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Tre, we were fird from the corner to which we ere
new movie, but we hive got baca in o fnrornnd will
eeem occopy our hsndeome new building. New stock T
Well, everybody well known oar former toek wen
pretty well disposed of. Everthi.g entirely new,
larger, betwr end grater vaiiet of fd lhan ere?
fcefsre Watch ue buiM our display in interior end
in Um windowa and come end tee as at foon at we
E. O. Hall & Son, Ltd.
EhltrV Block, Fort Street.
Governor Dole and
Others Return
W. & M. Ltd.
W. & M. Ltd. W. & M. Ltd.
THIS WKKK we offer yon a couple of dozen very beantifnl JankeU and Gowns of
Silk ad Satin, which have eome to ns as samples of the skill nf a famous New
York ladies' tailor. Being sample, they are, of course especially well-made that's
hum.n nature. We don't intend to carry the line. We haven't room. We must
do one of two thinr-, either send back these samples or sell these at aetualeoji. Shall we
send them back? it's up to yon.
New Dry Goods
Personally Selected
People whe bare learned to look to Blom'a for bargains
week will find attractions great-r then eer today. Ketire new
steck selected by lir. Blom on the eoaet. Pikes a-tenishingly
low here are a few items:
0 pieces A. F. C. Gingham. 1 Or per yard
Liaoa) Table Dama-k (white) 58-ia wide. .00c per yard
Cotton Table Dan. auk " CO in 4tc per yard
MktO-ia heete, brat quality, with 9-in hem.. 7r each
fSiSO-ia Pillow Cases to match $2 50 per dozen
Mf Adjusting Drees Shields (omethiag ) S c pir
Ores- Toweling yards -for 25e
Plies Pillows, various sisee, Tery cheap.
Psosie, 32-inohee wide . 1 Or ysrd
Port Street.
1 Cream Silk Jacket, with Normansjr tare insertion, trimmee with Wart veteat
ribbon J
1 Pink China Silk Hoqm Jacket, with lace appIio.ua triramiir J
1 Blue China Silk House Jacket, with Venlae insertion 7 SB
1 Pink China Silk Jacket with applique trimminr -f
1 Pink China Silk Busptre Gown, trimmo with applique and rib km j2 Z
1 Blue China Silk Bmpira Gown, trimrsee: with Normandy laee St
1 Pink and White Silk Striped Challie Bsapire Gown, trlmassi wrsb. black vel-
ret ribbon - "
I Blue ai.d White Silk Striped Cballie Umpire Gown, with apsjiue riaa-
mln f
1 Blue Foulard Dress, with lace aa4iaue J8 g
1 Black Taffeta Silk Skirt J1S St
1 White Lawn Drees, trimmed witb Valeeeiennes lace and rlbboa and witk
tucked yeke -112
I White Point d'Eprit Dress, tucked wain and skirt; wrlmmed wrSa whltj
satin ribbon
1 White Point d'Bsprit Dreas. trimmed witb ruaTUs and adsd wMh white
aatin ribbon; allarar lace yeke
Flit Remnants
The Remnant Sale continues another week. The bar
gains are by no means all gone yet.
Tuxedos and
Full Evening Dress Suits
Ts We correc'ly dressed the coining theatre season
rssnirrs that gent'rmen wean a Tnxede or i e-s
bnit. We have the cloeesl to eustosa mads slothes
la the snnks of AI.FRKD hBNJAMIN CO.,
Mew York. Perfect Fit snd Style. Ties, Gloves
Dress bhirts. Collar. Cuff, etc., always in eossplsU
line of aise, also nsw stock of
Iverness Overcoats.
Hash Clothing Co., Ltd.
Corner Hotel and Fort Sta , and Hotel 8.
(Speelal to the Advertiser.)
BAN FRANCISCO. May 1. There are
not many Hawailana In San Francisco
at thla time. The hotels have only a
few as truest and faces familiar in the
Pacific Paradise do not greet one often.
Mot of the leading residents of the
Territory who have arrived here wlthla
the past month have tarried only a day
or two and then rushed on eastward.
Not a few have rone to Washing-ton.
Governor Dole is expected to be here
very soon en route to Honolulu, as
also George Carter and Lcrrln Thurs
ton. W. O. Smith and F. M. Hatch
staid but a few hours before they took
train for the National capital.
If las Florence Moore, who returned
recently from Honolulu, was the guest
of honor at a luncheon In Los Angeles
last Friday. Those present were
Miss Moore. Miss Eva Toung. Miss An
na Roberts. Miss Lottie Harris, Miss
Mamie Dalton. Miss Dorothy Robert
son. Miss Helen Park-r. Mi as AgncS
I.lttleboy. and Miss Emma Eyraud.
The dining room was artistically dec
orated with Hawaiian curios brought
by Miss Moore from Honolulu. Le.s
were worn by all the guests and the
dishes were calabashes, placed on ta
pes. There was no pot served, but alli
gator pears, taro and some other Ha
waiian delicacies were enjoyed by the
guests. A little talk of Hawaiian
scenes was given by Miss Moore.
Society misses the Herrlns. who are
now aojournlng In Honolulu. Sal.y
Sharp, the society editor of the Call,
says "I never saw a girl- sail away
and leave such a dearth of happiness
behind her aa did Catherine Herrln.
She left for Honolulu last week and
people miss ber terribly. Her friends
are all talking about It. I heard one
girl aay to another: I am so glad you m tne real estate business at 1023 Mar
have come. I have been so lonely since K(H street, thla ctty. the firm name be
Catherlne left.' The other repl.ed: mR Hives, Bivens a Company.
'Why. do you know, that's just why I Vaui Mary is still feeding on husks
looked In. Am so blue without her.' " on account of his devotion to Bacchus.
MSjm Georgie Spleker will remain two Inlanders vbftinir here will do well to
months In Hawaii. She was hostess at ge Kgry before he aeea them, aa he la
a luncheon In honor of Miss Underbill an adept at oucfclng." and makes the
Friday, at the Spleker home on Devi- Occidental Hotel and the places fre-
sad'-ro street. quented by Hawailana bis rendezvous.
Mrs. Charles W. Hathaway and Miss tiuMton Uoisse fell an easy victim to
Hathaway who recently returned from his wHes at Zinkand's a night or so
Honolulu are at the Occidental. ago. Q. Bolase is tne weil kuun fore
Alfred R. Ourrey Jr.. the civil engl- man f the Advertiser's pressroom, and
neer who has been with the Rapid s hero oa a visit. He is staying with
Transit Company since the inception fci mother and alster and enjoying
of that enterprise. Is registered at the greatly the unaccustomed sights. He
Occidental. has not been here for six years. Bolsse
town Talk says: Miss May Buchly say that the leading feature of the city
of Berkeley was the guest of honor at to him is the food. He Is fast exhaust
n rereotlop on Anril 3rd at Alnahau. id nnwuitw n.t mimiranta m
near Honolulu, where Princess Kalu- Be seeks a different one for each meal ! "W1?en I first purchased Herplcido. 1 Here is an important question for yea.
a s si m . tnnil 0 ri t I I L t hn m o i, in t xr r Hot -v p.irv
lam rewiaea unui ne pasaea away ai.me mo as to get a diBVrent gastronomic ;"V "T ' . i'u"J'"" "2 V Many people cont Due the ns of trhua
years ago. The reception was given b sensation '.tolase Was drinking in the t'"nta- ll, wYLd f? fake" 1 aR1 -T; Vk k u8
Mr. and Mrs. J O. Rothwell. The music at Ztnkand's when his disengag- I haPPy to state that, on the contrary, it e long after they have ceased to benefit,
magnificent old residence with Its sur- ! hand waa firmly elasned bv Ejrrr La . evn more than you claim Ifa easv and wise bi liawfl an mir.u
nwra i-aiieu siiomiua 10 me new years or onener, as it BUoald be doi
nair sprouting ouc on my scaip, ana
inquired or me what l aave been Using.
Whitney & Marsh, Ltd.
work and no limit to the good it can
I have held In all seven meetings in
the tent, two with the Salvation Army,
two in the Murphy Club, one in the
Roys' Brigade, a total of 20 meetings.
I think opportunities for this part of
ray work will increase, and shall do all
in my power to find further openings
In all sorts of places and among all I
Testimonials Tell
of It's
Alf. R. Keller, residing at 2195 Dev5
sadero St., San Francisco, Cal., writes
the following:
How Long Have Y
Worn Those Glasses ?
drawing rooms, divided only by fluted
pillars and a grilled archway, were
used for dancing. At the foot of each
arch were potted palms, while in one
correr. high upon the table, were
"Alcha nul oe!" fairly shrieked the
famous violinist. "Mine's wheesky.
Why, bot sees eea like monnal from ze
ole country, my dear Gaston!"
A'ter Kgry had told all bia troun'es.
ry twr JL
)ae. .JS
stalks of white striped bamboo, cherry I snd Bolsse had yielded up all he had
hlb cuw. ferns, and reath. ry palms. I not lad time to secrete. Eerr sighted
The hallways and verandas were sim- another Honolulan. and also a pros
Harly treated. Behind a curtain oflpecUve drink, which allowed Boisse to
palms and ferns a quintet of Hawaii- I escape. Boisse was a guest at the wed-
ans played and sang native melodies,
to which the guests danced. The dance
began at 9 o'clock and the first num
ber waa led by Prince and Princess
The Bulletin says: Bishop Nichols of
Cal. fornix and hia daughter, Mins Mary
Nlchola were the motifs of a charming
lawn party at Honolulu by Mrs. E. D.
n-nney. A delightful lunchecn was
uing of Miss Clara Gerts of Honolulu,
who was a fellow passenger on the
Sonoma. Miss Gerts was married to
Or. William Dodd of Butte. Montana,
on Thursday, at the Palace Hotel. The
bridesmaid was Miss Mabel Bruns of
Honolulu, who Is visiting relatives
here. Miss Gerts Is a sister of Attor
ney Francis Brooks wife. Dr. and
Mis. Dodd left at once for 8anta Cruz
I tell them 'Herpicide;' also give them
your name and address."
BERNE, Switzerland. May 1. The
Gurnfgel-Bad. a famous health resort)
near Thun, was destroyed by fire last!
night. The church alone escaped. The
season had not begun and the estab-!
Ushments were unoccupied
A. N. San-ford,
Manufacturing Optician.
Boston Building. Fort Street.
Over May & Co.
Clinton J.
served under the trees, after which the I and will tour the Bast before settling
uiwnop gave a nine laia on tne porrn I sown.
or the handsome colonial mansion.
whlrh was decorated with the Ameri
can and Hawaiian flags. Among the
gucxta wre the Prince snd Princess
Kawananakoa. Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Hatch. Bishop Willis. Mrs. George Her
bert. Mrs. Ivers. Miss Scott. Rev. and
V. : ATinder Mackintosh li,v t -an
on Kltcat. (Continued from Page 1 )
Frederick Warde. the tragedian, and P-rsonal help la obtaining subcrip
company, who leave today for Mono- I tlsns:
lulu, nave been playing for the last
- I h. a- a a aa i't'-i"- ' 'J ssses wssnwej ' i
r-w iays at Oakland. Hnn t..v,'. u. i Tiin thimwiv.
on u: sonesna an Tames .i T.. i ...-.
Geary. Miss Annie GearyT Miss Mary thm..h it. i.-w..r . mtnmm
. t .a t in.. r a . I w ' . " -
j. i unnj nil u in nnic imi 01
I Oakland, who will stay in Honolulu for
I a few w-"k
W. R Vl-kery. the picture deal-r.
and wife, who returned a few days age
from Honolulu, sing the praises of the
Islands to all they meet.
The Lo Angeles Tlms says: Mr.
and Mrs. Bryan, en route to the East efot-t.
iirom a vmn oi wverai monins lo in-ir
son In Honolulu, were the guests of Dr
your nice roadster-'
plain and
and plantation muls from
w. s. WITHERS,
aa ssj agaa a laUok A a WW e ma a
xL,u ATS i L: 't'v 2 , , franco In these Islands we ask you
,Vf . nL'Xw .KThKy. hrf Wrd "MS" boobs, and. with such
nn-H , hW i fWh 18 httV as yon may be able to secure.
rliJtywPlr,f- . f- ' W.h " us to raise the one thousand dol-
25- clp?U" vaIU lar. required, and the more than a
The Blrdw of Hawaii. The eastern ,,,.., ,i. ,
i "'Mi-Mu.j iiai : e w c vi ran rr.
tbe Honolulu brewery, which is man
ufacturtng and selling beer under a tt
oense which is, as we believe, illegally
It we succeed la closing tbe brewery
84 Piimo boer saloons will have to go
eut of buslnesa
So great a beon is worth aa heroic SncrraaAr fa (i Stumor. T A
- - . UVU-j 111
Itellevlng you are Interested la our
endeavor to check the evils of intem-
Stables and Corrals corner Queen
and Alakea.
AM Kinds of Live Stock
Roonuj Sot. Sit. S10
Staiftswsld BslMlsg
tstaV ssnaaa
ports aaaee
Elect rlaal
rh s
Ssrweys aaS
ir TT i ti ii nhs. Steass
n setles 1'
Estimates prpa 1. ns MMr-.Ms.s
ef eoalnsctf-ing work. Con tr ft rta aii.t.s tmw
taaaal. bridges, balld'.ngs, blga waya, (ueceMawa. elesn. wbarves
wvn to ezamlofttlona valaa
fee nreitinta I p
Febdbrick J. Amwvs), If. Am. Soc V. B.
(TABFvT.Sft Jt.. t nd Traa
guests saw the collegiate life of Ha
waii an I are deeply impressed with
the excellence of the work being- ac
complished In the building up of Amer
ican ideals.
H. Laws wants to be expert account
ant for in- Pan Francisco Board of
nupervl rs it Is said here he was
formerly attorney general of the Ha
waiian republic.
a 4 Maw
H. McKechni
Please collect tbe money as you go.
se far as this is poas.ble. and forward
tar same as soon as convenient to
Astl-Saloon league. Honolulu.
At the request of the Committee on
taw Enforcement I have written to
Dr. Chapman of Loa Angeles, request
air him to aend ua a rvonv of th T I i
Walter Soott. a well known society I Option law of California, and te Dr. I
man. i aves ror Hawaii. He will be Baker of Ohio for a copy of the law of
wedded about June S. that State, known as the Clark law
The Call s-": Blshon Nichols ai d Th"Se are for the Information oT the
his daughter. Miss Mary Nit-hols, are I Aeiiatlon Committee eaaer.lallv.
the recipients of numerous hosDltali- I The subscriDtlon books with the ae-
tlea in Honolulu. eeanranyin letter will he went to oar- !
Colonel McCandlees and son are re 'ies in Kona. Kohala Hilo. Ihalna-
Istered at the Occidt-ntat Hotel. lsn. Wailuku. Pala Hana. Kauai, br '
Attorney Robbins. who wa th hro I the first mail leaving the city.
Does Your Mouth
Water ?
House, Sign and Decorative Painting
Graining, Olasing, Paper Hangj.g assi Tintina;.
First-Class Sign Work on G-lass a Specialty.
P. K 62-'
Alakea Street.
Telephene Main 62.
of the "push buttons" episode Id At
torney General Dole's eSSee ever two
years ago. will eall for Honolulu next
The Bulletin says: Mrs. Jane Stan
ford. Mrs. John D. Sprerkels and Mrs.
Sands Forman are at present In Hono
lulu and are guests at the Moana Ho
tel. Walklkl. The party will make a
tay of several we. ks. A ereat deal
f attention Is belntr nail the"! nl
their visit Is being made In every way
mosi nei:gntrui.
Arthur V- . r has eorre back fmm
Iforolulu. nh:Cr - t f r T l
A B-ndel. cr.K-rs here
Mr. Blve- s. who i a brok-- 1 Ho-
iiolulu until a few . onths ar .. w
Several cases have been before th
Ljegil Protection Committee. In two
cases there seemee to be no good rea
son for interferenee. In one case we
took a little girl irrlevously wronged. t
Qaeen's hospitsV and have ber now j
under our care.
It has been su.rgestd that we keep '
a standing notice in the papers invit- i
p those who know of cases of wrong. '
buse. or Illegal treatment, to report
.u h case to our Committee en Legal
r fctloti.
As ln-tner.so. a eentinuoua. an urgent
rd met homane work in the resjene
f the aff! Cted and ignorant, the
wronged ard oppressed, is opening to
his committee. There is no end te the '
FRESH Frozen Ojftets
Columbia Kirer Sa'mon
Calif rnia Smelt
Striped Bass
From ff the "Sonoma"'
A camera that will afford
the amateur the most
pleasure, and prove of tbe
highest service, must pos
sess such features as weil
adapt it for "all around
work." No other can take
the place of the ....
Call or write for catalogue.
HodoIqIq Photo Supply Ct
Fort Street near Hotel.
Leading Grocers
1060 FORT ST.
240-Two Telephones 24-0
waited last year for tas
price of lumber tocodowa,
instead it has gone up; it is liable
to go etiil so why not
higher, build now?
Contractor and Builder, will te
your work promptly and well.
Office now at 1048 Alakea Si, fctt.
King and Hotel. Phone Blue MM.
Store and Office Fittings.
I would respeetfurjy request all pa -
eons owine to aatl and arranet set-
: tlement of their asseunta at eaee.
My mother (Annie J. r.urscss) is au
j tborized to reeetpt fer my aeeouat ua
Ser full power ef attorney.
DR. OmO. W. BURflEfi.
24 S. Kins WL. Awrtl ?8,

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