhlch die In the Uord from
henceforth. Yea. aalth the ap'.flt. that
they may rrt from thtlr labor, aad
their work d follow thtnt-" IUtc
latloa x!v:13.
Thes vrordf. so familiar to at a.l.
and which for l.vyj jeam have la
the golden comfort la the houa- ed
mourning, one of the galaxlei of Ur.
which la precioui la the eight wauhe
when earthly V.zhX are xtiagulihed.
f um prt of that monlerfal fourteenth
chapter of Revelations.
ThU l the voice of th 1-amb oa
Mo:mt Zion. mith a great taultUod
whnrn r' J1" pr !nclng the
nrw h5ch DOa redfened
, n .v
i It Is slealflcant. aa added to the
speaker U not an angel, at In all the!
other verse of thlt chapter, but It
a distinct voice from htatca. the voice
; lri:. tbit rmcUltnt iLU bratl-
tabdi&C on the borJer of Lb
mJ land.
Tboe wonJi of la hit tccs4
epUtle to the CoricthUft are ETi&d la
their a-Ka racer of hope, and rtc3
a&4 re-read thru to make our bep?
Dcre tee!fau IVr e kaov that U
our earthly boue of ihU Uter&c9
ere devolved, me have a bulldlns d
God. an bouK not made with hirxi,
eternal In the heartn. Oa thlt tin
quettJoa may arlM: "May t PczJ
have lnea tc UtaV.ru. for he had LJTCl
ktu thU Lww which If throub CJ
vatloa. and tberrforr death may be o
leep froa Mh there It co aaklCL
and time have me Dot m blrpercJ
la our heart. Oh for om proof of thla
altatioa; oh that monr lcnl&x cica
that hx p.cd out from our tdfl
might peak to tt and My: "! tn
leepinx mith my Savior la cory
Well, here me have It; our dtmlre t3
gratified, for Joha trUSe: -I hoard
a voire from heavea avlxue: and hrt-
lhaa the iet!moay cf yoar lorc3
K04' Ur "He. lMewd ara
me ceaa maxa cie in ixe uora
Siratuce mord iheM. The mxr1d aaym,
llleaerd are the Ilvlac; LVe3 It ta
rich maa mho ha large dejiokJTa ta
the tank and dee houe. laad tr1
lock, and mho fare uaptaocj
every day. Cod sara. Illeed are tha
dead. The morld tay. ItWid It to
aa mho oorepie a joUlicm of t-
roan. troa aay. iueera arv t&e caao.
Th TiT 1 J kit f ltlr-,fef4 la flii
0 enlara mad health- mboe rrm la
taadlmmrd. Ium !rp t trm. Gc3
IV vt!!! 'T0 iT?-9
caniicT g" luTia .irxmc jor csa
ay. ltl;rd ate the dead. It doea not
l.Wod m iba mho ataad about
ar iee V ff f tat nri rm a a al ,m I.mH
ih.t tia to mu,. -tl. ir. t
rroat raU-fortaae. a ('.! aa lot. Let
tod' morda tlM from the caikri,
t'iMfc"d ate the dad. Atr theM morda
poka to all of tb d cl frr the pro
er.ia Ihrouch the Y31ey f lha
Shadow I mvrr tirokra. ht- urvtT
lr a much a If4tnu;:d 4ace maa
Uxaa to lite oa aith. What tr r
to undr3aad. lba. by the mordt cf
the litd. l!r.cd atte they mho la the
hcKir of dUiNcdaUan are la Jbe lord.
Jife In the a-xure place nf lit lute la
h-at t a and la latimate f21u-ftdil?
mi:h II J Jit. Tor the atltig tf deata la
la aad ih attcrgih f :n the law
trjl UajirVa to ChI. mlto Clvrlh US
the vUioty Ihunach ciur lurd Jeaas
for la thU chapter me read that thry
M-nrd Him day aad alcbt la 111 lea
pie. Itet from the morld of .la. real
from the burdea cd care. ret tixtm ant-
id y. !nM aad disappointment. ret
that dUtrr-KM your life, tmt
p mith ChrUt la the relrU&l
ky. Surely cr lav lax lrother Dr-
II) Je ixm already heard the clorioca
mord, "Well doae. ctx4 axd fajlhfc!
frrrtaat." frtm 111 !);. It 1 vd tar
me to ftroamae a emlocy thU mora
le C bt I feci It I only CitJtc taat I
hoald voire the as&lteraa grief that ta
felt tt I not for me to lift the veil
from hi home life, mhal he mat aa a
hatband aad father. A a OaflrUaa
maa yon mho m-rre hi ftelghbor axxd
faMam 4t1 ay a I4etivw1 aa A mmvBa-aar4 avmrt
I ''" " ' a
I A. x trt xx hit cducatltmal trotk
be ma truv!d aad loved. me! aa
admired; he maa the rtimrade ci? the
the cbet1fcC CapIiUta f
tLc of hla oa are aad the faithful
frlad of tte eld aad feeble, la the
lra4a d fcel'a kiacdom. a e a air
man of the Hamallaa Hoard, hla a lira -i
jon oaf.axclagL. hla life aa lade.
lb lmprv'.a jtta the ttook ed t'rog-re-;
of th'te laada
If 1 me?e to te ajed the tcry of hit
lif. I mrralJ Jrut It la the mrrdr:
-Hid mith Chr1l la God." That vrat
the f-t aprtag cd the teaatlful ta-
te:f.hae.a mhlch IHumlaated all hit
d that dicdaterfHedaeatt
made h!a fio nxcrr to hOp alL
ra hit grajp of troth, how
tty be appreciated duty. When
ork to c.them m lrkome. to htm tt
near. n& lilm
aad ,;a Xiuru all aararas
more r3fb me-a aa Ir. Hyde
in crsr eM3T3raT4rca4 aim tut mMj
mork. more ych m la rar iceieiy
aad b-3laera life, m bom. mhea Cod
ca!h earth Iowa aad heaven r-4n.
Th ftsll jrorram of the Mrtlce It
gltea lliw:
iXNniLL snnvici:.
Orgraa premie Tc a era 1 MaTtlC
(Chop! a).
Invocation Iter. William Morrlt
Ki scald.
SIsglaaT by Kamehameha tlrla
-Only Itemembercd.-
Srriptare rradiag Rer. W. M. Kla
rald. Acthem-"Iad. Kladly Light" (Sul
livan). Prayer Rev. Parker.
RepoaM "How Sweet the Name of
Jet Soaadr.- (Itarabyl.
lljisa -O Paradltw.- lllaraby).
Addroa-Rer. W. M. Klarall.
Salo -AttU liver !lrigbt aad Pair
fThevdora: llaadelt. Jdra, Cejer.
Hyma -Hark. Hark. My oai.w
Orran pr5-jde
--Dead March
U.Faul." (Haadell.
4 Orgaaiat, Irof. A. Ik Itollt.

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