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U. Sv WEATHER BUREAU, OCTOBER 25. Last 24 hours rainfall, .12.
Temperature, Max. 80; Min. 70. Weather, showery.
SUQAR-96 Degree Test Centrifugals, 3,625c; Per Ton, $72.50.
oo aiisl3 zieeis ss avid; Per Ton, $75.20.
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0. K& L co. "jjfiiOF HEALTH WILL iROSSSAlS !
Three New Inspectors to Be Employed-The
Matter Has Been Under Considera- Board Wi!l Try ASain at Mosquito Regu- The Autocracv Is Losin
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auui--Haiu wi icmtory. I ;r . i . . . ... , ....
tion For Some Time Depends
Now on Freight Contracts.
At a meeting ot the Board of Health yesterday it -was arranged that the
uoara, in a body, should visit certain insanitary places this af ternoon Be
sides his written mention in submitting business to the Board. President Pink-
An A rlvprticur rrvrrf loci- n i rrVif i ct-p1 ilf T? n.'1t!vUim I , , . .
.... ...w ""6" ham stated that efforts to induce the owners to put the premises in question
if the rumor were correct that the Oahu Railway & Land Company m a sanitary condition had been unavailing. Nothing was left, therefore but '
contemplated extending" a branch line to Wahiawa, the home of the to condemn the different premises. In addition to this contemplated action
California farming1 colony. Mr. Dillingham replied: tne Board authorized the immediate employment of three additional sanitary
'It is true that the management of the company has been con- inspectors. The pestilential localities to be visited by the Board today are,
a t
idering the construction of a" branch line to Wahiawa.
"We have had a general idea of extending the road to Wahi
awa when the business would warrant it.
"During the past two or three months the matter has been re
ceiving our special attention, and we have now decided that if satis
factory arrangements can be entered into with the colonists, for the
contracting of freight for a period of years, we shall build the road
at an early date.
one or more of them, in the -sections recently exposed by the Advertiser as
being in bad sanitary condition.
Without much being said it was evi
dent that the members of the Board of
Health were considerably disappointed
with the Governor's letter disapproving
the mosquito rules and regulations.
"I am hoping that, within a few days, we shall be prepared to when it was read at this meeting.
President Pinkham said that some of
the regulations were taken from New
Jersey and others from California. A
copy of the New Jersey rules was bor
rowed from Mr. Van Dine and a copy
of the California rules from someone
in Hilo, and both having been return-
necting the colony, the terminus at the colony being about a mile
above the big Waialua dam.
The length of the branch will be ten
say definitely just whether the building of the road at this time will
"be undertaken.
'If we decide to go ahead, we shall endeavor to have the road
completed before the first of July next year, or before the coming
pineapple crop will be ready for marketing.
'The preliminary survey locates the proposed line as a branch
from Waipahu up the Waikakalaua gulch to the Leilehua plain, con- ed he could not show them now for
comparison with the rules turned down
by the Governor. He remarked that
the mosquito question was considered
very important by Dr. Cofer and other
U. S. quarantine officers,
Mr. Smith suggested that the mat
ter be left with the president to see if
he could not ascertain from the Gov
ernor what regulations might be
Dr. Wayson, after some general re
marks around the table, said the opln
ion of the members of the Board seem-
Honolulu, Hawaii, October 25th,
Editor Advertiser: At a time when the county police of Oahu and parts ed to be that the regulations were all
cf Hawaii are delinauent. and possibly worse, it is well to keep in mind that right
there is still a High Sheriff of the Territory of Hawaii, who possesses great
X-ower, notwithstanding his lack of an appropriation.
Some months ago the question came up whether or not the High Sheriff
could and should serve venires from $ne of the outer circuits. He was then
-advised by the Attorney General's department that, while his powers were
practically the same as before the passage of the County Act, nevertheless, as
the legislature had failed to provide him with funds, he could not be compelled
to do work necessitating the spending of his own -money. This appears to be
good law, with a direct bearing on present conditions. It should not be a dif
(Associated Press Cablegrams.)
ST. PETERSBURG, October 26. Revolutionary' meetings are
numerous. The de Witte cabinet hari a nrnlrmo-r? cccin .,t..r
day. Gorky's new revolutionary play has been produced without
interference by the police. The fact is unprecedented. Gorky him
self has been forced to go to the Crimea on account of his health.
CHICAGO, October 26. President Harriman has arrived here
50 hours and forty-four minutes from San Francisco, eighteen hours
"If we are going into this thing at
all we may as well do it thoroughly,"
Mr. Smith said and, a little later,
moved that the matter be deferred one
week, the president in the meantime to
see the Governor. This was seconded
by Mr. Fernandez and carried.
Governor Carter's letter, thus dealt
quicker time than the Overland Limited affords.
with, was as follows:
Executive Chamber.
Honolulu, Hawaii, Oct.. 23, 1903.
L. E. Pinkham, Esq., President, Board
of Health, Territory of Hawaii.
Dear Sir: Permit me , to acknowl
WASHINGTON, October 26. Secretary Taft has announced
your No. 5225, October 20. i tnat ne will not resign from the cabinet and is not a candidate for
herewith return the two copies of rules I the Presidency,
and regulations under the title of I
tion," without my approval, for the
following reasons:
In the first place, while Section 991
of the Revised Laws authorize your
Board to make regulations respecting
nuisances, causes of filth and causes
of sickness, and there are further pro
visions which require them to be pub
lished and provide a penalty for their
violation, yet should this authority be
invoked in the manner laid down .by
these rules?
It would appear to me that if you
desire to make the regulations of the
GRENADA, Miss., October 26. Roosevelt is en route to New
Orleans. There is a minimum danger of fever, only a few cases re
1 i
(Continued on Page 2.)
NEW YORK, October 26. Flammer, the Republican nominee
for district attorney, has withdrawn, urging the election of Jerome.
The gigantic explosions of dynamite
ficult task to supply High Sheriff Henry with sufficient money either to raise used in blasting at the Alakea slip.
the standard of the county police or else establish grounds for impeachment.
The public is not yet at the mercy of such men as Brown, Vida and Pulaa,
and it is not right that a crusade for civic decency should be conducted by the
Advertiser without some assistance from others. QUINXIPIAC.
which have disturbed the city for the
last two mo.:ihs, have finally brought
fortli a united protest by a number of
in the public press, viz., that
charges of explosives being used in the
blasting of the Alakea street slip are
so large that serious damage has . al
ready been inflic ted on a number of the
most substantial buildings in Honolulu.
We also call your attention to the fact
that tho s7.t nf such ehareea is con
tne owners 01 me principal ouiiamgs ; tin ,ial1v h.lT1sr inrr(ased. in SDite of re
in the city. A copy of this protest peated warnings that damage was be-
nas ueeu sent lu wui ut me parties ; v0v, nPtMt no-ninct what nr.-
pears to us to be an unwarranted in
terference with our property and a
conwacor, anu j We request that you win reduce the
contractors. size of the charges of explosive used
It is understood that if the size of on the said contract to such a quantity
NEW YORK, October 26. The municipality has begun the
the operation of a ferry line between the Battery and Staten island.
addressed, viz., Superintendent of Pub
lic Works Holloway; John Walker, the ,
NEW YORK, October 26. A committee of trustees has been
appointed to investigate the Mutual Life Insurance Co.
ROME. October 26. The pope has received the officers and sail-
Tlara fn. ai-kmo tiiriii to of n n pmnlnpo nf tliA OarVincrA TJpnartment 1 vq nhortroa nf irn1nsivw la rpriuoed
i uiup a wi ovm.v, ..... t . e x- 1 and to life
and against whom a charge of running a gambling game is pending, has been so as not to endanger nre ana prop
as will not be dangerous to buildings ors 01 xne y. O. O. miiincdpuus.
discharged by Sam Johnson.
The expose of the big game running at Rivers' house appeared in the Sun
day Advertiser and on the following morning, Captain Johnson, who is the head
of the Garbage Department, dismissed Rivers from the employ of the depart
Asked "fry'an Advertiser man yesterday his reason for discharging Rivers,
apt. Johnson stated that he had investigated the matter and was convinced
that Rivers had been allowing his house to be used for gambling purposes and
that he could not countenance gambling among the employes of his department.
It is understood that Capt. Johnson has had considerable important light
thrown on the Nicholas-Rivers gambling case and that other discharges are
likelv to follow.
We remain,
Tour obedient servants.
erty, the property owners will be sat- Estate of J- W. Austin, by their Attor-
isfied. but that if there are any jnore 1 neys in act.
earthquakes let loose on the water- .Bishop & Co., owners of Waity Build-
. ' rag
front, such as have been recurring Trustees of the Bernice Pauahi Bi.hop
there for several weeks past, legal i Museum, by Alfred W. Carter, Sec-
- 1
proceedings, by way of injunction ana reiary.
otherwise, will be Immediately taken AldTBu Co., Ltd.,
to compel the contractors to desist from ! Jud-d BuIldins Co 'Ltd., by Albert F.
endangering the lives and property of Judd, its President.
WASHINGTON," Oct. 16. William N.
Armstrong, who was Attorney Gen
eral of the Sandwich Islands under the
vir!- Kalakaua. during the ad-
a craAi j m. c
ministration of President Grant, died
yesterday at the Garfield Hospital In
this city. He had been ill about three
months with a disease of the liver.
After Armstrong's service under
King Kalakaua he published a news
paper in the Islands for a few years
nd then returned to the United States,
buying an estate at Hampton, Va.
i s
Editor Advertiser: Can you tell me
the approximate date of the opening
of Charles Moore's gambling house
nfr T.iliha street? W. I. W.
fCharles Moore installed his electric
'Ktjfcts ana opened his principal gam-
I nniiiinnri t r men
UEiflUUuiLLE UfldC
Honolulu. T. H., Oct. 20, 1905.
To C. S. Holloway, Superintendent or
Public Works; John Walker, Contract
or, and Lord and Belser, Sub-Contractors
for dredging the slip at the
foot of Alakea street.
Gentlemen: We desire to specifical
ly call your attention to a fact which
has already been repeatedly mentioned
Pacific Building Co., Ltd. (Stangen
wald Building), by its Treasurer and
Manager, L. T. Peck.
The Estate of James Campbell, by Ce
cil Brown, Tr.
C. Brewer & Company, Ltd., E. F.
Bishop, Treasurer.
SANTIAGO DE CHILE, October 25. A force of 3,000 troops has arrived,
here and order has been restored The record cf fatalities in the recent tax
rioting will probably show that 60 persons were killed and 200 wounded.
ST. PETERSBURG, October 25. Over half f European Russia is in tho
grip of the striking railroad men. It is expected that by tomorrow the capital
will be cut off from the outside world by way of the continent as the strikers
are expected to be able to shut down every railroad line. This conditio will
also suspend postal communication.
Anarchy prevails at Riga where many have been killed and wounded. The
government spirit shops have been looted and destroyed by the rioters.
Two bloody conflicts between rioters and the soldiers occurred at Ekaterin-
Chas. Brewer Estate Ltd.,, J. R. Gait,- j oslav where volleys were fired at the mob by the soldiers,
H. H. Hackfeld & Co., Ltd., W. Pfoten
hauer, Director.
John Emmeluth.
The case of Eugene Devauchelle,
charged with profanity, was called In
the police court yesterday.
Attorney W. T. Rawlins appeared
for Devauchelle and interposed a de
murrer on the ground that the charge
against hi3 client was unspecific in that
it failed to specify the nature of the
language used.
The demurrer was sustained and
Prosecuting Attorney Andrade amend
ed the charge. .
The amended - complaint sets forth
that Devauchelle called Sheriff Brown
uncomplimentary names on Saturday
evening at the corner of Bethel and
Hotel streets.
A plea of not guilty was entered ana
the case was continued until
1 J
Winer nlace on King street
two days after Arthur M. Brown took
the office of County Sheriff. -a. Aav.j
Che-fa proceeds merrily and the buyer of the seductive ticket wins and
looses with the frequency which characterized his gambling operations of yore.
Yesterday the three big banks were running, the winning words being as
Amana bank: Kai, Poolio.
Ah Lina bank: - Waiu. ,
Hop Lee: Waiu. .
Kulike a police officer, was waiting outside the Prost saloon to ascertain
what the winning word of one of the banks was.
Ah, I lost," said he, when the looked-for information arrived.
che-fa tickets have hit upon a new doage to aispose. 01
Thev carry a basket of fruit around with them and do
, f'Ah, I lost," sa
i2 I The peddlers of
treet, near Liliha, ne3- illicit wares.
business under thisHhin disguise
Prof. W. D. Alexander favored the
Advertiser with a call yesterday and
in the course of a discussion about
ships grounding off Diamond Head,
said that in the Territorial Survey of
fice there is a coast survey chart of
the south side of Oahu, showing the
danger points off Diamond Head.
The professor expressed an opinion
exiHting faulty charts.
When the cable was laid a special
survey was made and upon this sur
vey the coast survey chart of the south,
side of Oahu was based.
Prof. Alexander has received a let
ter from H. P. Baldwin stating that
the Hawaiian Commercial Company
are having a shore and reef survey
made from Kahului, eastward to a
point beyond the wreck of the Spar
tan. This will be an important help to
navigators in the future.
MANILA, Oct. 17. Preparations are
being made here for an elaborate re
ception and banquet to be tendered to
TCIlllam T 'Rj-vnn rn V, lu arrival in Ma
that the markings on this chart may L,la by 'natIve rnipinos, principal
not have been placed upon the Eng- am0ng whom are the former insur
lish and French charts and that it (gents, -Gomez and Lucbans, and the
, .v, ,manoa Honefir of Ifamou? Lopez family. The American
, crt,in -if what these admirers of Mr. Brya
?L-lr-Z:Z.Zr :r nff niamondi aloof from the Filipinos and will gl-
S"",18 . .r,V;:i ,tirtn .him a separate banquet. The Elk will
",U,rT-r;v aVt'also give a banquet in Mr. Bryan'.
above mentioned ror me ameuumeiii ui

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