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I TJ. S. WEATHER BUREAU, APRIL 18. Last 24 hours rainfall, trace.
SUGAR-96 Degree Test Centrifugals, 3.42c; Per Ton, $68.40.
83 Analysis Beets, 8s Gd; Per Ton, $76.40.
Temperature, Max. 80; Mia. 70. Weather, fair; mountain showers.
VOL. XLIIL, NO. 7393.
'tfsa.u' i.: ?&L;
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31 i
1 A
Following are all the authentic bulletins received by the Cable (3) Expect to be ordered out any minute
company yesterday from the operator in San Francisco: around us. Nearest approach a block away.
s rr Iff . t . 1 V - v ml "1 - -1 1 gi - .
ij a crrmc cdnnquaxe 5:15 tms morning, enormous amount K4) me omiamg is wrappea up in.names. Everything (7)
damage. Land line system demoralized. ' ' ;' burning. Palace hotel burning.
(2) Call building is now on fire. The fire is only one block (5) You may lose us any minute. Constant quakes. Martial destroyed at first, but supply obtained
away from us in each direction. law declared. Water coming up Market street. ; Later Abandon office now Good bve
City on fire all (6) Preparing to move. Street looks doomed. Have all small
stuff loose, ready to move but unable to get a team.
Forlorn hope. We are forced to close down now. Electric
. ngnt and gas have failed. Plaster falling in office. Water main
13 ' A
Business Receives a Sharp Check, and the
Town Waits Anxiously for Sure News
From San Francisco.
1 '.v u; f
Honolulu was thrilled, yesterday j communication at the other end, was
Tnornini? ei? Iv. when the news was ' not known.
- flashed under the sea that sja Fran
cisco had been stricken down by earth
quakewas thrilled, and then the life
That was all that came, all through
the day, and in the meantime the
anxiety grew, and business in Hono-
of this little city stood still while men iuiu was at a standstill. The people
gathered in all public places to dis- , waited, hoping and fearing. . At ten
cuss the . disaster, to go over and over ; o'clock in the morning,' there was no-
its meager details, to hope against
hope that cable communication would
ticed in the waters about this island
a slight tidal flutter but so slight-that
be re-established and that word might : it was deemed that the tidaf dlsturb-
be had of loved ones - known to hay
been in tbe vicinity of the disturbed re
gion. Sure word it was that was want.
ed. Not at such times does idle rumor
satisfy the deep anxiety that preys
upon the human heart.
The news of the disaster ' came to
Honolulu in the dispatches re
ceived at the cable office here by Su
perintendent Gaines and summariz
ed as follows. The news was
received between the hours of three
and seven-thirty in the morning, Ho- j
jiolulu time, which would be between
ance at San Francisco, . at least, .had
been merely local..
Actually what had occurred -on the
mainland, no man could say. But it
was evident to those who know Pan
Francisco that a cataclysm had oc
curred there, that the made land which
is between Montgomery street and the
waterfront had been dislodged by an
earthquake shock or a series of them
heavier than usual, and that the whole
business district of the city or rather
the wholesale business district, had
gone down in ruin. The loss of life
must have been large in any event.
The loss of property will inevitably
the hours of five and ten in the morn
ing, San Francisco time:
i . "The district from juomgoinery ; reach into the milHons.
street south (this probably should In that part of the city, at the early
read east, as Montgomery street runs hQur &t whicn the disaster came, there
north and south) is destroyed. J were stm hundreds Df people, night
"From cable office, both sides of workers wno ha(J not yet gone nome,
buildings on fire and destroyed. j watchmen, commission merchants and
"Call building on fire and destroyed. tneir empioyes getting ready to feed
"Palace and Grand Hotels both burn- the cUj cierks and messengers, mar-
ed down. ket men and peddlers, fishermen and
"Martial law declared. gardeners, rattling in their wagons
"The water coming up Market street. tnrough the streets, to meet death in
"Cable office closed at 7:30 on ac- tne tumble of tall buildings down up-
count of fire. i on thf m.
"Water mains destroyed at first, but
-supply of water has been obtained."
Interpolated in this, following the q
paragraph stating that the cable of
fice had closed at 7:30, are the words:
"And do not expect to" have any com
munication with the San Francisco of- ()
rice until 11 o'clock. Honolulu time.
That was all that came from
Francisco direct all day long. At a ()
late hour last night, the cable to San ()
Francisco was tested, and it was found ()
that it was unbroken to a point close w
to the landing place on the beach be- &
V? if J v
r ;
; -?
t-' rf -1 n
, r -J v JH.
Ik ; 9 n tf ;
3 2 a q a-
I .Ti j t n rf i I
S- 'Bra ; : s f .-' 1
Tl T' 1
vv. j
v4 i
? . 4i
i 1 5' -fi
. til
Mr. Phillips Receives
Word From Port
land Oregon.
- f
hours later, in the rush of business sure news. A little before midnight, the It was stated by another gentleman
hours, there would have been two hun- cable office announced that messages that the vibrations of the seismograph
. . ..
dred thousand DeoDle exnnsed to flan- -m Oo o. continued very hard lor six minutes,
ger of death. Many must have been via New Tork at sender's risk
the lines running from side to side of
the taoe. in swift ierks. and that after
exposed, as it was. in the hotels that The underworld, it Is true, had sent u .,,,. ,k ..ocin,,
i . i mr nisi iici. v y jiiuvao ic uiitaotm.oo v. i
the fire following the earthquake and its message of disaster, recorded in tha t,, r.r th Mrth rontinned for
landslide destroyed.
And, in the cities about the bay, the
bedrooms for the workers of San Fran
cisco, in the ships at anchor and lying
at the docks the loss of life can not
but have. been appalling. It may take
years, indeed, to learn the names of
all those who have perished.
If the disaster had occurred a few
I was leaving when I read it, but I
! have no doubt that it compares with the
time of the earthquake in Pan Fran
cisco, for we compared them before.
11 1 1. J TT 1--,.- . -
iuh nuno.mu ieu, ana, reeling. and they did not vary more than a
suffered in its anguish at the lack of minute or two."
the surface of the earth continued for
the seismograph at Sisal. "The rec- at least one hour.
ord showed vibrations this morning "There have been no more vibrations
lasting six minutes, which is unusual- Df the earth's surface observed after
ly long," said R. E. Iyswander. clerk the first heavy one this morning," said
in the U. S. Magnetic Station at Ewa, prof. w. D. Alexander last night,
last night, "I did not note the time, for That is the one bit of good news
that the long day carried. It means
that after the first shock of the disas
ter, its intensity was in lessening force.
Those in Honolulu who have relatives
San (S)
low the Cliff House. Whether the land t)
station had been destroyed, or whether ()
the operators were unable to establish Of)
fiti b Si ill
pn Vine '
Tests made of the cable last
-t- night show that the line
, reaches the Cliff House beach
but that beyond there the con- -
-inection is broken. Fear is ex-
pressed that the beach station
.crf -the cable company has been -
washed away and that the ex-
pert who repairs broken connec-
tions has lost his life.
1 j, tr''-6 -
I V, i J w
h' it-
I v,j5..-itra
U life - : , -J
mWll Itrkfi tilKHS& . . . -
I III! In I 1P'
or friends in the danger zone can but
hope and pray, now, when they think
The following cablegram from
one of the leading firms of Port
land, Oregon, was received in
Honolulu, via New York and-
Manila, at 12:30 this morning:
"Manny Phillips, Honolulu :
No private - messages. Business
district destroyed. Residences
reported safe. Will wire."
The request for information as
to the San Francisco disaster was
sent by Mr. Phillips to his Port
land correspondent at 8:30 Wed
nesday morning.
of the names of their loved ones. There
will be material aid for San Francisco
from all parts of America and the.
civilized world. In this work Hono
lulu will do its share, more than glad
ly. Honolulu has always been close
to the great California seaport, and
will be drawn closer by this awful ca
lamity. '
In the business community yesterday
all work ceased, virtually, and public
and private business was at a stand
still. The steamer Alameda, booked to
leave for the mainland early, was de
layed until nine o'clock this morning,
and merchants who had made orders of
goods by her duplicated their orders
to Seattle. That was a precautionary
measure. It was not desired that there .
should be a shortage of provisions In
Honolulu, which draws its supplies in
large measure from San Francisco.
The Advertiser sent a message to present be ascertained, amounts
three hundred.
Thousands have been injured.
The city hall collapsed during the
first Bhnrlr nf th parfhouak?.
j situation. Up to the hour of going Most Qf thg great publlc buildings of
New York last night, via Europe,
asking for facts about the earthquake
srti : -it I nn
to press, 3 a, m
received. The message was addressed
to the Associated Press. This Journal
did not care to-depend- on Manila,
which is a recognized fake center, for
cablegrams, and so it gives the follow
ing specials from there with reservations:
no reply had been the city have been destroyed.
I Aiariter. street, wun an us ouiiuiugs,
is doomed.
The cable building was abandoned by
the operators at 10:25 o'clock this
MANILA. P. I.. April 18. Earth
quake shocks are continuing in San
Francisco and the greatest panic pre-
I vails. Thousands are fleeing the city.
j Fire is completing the awful devas-
j MANILA. P. I-. April 18 The city
of San Francisco is cut off from the
) . rest of the world, utterly isolated.
! The loss of property amounts to over
X ore hundred million dollars.
If San Francisco is "utterly isolated"
it is singular how Manila could have
secured so many details of the losses
from the earthquake.
The Fire Department will 0
blow five whistles as soon o
2 as cable connection is re- J
stored with San Francisco.
' The loss of life, so far as can at the
i- .

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