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THK I'ACIIMi: .'oMMKICClAl. AWVKUTIKU: ! i.i :.r:.r. ;i:r4UKi;
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THE YN MHfflM--Y01
Odor Menu's
British Parliament in Ses
(Or iis one of our ilopartnu-ut
heads put it, MEX'S SMALL
Is prevalent and redolent with an air of good tastr.
The flowers in glass howls which grace the showcase
are rivalled hv the Silken Blossoms woven into onr
latest Xeckwear. The colors of our Business Shirts arc
pleasing and artistic. The English and American Un
derclothing of serviceable and fine textures lends a sub
stantial air to the whole, to which the dainty things in
tended for men's wear adapt themselves with gocnl
Magnificent value is coupled with modest price
such a wav as must give our store an additional
prestige as a men's wear shopping center.
Tfce Coxrotruot Cirrtcs Lwotblst
fore It i:l tbe Ott-osltJca
Is Shut Out.
t importers Comminniflssioini Meirdtoamrfts
Merchant and Fort Streets.
LONDON. Oft. Speakln: In th
House of Common. Mr. rhanil rl iln.
Colonial StTtary. s.all that hf ha. I
hopol for pcarf and utrlwn to maln-
tain it anI up to a rctrnt ilati hi hnl
believed that war was jm)SsIM He
had always been determined to secure
Justice for the Britishers In South Afrl-
ea. and to maintain the paramountry
of Circa i Britain, but. ulth these thins-.
assured, ho desired peace. Whenever
there had lnen a doubt as to President
Krueger's motives, the Government hid
always given him the lenent of the
doubt. Tuminu to the principle In
volved iu the war. the Colonial Stre-
tary went on to ay: "If we maintain
our exlstt'nee as a creat power In
South Africa, we are bound to how
that we are willing anil able to protect
Uritish subjects wherever they have
uffered Injustice and oppression, (treat
Britain must remain the paramount
power in South Africa. I do not mean
paramount in the German and Portu
guese possessions, but in the two re
publics ami the British colonics. Ev
eryone on lioth slues of the House l
determined to maintain these great
principles. The peace of South Africa
depends iimii (.real Britain accepting
the responsibility in the Transvaal.
The Boer oligarchy has idated British
subjects in a position of Inferiority:
and what would have leen the British
position, if they had submitted to that
inferiority?" .Mr. Chamberlain then
proceeded to discuss the question of
racial animosity, denying that this feel
ing, which he said was based In South
Africa on contempt, would Ih Increased
by hostilities. He declared tne racial
animosity had not lcen created by
anything the present Government had
done, but that it existed liefore Her
Majesty's present advisory had as
sumed resion nihility.
Sir Henry CatnphcU-Bauurni.tn In
terposed with the remark: "What I
wish to point out is that the feeling of
animosity will 1m Increased a hundred
fold when the Butch and Kugllsh are
slaughtering each other." 1ii:iIii
cheers. 1
Mr. Chamberlain retorted: "
again that the racial animosity .uitti
has been the curse of South Afrit i. I
based on contempt. Hate Is bad
enough, but I would rather' hate a
man's hatred than hi- contempt. There
will never le an emt of the r.u lal an!
moslty nor will there ever ! in-aie In
South Africa until toth r.u s hae
learned to respect e ich other." IJefr-
riiig to the relation of the Bn r with
the natives. Mr. Cha:uberl..;n ald:
"There one subjeit not dealt with
FiflM Lninie off
t Dry Goods, Hardware, Groceries,
As well as all kinds of
t Hgemnts For
2 The Lancashire Insurance Co. of Manchestcr. England. Fire and life,
-i. The Balolse Insurance Co. of Basle, Switzerland.
-5 The Union Gas Engine Co.
The Domestic Sewing Machines.
i! The New Pacific Hand Sewing Machines, and other agencies.
Kullllnes or desire for ar In the r.e
uotiations. The (;oernnirnt lnrtral
the carrlson for defenw n prrur
from the Natal Administration, to
whom gratitude and thank are due. i
Neer I f4re had the Administration ,
and the Colony of Natal si oimpUtrly j
Identified them!elvrn with the mother S
country. They knew that they wir:M
Ih first to hear the brunt d the at-
tack, yet they threw In their lt hear
tily with the mother counry. Her Ma
jesty" pr3cnt adviM-n claim, q-ilte a
earnestly a any torrnmmt could
claim, to be anxioo fo. the hfnor and
lntereti of the rtmntry. That 1 wliy
they have upporte the principle of j
protection for British suliert-. That U.
. t t r . at . . I
. uy mej iii.ioii .iimi !
ralrity of Knitland. () ir cirntrymen
hae ju en a macnncnt dmonptralloti.
not only of loyalty but of mpathy
with the object of the (JinrrniiKr.!, on
the part of the colon!-. I h t-n
a nnxbea for pace a any man. but
the Cmrrnmrnt hid-! that tt.rr- ate
rot.rern whlrh are rrti tr.ore i:nir
tar.t than e.ie. and tr.e of thee I
the maintenance f ef:a!itv ltntrti
the white rare In South Affie.. In
thee er.deanrj to rsi lintaln "e - t!-J
t'hamberlaln. who had "ken fr J
hour and tlir'-fpiarter. r-u:il bii
at ambl bead and prI :.cd rherint.
Mr. Henry SetmKarr. l,M?ratle
in int- r lor St. Helen. Inr.ihi;.-. in
aerord ito nit a ntbi elusi -i-r-!ay.
akrd the rirl I.ord of the Tre.
ory whether the attention t.o-
errment had Ie n dlrTteiS to rrt jjji
h' a:il b-tter by ard rtsnniM i: i
f?o;n the i:)i-:nl-r fr Kilkenny at..r
alt !r k irijten 1
.in.: William l; .!t.n-;;.!. Par:;. ;;!:.
wathi&: the rat: of l',r- !!- .
I on in full tmlfcc atid we are .reared to tvLl ou In a&ji&ll
iei may frjaltte in !!- ay tt Tull Vrt-ts GJi
IIKIti: YOU HAVi: a rartUl IUI of ile many lilccj4 wilt titfortO
op-nlnc bUhl: A fall drtx uJ!, rltbrr TatrOa ctr Utt rxui, m. full CrzZD
t t. wh'.te r b.jf k. a fall Orci tl!:l. a fu'l t3iv tie. A full 2i pair c2
rlotevi. fxrt of fall !rt t!n4i and cs!7 Tbt:llci&. td a cra liat.
Al.t. Tlll!: THINGS taxy ho Had at JtLer ol ceur tw o ixtrrK atd cZ
prlrr that will ftJlcaliTa yoa. Oir lrt -alu ire frota iLo HHT
uiartnrer in lb Siatca aad rr-3!r no aJJTtrr: ibey ti w hn oa julTl)cra
and thai U rao: than a taUarradc ti' vi:l 43 a-
WITH Till: COMINO rf lh R f AtjtralU ratni mr AtlzzzZ
pitwh tf Straw and TrVli llatt. wbfa w e btcn il-ov Inday; a1toacC3
tiinr-ni lit)" if Neckwear. Ib? Iarprl :tr lra;Kjlailotj cf tiiar CTCT
mle ii ih! !n for a retail !crTr.
Wi: CANT Bills' la tetaiJoa lh jwi catj hat asytfct&c la CO
way t.f 'u7f that a?r worn. In a variety cf U:ciiK 3 Uk lliat will
tir.Jh rj.
6 6i
tt rr tt ttovt n tt on
I If 111 L X f I I ll V
:::!Tnr n n j
rii..ti ercuf. I 9.". e .-: pt tb-'t a : il.j 4tJL v)
eeaimne Gas
Electric So
P. O. Box 441.
Tho MAJESTIC GAS LAMP at $4 with a tin of CARBIDC thrown in.
This lamp is the very best that is made, and it is not offered at a ridicu
lously higli price; burns plain rock carbide, is light in weight, and, after
Iiaving sold 100 lamps, satisfaction in every case has followed. No danger.
Makes an excellent buggy lamp.
The MILWAUKEE PUNCTURE-PROOF TIRE has slowly, but surely,
won its way into the confidence of Honolulu bicyclists; it is an every-day
seller; the workingman's standby; it is always ready for work, to carry you
there and BACK.
STEARN'S BICYCLES are strictly high class in EVERY respect. In
cluding TIRES. A large shipment expected shortly.
MANSON 3-CROWN BICYCLE is the acme of elegance and the MOST
MODERN BICYCLE oeffred in Honolulu.-
epairing at the
Tin: jamion itAih.
21 uI our South African ottirialt U- uU d
that thy t ouhl not with propriety, pri
jint the mcmc. The Horn. In th'lr
own word 'trekeil." Ihm;im' t'm'.v waul
ed to 'wallop th ni5KTj.
Mr. John Dillon eriol: "Thai Is not
This was followed by loud demand
for tinier, and the Speaker ealll u-m
Mr. Dillon to withdraw tho rematk.
The latter resjMindfd: "1 have not
impeached the veracity of th Colonial
The Speaker: "I hope jiiich expres
sions will not recur. Cheers.
Proceeding to discuss the question of
supremacy. Mr. Chamberlain j-ald:
"The whole object of the Hmts has
been to oust the Queen from her mi
tion. Now they have thrown otT the
mask and ileclared themselves a sover
eign, independent state. Her Majesty's
(government has had a suspicion. ;
amounting to knowledge, that the mis
sion of Dr. l.eyds is one outlnutl do
ries of negotiations with foreign low
ers against the Uritish. (Imd chr rs.
1 he Transvaal and the Free State l.ae
an idea which Is dangerous to Great
Britain, and by the continuous accre
tion of arms the Transvaal has lctnio
by far the most powerful military state
in Africa. That was a danger and we
have escaped one of the greatest dan
gers we were ever subjected to in Afri
ca. The whole point of difference le
tween the Opposition ami the Govern
ment is as to the details of the nego
tiations." Justifying his conduct of af
fairs. Mr. Chamberlain denied that th
question of suzerainty had needlessly
irritated the Transvaal Government or
seriously affected the negotiations As
for the franchise for the l'ltlanb-r.. he
declared that the Gornniut had nv
er shifted Its croiind. and that every
point advanced at th lttotnfo:iteln
conference by Sir Alfred Mllner hail re
mained on the paper until th ultima
tum. and he added. "I am m-tch tinre
afraid of the charge of Im'Iiik to mod
erate than of the charge of l-ni.c -tesslve."
Continuing, he said: "Th"
Government's reply to the Trans aal
accepted the ."-year frarn hi.e pro;a!.
except in respect of the pbl th.it
Great Itritain would neer re-lnir rfere
in the Transvaal's In'ernal afl.iii but
we hoped that, if the .".-year f ram Mm
measure were carried into r 1 t i r
would le no occasion f?r Inter ft-r in .
I believe that ln:!i-.ntial adl- r - I !.
not menu foreign pov.-r. must hae
intervened, and Induced the Transvaal
Government to withdraw th ;r ti?-r.
As fir the last prop" ' frur.! i. 1 by
the Hritisli GovemmT.l. I may s ty
that the de.-Mre f th- lit. Hon. i;t. v.; . r
for West Mont:i'u;h-!t!r.. r W.
Ilareotii-t. that they ... p;:'.Ji ,4. .!. vrll
1. ever uraliiied. Ti: it tiltiin. '.: :) i
;.u: i d and fs not like'y t !v -ur-rected.
I ni m.i.engi: anydni:
to point to a sign of provocation. b"d-
l lieiu ur ti.-.;r l Jsis." Mr. j
teiapilnt l jed'ir- :ritl!i ?'!dier und
Im Ming thera . ii l to .t-.!! t!i. m
i rab-s of the Quern, ale! what .ibn.
If any. the Covernrnr-iu pr;- 'l t"
take tu the ta.tlrr.
Mr. Heilfnond rM- r,ii i. 1 .:.d .b!
thai. li fore the I'lrst lr.l of the
Treasury replied, he desire! t asl, him
whi ther It were not .1 f. t that If iMr.
Redmond tin siiggstlns a m-j-ir' if
suipaihy to IVebteni Krms:-r. Ii.td
only fidlowetl the precedent i t by ll-r
Majesty's grandson, the German Km
peror. (twoud laughter. 1
Mr. Ilalfiur rep!iel: "I wa not
awati that the honorable mmln-r for
Eat Clare fran:-l hims
an august model. (Iiught
Hlnt out. among the
twceii himself and the
many, that His Imperial MaJ-ty rt
a Ilrlion. nr a menilr f thl II is."
I have no reason to doubt the arnirary
of the statements contain! In the
question. S far a my memory rte
some suptort of a similar character ha
invariably !een offerrl ley the wmr
quariers to tlns engage! In hsUliil
with Her Majesty' Gorrnm nt. q-ilte
Irrespective if race or crc-d. I hae
no ground fry thinking that ur!i trip
port wa cl-r regarded! a Important
by those to whom It was profiVre! tnl
I adlse the House to tak the
View now." !Vais of laughtr.l
Sir IMward Clark-. Con'ralUe
memlet for Plymouth. s.iid that tl.e
morn he hal reatl the orr;r.!',tjei
the more conlnced he had l- n ! the
blunders In the n-gotu?ion anl that
this i.ami:ntaiu.i: w.mi
wa nnnerrary. Cr any Mir.itrr tti
assert that "we. since- he i..l
suzerainty over the Transvaal." Sir
IMward declaml. was certainly at va
riance with the farj and a br--eh tt
national faith. President KriKer b-d
ha! mm h dimmlty with hU VoJkra-d.
and on many in.iiir. had shom n him
self moderate and an sdvtw-ate
pae. Thef was no reain why the
rp,dl:lon whkh Prrii!nt Kns'rT
att.it hel to the franr;;- pro;4S
should not hWe !-e:i arTe;. s'ing
that suzerainty w.i tlnp;o In 11.
"Did Mr. (!.am:r!aln." Sir IMwaM
askeil. "ildnk his rj.Jy to th T;ar
vaal In l conciliatory?''
Mr. Chaml-rlain: -Certain:."
S;r IMw-iM Clar.-: "lV:;d
Wc can make BOX COUCHES and all MzCz
LOUNGES Willi style and despatch.
Orders taken for
nseif u;. n sue hi Ty j rPr1
r;- (LcDCCDtSDiniaiit IrDibre
I.mperor of fer-
. . .
'1 ;.
.e r. I
Progress Block. Fort St-
Plantation Owners,
Managers, Agents,
And Buyers
t :
- . :
f h-Iinir alnul ft.r Harr Willi a3!l iiatirovc-
i:.t.!- j.. inv MANirFAin i;i:ixr; iikpautaikxt
at;.l iinj- rla:; .:! t.f maU HjJ. I am now jirc riaroJ
tijti3y PJan'.f r atj'l As nt yiU znv amount and
! ridi..:i .f WOIMC HAKXiS. r part tLcwif,
:it tiitrt l!.a! uill rv.;:jj.arY favmli! villi COAST
PIMCKS. at,l iLo r.fc.,:r3SJ n ymn I5KTTFU
A full lino ,.f CAi:i:iAr;ix iiAi:xit sta
1:1.1: r.t .i ikm:i; r.ooi)..
loin I.Y
. . t .1 I
S r IV'v
T ! r
Vr. i"?
231 King Street.
f. O. LOX IC7.
i'.t-.e I'. I

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