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es!ABLiaU0 JTJfcY 1 UM.
What the Ascent of Haleakala Seemed Like to
a Tacoma Man Wonders of Scenery
and Delights of Altitude.
The following is from an account of moved on in stately measure to the mu
a visit to the summit of Haleakala ap-'sic of the spheres then just beginning
,. , I to show in the turquoise sea above us.
pearing in the Tacoma Ledger: Qur specter shJpa were manned, royal
Two thousand feet from the summit bankers flying, rich tapestries hanging
we came to a piece of galvanized Iron. J from mast and rigging. Our palaces
"Dat's a parta dl roofa Messer Baldwin J of pearl were peopled; opal and jasper,
he house on de top," said the guide, 'gold and ruby studded the walls; red
"He maka de fin' house, plenty strong. ' and blue lotus flowers, hibiscus and
He maka one gran', solide house; maka I oieander hedges and great masses of
de biga stona, de cementa. He worka ' gorgeous unnamed blossoms -waved to
diechi, twenty men, plenty men. He gentle breezes and spread broadcast
maka de rlace for water, de biga cis- their delicious fragrance. So beautiful
trino. He flxa de fine window, de It was the very sun did glow with pride
stronga door. He maka de key, one big and swell with admiration of the world3
key. He clos him cght. Plenty mules, he had created, and the whole sky was
one gTan campo; he worka ten, twen-'one mass of harmonious reds and gold
, ty. maybe forty day. He puta on de en tints; and yet by minute gradations
splendid roofa, de gran iron roofa. But no eye could follow, the tints changed
he no fixa plenty. .De win come. He to gray of pearl, to the dull beauty of
blow lik anyt'Ing. Pouf! one pieca dej amethyst, to the virginal simplicity of
roofa go dat a-way! Pouff! one pieca ' glaciers cold.
de roofa go noder a-way. Messer Bald-j The warmth of summer was fresh
win one dam-a foola!" 'ened by the keen air of the north. The
In a few minutes we were at the bright stars appeared in the oep blue
. summit- I left camp duties to the guide above. Our ghosts and spectres re-
and ran to the edge and looked down turned, but seemingly in even quieter
. into another and different world. Here, mood, as if in keeping with the hour.
Indeed, was the battleground of the,
gods of war, the scene of elemental,
primeval passions, me ruins u
phenomenon that in its display of pow-
er. srorgeous coloring, resistless motion,
blinding light arid universal thundering
in - . . n ,.olrk o 1 1 a 1 Afl until the
vii iicirci "
final, flhvsmal Dlunee that snail ena
our little world's excursion.
The crater of Haleakala has nothing
cf the regularity of Kilauea. Every (
inch of It speaks or action, .every iuui
rr the rim is varied and jagged torn
in Its upburst, crushed in its falling,
seamed and worn by the successive lava
flows that must have come from that
tremendous cavity An floods of unlmag-
Inable volume and power for untoia
centuries. It is 2.50O feet to the bottom,
six or seven miles as you look across
to the southeastern gap jind more than
.twenty miles around the rim. aw ay
, ' . ft , f v, -astern ran
down to the left In the eastern gap,
where the warmth and moisture of the
trade winds have reached In for a nun-
dred years and more of peaceful
tion, there Is a growth or snruDs, iern,
grass and trees, but from the presenx
point of view there is no sign oi ege-
.v.i n ot-o. on nrfaslnnal dwarfed
fern, a bit of moss or lichen, or a hardy.
iduic ... -
little edelweiss. They all seem dread-
fully out of place, like an innocent
maiden In a Black Hills mining camp.
A few white clouds are floating, mo-
tionless. in the space below us, and
slightly conceal the further confines of
this wonderful amphitheater. Far be-
neath them we can distinguish some of
the twenty-two or more rea oiownuira
IHC .r, - " "
or cinder cones that .cover the craters
bottom in a double line irom aooui
northeast to northwest iweniy-iwu
volcanoes, from 400 to neariy ow ii
. . . j ttiev are merelv pebbles
iiitt, ant . - -
on the burnt sands of this old sea of
Between the east and sourness i gi's Surely, this was no playground of embarrassments, in that now Gay & Graevemayer, in which the latter de
the rim rises to the height of a dis- eiementai forces, so quiet, so calm. It Robinson will agree to the use of the mands $5000 for injury to his character
tinct peak ci?d-caPd;. 1", ' " not here that earth's fiercest pas- water upc.n landa not immediately in and feelings. He states that on Au-
tho mountain
luresijue, miun6
..k on a1mnt pnoueh so to make
1 1 1 in ui-1 1 ...
a beginner indiscreet.
But there is plenty
to fill one's
thoughts and occupy one's bodily and
mental vigor without attempting to
cross to that clouoland. We walked a
mile or so to the south, and every step
opened up new vistas, showed us new
and undreamed-of effects of color, vari
ety In lava formations and degrees in
the superlative of roughness, wildness,
desolation and awe. We ventured over
the same path and found the panorama
ever new. e went norm nen i
the upper rim of the east gap and as
before, it was always fascinating, al-
ways varied, always telling of a fearful
rast. 1
And still in the middle distance nat
ed the soft innocence of summer sigh.
and beyond the craters raggeu euges
were endless folds of the great white
robes. Cloudland was Deiow us.
far as the eye could see, its rolling hills
and sleepy valleys, its peace and quiet,
filled all space. Not a movement, not
a change in perspective or color. And
yet turn from the south to the north
and turn back again, and lo! the weird
ghostland was made over anew. Far
to the southeast we looked for Hawaii
and Its great domes ror a iong wme
vain and then, of a sudden, under our
very eyes, the billowy mass of white
seemed to shadow forth the long, grace
ful sweep of Mauna Loa and Mauna
Kea, very dim t first until the rays of
the setting sun touched them with their
rich tints and discovered them as with
the alchemists magic wand to our ad
miring vision.
We circled the horizon wim our eag?r
es the mountain slope vanished into
the white citv: clouds that were mue
deep, clouds that filled the universe
with dream faces, specter ships, silver
ed cascades, palaces apd pearl clouds
that reflected clouds, duplicating and
manifolding each other until the eye
wearied of its attempt to find either
beginning or ending to any of the
beautiful creations spread oui utiuie
For a time the only color was white
i . v, c;i,.or and nearl srray- tints. Then
from a distance that seemed almost be-
r iiti v - - -
yond the power of signt, a iong noaiiu
of most delicate rose pink was passed
through that diaphanous mass. A sec
ond and a third followed, and in a mo
ment, in that infinitesimal fraction of
time that Is measured by fleetest
thought, our cloudland was glowing and
pulsing with the glory of the sun. Our,
dream faces were alive and their God-j
like forms, clothed in lustrous robes,
ye i00ked after the horses once more,
sampied our provisions and then tried
t(J fin(J a gof t spot in tne nttle cave
wnere we na(j BPread our blankets,
ra.idwin'a house was so spacious that.
being roofless, the cold Inight" winds
.. , i i. j tn
Bfartncu uui every uuu& ctnu tui uci
It onrl nro fnnnfl Ihp rramned ouarterS.
unaer ine lee ui a. leuje ul uva mui. ia
mor to our ilkine..
However, sleep was impossible. In
Spite of blankets and wraps It was
rrl o lkof lrAkn rnrlflpfl nlr that CO t
ln u'nder aU our 'covers and played
navoc. with our circulation. Then, too,
( laya does not compare with a hair mat-
treg3 d d Qullta for comfort and
, ease it may be pahoehoe when you lie
down but lt t eels like the roughest of
Aa after a few minutes. Besides, we
cou,d hear tne horse3 8tlrring a mtle
diStance below. I presume they found
. , " ;,, ,v . 3 , .
tne aIr cnniy, and every few minutes
we determined that they must be loose.
and that fear kept us on the jump all
inac-'nignt iong. we realized It would be
no mere holiday outing if we were left
on that summit with horses gone and
our blankets and saddles, etc., o pack
. . n v. ii
i ui iweuiy iiiiitra uvci ivugii iian.
Tne something to renav us for
logg of sleePt however. And towards
morning-( when the full moon was high
ln the heavens and the bright stars
studded the firmament and threw out
the crater-s roUgh edges and strange
,ava masses in bold relief) we forg0t aU
discomfort3 and drank in the weird
beauty of the scene. Not a cloud re-
lieved the blackness of volcanic ash and
11C Y UU llu.n,n.Oi3 s A. Tviuiiiv tiwii
warm java iedges in the great hole be-
low us. The cold, reflected light of
moon and planet, and the brilliancy of
stars, too far removed
stars, too far removed to brine us
. , v, "
- tXl 1 1 1 1 :i, aencu uuiy iu Dual i' ii un-
shadows and mystify our unfamiliar
sions once exniDiied inemseives in
, , " , a
Einna rtrt f ci o v n i n w mi i ri mi n i i-. 1 1 1
accriiiiiis iiuuua, 111 i.ui uaicco ui uic. dim
lightning play that signaled back
farthest heaven in thunders that tore
thi nnivprsp anan nnH rhoil from the
peary gates down to tne very jawa of
nei1- '
Here all was peace, the peace
death, perhaps, but nothing but the
mystery of our own imaginings could
break that peace. The clouds still
banked the horizon and hid the moun
tain slopes below us. Hawaii and
the otner isiandg the picturesque peaks
of western Maui, the cane fields and
otner evidences of the presence of man,
all land and gea were ost Then the
miracie happened of which we had read,
which we had come to see the sun
roge, Jugt a suapIcion of color at first,
like a kis3 upon. Urs eoJd in death. We
could not feel its warmth. We could
scarciy credit
its promises. But, as
the native legend has it, the sun was
already trapped, and through the
masses of billowy white that had con
cealed King Maui's workers and must
have fooled the lord of day as it did us,
appeared their many colored ribands
of beaten brass and gold, of lustrous
and pearl-broidered silk, fibrous ropes
and nets of sapphire, ruby, amethyst
and indestructible gems. With gentle.
persuasive, irresistible force they drew
the sun from out the hot South seas,
fresh and glowing from his morning
bath, and brought him captive to make
a golden crown for good King Maui
and warm and vivify this beautiful but
death-cold charnel house and make of
it a veritable Haleakala, the house of
the sun.
There is one phenomenon that usual-
,y occurs here at sunset which is as
unique as it is beautiful.
The change in the air currents causes
the cloud banks to unroll and unfold,
and following the rising strata of
warmer atmosphere, they come billow
ing, flowing and tumbling through the
east gap and spread out through the
width and length of tie great crater
. for all the world like a lot of fat, fleecy
' merinos piling through a narrow en
trance into an ocean wharf pen.
Authentic accounts have also been
Riven by the tourists of the "Spectre
Brocken," the phenomenon that is seen
at certain conjunctions of sun and cloud
and mist when the shadows of the ob
servers standing on the crater's edge
are projected in enlarged and even
gigantic form upon the white masses
on the other side of the crater.
(Continued on page 12.)
I t
The Mindanao Home of
Jht Plans for a Water Company
Endorsed by the Stock
During the next 60 days the commit-
B rf?" !
" -'HiiKi'tiiii wnili-riin -iIiWimih, ZilwC.
toe of stockholders of the Walmea Sug-
ar Mill Company will give Its attention
to the formation of a water company,
he lands of the company, which is re-
garded as the solution of the difficul-
ties in which the company has fallen,
, . , . ,
and which, according to figures placed
' "
before the meeting of the stockholders
yesterday, will clear up the estate with-
in three years.
The meeting was a well attended one
and tne report of the committee as pre-
- bv E H Paria w E Rowell and
rare a Dy i-i. n. a aria, w. xl,. rtoweii ana
E- E- Conant. was not only long but
exhaustive. It was set forth that the
committee after long negotiations had
come to the conclusion that the salva-
tion of the plantation was the forma-
f COTTlt)anv to brlne watr to tho
ion of a company to bring water to the
fie,ds from the mountains. This .water
belongs to (Jay & Robinson, and those
gentlemen have extended the option of
- '
leave to the company for time sufficient
to permit of the formation of a com-
t, jv.o, v, ni,n.
. .. "i
unere is anotner point in the read-
....... I
iustment of the lease of the water.
which will relieve the company from
l ownersnip or me sugar mm com-;
. . n -. . . . ... T 1 . 11. . . .T . , .
' ...
fcre under lease, this having been a
noint Ions under discussion between th
My twenty years of study are shown in this grand appliance. You
wear It with comfort at night, and the Electricity infused into your
body cures all Nervous and Vital Trouble, Kidney and Bladder Trou
bles. Rheumatism, Lame Back. Indigestion, Weak Btomach and all
forms of pain and weakness. It restores the life while you sleep, and
must cure. i
DO. TOU SUFFER? If sodon't hesitate, don't waste your time on
drugs, which give no strength. Wear this life-giving appliance as I
direct and it will cure you. Come and see me today. See what has been
done for others. Test it free, get my free advice and follow it. You
will find it the road to health.
READ MY BOOK. I have a book which every man should read
(one for women also). It tells facts that are of Interest to every man
who wants to remain young in vitality at any age. Send for this book
today, if you can't call. I mail It. sealed, free. If you call-1 will give
you a free test. Remember, my belt does not burn, though you feel the
current and can regtilate it. I warrant it to give a strong current for
years, though no man who uses it right needs it over three months.
Cut this out and act today.
8 a. m. to 8:30 p. m. dr. m g. Mclaughlin, Saa Fraacisco.Cl
Sundays 10 to 1.
NOTE When you use Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt ycu are under
the care of a physician. Agents or drug stores are never allowed to sell
these goods.
Milk supplied Wholpal and Retail from Principal Dairies on
Honolulu Dairymen's Assn.. Ltd.
'Phone White 211. - Office, Sheridan Street.
. li. -
( 1 H f
Henry S. Townsend, Formerly
company arid the water right owners.
It was the opinion of the members of
the committee that the necessary flume
and ditches would cost not more than
$30,000, and the recommendation was
that this company be formed at once.
It was upon this representation that
the stockholders decided to ask the
committee to work upon the plan for
two months, when another meeting will
be held for the purpose of hearing the
supplemental report.
Many stockholders of the company,
among them some of the largest and
most Influential, have already agreed to
the advancing of the necessary funds
for the purpose of arranging the water
company proposition, and not only
have Castle & Cooka made this agree
ment but have signified their readiness i
to hold onto the agency in the event
of .there being such a satisfactory ar-
. . ...1. 4-1. Anftnrv a4 VA lAm
pany out of debt. Owing to the expert
opinion on the water from the wells
Being aeiaycu lucre. oa iu x cvj t j
this feature by the members of the
WANTS $5,000
The battle on Laysan Island between
Max" Schlemmer. the "king" of the
1 -f '
rocky isle, and Albert von Graevemay-
er, in which the latter was worsted, and
U. - vi, . i.tt.i in th nniif rnurt
. . . . .,,
on Wednesday, is again ioia oi in an
, .. -.
action for damages brought in the Cir-
cuit Court against the "king" by Von
gust 12
on Laysan island bcniemmer
a,. 1 . 1 i . J .1 .nwn.lak 111 t .aQ r
him, all of which he says cont
tn in lure his character.
. tiw'wrTO?w!r-.iJia.w.j'
i' ' 5
Sick and Weak People: I can cure
you with Electricity, as I have cured
thousands of others. I can make the
blood circulate ln your veins, the nerves
tingle with vigorous life and the spirit
of energy show Itself In every move of
your body. I have told you that Elec
tricity is "Life," and now all scientists
and doctors are approving my claim.
Let me prove It to you; let me show
you how my method of applying this
great power has revoltionlzed medical
Dr McLaughlins Electric Belt
i '
mm lhmwjjhSIi.u w
8" - 1 1 xr
of the Hawaiian Schools.
Discovery at Judiciary Building
Reveals Odd State of
Hundreds of feet of earthen sewer
piping is being removed from the Judi
ciary grounds and replaced with Iron
pipe, the Joints being closed with solder.
For sometime past waste water has not
flowed freely from the Judiciary Build
ing through the piping and an investi
gation showed it had become clogged,
E. R. Bath, the plumber, who has naa
1 charge of the change of material, ven
1 tured the opinion that the roots of trees
f growing in the Judiciary grounds had
caused tne trouDie.
tv iicii luu cat luti j
bare, roots were seen to have penetrated
the cement joints, and when several
lengths were broken out they contained
root vegetation inside which almost
filled the pipe. In some cases the roots
inside had become matted and when
the pipe was broken away the growth
retained the circular form of the cov
ering. j The roots came from palm, monkey-
pod and banyan trees ana air. ram
ctimatpo that .in some instances the
. . . a,.
roots had travelled ai least inuj-i.
. . T . .
feet to enter the pipe. He explains
thj3 pecuiiarity with the statement that
with earthen pipe and cement Joints a
moisture Is prevalent along the route of j
the pipe and toward this tne roois
travel to absorb it. Tiny shoots pene-
rifri tVio ri-TTitint ana w nen once in
;side the pipe assum
jof extended roots. A photograph was
taken by Williams of seera g
!of piping which had been broken open
!to show the interior growths, and
'photographs were also taken of the
manner In which the roots had made
j their way inside.
I A short time since Mr. Bath removed
'several hundred feet of the same kind
of piping from a residence and grounds
at Waikiki, the piping having become
clogged and matted with vegetation. A
resident who was about to put In earth
en sewer pipe on his premises was ask
ed by Mr. Bath if there were trees and
plants growing there. When answered
in the affirmative, Mr. Bath told him
it would be throwing money away to
use anything but iron pipes as tne roots
would surely make their way inside
cement jointeu pipes.
It is bc-lievea that much of the trou-
ble about town wim sewtr newe
ls due to the use of earthen ilpe and
cement joints.
i rii tpi
.OOD. or oui.tT Ti'K?!
016-922 MARKET ST.
No. 1272 Fort Street, near Kukul.
Dressmaker. Ladies' Underwear, Skirts,
Chemises, etc.
A larg1! line ef ready-made Mosquito
Neta always oa hani.
THOMAS FITCH. Offlcei C01 BtaM
wald building, Honolulu, T. U. WX3
practice In all the courts.
and 604 Stangelwald bulldlnc; Tl
phone 398 Main.
:. J. WALKER. Coffee and Mercham
dise Broker. Office room 4, 6preckU
block, Honolulu.
T. PATT. Contractor ana eai
or n And office fittlnff: hOD Ala
ke'a St.. between King and HoUl
res., 1641 Anapuni.
DR. H. BICKNEIX. Mclntyr fclaft
room- 2 and 14: offlc boura, 9 to w
nla and Miller; office hours, to 4.
i. E. GROSSMAN, D.D.S. Alakea II,
three doort above i!?onlo Ttropia,
Honolulu; office hourt, a.m. to 4
OCTce hours, 8 a. m. to 4 p. m.; LOTt
bld. Fort St.; Tel. 34.
or and Engineer, 499 Judd bid.; W.
O. box 78J. .
neers. Electricians and BoUermaasra,
Electrical Engineer. Office, Ro 4,
Spreckels block. Residence, II IS Wil
der Ave. Telephone, Main 1S2.
JAMES T. TAYLOR. M. Am. Boo. C 11.
Consulting Hydraulic Engineer; IM
Judd bldg., Honolulu; P. O. box Ttl.
W. BEAKBANE. Card Engraving" aJ
Stamping; room 3. Elite bonding.
8. B. RQ8E, Agent. . . . Honolml.
Fort St. Its methods are the result
of 20 years' experience ln teaching.
DR. T. M-TAMURA. Office, 146J Nuu
anu St. Tel. White 152; 1 to 4 p. m.
and to 7:30.
UCHIDA. Physician and
reon; office. Beretanla. between Fort
xr mi on ii streets: office hours. xm
18 a. m.. 7 to t p. m.; TeL Mil Walta.
PERSONS needlng.or knowing of
who do need, protection from physi
cal or moral Injury, which they ars
able to obtain for themselTei,
may consult the Legal mrotectton
r-mittee of the Anti-Saloon
League, 9 Mclntyre building.
RICE. Supt. '
Pacific Transfer Co.
Jab. II. Lovf, Manager.
Office, King St., opposite New
Young Block.
Of Interest
To Painters
We have pomethinji: epfcial
to call to your attention this
week for priming or first
coating. It is
Standard Turpentine Shellac
For priming coat on all
claepes of natural wood. Pries
sufficiently hard over night
to admit cf being f andpapered.
Forms a hard, non porous
coating, which effectually pre
vents suction of the varninhes
applied over it and bold them
up to a remarkable degree.
Lewers & Gooke
Fort Street.
25 Head of Fine Youner
(Average about 1100 lbs.). To arrive
about July 31, 1902.
Honolulu and Kualoa Stage Line
Carrying U. S. mail and panger.
lefve" Honolulu dally at 9 , m Applr.
to Lovejoy & Co. for rates and pawage.
j. CROWDERt Prop.
Horses and cattle pastured close to
Honolulu, 200 acre run; for term, etc.,
apply to room 60 Stangenwal bulld-Ing.
i V

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