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VOL. XXX., NO. 5385.
rnn-K rivi: oknth.
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II I I Ml li I
! it !
-ATKINSON & JUDD (A. L.. C. Atkin-
soa and Albert F. Judd, Jr.) Office
over Bishop 2c Co.'s bank, cor. Mer
chant and Kaahumanu Sts.
-ACHI & JOHNSON (W. C. Achl and
Enoch Johnson). Office No. 10 West
Kins 8L; Tel. 884.
LVTLE A. DICKEY King and Bethel
Sts.i Tel. 806; P. O. box 786.
FREDERICK W. JOB. Suite 815, Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111.; Hawaiian
Consul General for States of Illinois,
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wiscon
sin. 5
nu St.
PETERSON. 15 Kaahuma-
;DR. GEO. J. AUGUR, Homeopathic
Practitioner and Surgeon. Special
attention given to chronic diseases;
office and residence, Beretania St.,
nearly opp. Methodist church; office I
hours 10 to 12 a. m.; 3 to 4 p. m.; 7
to 8 p. m.; Sundays, 9:30 to 10:30 a.
in.; Tel. 733.
C. L. GARN M D -Office 537 King g
St., near Punchbowl; hours 9 to 12
a. m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 448.
and residence, Gedge Cottage, corner
Richards and Hotel Sts.; office hours
9 to 11, 2 to 4, 7 to 8; Tel. 953.
St., opposite Hawaiian Hotel; office
.hours 8 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to
8 p. m.; Sundays 8 to 10 a. m.; Tel.
510; P. O. box 501.
'.DR. T. MITAMURA. Consulting
rooms 427 Nuuanu St.; P. O. box 842;
Tel. 132; residence 524 Nuuanu St.;
hours 9 to 12 a. m. and 7 to 9 p. m.;
Sundays 2 to 6 p. m.
:DR. I. MORI. 136 Beretania St., be
tween Emma and Fort; Tel. 277; P.
O. box 843; office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
and"7 to .8 p. m.: Sundays 9 to 12
a. m.
DR. A. N. SINCLAIR. 413 King St.,
next to the Opera House; office hours
3 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 p. m., 7 to 8 p. m.;
Sundays 12 m. to 2 p. m.; Tel. 741.
r. 15. CLAPHAM Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist. Office Hotel Stables;
calls, day or night, promptly ans-
wered; specialties, obstetrics and
nary Surgeon. Skin diseases of all
kinds a specialty. Office room 11,
Spreckels Bldg.; hours 9 to 4; Tel.
474; residence Tel 1093.
SI. D. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea St.,
three doors above Masonic Temple,
Honolulu; office hours 9 a. m. to
SDR. C. B. HIGH. Philadelphia Dental
College 1892; Masonic Temple; Tel.
3EO. H. HUDDY, D.D.S. Fort St., op
posite Catholic Mussion; hours from
y 2u m. to 4 p. m.
Office hours 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love I
Bldg., tort bt.
PBELL. Offic
-A- J- CS?"!- ueen St-
opposite Union Feed Co.
t PAT.tr-MpmhPr TTnnniniii fif nek
ISxchange; room 301 Judd Bldg.
an farts or tne isianus oougnt or
HOWARD & . TRAIN, Architects.
Suite 7, Model Block, Fort St.;
TeL 989.
O. G. TRAPHAGEN. 223 Merchant
St.. between Fort and Alakea; Tel.
724; Honolulu.
.T. A. BUTTERFIELD. Contractor ana
Builder. Store and office fittings,
shop and repair work; Bell Tower
mas., union &t., lei. uj.
ll. K. MEEMANO & CO. Contractors
?S B"alrf;mf'
r it l i -1 - I ii iii.ui . nil tvwi rv iil, ca L,a v
flF?na -evv- st linir rf TTitrh I
iuur;. vxaaw w y w. .
School, Honolulu. 1
WM. T. PATY. Contractor and Build-
er. Store and office fitting; brick,
wood or stone building; shop Palace
vvaiK; resiueiice unuci .c, uca
Ktiulin "Miennn.-' 720 Itertanin fit.
ing and Harmony; especial attention
:,i V, i I 1 I
musical analysis.
-An oppoity noT pre.onls Use.i
to learn from a competent teacher of
the piano, graduate of Leipsic Uni
versity, for the small tuition fee of
$5 per month; satisfaction gunran-1
teed: nunils taught to play In six
months. Address
"Musician," Ad-
vertiser office.
T. D. BE ASLEY. Plantation and To
pographical Maps a Specialty; room
306, Judd Bldg.; Tel. 633.
MISS A. A. ALLEN Office cor. King
and Bethel Sts. (upstairs); Tel. 751.
E. LUCAS.-Love Bldg.. Fort St..
upstairs; P. O. box 351. I carry a full
from the CHEAPEST to the BEST.
Free Examination of the Eyes.
JAMES T. TAYLOR, M. Am. Soc. C. E.
Consulting Hydraulic
306 Judd Blk, Honolulu.
in Tailor-Made Evening. Dinner
Gowns, and Wedding Trousseau, 73 I
uereiama bi. i
J. MORGAN. Opal Merchant, Jeueler
and Lapidary; Opal Cutting a Spe-
cialty; No. 2 School St., near bridge.
P. SILVA. Agent to take acknowledg
ments to instruments, district of Ko
na, Oahu; at W. C. Achi's office,
King St., near Nuuanu.
WAII Price 60c; beautifully illus-
trated. For sale by all newsdealers.
DR. A. C. POSEY. Specialist for Eye.
Ear, Thoat and Nose Diseases and
Catarrh; Masonic Temple; hours S to
12 a. m., 1 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
King St.; Tel. 639
Dr. Luella S.
Cleveland, medical superintendent,
Hours 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.; methods of
Battle Creek, Mich., Sanitarium; (Italy) University and lately of Pitts
baths of every description; trained burg. Pa., was recommended to the
nurses in bathrooms as well as in I
sickroom; massage and manual
movements; electricity in every I
form; classified dietary, etc.; ample
facilities for thorough examination. I
Dr. C. L. Garvin, consulting physi-
cian and surgeon.
Minister of Finance
It was given out at the Executive
Building yesterday that in all likeli
hood a new Minister of Finance to sue
ceed Mr. S. M. Damon , would be an
nounced before the week 'is out. Ad-
vices br the steamer were to the effect
that Mr. Damon had sent his resigna
Dion to the authorities at Washington
- i
as well as to the appointive power in
the Islands. Just what Mr. Damon's
intentions mav he is not known hprp.
It is the execution that he will return
soon and will be willing to again as
sume the portfolio, though there is
nothing positive about this.
Mr. Damon may now be on the Atlan-
tic on his way home. He had finished
in Ttnlv -1T11 .ocs rt trk t
tugal in search of laborers when the
last word of him was sent to the Ha
waiian Government.
A Baton Presented-
A pleasing presentation ceremony
was witnessed at noon yesterday, at
the Hawaiian News Co.'s store on Mer
chant street, when Captain Berger was
made the recipient of a handsome sil
ver mounted baton at the hands of
John F. Soper, on behalf of the Hawai
ian News Co.
Upon the end of the handle was en-
graved the Captain's name, while on
tne center ferrule were the words
'Presented to Henri Berger by the Ha
waiian xews Company. November.
1899." Captain BerSer suitably re
sTHmded in accenting the mark of
The baton is a pretty and rich con-
ceit as well as being a usetui suck ror;
the veteran band leader. Mr. John F,
Soper picked up the baton in New York
Tint Rnp. 1m Tlauv nf Twp.ntv.
wuu "JUU4 "tt"J ut "U
vw vrwwt 11 UIUM
Showing from Sixty Seven Sitaplej-Botu
Chimccae oo th; Mrket-Mft
and Fish
The regular mooting of the Hoard f
Health was held jestcrday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock. Thre were present Min
ister Cooper. Dr. P. R. Day and Dr. N.
B. Emerson and L. D. Koliipio.
Executive Officer Reynolds prcat ntod
a report embodying recommendations
for the keeping of .nwlne in suitable lo
callties within the 4-mile limit. It was
mo veil by Dr. Day, seconded by Dr.
Emerson" and carried that the rojK.rt
and recommendations lo adopted.
The slaughter-house report for the
week ending the 8th inst. showed the
following totals f Mork slauphtorrd
for consumption:
I load.
Cattle i:7
1 1S
Hogs .
Tho fish repoit showed a total of 33.-
f i. i i ... .t t .
o t uau inrnni ai uic iuarKri em-
urjl,nR b,M'nnp ariciies irom nine-
teen localities
insnecior hiiorev iresontei an rx
haustive report on the condition of lo
ral dairies. From a total of twenty
Mirflft Pf)n,lnwl nrt . ......
mm m x. WJV 1 1 J Iff ftl l
terated milk was brought to light, am
of sixty-seven samples takon tho aver
ago percentage was higher than thej:,.it)d wan In attendance, which adde.1
standard of purity ret by tho Hoard
A sample of vlnvgar sold as cider vin
egar was treatetl and found to contain
a large percent ago of spirits of glucose.
Sample of wint tested and labelled
Pomeroy Sec Champagne was proved
to be a fraudulent imitation of the cen
time article.
The Hilo Hospit.il report, as read.
showed the institution to be on the way
to a sound financial standpoint. Esti
mates are invited for the new ward to
be known as the Hackleld Jubilee ward
and to contain twelve beds.
The application for a license to prac
tice medicine in the Islands by Dr. C.
G. G. Sen parotic, a graduate of Turin
Minister of the Interior.
Executive OihVcr Reynolds reported
the destruction of tho following pack-
ages of opium: 2)3 -pound tins. 2
3-pound tins. 9 1-nound tins, .1 buckets
containing about It pounds. 21 bottles
and 1 pail of 'Cure for Opium Pills.
45 Lichee nuts. 2 coal -oil tins tilled with
In see opium, 3 tins and 3 boxes which
had contained opium. 3 sausage skins
containing about 15 pounds of opium.
7 bags, supposed to contain a prepara
tion of the drug, besides several bags,
boxes, baskets and shoes which had
contained opium.
A communication from J. M. Zum
wait applying for appointment as
Health Officer at Iihalna and Kihei
was read and the secretary instructed
,i o u- ... frt hn. t,
f. aa 14 a . 'i j vs uiv viavvt uv.
District Physician sdiould be called
Pn to act in that capacity.
Rer. Dr. Sauton of Paris had an in
terview with the Board and obtained
the necessary permission Hi visit Mo
lokai. Chamber of Commerce.
a well-attended meeting of
At a well-attended meeting of the
cha mber of Commerce vesterdav Wm.
r c.i.k . r n.. .u
citizen to reprosent that body at
Washington during the approaching
session of Congress. MrH Smith al
ready has his credentials as the special
agent of the Planters' Association.
Senator Cecil Urown has been post
ed for membership !n the Chamber of
At the meeting further correspond
ence and report from Dan'l Logan, sec
retary of the commission to the Omaha
Exposition, were read. Mr. Logan has
been adVised to assist from the Omaha
show in making up the exhibit for
Paris. Just how much space has been
allotted for Hawaii at Paris cannot bo
known for some time. The Islands had
4.000 square feet of Moor at Omaha and
filled it attractively. Major George C.
Potter has already assembled here th
nucleus for a good showing at Paris.
Has Uzi a Good Pest-
Professor W. D. Alexander r.nd wife
are home by tho S. S. Moana after a
couple of months on the Coast. Most
of the time was sprnt with friends and
relatives at Oakland, with frequent
visits to San Francisco. Professor
Alexander met a number of officials of
i th Cki: Sur-y and n: the
jtr.irrv.T r.tihf.n.lT l;rr In ! r.'-ar
uttr. T!: H.iw. lian hltirt.in an
Surwyor Onral qui! undr the
At-athr u!irn ho left th I!ar.il and
wa grrutly iMT.rft'c! ly hi trip to ihe
Broken Wrist.
A. M. M. MafUlr.tr.9h l nursing a
mkn riicht wrUt at hl. honi th- r-
sult of stepping .n . banana Mn out-
sido the OrHm 11(mio at tho clo f
T... -.Uy nUMV prrfurmaa. Tl.c In-
juroii arm was rt iy ir. .Murray an i
ho patiint Is rrntias mmfortaMy.
Hawaii la the Lcid.
A world-read Jfv.rnal for inigar far-
tors ha a half-papo ndortl?oment for
multlplo effects. TImtp Is a U.t of 15
orders, as follows:
Piono.r Mill. II.
Waialua Acrlcultural Company. II. I.
Ewa Plantation Cin.jany. II. I.
Glucose Sucar Rcilnlnj; fmpany.
McOnlo. Harvey i Ct.. Glassow. formrrrlal Cantm at lbllad!pbU on -
oruin iioti Micir rarmry. Maiom
.. . . ... . . ,
NVw Colonbl Co!.i:,mv. lin.lon. for
Porto Rico.
Klhoi Plantation Company. II. I.
Honolulu Micar i omiunr. n. i.
Thtlargrst rnW; In tho ll.t U)-h,,rn
gallons for Eua. Tho GlurojM Com-lutri
pany U 3hi.ihii an I llonidultt. Walaltu
and Klliol are ra.-a ..inVi Cillon.
Housekeeper League i:utcrtiin I
at llouuakaha.
Tho ta clvon yesterday afternoon
by tho director of tho IIotin kc p r
Hmkuo at llonuakaha. tho premise
a.H a Mklng-.. IuhiI. u.i In evry
way a sur -. liver a bundrtd anti fif
ty guojtn were fn-yent and all ix
pressed thrlr gra'Ctration at lli- iir-
rv.oul opening of iuh an iutitut:ui.
Thank to tho Mndne. of the Mini-
ti r of Forelun Affair. th Go rr.menl
much to the pleasure of the in ration.
ti... .it ..r . .. i -
, , ' . , V . .. ,:,,,",i
ger for his kindly rs:staiire. and hope
that Miss Morgan' coffee was to bis
taste. Ithej..- i-eU are jdaol In oin.bioa.
Honuakaha. for many years thelThey w ill ! mo KnoUan hour faster
A w m m b mm a m mw I m mm m m w n m m mm k mrm m mm m mm. H H - . w u mw ma w v mm, mm v am m m m m. mt a m. a m m
iti MOhiiu, i mm .i rt ;n-i - mi . u uric uriMrrn I i,, ,
tr .. fiv ,..-.r..w . ... . I;,,, iv1hri.. hn i . . i . "I,rn f)a,,, l 'Tfc - tat.lmarjr I
' "ii" " .n.t-- f i in t rju, tkljn.la Ilia vrirk
Tt,.. .......i .. i ... , .. 1.1-. i .1.. -.it t i.. . . . iijvj-p.a iM4niR. ill ir
n..fi. mi w.mi..-. i inn. I .in in r,iin"T in ea-I im ff . . .
i.iiii MijMri-fi iir hip .. uir .-.in ancict I j. afid hU lnnifr In Ik Wfif Im
rorf.pt inn and tables x ere ei about the r.mto. bat It . n ut.hill firhi hm hU.I.rao f.r.!. .tawre,a
laxxnunderthesaa.ieof friendly trees, MMeRm cat, ol.tam much lU I't .
In the l.ackgroua.1 xvas Matlone,! the khI.p and arr.icin.o.lallont on much rac.K7i tt7J
. i n'n. tiii-i ti iMii i im i.ui f w --. .ii ii im- .i.'T i i jk ijj t mil are
it.n u,l.,u.l I i- .1.1.. ...i.
nn.l mni l ,t ?fi,1v .... '
Tin. rl.in.n ,.f -. ...i .u
" Ill-
tllrect H-rsonaI cotter vision of
Morgan. This lady, l.y the way. Is Quite
anil best In every way for teaching that
sno nas encountered lor somo urne.
The btilldinc la f it r. .1 nn n-it.
thoroughly for Its rirpose. The kltch -
en arrangements are carefully notoil
given yesterday for tho purpose
of acquainting tho ladle of tho city
..-t t V ik. In.lli...! . .
iMMimuKa. anu ino invua -
niin.H mri' i.miiei :iy Aim. ?opr. Jjrn.
Coleman. Mrs. C. Zb Coter. Mrs. Wro-
Ole.lieil Willi lior U..L l f . In It... I "IliT rr-tttilla k-Ul f.nm frM V. . I
' r..i . ; 'r' ; v i." nony rr ib- chunb of
..w, ...... .,.- tin. in tlt- nnihi-rj Miimii - ,ninnnwi .nuttirM. t nrrc uric i ii.fiK ft.t. . i.w ., .
fimVI.-iU ntwl tl. .....: ....... .!t. iH iirrhi altii -Vi r.... l,wa, n Jfet, a&3 bf
fnif u irn.lv.n.uw. I ...l I ...rnn fnrir.mrM .,.flAM i-l.... I i'fnie Ut3: MCfi
- tti. n- iiiiiiiiiiioii imiivu, iuiiuiiiUE(lr ih.i rfiitrvh n .rtl.ilx
says tho pupils he are the brlchtcut Iral and South Amrua and I ho Orient J "r ,fc a"r r :-rrMl ,l't-
by all visitors. There are already bright thlnke an-l lalkern In lb? big walabao church crtrjodf, aa4 ;re3.jxc
classes for Chinese, for Japanese, for amblage derote.! tbtir attentJon lo Xif At ,e ro4 aa far nth
women and for girls. Tho attendance the problem of bo we might rxcbanj? fc.,f
is good In all CnJ- The rmretitlnn to thol.eiitadr.mtare. The rrrr--nt . I 8rx- trvwittl wrJl
don. Mrs. T. It. Walker. Mrs. FslKirnoJa permanent recorJ. It will b- Dub -
Mrs. iAiiii.son. Mr. Widdineld andiheii and copies wf ibe publUbtd vol-
Mrs. r. Ma;farIano. Tnoe bo. -
tosses were pleasint and cordial In
greetings to all.
tA.suata mr.
i . ...
amongst tho missing to return by the
Moana yesterday narnlnc Thev bad
Moana je.ierua morning They had
.Mr. anu .urs. .nurcw nroun wereimen nioi ratvinie or giving il and In
.. r .....h-.u ruic- juiy iai. saving ith the other natlor. of tbc wrld.
dlrectly after Mr. Brown hal mad tho I Colonel liell. altbiuch tb Conialar
usual collection for Fourth of July
. v i. WM ait ti.r.-.. .i i . .iini .uri.
Brown have been all the way to Scot -
land, i hey traveled from hero via
ancouver and enjoye! gTeatly thelleive of absence br the denarts:nL at
tnl 11.1 m I . I ...
"wt '""J mi
more, still mnri t V-.. vl.l in .r.r nf
childhood and to dear ones In the land
........ ..... ....... ,w "....-. v
of Hums.
'l one of llauiMan.
SAN 1T:aNCI:VO. Nov. l. :.!.r.v
seems to lo golr. : in n II i-A.iii n.
m . t . - mmm a
tijee nays ior invcim-nt. i was
considerable lively t lading today, with
t!:e fu'.irs:
H.ir.i P. Co
Haw. ( A S. Co.
Ilor.okaa S. Co. ..
Hutch. S. P. Co. ..
Kllai.fM S. Co. ..
Makaweli S. Co. ..
Onomea S. Co. . . .
Paatthau S. Co. . . .
Trio of 6000-Toa Liners t) Callr'-
Rtplail? Here.
-rttr mi tve rrtuii earn
Cidur.rl ;rorf:c V. IWrll, Toll!
Stairs Consul at Sydnry. New South
Walm, was a ra.Mnf:cr by tbc Moana
rrturnlnc from the Irtornatlonal Conj-
Kinri iSn ih. ir.mi Mihrrihf in
.. . . .
...... . ...... .... ..... - w m wm ....
I . . .
ira-m ami romm.w. no iuotm mat
IthortimmMTlal noo-Rira cf tb trad -
I nz nat'onx of ib orld mill twjtn
ultrr undcrto.4 and arrmUM
tho knom Id---n l UWs mirlU
,y ln, 4.rral bnndrrl dtlfa!r
I .iro rrr-jintrd In trfnistnifarn in ib
I romniorrlal bodlr of the Unlirxl Str I
and 1 tvirtlni!ar!y bopo for !
llroid trado rrlalLta ttvrrn th Pa.
rlfjr coaM and lb" .iintralaUn cid-
"Ono tnatl- r t'.i-t mill t.. 1 Ita
pfoo cr-atly iraO. i.u-1 irar brtvera
S.n rranrljMti ai I th porin cf Nw
-Vaiand and Au!rallt."" h- ald. -U
tb lmprirl t'ti.!iip nrtlco bott-
ly to if n.uznrl l.y th (kranlc
.;fnihlp ctnran'. WhUo In PblU
.ll;bla I I'tam; bi aid
and aw bf Liz M RJhIp tonw Witiz
built Ibrrr- fr il Autrallj.n irnlr
Ono tif ibo jblp w ill l rrady In AfTil
I or May. and lb,- .ib, r to will I- rom-
1 plete. at lnn raU three tr frar
n.;',p,!M frnni l-r In cwfnjde.
no;i OI l"n .I.e. They 1.
- ianr.rai t.f ir,a r-arb.
I there winM I-- i-oihing finrr in ih
I r Inc trade n tUf Parlfle when
i.. Iw. ..It . -
I nil! Int.. ln.r ,t,i. ... 1
. ... lit.-.. uiti . . . ijoun. tie t cnerajjy kmiw n-
I .Int.. ..f i,i- .wtlrrmin EUcntjy. t.-!tJ3e rteTaI Ha-
-- ..." f -r - I .... II . II41 IUMIfVa fl.1 Cmit .1 . . f.ft 1
?ir: - :. "r: J":'"1 '"u Ior ,r,vrl
I Influence trade,
I The AtiMralaidan ctib-nie. ome of ibo
I American ami .;rtran coioniea and
I sotrriil Afrlrin nitlt.n .I.. I
1 relented. Tb- Mtrden of all ibe du
I runHonw wan Tec Iprociir. All of thel13 own Kini: treet frora ibo Ka-
1 1 f ach c-in:y told of tbo com-
I niercial requlrrmcn.a of bU country.! A'st Ibrce weeka jct II. PJak-
lot. .. 1. - ltl t . . . .1.
i - -ii mi ii wanieu
ni uuj . anu ll annw OI aolDS DUl
Des. All IhU Information mill berofn-
nie distribute.1 jiaong all the coa
niercial Udiej and bttparrs of tbeL.,, ,.,lr. .hm ltlrf rif
country for reference The commer-1 1 ; 11 lr l0 a!rr i waorawl
cial Interenta of tho country will ibull "oir c,Trr iac oa ToeMiay
K - n lt.nl. .lt...t . .
of valuable knoIct!Cc. furtlUbed br
i . .. - . -
this uay the Comrn-rclal Conirrr will
-cIh the important rewlt of aid-
DK and utimulatlng our trad rrlatioaa
I reprecnutlvc of the L'nlttJ State at
iriutirF. aiirauru i nr ranrrnri as ini
1 representative of :b- Government of
Near South Wale. l! a granted
I 1 ft t . M . . - . I
I aa.cK;on ior mai purpose, ani a
ln. ki. . w t. i .
' iii OTrf it m in L.:.ri Lis t .
sumo his Consular dMJe
trtmm. ti 1 1 a r . . .
. . .ir.au illl n future leae i!l, , , . . ...
u her return tr at 10 o'clock ,a 11' t "T V'" ' M
. ...hui .r..ra.. o. at s. aa i.r.r th" fr m .
I r.-Vt! T. . UMI.. v.-.
.- ..- ..... . .. ! I .1 1 .1 111 LI 1
Fcr.csl cf Ja. n ;:oi:, Jr.
T.io i ,n! of Jane lb Ho'.i Jr. ar
ved a the M'jar.u :e:;rrday an J I
i or.pany up ordered a powerful ,Mt ... , t ...
-arrh...!.t f..r uro .u Wading cattle at (!omn ,vrrc l?1 lLt ffcrt,t.ttS1 C(f th!. lHt.
"i'-W te.Sthaa lla.vra U uW.
I Hii. -...... c ia u;Kuf!iance .:. era sc&T. as zar-
" I !t!or.jt. It wa t!a-.d bet by ibe talr
! ! i !al- ff4 Jrx t 11-
Lilf. Tl.- fungal tir J '.r this
af ftfvn at 3 oVWl TJrr will
! b-14 an hs:r at:ier. It l-tU aa4
acj-iac:an- !a;ic4 ta tx firm-
The Kcc3f J)S Xlixc Cccf.
Th ra.acrr cf it- Mua la-
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