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Commercial Advertiser.
After some years of labor friction, of
strikes, anxiety and losses, die planters
rf these Islands will atlopt some form
of co-operation with the laborers,
which will vest in each laborer an in
terest in the plantation. After thirty
years of strife, the great railway cor
porations are giving their employees an
inlerest in the corporations. The
Illinois Central Railway Company have
adopted this plan:
"On the first of each month the price
or shares at the New York Stock Ex
' change is telegraphed to Chicago, and
the paymaster is authorized to sell one
share to each employee at that price.
Payment is accepted in sums of $5, or
any multiple thereof. Interest at 4 per
cent, per annum is allowed on the par
tial payments, and, when an employee
leaves the service, he must either pay
in full for his share and receive a cer-
with the interest added. The number
t officers and employees, otner than
directors of the corporation, registered
on the books of the company as stock
holders, is 705, and their holdings
amount to 2,554 shares. The number of
stockholders registered on the books
is P,526. Barely one-seventh of them
own over 100 shares apiece."
questions. There is respect, toleration
of opposition and a desire to seek the
truth which a few years ago was not
possible. In a discussion about theol
ogy forty years ago, between the
An dover and the Princeton Theologi
cal seminaries, the contest was so bit
ter that the New York Herald sneering
ly said that opening paragraph of
every article written by the professors
were "allusions to the serious danger
of hell fire which confronted the oppos
ing professors."
Such discussions are past. Whatever
the situation is, whether it be a de
cline or a rise in faith, it ceases to be
a subject which will be "torn to tat
ters" by angry disputants. It means,
finally, light and truth.
The Outlook, edited by Dr. Lyman
Abbott, announces that it will no longer
divide its news and comments under
iheads designated as the "Religious
"World," the "Home Club," and other
departments of literature. It will here
after make no especial distinction be
tween secular and religious knowledge.
Its reasons are:
"No other truth seems to us mort
fundamental, more important, or more
needing emphasis in our time than the
truth 'that religion is not a department
an life, and that when we try to make
it so, it cease3 to be religion. Reli
gion is a standard by which all life is
to be measured, a principle by which
all life is to be governed, a spirit by
which all life is to be imbued the
spirit of faith and hope and love."
The New York Sun recently invited
a discussion in its columns upon the
immortality of. the soul. Correspond
ence has been published from all part
of the country, and an intense interest
manifested in it. Of this correspond
ence the Sun says: "We do not recog
nize any bar to the discussion of ques
tions of religion in the Sun. They are
the greatest themes with which the
human mind can occupy itself, and to
shut out their consideration from this
newspaper would be to put a limitatidn
upon its proper field wholly inconsis
tent with our conception of editorial
iduty and wisdom." - - .
Here, then, is the spectacle of a pure
Jy religious paper, in its origin, throw
ing off its exclusiveness, and meeting
half way, upon a common ground the
secular newspaper, which, on its side,
abandons secular exclusiveness, and
unites with the religious, journal in a
1 1 . A. J& 1. ?
cause wnicn is in tne nature ui uungs
common to both.
Tho.. crudity of the conception of
r man's relations to nature and life as
displayed by the old, and many of the
livine. theologians, is amazing. For
tfiey dealt largely with "brain web and
shadow," and spurned the reality. But
the gap which they perhaps created,
ind at least kept open, is gradually
closing. It is not the least of tho
triumphs of this century that it has
created, or witnessed the acceptance of
' the truth that man is not like an Aus
tralian idol which is constructed out
of two pieces of wood, of different
qualities, but he is made out of one
,niece, and the divine and the human
cannot be distinguished by any cunning
devices. The "living" theologians wel
come this change. They approve of
the killing of the vermin of ignorance
vxound the cradle of Truth, as the
snakes were strangled around the
cradle of Hercules.
This tendency to obliterate the dis
tinction made between religious and
secular affairs, is said by the religious
pessimists, to indicate a decline of
faith. Whether the tendency to believe
more in the reasoning powers, and the
realities of the world, as revealed by
science, and less in the creeds, is an
evidence of decline in the broadest and
truest faith is a question by itself.
The Sun, after considering the large
correspondence it has received on the
subject of the immortality of the soul.
t i.i i : i 1
and arter commenting upon nuiai
ity of that powerful churchman Bishop
Pttter in approving of the reception
ot that "Presbyterian heretic," Dr.
Brf.ggs into the Protestant Episcopal
church, insists that there is a decline
-of faith in the Bible among the clergy
and laity. But the Sun claims that
there is a marked difference at ta-t
present time in the discussion of these
The following dispatch is sent from
Cleveland, Ohio:
"October 19. The Health Protective
Association here will start a new cru
sade this winter. It will advocate
divided skirts and men's saddles for
women in riding horseback. Mrs. N.
A. Gilbert, one of the members of the
Executive Board of the Association,
said today: 'At the next meeting of
the Association the present harmful
style of women in riding horseback will
be brought up and discouraged. Women
should wear, divided skirts and take
the same position on a horse that a
man does. The present side saddle
style is dangerous to women. The As
sociation will also, continue the cru- j
sade against long skirts, corsets and
big hats.' " . .
These words must be construed to be
a recognition of the intelligent con
tributions of the native Hawaiian
women to hygienic science. Whether
they began to straddle horses at the
command of one of the old idols now
locked up in the Bishop Museum, under
the fiendish despotism of Prof. Brig
ham, or whether they arrived at this
hygienic reformation by a natural in
spiration, is a fact which has not been
discussed by our local historians, and
the Social Science Society has utterly
ignored it. The Advertiser offers ths
simple explanation that in the early
days there were no side saddles, and
the women adjusted their limbs to the
situation, that is, to the back of the
horse. In one respect, whatever the
cause may be, this comniumtv has
reached a high state of civilization.
and the snuffy foreign critics of our
barbarous ways will please hold their
Even the missionary mothers, in the
early days, taking advantage of the fact
that they were ten thousand miles
away from the gossips of New England,
found safety and comfort in the strad
dle ride, and encouraged their daugh
ters to adopt it. There was no more
attractive sight in the "forties" and
fifties" than that of three hundred
native women, galloping about the
town on Saturday afternoons, dressed
in the pau and decked with leis. The
malihini quickly adopted it, and the ad
vantage of this form of riding are now
beyond dispute.
The awkward and dangerous style of
side saddle riding in Europe and
America shows the force of habit and
ignorance of hygienic rules. Fashion is
a tyrant from which there is no deliver
ance; all must conform to its whimsi
cal tastes. "Secst thou not, I say,
what a deformed thief this fashion Is?
How giddy he turns a!out all tho hot
bloods btwp-?n fourth-n and fiv and
thirty." (Much Ado.)
If Hawaii would parade in tho public
parks of th largo American ci:i-. a
platoon of our charming white wom-n.
mounted. as they aro mounted hr rid
ing with tho trot'dom. safety a::d dar
ing, which tho "straddlo" permits. thy
would give our fellow country mn.
"Thm duraVd Yankeos." ns David
Harum rails them, an ubjo-.-: !oson in
hor.- b:ick riding, and uproot tho!r sMl
traditions by the grace of th-Ir rn ve
rr.ents. An exhibition of ;!;! kind
would bo a hotter procjf uf our u'ful
civilization than tho xhmi:l on of tho
Hawaiian curiosit i-s r.nd cim-rrarks.
which wv usually present a; expositions.
A report of tests of a sni.kios.- -iti
recently invented in England s:ato
that the fire resembles an extra bright
coke fire, with tho addition of long
white and blue llamos rising from It.
The heat is intense. It is claimed tha:
one pound of the fuel will evaporato
fcurteen pounds of water, against
twelve pounds of water in tho caso c:
Welsh steam coal. The fuel used for
raising steam is made up in perforated
briquettes weighing over ten pounds
apiece, but for domestic fires it takes
the shape of small circular cakes.
These can be sold retail in Iond'in at
5 a ton. The composition consists of
about lo por cent, of coal dust and 7
per cent, of a mixture of pyro-ligncous
and caustic lime. The latter Is obtain
ed by the distillation of wood or peat.
The three substances are worked and
pressed into molds.
I -
flmpure Blood
Rheumatism, Kidney Troubles and
Sick Headacho tho Results Doc
torcd for Yoars Without Relief.
' My blood wa out of order, and I t
can taking Hood's Krajuri!!. It h
puririttl my MohI and relieved mo of
rheumatism, kidney trouble and tick
headache. I have Utn atl'.ictrd t:th
thcc ditr.cultie for year. I im now able
to do a cood day- work. Kh-un;atim h
troubled rr.e lnoc I wa a child, but I am
now entirely well.' Mw lMir.onn Rai
LEY, Ilox 113, rxad na, California.
I have !uf!crvti from the erect of im
pure Hood, loll, pimple, tie, for tit
year. 1 have tried var!ou r nod:,-, w itb
out relief and finally purchased ix Net
tles of Hood' Sartaparilla. Th? t;N
and pimplea have all diapprarM icr 1
tean taking thl rirtiiclnc. I am ti.m
cntlndy curvd. IriH Thoma. III?
11th Street, Oakland, California.
Hood's Sarsapariila
I ti." twt !tt f.i-t t! it.- Tri; I:J - i-.ri
tr. All !r:.s:t. i.lf.r ;r:iir
I1UOU J I 1119 iUliC. 11
Is the ftlamnid
Of our ctw sto-.k of Hoi
Water Bottle?, Uulh and
Fountain Syringf.
Mom: troops fou tiii: v.u.
LONDON. Oct. jr. Orders were is
sued today for an additional r.ooo
troops to sail for South Africa, between
November 4 and November IN.
PANSY STOVES. G, 7 and 8.
BUCK STOVES. 9 and 10.
3 Burners.
Aermortor Wind Mills
S. 10, 12 and 1 feet. Piping 12
and 16 feet. Geared with
pumps to fit.
Wooden Tanks
T00 to 10.000 Gallons.
! Residence Lots on Pacific Heights
Are Now Offered For Sale.
STNo icMtlcnre imjtiy havinjr
, similar ;ilv:uit;ies ami attractions, as for health fulness ot
I location, having an elevation of from 170 to Si fort, and
(affording the grandest marine and M?enic vie; as also itV
Especially manufactured for u.i and ! proximity to tllO hllitH5s part of tho ritv, lnMliir lti than a
I nine iroin iih i "ingress I Hook, nas over heiora ikvii prrsenlct;
olhcr jto the people of Honolulu.
! One of the main features of thiiiropcrtv. and procured at
great expense, is tho almudauL stipjily of mm? pring water..
pronounced hy Dr. C. H. Wood as heing the puiot and best
drinking water ohtaiuahle in the island, which now lcxni?
conducted into storage reservoirs upon the propcrt v hy anindc-
pcutieuL pipe lino, ami win no spppuco to nilcnl5 at
Government ratc.
guaranteed to last longer than
Rubber Goods In thU Climate.
Have You Seen Our
Rubber Hose
For Garden, Assorted Sizes.
STEAM HOSE. Assorted Sizes.
Sl'CTION HOSE. Assorted.
Leather Belting,
Assorted Sizes, both Single and
(Omit GoflSiirsioutee,
The Only High Crado Daklng
Powder Offered at a Mod
erate Price.
Vtrust. J
HI II i! (If
A Shop in the Aloha Building, Fort
; street, near Vineyard.
Now Is the time to renUce your leak
ing Hot Water Dottle ulth a real
first-clasa article.
AVc CSUAUANTKi: tuall purchaser,
of Lutvun PACIFIC HIIIOUTS that vn will, within ?ir
month-, provnlo nipnl tntnsiK)rtation to the highest hits on the-
I Trail -
ani Irivi
property, connoctin the same with the Honolulu KapM
it Co linoon Pa una KoaI atthc hepnninof Kaiulani
I am now prepared to do all kinds of
For sale only by
TKHMS: 1-: Cah. l-o in one Year. in two ver
; interest, mx jer cent, per annum on ifeferreI payinrnt."
Pmporty to anl from the sunn.
f If j Z5? Tor mapH an-l i
lUU UU 7 an.l sf Pnyuv hlork.
full pat tirnlar rail at our OtHrf. Kooint-
:' :
Only the highest grad of RED Rflt
BER Is used In the Stamp- m.i;! by
Brdce I ariig a Co.
maiirteirs ffw Sewoinig lOsiclhiaQTie
The following Machines in stock and for sale for Cash, or on installments:
Domestic. Standard. Automatic. Eldridge B. Seamstress.
Pearl Columbia. Wheeler & Wilson.
with button hole attachment.
Second Hand Machines for sale cheap.
NEEDLES, PARTS AND ATTACHMENTS, and REPAIRS for all makes of Machines.

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