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Commercial Advertiser
Bernhardt will act In New York.
The Lb.rals carried N.wfoumlland.
Hery v il ard, the financier, is dead,
l'.oston pians to have a worll's ia..r.
The Russian Dowager Empred is
Let us hope that Agulna'do will bear
the election news with becorring forti
tude. 4 .
Money for Hawaii cught now to be
easy to get unless fear of what the
Legislature may do shall stand :n the
As every new battleship becomes the
queen cf the American Navy there
would seem to be several more queens
than the deck requires.
Mr. Bryan says the fight must go on.
If so he will have to do the work alone
as the rest of the Democracy Is pretty
certain that it has had all of Bryan's
particular kind of fighting it can stand.
Eupt. McCandless wants an. asphalt
pavement on King street from Rich
ards to Walklkl. We venture the opin
ion that If such a pavement is ever
laid it will raise the average summer
temperature along the routs by five
The electric company claims that It
has plenty of men out watching the
wires during a storm. This is pleasant
news but it suggests. In view of all the
circumstances of the recent Kona, tnat
the employment of a few more to find
the observation corps when it Is wanted
would not be a bad investment.
Owing to the large Republican immi
gration in the southern part of the
State California has become safely Re
publican. Its plurality for McK'nley
this year is reported at 40,000. Even
San Francisco is good fighting ground
for the party and will be hct'y contest
ed in the future as in the recent past.
The demands of the Ministers at Pe
king, if correctly reported, seem likely
to arouse a spirit of resistance all over
China. The Indemnity In blood and
treasure is excessive, for after all Chi
na did the powers no great amount of
harm and her capacity to pay is now
circumscribed by the loss of the Man
churlan revenues.
A. F. Ounn's proposition to let Ha
waii have school books at catalogue
prices was cool enough to wrap around
butter In June. Anybody can buy books
en those terms from any dealer with
out the formality of a contract. With
such an arrangement in force Mr.
Gunn's Trust would not be long in get
ting back the $6000 It was willing to
pay for the School Department's aei of
Supt. McCandless notes that the eu
calyptus block pavement which does so
well In Australia la a failure In San
Francisco. We are not sure that the
San Francisco pavement was properly
laid but In any event wooden pave
ments cannot do well In a climate
where no rain falls for several months
and In which, for several more months,
there Is too much rain. A climate
where there Is a reasonable admixture
of rain and shine throughout the year
Is the one for eucalyptus blocks.
We elsewhere rrint the opinion of
Attorney General Dele on the proposed
renewal of the book contract. Mr. Dole
says that the contract would not be
binding on any one; that under Section
125 of the Civil Laws of 1897 the De
partment of Public Instruction must
continue to sell text bcoks to pupils of
the schools at cost. Furthermore he
points out what must have been sug
gested by the common-sense of the
laity, that a contract btndlng the Ter
ritory for five years ought to have Leg
islative authority. This opinion should
put an end to the text book scheme,
which was rapidly taking on the ap
pearance of a scandal.
Sir Charles Tupper
may become a
One thousand. Italian so'dlera are ttfli fYcr Nnt
h.uj taken rer-gj lu the muunuiiis ti
fc-outhern Italy.
ine poulu-ij agreement on steel plates
has been successfully terminal;!.
Fourteen conCwr..snre bubscriber, auu
yiiCcS jiave been au.ai.ctu 2 per t.m,
Interest in China on the cont:neut is
The United States naval budge: tal.s
for 187,000,000.
Secretary Root wants a regular army
of 100,000 men.
The Chinese realize that Man.hurla
.s forever lost.
Col. Paty du Clam has been pur on
lha retlrpd list.
Don Carlos Is opposed to the present
rising la Spain.
The design of Lipton's yacht is be
trie keot secret.
Ten thousand Siberian peasants have
hpcnme Cossacks
Sweeping reforms are to be m.ide in
th Kr.tlsh army
firppk naval Ulcers have been
caueht smutrellntr.
0;rman troops defeated Boxers in the
Shantung provii.ee.
Mme. Meiba is In San Francisco, fill
Ing an engagement.
The Manarajah of Fatalia, a prmce
of the Sikhs, is dead.
Bakers In San Francisco have struck
for an eight hour day.
Former Mayor McKisson, of Cleve
land, has been divorced.
F. S. Stratton will ba Collector of
Customs at San Francisco.
The Paris Fair closed on November
12. with a small attendance.
The transports Grant and Port Al
bert have arrived at Mani.a.
San Bernardino county, California,
has had a $500,000 forest fire.
A pooling agreement has been reach
ed by the steel plat? workers.
Several professional golf piayeis will
go to California for the winter.
There is no truth in the report that
Queen Draga of Servia is dead.
American steel bars threaten tho ex
tinction of the English steel industry.
The Vatican coffers were riflicd for
the second time, 700 lire baing taken.
Lord Strathcona will soon resume his
duties as Canadian high commissioner.
Bryan men will fight to keep control
cf the" Democratic party organ ration.
Twenty dollars a square yard were
lately paid for vineyard land in Germany.
Olga Nethersole expects to open an
engagement in San Francisco" in Feb
ruary. Powers are keenly watching the ad
vance of the Czar's men in Northern
Major E. II. Eldrldge of the Massa
chusetts militia will wed the Marquis 2
de Medici.
Rev. J. Wesley Brown, of New York,
an Episcopal clergyman, is dead, nyed
Edwin G. Wood, claim and tax agent
for the Southern Pacific Railway, has
Always Good Speed. "
Many people trust to U:ck
lies i.ave been au.ai.ceu per ui. . ff it j.f.f.
The President has issued an execu- tOpUll ttietn XnfOUgtl, Ma are
va orutr aanuumg me of cut , f r. j.
sei-ti ojicn aisa.ppuuii.tfu su nut
dillydally in matters of
health Yith it you can
accomplish mirzclcs. With
out it you are 44 no good'
Keep the liver, kidneys, hornets and
Uood healthy by ihe use of Hood' s Sarsa
pariUa, the faultless blood purifier.
Sores "Three dreadful sores broke
oat on my limb, tvhtch swelled so I had to
nxatk with crutches. (After taking Hood's
SarsapariEa the sores "were completely
cured." Mrs. Kezia Westbrook, iCheboy-
f?fT Ft
Captain John Hart of Cuban n'ibus-1 pany.
tive orutr aartuuitie
Christmas pieser.ts ad souvenirs
by soiuitrs lit Cu.i;a to xii;iws u t.ic
United States.
Count Von Zeppelin is trying to sU
his airship to me Ger.na.i vvar de
partment, but the latter holds that it
is not yt avai.ab.e tor practical m.li
tary purposes.
viae picsiaent and other otlicjra of
the municipal council will welcome Mr.
Krueger upon bis arrival in jr-anj, ana
invite him to an official recept.on at
the Hotel de Vllle.
.t nner o Ames P. Catlin. one of ths
moRt Dromlnent lawyers of Northern
Ca iforiila, tiled on the 6th instant, ajed
svntv-seven years, iie ws one 01
i he nioneers of '4 J.
The Coloene Vclks Zeltung on No
vember 11, aeplored President McXi-i-
ley's re-eiection as being liitely to re-
cngender in wasnir.gton a poncv ua
iri.;i.diy to Germany.
President Jan.es A. Hart of the Chi
caco National Baseball Club has re
turned Kast full of enthusiasm over
the advantages ot CaiUi.ii.iu. as
sorine training ground.
Senor Casthio, who has held cabinet
no&itions in Caracas. Venezuela, aud
who was tne opponent of Oeneral An
drade in 18'J. wnen the latter was
elected president, is dead.
Several earthquakes thook car.to on
November 6. The mud vo.canoej he
came active, beiching forth mud and
warm vapor. Their gurgling roa,
could be heard miles away.
Mark Twain was dined by the i-otUj
Club of New York. Two hundred emi
nent men were present. Mark forgot
his engagement and had to ba Sum
moned to the dinner by telephone.
The Russian government has. after
many years' discussion, decidfd to
abandon the Julian calendar and adopt,
the Gregorian, now in use tne wriu
over, except in Russia and Greec.
William' Devery. chief of police in
New York, was arrested at the n.stlga
tion of superintendent of election te
cause he instructed the police to make
no arrests until the votes were cast. .
The American liner St. Paul lost a
propeller and wrecked one of her en
gines en route trom Southampton tor
New York. The ship's otlicers Ujlljvt
a suomergea uereuct was struct
Mrs. Zeralda James, widow of Jesse
James, the noted bai.dit, aied at Kan
sas City on November 13. Mrs. James
was with her husband when hi 'was
shot and klhed by Bob Ford, a tornier
Twenty-five Immigrant lac2-maker.
from a place near Nottingham, Eng.,
under contract with "Divine Huaier
Dowie to esiab.ish a lace plant in I.h
nois. will be turned back from Nw
The suit of the State cf Texas
against the Waters-Pierce Oil Coma
ny for penalties, amounting to $10.OjO
for alleged violation of the anti-trust
law of 1899, ended in favor of the co:n
Seasonable Goods
We atv showing thi- week a window
Hood Win mr llvwr llli: tbf non-lrrltatlnir n
QHJ otharuc to tajt with Hood' SarniUHUHla.
foil of
at lOo a yaTd, SI a dozen
A II Wonderful Values.
v nvoncn new line (a (nr l
Sponges !
A new lot of the
Bath, Toilet
Hair Goods, Hair Mi
Shampooing, Scalp
Treatment and
Under the Management of
Late of Strozynskl, the well-known La dies' Hair Dreser of San FrJ
terlng fame is dead of apoplexy at
H. II. Rogers may succeed Marcus
Daly as head of the ama'.gamated cop
per interests.
At the points of revolvers two b.-.ys,
Henry Ehlers and John Oswald, vooi.ea
two stations on the Black Canyon, Cai.,
road. and. escaped with nearly 11,000.
One boy is twenty and the Oiher Kiuch
Earl Cadcgan, lord lieutenant of Ire- younger.
land, will defer his resignation for i The retail price of meat, butter and
some months. teggs in Chicago has baen aavanced.
Peter J. Cunane, a San Francisco Choice cuts of beef cost one and two
postal clerk, is under arrest for rob- cents more, butter goes at o-nta a
bir.g the mall. ! pound, and eggs are selling at .'3 and
tvoutnern Facinc stock has b?en 27 cents.
Is under the Management of an E xperienced Dressmaker who
always be pleased to show you the very latest Parisian Styles.
Miss M. E.
active In London since Hays succeeded
C. P. Huntington.
The monitor Arkansas, costing M,S00,
000, was launched at Newport Nws,
Virginia, November 10.
8h it Convalescing and Will Soon
Oo to Germany.
CHICAGO, Nov. 11 A special to the
Tribune from Detroit says:
Baroness von Ketteler, whose husband
was murdered by the Chinese In Peking,
l Improving slowly at the residence of
her father, Henry a. Ledyard, president
of the Mich gan Central Kai.road Com
pany. When she arrived, about five weeKs
go, her condition was such that her rela
tives tor a time were greatly alarmed. She
is now convalescent. Friends of h fm.
Il say that aa soon aa she Is able, she
will crosa the seas en route for the lot
nume or uaron von
Bryan cf Denver, was killed.
French socialists did not interfere or
make any dfmonstration durii' the
unveiling of the Carnot statue.
Indictment cf Chi.f of Police Devery
of New York, charging violation of the
election law, will ba dismissed.
The Kentucky State board of assess
ment has raised the tax valuation of
whisky from $7 a barrel to $10.
Russians fear they will reap :V. ha
tred of foreigners in China, wh-.jli the
Germans and British are sowing.
The battleship Kentucky has arrived
at Algiers, en route to China. he be
haved well in the heavy weather.
French Journals print insulting cari
catures of Queen Victoria, which are
condemned by the French people.
United States Senator Davis Is some,
what worse, owing to a comp icatioa
arising from acute kidney troubles.
Fruit growers of California are han
dicapped by poor facilities for ship
ping, and shipments are very lht
A bandit killed Sheriff Youn.' of
Butte, Mont., and wounded his deputy.
They were cttemptmg to arrest him.
Four persons are dead and vtr a
score mangled or burned by a ;;re in
the Gifford House at Poplar BluiT, Mo
Australian athletes may adopt Am
erican rules and eventually bring about
an Anglo-Saxon alliance of sportsmen
An extra session of Congress ls pos-
r,ce,Vd wtatallS,1'' blU dUHre -gul'.r sT8:
irquented her to ccmo. ,siun.
NKW YOKK. Nov. 13.Accordir.ir to a ' r, ,or ""nson nf Chicago, a hot
flinpatih from Berlin to the Journal and
uveruaer tne Ka ser has Just given fur
The - last Alaskan Indian potlatch
created great excitement. It was an
extended round of amusement, danc
ing, parading and making gilts. There
I were 400 Indians present in Diitun.saue
i-eier j. t unare cr ban irrancisco 13 costumes.
fnder arreHt for orx-i.ing a decoy let- j The Carpenters Union of San Fran
ter and abstracting money. ;crco has donated i-"o toward tr-e con-
1'orto Kico is no longer a military structlon of tho mion mill, and
department, and nearly all trooyd have; 1100 toward ths funJ if tho striking
oeen witnarawn rrom there. millmen. A bus.nr.-. uent hat. bee- i
oenerai v aae nas turned over the ; appointed.
command of the Department t-f the I England exported last year 41.0O0.COO
LAKes to uenerai K. s. Otis. tons of coal, exceeding tha whole out-
A broken car axle caused a railroad ! put of any country in the wor! j. ex-
wrecK at neswicK, cat., in which Chas. icept the United States and Germany.
I'.moorpt. "P1 thirty-Heven houri on
jt a stretch after hearin- ih r.r-u
ther evidence cf his retard for itarr l' -
KetteUr, who wa. asitasslnated in China. J'' urnember3 th-i New
-vAUianjj,., nave assijnea to
ny inviting the Ambasaador's American
widow ta Germany In order that he may
express to her hia keen sense not only of
ner nusoand s services, but also of th
Xhf lishi it ica
small. -
Jacob HafTner. a former convict and
courage ana aal.antrv vhirh h : janoira. lava claim t a
displayed throughout the terrible siege of ihf re..?.f the B1yi millions under an
Russia bought l.SOO.OOO tens, and
France 1,000,000.
The British Inspector of Mine.', Fos
ter, urges economy in the use of ccal
and says, "a saving of even pe.-
cent in consumption means an annual
saving of nearly cne and two-thirds
millions of tons."
Freak b?ts were raid In San Francis
co by unlucky Democrats. Thousands
of spectators enjoyed the sights and
fun. One man had a placard on his
back which read, "A good Democrat
always pays his debts."
uermany is in neot of China war
funds, and another lare imperial loan I
may have to be made. The exyenseo
or tne empire in vtr.uus department?
are much larger than w as anticipated
wnen tne Dudget passfd.
ihe Pope has Issued an encyclical
urging the world to acceDt the teach-
lngs of Christ for the improvement and
salvation of society, avoidance of con
flicts, and to put the principles of
cnristlanlty Into practice.
Oakland Foard of Health has ask
ed the Board of Education to con
tinue the indiscriminate method of dis
tributing pencils to the younger pupils
ui me puDiic scnoois, claiming it to b
u iruuiui source or disease.
ine Paris Exposition authorities
nave closed theTraimvaal pavil.on, be
cause Mr. Plerson, the Transvaal com
missioner general, refused to removr-
.nscriptions insulting to Ensra'.nd with
vnicn tne wails were covered.
ALL SILK GRENADINE; fine patterns; 52.50 and up per jui.
SILK AND WOOL CREPON, 85c and up per yard.
NOTTINGHAM LACE CURTAINS for 50c and up per pair.
I A full line of LADIES' SHOULDER CAPES, $5.00 and up.
Opposite the Fire Station.
Fort and Beretina
ALBERT BLOOM. Proprietor.
Ill OF III !
the Legations.
It is said that the Kaiaer
the widowed baroness with the Order of '
o!d wilL
cESSfSSSSig JtZjln the Winning.
is, by' no means, the dreadful
disease it is thought to be
When purchasing Cisars see that you
receive the original
Sold by all retailers for 5c.
J. J. Pfonsky,
Territory of Hawaii.
The Honolulu Tobacco cwucEBHomtf
Companv, Ltd
t Dealers in
I Cigars, TobaccosSmokers' Sundr
I Island Trade a Specialty
Sole Agents for the Celebrated LiUiarRusselCiJ1
Money Back if You Say
vI Urf Uf, .a ---w-B va ca. till t v 'l Bdl 1
LoulKe. of which the Empress Is grand'": execution of the Chicago an
mistress, will offer her . ,.., .archists. J
create her a countess In her own riht. L T,ht launchn of the battleship Ohio'
It Is probable that the Baroness will al- ?J 1 H.e Postponed until April to irmlt(
m wmmi mi- iiue or iaav m waiting to , I'"1"1 aiiena the Iyw An
the Em Dress. 8h ! priin t ?. geles fiesta.
whelmed by court, government, society .Patrick J. Fitzgerald, onee champion
and the people with tokens of kindly sym- ,,Vlay,wa:ker of ln world, and ho der
"lu7 nu rrgara. 1 w wur go-as-you please ier-
ora, is aead.
The Queen of Portugal, an expert
swimmer, rescued her boatman from
-W2ln Cascale8- fashionab
seaside resort.
A movement has been started for the
The trouble is: you don't
By the Alden Besse
Bryan Befuses an Editorship.
DENVER. Nov. M.-Willlam J. Bryan
has declined ah offer of an editorial posi
tlon on a Denver afternoon paper at a sal
ary of $10,000 a year. In his reply, which
was telegraphed from Lincoln. Neb., to
day, he says: "I shall re ran in here and in
ine future, as In the past, defend with
tor gue and pen the principles whlcn I be- organization of a national political oar-
t 1 a mn in sympatuy with
the Democrats.
Alleged smugglers arrested In New
Tork had 176.000 worth of gems, among
them Jewels once worn by the EmureBa
Carlotta of Mexico.
Lord Rosslyn has brought hlu dis
pute with Winston Churchill before the
Prince of Wales, colonel in chief cf the
regiments concerned.
A special from Bombay says the Ra
jah of Jhind has eloped with the
daughter of a wealthy Englishman,
Miss Olive Monalesen.
The Colombian rebels have been de
feated. Th government forces eve In
hot pursuit of the rebels, who are burn-
lleve to be right and the policies I beheve
to be wise."
A Bewail Ship Ashore.
LONDON, Nov. 11. According to the
Hongkong correspondent of the Daily
Mall, the American ship Benjamin Sew
all. Captain A. W. Sewall. which at rived
a Hongkong prior to September 23th,
. from Freeman tie, where rhe left A-itrust
Ith, was driven ashore during the typhoon
Frday night.
The ship Benjamin Bewail was built In
171, and is owned by her commander, A.
W. 8ewall of Beaton. She is 202 feet long
' by 2S feet beam, and her gross tonn-tge la
i r .
know you've got it; you don't lipf PrC-lTIC
w . fc , J, WLi tVUUl ucucvu
ri:i.f:rced to Office Desks
Don't be afraid ; but attend
to it quick you can do it you
self, and at home.
xukc cotts emulsion of Df ALL STYLES.
v Wh una live careiuiiy Call and WQ the lategt style8
every way.
This is sound doctrine, what
ever you may think or be told;
and, if heeded, will save life.
We'll tend yon a little to try, if yon like.
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl Hrect, New York
Just Opened.
m ii w j
Some men wear Just what they please: others B propfj
affect. There is a certain style which most n;en rep p !y ignort1
must be Independently rich, or hopelessly poor tou new ,
of fashion. One great point about our clotl.lrK whicn e
every man who would be well dressed, is tha: it is yy.
entlrel In accord with the right fashion vUhout Del"s. fact. w
It has all the merchant tailor's distinctive. apP
f ton-notch of excellence, the low-water mark gfj fj
wv it la in our splendid furnlsr.lrg departni-n-. ade 1
" - " m 1
Price 50cts Per Pair
P. O. Box 558
" "- : and il Hotel Street, and Corner

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