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The Sherwin
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The wearer of Alfred Benja
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Fort Street.
June F. Morgan, President; Cecil Bwn, Vi President; F. Em.
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mrr and Man.
ZE3?uj3ta,Ge 3s Co., X-ita.,
Firewood, Stove, Steam, Blacksmith's Coal
Also Black and White Sand. Telephone Main 295.
Ppecial Attention Given to Praying.
Arrived Fer S. S. Alameda
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1 . . : i
'J tot.- got my
Pocket Kodak
-'ifffe s at the Hono
' ; . 3$K ' lulu Photo
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Av ' as a perfect one.
t - '
Humphreys: "Mr. Brown, I will ask
you if on the afternoon of January 16th,
1893, you were not standing at Mc
Inerny's corner when the marines and
sailors of the U. S. S. Boston passed
Brown: "I was not."
Humphreys: '"Did you not say, 'We're
all right now, because we have the
United States forces to back us up?' "
Before the witness could answer
Senator Mitchell raised his hand and
stopped him. There was a consultation
between the Senators and then Senator
Mitchell declared the session adjourned
until evening. At the hour set he
made the statement of further adjourn
ment and then called the morning ses
sion for 9 o'clock at the same place,
asking all witnesses to be present.
The morning session of the commis
sion was held in the room used by the
Fire Claims Court, so that the records
might be available. There was a very,
large attendance of persons interested
in the claims, and as well a large num
ber of attorneys. The commission was
there on business and no time was lost
in getting down to work.
Chairman F. "W. Macfarlane was the
first witness. He read his report to
Governor Dole, setting forth the work
of the commission and showing the use
to which all the money was put and as
well the amounts realized from fees,
with the additional statement that
there was in the hands of the commis
sion $4386.35, which would have been
used for the repaying the subscription
of the merchants, but for the fact that
there may be suits for the purpose of
recovery of the sums paid in by those
who have taken the certificate of
Mr. Macfarlane then took up the
matter of showing how the court had
reached its final adjudication. He took
up a number of claims and showed the
methods of filing, the plan used in the
taking of testimony and determining
the amount of loss, and finally the en
tering of the judgments. In the cases
submitted there were cases showing the
methods in the instance of personal and
commercial claims.
During the hearing it developed that
in the case or some or tne largest
claimants there had been deducted from
the amount of the claims the sums paid
Dy the insurance companies and this
brought from Senator Burton the
query as to what action was taken in
the matter of the insurance compa
nies, Mr. Macfarlane responding that
it was outside the scope of the court,
under the act creating it. There was
considerable discusion over this mat
ter and then Judge "Whiting asked if in
the case of the claim of Yee Wo Chan
& Company the certificate being issued
with a subrogation of the amount of the
insurance paid, it did not mean that
there was deducted by the commission
$12,000, and that this would be again
taken out by the insurance companies,
the loss in that case falling twice upon
the claimant. The position of the court
was that its duty was to find the loss
and that any agreement between the
claimant and an insurance company
must be a private one, and the notation
on the certificate was simply done un
der the act of the claimant.
Judge Sillima'n in the case of a mer
chandise claim that he represented,
tried to show that the commission
found a result and then took off one
third arbitrarily, asking if this was not
done without regard to the state of the
goods of the claimant. This was denied
by the chairman.
There was also some question on the
matter of the cutting in half of personal
claims where the claimant did not ap
pear in person, and the explanation
was given that there was a decision
that this would be the most equitable
plan and this course was followed in
every instance.
The application of . the amount paid
into this government recently by the
national government on account of in
terest on the bonds outstanding to the
payment of the fire claims was brought
up and the Senators were told that that
was outside the province of the court
as Its duty was only the adjudication
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: I u
They Are Hon- lulu People
and What They Jayis of
Local Interest. .
of the claims and not their payment the best solution, explaining to Senator J etc., the results would not be as good as
after a decision was rendered as to the Burton that it might be hard upon the they now are."
amount of the claims. residents if they had to purchase the "You seem to keep your mind on the
Senator Burton had an ioea that the lands, the matter of making the pay- general government," said Senator Bur-
fire department had been inefficient and ments perhaps bearing down too hard ton.
that the fire could have been controlled uPn some or the people, though it I do, was the answer, "for the sys
if there had hpen a tnifficif-ncv of an- would be highly preferable if they could tern is the same. I think there would
paratus, and Judge Silliman asked that
have the fee.
J be better results.'
he be sworn He told of the fire the Senator Burton then took up the role "Don't you know that system is thor
prevailing wind and how the trades had f lnQsitor and wanted to know if ough.y un-American?" asked Burton.
Knr,,n ,,n nH Wnrt,rpfl it imihlo ' Governor Dole was in favor of city gov-. "I certainly do not think so. when we
for the department to control the fire,
Senator Burton asked more than once
I ernments as well as county forms. The realize that the entire national gov-
Governor answered that he thought he ernment is founded upon that plan,"
if it was not a. fact that the department
was, eventually. It would be a hard said the Governor.
thine- to hrinp flhotit- tintifao(-nrilT' r-o. t "Tr' . . . i 1-. . .. . . : . i . 1 1
was not inadequate to the needs of the quirins a dea, of study. He said ne un.American to have a Territory witn.n
city, but he was told that in the opin-, reCognized the desire of the community the United States where the people-
"l ror lt and ne tnougnt a city government t have not local government'1
no agency effective against the fire con- 0f a Simnie character woula he the re-' Rnrtnn
sfdering the conditions of change of
wind, the catching of the Kaumakapill
church and finally the fear of the epi
demic which kept people out of the in
fected district.
suit of the efforts of the people. Sena- "I think the system is entirely 'Amer
tor Burton asked if in the event of ican," was the response,
such a city system, the conditions of; Senator Burton went back to the land
Chinatown before the plague would laws and asked if the administration
have been possible. Governor Dole said would be more difficult from Washing-
The Commission directed that they ne thought the tendency would be to ton here than it is in Alaska, to which
be furnished with all evidence on the improve the conditions but there were Gov. Dole responded by saying that
matter of the cases which were heard, l,UCT luai "au UttU '".mere naa Deen some pertinent criti-
tnem. cisms of the American land system re-
Senator Burton pressed the question- cently which seemed to show that there
ing as to conditions when there was had been some failures in the adminis-
which will be. done. There was some
questioning as to the percentages which
the attorneys were to receive and attor-
neys present testified that 6 per cent 5" T,V- I ' "a"" JI ine 8siem m ne wesi, ana
' the usual charts for attorneys c,ted the condit,ons when, under the he thought a local administration where
one 'wTtnes showing that in the cSe of monarchy, there was a law permitting j local conditions were thoroughly un-
one fitness showing that in the case or communities to choose road boards, ; derstood would be better
-SlytforvSlocoS1"'11 that therC SreW UP SCanda,SJ Go Dole ti from I860 to
opeciauy preparea tor various courts .........i,, ln diu nnri the law had icen .
and finally rendered, the added charges to hp ch red l-,T .1. i am u
. . , . to De cnangea. 'consequently there were laree blocks
wouia amount to iu x-o per cent. "Prom that -on wnuld conclude that ru , " v...
Chairman Mitchell asked that Dr. ,t is, hpttftr to annoint officers than to
Wood, former president of the Board elect them?" asked Senator Burton. (hands of actual settlers and denied that
of Health, make a statement ana tne( ..j favor the Federal government sys-'there were speculators buying lands
doctor appeared with a written state- t?:r pajd the Governor. "I think that here. He said that the government was
ment. which he read at length. The re- i3 better llian to have the officials trying its best to find settlers to take
port set forth the history of the bubonic elected. If this should be made a State UD the lands and was niacins th
plague and the efforts of the board to 1 would have the government appoint domain in the hands of such settlers as
combat it. He laid particular stress the minor officials. I think this would fast as thev could he fonnrt T),1Ptm
work best here. I trunk a great many couid not iead hlm lnto admissions that
of the people would be unequal to the the policy of leases was a bad one and
tf.sk of properly deciding upon the was told piamiy that public business
qualifications of the officials. I think . here was not done at a large advance
that if in the United States the people over private enterprises,
ejected all the officials, as the mar-1 '
siials, the justices of the supreme court,
Dry Goods and Cents' Furnishings
Nnnsrin Strppt.
When an incident like the following
occurs right here at home, it is bound
to carry weight with our readers. So
many strange occurrences go the
rounds of the press; are published as
facts, people become skeptical. On one
subject skepticism is rapidly disappear
ing. This is due to the actual experi
ence of our citizens, and their public
utterances regarding them. The doubt
er must doubt no more in the face of
such evidence as this. The public state
ment of a reputable citizen living right
in Honolulu, one whom you can see
every day, leaves no ground for the
skeptic to stand on.
.Mrs. is. Joseph lives at the corner
of Liliha and King streets, this city-
She states as follows: "I was troubled
for seven months with a lame back
and also suffered from occasional at
tacks of chills. These various com
plaints made my condition by no means
a happy one, so that I much desired
some remedy which would bring relief.
This I found in Doan's Backache Kid
ney nils, some orwhieh I obtained at
U- TT .11' 1
uie iiumsier urug co. s store. I am
pleased to say that they gave me not
merely temporary but permanient relief
and I have not the least hesitancy
tnererore in recommending Doan's
Backache Kidney Pills. They are a
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jjuaii o udtKacne ivianey mis are
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dox, vsix boxes J2.50). Mailed by the
liomster Drug Co., Lt.. Honolulu
wnoiesale agents for the Hawaiian
upon the fact that the board did not
fight it for the simple purpose of put
ting it down here but as well for the
protection of the coast and other cities
which have commerce with this port.
Taking up the matter of alleged ex
orbitant expenses Dr. Wood showed
that there was more than ordinary care
taken to have the expenses as light as
possible and the accounts properly
cared for, so that there would be. no
When Dr. Wood had finished Secre
tary Cooper appeared for a moment
only to show that there was real ques
tion as to who would receive the money
entering into the reimbursement of the
Territory. He said the Territory had
undertaken the payment of the claims
and any action by Congress wouia
mean only that the Territory was re
lieved to have extent.
Governor Dole was asked if he had
any statement to make and responded
that he had not, but was ready to an
swer questions if there were any to be
asked. Senator Mitchell asked him
how many bills he vetoed, and he said
that he could not give an answer at
ence, but among tne numutr was uue
reducing the tax on female dogs and
another establishing city and county
governments. The latter he said was a
bulky document, which he invited the
Commission to read and which he, after
some inspection, concluded it was the
wisest course to let die.
I am in favor of the passage of a bill
which shall enact an organic act for
all cituntv eovernments. said Gov. Dole
in answer to Senator Mitchell's question
as to his view, "leaving to the various
communities the right to so organize
themselves when they see fit, and not
thp compulsory organization of such
corporations." Asked to his opinion
as to the control of the public lands,
Gov. Dole said that he favored the
leaving of the control here as the local
government was in close contact with
the rfeeds of settlers and kept in touch
with the local conditions while the gov
ernment at Washington would be
handicapped by the absence of distinct
local knowledge. He explained the con
ditions of purchase of public lands and
as to leases.
In the question of the lands held by
me foriuguese ne said, he thought an
opportunity to gain longer leases so as
to protect their improvements would be
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