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- J- . Mm" - V m Ml . - .
KtMrMn1 Jnlr , IK VI.
VOL. XXX., NO. 6365
rnicE five cunco
.ATKINSON & JUDD (A. L. C. Atkin
rxra and Albert F. Judd, Jr.) Office
ever Bishop & Co.'s bank, cor. Mer
chant and Kaahumanu sts.
J-CHI & JOHNSON (W. C. AchI and
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West
King St.; Tel. 884.
-BOBBIN ANDREWS. Office -with
Thtirstoa & Carter, Merchant St,
T2s:t fc postofflce.
f.TLI3 A. DICKEY. King and Bethel
Stt; Tel. 806; P. O. box 786.
1&&SDERICK W. JOB. Suite 815, Mar
i 'inette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wiscon
vCflAS. F. PETERSON. 15 Kaahuma-
to. St.
a L. GARVIN. M.D. Office 537 King
St.- near Punchbowl: hours, 9 to 12
a- m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
fice 512 Beretania St., near Alapai;
hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.; Tel.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
8 to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St, opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
S d. m.: Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.: Tel.
510; P. O. box 501.
DR. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. O. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 to 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m.
R. I. MORI. 136 Beretania St., be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
and 7
a .m
to 8 p. m.; Sundays 9 to 12
X)I1. A. N. SINCLAIR.413 King St.,
next to the Opera House; office hours
0 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
T. B. CLAPHAM. Veterinary Surgeon I
nrxA nintfcf Office TTnfoi QfoKioc I
ralls, day or night, promptly ans
wered; specialties obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
kinds a specialty. Office room 11,
Spreckela Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel. 1093.
31.: VL GROSSMAN, D.D.S.-Alakea St.,
iuiw uwio auuvc iuasuuic jl tjui uic, i
Yr rST rV..Tv I m 1 I
Honolulu: Office hours 9 a. m tn
4 p. m.
DR. C. B. HIGH. Philadelphia Dental
College 1892; Masonic Temple: Tel.
EO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St, op
posite Catholic Mission; hours from
d a. m. to 4 p. m.
Office hours 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love
Bldg., Fort St.
-A. J. CAMPBELL. Office Queen St.,
opposite union Feed Co.
C J. FALK. Member Honolulu Stock
Exchange; room 301 Judd Bldg.
all Parts of the Islands bought or
sold; No. 310 Fort St.; Mclnerny Blk.
A JIGS T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
Consulting Hydraulic Engineer;
305 Judd Blk, Honolulu.
r?'U. T. PATY. Contractor and Build
er. Store and ofilce fitting; brick,
wood or stone building; shop Palace I
Walk; residence "Wilder Ave., near j
.r. A. BUTTERFIELD. Contractor and
r.,.;iai. cf m. fitHncra
tTi Tnwpr
shop and repair work;
Blfig Union St.; Tel. 702.
3. E. LUCAS. Love Bldg., Fort St,
upstairs; P. O. box 351. I carry a full
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
.Free Examination of the Eyes.
Fort St.; Piano, Voice Culture, Sing
ing and Harmony; especial attention
paid to touch, muscular control and
musical analysis.
New quick method; special attention
given to adult beginners. Terms $5
monthly. Address "Musician," Ad
vertiser office.
instruction; terms by the lesson or
month; commencing on and after the
10th of July, "MIGNON"; 720 Bere-
tania St.,. Honolulu.
& TRAIN, Architects.
Suite 7,
Tel. 9S9.
Model Block, Fort St.;
O. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St., between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
734; Honolulu.
T. D. BEASLEY. Plantation and To
pographical Maps a Specialty; room
306, Judd Bldg.; Tel. 633.
MISS A. A. ALLEN. Office cor. King
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 751.
Miss iu. ai. uiioWN Office over
Bishop & Co.'s, corner Kaahumanu
and Merchant Sts.
F. D. GREANY, A.B., (Harv.) Pri
vate Tutor, with especial reference
to preparation for college. Office cor.
King and Bethel Sts.; Tel. 62 and
806; P. O. box 759.
MRS. B. F. McCALL. Latest designs
in Tailor-Made Evening, Dinner
Gowns, and Wedding Trousseau. 73
Beretania St.
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeweler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a Spe
cialty; No. 2 School St., near bridge.
MISS PRESCOTT General Writer and
Business Aeent: Commissions Un
dertaken for the other Islands; ring I
up Queen Hotel; Tel. 809.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg-
, t t-
na, Oahu; at W. C. Achi's
King St; near Nuuanu.
Magic Illusions, etc., by the only
aVf:.aareS3 r Ca" at orpne"
WAIL Price 60c; beautifully illus-
trated. For sale by all newsdealers. I
DR. A. C POSEY.-Speclalist for Eye.
TTon V J f I I
11 , imuai uuu nuso iiseuses UUU I
Catarrh: Masonic TomnlA honra R tn I
12 a- m 1 to 4 and 7 to ft n. m.
King St.; Tel. 639. Dr. Luella S.
Cleveland, medical superintendent.
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; methods of
Battle Creek, Mich., Sanitarium;
baths of every description; trained
nurses in bath rooms as well as In
sick room; massage and manual
movements; electricity in every
form; classified dietary, etc; ample
facilities for thorough examination.
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physi
cian and surgeon.
Issued Under Direction of Bishop
Museum Curator.
Professor W. T. Brigham, curator of
the Bishop Museum, will probably ar
rive by next Kinau, with a representa
tive of the Smithsonian Institute,
sent out by the United States Govern
ment, says the Hilo Tribune. Mr.
Brigham goes to Puna on investiga
tions of an historical and ethnological
The Bishop Museum is issuing a se
ries of works under the editorship of
Professor Brigham upon Hawaiian
subjects. The first one has already ap
peared and is magnificently gotten up
from a mechanical point of view.
well as being intensely interesting to
the general reader no less than to the
special student of Polynesian and Ha-
Z1"VUI"r, '"Jtoiias
vuiuuie it, iuaau r eamery. n ueais
with a11 the implements, wearing ap
paici uuu uiiiuxucnis maae irom or
decorated with the feathers of Hawaii
an birds, with illustrations of the same
and descriptive and historical com
ments thereon drawn from every
known source and authority.
It seems as if these works, as they
are issued, should be placed in tho Hi
lo Library, as indeed they probably
will be.
Striclen Willi an ApipUclic Tit
While BatMnt.
Sketch of the Life stl Career of
Minister of Interbr of llawal
Ii3 HeputU
The community was horrified about 1
1:43 o'clock yesterday afternoon when1
word was received from the Kancohc
courthouse that Captain J. A. Kins, the
MlnUtPr of tho Interior, was dead and
L. t rmn!n, worp alrendv on the
I that Ills remains were aireacij on
way 10 mis cuj. iiici un
learned that he had died suddenly
while bathing off Mokapu Point, and
in the immediate vicinity of his
brother-in-law's nlace there. The body
arrived in the city about 4 o'clock and
wa3 deposited In Henry William' un-
uertaKing panors ior cmua.mu.v.u
It appears that about 10 o'clock
in t,A mnmin ttnuiop u'lnc in mm-
n.mv with his G-vear-old son. went
iWn tn thn hMrh for tho nuriKlJ,0 of
- - - - -
... . t.
leaciuuu me- .. w
He was standing In about two feet or
water talking to the boy when sudden-
ly he fell forward faco down into the
water. The boy endeavored to raise
him but could no't. He says that his
father gave two or three short gasps.
and then lay still. leaving his father
in the water, he ran to the house and
raised an alarm, but- when help ar
rived it was found that Captain King
was beyond all human aid.
Wally Davis, brother of Mrs. King,
procured a boat and placing the body
therein rowed round to Kaneohe land
ing, arriving there at 1:13, and from
the courthouse telephoned the news to
town. On receipt of the sad Inteiu-
gence .Minister .Mott-smiin ami
ney General Cooper at once left town
. - - ft. m -m
mi m m ... t a ft ft 4
to meet me oouy. ami mnuirn.nw-,
about a mile and a half this ldo of.aRlI a rrjjpe W3Jt obtained fr him.
T" 1 Ua..u It'MltAlrlJ " Vl V1 ... .. - . ...
iviiutuuf. uvuij ".
also notified, went to Kaneohe for the
purpose of bringing the remains to Ho-
nolulu, and later on Marshal Brown
and a squad of patrolmen also started.
but were met about a mile this side of
the Pall by a company escorting the
body. On arrival In the city the re
mains were taken to Henry Williams
parlors, where they will be embalmed
and prepared for burial.
The body will lie in state in the old
throneroom of the Executive building
on Thursday from 11 to 3 o'clock, and
the funeral will take place on Sunday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Arrangements
are not yet completed, but the deceased
Minister will receive a full State fu
neral, while the Masonic body, of
which the deceased was a very active
member, will conduct the services at
the grave.
The late James A. King was born
In Scotland and was 67 years of age
last month. He came to these Islands
firt Just after the close of the Ameri
ca n Civil War, and shortly afterward
took command of the old trading
schooner "Kona Packet. owned by
William & Co.. a Honolulu shipping
firm. As master of thin vessel he made
a number of voyages to Alaska. Kami
rhatka and the Japan sea on tradinc
expedition. When the steamer Uke
llke was brought out by Wilder & Co.,
he accepted the portion of chief oSl-
err. which he retained some time.
wh.n th !rk i:,kba0k wrrcir.il
off Uaikikl and tho wreck purchased
by S. G. Wilder. Captain King was Riv
en charge of the wrecking operation.
There were so very successful that it
hi been said the Kskbank waj the
foundation of the Wilder fortune, an
It has become the name of Mr. Wil-
Ider's beautiful residence.
After this Captain King wa made
master of the Molokai and when thelraptaln and three Ueuleoinu txlosc
Kin.iu was addetl to tho rompany'n
licet ho was given tho mmmand of that
fine vessel. Iter the company gave
him charge of all It Mramcr. making
l.lm wharf superintendent, and In thl
osltion he remained until he entered
the Cabinet of the Provisional Govern
ment at the time of the overthrow of
the monarchy. Up to that time he had
had no experience In political affair,
but he took a prominent place at onre
In the new Government.
Captain King was for a long time
an honored member of Hawaiian
Itodge. K. & A. M., but upon the Insll
tutlon of Pacific I!ge he became one
of Its charter member. He was alio
member of Itoyal Arrh Chapter andTr f' . I? llth l
of the Honolulu Commandery. Of the
men who have become prominent id nee
the monarchy none have Mood higher
in public estimation thin Captain
James A. King.
Among his Masonic brethren tho
opinion Is general that captain King
over-eerted himself on Sunday after
noon in attending tho funeral of John
Phillips. Against the advice of nearly
every one of hi friend, who remem
bored that he had but lately recovered
from a long, serious and almost fatal
sickness, ami wlhrd him to ride In a
carriage, ho porsitcd In walking by
, . . . f . f . . . . f . .
, r(om Ma5onlc ha n lho mUcry. The
-- - -
walk was too much for him and
! Wln ern (, 1m? ,,,1 from llt
wjen Jlitl hlrrt,t UJJ rrjciltd
.ner tno lunerai o ctinriu:-i to go
mrr lo lho olhcr Jo rf hc for
a ,ljy or rrM an j rirl hu catn
j jn noxl morning.
Dropped Dead.
At about 2 o'clock yesterday af;er-
noon woni was sent to tno ro'.ice sta
tion that Mrs. Moes. wlf.j of Capt.
Moe of the schooner Kawailanl. had
dropped dead in her re!dnco at Ka-
llhl while conversing with a n.imVrlan l Senior Capuia of Police il&v-i
of friends
Th ... Mr . f..r A
choir and mas poel of a very Ha!
soprano voice.
An early call nhould be made at thel
remnant clearing sale at I- II. Kerr's,
Many bargains are Include!, and the V'" r . lat the ceremoaJe were X IX. lxxVra-
flrft to come will set:re them. Thl. They reported to the Marshal aadL, . ...
very low prices put oa them arc for,,Jml advixd in go before I llardy. c t. trajui aaa
cash only.
0 tte Oceanic D:ci.
the HtwatUi fjtk fmrtt Otrit
Derkl Wkt Tfcrr Atnartrl
U Sen Wtnuti,
At I o clock yotcrday afternoon two I
Inj; to the rertmrnt on the transport
Cll" of 1 ara bo mre tandinc In
front of The Kxh" tore. railed crat
to Charlr II Ihinwrll. a llcecied tklr
er of the Pantheon backjland. to bring
hit hack acro4i the street. He did to.
and the five oScrrs rot In. four be
hind and one In front. Ke was told to
drire to the City of Para, and urted
down Fort street. Whrn oppolt the
bank of Hawaii one of tbcta ajked
what the fare wa. DanmcU thcnchl
there were but four cSctn In all on
the hark and promptly anjwcred
. mm mm &
nr uoiur. lie mat toJ4 to go
ahead, and drove on to th u hirf
aloncid th rcMl.
tin rrachlnff th vharf lh driver
ua a)rd hat he o:ild tal.r thn en
tire urty ont to San Soud for. thc2rrui for the uncal!tdfor lnjortcc be
trip to ccrupy to hotint. Ihinrll
.TtiirrTl thai h iull do It fur 15.
but on dirutering that thrrr nrrc five
in !h" ivinr Inntrad of four told it
uuuld tiorih fin. One of th? oSl-
rrr .ild hr would fcUe him II, that
Prank I.U1U monld take thrm out forj
that ar.d that ma all they mould pay.
liinwrij rrplirI that he ma mmkinj:
for the Panthrm f tabic, mblle UUU
dnive hi own hack and could make blV
omn rale. I lo rrfur.l tn iKmI
lor Icm than fli and dcmandel hi
fare for bringinc Iheni to th mharf.
u en inrm in rem- a hairniir t
i.im anil loi.i him that ma rnouch.
Ihinmrll forllr,l that be mould have
a dollar or nothlnc Th. Tr .
inai unr- mere tanIlnc aUrat tb
hark. A Dunmrll toopcd to gather
up the rrln mhlch had fallen during
the runtrmeriy. one of them, mho more
a captain aouMer iinm
them and tm bted them around lhin
--- - --
mcll.hand. forcing him domn in the
front of the hack. He then grabbed
the mhlp by the thong and untrtrci-
fully belabored him mith It btitt end
mer th head. ot nathSed mith thl
rxhlbltlon cf brutality. to of the oth-
or the hark. e!xed the unfortunate
drhcr around the neck and poached
ntm mith their fin errely. Thl
mo!i disgraceful proceeding ma fur
ther aggravated by tho um by alt tho
orHrer of tho fout language, that
man could give tongue to directed
acalnn the drtter. The evnrraaion
uy mnuM-No gentlemen againi an In-
I norent hackdrlter mm fcot bear print-
ing. but they uro prrrel in tao rec
ord of the Police Htatioa for future
Tho udden appearance of either the
ctilonrl tr major In ctiraraand on tbe
gangplank of tio city of Para and LU
room ierenip:ory orders to the foal-1
moutne.1 onjcern u.dtr hi command
to lsln mas all that aed the Lack-
m - m jp&. mm.tm Am mm m-zm Msm mt-vv w n i
I driver from being nearly killed
As It
is ho i ,o much Injured that he may
ft-.. ft. . - m. -
ao in I fni U t&o boapiUl.
IMnmrll cannot remember mhribrl
i ji a coionei or ma ior mho -afl
....... - ittt.uK aai oncerea lae
Wrf-ft- fl . m mm m. m mm m m m - m .
:jcrrs on loard. b4t mhai.rr
rank ma ho gate tho driver ibo d&i -
i-ir r.o r.a.i Ucmandol and meat LacVlUoa galloo rr II htrar and marked
and enters a comrdalnL la IsZ
hah Ho mas adtiMl to irr ffiIU oo b-Isg IstUlJf d and mill be ma-
iae matter in some way as the tes.1
m -
a aooui to leate. Ho loucht tli
services cr hi a'lorcer. f?ri
Creiehton. and callevl oa the Ilfltiih
Ko i juul for advice
In tbo meantime Marshal Bromn had
ent I)rp-ity Manhal Chllllcrmrih
I '-Tr to tae vessel mith otStb to ee.
- "rX7IlV.k
i ioj irjnweu wna thra and wMlo
'landing on the mharf the latter Id a -
I os of tho oncers on the ship
mm r- ft k iU' 1 T J KT I 1 Tr 1
1 r a M-w ff . a a .
Alter l-cinc Lrri m.a!j!-!- fr.r ..r.-m. iIm..!
tho oncers mere Cnallr told that iv-M1
r"Janding aicr mould se-o no osel"3'5 e!s rarMt aal
1 3 n' ltirT ou! l tot be allomed oalother thlar. Tho.e lavitei lo arairt
I Jado wilex an 1 smear to a cor-.p!alct
chrgicg th oSfrm with amuU mnd
ittrrj. TfcU Le did. the warrasta
ere rrosptly tnade out and jcltra ia
ivrmty Marshal Chnilncworth
Captain Parkrr with orders to
tbeta If pol!il and to demand aa la
trrTlew with the cxmnia&ln oCcrr
the troortt oa board the City of Para.
oa the iucgilank aad told they coaU
cot fro oa board. They permitted ta
trlsc allomrd to trtid a taesaxre to tbm
roamandlnc oZkrr. which was Cnail?
ukrn by a corporal, w ho brought hcrtt
rltir ordm to the r&ts1s to alkrer
co on oa latd uaSer aoy ttrr-iraoa.
Chllll&gortb thta detrralaei ta
taakr an attempt to rve the warracla
an tow an4 made a data to rl ca
board. The ratrlet were loo quick for
bia. borter, and bad tbelr bayoaeta
rrmMS la frost of bla. The oQorra
roaU do co oore and went bsxk to iba
Po'.lce Nation with tle warraata ca-
The M-c tries and rorroral at the bead
of the g:a&g?la&k were saad full
qual&ted witb the oScial posltloa CZ
the two oJSfm aad tborougbly uader-
stood their object la trying to get ca
toard. but they etxdal&ed to the o3-
crr that they were powerless la tba
matter and could do nothing but obey
the orders of their superiors.
Charles II IunelL the taaa who
was so brutally tied la this affair, ta
not a man to rrt under bis l&jurtea.
He la the same man who was arrestad
by the late Marshal lllirbeock for al
legel complicity In the tale reroltatioau
He flared bis cxm la the bands of Um
late llrltUh CommlKsloner A. C. IL
Ha cs. with the rrrult thit bis i&ao-
wtK !
rnbrd bis claim at a cot of about tZ,-
) rather than take bsnets of hav
ing to iuy metre to thc'IUitlth Gov
ern meat.
It U understood that be will appeal
lo the British reprrseitativrs boUa bera
ar.d at Washington for immediate
has attained at the bands of cb
United States array oScers.
The farts of Dunne 11 cae as re-
lat abate have been carefully reri-
flM by the pollor. and there 1 riery
reaon to leJleve that they are sub
stantially as gltrn.
tiii: rrHii:i)ii Hal co.vci ut.
Very Large Audience t V. 3d. C
A IIaII Lat Mglit
Krlr! nihil firt ilaso reviul at
tho V. M. C A. tU Ut night at
tends! by a largo nd select audience.
rriodenthal fa mo a a master of thm
piano ma lal night mell utaJced.
There U an c14 ailcg llut Good
mgo &! to bah.w and after readl&s
tho rtitirim m lf 1.5 n thai f. lay lax
mhlch ha to a;.;--ared la almoU rrery
rjem;arKr of ftote throughout the cJv
lllrevl morld. there Is little need cf add
ing to them.
Tho eiquitite txauty of Ik-lhovraa
-Moonlight Sonata" ma brought oat
In It follett OeArare, The evo jurat
pa tho of Chopin" "fleseral XluxhT
mhlch 1 considered one of the txtoat
magnlSretJl of dlrg mutt le heard
played by a matter lo he appreciated
to It full value, and the artirt'a tra&a-
"iHloa of WrTm -.Storm
and !letnma ong from he Fly-
leg l?i-hxaan" I a rawt remark)
trantlation loto'mtjlc of a tturm at
m-x. Tho STorJ mero truly reallnlc
All of the numtr cn the jirograa
met ecthula!kally fmrlied.
Tho neit relta mill to on Ve3ne-
lay J:rtjJti at 2 o'cJck k. a&d lha
tcrn mill lo arrangod mita a view
lo tho rpx!al apyir-Jation of piano
lttrwior and 1u3r.t.
Party of Inspection VJt the Ncmr
KtfrJoti I'umpt.
Oa IViday la!, HoMr. II. P. IlaJd
;a. L. A. Th?r3a aad II. 3drrlwaa
:s.aaager of tho 3daka!l jdaataJloa
.l!d lb llonolta:u Sagar Co. tt In
:t tho am i::w1ca j-ut.ljje fdai
. i ... .i..
I 9
Tho .etca aal oao.ia:f raUlioa gal-
la f3? ;-edJ t.- to tda 11
A x'Uc P
lalag mitbla s!i:y days.
The new ymap It very tabtlaaUaZl
bT.t and roatalait raay laprovetaeata
that are well m-orth Krlng.
M w w mm 9 mw w m- rw wm
J. T. ?tackr. tdltor cf the Hamail
Herald, hat ballt hlmlf a de era the
hark Uwa of bis prei-e paaon. to
1 m5,,f hct It Is aofierKxry
I to di a harJ think aad retire from the
j a m .mm
t nxe 01 tao u'j . rr m rjo.
tho rot rr at oa rrSdty

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