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I 111 I I S I Iff
Km-aMI !! I July i. I .,.
.VOL. XXX., NO. 6383.
ri:n'i: nvi: ;i:.vrs.
-ATKINSON & JUDD (A. L. C. Atkin
son and Albert F. Judd, Jr.) Office
over Bishop & Co.'s bank, cor. Mer
chant and Kaahumanu Sts.
.ACHI & JOHNSON (W. C. Achi and
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West
King St.; Tel. 884.
iYLE A. DICKEY. King and Bethel
Sts.; Tel. 806;. P. O. box 786.
FREDERICK W. JOB. Suite 815, Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
'Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin.
.71X3 St.
-15 Kaahuma-
!3R. GEO. J. AUGUR, Homeopathic
Practitioner and Surgeon. Special
-attention given to chronic diseases;
office and residence, Beretania St.,
nearly opp. Methodist church; office
hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 3 to 4 p. m.; 7
to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 9:30 to 10:30 a.
m.; Tel. 733.
C. Lu GARVIN, M.D. Office 537 King
St-, near Punchbowl; hours 9 to 12
a. m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
.Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
D to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St., opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
s p. m.; Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.; Tel.
310; P. O. box 501.
iDR. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. Q. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 to 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to G p. m.
3R. I. MORI 136 Beretania St., be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
and 7 to 8 p. m.; Sundays 9 to 12
a. m.
-DR. A. N. SINCLAIR. 413 King . St.,
next to the Opera House; office hours
1) to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
r. B. CLAPHAM. Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist. Office Hotel Stables;
?alls, day or night, promptly ans
wered; specialties, obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
'l .kinds
a specialty. Office room 11.
Spreckels Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel 1093.
251. E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea St.,
three doors above Masonic Temple,
Honolulu; office hours 9 a. m. to
4 p. m.
mil. C. B, HIGH. Philadelphia Dental
College 1892; Masonic Temple; Tel.
GEO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St., op
posite Catholic Mussion; hours from
0 a, m. to 4 p. m.
Till. A. C. WALL, DR. O. E. WALL.
Office hours 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love
Bldg., Fort St.
A. J. CAMPBELL. Office Queen St.
opposite Union Feed Co.
. . -rf t r i TT cil-.l.
j. FAi,iv.-.uemuer """"i"
t-icudufic, luum Uvxuuuu.u&.
WILLIAM SAVlDGEueai estate m
all Parts or tne isianas Dougnc or
?old; No. 310 Fort St.; Mcinerny 3iK.
Suite 7,
Tel. SS9.
& TRAIN, Architects.
Model Block, Fort St.;
D. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St., between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
731; Honolulu.
T . BUTTERFIELD. Contractor and
Builder. Store and office fittings,
shop and repair work; Bell Tower
Bldg., Union St.; Tel. 702.
-t K MEEMANO & CO Contractors
" and Builders, Painters, Paperhangers
nnd Decorators; all work neatly
done; office Fort St., back of High
School, Honolulu.
t t a TV. Contractor and Build-
-FT -VI"
x" nnd nffirf fittine:: brick.
-on.i or stone building; shop Palace
j riLUIU uu" w . -
r0iv. residence wnuer xve., ueai
ltW Oil - I
Fort St.; Piano, Voice Culture, Sing
ing and Harmony; especial attention
paid to touch, muscular control and
musical analysis.
An opportunity now presents itself
to learn from a competent teacher of
the piano, graduate of Leipsic Uni
versity, for the small tuition fee of
$3 per month; satisfaction guaran
teed: miDils tausht to play in six
months. Address "Musician," Ad
vertiser office.
Instruction; terms by the lesson or
month; commencing on and after the
10th of July, 4;MIGNON"; 720 Bere
tania St., Honolulu.
T. D. BEASLEY. Plantation and To
pographical Maps a Specialty; room
30G, Judd Bldg.; Tel. C33.
MISS A. A. ALLEN Office cor. King
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 731.
S. E. LUCAS. Love Bldg., Fort St.,
upstairs; P. O. box 351. I carry a full
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
Free Examination of the Eyes.
JAMES T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
Consulting Hydraulic
30G Judd Blk, Honolulu.
F. D. GREANY. A.B., (Harv.) Pri
vate Tutor, with especial reference
to preparation for college. Office cor.
King and Bethel Sts.; Tel. C2 and
S0G; P. O. box 759.
MRS. B. F. McCAlY,. latest designs
in Tailor-Made Evening, Dinner
Gowns; and Wedding Trousseau, 73
Beretania St.
ING PARLORS, 220 Beretania St.,
opp. Hawaiian Hotel cottage; one
treatment free; Hours 10 to o.
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeweler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a' Spe
cialty; No. 2 School St., near bridge.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg- I
ments to instruments, district of Ko- I
na, Oahu; at V. C. Achi's office,
iving at., near iuuanu.
WAIL Price 60c; beautifully illus
trated. For sale by all newsdealers.
UK. A. C. POSEY. Specialist for Eye,
Ear, Thoat and Nose Diseases and
Catarrh; Masonic Temple; hours S to
1-' a. m., 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
King St.; Tel. 639. Dr. Luella S.
Cleveland, medical superintendent,
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; methods of I
Battle Creek, Mich., Sanitarium;
baths of everv descrintion: trained I
nurses in bathrooms as well as inland knife fighter. Colonel Jack Chlnn.lthe Cnlteil States army, ami they all
sickroom: massacre and manual I
movements: electricity in every
torm; classified dietary, etc.; ample
facilities for thorough examination.
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physi
cian and surgeon.
School of Cookery Tea
A large number of citizens have been
favored with this invitation, to which
there is anticipated a general response:
1 IIP nrpeidont l n I 1 i rnntnro rt Vi
I " wi. lite
Housekeepers' League request the
Pleasure Ot the rnnmnnv nf vnnrcplf
and friend on Wednesday afternoon.
is ovember S, from 4 to 6, at the Ho-
noium school of Cookery, corner of
ijueen and Punchbowl. Mrs. J. H. So-
per, Mrs. H. E. Coleman. Mrs. C. B.
Cooper. Mrs. Walt-r C. Weedon, Mrs.
T. R. Walker, Mrs. J. Usborne. Mrs.
Louisson. Mrs. Widdifield, Mrs. F. W.
-uacfarlane. '
Kamehatueha Wins.
The Kamehamcha young ladies
showed too much strength and had too
much endurance lor the Punahou Co
Eds at basket bV.l, the game being
played yesterday afternoon on the
Oahu College grounds. The halves
were of twenty minutes each and the
score at the end jl the second was 24
to 6 in favor of tho visitors. Messrs.
Williamson and Brock were the offi
cials and gave entire satisfaction.
There was a large attendance and in
terest in the outcome ran inio high
excitement at times.
L. B. Kerr expects to return soon
with an immense stork nf tho l.itrst
styles in Dress Goods. Trimminrrs. etc.
I The store is iinrtprmiti nn ntirr ni.
i ... 0w ... 9 .... . v . . v ...
teration to make room for the new
buuus. iiieu ior iurtuer announce-
Arthur George Sharpley, Born
Devonshire, Eo&lanil.
Services as Militiaman c&l Officer of
Let!slature-Met Cot. Jack Cbloa
The Youcf Orderly.
Cnntain Arthur Georce Sharpley of
the Thirty-first olunteer Infantry.
hero with his command aboard the
transport City of Peking. In one of the
bright young officers of whom much U
expected in the approaching active
(Photo by Williams.)
campaign outside Manila. He is uar-
termaster of his command and one of
the officers in whom the superiors.
from those in immediate charge to the
authorities at Washington, have the
fullest confidence. Captain Sharpley Is
an adopted American. He was born In
Devonshire. England, and was lirotigni
. the States bv hi i.arents when he
was about ." years of age. He Is a
thorough-going follower of the tUg In
all that the banner implies. The grand
father of Captain Sharpley was in the
service of the Queen for a score of
years, being a member of the famous
Twentieth Foot. - The verv nroudest
possession of Captain Sharpley Is hi
f,l tl II W Itl 1 11 VI S llll'lall n i I II II1VJ w nn
lour bars. Indicating as many cam
paigns and granted by the Queen In the
year ISIS.
Captain Sharpley is somewhat of a
politician when on his native heath in
Kentucky. He was doorkeeper of the
House of Representatives during the
stormy session wnen the partisans of
Hunter and Blackburn, candidates for
the United States Senate, were ready
for bloody battle at any instant, nnd
when there were a number of clashes
of arms. It was Captain Sharpley who
held the fort when the notorious cun
led the raid which was to cause a
summary final adjournment of the
mm to bo tdaced In position.
An nrmx- nf!1.vT. !n SP.'.lkitJir
1 iiii u uiinuuy lyuiMiuyii!
Many dispatches from the Tratnvaal refer to tho I S f
armored trains whb h are used to transport tropA and s f.' '
passengers through the district in which military oper I J J s'if?''', '
atlons are going on. and Inquiry nittirally arl-.t a.- to .' . ....fV'
what constitutes a train of that kind. It In nothing ' ' . if''' '" '
more than a train of ordinary fr. ibt car which ha ;- ' ""tl' ! ' ' J -
been strengthened with shf ft. of metal andp'.erd rX:r " h Y'' S ji k. f.
with holes, throtish which rifJe. ir. I small field pb . - '?t rAV-rW; JTrT7?yZ'r
may be used on an attacking part v. A nat- ar tr K-n- ."' Icc- -Z'1 jCs' '
dola. with .1 heavv :b r. or two of artilb ry. mj iv l.o a ..Vv.,J S-,''""7 i-.NX tJ. 1
part of such a train, and in .:;; e frtance . f f45Jz)?Q) ,
the closed cars m iv be taken a..iv t. a", a a MaNlr.i I VJ";?i- J-J cfjisss J ' " I
"Thev are alwavs Improvised ,:;d r.it-d up with t!.
material nearest at hand. This ra:.y bo railroad iron.
sheets of steel or sandbnc. and -
iwii-., tinn Thtvivv- hi 111 her. We r.l
Porto Rico and 'in tho Philippine,
Ho-is". hat which w.i frutr.it !. Tlit
m.mM. r j In tt. interest of Black
burn. Captain Sharpley the only
man aii. who ier aide to ea,o
a mivUr.K with Chlnn unscathed.
China ha tnMMty habit of carving
opponent. with a twle knife, bat h
met hi match In the oung doorkeeper
and wa. free t ront It.
As a niUUiaman In Kentucky Cap
tain Sharpley ha een much act lie
service of a hazardous character. Tor t
nearly ten year he ha hxn ent to
the front with a command eery time
there ha leen trouble with conlct!
or tftrlkern. and thU ha l-n on an av-
eraK of nco In twelve month. Th "
Kentucky LeUlat'tre. to which refr-
ence I here mad", finally elected Hon.'
llUam J. DeUw. a Republican, to
th Senate. IelHe. who wra a practlc- g
Ins phylolan. wai. In thl werld" i
i;ood. the MN)rct ;:ian ever rletted tn 1
the tiiMr branrh .f the National j z-.
I slat u re. but he h..d proven hlmlf In
every way worthy f the preferment. J
Captain Sharply latent alignment J
In hi own Slate wa a command dur-
log thi trouble with coal miner and
convict., in Franklin county. Oae nlsht !
the Jail wa blown up with dynamite
ami ii.e captain wa ono or the men
wmnn ranpe. t-urttinaiei. no went
thnnigh the adventure without erioti
Injury. At the beginning of th war
with Spain Captain Sharpley wa ad
jutant of the Second Kentucky Infan
try. He wa tranf rred to th Third,
and then at Mat.mzi to the Tenth. He
made a good record In Cuba.
The orderly of Captain Sharpley l
an Interesting young fellow who vra
born In Ohio on Ju!y 4. 1S7I. Ill name
is Willard Helm Hcnderon and hi
home i at Louisville. HI father
served with didli-ciion In the Twenty
sixth Ohio durln3 the Civil War. Pri
vate llenderhon 1 .4 a relative f Hon.
uavni uenuenon. wn 10 7,,, hix , J( r.tpIt:1 cly Mannrh.
. . 1 1. ... .ii
tional House of ll'iire!nt:itlt. Th:,nn
vounc man met a number if Kentucky S
. f I . ... I- i t 1. . I .. w'l.
wn eniertainoii :n iionoiunt uy Mf opi
friend Dr. Wm. T. Moiisarrat.
Colonel Hyde, nere with troops In
transport. I brother of tho lato Rev.
Charles M. Hyde of thl city. Colonel
Hyde la a gradual-4 of Wci Point nnd
a veteran In tn army. Tho third
brother of this fan-ily was well known
In the Episcopal Church of America
as a high churchman.
Present for Cipt. Smith.
Captain Paul Smith, who hat Ik n
In command of Conifuny A. N.G.H..
for nearly seven years, wa tho n-clp-lent
of a very Inndsome present on
Saturday nigh: at tho ilrllMi-d-n
beautiful white atin dresinR-a.o
containing a slivr shaving cup. slher
mountcd brush and rator. Tho c.uo
was surmounted with a largo ilcr
idnie with the Incrlntloti. 'From tho
i.n.t.i..- i.. iNnnin -miih -
Tho pnent wa Irom a few of tho
men of Coniany A who hao ln-en em
ployed on tho Government dredcer for
years, as n token of tho hlch esteem In
which Captain Smith I held not only
In tho company but In hi every-day
life. Ho ha leen asjdduoti In bit en
deavors for the welfare of thoM cf hi
command nnd left no man without em
ployment. Ho now leave tho com
pany and tho dredger regretted by ev
ery man under hli.i. but at tho name
time every man In tho company I
proud to have It ;o say that their cap
tain wa the first man In tho First
Ueglmnt to recele
rommii'n in
. know ho will gi? a good account of
I himself In the future.
w m 1 tp ' m 1 ' -
t!-- trait.-
r.i- tlr.i- nothing
arm.ore.l tr.i:: tn w hi. h w-t -id a !
and th train it
Grand Treat to B3 YmM ftr
the Uolclai Ptcple.
Mr. Wnr Jmr t at it Hra-TrtXLxi-1
tirks Well li H4U-Vrrr &tt
Tatrtl-H f. riUwta.
Mr. Wray Tayo.. who wa ucaWe
rjr Ut rjrr wn ltc
enterprise, ha lat l til p.an for I??. I
and now- announces, with rrj-.iet Jfifurtn Tm lUMwIn tboucht tbrr
l.ninrM.tnrni an, ftiir:ori. the rrcular I
i" - - --
Iler-Merry Xma.- The campaign I
ttesln In llonolibi with p-abllcatlon.
nrocrammaklnc. tlcketlllnc and a
w . - - -
crand entertainment. The culmination
I a festival or two at the rVttlnient
on Molokai. Th I la I for the public
of Honolulu, with Mr. Tat lor at the
helm, to inllo for lh people who
hae goti aero the channel urh a
timn a will fill them with the jatl
rn-nJ f tho pladome seaAon and re-
mind thm mo-t Mtbtantlally that
S.ind iy la :h- irn!r of Ka-
I ...111 ! . . . M 1
lo .rm, uf. of audltorltiniJ
without any epnomhatever. for Ihr
rtiturr:. Mr. Annl. Montaguo Turner
t nthti'laMlc at tmco when the!
Iw-n.I -An n.1 r.llltr
a-re. to jlnc. The manajreevnt of I
tho pw.Mon l.rir Cirra Comany har:l!hrr mU :,ianofoii. k,1o -Martb
iontontei that ono or more of the
tnemlr if tho ir.anrtailon may ap -
I -oar a a profrional contribution .to
the program. Mr. Tatlor l of nmrM -
cr.ti-lent that ih-to a no iroiblo.f T.!:oi' l;tlfnl -mi4Ucm
at all in enllMlng the amatntr
t.i.rr.t of the city for tho ocrardon. In
loo imM then hao always leen many
tolantrer for tho.. concert ,
lr tho grainl -tnrert Iheff iU n
omthlng entirely new in at Irani two
number from oratorio, with tho trio
conl:lng of Amateur Orchestra, tho
bc orsan and a 'rained rhoru of not
b than twentyfie toirt-. The
mtuic tor Iho tiurtr I to at
5 h'1 l,y -5 Mojna tomorrow and
rehearsals will lin at once. Such a
trioar hrre ilrMr-1 i omethlnc -n- XVII. .f tho Aacocan Chtarth Chmn
tlrely new fur Honolulu and Indicate 1 1,- ti. .tj r t -
ttroncly tho rapidity of the mu.kal rfo.
elopnient of tho pu.ro.
Another novel rum her for thl ro-l
clal entertainment -alii I- tbo fir: rn -
r. Talr ba tn encacod for osolr rrii in it . t m -im
time. ThU U an lniermeo for tlo -
lin. rfllo. p.ano and nrcan. Tho nti -
jician uetiee la I tho l-i work
ho ha jet arTorapIUhe.
Attorney General Coorrr. rreJd'at
of tho Hoard of Health. U in heart! H
arrord with tho Merry Xtaaa fdafcf. i
I n I I rv-ti f I -m on-. r ft t.
: noi.ta 'nmm.it,,r,iif,.
it:cejt!on on th. .IIrr of tho peo -
pio at tno eturt.int hate lrn 'Otlr-wr iJr crjr tiir lw ftmr
to Mother Marianne, at th mll
11 imrvvvnrv.r.
iNTi:i:ni: r .M:Mtii:i:n ti: in
' : c
ir. !. "I : r. 'Ui!
at tr. Iwj llnwr. air rt-
pt'd In tlrn- to -t tl jH.p JaU.
what t!i- iar:t.
The enaJS i!l ! rin on
Vrla--Say rtrniar. Iw:l-r C. It U
to occcr ltu rati to rtxaMe ibe man
Atcr to ha tbe ttat for tte Molo-
kat jr At l!a&4 03 Cliri.tnix
dr wJtttrut fail.
In th dljJti.m f tL Chk r
tlrkrt to ltj-1. lh Y itr tit Iht
Klrty f thf city ax- t o-
A frUa: lttrr from Kalawao. M-
li.al. tlc- that ;i;a!or II. P. lUld-
ta ha rn an aJJltJoa to him
Chtitrrj rift to :h inmate of I be
llaldwln llotrjf.
In mfSM" to tatrr IlaMwIn'c re
qr; it all on f.aa Sf AnMhlnc cxtrm.
wa r.eilvj for ta zzUn cf tbe ln-rnat-
the ;cnntu3rnt. Itrolbrr
l-4lton. ui:cej- tbat nc4 hrltrr
mat than the !-ti!rnt tbey h4 Itrra
w oarlnc wouM ! apnrvia'.d. Mr.
llaldwln at once u!(!ir4 axatl a of
dlTrrrnt tnatrftal nt to Kalaw o a
thai the tnn nJ ty cruM 3rv-t
w hat would 11 Vjm tbem. Tbey
jjjj na -j,hakl. to I- tn4 In onl-
oucht to bar ttrrm-r to tniKh.
1" w;A'iiriU a that be
wrr forwarded an 1 llt rult are to Ims
mad In thl city &.nd forwardrd ttooa
to Kalawao.
In addition to 1 Srnaior llaldwln
will end rnatr-rtal and trimralnr for
fifty more uit. liUh will tc made top
at tho I om a idI. Tbo rretin5
will ! aUut I !..
Fine Free Concert.
Tho c oarer: at the V. M. C A. hall
lai r.Uht attracts a very lar:e aad-
ienr-. TJjo tfai3c tjuta !rr "The
Tor of Iad:ia ly the A mat cur Or-rr!i-:
ra wa trry alrejr rr-nJrtcd and
rtHrd a vv!).ia itr e-uroro. lcn-
ilr!.Mi!.4' -Cxralal Mirit aad To-
Itaal "ii r: and l"Jowe-rV were alo
I wrll exor-tud and applauds!.
Mr. I. v.. f.ljJeV entt 1 ha lion
I "" I Irfird of ot and Mr" With
Uuln iddaKt l.y Mr. It. I.. Marx was
I I lonrm: t,rrfr.mfti
by U flrarc Walker aaJ aa rarore
I lnl:rd Kpoia. lr. i:anor v. Ihvi't
1 p!-ad rtnyily t1:i L-r rendition
I -CiuM IT" and Mr. J. A. Mirlnrra
ttrlarm d Mr. c;.i. II. Ilrown'a
t-nor and Mr. K. II. nnUy hx tiolo
were nv-jch rnlrl.
Iltery itrai la the procrara w
crrl an 1 a Sift e-a)oyabli erealnj;
CItiircIt CHironUlc Atin1-ratry;
I Church ChrrmMo for Nn--nW-r.f
With thl rj4m!eT adf Volom
,t,r-.,ful lcc. tho rt ir.,f n iif.
I jany ihaak are owirr to iho tmic
l axlao a cl hart- of h mpptirL TtM!
l frka. Ktirope And Auiralia. ani n
1 trut -nocjo ,4 thejr trt:1ir iauwinx
I iu tLi wldo-tr-j.d botorioir. Oar
Ithaiik ar sIm duo to erar lndfatlr-
I 1. ,.. 1141
I ban lfl io tono ur.ttartjod tc mfcr
b aa :roStaUo. TLo An-
I . ... . . ... .... . ..
1 . . . . - . . . .
libo Urno to t5al ther w-lll
. '
Sao way la which tney tae the pa
pr. It Ri- w Hh tlhet cum-
meadatln trtn aany tfianeii abraad.
Cured of Coatttlnc
0;e llzzrr. Joba. U a ishL Ttc
ritiejj u known a artjniatit for
a. Co.. ul a dbblr In litera
i'lto, o HkewM h4 a fotdneu- for
..-i!dr ctilac. Th! latter trait roatal
irxlf In wjndertec ca tLe i
-tIrrr.t. tramps aftor. cantry and
:ilp ani ;r!nt avlj'l. Mr. KfZncor
:r:ed b;rc 2o-ftr,a.ijjc the :hor dy
!sl wi'l tot ti t tt aciin. Ho ei;rj.
M.-n:d with tho t-hrako ttirjt and
lt onoiach kln oJ h Jro to trale .
;-lr of he for cd-;xed chJd. Il
alM praJnd tv.b rb:, lajard lKth
kt.et-a;m atid wax ivcked ceneraJly.
Mr. r.fcc'r l fire and dilapidated
that It U abo!ut:y cral to tt.h'
Omiplilnt Apaintl Treat.
A fcraber cf tte rrb3n!j of WaJ-
uiki or;.J!n raot 3!:r-?Jy cd a leacb
-.ultz, d f:er1iy momJtic itral
:.-;r.!r-l 'd !3rr ftcn too -jf the tranr-
jjotT wrero marrte-1 rral trt tho truth
u. we jrrr;tel t r In wmn4irc
I r -: -2.. Murr than thiK. in
i ;ft :.- in:;'"'- j'Tliao
r r 2 '.. rho
t' ;
tU" t ;S v
j t;ir.c a ; ". ; v
, ih.iit!e.
i -
mii-vi:xi;i:u m:j:v:ci
tt.zcr icrtif-c dttJicr
jiirk?erv. Tel. XTS.

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