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Pacific Vehicle
t zr
Special Sale
Many Ships
From Golden Gate
and Southern
SPEAK no ill of a ship to her mas
ter. Lest ye court his bittermost hate.
Tell him not she is doomed to disaster
O prophesy not of her fate.
For know ye not, man, that he loves
Of the plan of his life she's a part;
And every wind that moves her
Gives a throb of joy to his heart?
If you want to make friends with a
Speak well of the bark he commands;
Swear there's nothing afloat that can
whip her
And he'H greet you whenever he lands.
Do you know that a ship's almost hu
man? Old sailors will tell you so.
Why! a ship has the wrays of a woman
You must follow the sea to know.
Speak well of a ship to her master.
As you'd speak to a man of his wife
If she's doomed let him share her dis
aster, For she's part of the plan, of his life.
Many Ships Come In.
Yesterday saw the arrival in this port
of four d?ep-water vessels. Two of
them came from Newcastle, coal laden;
two came from San Francisco loaded
with everything which goes to make up
a general cargo.
Three were barks and one was a
- schooner. They were the American bark
Edward May, Captain Hanson, eighteen
days from the Golden Gate, with gen
eral merchandise consigned to Alexan
der & Baldwin; the American schooner
Aloha, Captain Fry, eighteen days from
San Francisco, with general merchan
dise consigned to H. Hackfeld & Co.;
the British bark Woollahra, Captain
Thompson, fifty-three days from New
castle, with 850 tons of coal consigned
to Alexander & Baldwin, and 537 tons
of coal in transit to Eureka, and the
American bark Palmyra, Captain Kel
lar, sixty-eight days from Newcastle,
with coal. 1
The Edward May and the Aloha sail-
Stjt - . v . -
'' "...
(Photo by Arthur L. Merry.)
ment was issued for caniiidater.
who wished to take the examination for
Kvarrant machinists in the navy to ap
pear before a board convened by their
respective senior officers yesterday.
May 1st.
The examination took place on the
same day throughout the United Staus
and its foreign possessions.
Captain Winslow, commander of the
Solace, being the senior officer present j
in Honolulu at the present time, con
vened a board of officers consisting of
line and engineer officers, and the ex
amination took place yesterday.
Chief Machinist Clift and 'Jack''
Bryce of the tug Iroquois appeared
before the board and, needless to say,
fulfilled their friends' expectations.
The Bark K. P. Bithet.
The bark R. P. Rithet. Captain Mo-'
Phail is discharged, and already has I
about 20,000 bags of sugar aboard. She
has now to wait for the rest of her j
cargo, and will probably not leave for
the coast until Sunday or Monday.
The Rithet arrived here on the 19th '
of April, and is receiving quick dispatch.
Important Naval Changes.
Several important naval changes
were announced at the navy depart
ment on the ISth instant. Commander
P. R. Ingersoll has been ordered to the
command of the Bennington, relieving
Commander C. H. Arnold. Commander
William Smith has assumed command
of the Concord as the relief of Com
mander Colby. Commander E. H.
The Eric will load poles at COwichan
for Santa Rosalia, the George Curtis
and the' Gerad C. Tobey, merchandise
for Honolulu; the Iroquois, merchan
dise for New York. The German bark
Edmund is chartered for wheat to
Europe, usual options, 32s 6d.
Freights and Charters.
E., 1 15s.
:., 425 tons
ed from San Francisco on the same Green has been detached from command
day, and had something of a race to
port. It was practically a tie, although
the Edward May arrived inside of the
harbor the first.
There are enough ships in this har
bor at the present time to keep things
hustling. The railway wharves are ac
commodating the majority of them, al
though things are lively all along the
The illustration appearing above gives
an excellent idea of the business that
goes on at the navy wharves at times.
of the Marietta and ordered to the com
mand of the Brutus. Commander J.
K. Cogswell has been detached from
the Cavite station and ordered to the
command of the Marietta. All the ves
sels named are on the Asiatic station.
Ship-Building Venture.
A contract has been closed by J. A.
Sloan of Cleveland Ohio, for a tract of
land with a frontage of 900 feet on the
Puyallup River, in front of Tacoma.
for the plant of the Tacoma Ship-build-
A day or so ago this photograph was iin Company. Title to property is con-
taken. Thf picture is perhaps the best ditioned on an investment of $300,000
i. : i. i - ....... l . . . . i - . . c i. 1
fiiiu cvci uertu t-rttvtru ui imr snip
ping at the navy wharves.
At the extreme left of the picture can
be seen the United States tug Iro
quois. She was then, and is still, lying
at the wharf known as navy wharf No.
The four-masted schooner is the Ma
nila, which was discharging coal at
navy wharf No. 2. The Manila sailed
the other day for the Sound
in plant and material, or the expend!
ture of $25,000 in wages in five years.
Big 8teamer Line tor Tacoma.
The Northern Pacific Steamship Com
pany has made some important an
nouncements regarding a new line of
steamships which the company will
operate three-quarters of the way
around the globe, or, in other words,
from Tacoma to Liverpool by way of
I it viii uvuiiii iv --' j
The big bark, whose stern looms up the Western ocean, Suez canal and
so prominently in the photograph, is
the Big Bonanza. She was also dis
charging coal on navy wharf No. 2,
for the army.
The great transport Logan shows up
well at navy wharf No. 1.
Between the transport and the bark
Big Bonanza can be seen the light
house and other buildings on the lit
tle island at the outlet of the harbor.
To the right of the transport are
shown the sheds on the Pacific Mail
Arrived From Hamburg.
At noon on Tuesday the German bark
Tellus arrived from Hamburg, after a
voyage of 155 days. She met with ad
verse winds during the greater part of
the trip, otherwise she would have made
better time.
Arrived From Newcastle. .
The schooner Robert Searles has ar
Mediterranean sea.
There has been in process of forma
tion for several months a line of ships
to run between Puget Sound ports
and the far East, and in fact one boat
was dispatched on the new route as
was stated at the time, but the nego
tiations for the eight ships which will
be put on the route were only just
closed, and the announcement that they
will be assigned to regular sailings is
confirmed by Northern Pacific officials.
The ships are what is known as the
"Glen ships" in marine and transporta-
ition circles. They are as follows: The
Glenlochy, 8,000 tons: Glenroy. 10.000:
Glenlogan (a new ship); Glenturret,
8,000; Glenartney, 4,200 tons; Glengyle.
4,000 tons, and Glenshiel of 4,000 tons.
Most of these steamers possess accom
modations for forty or fifty passengers.
The flxwt sailing will be by the steam
ship Glenesk, which has been secured
rived from Newcastle with a careo of l,n addition to those above named. Thf
coal. -Captain J. Piltz is her com- Glenesk will sail from Tacoma about the
mander. end of May, and will be followed in
Piltz has two brothers in Honolulu. iJune Dv tne Glenartney, which makes
One of them is the master of the Inter- I the eighth ship to be pjaced.on the
Island steamer Waialeale, while the route hy the Northern flavin c Steamship
other is the second mate on the steam- Company. Regular sailings from Ta-
er Mauna Loa. The father of thr?e i ,-oma -" ill !, ma-.!- at . intervals of
three is the commander of the new bar- , about six weeks. The orts at which
kentine John Tufts, whose brother wasthe Glen ships will call will be Yoko-
the master of the Wifltam Carson. They I hama. Kobe. Nagasaki, Shanghai.
are a sea-faring fanflly. Hongkong. Manila, Singapore, Colom-
. . T I bo and Aden passing thence through
Cruise of the Iroquois. the Suez canal en route for Englan
It is understood that the United iTne line wiU Bve manufacturers and
States tug Iroquois will not start on her producers of all classes in the West,
cruise among the islands of the Pacific Central West, the Middle and Eastern
until the return to Honolulu of Cap- States a splendid new route to land
tain Merry. Should Captain Merry not their articles of manufacture in the
return to this port before the first of .Orient quickly and cheaply.
July the Iroqouis will probably not I From overland points, that is to say
make the cruise at all, as from July to jrom cities In the interior and eastern
October the -weather to the norlhwest Portions of the United States, there will
of these islands is very severe. be delivered on the docks at Tacoma
. . , . machinery, beer, cotton, factory prod-
Garonne Arrives at 'Frisco. jucts, raw cotton, bicycles, iron articles,
The transport Garonne, from Manila, jetG-. destined to the ports named. There
Nagasaki and Honolulu arrived at San i'111 be shipped from the Pacftfic coast
Francisco just as the navy transport : Quantities of grain, lumber and other
Solace sailed out of that port for Hon- j Western products, -while from Minne
olulu. A great deal of anxiety had been . sota win come quantities of flour. It
felt on the coast concerning the Ga-,1S expected that millions of bushels of
ronne, and it was thought that some- .ain will go to England by this route,
thing serious had happened to her ma-I The bar & c- Allen and W. B.
ohinerv. Her arrival was not reported T1'? and the barkentine S. G. Wilder
in the" last papers received from the JlV load merchandis. at San Francisco
coast, Mr the reason 4hat the Garonne 3?g!2 he Carondelet lumber at
only got there as the Solace was les.v-.ort Ludlow Wes Coast, prior to
. . , arrival; the Stillwater, lumber on
ing port. . Puget Sound for Cape Town, Delagoa
For Warrant Machinist. Bay or East London 66s prior to ar
A special order of the navy depart- rival.
Antonietta, Chil sh, 995, tons (at
Blakeley) Lumber thence to Valparai
so (owner's account.) Prior to arri
val. C. F. Sargent. Am -h. 1.565 tons (at
Tacoma) Coal thence to Honolulu.
Chas. E. Moody, Am. sh, 1,915 tons (at
Tacoma) Coal thence to Honolulu. W.
Churchill, Am. sc., 600 tons (at Port
land) Lumber thenc to Fremantle, 3
5s; by C. A. Hooper & Co. Prior to arrival.
Criccieth Castle. Br. sh.. 1,877 tons
Wheat to U. K., H. A. or
Katie Flickinger, Am. bkt.,
Redwood from Eureka to Mollend
10s; by Eddie, Falk & Co. Prior to ar
Fantasi, Nor. bk., 1,270 tons (at Has
tings Mills) Lumber thence to Cork
U. K.
J. A. Campbell, Am. sc., 462 tons (at
Blakeley) Lumber thence to Honolulu,
by Renton, Holmes & Co.
Serena Thayer, Am. sc., 195 tons (at
Eureka) Redwood thence to Hilo, H.
I., by Chas. Nelson.
Broke the Sailing Record.
The Philadelphia Press says: In a
'race across the Atlantic from, Liverpool
to PhiladelDhia to load a cartro of water
! pipes for Sourabaya, Java, ."fhe four
masted American ship Kenilworth, Cap
tain Taylor, eclipsed all preflous sai!
J ing records when she passed in the
(Delaware Capes yesterday forenoon,
eighteen and one-half days from hd
time of her departure from the River
From a sailing standpoint this pass
age has never been equaled by a vessel
of the Kenilworth's class, the nearest
approach to it being the trip made be
tween Liverpool and New York, in I Gentl-me
March, 1898, by the American clipper ( catalogue
ship A. J. Ropes, which completed the
passage in nineteen days. The cyffer
'ence in time is somewhat over twelve
hours, and besides the Kenilworth cov
ered 120 more miles in actual distance,
i When the arrival of the ship at the
Delaware Breakwater appeared on the
maritime exchange blackboard yester
! day there was wild cheering, as it
showed that Americans with grit still
follow the sea.
The Kenilworth, which is owned in
Clara M. Muller, Miss E. Mison, W.
M. Giffard.
Shipping Notes
The Doric, from San Francisco this
morning, will bring rive days' later
news and mail.
The Coptic, due from the Orient on
Saturday, sails for the Coast with mail
on the same day.
On Saturday the Mariposa will arrive
from San Francisco, bringing two days'
later news and mail than will be
brought by the Doric today.
The Mariposa sails for San Francisco
on Wednesday, the 8th instant.
The Solace sails today or tomorrow
for Manila, via Guam.
As previously announced, tnere are
not likely to be any transports arriv
ing here from the Coast during the
present month. All mail will, there
fore, be brought by the regular mail
earners, of which there are seven for
is month.
W. A. Robinson and L. Kauai were
the only passengers from Kauai on the
steamer Mikahala yesterday.
President John Ena. of the Inter-
Island Steam Navigation Company,
goes to the Coast on the Mariposa next
week. Mr. Ena will be accompanied
bv his wife.
PvThe steamer Mauna Loa sails for
Maui ana Hawaii ports tomorrow
morning at 10 o'clock.
Steamers Mikahala and Kauai, arriv
ing from the Island of Kauai yesterday
morning, had full loads of sugar. The
Mikahala discharges into the Tillie E.
Starbuck, while theKauai unloads in
to the barkentine r-ianter.
Steamer Maui, from Hawaii, yester
day morning brought 13.872 bags of su
gar. Some of it is destined for the
barkentine Benicia.
Prices. . . .
To make room for new things in vehicles our buyer on the
shipped to us. We have made startling reductions or. many 0(
styles. Many jobs have been cut to manufacturers' cost.
- 1 Tl 4.
several ruaeiunb at 30 per cent KeductioaJ
A Few Runabouts at 25 per cent Reduction
Surreys and Buggies at 20 per cent Reduct
Farm Wagons at 40 per cent Reduction.
HARNESS, WHIPS, ROBES, ETC., at greatly reduced prices.
Steam Plow Ropes
fours of Marc
ship chandlery.
Bath by the estate of Arthur Sewall, j
is a vessel with an enviable record as a i
sailer, and there is no more sturdy sea- I
man anoat today tnan her sturay
skipper. Captain Taylor. Among some
of the great records held by the famous
'craft is one of sixty-five days from Val
paraiso to New York and another of
103 days from New York to San Fran
cisco. The Kenilworth, laden with
grain, left San Francisco November 7th
for Liverpool, arrived there March 11th.
sailed March 23d for Philadelphia, and
has therefore covered upward of 15,000
miles within about five months.
She is one of the finest vessels afloat
and originally flew the British flag, but
' strange to say, was never successful
while under it. In 1887 she was launch
ed at Port Glasgow Scotland. She is
300 feet long, 34 feet beam, 24 feet depth
of hold and 2,178 net tons register.
While loading in San Francisco she
caught fire and was so extensively dam
aged that the insurance company paid
a total loss on her. Arthur Sewall.
who was there at the time, purchased
her and repaired her, securing an
American register.
The Kenilworth is being towed to
Philadelphia by the tug Rescue, and
will reach port today. Her captain
has awaiting him. from his vessel's
eckelsvllle. Maul. March 27,f90L
Aj&iUs John A. Roebllng's Ions Co.
25th re
oods has
been recelvi
We have ufced a numbenf of the John
A Roeblintr'A.steam plosr cables, and
have found thVn far iperlor to the
English cables, nd at JKie same time a
greaf. deal cheapest; Intact, we sent for
some of these cabn&nd we put a new
Roebllng and a nefruller cable on the
same set of steamrptows. one on each
engine, of courseVandVthat was consid
erably over a sar agv The American
cable Is muchybetter thin the English
cable in evejp way, andVtoday Is not
'nearly as baBly worn. Weare perfectly
satisfied hgre that the AraeSicao cables
ere the bt.
I We shh certainly bear tn iMnd your
slock ft goods whenever we nfled any?
thinarin your line.
erv truly.
(SlgnedJ W. J, iX)WRIE,
j owners and his numerous friands in
(Bath, telegrams of congratulations by
the score.
The Kenilworth's charter party does
(not expire until April 30, so she has
j eighteen days to spare before begin
ning to load.
Going to the Coast.
On Saturday the Oceanic steamship
Mariposa is due to arrive from San
Francisco. On the 8th instant, Wed
nesday next, she will sai) for the
Coast. The following is" a list of those
who have already engaged passage on
tne local boat: Mrs. R. K. Haskill audi
cnna. Mrs. Borghnvink; D. T. Davies.
T. C. Lindsley, J. P. McCay, J. J.
Dunne. Mrs. W. L. Howard, H. M.
M.tt-Smith, wife and children; S. Par
ker. Mrs. A. Robinson. Mrs. M Shaugh
nessy. Mrs. J. W. Bailev, Mr. and Mrs.
John Ena. J. F. C. Abel, wife and
child; H. W. Lombard. A. H. Wagner
E. H. Boyan. H. Trail, J. E. Lindsav!
Sheldon Mantle, W. J. Hayes, J. M
Fleming. William Douglas, J. A. Mand
Mrs. Hammen, Mrs. McKay, R A Mc
Cord, T. P. McLaughlin, A. E. Bailey,
.Mrs. a . Smithies, crJld and servant;
Mrs. F. J. Kragfer, thre-5 children ami
nurse; E. A. Keithley and wife. C. B
Henderson and wife, J. E. Austin and
Wife. F. S W.nshhnrn V Hovilon,!
'Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Richards, Miss
Will cool Iron Roofs 15 degrees, pre
vent rust, preserve the Iron, and where
the water is used from the roof it is
improved, as there is ao taste of the
ron. "Arabic" can be put on the inside
and outside of Iron Water Tanks, mak
ing the water cool and pure. "Arabic"
cannot be used on Wood or Paint.
California Peed Go,,
for the United States and its Possessions.
L full line of HAWAIIAN VIEWS.
Bhriners are welcome to visit our ra)
try and sea t as
Pacific Vehicle & Su
Wilbur's White Rock Hoof Pat
A natural rock that will absorb four times its weight of
s soft, yellow paste. It la cold and moist to the sole and frog
places the natural moisture ana penetrates into tne iwi,
uijrh and healthy.
Wilbur's Seed Meal
Wot hories off their feed or In poor, thin condition that w
One pound lasts a horse sixteen days If fed according toi
Wilbur's Horse Remedies
Manufacturing Harnea
Importers and Manufacturers of
Fine High Grade Hard
Large assortment on hand and made to order.
n Tirvr tj r . TelepW
Metropolitan Meat
fresh Meats and Fish by Eevry
From the Coast That Has Cold Storage
Choice Beef, Veal, Muttc
Lamb and Pork,
THE BOOTH, FISHMARKE T, Telephont t7t.
CENTRAL MARKET, Nnuanu Street, TelepboP g
g I 6 H R
Sold in America
Better Then Ever
on sal at Hawaiian Tobacco Co.'

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