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PAGES 9 to 14
Stangenwald Bids. Tel. Main 69.
G? 5
Majesty Receives in State
Washington. Place in Honor
of Her Birthday;
J Qu-n Liliuokalani's sixty-third birthday celebration will long live in
I .he ir-eiu-i.t- Vl 'u "er iormer subjects and the foreign
t ,ra who called at Washington place to pay their respects vesterday
Memori's of the days when Hawaii was a royal realm with its little
4 vjrt, a miniature of the most perfect in Europe, were brought vividlv
w min-3 by the grouping of the royal colors of the Kalakaua dynasty
the display of the royal tabus and torches, In the rare feather kahilis
4 surrounding the roomy chair in which Her Majesty sat during a portion
of the day's ceremonies, and in, the odd but beautiful costumes worn
4 by the attendants. Loyal natives came from afar to greet their former
t sovereign and to do her the homage of kissing her hand or kneeling be
t fore her.
The central figure of the day's celebration was a royal host retaining
t much of the tact and grace which made her court one of the mo3t bril-
liant in Hawaii's history. The Queen looked remarkably well anH
s;.!te the press of guests and the duty of presiding at three banmit
fhe bre up well under the strain and was as gracious and smiling in the
fvomr.gas wnen awaitenea early m the morning by the retinue of ser
t vur.ts chanting the ancient meles.
Washington Place was transformed for the noiice into a roval court
t The natives who visited it at noon when the general reception took
I :,ia:e fell in.o the methods followed during the days of the monarchy
and stood just within the entrance where they bent the knee in homage.
The foreigners with more than democratic independence showed an
t iS?rne.8 to grasp the hand of the former sovereign and none were de-
nied the privilege who asked it. With the Hawaiians there was ex
pressed a reverence for their sovereign; with the foreigners a curious
I expectancy stood out upon their countenances easily read by the
Queen as well as the host of attendants who took note of the too often
brusque manners of the haoles, in marked contrast to the easy yet re-
;eclful dignity assumed by the Hawaiians. The luaus which were given
St the forenoon for the Queen's intimate friends, the chiefs and
hiefepses and a few. persons outside the circle of intimacy and that
given in the afternoon at which were present public officials both Fed-
-:a! and Territorial, army and navy officers and dozens of public per-
stages, marked an epoch in the making of the new territory, for over
the tables so well-filled with Hawaiian dishes past differences seemed
forgotten and the friendships strained In bygone days were renewed.
Truly Queen Liliuokalani's birthday this year was an occasion of much -
I moment for Hawaii's happiness and prosperity. ' 9
back and forth over the Queen. Her
Majesty looked regal in a beautiful
holoku, en traine of white pina with
red satin stripes, over a slip of will's
satin. The voke and llouncinsr of the
skirt were trimmed with real applique
lace. The only ornament worn was a j
diamond,, brooch at the tnroat. The
Queen's hair was worn pompadour.
The entrance of Her Majesty to the
reception hall was announced by the
singing of Hawaiian music by a band
of native players who were stationed
on the lawn. The guests were receiv
ed at the entrance by Senator Kalauo
kalani and passed on to Edward Lill
kalani, who still retains all the court
ly grace of the monarchial days when
he was wont to receive the Kinsr's and
the Queen's guests at the Palace, The !
Queen was assisted in receiving ty
Prince David Kawananakoa and Hon. !
A. S. Cleghorn. To the Hawaiians the !
i Queen gave her hand, which was fer-
vently kissed. The foreigners were
greeted by a handclasp by the Queen,
who smiled as each guest was present
ed. Liliuokalani led the procession to
the luau tent. Before the guests were
seated , Senator Kalauokalani Invoked
the favor of God. The seating arrange
ment at the royal table was as follows:
In the center, Queen Liliuokalani; on
her right, Hon. A. S. Cleghorn; left,
Judge Little and Edgar Caypiess; op
posite. Prince David, Delegate Robert
Wilcox; in order. High Chiefess Kana
Tiuhuakai, Mrs. Nawahi, Albert Na
wahi. Senator and Mrs. Kalauokalani,
Mr. and Mrs. James Boyd, Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Wrigiit, Mi. ana Mrs.
Charles Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Crabbe, Commodore George Beckley,
Mrs. Maria Beckley-Kahea, Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Lilikalani, Mrs. Kea Na
holelua, Mr.-and Mrs. Edwin Boyd, Mr.
and Mrs. George Smithies, Mr. . and
Mrs. Makanai, Mr. and Mrs. John
Wise, Mrs. Junius Kaae, Mrs. Lucy
Aki, Mrs. Wilcox. During the break
fast King Kalakaua's old chanter, the
one who was appointed at the King's
election, stationed himself behind the
Queen and sang the meles and cnanted
her names and genealogy. The strange,
weird oliing was only one of the many
novel features provided for the day's
celebration a revival of customs of the
ancient days that are fast dying out
with the modern. The Quintet Club also
sang the sweetest of Hawaiian .melo
dies. All partook of the luau slowly,
the Queen nodding approvingly at this
or that guest who caught her eye. The
breakfast lasted for nearly three-quarters
of an hour, when the Queen arose.
vited guests to the breakfast:
Senator and Mrs. Achi, Miss Achuck,
Mrs. Mary Adams and niece, Mr. J. Kal
ponohea Aea, Miss Lydia Aholo, Mrs.
Lil!a' Aholo, Mr. James K. Aholo, Rep
resentative" Rid ,Mfn. J. Ahuli, Mr. .ohn
D. . Aimoku, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Akan;i,.
Miss Aki. Representative and Mr.-ii- J. A.
Akina, Mrs. Mary Alapal( Mrs. Lokalia
Anekola, Dr. and Mrs. Atcherley, Mrs.
Harry Auld, Mr. and Mrs. William Auld,
Representative and Mrs. William Aylett,
Mrs. Kilikina Aylett, Senator and Mrs.
H. p. Baldwin, Mr, and Mrs. Geo. C.
Beckley, Mr. Fred Beckley, Mr. and Mrs.
H. Berger, Mrs. C. O. Berger, Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Bertleman, Hon. and Mrs.
Bipikane, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Booth,
Hon. and Mrs. E. S. Boyd, Hon. and Mrs.
R. N. Boyd, Hon. and Mrs. J. H. Boyd,
Mrs. C. H. Brenig, Senator and Mrs. 3.
T. Brown, Hon. and Mrs. John E. Bush,
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bush, Ml.-ss Moille
Bush, Mrs. Carrie Bush, Dr. and Mrs.
A. B. Carter, Miss Eva Cartwright, Hon.
E. Caypiess, Captain and Mrs. Thos.
Clark, Mrs. Clark and daughters,. Mr.
Thomas Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clark,
CTLE A. DICKEY. King and Bethel
St.; Tel. Main 312; P. O. box 786. '
t. M. LONG. Offices 37 & 38, Campbell
bllt., cor. Fort & Mer. St3.; Tel.M.278.
4 Stangenwald block; Tel Main 395.
O. box 365; 15 Kaahumanu St.
DR. , MART P. BARRY. Office, corner
Beretania and Union Sts.; hours 10-11
a. m., 1-3 p. m.; Sundays, 10-11 a. m.
fice 1082 King St.; hours, 9 to 12 a. nx
S to 5 p. m. Tel. White 411.
OR. C. L. GARVIN. Office, 232 Bere
tania, near Emma St.; hours, 9 to 11
a. m., 1:30 to 3 p. m., 7:30 to 8:30 p.
m.; Tel. Blue 3881; residence TeL
White 389L
Office, 248 Beretania ave.; telephone
Blue 821.
DR. W. L. MOORE Office of Dr. Day,
Beretania St.; hours, 10 a. m. to 8
p. m.; 7t30 to 8:30 p. m.; Sundays,
to 11; office Tel. 99; res. White 198L
OR. T. MITAMURA. Office, 1468 Nuu
anu St.; Tel. White 152; office hours,
8 to II a. m. and 6 to 8 p. m., except
W. G. ROGERS, M.D. Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat; 1146 Alakea St., opposite
Hawaiian Hotel; special treatment
for deafness.
OR. A. N. SINCLAIR. Boston Bid.;
hours, 11 to 1, 3 to 5, 7 to 8; Sundays,
12 to 2; Tel. offl. Main 385; res.W. 2861.
1 1
Clarence Crabbe, Miss Teresa Cratz, lelio, Mr. D. Kahanamoku, Mr. and Mrs.
Hon. J. A. Cummins,. Mrs. T. J. Cum- ; Kahananui, Senator and Mrs. J. Kahl-
mins. Mrs. Kahalpwa) Cummins. Mr. Una. Mr. and Mrs. Kaiakaiapeelua, Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Eckhardt, Representative and Mrs. Kailimai, Mr. B. Kaiwi, Sena-
' A J r T71 T."" a C5 t"" Irnlln
and Mrs. John Emmeluth, Mr. J. tia- o. . n-amc, o. n.aaii,
ward, Mrs. Hannah Evans and family, j Mr. Kulaehao, Mr. Kalaeokekol, Prince
Rev. and Mrs. Ezra, Mrs. J. Ewaliko, and Princess Kalanianole .Mrs. Lulia
Mtes-Jamma Davidson, Miss Helen Desha, Kalaukoa, Senator and Mrs. Kalauoka
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dwight, Mr. and lani, Mrs. Kahae Kaleihuia, Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Dwight, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mrs. S. Kaloa, Mrs. Lizzie Kaluakoo
Farrington, Mr. N. Fernandez, Hon. and kano, Mr. Kamaile, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Mrs. A. Fernandez, Captain Freeman, ' Kamakala, Mr. J. Kamaliikane, Mrs.
Mrs. Rosalie Freeman, Representative Mary Kamlki, Representative and Mrs.
. F. Gilfillan, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Gill, H. M. Kaniho, Senator and Mrs. Kanu
Mr. William Greig, Representative and ha, Hon. J. Kanui, Senator and Mrs. J.
Mrs. S. H. Haahaeo, Dr. K. Haida, Mrs. Kaohi, Representative and Mrs.- G. P.
Hakau, Mrs. Naha H. liakuole, Judge Kauimakaole, Hon. and Mrs. J. K. Kau
and Mrs. Hapai, Mrs. Haleakala Hart, Ha, Representative and Mrs. S. Kawal
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harvey, Mr. and hoa, Pince David Kawananakoa, Rev.
Mrs. F. H. Hayselden. Mr. George Hay- Kealaka!homa, Miss Lillian Keamalu,
selden Miss Myra K. Heleluhe, Repre- Mr. J. Keau, Mrs. Miriam Keau, Repre
sentative and Mrs. J. K. Hihio, Mr. John sentative and Mrs. James W. Keiki, Rep
Hiram, Mrs. Hattle Hiram, Mr. Solomon resentative and Mrs. J. K. Kekaula,
Hiram, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Holt, Jr., Representative and Mrs. J. W. Keliikoa,
Mrs. Heletf Amaniku Holt, Hanakaulani Rev. Kekipl, Mr. and Mrs. Keluia, Mr.
Holt, Miss Lizzie Holt, Mr. Owen Holt,
Mr. and Mrs. George Holt, Mr, and Mrs.
Ed. Holt, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. K. Hop
kins, Rev. Iwamura, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie
Jones, Mr. B. Jones, Hon. and Mrs. Ju
nius Kaae, Representative and Mrs. T.'
K. Kaauwal; Mr. and Mrs. J. Kahaha
waii Mrs. Kahakuakoi, Mr. D. Kahau-
and Mrs. M. Keehokalole, Mr. and Mrs,
L. B. Kerr.Mr. Kualaku, Mrs. Kuihe
lani, Mr. Joseph Kuhia, Representative
Jonah Kumalae, Mr. John C. iiine, Mr.
Lot Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Lapana, Mr.
and Mrs. William Larsen, Mrs. Kaui-
(Continued on Page 13.)
the signal that the feast was done.
rj . was reserved for the Queen and her She went to the mansion and again re-
- octjai gucoLO. lieu aiiu wiuic uunuiiig ucivru ui otaic, t aci c Liic ucsia uaur
The sun's rays had barely begun to j covered the sides of the tent, and the j her goodbye. The Queen retired irntil
yp over the summit of picturesque long red stripes lent gala effect noon, when the public reception was
-.,m,Mifl ttm a hatHn on,hftw ' in keeping with the prevailing royal given. The following is the list or In
. , . w colors. The main entrance was divided
:;y of Honolulu in the golden light of by the folds of the national emblem
when the festivities at Washing- ! and the Hawaiian flag. Behind the
1 Place b.-gan. Gray dawn witness- ; Queen's table was stretched the royal
1 th -e,J,wi' fi,,, ---Vt - standard seldom seen nowadays. The
i ths ffBsembling of te Qneena retl- taWes ;Were vrvwiA:nith deiiciously
in the grounds, their numbers be- flavored pig cooked in the irau; fish
's wen augmented by the arrival of , wrapped in ti leaves, pink pol in hahd-
itives who came singly, in pairs and some calabashes, Hawaiian pudding,
1 fint(inn! relish ann mflnv other anne-
oups, all bearing substantial gifts . ' disheg of Island orlin.
i re kind or another for their former j Prior to the breakfast which was
reien. Juicv stalks of sutra. cane announced to commence at 9:30, the
carried across the shoulders in '. -ueen received the breakfast guests In
the regulation carrying stick wprpi -two kahilis, the Koai. composed
' 'he ancient days, from the ends of of" the rare niau feathers from the
bich were suspended barrels of pol, Island of Kaula. These were guarded
,, , . . . , . . by two young Hawaiians wearing
. Plucked and cooked, and some i o y s red
were alive and making much ado just within the reception room were
-r the method of transportation two beautiful black feather kahilis
i; sucklin? Dis which hud been ot tne 00 bird's feathers; beyond
. sucKung pigs which naa Deen kEthni3 made of white feath-
i-a over night in imus; taro ready . ers the kaupU; near the Queen's at
: the feast; fruits, sweetmeats, ' ten'dants were two kahilis made of the
hes of bananas. The gifts were red feathers of the iiwi; flanking the
'.is'tpj -1. 'Queen's chair were the yellow royal
"''ted in huge piles, and the don- f th fenthers of the
! then awaited thp awakenlne of t, Kttlo rlrl wearing Mrs. Jennie Clark, Hon. A. S. Cleghorn,
'"Queen that they might offer ner ' ahuulas stood behind the chair, while Miss Lizzie Cockett. Mr W H. Coney.
. : . . Tt .onov. u-iri sinwlv waved a kahili Miss Bern.ce Cook, Senator and M.s.
"isi Kreeuncrs or tn riav. as tne . .
dTOSP n n rt h o. rciif nn. I rv Wo cTi . WWWWWWwwww--
Hon Tlace were bathed in its rays,
retinue approached the Queen's
wn and commenced an ancient
it usffl only an state occasions.
a-ijured the Queen awoke and
'el the chanters graciously. Upon
arrival at the entrance to the old
ion the Aloha Aina and the Hoo-
..ui societies were found in wait
Thfcir Kifta to Her Maiestv mclud- f Z
tA 1 ..... I W
uniy tdiDies, but money was
' ner as well. Natives droppea
-urine the morning until the time
'"w.ut-u ior the iormal Dreasrast 1 -bich
many had been Invited, wnen j
,. 'peciruuv withdrew.
;aPIirirr.e!sttr Berger and the Ha-
Jn '.ann, formerly at the necK and
"l l.I illr.lrr)nn .FtaFl
Majesty was ready to receive visl-
.. - icnuereu ner a serenade, con- (
-M?1r the most part of Hawaiian ,
, ,s' lr'erppersed here and there
ap.s:ca! piwes best liked by tne
- Thp band stood beneath the
on the Waikiki side of the house
v:p;aJtl the following pieces, for
Tri i..i-r. - .. .
;v-"i iter Majesty s sincere
"Hawaii Ponoi."
La Hanau" Bererer
'Caveileria Rust'.cana"
; tjizet
'The Holy City" Adams
PHima. (b) "Waianuenue, (c)
-na No wau," (d) "Maul Keala."
Love Dream" Preedman
"Aloha Oe."
Star Spaneled Bajinep."
near Emma.
BICKNELL. Beretania St..
Office hours, 9 to 4.
J'6 PTf.ll.wJ - M -r.r . , .
o.wu.iu-, ol wasningion rmce
uee had been erected within
, ere gren tables raised three
inchps above the lawn. A ta-
er.d of the tent which was
SL5 "t angles to the other six.
fhfonts' Dress 50
I Seat PtM "
ifeS'l6UK cloth;
e of embroidery.
frr UlustraUd
dcripUo n.
1 m r r w .- m s w x jw jzs - n 1 -- wit t mjr w ui 1 1 mil 1 - fm t mm
in c ' .vai l , . o inrA
U I I 11. 1 S V Mil 1 "mm m 11 -."MATAj ll II B 111 Ii U AT r. 1 I IV SI
? . ' j w rrroz l 1 i .w yA A -ow ( I . zzz-ir mttn. 'M i rrr r k www
DR. DERBY. Mott-Smith bldg., eor.
Fort and Hotel Sts.; office hours,
to 1
I. E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea SC
three doors above Masonic Temple,
Honolulu; office hours, 9 a. m. to 4 p.
OR. C. B. HIGH. Philadelphia Dental
College, 1892; Masonic Temple; Tel.
DR. GEO. H. HUDDT. Beretania St.,
near Emma. Office hours, 9 a. m. to
4 p.m.
DR. A. C. WALL, DR. O. E. WALL. .
Office hours, Sr a. m. to 4 p. m.; Love
'bldg.; Fort St.; TeL 434.
t. M. WHITNEY, M.D., D.D.S. Boston
Bldg., Fort St., above May & Co's;
hours, 9 to 5; Tel. Main 277.
Assets Dec. 31. 1900, 3325.753.1B2.gL
' S. B. ROSE, Agent, Honolulu.
CDWARD R. SWAIN. Stangenwald
bldg., Honolulu; Crocker bldg., San
8EARDSLEE & PAGE, Architects and
Builders. Office, rooms 2-4, Arlington
Annex, Honolulu, H. I.; sketches and
correct estimates furnished at short
c notice; Tel. 229; P. O. box 773.
or and Engineer, 409 Judd Bldg., P.
O. Box 732.
neers, Electricians and Boilermakers,
Honolulu. r-
-HAS. V. E. DOVE, C.B. Surveyor
and Civil Engineer; ofBA rooms
C12-13, top story Stangenwald bldg
Merchant St.; P. O. box 421. Ordsrf
taken for typewriting.
- and builders of TVmping and Sugar
Machinery and- complete power
plants; office, room 12, Spreckels blk.;
Tel. 194.
Electrical Engineer: P. O. box 92;
1313 Wilder Ave. Tel. Blue 344L
VM. T. PATY. Contractor and Build
er, stone and office fitting; brick,
wood, or stone building; shop, Hotel
St.. near barracks; res., 1641 AnapunL
4HREVE & CO. San Francisco, Jew
elers and Silversmiths. See adver
tisement Inside.
have but one pair. Don't wear other
person's glasses; your eyes differ
from their's. Don't wear cheap, lm-'
properly made glasses; they will ruin
your eyes. Consult S. E. LUCAS,
OPTICIAN, room L Love bldg.
. J. CAMPBELL. Office, Queen St.,
opposite Union Feed Co.
J. D. AVERY. Public Stenographer,
room 6, 164 Hotel street (over Hart &
Co.). Telephone Blue 261J,
MISS JAMES. Shorthand and Typing;
308 Judd bldg. Phone Blue 168L
tdISS MILLER. Stenographer and
typewriter; room 601, Stangenwald
Will engage laborers in the Hawailaa
Islands and furnish them to planta
tions, individuals, firms or corporations.
Will undertake contract work and tar
nish experienced and reliable contrast
ore. Orders promptly attended.
Telephone 231 Main. P. O. box 177.
Temporary fflce, Spreckels fculldlac.
ii ! :
.1. ;
I: :
it ;
:!. '
rom 1L rrt street,, Honolul.
a - .

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