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VOL. XXX., NO. 6366
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.ATKINSON & JUDD (A. L. C. Atkin-
wjn ana Aioert juaa, jrj-umce
uvcr xiisnop s io. s DanK, cor. aier-
Chant and Kaahumanu StS. I
.AUHi & JOHNSON (W. C. Achl ana
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West
tving toe, lei. 884. I
Thurstoa & Carter, Merchant St.,
nert to postoffice.
ZJYUZ A. DICKEY. King and Bethel
nis.; Tel. 806; P. O. box 786.
BSSDERICK W. JOB. Suite 815, Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wiscon-
ca St.
-15 Kaahuma-
C. Lu GARVIN, M.D. Office 537 King
fit., near Punchbowl; hours, 9 to 12
su m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
fice 512 Beretania St., near Alapai;
hours 9 to 12 a. m., 1 to 4 p. m.; Tel.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
a to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St., opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
8 p. m.; Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.; Tel.
olO; P. O. box 501.
DR. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. O. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 to 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m.
DR. I. MORI. 136 Beretania St, be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. in.
and 7 to 8 p. m.; Sundays 9 to 12
a .m
DR. A. N. SINCLAIR. 413 King St.,
next to the Opera House; office hours
9 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.:
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
T. B. CLAPHAM. Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist. Office Hotel Stables;
calls, day or night, promptly ans
wered; specialties obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
kinds a specialty. Office room 11,
Spreckels Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel. 1093.
31. E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea St.,
three doors above Masonic Temple,
Honolulu; office hours 9 a. m. to
4 p. m.
DR. C. B. HIGH. Philadelphia Dental
College 1892; Masonic Temple; Tel.
GEO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St., op
posite Catholic Mission; hours from
9 a. in. to 4 p. m.
OiSce hours 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love
Bldg., Fort St
A. J. CAMPBELL. Office Queen St.,
opposite Union Feed Co.
'C. J. FALK. Member Honolulu Stock
Exchange; room 301 Judd Bldg.
all Parts of the Islands bought or
sold; No. 310 Fort St; Mclnerny Blk.
.1 AiE3 T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
-Consulting Hydraulic Engineer;
SOG Judd Blk, Honolulu.
t. PATY. Contractor and Build-
er. Store and office fitting: brick,
wood or stone building; shop Palace
walk; residence wilder Ave., near
X. JU 3UTTERFIELD. Contractor and
Bcilder. Store and office fittings,
ciion and repair work: Bell Tower
Bldg., Union St.; Tel. 702.
S. B. LUCAS. Love Bldg., Fort St.,
upstairs; P. O. box 3ol. I carry a full
line of ALL KINDS UF ULiAbSttfc
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
rea Examination of the Eyes.
Fort St.; Piano. Voice Culture. Sing-
ing ana Harmony: esDecial attention
naid to tiiirh mnsenlar rnnfrni ntirl
musical analysis.
pryn tatthht tm qty tnvTiio
New auick method! Rnerlal ntfpnMon
given to adult beginners. Terms $3
monthly. Address "Musician," Ad
vertiser office.
Instruction; terms by the lesson or
month; commencing on and after the
10th of July, "MIGNON"; 720 Bere
tania St., Honolulu.
& TRAIN, Architects.
Model Block, Fort St.;
Suite 7,
Tel. 989:
O. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St., between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
734; Honolulu.
T. D. BEASLEY. Plantation and To
pographical Maps a Specialty; room
306, Judd Bldg.; Tel. 633.
MISS A. A. ALLEN. Office cor. King
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 751.
Miss E. M. brown-Office over
Bishop & Co.'s, corner Kaahumanu
and Merchant Sts.
F. D. GREANY. A.B., (Harv.) Pri
vate Tutor, with especial reference
to preparation for college. Office cor.
King" and Bethel Sts.; Tel. C2 and
806; P. O. box 759.
MRS. B. F. McCALL. Latest designs
in Tailor-Made Evening, Dinner
Gowns, and Wedding Trousseau,
Beretania St.
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeweler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a Spe
cialty; No. 2 School St, near bridge.
MISS PRESCOTT General Writer and
Business Agent; Commissions Un
dertaken for the other Islands; rinc
up Queen Hotel; Tel. 809.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg
ments to instruments, district of Ko-
na, Oahu; at W. C. Achi's office
King St, near Nuuanu.
Magic Illusions, etc., by the only
Travelle. Address or call at Orphe-
um Theater.
WAII. Price 60c; beautifully illus
trated. For sale by all newsdealers
DR. A. C. POSEY. Specialist for Eye
Ear, Throat and Nose Diseases and
Catarrh; Masonic Temple; hours 8 to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
King St: Tel. 639. Dr. Luella S.
Cleveland, medical superintendent.
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; methods of
Battle Creek, Mich., Sanitarium;
baths of every description; trained
nurses in bath rooms as well as In
sick room; massage and manua
movements; electricity in every
form; classified dietary, etc.; ample
facilities for thorough examination
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physi
cian and surgeon.
Sensational and Untrue.
The sensational article in an after
noon paper on glanders in the city is
unwarranted. Enquiry from veterinary
surgeons and livery stable proprietors
shows that there is no increase in the
number of cases of the dread disease;
there has been for years past an occa
sional case and the animal has been
promptly destroyed. All such matters
must be reported at once to the Board
of Health and no recent cases have
been reported.
The present epidemic of influenza in
stock need cause no anxiety. It Is be-
in& succssfully treated and the num
ber of cases is decreasing. Undoubted-
ly the cause was the hot. dry weather.
NEW YORK, Oct. 3. At the Lenox
Athletic Club tonight Joe Gans of Bal
timore won the decision over, "Spider"
Kelly of California in twenty-five
rounds of fast fighting at 134 pounds.
iveny naa the advantage or several
inches in height, and held Gans off
with left jabs to the face, but weak-
ened toward the close of the fight, and
uans won practically as he pleased
I There was very little betting, Gans be-
1 ing the favorite at 2 to 1.
Not Guilty This Time lint Hut
Not Do It Apia.
Absence of Wilful Intent to Dlsoby
the Injunction Is All That
Saved Pain,
Yesterday afternoon Judge Perry
took up the mot'on and order to 3iow
cause why W. H. Pain, manager of the
Hawaiian Tramways Company, should
not be adjudged guilty of contempt of
court In disobeying the Injunction
sued in the case of T. S. Southwick vs. I
Hawaiian Tramways Company. Kin-1
ney, Ballou and McClanahan and Cas-1
tie and Weaver and I- A. Thurston
were the attorneys for the plaintiff
while Paul Neumann and K. M. Hatch
looked out for the interests of the
Tramways Company and Incidentally
those of its manager.
The proceedings commenced with the
reading of the motion and the accom
panying affidavit of J. A. McCandlcss
to the effect that he had seen the
Tramway Company's men fixing cop-
per plates to mi-rauruau imvuuiu
.1 II I .1 t...
to be used in laying the new electric
road since the injunction was Issued.
In reply Mr. Hatch read the aiimavii
of V. II. Pain and argued thereon to I
the effect that the defendant hail not
been cullty of any disrespect to the
orders of the Court.
Judge Perry was apparently not
satisfied with tho showing made ana
ordered Mr. Pain to be sworn as a wit-
ness in his own behalf, and hi- was
examined by the Court.
At the conclusion of the witness
tlmony Judge Perry plainly siated toUn ml ,, Rot
Mr. Pain and his attorneys that any
preparation of the ties or rails by affix- I
ing plates on them for the purpose of
eventually using the same in the con
struction of the new track would be
considered by the Court as a part of
the laying of the rails and a violation
of tho injunction. The Court, however,
went on to explain that In the particu
lar instance before it. it believed there
had been no intention on the part of
Mr. Pain to disobey the order of the
Court, and that consequently the de -
fendant would be discharged with rf
plain intimation of the view the Court
would subsequently take in the mat-
tor if the acts complained of were re
Adont Resolutions in Memory of
Late Dr. Mydc.
The following resolution was adopt
ed at a meeting of the trustees of Oahu
College, held Monday, October 10. 1S30:
Whereas, the Rev. Dr. Charlc M.
Hyde has, after months of suffering,
been taken away from tho scene or his
earthly activities, and thereby Oahu
College has been deprived of nn able
aim vuivieut uuiw, VA t
Resolved. That tho trustees of Oahu
rare executive capacity were ever and
freely at the service of educational, re-
m. m
when others needed calm faith in God.
a clear and discriminating Judgment to
untangle the Intricate web wnici oticn
made living a weariness. Oahu col
lege has lost one of lt3 most faitntul
and willlnc servants. His aid aa I ad
vice will be nalnfully missed In the
Important developments of tho near fu
ture; but his example and tho ms enry
of his long and kindly service will not
be lost.
Chinese Robbed.
TwpIvh Qoldiers went Into a Chinese
store on Nuuanu street yesterday and
four of them helped themselves to a
handkerchief each. The storekeeper
nrotete,l and followed the men out to
the street shouting "Haul In!" at thej
top of his voice. Some of the soldiers
then picked him up bodily and threw
him back Into his store. This Is only
one of many similar occurrences.
""-vl 1 a(va YAirta eenPAffa t rv r I ffesr fi tl
heartfelt sympathy with tho bereaved Lveryone of these pap.:r I mls!ng ly as to h! knowledge of tho (xn that j J""?- W 7'
family, whose greater loss is shared In an l there Is absolutely r trace of i thy were mining, on whU h point be ! JJJ iiVgjvfag Mrnd'l bn
a lesser degree onl by till entln' lh..m anywh.ro. ThU f.irl ma-b-j.ted that h- first l-arne-l of it las: Nortume'm i: tuV.".V CbTpla
causes have lost an emdent and con- niotlon fil-l in tho ctr- March after his return from the Main- bl IW.ouoU fln r barf. ...... Cbo;Ua
oia tiMnnr iiu tnienta nnd cull Court yesterday by the attorneys ' fend. Ho had then advied Mr. Tain NorwegUn Ilridil Irocef lon
Important Papers Relating to Hawaiian
Tramways Go. Missing From
the Interior Office.
There Is trouble In the office of the :
Interior Department and It Is all caus
ed by the officlousncss of certain at-
is-homers who have been calling for ccr-
tain papers which should be open to
public inspection, but which cannot
. . f .
These papers arc the original ones
filed in the Interior Office at the time
oi inc incorporation oi ino Hawaiian
Tramways Company In the year
. m - A. A t
and they were filed on the 20th of
August of that year.
Whether they have been Ioai entire
ly, accidentally mislaid or destroyed.
stolen purposely or are reposing peace
fully In the desk of some person who
Urrowrt lnem U a question thai is
iw r, a KOOt! roany
anil u llkcly 0 do 50 for MmQ Ume
Q jt ccrl3,n an( llm u hal
...... nnn. ff,ntl -.nvwWi.
j 4f mm w mm w. mm f w- .
in the Interior Office nlthotizh irch
has been mad? for thfm hlfch anil low
many times over.
The large envelop in uhich thco
a a ft k
vaiitaiiie papers were onsinniiy ue-
IHJijlril h3Jt Xtcvn foua,! somewhat dila-
pj,j3llMl lt jH ,nlP ,ul tX in:nrl with
t?w, (.n,iora,,mpI1iJ( in rr.l Ink hnwins
t-Lany w,at thf envelope nhmild run
TMa rn.(rrmra: ti t!i envelope
"Articles of Incorporation of Hawai
ian Tramways Company.
Memorandum and Article of Aspo
"Assignment from W. It Au:ln to
Henry It. Armstrong.
"Assignment of concession from II.
It. Armstrong to the Hawaiian Tram
ways Company, Limited.
"Affidavit of Insdale (Irccti. sccre-
"Notice of appointment
Neumann as representative
company In this Kingdom.
"Affidavit of Ernest Cleave as as
sistant registrar of Joint :ock com
panies. "Filed August ISsV
The importance of thcc papers lll
be apparent whn it Is stated that the
original franchise to th Hawaiian
Tramways Company was granted by
th legislature of iss.; to "William
It. Austin ami his ass.x-Iate and as
signs or such corporation as may b
Incorporated or organized by him r
them" William It. Austin
I assigned his Interests m tho franchise
I thus granted to Henry It. Armstrong
lan lne letter asslgnl again to the
I t.
1 1 I I iliinuitJH i.iuintia ,
I for t. S. Southwick In the mi'.i ho ha
!irotIj.hL agalnt tho Hawaiian Tram-
I putting in an electric road, with tho
l, jf .sign of throwing the tramway com-
Cnptuln Klua ObHciiuicsv.
Tho rem .i In of the fete Minli'er J.
A. King will lie in state at the Hx.c i-
tive Building tomorrow from 11 a. m.
to 3 p. m. and on Sunday from II a. m.
to 2 p. m.
Persons dnlrlnr to rostribute flow-
cr. may leave them at tho Ilxecuiive
building lefore lo a. m. of tomorrow
and Sunday.
i Orr-heum to t:i
Tonight Is the last performance at
the Orpheum for one week. Tho new
orchestra chairs have Just arrlvei and
the house will close down for extensive
repairs. The work will be rusbod as
pany out of court for the roijoa that
rrgarvlInK corporation hlrh require
tbeni to place on file la the Interior
Office certain document such a the
article of Incorporation, appointment
of agents, etc.
The proceedings had on thi motion
in Judge Perry court yesterday were
the After disposing of the contempt
matter Judge Perry took up the motion
of the Tramways Company to difjolrc
the injunction sued out by Southwick.
After the reading of tho motion and
affidavit of W. II. rain In support
thereof by Attorney Hatch. Mr. McCla
nahan onered a counter motion to
strike from th file the motion 13
dissolve tho injunction on the grojnd
that through failure to comply with
Act la of the Wion Law of im the
Tramway Company had no standing
In court. Mr. McClanahan barked up
this motion with an affidavit of lirrin
Andrews, to the effect that b had on
the l?:h day of October. 1 v;. examined
the records of th Ik-partrnent "f Inter
ior of th Hawaiian Manns in o far
a the same relate to foreign corp ra
lions and more particularly a to the
Hawaiian Tramway Company. ThM
he found thero was no copy on file in
that Iepirtnient of the charter of In
corporation or by-lam- of a!d corpof
at Ion nor had any exhibit or report o
tho affair of said company be-n Bird
either for the year iv.-s or IW.
To offset this affidavit Mr. Ila'ch oil
ed J. II. Itoyd. a clerk of tb Interior
Office, who testified in s-abn'.anee o lh
!o. of th incorporation papr cf the
Hawaiian Tramway Company a above
related. A receipt lk wa produced
a stub In which showed that the tla
walian Tramway Company had pai l
in August, ms. the sum of fifty dollar
a a fee for the filing of It article
of Incorporation. Th? envelope In
which th ptper had been placed was
also produced In evidence, showing
conclusively that the paper had been
filed originally. In answer to questions
it was stated that the last lira the
missing paper had ln n wan la
tho old building previous to the r
n.oval to the present rirters after th
overthrow of the monarchy. Thy
were Intact then. Sim tlm after
wards thre wa a d!s;oit!on on the
part cif the Government to commence
a suit against tho Tramways Cmpny
and the papers wer wnte. It x
then that they were dlM:oered to le
Ccors? E. Smlthk and Paul Neu
mann were also cxam'.nei as to Oiiiii Dreamlcs ftehumxan
L...i-.i - ZtZ-VlTi 't-STti?
... I 7 i r .f.j-, . . -
to hav copl mad" from th l.oadoa
record and sent out. b it conM no: siy
t ti point the mat;cr was a
Journal to this morning.
fast a poMlblo. Men will be kept on
the work day and nighty and It U
J thought that it will bo completed by
"- Thursday. Tor ban-
j ' orcbettra chairs mill be put
" ln- Tb- talamd and
! 'VerytblnR possible done to add to the
comfort of patrons. Tonight mill be
the last night and a fine closing; pro
gram will be presented.
An early call should be made at the
M.-ry fe.rraln are Included, and the
:irt to come mill secure them. The
ery low prices put on tbem are fori
cash only.
Yumi Play ty lie Clay G
Dent Cnpacy.
Good Houit.Crttli th First
auction of -A Southern Gent!
man" In This City
Around the character of the Southern
gentleman In play and lcry therv Is
an atmotphcre of romantic chivalry
that I Infectious. It Is an Inspiration
for the qualities of manhood; It mining
at the live oak In the tempest of
wrong. Thee qualities have been em
bodied In the story of "A Southern
Gentleman. as presented by day CSa-
tnent at the opera bouse. The play la
a new one and was prevented last nlsht
for the first time In this city.
In the prologue a dnel U foufthl on
the banks of the Mississippi between a.
Confederate ofScrr and a citizen vbo
bad attempted to defraud the covrro
rarnt In the sale of supplies. The sig
nal 10 fire I the report of a cannon
shot from rarragut fleet In the river
In action with the fort, and at a result
the oScrr Is killed.
The play opens lw eoty-t wo years aft
er the dutl and center In the suit of
the murderer of br father for the band
of AntlU Thompson and the complies
tloni arl!ng from Ihe pledge given on
the field, of General JM-;ih Carroll,
who wa the dcicYoed oScer's sctesd
In the duel, to keep secret the raone of
lht Officer's death. It birlKC Ik-co rJt
rn out that be fell In battle.
A more delightful play It would be
d!f5cull to find, and Cay Clement Is
Citcn a rare fJfJd lo dlplay bU Ulrst
at an actor, of which be availed biro
tlf to lu full limit. Mrs. Clement aa
Arzella. Mr. Williams as the negro ser
vant Hannibal, and Mr. Lonsdale as
I'hUJp IhjramS. drxne an epeclal
mark of applora!- for consistent svet
ing. while the balance of the company
gave good support to the principals.
On Thursday ' even Id the comedy
A Scrap of Paper will be presented.
The r-lay is an exceedingly amu4nj: one
and I sure to draw a good bouMV
FHcdcntbal Will Give a ItcciUtt
on WcJocmlav Aficrtioon.
At Z o'clock this afternoon
Frledenthal mill Rive a special after
noon recital for students and amateurs
at the Y. M. C A. ball, at which the
following program win be rendered:
Sonata PatbM Jjve. n C ralncr
Grae; Allegro tsoloto Adaxio
fa) -Marcia Alia Turca" Moxart
(b) Gavotte In A Cluck
Variations In i: "Harmonious
lilac ksmlth"! HasdeJ
Invitation to the Waltz Weber
I With Arabesques, by Taulc.
fa) Sketches from the -Camlvar
Harlequin Chopin Avcu Co-
1Jt Schumann
r " w - .m a ......... v4. u 1 : f f n
Song without Words ....Te-baikowkl
Hungarian nha;x!y No. C .... Lltxl
Moonlight Clurtcctl
Ko'Joaing li the program for the
moonlight concert at Makee Island.
Waiklkl. by the Hawaiian band, ran
nsncic; at 7:19 o'clock tonl&ht:
Overture "Road to Glory" Klin
Gavotte "Dulcic- Torey
Flection -ISohemfea GlrP Italfe
Son ci
ts) -Wal Pcsalau- Tuahlnc Ma-
Mrs, N. Alapai.
-lb) Pa la ma- -One, Two Three-..
Mr. Ian Moe.
March -llcJlo. Ma Baby- Iycr
J Serenade "Lore ln lilmeis
yUllxllinsillx''... Haaao
March "llanos Across the Sea" ....
The Star-5pantlCvI Banner.

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