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g pONB w'
. J Vntrv
Lrtfr-Kinf and Bethel
j. p. O. box 788.
t . Honolulu.
TiMer. Sta; Tel. M. 278.
bin 1 t'Liu j uwiiv,
- - -r r v ti
ICELAND. M-D. .-Office
hour?, i w
,avTN Once, uereui-
Bl; hours, 9 to 11 a
Jjeoce TeL hite 389L
lTe 10-: a. m., 2-4 p. m.
I0ORE. -Omce or Dr. uay,
; Sours, 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. ;
PAGES 9 to 16
comply with the provisions of the Or
ganic Act.
the Radical
j Senator Russel, who represented the
lYiinnritv nf t h Pn hi c "Hta 1 1 H Pnmmit -
Section 6 of thfc Organic Act says that tee wn0 had presented their report,
SZn L "awaU -not inconsf8tent etc- was recognized, and said in the main
"alfe agreed with the majority, except in.
! wail or the Congress of the Unlted ' to the physicians.
States. What right under this provision ! TherP was to many Physicians, was
(have we to make or assume to make his argument. Five physicians were all
any amendments under this extra session I that was needed, two on Hawaii, one
j of the Legislature to Act 71 of the Leg- on Maui, and two on Oahu. The physi
islature of the Republic of Hawaii. . clans on Moloka,i he favored as in the
This committee cannot understand how D11- on account of there being so many
, any remaining bonds authorized to be is- doctors on the different plantations
subjects relating to the militia of the ' met by the High Sheriff and big deputies
Territory which may be referred to them on the various Islands with the power at
by this House, and that they to report I their command. Having once felt the
their opln'.on thereon; and also to re- possibilities of a large military contin-
P'.iri sucn measures as may contribute ; gency in a peacefully inclined communl-
A :
lO sued under the provlsionof Act 63 of the who found time between times to at
to economy and accountability in that
department of the Territorial civil ser
vice, wherefore your committee in duty
bound asks your honorable body to state
that "economy and retrenchment" are
the watchwords leading our considera
tion pertaining to this subject, and ev
er matter of appropriation referred to
It has been referred to your commit-
Session Laws of 1898, and that never tend to. cases on the outside, there was
j have been issued, can now be authorised not use for the many physicians as
i to be issued by the Legislature of the formerly. He advocated the employ
i Territory of Hawaii, when the only ment of the few physicians at a salary
bonds so provided to be Issued were for of j25o per month, as being more profit
I fi, rearS a", nlS provided for b able than the many at $50 or $60. which
SaS" TZ&L was not enough in some cases to pay
ixe a reducing'of the term 0? bond fVr thP runn,n f the V car" !
to 5-13 years without a special amend- riager.
ment or an authorization from the au- Senator Achi wanted to know what a
thorities provided bv -section 6 of the man would do who was sick on the
Organic Act. The reasoning of the At- other side of the island. If the Senator's
TjJC DDICinCrVIT'C orney General is forcible and the law plan was adopted? It might be all
I ML IvL.llI JlfM I 'nay be as hi his ooinion contends for. rlsrht from a hveipnic standpoint, as
but where an issue of bonds and the advocated by the Senator, but when t
. public is asked to subscribe and put up SOme poor fellow was sick and needed
a ii t. - money- there should be no ground for attention the plan would not work.
An Attack in the Senate On the l3pi!tJe.or...milation; a11 PUch bonds After a great deal of more discussion 1
. . . . -j.ouiu oe UKe uaesars wife-"above re- nn tlltt ahlAot th(1
ty. having ocular demonstration, in the
three tables of expenditures submitted t
your committee by the auditing depart
ment of this Territory, of the extrava
gance in this special branch of the ser
vice, more especially the expenditures
since January l, in the face of a weak
financial condition of the Territory which
would make retrenchment the watch
word of every properly safeguarded bu-
tee two items, to wit: the military and reau or department. In view or these
the band. These two shall be separately j facts, Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of this
dealt with according to their respective
The Governor, chief of the Executive
Legislature, your committee respectfully
submits that it would be wisdom on the
part of a Legislature of this Territory
to permit appropriations for military te
Department, in his estimates, as sub- , lapse for blenlal period, now mder
Food Commissioner Item-
Charleston Fair.
preach." And as the loan in question is
authorized by an Act of the Republic of
on the subject, the items were passed
as recommended by the committee.
The main portion of yesterday s ses
. . . , i , 11 I 1 Will
Hawaii, and not by the Legislature of the 1 ne,
Territory of Hawaii, we deem it to be as follows, were passed as recommend
safer in order to save any questions as ert by the committee:
1 to the validitv of the bonds and nrevnt The salary of bacteriologist and
i anv siihsMiuenr liticrntinn nr ur,,- iri.wi ..- nsif holotrist. $4,800.
sion was taken ud in cnnsiiiprimr th f.j . . . i. . w i ,..Anrf.r,. 4 snn-
l Office 14fiS Nuuanu
IS; office hours, 8 to 10
j tad 6 to 8 p. m., except
...mw l. . n
- a B n m o r x a in
m. . I w a y- i "
to 5 p. m.
Bml St. opp. T. M. C. A. ;
for deainesa.
.... . T , Tk . T1 J -
ilto 5, 7 to 8; Sundays, 13
. oof. rr nc&t
L . 1 1MH . M
1 II tV "' a iv aiiu i w o
I fUtt lie-
I in ITT
.-Mott-Smlth bldgr..
: in ho . ji i to I
toon. 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
LBH.-?hhadelphla Dental
DR. 0. E. WALL.-
l a w i p. in. , JL.U v e
I, M.D.. D.D.3.- -Boston
I ft Main in.
19 .Tf T0RK.
te t J C25.73.162.51.
IR08E. AifM Honolulu.
5- Saix - 3tangenwald
pC:.H-;. Crocker hldr Ran
PAGE. Archltecta and
e, rooms 2-4, Arlington
K. L; sketches and
P" -mlshed at short no-
Ff.O. box 771.
CO., LTD. Engl
BSt ad Boilermakers,
20t. CE.-Survevor and
F ac rooms 612-11, ton
Wtoi bldg. Merchant St.;
I Orders taken for type-
-".-ingineers ana
r-aping and Susrar Mj-
f2jte power plants; of-
waeu Mock; TeL 194.
I'AXXATT.-Civn n1 ihk
p. r. enr.seer for Oahu
a: irj wuder Ave.
f r.
majority report on the items referring forlh in the Acting Governor's message, reduced to $4,200.
to the Board of Health. For nearlv ln8erted "the Appropriation bill un- Veterinary surgeon, $1,200:
i urj luus.uerauon oy me esenate ana not of deaths etc. $2 400.
-npwwn cneweu tne rag I as proposed in said message.
on the advisability of having a Food ' CECIL BROWN
Commissioner and analyst at $4,200.
The mebers of the party with the "long
name" wanted to strike the item out
entirely, with the exception of Senator
Russel, who fought with might and
main to pass the item as in the bill.
Kalauokalani led the fight in opposition
to the item.
There.? inspectors at $2,400 (7.200),
was changed to $2,160 ($6,480).
! Three inspectors at $1,920 ($5,760).
The salaries of milk, fish and assist
ant fi-h inspectors passed as in the bill.
The office of assistant clerk. $1,200:
As will be seen from the above, the
report is directly opposed to the opinion
of Attorney (Jnrnl Dolt. iihTriittH in
a message from Acting Governor Cooper. jatr and messenger. $720. were
cnmDinen at a salary oi i.m
The salaj4es of stenographer, morgue
Senator Baldwin then presented the
. . . ........ o a "
T I I I 1 ( i ' I ' ! . 1 .7" ft n. il-t f r. m . Vi r ' . . i n .... , . . J I
f " -e s i"..r vuuiuj.urc ju attendant, ana omccrs tor regis-tereu
Agriculture and Forestry, which was women passed as in the bill.
tabled, to be considered with the Ap- Th, stem of non-lenrous children.
Senator Kalauokalani's argument , propnation bill: etr. $2,400. passed as in the bill.
against the item was that as the food
inspector did not go out in the city and
inspect the poi that was being served
out to the natives; the office should be
Senator Brown said it was impossible
for the food analyst to inspect every
article of food consumed in the city. If
such action was reuqired it would take
five hundred inspectors to do the work;
furthermore, it was the duty of every
person, who, upon the purchase of any
articles of food found any impuri
ties in such foods, to report the fact to
the analyst for examination, and if
found impure, prosecution would fol
low. Senator Kalauokalani could not see
the matter in that light, evidently hav
ing "poi" on the brain.
Up to the taking of the noon recess
the discussion was still going on in
regard to the item under dispute, and
the matter was referred until the after
noon session.
Among other things considered at
the morning session was the report of
the Public Health Committee on the
Charleston Exposition matter, a report
from the Judiciary Committee on the
Your Co-nmittee on Agriculture and The salary f superintendent of sv-
Forestry. to whom was referred the ers. $3,000. and inspector of plumbing,
items in the Appropriation bill under the $3,600. were combined at a salary of
heading, "Commission of Agriculture and $4 200. and assistant of sewers. $3,000.
Forestry," from line 513 to line 524, in- ; Removing of garbage, $24,240, was
elusive, beg leave to report that we reduced to $1S.840.
have had same under careful consider- Operating excavator. $45,000. passed
atT1?n' r,., .. w 'as in the bill: segregation of lepers.
Item dU which reads. One-half ex- d $g0 -,0 maintfinance
penses and freight, entomologist. $1,000,' lT w j j otn
is the same as the item in the last Ap- "f hospital, $4,200. reduced to $3,840:
propriation bill entftled "Incidentals and superintendent and assistants of in
traveling expenses entomologist. $1,000." ;sane asylum. 30.8SS. passed at 126,584.
All the other items referred to your ! Hoping the Senate will approve the
committee, except item No. 520 are items above report, respectfully submitted.
In conclusion we submit a table show
ing number of officers and character of
service in each State, and the appropria
tions for 1900; also the expenditure far
Hawaii during the same period.
ft 2 s
5, : o s c" - t- tt ; c x a" o o Ho
ih n hi
which have been heretofore in the Ap
propriation hill lumped under the head
ing of "Forests and nurseries, general.'
Your committee consider It preferable to !
have everything under this general ap- I
propriation itemized, as has been done in
the present bill.
Item 520. "Competitive exhibitions of !
fruit, vegetables, plants, etc., $1,000." The j
plan Is to get up a public exhibition here
of fruits, vegetables and plants of the I
i ountry, and we recommend the passage
of the same, ar.d also all the items re- j
f erred to your committee. The sum to- I
tal asked for is less than was asked for
tinder the last appropriation.
It is the plan of the Commissioner of
Forestry to extend the culture in Nuu-
W. C. ACH r.
The Senators having had enough for
one day. adjourned.
His Report a Disappointment -Going
for the National
mittfcd to this House, asked for an ap
propriation of $45,5S0 for this service for
the next biennial period.
The burden is laid upon your commit
tee to recommend whether the Govern
or's estimates should be granted; or
would it not be better on principle of
economy, to reduce the same; and if not,
then for tne Legislature to permit the
appropriations for military to lapse for
the biennial period?
In face of the present depleted condi
tion of the Treasury, your committee
can not ask this House to pass the rec
ommendation made by the Governor.
Having thus disposed of the first propo
sition, your committee begs leave to say,
that they having information in advance
as to some expenditures under this de
partment f the Government, and believ
ing it to be in the interests of proper
legislation that this House be thorough
ly informed on the conduct of this
branch of the service in the past, your
committee has taken the liberty to re
quest from the Auditor General of this
Territory information respecting the ex
penditures on account of the military,
band and Citizens' guard appropriations
from January 17. 1S93, to December 31,
1900, and the detailed list of the expen
ditures from January 1 of this year to
date of making the inquiry, and they
are hereto attached as exhibits 1, 2 and
3 and made parts ol this report. They
have also received from the military de
partment a report explaining the various
ittms as set forth in the appropriations
for the m;litary, etc.
Your committee feels that we cannot
better serve the purposes of this report
than submitting the above statements of
the auditing and military departments
as received by them.
We feel in a measure a reluctance to
going into the details of the period cov
ered by exhibit 1, inasmucn as It covers
that period with which Hawaii was sub
merged in the "volcanio eruption" of po
litical contentions for supremacy: the pe- ' ' j 1 - -: - -
riod when the rights of the person were , m ,
repressed and subverted, which made ! out e States of Delaware
two-thirds of the members of this Legls- ;ana IUlnols. we find " remainder la the
lature practically parole prisoners, while t;?,e t0 Prise 241 general and staff
forced to pay the taxes that the author-' offl.Sers: l-M cavfr'- h24 and
Ities creating these conditions demanded . ;nmry with a total appropna
of them, and which conditions were : tlon for the ten Staf3 f
brought about by the very service under i ';s8, tha" was ctuU3L h e
consideration. We do not wish to fur-j Nat!onal Guard of thls Territory in th.
ther criticise the expenditures during I saperl0d'
v line it is irue uiai me uyvcnior i
3 S S 53 R "
& 00
. e 2
h J j- X 9 S3 d Vt
s ts o i 5 g
11 Ulil UM. vuvav.uJ w- rM&&xfcbLi . t - - ' - j v
matter of the loan of $799,000, under the anu valley, a plan that your committee
act massed bv the Legislature of the hardly approves of
Republic of Hawaii, and a report from
the Committee on Agriculture and For
estry. Under the suspension of rules Sena
tor Russel introduced the report of the
Public Health Committee on the Char-
Yesterday was a day of great ex
pectations in the House a day of great
expectations and small realizations.
The sensation that the Home Rulers
hoped to spring failed to make connec-
Senator "Oily " William White re- tions. Representative Beckley, who
ported verbally for the special commit- uas to California to make the
leston Exposition matter, which was . tee of five, appointed by the president j President nojd hs handg in holy
aaoptea. i ne sum ui i,vuv waa appiu-ao eoiisiuer vaiiuus ltcnitt unuci
priated and inserted in the bill. The , head of Department of Public Works, Mirror at the way things are being con-
following is the report:
The Public Health and Education Com
mittee begs to report on petition No. 1
I recommending the same be considered ducted in the Paradise of the Pacific,
by the Senate in their order. The (1,,,.s not seem to have caused much of
committee was ordered to submit a
of the commissioner of the Charleston written report oi us recumraeiiua.uuu.
Exhibition, asking for an appropriation
if $2,500 for the removal of the Buffalo
ar impression, judging from the report
school exhibit to Charleston, that they
recommend instead of $2,500, $1,000 for the Health, as follows:
There being no further reports in "" "" l" -
sight the Senate took up the various morning session. The Independent
items under the head of Board of legislator who left Honolulu like a lion,
purpose, as sufficient.
r 1 :.J.-.. j to r-4 Af
Health. $7,200. Committee's recom- '
' mendation to strike out, adopted. tlve thunderbolts, such as the people of
Salary of executive officer, $5,400, th Hawaiian Territory have been led
Cecil Brown then introduced the fol-J committee's recommendation to make l) tink would be forthcoming as soon
following report from the Committee on the item read "Slary of executive of- 1 the independent delegate had un-
Judiciary on the message received from ' fleer and purchasing agent. $6,000. packfcd nis trunk. Nothing was said
Acting Governor Cooper, in regard to j adopted. yesterday, that might not, with pro-
the loan act, which was adopted by a : Salary of secretary. $4,000. Com- prfety, have appeared in the columns of
unanimous vote: j mittee's recommendation to pass the the Ladies' Home Journal, and nothing
, , ... hrr. item as in the bill, adopted. fi.-rcer or more vituperative than might
Your JwHctery CWU Salary of city sanitary officer. $4,200. nave flowed from tne pen of Edward
SSiSnZil -0ti" f Dr- RU8SH- th5S W- Bok or Ruth Ashmore. was indulg-
lation to the issue of bonds under anas stricken out ed ln.
Act Dassed by the Legislature of the Re- ! t e salary oi ioou cyiaioiiuf What might have been a sman sen-
was tne report maue uy
ttee on Military Affairs, but
der was stolen by the sphinx-
The Attorney General courteously fur- Senator Kalauokalani wanted to )ike geckjey. who had not sptfken at
nlshed the committee with a copy of his strike the item out. Senator Cecil the tjme Ewaliko and his fellow corn
very able and almost convincing opinion Brown warmly defended the item, and mitteemen filed their criticism on what
on this matter, to the chairman of the . urged that it pass. Senator Russel, j they termed "flim-flams," and "fuss
Committee on Finance of the House of jwho was the oniy member of the Inde-Iand feathers" The committee did not
nepreseniauves. wiuui d(?1.t party who advocatea tne pass- rfT)0rt on the eovernment band, reserv-
has returned like a lamb. In his report
w Francisco, Jewel-
See advt. Inside,
va t wear other
m VOUr ox-c At m
caeap, improperly
i x-ui rum your eyes.
fitting; brick wood or public of Hawaii, being Act 71 of the and analyst, $4,200. was then taken up. I PaUon W
'bop. Hotel' St., near! Session Laws of 1S96, beg leave to report j which caused an endless amount of committee
80 Anapuni. ' las follows: wrangling. their thun
said period than to say that the grand
total for the eight years is the enormous
sum of $94S.ln2.10; and together with the
expei.. i Hires to May 13 oi this year
reachi s almost a round ni ill i n. !t is to
the i-.vji. ndltures during the pres nt year
we desire more especially to call the at
tention of this House and for th 8 pur
pose we will consider exhibit NO. 2,
"supinrt of military pay roll, "as a ready
reported by the Committee on Public
Expenditures. This pay roll Bh6W pay
mer.o to the various member.- of the
military, including guards at Capitol
building, two clerks and an armorer,
with a servant at the bungalow. The
total expenditures under this head is, to
May 13 inclusive, $3,701.21.
Exhibit No. 3 shows warrants drawn
on appropriations "support of military"
for the same period.
Your committee would first call the at-
by the Organic Act made the comman
der in chief of the militia and that he
has the power to call out that service to
prevent or suppress lawlessness, vio
lence. Invasion, insurrection or rebellion
in Hawaii nei, that does not imply that
the Legislature cannot dispense with the
service of the militia as already referred
to by the committee, for the reason that
the Treasury has no money now to throw
away for "fuss and feathers" and leaves
the "roads and streets" from Hawaii to
Kauai to "weed and grass" and other
public improvements to "a stand-still"
for want of funds. "Fuss and feathers"
can be brought to full sway, the glitter
ing of arms to good account and military
evolutions and revolutions to better
movements when the Treasury of the
Territory Is well packed up with glitter
ing "sheckels." Retrenchment, there
fore, is the proper watchword here. We
tention of this House to an Item that . wouJd recommend tnat lt i9 far better
appeais small, yet Dig enougn-very Dig ' to saVe m m for road3 and bridgea than
inaeea comparea witn tne amount or tne
moral damage it has done to this Leg
islature, Is under the suggestive title
"pay roll of laborers, 'dining-room for
Senate. Committee room,' " $6. See March
30 (warrant). No. 1157.
This exhibit includes, as you will no-
tlro a MM nf rln to a i-v- 98 lQOfl f . .r-
wagon and horse hire, warrant No. 925. "
Warrant No. 927. Geo. T. Turner, No
vember 30. making and repairing uni
forms, $123. SO.
Warrant No. 951, Geo. T. Turner, De
cember 31, 1900, for like service, $261.40.
Warrant No. 1050, Geo. T. Turner, Jan
uary 31. 1900. for like services, $209.
Warrant No. 1121, Geo. T. Turner, Feb
ruary 2fi, for like services, $195.50.
Warrant No. 1213, Geo. T. Turner,
March 30. 1900. for like services, $113.50.
Making a total of $903.20 for making
and repairing uniforms
wasting it for powder and smoke.
Your committee would call the atten
tion of this House to the report from the
military department, dated May 23, 1901.
hereto attached as exhibit No. 4, and
made part of this report, and the fol
lowing items were taken from the same:
$ 1,000
Furniture 450
Transportation . . . .... 50t
Uniforms 8,75
Ordnance supplies . . 5,500
Company and regimental allow
ances 16,80
Incidentals 3,600
with the Attorney General that the ActLg Qf tem ur&ed tne inembers to thetr opinion regarding
ln5UeStl(JACt 'lf-ew ?oriTnte'ta affirmative action, as it wa a Whonored orgtotaatUfc until a
"Ul .I " : " , necessary office. In regard to the public dat
t;; ith- ?urstnis,talUhe whist,eM Emme tluth presen
was an Act of an Independent sovereign announced that the lunch hour was at !wnich Was adopted w
hand, and Senator Russel moved to jey
1 . . . 1 a. . M TamtAnr 11T1-
!der its Organic Act, and the power de-, continue the discussion at 2 p. m.
sented a resolution.
ith very little par-
He wanted to know why the gov-
iJETfce Q-Jeen St.. op-
N Olive Oil,
ruuup.etc, etc,
gl" Class Grocers.
Lrg the Brand It is
lT"1r ft Co.
U,M.7 w " P.
. to 1
rivert from such Act. This committee
thinks that the Act In question is re
stricted and repealed by implication by
sp-t!nn s of the Organic Act, as the pro
vision there contained Is direct that the
Legislature of the Territory (not the past
i.esiaturo of the Republic) may au
thorize loans; the loan If made under
Act 71 of the Republic would not have
been authorized by the Legislature of
the Territory of Hawaii.
Another ground upon which the Act 71
may be said to be repealed by implica
tion is the direct provisions of the Or
ganic Act as the term of the bonds au
thorized under It, are: 5-20's years, those
of the Organic Act. 5-15-s. Act 71 would
eertainlv require some amendment in
this respect; we cannot: interject the
word fifteen in place of twenty, or, to
be more correct, the Act shfluld be re
enacted, In our opinion, with whatever
changes are made necessary by the Or
ganic Act. by the Legislature of the
Territory of Hawaii; it would then be
an authorized loan under the Organic
Act. The fact that our Organic Act has
provided for the necessary cnangee ur
substitutions in certain laws. or. as
more correctly stated by the heading to
section 9 of the Organic Act, amendment
of official titles, does not in itself give
the power to Interject tnose omciai uu
CDon the Senate convening at 2
o'clock. Senator Cecil Brown was rec
ognized, and said he hoped the Senators
would not strike out the item referring
to the food analyst. The office, he said,
was a very necessary one, for if there
was any food in which impurities were
found, it was the duty of every one
to report such matters to the food In
spectors, and prosecution would follow
such exposure- As an example of the
value of the office, he said, since the es
tablishment of the food inspectorship,
the practice of selling ground com and
barley for coffee had been surpressed,
and in many other cases too numerous
to mention, the office had proven in
valuable. In conclusion, he hoped the
item wonld pass as in the bill.
Senator Russel was then recognized,
and offered the following amendment:
"Salary- of food commissioner and an
alyst fincludirg poi), $4,200."
Senator Kalauokalani seconded the
amendment, which carried upon the
show of hands.
The salary of physicians, which was
recommended by the committee to pass
as in the bill, with a few minor changes.
into Act 71, so that it may be made to was then taken up.
j ernment claims which are being con
sidered by the Fire Commission are
'not being represented by the Attorney-
General, or someone from his office.
The afternoon was spent ln work. For
the first time in three or four weeks
the legislators settled down to honest
effort, and considered the matter of
salaries. It was not until 4:30 that the
House adjourned for the day.
The first work of the morning of any
significance, was the presenting of the
report on military affairs. The docu
ment, with its tables and foot notes,
required some twenty odd pages for
presentation. The tabular portion of
the document consumed some eight or
nine pages. This latter portion of the
report, in full, is as follows:
Honolulu, H. I., May , 1901.
Hon. J. A. Akina, Speaker House of Rep
resentatives. Sir; Your Committee on Military to
whom was referred the matter of appro
priation for the military, or the National
G.iard of Hawaii, and the band for the
biennial period for which this House, is
making appropriations, begs leave to
submit their report as follows:
Your committee knowing that it ia
, their duty to take into consideration all
Total $S5.60t
This does not Include the "pay roll" of
the officers and men of Territorial
i 'army."
! The peace of the country for the two
years coming can be better taken care of
Add to this the incidentals for cloth by the Police Department, as already
and personal furnishings running through i suggested by your committee, and in
this pericd of a short four and a half : case of necessity the Governor can sum
months, amounting to $1,193.35, we have J nn lhe Posae committatus or any mll
a grand total of $2,096.25 as expenditures "tary force of the United States ln the
for uniforms and "flim-tiam" during this J erntory oi Mawau.
short period. Ana in conclusion we may nay, tec
An item overlooked and to which we Hawaii oeat ner sworas into piownare
desire to call your attention: that is, ana ner spears into pruning noons.
warrant No. 1170, S. Roth & Co., Issued ! committee asas ior iunner urn
February 28 of this year, for making the l report on the band,
uniform, coat and pants, "Capt. A. G. "
Hawes " $24. rtonoiuiu, i. n., may za, BBC
The total" for stationery, etc, covering Military Committee, House of Represent -
the same period amounts to $669.86. auves, lemionai legislature.
Lumber, hardware, paints and oils' uenuemen: l nave tne nonor to sud
were purchased to the amount of rait the following report as per verbal re-
$2,303.01 quest, explaining tne various items as
Twelve property books whatever they set forth in tne appropriations ior tne
may be cost $66. ; military, together with the total coet of
Property, etc., cost $120.?5. each:
Regimental allowances for January j STATIONERY AND PRINTING,
were $775; for February. $625; for March, I Enlisting blanks, discharges,
$625; and for April, $625.
The total expenditures for payroll is,
to May 13 Inclusive, $9,957.81.
Your committee might go on ad nau
seum calling the attention of the mem
bers of this House to the extravagance
exhibited by the expenditures In this
branch of service.
Your committee believe that a mili
tary branch of any Government Is more
or less a factor whose use may readily
be abused, whose use may be perverted
to creating conditions such as this com
munity witnessed up to and since the
application of the Organic Act to this
Territory; abuses which under the exist
ing centralized condition of things might
at any time be made to affect the mem
bers of this Legislature; abuses that as
members of this Legislature we cannot
recommend the perpetuation of In this
We believe It desirable ?or the United
Statep to maintain and support in these
Islands an element that can on occa
sions be used for emergencies, but your
committee submits that, so far as the
requirements of this Territory for the
future are concerned, they can be fully
warrants, vouchers, target re
ports, monthly return blanks,
requisitions, order books $
Letter heads, envelopes, type
writing paper, press copy
books, stub file books, ink, mu
cilage, pencils, pens, etc
400 !
Total $ 1,000 01)
Tables and chairs, for company
rooms $ 175 09
Property lockers, chests, etc, .... 225 00
Sundry furniture SO 00
.$ 4K
Travelling expenses for commis
sioned officers to and from Ho
nolulu for examination and in
struction 300 0
Freight on military stores, inter
Island and foreign 125 00
Expressage, drayage, etc. .
75 00
Total 500 f
(Continued on Pago 18.)
- -jty .

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