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L Notices for this church column
uat b In this office by 8 p. m. on
Fridays. Otherwise the announce
ments will be run as the week be
fore There la n charge for these
rl- on Sunday In the Mililani Ua l (rear
Mie Opera House) as follr.ws: lit a. rn..
i iiay ichool: !1 a. m., ?.rc-acVr.g. Ha
waiian service: 6 p. in.. Hook of Mormon
rl.i!s; 7:30 p. m., preaching. English scr
. i.e. The subject will be, "Faith."
antral Vnlon Cnurch, Rev. William &L
cJd. pastor. Sunday school and Bl
elaaa. 9:01); public worship and sermon,
T. P. S. C. E. prayer meeting, :30;
ellng, Wednesday, 7:30.
Christian Church, Rjv. John C. Hay,
ixii-tor. Sunday school, 9:45; morning ser
!, U: young people's meetln, 6:30.
Rev. A. E. Cory will preach at the Chris
tian Church Lord's Day morning and
Chinee Church (Cougresational). liev.
..ward W. Thwlng, acting pastor. Sun-
jay aciiool, 8:30; preaching service, 11:
in. Holy '"'"rl'y school in English. 2:50; evening
" rvlrp, 7:30; Wednesday, prayer meeting.
A. Andrew s Cathedral 7 a
aamnlon; 10 a. m., Sunday school; 11
I m.. Morning; Prayer, IJtany and Ser-
tm; (on the last Sunday in th month,
aerial Celebration of the Holy Commun- -lupanese t.hurch (Congregational). Ser-
Vi): I JO p. m.. Pule Ahlahl; 7:) p. m., t eld Lyceum at 11 and 7:30
aula Prayr and Sermon. Dean, Th o'clock. ,
i. Rev. the Bishop of Honolulu, Parish
rtaaa, the Rev. V. II. Kltcat. i J .panes M. E. Church, II. Kihara, pas
( tor. K. Tokimasa, associate pastor. Sun
1L Aadrew's Cathedral, Second Corre- day school, 10; morning service, 11; eren
ttion, Rer. Alexanler Mackiatonh, rec- iK service, 7:45; class meeting, 8:30; pray
er. Sunday school, ; morning service, fr meeting, Wednesday. S. Servlcea at
3; evening service. :). . v ulHahalulu Church
secret which he, k. . .
'self, to see
What Marriage Asks
the husband.
H i
which she
mis it is which plows
care on the triif
the laughter out of h
and love, familmritv In tho hnnrna if It
ldoes not breed contempt, engenders care-
tive lack of proper respect. Nine men
out of ten are proverbially gallant toward
the women of their acquaintance. They
arc- particularly attinitive when marriage
;is contemplated. They will put them
selves to endless trouble to gratify their
desires and plan for their enjoyment. It
is in uie commonplace me 01 tne nome, Numbed and
it is amid the daily care and worry, that J snow;
:the tone changes and thf temperature Striving,' in
igot s aown. vwtnout any deliberate ijiten- limb,
him bearing son,'0 hi
would fain help h rn r'ialon
wife's Ir-jw
r ev. s
never seen what Harriet ui,' !a'
calls "Found Frozen? - "l 111
iraveKrs h
1n take,
r pot-..
' liv
uewuutred bv
spite Of f;
ulinK puis
tioa to bo dlsrettectful or cruel, many a Which faltered an.i
grew ff.l.le
iiuaunuu laus into iiiuiuerence, anu men , sten "i ti
jinto coldness, and only realizes when it To toil up the icy steer. ,
lis too late how far he has unconsciously Patient and faithful t ,"J'"ur.
.drifted from the ardor of his first affec- Which in the sunnv m. - U th(S la4
tion. The trouble is not that the home is ,n s,, m.(i iigh,.
'destitute cf luxuries or that the wife 'Twas in the place she ,.,n nl? yn '
lacks dress or money, but that, slowly, ; she died! " U htr horn
i imperceptibly, married life has lost its ''And they who loved h. - ,
;briEhtness, its sympathy, its romance. The , love 1 h ,h( all 0r
.graces and courtesies which made the Their wintrv nQ.-. , .
jdays of courtship idyllic have given place by 10 Bive.
to neglect and indifference Therefore A
. . " "-'"i ana wm
jthe saying of Shakespeare that
. , r xL u n J -"-J kj..cntoi.cu.i mai. jitu am ner grave
HappineSS 0I the nOme UependS OnlApni when they woo. but December when Some common
Honesty, Says R:V. Mr.
riAnJ .1. .
they are wedded." There is no little truth : was true: "icn they thought
in tne current witticism about the signs But I who loved her firct
I of the umbrella. "The umbrella protect- best, I knew'" last anl
jing the woman, while the man gets the There is no exaggeration in ,k
g ipp!r.gs, courtsmp: the man enjoying It portrays' what iVrft " l,h's pirtur".
tr.e protection of the umbrella, but the in actual life. Manv a h" I 00 tru
The following is the sermon deliver- woman getting the dripping, marriage." his wife
ed by Hew Y. M. Kincaid
in deliver- "au gening me anpping, marriage. - ra3 wife to pine in unroii 7 av,s
last Sun- The wife should ever stand to the hus- 'and his children to grow m, I! KiUlu,i
. ' ' ---- t rum n.tnirinph -
the fact that she Is his wife is only an except in his own hZl Tf. !?. a""'
..Vall17. A I I TniO ia u
u ufiirt.
i uay :
I Text, 1 Cor. 7:3, "Let the husband ren- additional reason why she should receive less
ider unto the
"Husbands, love
! 1 it 13 1
. . ..." . "HtVl tl, lllf I'...- ... V .
wife her due." Eph., 5:23 lne reverence wnicn every gentleman pays their ripest develonment in J n "nl
" -".."vu. inn " union nu Butnt-3 A HE Ir tno lAlu lhl ! '
ea lovers stanaing ai me marriage-auar. scrupulously deferential as he would to age to the heart nAZ , an1 COur'
.Tr-king the woman's hand, the man said the first lady of the land. He honored green In aVu 1 S Ve ,resh al
to her: "I take thee to my wedded wife, her before she was his wife. He saw you remember how L """"nces."
to have and to hold, from this day for- in her his ideal of all that was noble and 7f at the rornnl fks 0ut
ward, for better for worse, for richer for and lovely and queenly. He showed her ThcughUessne.s tnf'? of past
'poorer, in sickness and in health, to love every mark of respect of which he was toward hi wife tt f tender"
;ad to cherish, till death us do part, ac- capable. Now that he has lifted her up i wound her He w 1 1 mean ttt
cording to God's holy ordinance; and to the throne of his heart, shall he honor I' J?"0.1 nara t cruel by
reward th j
one!" he exclaims. "Now that I cannot
p-.n ...j, ucui: vn, wny do We delav
an vn.ir.h till ,1 . u . e uelay
thereto I plight thee my troth." Taking her less? Surely not less, but more and thh tM. .7. A I 'wgwul and
. . V.nn f tha min tha wnmn col.l t 4.1 , - . . 1 ' JW
, -. .. nv.. . .T. .. . '. . . . . ! T' e."" i w - ue nua-
nuiu v.urimi i,uinSc, i rvawaia- him. witn sugnt verbal variations, tne Land and a manly man.
. .. .V . . - . . ii.tr ivw K.unuuni.fu rr, hllshanrl nwoa It t h!. r..t K an Ynh till ,T.u i. .
A't'rn wamenamena liiris" school husband and wife, and the solemn words i,;n;'" ul.r VrM . V i "m,lP9 u mpossiblt
Address by the pastor..Itev. H. H. Parker utlered: "Whom God had joined together I tvrfn nLtw th thHT6 Tn "! A f?r1rt that il has a
Anthem Kawaiahao Quartette 1(.t nrt nian DUt asunder" Thev have t uP 5 ? 6 petty desPot in his , end Blind and deaf that we are! Oh.
.,,Slr-"Kawaiahao Church" ."n" I.Xh ta Win their wedJedHfrTo. home There is no surer mark of a small 'think, if thou yet love anybody lC
' T - hi ia n I iifl n Tnis nn maw tiav o va r nnt tin HAntfe j .
. vu u J -" ra.VA mo j wV via va. Lil CVVPfp UUWll IIlA PlltfT
E. K.
I 1 IllU bl Ml il a 1 1 a.
ceinpr. no more twain, iiul one. At . . - .... , . , . , w,c 'ut
Anthem Kawaiahao Girls' School . Thev are in their own home. It mav be .l.J . wt?e nTi.aMmfe who Wt," oust clouds and idle dissonances of
ith Hch furnitiiro " . .. ""' w n iasi so mourn-
"Aloha from the Territory
' it. Oeneot'e Chapel, tenalnua of the Kawaiahao Church. Itev. If. H. Parker,
Ivretaala street ari. Punahou.-Sunday i.astor.-Sunday school, to! m.minn- r.
NTtceei Holy communion, 7 a. tn.; first vice, 11; evening stervice. 7:30; preaching in !
juu&Af the month, 11:05 a. m.; matin FnKllsli by Rev. W. IX Weotervelt; Chris- '
?rritory" a. tine creat houe with rich furniture "w beu? aimcuuy at tne very be- , me moment, ana all be at last so mou
r.ov H.nfnri w . ' "a w.. c.,."ur.e: inning of their married life over the fully clear when it is too latP- tT
' Hon. W. R. Castle rooms wlth cheap furniture bare floors f.SJt .u- 2 L J li"en- she in" !w a and is of vastly more lm-
... Kamehameha Hoys' School anTdestut ( of adornment It makes l "ll.? th? b-e,f C0ttOn' and ;prtnce to us an1 the world than many
n the Hawaiian Churches".. :v miTMttt SSt size of the ,hC that thejJ Sh?Vld be 0f "nen' Tt came 0fth controversies which shake the pul-
very uiiie uinerence nai me size oi me verv near hroalrlnor .m ih. v.nn. tv.- nit ant tho frr..m tit v .v.
. KeV. H. Timoteo v,niie tntiv l.e or what it furniture- the C , ..uic. ',""' "c i"e power,
house ma be, or what its turniture, tne young husband told all about it to a if only we will use It, to make the hom
"' v. happiness of the home does not depend fripnri .Anrf hr otti it.. v,.Q th rnti. nf v .....
I I... t 1 - 1 A
'4 srmon. ll:a. m.; evensomr, 7:65 p. t!ar Kndeavor. :.?: pra r mret:nz. Wed-: Choir and Congregation Z " n ' "L., 7 m" .1 Z V end' An.d h.0 d.id 'ou settle ,t?" hls P6 5ente.r. .of ?very radiant lnfl, anl
a.; Sunday school. 9:45 a. m,; dally pray- iiwday. 7:m Henedictlon i V I. ,. , ;! V . .u. Iriena asKea. "wen, we compromised at me nomenre the leaven that is to sweeten
r d-rt.n the week. 7 a. m.; seats free; Kn.'.lah,,. n,r..i, i.r... rn- ;P"or,.', wno hve in .-the hou3e make the last-" h answered, "and." rubbing his , the social lump. We can fill our hous
W ahaoel Is served ty the rec of He- .nond Jubilee Sundav with nnmnrit I Rfliof r.mn x Snr,i i . i ,r,u J . I Z. .1 .u. an.ds gleefully he said, "we compromised , with the warmth and sunshine of a strong
" - ' i r . . . a.v- i vv iiiLL !? Ill KJl V ill lilt- liuallaliu a li L tr rr 1 i r - V. 1V . r t
1 s.rv!ces morning and evening. The
What is involved in the husband s life on imen." God have mercy on the hus- and healthy affection, and make the years
, .7 Ti cana wno insists on compromising in ,mat are left to us and to our dear
lent oi tne pieage tney taKe that way! I heard the other day of a man .radiant and beautiful in the light of i
- " in mis cuy wno aimougn ne ana nis wire
I morning service, under the care of the IVniel Mission. Xuuanu street, lrwiD ' nature and ex
i iMBN vameue uatnearai, me tiisnop j 'm't. ivev. n. u. rurKtr, win ne in Jia- mocK. neiow King, .mim uaaenoerg ani at the marriag
' A eaM 1 1 . m ... lt . ...111. . 11 . . . .
rMW-unr niy com- aaan-ss-s i.y Mr. ramer ana .vtrn. .warns, missionaries in charge.- py for the occasion, and never more to have been married nearlv a mar e of " a
. 7; chUeren'e mass with Havid Kanuha. The evening services will Service as follows: Street meeting, 7:30, thought of Does the average man JTt n ? QUarfr of a
Xrdtoh sermen. hleh m... with n.tiv. ... chletlv In Knclish iin,l.r th rh9. f -nrl mtln- in th- hu .t s ,t, -7or.i f.. , r""n e e.ge a ?tury will not allow her to alter the
' - ... - - ... realize me respoiisiuiiiiy ue assumes nen hour of
sec ansa. W:J0; rosary, with native Instruc- v. . 1. estervelt. enept Monday. Sunday, wharf meeting v, tu ,-nnu- ....
Mm. i.mn i v. ivaim.Uaniii r-h.,r,.h .v... ... ! :. , . . m fn. , . i . ... ;. me sugniest cnange in tne household ar-
at"""! e wiviiiu l; I1U lT7IJJ I a. Llllli .....-.. uaVia UltltC til ww-
I; week-days, low mass, ( and 7.
"ftt. Awruntla's Chapel, Rer rather Tal-
ewtlaa, la chars. Sacrament of the mass.
Cnorch mt sU. Jehn the Baptist. Kallhl
eu, Rer. Father Clement. High mass,
I; senseo and oellectlon for the expenses
ft tb cirurch ; rehearsal. I; roaary, 4.
'Cburch of Saere4 Heart, Marquesviile.
punahou. Maju at 11 a. m.; rosary, I
Flrt Method wt Episcopal Church, cor.
oer Deretania avenue and Miller street.
Iter. O. I Pearson, pastor. Regular ser-yj-rt
as follows: Bundays.HO a. m., Sun
day school; 11 a. rn. and 7 JO p. m., public
worship and sermon; C:30 p. m., EpwortU
Laue; Wednesdays. 7:30 p. m.. prayer
both morning and evening services, and the hall; holiness meeting
there will be a Union Christian Endeavor evening' services
fleeting of the young people, of both room is open oach day from 10 a. m. to
hurehes and any others who can be P- m., where you will rind the
prts-tit. at C:30 p. m. pepers. religious reading matter and free
Mrs. Annis Montague Turner (Mary
'o.ke) is expected to sing both morning write,
urid evening. Hefore entering upon her
enrcer as an international singer, she
vnng ninny limes In th- native church.
.he following Is the program for
wrung servle.. of the Iiamond Jubilee.
7:30 i. m.:
Anthem Kawaiahao Church
S ripture John xvil:15-21
Rev. G. 1.. Pearson
Hymn Hoku ao N'anl
Choir and Congregation
Prayer Rev. (. P. Kmerson
Anthem Kaumakapili Choir
O rr All 4a - Inntnn 1
iiiiui icu iiuuu tea, J l tu lllilrvt
htest change In the household
,,, a J tf,r or iatn?r-iove ana motner-iove. tne rangements without the consent of
. - " sortest. warmest nest in tne woria r ana inrrihin cia hovo v,i
limial Th remit. IP . - . . ... . . . ......... ...v .....v-j ...a
- - v- - - - n nn, u n . i nrn i now nnmo wnfr npnrp- l i t i e i . . .
- - - - - - - ------ , - PUUI. LUAL 1. 11 lit 1 1 . HIV VI 1 1 I ar
glowing and changeless love.
Among the tens of thousands who
have used Cnamberlain's Cough Reme
dy for colds and la grippe during tht
past few years, to our knowledge, mi
'tine. A welcome always to all.
orut. aJJolnlng the church.
Par- Offertory
M!ss f'nroline Castle, accompanist.
'Jubilee offering for the n-w Kawaiahao
The Reorganized Church of Jesus J Organ.
Cfcrttt of Latter Pay Saints will hold ser-j Presentation of larg.- Hawaiian Flag
all tn
forlh hia lnvo Is tn he her onlv shelter? ka... -r-. . .
rlailv idc uititj u,iuii. ji.veiy uuxuana snouia
71" Loes it occur to him how much the life be as far in him lies, a laree-h pnrtpd man
UlllIS Iimilf-r B.lHa iree mov Ka .vnin1iH Y.i- Vila Ovm. . . . . . . . . .. . . . o clnrrln nt !n nr,a,InlA
writimr materlalo Ciimo raKt rami and' " u..... j ?ain, me true nusoana owes It to nis --"- '"u
. j w... ..-..v - . j ... ue ic mate nimseii more ana more """i . nn.
difference? The world has heard a great worthy of her love. Love has been the ! avenue, Chicago, one of the most prom-
. 'leal at one time and another or morauz- inspiration that has lifted many a man lnent retail druggists in that city, 1
The lellowing regular services are held jnK about a wife's duty to be always win- from a lowlv position to loftv heleht of speaking of this, says: "Werecommend
11 .ne Bevenm-uay Advenusi unapei: ninir and attract ve. retaining the charm unrth on r.rn-or TiTn.. a v,,.
the Saturday. Sabbath school, at 10 a. m.. ',f girlhood amid all care, and toil, and ble origin has wnrshinne at thQ foot nr
pleaching at 11 a. m.; Wednesday, prayer sorrow, (if course; but is a lfusband un- a maiden far above him in social stand
and missionary meeting at 7:30 p. rn. All 0. r less obligation to be always kind and ing. and inspired by his affection has
are welcome. P.. I.. Howe, pastor. considerate, gentle and lover-like? This made himself worthy of her and then won
' is u good rule, which should work both her as his bride. Yes, every true-hearted
Portuguese Evangelical Church, corner ways. It has been said by someone that husband will seek to be worthy of the
of Miller and Punchbowl streets. Rev. A. "very many married folk find each ether wife he has already won. For her sake he
V. Soares. pastor. Preaching, in Tortu- out as mariners find out the solar world: will reach out after the noblest achieve
guese at It a. m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday they leave the shores of their single life ments and strive to attain the loftiest
school at 2:30 p. m., conducted in Eng- n tlfre. spring days, sail' on awhile in heights of character. To her.he is the
lish; W. A. Bowen, superintendent. Tray- sunshine and fair weather, and then make ideal of all that is manlv and he should
Annis Montague Turner er meeting, Wednesday, 7:30. their way little, by little into the cold seek to become every day more worthy
Almo.it ctery !y we i;.e iske.l.
What Is Tenia! work? Wlmisit? What
I they teach? Hv is it run'
backs it?
Penlel U entirely a missionary work
started In Ixis Angeles by Mr. and Mrs.
FVrirURon, November 11, 1K6. The
vork was then known as the 1,0s An
.Kdes Mission. The Salvation Army
liaJ not yet found that town and them and lots of :
nad been no nightly meetings In th we live. Vet
where they see i..e sun sink of the homage she pavs him. Everv pos-
Kishop Memorial Chapel. Kamehameha day J.y day, and feel the frost creep in. sibility of his soul, should be developed.
Schools, Rev. Silas P. Perry, pastor. Sab- until they give up at last, and turn to every latent power brought out, every
bath morning, 11 o'clock. ice, sitting at the same table." This is fault eradicated, every hidden beauty of
. . . . but too true a picture of the way in which the soul allowed to burst into bloom. She
tht, best r,.iation in life comes to be the looks to him as her Ideal of manhood,
and then you can net an idea of Peniel worst- ana in which the summer wedded and he should see to it that the ideal is
. . . , . ... ., , . .. . ? hHppiness dies into a cold and cheerless never marred that he never falls bv anv
vvork. e are not fighting the church. wintf.r. unworthy act of his own from the high
lor both workers are, and have been. what is it that the. husband owes to the pedestal in her heart to which she has
liurch members and church workers wife? Next Sunday evening we may find raised him. Few sins are worse than
:ire sustained very much as they are for years. However, our work now fills .'t worth while to consider what the wife those by which a man brings shame and
started. We keep looking to Cod to most all our time. We will be elad to nwes to the husband; but. tonight, let us disgrace upon himself, for, beside the sor-
suin.lv our needs. Collections are tak- sunnlv anv with th TJ.ni.i frankly face the husbands part in tne row he brings upon his wife, he crushes
- I M .1 -. - - ' A V . V ft . 1 . L I. I U V ' U I
- . . . .. . . .
meetings "our mission boys' have am
ple opportunity to work for Clod and
souls. Many are self-denying In order
to help the work along. The missions
en 111 ine nignuy meeimgs; mere are inonthlv l.anerv whi-h w-o Q.,
Who r- subscriptions and not many prom- eount of what is being done and the
Ises from friends. Somebody said this workers in the field. We also have in
kind of living was "like eating out of pamphlet form a full account of Peniel
the lord's hand as having nothing, work by Mrs. Ferguson,
yet possessing all things." Some of our j We sincerely hope this little sketch
missionary girls have been warned, will help you to understand what our
"Don't go into Peniel work; you'll work is.
st.'il beeur t!vy are unsalaried." 1 Mrs. Adams n.l two t.i.i...,k
...d people can't see how missionaries in charge; residence cor-
we never go hungry. He
place. This was the time of the great never fails us. never. We can laugh
real estate txiom. The streets were in our hearts when someone says,
thronged. "Jesus would save but there "Hut you have no backing," for don't
was no one to tell them." Rents were"yf" know the Iiord I backing? "The
high but in definite answer t prayer Plry f the Lord shall be thy reward,"
a hall was secured, money sent in for
ner of Likelike and Hotel streets.
rents, and thus the first mission was
opneiL As halls could not be leased
It was necessary to move many times.
In 1S!4 Peniel Hall. Is Angeles, was
boilt and opened by a prayer meeting
October :th of that year. The hall (a
I."a.. ;S:9. P.ut He is also frontintr.
"The Ird your God who goeth before
A Zionist society was
ganired in Ottumwa, la..
recently or
which ev?rv
. I.. .. ..
you. He shall fight for you," Deut. 1:30. ,'vv "'"S in mat city with the ex
ile is siding, too. "Recause He is at my :;l,t,on of on joined. This is the first
right hand. I shall not be moved." Ps. ! Zlonif,t organization in the State of
16:K. Yes. He is topping as well, "His Iowa-
banner over us is love." Sol. Song 2:4: Tvv. ,,, ,
fin. auditorium, well lighted and ven- nd He is underneath, for "ITnderneath ; the Passhm PlaV Obe"
are me everlasting arms." Ieul. Aim. tni; . . t. J ;""
- - . . iiiui ii'-cll
face the husband's part in
making of a happy home. What does he In her heart the fair and noble Image of
owe to his wife? manhood which she had enthroned there.
; There is one word in the passages of It ls the mockeries of marriage that we
Scripture which I have chosen for my see all around us that give point to the
text that covers every thing the word scorn Qf the cynic who asks. "Is not mar-
love. "Husbands love your wives." The riag.e a fauure?" And well he may ask It.
counsel is very short, but It grows ex- for domestic life on such terms as we see
ceeding'.y long and "broad when It is fully it tn many a home, is a failure. How
accepted and observed. The art of the often we see husband and wife, begin
, photographer Is now so perfect that he ning their career under the happiest con
Van take one whole side of a great city ditions, drifting apart, until to all intents
newspaper on a plate small enough to be an(j purposes they become strangers
worn in a little pin; and yet as you look though living unaer the same roof. There
at it under the microscope you find that are many tendencies beside those which
every word is there, every punctuation t have already mentioned which lead to
point and mark. So in this word "love" this result. At home, if anywhere, a man
we have a whole volume of thoughts and should be at his best, but there he is often
'jggestions as to life and duty crowded. at his worst. In the presence of his wife
What are some of the things that are em- an(j children, he Is morally pledged to be
braced in a husband's love? .the most entertaining "and agreeable; but
j One is fidelity. The husband must be a too often he is the very opposite of all
true man. Well may tne woman say as this,- brusque and unapproachable. He
ought to feel that there is no place like
home. His chief delight should be found
dilated and capable of seating 1,000 peo
ple) was built almost entirely by one
donor. The large donation was given
In 1H5K) to build a iermanent place for
the Los Angeles Mission but a lot could
twit he secured until liter. Many ask
where we got the- name? Wher- Jacob
wrestled lth the angel, (!hi. 32:30. he
railed the place Peniel. which means
"th fac of Ood." At the opening of
ur Penbl. Mr. O. P.. Studd united with
the work and has labored In that mis
sion ever since. I'ntil November.
such a thing as a branch mission
was unthought.' of. Mrs. Ferguson
v: "Tn the summer of 'M it seemed
me the Lord had laid the world up
on my heart. In sleep even I couM see
millions of heads, with faces of every
rolor. jo'ng down in s strong sea. and
sleplr-T snd wnklng I could hear the
wall r' he eHl!niT keeping time with
"For I. saith the Lord, will be unto her
a wall of fire round about and the
glory in the rrridst of her." In short.
ly S1.000.000 was taken by them to the
villas?- and spent there. The surplus
lit income over exnenrlitnrna ,-m
" . " e."
she goes to the marriage-altar:
"P.efore I trust my fate to thee.
Or place my hand in thine;
Uefore I let thy future give
Color and form to mine;
Peforw I peril all to thee.
' Ouestlon thy soul tonight for me.
Does there within thy dimmest dreams
A possible future shine
Wherein thy life could
of income over uvtun.i:i ...m !
nri.-t is an to tne soul that trusts j ....., , " .&, Untouched, unshared by mine?
Him. Let us live for Ood. Those who ! . ? ' enensive nt nv nain or cost. wardly; and
i,.s.. :!! in thi v. ...l.i ... .l-!Mm OI ater supply and drainage. ,Vn m& wnr ail u lost." isuggested
..,... .7..' , J J""" I s,,mp weeks ago the final step was I , k., u u .the wife but
........ 1.111 ir n i.ir iiiai.i icueei t.. 1,, , t. v. . . I i0 man is 111 iu nu.-'ii' ii, v. aa
.. 1 taken at Kdinburg in the union of Fpoo 1 ... it, a i. iv. tnen he was
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for li
grippe in many cases, as it not on!r
gives propmt and complete recovery,
but also counteracts any tendency of
la grippe to result in pneumonia." For
sale by Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd..
wholesale agents.
Our faith ami teaching is very sim
ple and Includes the inspiration of the
I'.ible; the Trinity of the Godhead; the
Atonement of Jesus; repentance, or
turning from sin. and restitution as far
as possible; Justification by faith in
Christ, which implies pardon and the
witness of the Spirit to our acceptance
with Clod; sanctification or deliverance
from indwelling sin by faith in the all
cleansing blood, and the baptism 0f the
Holy Ghost; our Savior's econd com
ing and the great commission to go Into
..it k 1 ... '
mi.- in iij uiio preacn
l nurch Of bcOtland and the T"nio.l l..;ll!anl nnr r1ov-rr hot he
Presbyterian Church. The consolidated 'must be faithful, or he is not worthy to
c hurc hes will be known as the Uni'ed t.ike a trusting woman's life into his keep
Free Church, with a membership of inp' the tragedies that are being en
over h-ilf a rnii '""trsnip 01 , . so rnan homes! T d0 not anude
t ril,,ion' ,nakmK t the t( aots of physical violence. I speak of
strongest religious organization in the mows that fall on naked hearts, of vlo
cc.untry. lence done to the deepest sanctities of life.
I speak of vows that God has sealed.
In regard to the much-debated clause broken and trampled under foot. I speak
of the Westminster Confession relating of ,bo shameful profligacy of husbands
to "elect infants." the Rev Dr A F ;"nd fatbfrs ,n n many of, ?.ur Amerlcan
X,..,,.. , .. . . ' ' x- homes. T speak of men with pure, noble
Talor in nn article in The Presby- w!OT,g ani1 innocent daughters, who make
icrian itictotier 1.), arguing against re- liirht of the sanotitv of that womanhood
vision of that document, says: "A to In which those wives and daughters are
there; but how often he seeks his pleas
ures elsewhere, preferring the small gos
sip of the club or lodge-room to inter
course with wife and children, leaving
them to themselves until they are home
sick in the midst of their own home.
Have you never been In homes where the
henceforth children evidently did not know how to
kiss their fathers. they went about It,
(When they had to do It, so dryly and awk-
rhere the very atmosphere
that the husband never told
once that he loved her, and
exaggerating? It was a wo
man woo wrote these words: Men, you
to whom a woman's heart is entrusted,
can you not heed this simple prayer:
Love me and tell me so sometimes'?" j
Nathaniel Bowdltch, author of the famous I
"Navigator," added to his fame bv for
mulating this law for the married life:
"Whenever she came into my presence,"
he says, speaking of his wife, "I tried to
express to her outwardly something of
the pleasure it always gave me." A navi
gator, that, worth trusting! A wife has
every right to know what is in the mind
and heart of her husband. It is not for
him to walk in and out of his home like
a Sphinx, silent about matters In which
she is as deeply concerned as he. On
. -AT-
in jars and tins;
in Jars tnd tins;
in four-sized tins:
Telephone Mainj
EFFECTS your health if " i3 n5t
the Purest and Best.
Don't select at random, hut come
us for your BREAD.
We make only the Best and we Gu
antee Purity.
th- pulsations of my heart, like the ,.vt.rv mil, " ' " ciause ,n the Confession relating to gir-ntieu. Men nreacnmg a. morai :has written thus: "I have known a wife
moan of the surf beating ceasel-sslv Creaturc' .X infants it hardly seems worth ',h" on" .T?1!1,,.! her wltndtfrine ho. though she nursed his children, and
upon the hore." In November. 1S-M. . A,w' ,h!ltC'" '".ng God and we while to put forth the labored explan- j X.neaklnrSl- ',0, IT ?f ho""oM' a"d Sat d0?"
... . . . , can go to II m n everv need of w,. ations to wrestle, it v,,,,, I( , , ('''a"10- -Vlcn nioing ineir sneaivui; tt uini wjtn him to three-daily meals, was glad
after much burden and prayer, money 1 " f.,blj' " , ,T I 1laln Rations with social decencies, and living , her husband.g plan's and r.
was sent In. workers raised up and the ' vul or ' ir ai,fe3 an1 will hear meaning. It was in all probability 'as if they were masked from God. Men through a third person, to whom
first branch mission wn r.rw.ne.1 in dn Hn" ai'Wer believing prayer. meant to express what to the general who. if they realized their own meanness . n critre --. frf.iv aunt th
Pedro, Cal. A divine pressure kept
pushing our leaders out. and Is pushing
still, and without any human planning
the little vine has crept over the wall
till there are twenty missions In Cali
fornia, three In Alaska, one In Mem
1 neretore our mission Is to seek the
salvation of the lost and the sanctifica
tion of believers, to feed the flock of
God and to help laborers to go into
the vineyard of the Lord. Pray for us.
I This Is but a hurried sketch. Hun-
mind it does express
and contemptibleness, would "Jk f" things concern than he had ever spoken
Anil t Tia I m rvl ion
tion or inference of non-elect infants tr, race or vlrlue Bna"1 " , 7 ijf . to her. The inexpressible pain caused by
stands clearly on the surface of it - r innocenc(- I,ers of omesc Infidel- wlthneld confidences, the pressure of a
lte suriace of it. The inimiia r, amp snots In broadcloth o . j.j 1.
true evT.lina t t . r 3 . . . - -- i- - -- - - - - ,oumo, repieseu me, soon uiu lis woii,
crue explanation Is found in the his- or,,i r iinn Tiens of families, over i.. v
German Bakery
Phone White 3851.
Fort Street, near
iiai ians oi tne case,
toe nomisn cnurch as receiv
Augustine the Westminster
Following each of whose door-posts should be writ- 'Pray-halred. premat
ved from ,he words "a desecrated home," and und"erstood once for
iture age." Let it be
fnr nil that tnia woman-
This. Tenn.. ore in Bombay India and f Incidents of suffering and sal- 1 AUUf!tlne the Westminster divines w,10f;' foreheads shouiu ne stampea wim hood ls one of the Btr0T,pest as well as one
one each In Port Said and Manila vation. toil and triumphs, needs and rf'bhly held that infants inherited f wPtiho c.n of the tenderest and most helpful forces
Workers are now on their way to'porto -PP.ie,. could be gU. Humble 'TZrV " - ZteT
nicn and our own little mission here in blessed humility) and unknown below. or "noeiif-vers were consigned to marriage vows. This is the first duty he OWPS to hia wlfe.s wlse COunsel a large
llonolulti seems to tie hne of God's dis- but honored of GchT. the little Peniel it has frequently owes to his wife. measure of the. success. And there is
tlnrtlve movements for young women missionary clrls are toiling on. many . asse"ea or late that the Confes
t preach the go.pel and win souls. tnem ln their teens, oftentimes un- aoes not tea"h this doctrine and
Trier? are now between eighty and a appreciated, but God Is giving them , at no Prepbterian divines teach that
- hundred women given up all to labor hundreds and hundreds of souls. "He
funsalarled) for Jesus in - this work. hangeth the earth upon nothing."
wnne tne missions are in charge of Job 26:7: "The Lord giveth the word:"
it d.vs.
I Then, he owes her the reverence which
manv another man whns success would
is nlways due womanhood. No man have been greater, or to whom failure
ought to ask a woman to be his wife would not have come, if he had sought or
without assuring himself, to the best of accepted his wife's counsel. A true wife
l is ability, that she will make him a help- dr,eg not relish being treated like a child
moet he can always reverence, love and 'or an imbecile. She desires to be a part
trust. A single life is necessarily an im- jn(.r Gf her husband in fortune and In
women and Rlrls. mostly the latter. ."The women that publish the tidings 2 God and be cheerful. Make brighter rn Vhould abide alone, and 7h.V. wh J Zin
.he calls single blessedness, than that he port and comfort him. It is the withhold
'should make a false choice. But how .in. f nfi.ino that la hnrd to bear.
Trofane not with'loom wrlth flnt.kl infton it hannno that Avon tvhan o man m - 3 . A u .' H.utnl. ..V... I., nnt .-.nr-
1! . " --.v uvuuv .v 11 a. ...u... 110 ueieei a. wnow winiu pue "-'i ev
J-J ' 1 WWilliam Newell. has chosen one whom he can reverence miii n t v Viiiin hv a
they are wonderfully helped by the are a great host." Psalms f.S:ll (R. V) The ,,riKhtneS!3 that falls to your lot:
ncrojrts who-stand by. We would be so glad to have any and p ' r. L. " LlZ-l ,finS
' 11 ' -iff nr.
r-nmcs' AND WAITERS Al
HATS and CArS (In J"aw
SOCKS, etc., etc.
a in an?
Ovsters senr -
mwnDTTnRtAIl H-V- PL" .... Jf

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