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TJ. S. WEATHER BUREAU. JULY 10. Last 24 hours' rainfall, trace.
Temperature, Max. 83; Min. 73. Weather, fair.
SUGAR-96 Degree Test Centrifugals, 3.71875c.; Per Ton, $74,375.
88 Analysis Beets, 8s 4d; Per Ton, $76.00.
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VOL. XLIV., NO. 7464.
Governor Carter Asks the President to Visit
Us After Inspecting Panama
Governor George R. Carter is sending the President, by the Alameda mail,
a formal invitation to visit Hawaii after hft has finished, with his Panama Canal
The old objection to a President boarding a vessel and getting outside the
three-mile limit of the shores of the United States has passed away, President
Roosevelt himself having broken this old tradition on his return from Xew
Orleans to Washington on a United States warship. A United States warship
is, to all intents and purposes, the soil of the United States, and while aboard
such a vessel the President is on territory of the country.
On this showing, Governor Carter has taken advantage of President Roose
velt's proposed visit to Panama to invite him to come out to Hawaii, after
which" he could visit San Francisco before returning to Washington. Governor
Carter's letter is as- follows:
Executive Chamber, Honolulu, Hawaii,
July 10, 1906.
The President: From the Associated Press dispatches, it appears that you
are planning a trip to Panama. If so, it may be possible that you contemplate
returning by way of the Pacific, in order to visit the stricken city of San
Francisco and there have an opportunity to encourage her citizens in the. ardu
ous work they have before them. Should you do this, it would not consume
much extra time for a vessel to bring you by a triangular course to Hawaii,
the " Geographical Center of the United States;" and on behalf of the people
of thi3 Territory, I desire to extend to you an invitation to visit us.
No one. can doubt but that such a trip wouk enable you to better perform
the duties of your high office; and I need not add that it would stimulate
patriotism and loyalty in Hawaii to a marked degree.
Very sincerely yours,
(Signed) G. E. CARTER.
A . t ' ' ' w"wn . " ' m 1 i.j-'m"jP-yi.i M'l'i
Today will be devoted by Expert That there is a prevalent opinion
Kellogg to hearing the complaints of that the hotel accommodations of San
all who have any knowledge of the Francisco are Inadequate for the tra
Kuuanu dam construction and who veling public Is something that H. G.
care to visit the scene of the work Pewtress, of the passenger department
and point out the places objected to. of the Southern Pacific, now in Ho
There will be a free hearing by Sir. nolulu, is trying to dispel. Mr. Pew
Kellogg of any one with pertinent ttess has been spending a short time
facts to offer, although expressions of here on a holiday trip with his daugh
private opinions, while not expressly ter and leaves today for the Coast,
barred, will be quite unnecessary. "Many people going to the Coast
A report from Engineer Smith last from here are planning to stop in Oak
night was to the effect that if the land, thinking that they cannot be
progress of yesterday could be main- taken care of in the San Francisco
tained during the night the water in I hotels," he said.
the core trench would be down so as I "The fact is that San Francisco has
to allow an examination of the bottom much the better hotel accommodation,
of the wall today. Mr. Smith also re- On Van Ness avenue are the Savoy,
ported good progress in the various ex- Baltimore and Majestic hotels, all good
cavations. first-class houses with room for 150
"I have spent the whole day today guests In each. And on Sutter street
going over the correspondence between there is another good hotel, the Dor
the contractor and Mr. Howland," said Chester.
Mr. Kellogg last night. "An tne trains coming into the city
"I found a -great deal of this corre- and the steamers are met by busses,
spondence on file, some of which I and none need be afraid of not secur
find comes within the scope of my in- inS good accommodation,
vestigation. I could not examine it "Along the waterfront things are
all today, but will take it up again Pretty effectually tied up," said Mr.
1 A. S f i A . 1 a
at the first chance. I think it will be rewiress reierence 10 tne sanors
necessary too for me to go through strike. "And from the appearance of
the reports sent in by the engineers on things this condition will last for some
a ; m i- t. s j t ;
the work. l,1,It; 1 llv Ul& bwaiusuip companies
"I hope to make an inspection of the,are somg to ngnt tne tmng to a flnisn,
even if it is going to cost them a huge
amount.' The pacific Mail and the T.
Collier's Gives a New Story in Connection
With the Morrow-Markowe Scheme to Re
store the Hawaiian Monarchy.
evolution Shaking
illars of Russian
"2. Alienating any part of the ter-
Several years ago the Chronicle de- of the Royalist party in so far s.s it is
teeted and exposed a Hawaiian filibus- ( possible for any one to occupy that po-
tering scheme led by one Markowe who ; sltioa under existing circumstances.
proposed to come here with a shipload' With the Ql,een in Prison nd. absolute
t , ' ly cut off from all communication with
of armed men, restore the monarchy , - . , . . A -
J her friends, n is out of the question
and reward himself with the title and! for tn ,arr. tv;
. j - i uiu iinu i vi in el i
emoluments of "Prince of Honolulu."
An interesting sequel to this story is to
be found in a recent Collier's wherein ' r,tory can not give rise to an' consti-
it anno u4. i, j j . tutional questions, for the reason that
it appears that when the soldier of i tU .
the constitutions, like the land tenures,
fortune, Baron Harden-Hickey, lost his are in a state of such utter confusion
"kingdom" of Trinidad, Markowe of-1 that only a strong hand can unravel
fered him a consolation prize in the ! them and the restoration will result
sovereignty of Kauai. But here is the n the estallishment of a strong mili
f -r. I tarv government. If I go down with
j the expedition I have organized I shall
The attack made by Great Britain j be;in full control of the situation and
core wall tomorrow morning, provided
they succeed in getting the water
pumped out enough, and I am in hopes
that there may be some at the dam
to give me" some pointers on places
that I may possibly have overlooked
You know the grass is pretty long up
The correspondence between the con
tractor and the Assistant Superinten
dent of Public Works, which was gone
over in part by Mr. Kellogg, is volumi
nous and deals with practically every
feature of the work so far completed
More especially does it refer to those
rarts of the contract where the specifi
cations have not been followed, the al
terations beins: ordered by Mr. How
land under the clause allowing such
""in th nr,,rinn nf the engineer in
As the work progressed and unfore
seen conditions were encountered it
was found necessary for the engineer
in charge, Mr. Howland, to direct many
such alterations some of which did not
"tommend themselves to the contrac
tor. The latter, to avoid all respons
ibility in these. Insisted upon every
order being given to him in writing.
These written instructions and the
fact that all work has been done under
government Inspection, relieves the
contractor of all responsibility. From
the beginning of the work he has tak
en no chances.
K. K. companies have shown what is
to be expected.
"The fact that the America Maru
and Brazil upon the independence of
the principality, while it left Harden
Hickey in the position of a king in
exile, brought him at once another
crown, which, by those who offered it
to him, was described us of incompara
bly greater value than that of Trini
In the first instance the man had
sought the throne: in this case
throne sought the man.
In 1S93 in San Francisco, Ralston J
Markowe, a lawyer and a one-time ofii-
cer of artillery in the United States 1
in a position to carry out all my con
"3. It is the island of Kauai on
which I propose to establish you as an
i independent sovereign.
4. My plan is to successfully occu
py all the islands, leaving the capital
to the last. When the others have
fallen, the capital, being cut off from
all its resources, will be easily taken.
any may very likely fall without effort.
ne . T don't exnect in anv msp to have to
fortify myself or to take the defensive,
or to have to issue a call to arms, as
I shall have an overwhelming force to
join me at once, in addition to thoseJ
I who go with me, who by themselves
Army, gained renown as one of the will be sufficient to carrv evervthine:
passed through here the other day j Morrow filibustering expedition which j before them without active cooperation
(Associated Press Cablegrams.) "
ST. PETERSBURG, July n. The Czar has opened negotia
tions for the formation of a social democratic ministry to counteract
the revolutionary spirit. Rioting is more frequent in St. Petersburg
and Moscow.
SEBASTOPOL, July u. It is reported here that two iron
clads have joined forces with the mutinous garrison at Batoum.
ODESSA, July ii. Agrarian outrages and seditious strikes are
KOSTROMA, July n. The revolutionists have seized a Volga
river steamer and captured a quantity of explosives.
TAMBOV, July n. The garrison here has mutinied and seri
ous fighting is in progress.
, .
SEATTLE, July n. Mitchell has been acquitted.
Last May Frank Cremeld, leader of the Holy Rollers, was killed
by George Mitchell. Mitchell claimed that Crefiield ruined his
without a pound of freight, meaning
a clean loss of $40 000, snd the Siberia!
sailed recently with a very small i
amount, ought to impress the strikers.
There is no talk whatever on the part
of the shipping companies for any ar
bitration or compromise.
"The general feeling of the public is
also against the strikers, for these are
already the highest paid class of sail
ors in tne worm. ineir striKe just
now is also holding back the work of
rebuilding the city, it being impossible
attempted to overthrow tv,e rn! o-,w. ! from the People there.
" i
eminent in the Hawaiian Isles andvre
store to the throne Queen Liliuokalani.
In San Francisco Markowe was nick
named the "Prince of Honolulu," as it
was understood, should Liliuokalani re
gain her crown, he would be rewarded
with some high office. But in the star
of Liliuokalani, Markowe apparently
lost faith, and in Harden-Hickey
j thought he saw timber more suitable
to lanu .umur w.u UMi.iuxi, d,lu ims for king-making Accordinelv. twentv-
another thing the general public fnnr ,1aof., . t .f. 1
vu. i i me tia strut
to our State Department, Markowe
switched his allegiance to Harden
Hickey, and to him addessed the fol
lowing letter:
hold against them."
If health conditions continue as they
have for the last 26 days, the restric
tions upon shipping at this port will
be terminated at noon on Saturday
next, the town getting a ciean diu-oi-
health thereby. The health conditions
of the port hive been steadily improv
ing of li'te.
"San Francisco, August 26, 1S95.
"Baron Harden-Hickey, Los Angeles,
"Monseigneur Your favor of Au
gust 16 has been received.
"1. f am the duly authorized ascent
o. .ine government iorces consist or
about 160 men and boys, with very im
perfect military training, and of whom
about forty are officers. They are or
ganized as infantry. There are also
about 600 citizens enrolled as a. reserve
guard, who may be called upon in case
of an emergency, and about 130 pcli. e.
We can fully rely upon the assistance
of all the police and from one-quarter
to one-half of the other troops. And
of the remainder many will under no
circumstances engage in a sharp fight
in defense of the present government.
There are now on the island plenty of
men and arms to accomplish our pur
pose, and if my expedition does not
get off very soon the peop'e there will
be organized to do the work without
other assistance from here thin the di
rection of a few leaders, of which they
stand more in need than anything elne.
'"6. The tonnage of the vessel is 146.
.?he at present has berth-room for
(Continued on Page 2.)
LONDON, July n. Campbell-Eannerman, the Prime Minis
ter, had Wm. J. Bryan as his guest at luncheon yesterday.
YABENSK, July 10. The peasants have begun rioting here and destroyed
the estate of LMxrnovo.
MANILA, P. I., July 10. Montalon, the notorious Ladrone leader, has sur
rendered, to the authorities.
NEW YORK, July 10. Over a million arrivals, mostly immigrants, is the
record for the fiscal year ending June 30, at the port of New York.
CEONSTADT, July 10. Admiral Eojestvensxy was today acquitted by the
court martial of responsibility for the destruction of the Russian fleet by the
Japanese fieet in the battle of the Sea of Japan during1 May of 1905.
The officers of the Russian destroyer Eedovi were found guilty, however,
of surrendering without warrant to the Japanese, and were condemned to death
by the findings of the court.
They will, however, be recommended to the Emperor for mercy, with dis
missal from the Russian naval service in disgrace.
1 ;y
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