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Landing Site, Offices and Route for Under
ground Connection Will be Selected
by Manager Dickenson
GOVE UN 'ft COOPKR, 8. P. Di. kenson, the representative of
the Mack ay Pacific Cable Company. Superintendent of
Public Work Bod and Surveyo.-tseneral Wall held an im
portant conference at the 0veru--r's office yesterday afternoon,
and a preliminary discussion wan had -1 the plan of the cable
company to s;-t a landing place. Mp showing the island of
Oahu, r itli Honolulu indicate I thereon in de ad. were used at
the conference, sad three points, nameU, Waialae, Diamond
Head and a !-ation on Waikiki Beach close to Sans Souci, were
picked out s. possil.tlius-. Mr. Di k-:i- n and Mr. Wall will
bit these places today so thst the cable representative will have
an opportunity to judge for himself which location is most de
sirable. From the landing place the ca'de will be carried under
ground through the city to the building selected a the cable
office. Mr. Dickenson wa- assured by a I the Territorial officers
that they will giv him and his company every facility jKwsible
fr bringing Honolulu into cable commu'iicalion with San Fran-
cisco snd the balance of the world, as soon as possible.
a, . a.AA.A-A.a.A..A.A.AA.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A..A.A.A.AA.A.A. aaaa.aaanv.av.a.a....
HMoluto will have cable eommunl- , expect that I hal! have to come back
atlao with the mainland by the mid- " prenmlnarlea and Mian
. romf tne opportunity t maae inr
or Novsmaer nexi. .1 .ne p-an, o. rp ,,, u , mm mu.h pi,... Wlh
ibe P-dnc Cable Company go tnrougn. ,u lt
rusi Lfesre 1 h r. cornea up ai this Tbs i . Uk I SsMs Osssswaf ass ad
nd to prevent completion of the work.
ha- th
proartsstil that
Ilk SOO mil-s
for hij rnrnt. and
to be ready for
not later tnan
ft far
tfcere are no1
si the caM
IS re.it I
rutting Into tbe
Tkla to tbe cheering news which
brought to Honolulu by Mr. 8. 8. Dick-
enaoa. who arrived la the Sonoma yes-
- May for a atay of per nape two weeks
twre. arranging for the primary work.
Mr. Dickenson win choose the landing
taken up the subject of Inter-Island ca
bl.-s. bat. as I said. I come with an
pen mind and would be pleased to re
ceive any Information upon the subject.
and also to have the facts as to busi
ness tributary to the main cable sys
tern before me. It may be advisable to
put down cables to connect tbe Islands
for the purpose of bavins the business
for the nmin !ln . whl.-h would thus b
brought to Honolulu for transmission
Th- failure of the prior attempt to lay
a cable does not count, for we under
stand that it was not a modern cable
and that there would be no dtfflcultle
which a new line would not surmount.
t... a -I.L .. .. - -I I
ace for the cable, have tbe shore end lnf )rmtlon . n ernitlB lhe Midway
able boose built awl decide upon xne am ,Urinii my tay. We know lit
roads for tbe under around cable, wblcb tie about them and nothing about the
-in mmiiai tfe. a line with the city. - Island, of w hi. h something has
- - w ben said. We hope to get on to Ma-
"nq lcnr 1 - ; nila by thr a..- of whi-h will o
r.f me nome i in.- rorpirn - SJStVg k l work In l- 1. We want to
The latter feature Is the only one wnlch press our work so as to have It com
t in doubt for what may have to be pitted with as much rapidity as poaal
. . . ,, bie. This line will be the Iirsl section
,l.n to secure offices here to still a J man .tm and w? ha hay.
qsestlon. one wni-n m inr tn-i -.r- n .r)mnK without any delay If
IMckrnson mt y have to refer t the our plans carry. I do not think the
iepi en tte other side. I O vernment will lay a line for the rea-
My flrat duty." said Mr. DU kenson n thst It Is a big undertaking wh.ch
v-terday. "must be the selection of know more about than anyone who
;n- tandinr place for tbe cable. We nt riven long attention to tbe
hall want to come to land as close to business.
tbe city as possible, but at some place "The cable companies are not worry
wbere there see no larre ships anchor- ins; about the wireless systems. The
.nr. so that tt-p danrer of the dragging great trouble there to that the lns:ru
of out cabV may ! reduced to a mln- ments must be synrhr.-niz.-.j. Th.- re
i-nuni. There' Is little danger from suit Is that the ordinary signal Is not
smalt vessels, th'vieh they may lose ,,-arly l.-fln-l. the d-ts oft-n s--:rlng
ujm , ami me tian-s runi.mg on Tor
too great length to be intelligible. The
line we are to lay will have a capacity
of thirty words a minute or sixty words
when worked duplex."
, am k&TI
AUSTIN For heaven's sak Roosevelt, why did you do anything until you saw me.
The Anti-Saloon
League Hope to
Close It.
Ssys That the Primo Manufactory
Is Operating Under an
Illegal License.
anchors and enntns by eatcblng hold
Sf tbe cable, but large ships often In
jure fba Mne. I come with an abso
lutely open mind, for I hare no instruc
tsasys to look into any particular site
for the cab!.' nd. I. "f cum.-, ex
pert that the place will be close t th
, tty. foe accord.ng t our rec-nt meth
ods, we do not have tbe station at the
-a end. bat connect that line with sn
underground wire wblcb leads to the
city offices, operating the line direct
i hls ca- inn n- r i . v.
. ;Tlre Into the office here.
sBBBBBV at a itw U ftkjklssa smsirtaW
u. wU laid with "rapMlty! If -h -.ndin. exposition, ha. Just re
.ki .vir. .nr.,rM r.w. s..th.r .ns imm an xieni. a irip or over
had. I kSflSWS the work ran be done U.OM miles, having visited during the
in ten days' or eleven days' time. Th re p year all the Western States, five
i mu'b dep. nds on tbe weight of the avteeS In Canada, and the lataads
tabie. If It la not too heavy for one ut naa tn the interest of tbe exio-
aUf to carry there sin ne men no. Piu,m fr Mtate anl Tvr.-lt..r:.l
WASHINGTON. April St. Sir. J.
Kim pp. t; . I commissioner ' the
be then the
le laying of the line from the Ban aentation.
! !
cr i
n b
l. the landing place dc-
If int-r" Is t much
. .b!e for one shir, then It will be di
ldd bet. a two snd they will meet
in mid-ocean, and after the splicing of
the cable they will turn their ben Is In
opposite directions and tbe trip will
lariat only half the time. This I can
not nay. as the cable ts being made
upon plans wH-h vrlll provide for th
safest and sur. st line. We do not an-
ipate much difnculty In the laying.
4 we have frm the 1 1 yd r. graphic of
ftre nil the profiles and reports upon
the character of tbe bottom,
show that It ts extr.-in. ly
tn the approaches to th
hi In tiva and c
t ons some amount of sharp reefs and
Plnts. but - extort these snd make
it.- cable for tbe purp"- There Is
an extra armor put on tbe cable and It
bjssjM SST the points and In the
ase of coral Sec mars tnibsddsd into
. . n tT:e-i rannot b- lirted.
The nrst work we will have to do
I be the laying of tbe land lines.
.. most !- down, th- st.iti-ns I oii
l ' -e the sea work Is done.
. - . as
n: of this case i snau
igement for the station
xpeet to have a man at
building we shall need
fr th- fosst again
I'pon bis arrival In Washington he
I Sgad Governor Dole. Delegate WBeag,
and former Queen Uliuokalanl. whom
h had previously visited while In Mo
no luiu. and yes:-rday all. -d upon th. m
and extended an Invitation for them to
visit tbe exposition on Hawaiian day.
which wiil bt arranged for In th- near
future tn accordance with plans to suit
their convenience. Tbe railway com
panies are preparing for a grand Ha
waiian excursion upon the event of
.f.v.r iv v irviuii. & urir win .
alas follow u number of oth.-r ex.ur-! X
..r.il f r-T i-
ith upon
f fon-
und these ;,ins. particularly that of a
favorable. . ,.,nal excursion, t : .-
!.inls there he date of the adjournment
Mr Krapp has also visited the expo
sition and pronounces It a m..t com
plete and panoramic representation f
all Its name Implies a miniature
"world a fair" of hlcagn. and -qual tn
every respect to that of the Trans
Mississippi and Pan-Amerl -an exposi
tions Tbe president. Captain F. W.
W.iirner. and tne Doaro
f e t
a. m a wav r i i i i
V m. rtmftab'' T - Tli iTTI" - t M Iff "I
a. Vk m. ewawaawrm ' t . sr m rig m i
av ii. t . waw ar
f T is such artists a
I and his support
"Virglnlus" that
as Frederick WardO
and such plays as
bring to the play-
g.ler the full force of the term, the le
gltlrrate drama. The plays of this, the
parent branch of tho dramatist's art.
uphold their legitimacy from the
f.renjrth and masterly purity of their
purprse as much as from the forceful t,f"'- hrp should be a list of all saloons
,r.a i 0,1,1,0. .h.v i.r r,hmA.i 'with the Bfc of the licenses kept by
The tales are tales of human passions
In their primal force. The playwright !
f the legitimate drama dalt with the
lexnsntary man of his era. striking
taken up tn earnest its nght
against the Honolulu Brewsry
and the Prlmo saloons, and is Bending
to every friend of temperance Its re
quest for aid in the fight. In addition
the- league at its meeting held in its
rooms yesterday, decided that the ntxt
masting of tbe league shall be gtven
over to a discussion of the question of
oca? option. There have been sent re
quests to the mainland for copies of
the vr.rious laws on tbe subject, and
these w ill be taken up and talked over
at length.
It was reported to the league that
there mint be a fight made against the
oroposal of the purchaser 6T the lease
upon the little corner of land at Union
and Hotel streets, the only place wbtek
now extends into the latter thorough
fare, that the street will be widened at
once, if there is granted a saloon li
cense for the corner. The league decid
ed that there should be representations
made to the treasurer, and there wiil
be conferences with the Superintendent
of l'ublic WorkP. which it is thought
may lead to the widening through some
ther means.
The question of the teaching of tem
perance in tne public scnoois was
brought up. and Mrs. Whitney reported
that there was some instruction in the
subject, and as well there was the un
derstanding with the Superintendent of
Schools that the matter would be In
cluded in the course of study next year.
The legal committee was instructed to
look into the subject. As well the legal
committee was asked to look into the
lUestion of the employment of a spe
cial officer who will have charge of the
hiu'.Tt.e and children's protective work.
The question of the Star saloon was
I and it was decided that steps
should be taken for the getting up of
P titioiis which will have to be intro
duced so as to prevent if possible the
n issue of tbe li ense. This brought up
generol discussion and it was decided
k arty upon the harp of human sym
pathy, chords that thrill the manhood
and arouse the sympathy of the au
ditors. He dealt with the broad, primary
i.is.'.s f humanity as apart from tan
Idiosyncrasies of modern emotion that
I tr-e superintendent.
The ret.ort of the superintendeat.
v. bicb has to do with the work of the
month, was as follows:
President and Memb-rs of Executive
Committee. Anti-Saloon League:
Daring th. current month we have re
cerved, tfgnsd tbe petitions that were
m ; to Kau and to Hilo. The latter
i itttl Ined US oames M representative
. .. . or Hilo. Thes petitions will
i I have prompted too often the up-to-date; be laid b.fore the treasurer as soon as
I - -v V ---t--
problem play, perplexing to the aver- ne mumi i nw.
v - - - - - I We are carrying out the resolution Sf
age spectator, an attempt to portray a lht. ieagUt. ,., the effort to accomptish
state of existence that at the best ex- 1 tbe closing of Che Honolulu Brfewery
. . . . ., - Ore hundred and nrty sub.scnptii
ists only in the imaginations of a few . . .. .n J, .w th.
books liave been prin-ured. with
following address to subscribers:
The Anti-Saloon League has good
reason to believe thut a new license for
the Honolulu Brewery has been Illegal
ly issued, and that quick, earnest ac
tion can close its doors. A thoroughly
reliable firm of lawyers has examined
the case and claims that this csn be
iom. They are willing to undertake
on behalf of the Anti-Saloon
knowine that the leeal battle
I - a . mm 1 -ii ' n- 111 K. . T - v n-ill vlrkl rrcfiw
i Slit I'! MUt! r.M r .;:.: i t ,i i .n: m ..... ..... - - - -
I admire, from gallery g -d to the most ! eny fee if the courts should decld
, live lnt.dlliren.-e in tba auditorium. I anst 1MB. ir tney are suecessru.
: inoy want io- rsanonasw iee or on?
T.-..oi irl l,-.11fl.B ralvlllnAP-Hrtn for
ays ring true, when to be a Roman ' .-, . d trnt .,..,,.
. . n in the days .f Komes decadence! Th rnoral influence r.f several hun-
was to be este-.-ined an honor. The .'r.Ml ru rsons f ont ribntlne not over on-
clang of battle and the call to arms in ! dollar each toward such an object will
defiance of the rights of citizenship and I ie of great value in showing the desire
the protection of manhood and woman-; of the people of these islands to bav
ii rid thrills th.- modern :nidinre as: t f:- saloon evil aoalea.
j much today as when Homeric songs
a! v.ere rendered by th orators of an-
I ur reflr tick am.' .is irgimus iast
I'AHSKNCKR on th- s. S. Sonoma, sixtieth year, la a tyj cal British naval j night praise is invidious He isacknowl-
a . ho r- llsh v igue a i i 'v.-r .:nd p-e-
i j serve the unintelligible as a mark of
ct nius. It Is no wonder that tne gitl-
lt-ry howls f ir the spectacular itnpossi-
j bilities of Lincoln J. Carter.
The legitimate drama, as portrayed
last evening, furnishes a field where all
can meet. There ar? no complexities ! the task.
there. Emotions that all can under- - League,
stieiil. aeeressive action that all can wd'l be
active intelligence in
The tales of the brave days of old al- I
I asnsyaw rv-iecn 1.ei tn K i t'a Vi ' C rm
a i : j j g- r utcn co x- -
tribution returned, in case of failure t
ake a'
id lis
rk u
the SSI
I nrrsr
. snd
on th
I e.
visit. 1
by tho;
ig in their efforts to enl
' nt. State governors.
. fortlcners. tourists, etc..'
Torts sine- the President's
jlirly. are being reward.-.!
l. sf visitors dally, and
who passed through h--c y,-:rr-day.
Is Vice-Adrnlral sir Harry
lloi.isworth itawson. K. C. DL It. N..
1 who has Just been appointed Governor
i of New South Wales. He ts accom
panied by Lady Rawson. their children.
Mix-. Itawson. Mr. Wyatt Rawson. a nu
BtSfl us suite, and about 3:4 pieces of
:..-rgage. ,
Vice-Admiral Raws. in. who Is In bis
nan In appearance. He was born In
Lancashire and was educated at Marl-
hnrilltrh i . n nf Fnrlinit'ii fnmous nuh-
- i Knov
:.. sch.-ols. He entere.i th- navy as ai , 'Uj;t,
cadet In 1S37. became a lieutenant In ; played Icilius;
commander In 1ST1, captain in 1877. 1
: ar-idmlral in 1892. and was promoted'
t his present rank in 1898.
The admiral served in the China war;
edged as the greatest Virglnlus of the
present day. ranking as one of the tri
umvirate who have made Sheridan
Knowles" play most famous John Me-
ugh. to whom in pa.--: days Warde
Lawrence Barret and
an actor to our shores is such a rare
occurrence that he and his art were
doubly welcome. Suffice It to say that
close the Brewery, let him notify the
Anti-Sal Don League. Honolulu, and the
money will be r.-fund?d. Otherwise it
v iP he used for other Anti-Saloon
ta igue work.
We. the undersigned, give the
amounts opposite our names for th
purp. se of closing the Honolulu Brew
ery, provided that, in case the object is
not accomplished, the money subscrib
ed shall be returned to those so re -questing:
otherwise it will be used for
other Anti-Saloon League work.
The following letter is addressed to
those who may kindly give us their
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