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i :
ff luBB?1 ft 51
HE following syndicated article on
Hawaii by C. V. Sturdevant, is
making- the rounds:
The language, religious rites,
This wonderful medicine has never manners, customs and physical appear-
been equalled as a stomach strength
ener and health builder. It Is the only
Habits and .Characteristics of the Picturesque
Native Race in the Paradise of
the Pacific.
fance Indicate that the Hawaiians are a
1 branch of the Polynesian race which
oe to take when your "system Is weak'PePle a11 tne South Sea islands and and intelll
Sam Parker, whom the daily press
has so persistently declared is to suc
ceed Governor Dole at Honolulu, obey
ed order of a kahuna to run around
the block barefooted every morning be
fore breakfast for a time. The result
was that he nearly died from exposure.
David Naone, one of the most healthy
whiffs and pass it around. The tobacco
is home grown and very strong. The
native pipe is home made and brass
tipped. , j
They are expert musicians, singing
and playing various Instruments per-j
fectly. v It is a treat to hear them as,
they go about on the eve of some noli-'
day serenading from house V housed j
Their hula kui is a muscle dance of 1
such an Indecent nature that it was'
placed under tabu by the government.!
Bathing and surf riding are . dally s
pastimes; in fact, they frequently spend
half the day in the water. In 1840 the
native schooner Keola capsized twenty
five miles from shore and two wahines
(women) swam the entire distance, one
carrying her husband on her back un
til he died. j
When riding horseback, which is
popular among the native women, they
sit astride or "man fashion." The ease,
and grace with which they sif their
mounts has won the American ladies
to their way of riding and it is seldom
one sees a woman riding in the old
cramped and uncomfortable position
customary at home.
On holidays the native women for-
Van Dine Reports
on Blight in
.. .. mprlv worn nan (rMInc hnhit nrr-
ptt Hnn.'iifln.4 t np writer -
iem is wean -- . y, i tv. .i . . -
and run down and you suffer from'who are supposed to nave come irora met in 8eVeral years' residence In Ho- r"?! wi,.- rfl;' CVen 1 hOUSand ACfCS Of PotatOCS
DTSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, CON-1 ne East inaian arcmpeiagu. nolulu, succumbed to the machinations
STIPATION, FLATULENCY, SOUR The natives are not black like the of tne kahuna. Naone was a delegate
STOMACH OR HEADACHE. TRY IT. ' negro, but in color resemble more the to the Y. P. S. C. E. convention at San
IT will surely do you good. Be sure i North American Indian, though entire- Francisco five years ago and was made
to get the genuine, with our PRIVATE ly different than either race. They are mucn Gf there.
DIE STAMP over th npic of tio Twvt-' frequently called "dusky blondes." The islanders were barbarians, but
Official Notice
By authority of Alex. Fullerton, the
General Secretary of the American
Section, Theosophlcal Society.
When not given to dissipation he is ere never cannibals. They were wor-
one of the most perfect specimens of . snjp persof Idols of wood and stone,
healthy, robust manhood that can .be j shippers of Idols of wood and stone,
found, but the life of drunken debauch-, easily influenced to accept Christianity,
ery and licentiousness followed by so -with the result that the early mission-
'many of them r'nee the advent of the'aries had the greatest revival since the
white man and the Chinese Is rast re- ay. Cf Pentecost, when thousands join
ducing them both in numbers and ed tne cnurch in a day.
physique. I The native has lost much of his re-
The Kanaka Is an expert boatman )lgoug disposition through the mistake
and defeated all comers In the Interna- j of thinking that every person with a
tional tug-of-war at Honolulu. Their : hite face was a Christian or "mis-
canoes are only wide enough for one sionary," and falling 'to see how they
nearly to the ground from the waist on
either side. A company of half a dozen
wearing different colors presented a
striking appearance.
"When doing the family washing they;
sit tailor-fashion, using a large stone
for a washboard, in some small creek,
if one be at hand.
and Corn on Maui Affected
by Blight.
The chief articles of diet are poi and
L. VAN DINE, special agent
for the Agricultural Depart
ment in Hawaii, has returned
from his tour of investigation
fish. The latter, of which there are in the Kula district on Maui. He re-ninety-seven
varieties, is frequently port3 tnat the corn an(j potato crop in
eaten raw.. The favorites are shrimp, . , ,. ., . . , ,..
., . . , , . t i the district comprising seven thousand
squid, crabs, shark and eel. Poi is
made by cooking and peeling the tuber-, acres Is almost a total failure because
ous root of the kalo or taro plant and of the ravages of the green fly in corn,
pounding it with a stone in a large and the black rot on potatoes. Only
wooaen trough until smootn. mis is
THOMAS FITCH. Offices 0l Stacr
wald building, Honolulu. T. XL Wlffl
practice In all the court.
and 604 Stangelwald building; TU-.
phone S98 Main.
E. J. WALKER. Coffee and Merchan
dise Broker. Off.ce room 4, SpreclceU
block, Honolulu.
WM. T. PATY. Contractor .n BU-
er, store and office fitting; shop Ala
kea St.. between King and HoUl;
res., 1641 Anapunl.
DR. n. BICKNELL. Mclntyre
rooms 2 and 14; office hours, l to i
nla and Miller; office hours. I to i
f. E. GROSSMAN. D.D.S. Alike It,
three doors above Masonlo Temple,
Honolulu; office hours, I a.m. to 4 p.sa.
Office hours, 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; lots
bid-. Fort St.; TeL 4S4.
JAS. S. MeKEE. Electrical. Mecbanu-
al and Cor'it'tlng Engineer; orate,
rooms 11 an l Progress block.
or and Engineer,
O. box 732.
409 Judd bid.; P.
nerson. are ' round-bottomed and have; were any better than themselves. Those s, , '. the early corn and potatoes which had
outriggers to prevent capsizing. 'who now cling to religion are divided few aays to sour after which it is obtained a sufficient growth to resist
The native liquor is made from Awa betw-een the Protestant and Catholic reduced with water to the consistency , the attacks of insect and disease, will
root Dy a group ui native ehurcnes. 'mere is less or pegging ana nnirPf1 whether fnr nr.P two or three
around a calabash or gourd cnewing thievery amon
the root and expectorating the juice, other race.
(and a liberal amount of saliva) Intdj in the days of idolatry large paho
this dish. When fermented this stuff ; nuas or cities of refuge were con-
Is drunk. They also illicitly aistii a structed In which were heiaus (tem
them than almost any finger pol It l3 'carried to the mouth!
Notice Is- hereby given that Mr. . A.
Marques, having failed to obey the or
der to return the cancelled charter and
other property of the ALOHA BRANCH liquor called okolehao and brew a sort ples) Where murderers might flee as in
has been suspended from the member- . of beer which they name snipes. old testament days. Two of these ruins
shin of the Theosor.hleal Socletv br The marriage relation is esteemed stm standf one on Hawaii and one in
snip or tne aneosopmcai .oocieiy, oy an (hpr la tio word In t T.ct
..4.. . il.. V.,.,tl rttt.. .t. - . , iuc iau vojic, uu .nan.,
VI UCL Ul U1C XACV U bl V C VVlill v i. a iwov (
VtA loncmacrA ti-k DTnrP9 thf TTlPanlnff
i i ir: taiikuuhv- w '
the party signing himself S. W. Shaw, fof virtue. This fact has caused much
"SeCi Aloha'Branch, T. S" la not and trouble by spreading leprosy in the lsi
never has been a member of the Theo
sophlcal Society and has no diploma.
New York City. July 28, 1902.
6243 Gen. Sec. A. S., T. S.
provisions of a certain mortgage made
by John Nahlnu, party of the first part,
Kapule Nahinu, wife of said party of
the first part, joining therein, both of
Hookena. District of South Kona, Isl
and of Hawaii, Territory of Hawaii, to
J. M. Monsarrat. of Honolulu, District
of Honolulu, Island of Oahu, Ter
ritory of Hawaii, party of the
second Dart, dated the 8th day of
Luaus, or native feasts, are gotten up
hegardless of expense. Large mats are
mature and the department has inau-
crtiro tail a avctem nf evnorlmpnta frnm
by a peculiar dexterous movement. b
This requires practice. Pol is consid-,' which it is expected to learn some
ered fattening and before it sours is means of preventing further future
much liked by foreigners. aamage in the Kula district.
The Hawaiian loves display. He la Nearly the entire Kula district U
in his glory when arrayed in a uniform. I , ,
He would hunt for months for enough J affected by this blight and Insect, aaid
yellow feathers to make a wreath for! Mr. Van Dine yesterday. "The farm
his hat or neck. These feathers were' erg ln that district, principally Jap
found one under each wing of the oo,l Portuguese and Hawaiians, did
a black bird which formerly existed In, . ,
not aiscover me cause oi aamage iu
neers, Electricians and Boilermakers,
Electrical Engineer. Office, Room 4,
Spreckels block. Residence. 131S Wil
der Ave. Telephone, Main 1S2.
JAMES T. TAYLOR. M. Am. Soc. C. M.
Consulting Hydraulle Enfllneer; M
Judd bldg., Honolulu; P. O. kox Tl.
v-i. j-". ""T,: :Z-Z?::.' "r ; sreat numbers In the islands
thlnumber hasTeen 'Veduced spread . outlth'SrU .eaV ot." The generous nature of the native is their growing crops, until great inroads
throWh ! death rate to a trifle more' the ground tailor-fashion. Decorations sho'n erection of the Kapiolani: had been made upon them and to stop
than 800.
The natives originally lived in pic-
it now. Is Impossible. Precautionary
of ferns (of which there are 300 vari- -u.i..
...... - .... i hnmo Kanwhampha fhrmls nnn the
ran" vnerarrpfof use ' ' I Q-eA's hospital, by Queeh Dowager, measures are required in cases of this
rani Vine; are proruse. ( t .1,1, t3-; to- 1 i n ronnrt n-aa mnrle until
The feast consists of limu, palau. la- i' -vs .a...v, . -
J3i2iiip aiiu vucca oiiiiiiii!, twucv- practically ine- enure crop na.u uwu
fish, baked fish, pigs and dogs, with "V51- -"" "" ruined it was too late to do anything.
Thev green fly is attacking tne corn
anu St. Tel. White 152; 1 to p.
and 6 to 7:30.
f nT-czrtue crrnssi houses, but these have nmi.i . flh.imr.n ahl
given way; to board shanties and due flsh baked fish pIg3 and dogs, with "veiy. xnese mMuuuo. uau-:
few are to be seen today. trimmings galore. v jlished for poor Hawaiians and are,
a ir r. i.iih r-inty wa a fnrmerlv - j .. u 1 lareelv patronized and appreciated. I
r Aue uofe8 ale . fHonrt. thpr! mv the rlv mants which had a
the "run aress ior siaie occaiou w being fattened on a vegetable diet " V, V VT ' " ' , T rrmiDA Phvslelan and Car
both, sexes, but now the women wear whlch the natJves declares makes it the a the hme and w'ail and cl?anit in a good start and are able to resist the DR. J. UDA CIB
holokus, or mother hubbards, while the, most tempting dish on their bill of "n"n mafner to a few "l1""1"' ; attacks of the Insect have escaped. streets; office hours, t-1(
W. BEAKBANE. Card Engr aving aiT I
Stamping; room 3, Elite biilldlny.
S. B. ROSE, Agent. . . . Honoimm.
will bold summer term during Jul
and August.
DR. T. M-TAMURA. Office, 1463 N Ju
.n.cn HV. AtVlAf TMOTl " TnPV Pt 1 1 I -
go barefoot, and in early days when A smaler percentage of illiteracy is 'alternately pulling their hair and wail-, ie
shoes were first introduced they car- fnnn(, mm? the Haw Hon than anv s, then dancing and reastlng, notun-,sten
ried them in tneir nanas to me cnurcn other race. Nearly all
rloor and. out. them on mere. ! rninroinm nmtnm a o-n-ri
Ui , iue oi ins anu
the men are like the "wake-" as we sometimes see plant. There are two
od percentage " described.- A peculiar waving mo-j tQ ftJg ,ngect thfi
Insect sucks the juice from the
stem and leaves, killing tne young
natural enemies
ey do not repro-
wemDer, wso, hhu recuru m w.r ui- x ne diiy nuw irum me tvun.u. of the government positions are held by 4 re duce as ranidlv as does the green fly,
re r,f the Tfee-istrar of Convevances. ! ,11 r,f . w iKri for litrhts. - ' nanies the wailing and chanting. In auce as rapiaiy as uoea iue 8' i.
7. . , : ,. " on o.u.t .. - " mem anu mere are many goou scnui- . - .
ln said Honolulu, in Liber 166, page 204,
said mortgage having been finally as-
-signed to Samuel M. Damon. Henry E.
Walty and S. Edward Damon, all of
said Honolulu, partners In business
under the firm name of Bishop &. Co.:
Notice is hereby given that said
while fire was kindled by rubbing a
hard pointed stick in a groove made In
a piece of the soft hau tree wood.
Originally sharks' teeth and a bard,
fine-grained lava stone were used to
make tools for building canoes and
making calabashes. That they were
r, j .v,i ...n which reproduces by budding and wing
ars, lawyers, ministers and business l"? months in Tease of ed forms. These latter are responsl
men among the half-castes. and g ght fo to i onths laje of th rap.d spread Qf
The native woman marry. Chinamen ? he men would shave, one & hUgh
or . negroes and are delighted to get a sie ot ' the race fla"eaa- I xhe winged forms fly 01er the fields
white husband. Many white men haveV o e areag &re ,n & yery
native wives, and I know at least live irito 'hl.fw " L,Hul Xrll lii brief soace of time. The farmers saw
12 a. m., 7 to 8 p. m.; Tel. 1211 WHite.
and of American independence on July
Samuel AT Tlamnn ITen rv "R. WaitV
onJ o liTwarH Tamon nartnera as riroficient in the work Is evidenced by , ,,-.
" v .. u . . i iu nnu u. ( iijui i v. . j iiu ii v. u,j 1 1 . . . .
aforesaid. Intend to foreclose the same the fine speciments of bowls holiowea;men Many of the women are Quite wtn. man me natie nddudih
for condition broken, to-wit, the non- from the trunks of hard-wood trees as ' thA nrt nf lnm. ,nrni nr appeared gorgeously decorated
payment of both principal and interest, ,veii as bv their canoes, in the making ; American flags and flowers.
and that t? , of which they were unsurpassed by any: The , j d e ,t , f ht of
mortgage will be sold at public auction. f th th a lslanders m0.iv ttn.
t k 1 oii v. uu niu jjiucnaiA iiiackiiig www
i For bedding tney Deai wnn ciuus
"before the main entrance of the Judlcl-
ary building in said Honolulu, on Mon- i rr bark of the 'elS A " "'e n1
ar oie nuui uruuuu iiie iietrn. ji nai ui an
They have been Indifferent
form of government (except
fiuenced by politicians) since
j paper mulberry tree until it resembled tlmes The boys
la large sheet of very tough paper. ; m a'nd departin.
day. the 8th day of September, 1902,
12 o'clock noon.
gage are described therein as follows: '. This was colored In fantastic style by
1. All that certain piece or parcel the use o berries. The completed prod
of "land situate at Kauhako in said uct was called kapa or tapa and makes
South Kona, containing" an area of 49 ja very warm though light and thin
acres and being the same premises de- covering. A few of these old quilts are
scribed in Royal Patent (Grant) No. gtilI ln existence and command fancy
In olden times the Hawaiians were
1466 to Henry Clarke and tnat were
conveyed to the said Mortgagor by
John Schlelf by deed dated April 30,
1894, and recorded In the Office of the
Registrar of Conveyances in said Ho
nolulu in Liber 146 on folio 32S.
All tnat certain piec-e . . . - th t
in said , v.. ,
gentle, amiaDie aisposmon lmagmauie,
swimi about incom
ing and departing vessels, diving for
coins which may be thrown by the pas
sengers. No matter how muddy the
water, they seldom fail to reappear
with the money.
Hawaiians, lack thrift as well as dis
cretion, but make excellent sailors, es
pecially for whalers, as they stand the
Arctic weather better than
the work of the insect long before they
discovered the insect itself, and took
the formations upon the corn for a new
kind of blight. It was only when they
were shown the moving forms, that
they believed that it was the green fly
'which had attacked their crops.
. ,1.. i mi , i n.r "Trie aamaee dv me green ny ua.
liriciioii ui uie real aih ui iue.i laumj . ----- . " ,. ., T v,ir
(the Kamehamehas). t about. reached its limit now. L think
General J. F. B. Marshall says that The Department has begun a series of
in 1843 "Admiral Thomas, amid the experiments in corn in the Kula dis
wild rejoicing of the people, again! trict for the good .of the farmers there
hoisted the Hawaiian flag." j A plot of ground has been set aside and
Mr. Blount said in his report to the' tests will be made of the soil of dif
secretary of state In 1893: "Not a sin- . ferent varieties of corn "efts of
gle cheer greeted the Hawaiian flag deep plowing, the use of. fertilizers, and
as it was raised aloft. The native men Pon the growth of corn generally The
stood around in groups, or singly, : piece of ground so taken Is one of the
smoking and chatting, and nodding to : poorest in the district, and an effort
PERSONS needing.or knowing of those
who do need, protection from physi
cal or moral Injury, which they are
not able to obtain for themselves,
may consult the Legal Protectloa
Committee of the Antl-Raloon
League, 9 Mclntyre building. W. H.
.RICE, Supt. 6185
Pacific Transfer Co.
Jas. H. Lovf, Manager.
tVlAIEM 53.
Office, King St., opposite New
Young Block.
a warlike race,, but their dispositions reared in cold climates.
seem to have Vindergone an 'entire
of isind situate at Hookena
South Kona containing an area of 3.15
acres and being the same premises de
scribed in Royal Patent No. 5106 L. C.
Award No. 7066 to Kahula, Apana 2,
and that were conveyed to said Mort-
eacor by W. Kaaklmaka Dy aeea aaieu
They are kin.d-hearted, free from feel
ings of revenge and generous to a fault.
Does one lose his work he Is at once
given a home by some of his more for
tunate neighbors. They are like one
Both men and women smoke. They
light a pipe or cigarette, take a few
persons friends. The air of good-natured indif- i" oe maue .
ference and Idle curiosity with which 'od of cultivation and planting suitable
(Continued on Page 10.)
May 11. 1S95, and recorded In the Office j iarge happy family, and it is not in-
of the said Registrar in Liber 165 on
folios 238 and 239.
By their Attorneys, Mott-Smith &
Matthewman. ' .
Honolulu. T. H., August 12th, 1902.
Kalihi Grocery Store
Corner King and Beckley Streets.
Telephone White 3161.
Table delicacies and
Fancy Groceries
Special attention given to the prompt
and careful delivery of goods. Goods
delivered from 7 a. m. to 7 p. m.
Honolulu Hardware Co,, LU,
Importers and Dealers in
Geaeral Hariiare, Tinware, Paint: and Oils, Crectoj a
39 N. King street, makai side, between
Nuuanu and Smith streets.
Telephone Main 393. P. O. Box 609.
Pantheon Shaving Parlors.
frequent that one of two who have em
ployment will support five or six oth
ers, while many a family has three or
four "fathers" or "mothers." One na
tive got excused from his work three
times in one year to attend his "fath
er's" funeral. They are decidedly un
like "the father of our country" at the
cherry-tree period of his life. ,
It is seldom that two natives have
trouble serious enough to allow the sun
to go down on their wrath. They will
shake hands and be good friends five
minutes after a fight and yet they rush
Into court on any prettxt. They enjoy
and are willing to pay for the experi-;
enoe. !
The language is easy to learn and is
pleasing to the ear. The twelve let-!
ters. a, e, 1, o, u. h, k, 1. m, n, p, w, ;
compose the alphabet. The pure Ha
waiian dialect is composed chiefly of
the five vowels and is not understood
or used by even the half-castes or
younger natives. The language in gen-;
eral use is a corruption of English andj
Hawaiian, commonly called hapa ha-;
ole. or half white.
Occasionally a native will become so
angry as to say: "I will get a kahuna
to pray you to death." The kahuna is
a priest and medicine man who,
through wearing a bone from some
dead infant, is supposed to have pow
er to cause death or to heal disease
through the spirit of the child. A
wlutt? rip- even the feet of which are
and so strong is the native supersti
tion that he invariably dies as a re
t-d aid examined to be sure every
i? white', is given to the kahuna,
Sick and Weak People: I can eure
you with Electricity, as I have cured
thousands of others. I can make the
blood circulate ln your veins, the nerves
tingle with vigorous life and the spirit
of energy show itself in every move of
your body. I have told you that Elec
tricity is "Life," and now all scientists
and doctors are approving my claim.
Let me prove it to you; let me show
you how my method of applying this
great power has revoltlonized medical
)r McLaughlins Electric Odt
tc a tli7-tit a 'Vfn'nTv'RM HOME TREATMENT.
My twenty years of study are shown In this grand appliance. Tou
wear it with comfort at night, and the Electricity Infused into your
body cures all Nervous and Vital Trouble. Kidney and Bladder Trou
bles, Rheumatism. Lame Back. Indigestion. Weak Stomach and all
forms of pain and weakness. It restores the life while you sleep, and
must cure. . .
DO TOU SUFFER? If so. don't hesitate, don t waste your time on
drugs, which give no strength. Wear this life-giving appliance as I
direct and It will cure you. Come and see me today. See what has been
done for others. Test it free, get my free advice and follow it. You
will find it the road to health.
READ MY BOOK. I have a book which every man should read
(one for women also). It tells facts that are of interest to every man
who wants to remain young in vitality at any age. Send for this book
today, if you can't call. I mail It. sealed, free. If you call I will give
you a free test. Remember, my belt does not burn, though you feel the
current and can regulate it- I warrant it to give a strong current for
years, though no man who uses it right needs it over three months.
Cut this out and act today.
8 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. dr. m g. Mclaughlin,
Sundays 10 to 1.
NOTE When you use Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Blt you are under
the care of a physician. Agents or drug stores are never allowed to sell
these goods.
for the district. J
"What are needed more than any-,
thing else are precautionary measures.!
The farmers in that district have plant
ed corn for years and years in the same
soil without the use of fertilizers or
I changing of seed. More care should be
1 taken in planting and cultivating, both
corn and potatoes. An unneaunj
plant is always most eai)y affected.
What is needed is deeper plowing and
i new seed.
"The blight on the potatoes is a fun-'
! gus disease, the same with which Mr.
! Sedgwick had been experimenting. The
farmers in the district were supplied
iwith forty-five new varieties of potato
I seed and the first crop has matured
!of those planted by Mr. Sedgwick for
i tests. Though the blight affected near
' ly all of these potatoes so-ne were less
i injured than others, and these varieties
v. ill now be used again.
Shingle Stains
They are fr more artistic
in ftVct than paints and cost
I about fifty per cent UfH.
Will last just as long as
the lcpt paint and are the
greatest wood preservers
known. Call at our fctore or
write for booklet.
tewars & Cooke
Fort Street.
CATALOG -ft wi
r- i r?N
,60't4 or s..nf
ht Cu.
f. riSil:
G1-Oi2 MJfMf f-
N Ct.M- CUL h
U. S. Supreme Court. fiesri:er-.i Attor
ney U. S. Patent Office. United States
zr.d Foreign Patents. Cavents. Tra'l
Marks and Copyrights.
No. 700 7th Street. N. V.
Opp. U. S. Patei t-Oflct.
From II. J. Heinz Co.:
Jania Relish, sweet pickles, chow
chow, white onions, olives, salad dress
ing, catsup, table t,auce, malt, vinegar,
baked beans, tann sauce, and apple
baked beans, Tanr oaote, and spple
Tel. Bine 2312. Beretauia and Emma St
!e Territory Reiraat
Under New Management.
NEW COOK and Walters.
Meals 2Sc at all hours. First CJasa In
every respect.
Fort Street, opposite Club
C. AIvEE, Manager.
sult of the threat. j

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