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Sunday Advertiser
Uttered at the Postoffice In Honolulu,
H. T-, bm leoond-claaa matter.)
Published Every Sunday Morning
by the
Tea Holt BIocK. $5 South King St.
Elivered by carrier In city, per
month. . t 25
Mailed to any address for 1 year In
th United States or Territory
and is desirous if possible of being
relieved as commandant of the Mare
Island yard thirty days prior to his
retirement, in accordance with the
usual custom. The department will
comply with' his request in the event
of having an officer available to re
lieve him in this very important as
signment, so that it is very probable
that he and Mrs. Lyon will leave the
yard within a few weeks. . The latter
will sail direct for Honolulu, where
they were stationed before coming to
Mare Island and where they are both
very popular. Rear Admiral Lyon will
probably go East for a short trip and
will later join Mrs. Lyon at Honolulu,
where they will be near their son.
. Wwa!l ..........13.00
li Ir)l
m 1 1 hi ii j ii ' 'W"
Mr. and Mrs. 'Richard Isenberg have
cards out for an At Home on Monday
evening for the captain and officers of
the Condor man-o -war.
Dr. ancF Mrs. J. H. Raymond of Maul
are in town, having arrived by the
Claudine on Thursday.
- r
Bishop Restarick was among those
who left for the mainland during the
week, having been a passenger on the
Siberia. . During his visit in the East
he will attend the Mohonk T Confer
tnce as a representative of the Civic
: Federation.
F: .
' Colonel and Mrs. George Macfarlane
will sail on the Manchuria on a trip
to England, where they will remain for
the next few months.
The engagement of Miss Margaret
.Hyde-Smith, of San Mateo, to Harold
B. .Dillingham, which was announced
in Honolulu this week, is of particular
interest to society, both the principals
being well known and most popular.
"The bride-to-be has visited in Honolulu
on- several occasions as the guest of
Miss Helene Irwin and during her
visits here she was seen much of Jn
the various social affairs of the city.
Mr. Dillingham is one of the best
known of Honolulu's young men, hav
ing lived here, except during his col
lege days, all his life, being at present
cashier of the Oahu Railroad and Land
The wedding is to take place some
time eayly in the year at the home of
Miss Hyde-Smith.- t
Mr. and Mrs. -E. Faxon Bishop en
tertained at dinner on Friday evening
in honor of the . birthday anniversary
of Mr. Frank Armstrong.
,. 6 S 1
f A very elegant luncheon was given
by Mrs. W. C. Wilder of 1519 Pensa
cola ; street in-honor of Mrs. Luther
Severance of Hllo and Miss Mary H.
'Krout. The room was beautifully dec
orated with golden shower, while the
table, with its handsome array of
china, cut glass and silver, was artis
tically dressed with masses of roses
and ferns. "'"
Mrs. Wilder is a delightful hostess,
imparting to her guests the pleasure
which she herself enjoys in gathering
her friends about her. Five courses
were served, each "perfect of its kind.
The guests were Mrs. Severance,
Miss Krout, Mrs., C. M. Cooke, Mrs. P.
C. Jones, Mrs. " Walter Jones, Mrs.
Clarence Ashford, Mrs, Joe Cooke, Mrs.
J. S, McGrew and Mrs. Francis Judd.
Mr. D Howard Hitchcock has re
sumed his Friday afternoon At Homes,
at the studio on Beretania avenue. In
addition to the hospitality one ' may
always expect, there is an additional
attraction in the fine collection of stud
ies which he made during his recent
visit to Kauai. Mr. Hitchcock, like
mo?t others who can appreciate such
things, is enthusiastic over the land
scape and the wonderful color which
tempt the artist almost every where
on the Garden Island
' W. Lanz gave an elaborate dinner
on Wednesday evening In honor of the
-saptain of the Condor. It was rather
an official affair as the several con
sulates and heads of the Federal gov
ernment were conspicuous. Mr. Lanz
1 aroyal host and as this was a stag
,f aner he assumed the honors alone to
ihe charm and delight of his guests.
- i .
Jfrs. Salter Is a recent arrival in Ho
soTulu, a sister-in-law of H. Bews of
ihe Royal Hawaiian Hotel. She Was
summoned by Mr. Bews Immediately
rter the death-of his wife, Mrs. Sal
ter's sister. . "'.-."
j j j
Captain Ahlert and his officers called
fflcially -Saturday afternoon on Hon.
JP. M. Damon at Mbanalua and enjoyed
His proverbial hospitality. They were
harmed with the beauties of the
llace. . On .Wednesday this week the
eaptain and" his aide called on the Gov
ernor's wife.' v ' Y- l"'Sv.,
,-: j & ;-'. - ' -".
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foster Button
liave set September 24th for the date
of sailing to ' Honolulu. . They have
spent the greater part of the season
at San Rafael, making frequent motor
t-ips to .different watering., places in
the State. Mrs. Harry Macfarlane,
"Mrs. Dutton's sister, who visited the
Duttons and others in San Rafael this
summer, ta again at her home in the
Island city. Mrs. Dutton and Mrs.
Macfarlane are among the handsomest
f -San Francisco's youthful matrons,
"for; though Mrs. Macfarlane has made
her- home in Honolulu since her mar
riage, this city's social set lays claim
to her attractive self as a member of
Jval society. S. F. Chronicle,
-i--.: . ji ji & --Krs.
Henry w. Lyon ofMare Island,
-fto Is to leave for Honolulu early in
October, was the hostess at a charm
tng bridge party at her navy yard
Aome a fw afternoon
h entertained many of the ladies of
A marriage of much interest to Ho
nolulans took place on Wednesday last
at the American Consulate in Winni
peg, Manitoba, when Miss Katydid
Jones became the bride of Judge S. B.
Kingsbury, of Honolulu. The bride
has a large number of Honolulu
friends, having stopped off here on her
way . from the Orient as the guest of
Mrs. L Tenhey Peck, spending some
time in the city. Judge Kingsbury Is
a leadinar legal practitioner of the Ter
ritory, the senior member of the Ho
nolulu firm of Kingsbury & Kellogg.
Only the immediate friends of the
couple were present at the wedding.
the bride being given away by her
brother, Dr, J. E. Jones, the American
Consul in the Manitoba capital. After
a wedding journey through the United
States, Judge and Mrs. Kingsbury will
return to Honolulu, sailing from San
Francisco on the Manchuria on Oc
tober 24. - .
8 8 .
An enjoyable whist party, at which
Mrs. Carl WIdemann was tne guest
of honor, was given on Monday by
Mrs. C. L. Wight. Guests to make up
four tables had been invited and- a de
cidedly pleasant afternoon was spent
over the cards. Those present were
Mrs. WIdemann, Mrs. George Carter,
Mrs. Mott-Smith, Mrs. H. G. Noonan,
Mrs. Gunn. Mrs. Holloway, Mrs. E. F.
Bishop, Mrs. Cushman, Mrs. Alice
Hastings, Mrs. E. D. Tenney, Mrs. Her
bert, Miss Margaret Walker, Mrs. J. M.
Dowsett. Mrs. Charles T. Wilder. Mrs.
E. P. Low and Mrs. George Porter.
" J . Jt
Mr. R. JT. Trent entertained Revs.
J. W. Wadman and D. W. Crane, the
new Methodist pastor, at luncheon at
the Commercial Club on Thursday last.
There was a number of invited guests,
principally prominent members of the
First Methodist Episcopal church.
Rev. John W. Wadman has removed
from the Methodist parsonage, in or
der to make room for the new pastor,
to 727 Kinau street, between Alapai
and Kapiolanl, and on the mauka side
of street.
MrsJ Cushman. the wife of Lieuten
ant Cushman of the Navy, who has
been at the Seaside -for some weeks,
expects to leave on the transport
Logan on Oct- 5th, to meet her hus
band who is in the battleship squad
8 -
Thomas O'Dowda and family, from
Ewa plantation, have taken a cottage
at the Seaside, where they will be for
a month or so. .
38 8 8
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Rawlins,
who have been visiting in New Eng
land for ' some months, will return
shortly and have engaged the Harry
Macfarlane cottage at Waiklkl.
8 .
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Dutton will
arrive on the next steamer and have
taken the Long worth cottage at the
Seaside for six months. The Harry
Macfarlanes will live with them. It. is
said, that the Duttons ;will bring a
magnificent new touring car with
A hop will be given ' the fore part
of the , week t the Seaside for the
officers of the Condor. As soon as a
date convenient to them is ascertained,
the dance will be advertised in this
?C ;
On Thursday or Friday the transport
Logan will reach here from Manila
with the Thirteenth Infantry on board
most who have been here for
a few years will remember the merry
13th when they were entertained at the
Royal Hawaiian Hotel.' This regiment
wilL'probably be here for several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Schultze gave
a large supper and dance- last night for
the captain and officers of the German
cruiser Condor. ;
C r8
One of the most enjoyable social
gatherings of the season was held at
the house of . Joseph Gilnmn last even
ing, in honor of the birthday of Miss
Florence Yarrow. It was in the form
of a surprise party, given by the mem
bers of the Christian Endeavor Society
of Central 'Union church. The mem
bers of the society turned out in full
force, besides several friends from the
Epworth League and Christian church.
There were over forty present. After
a most enjoyable evening, a silver
purse containing fifty dollars was pre
sented to Miss Yarrow by the president
of the society as a token of their es
teem and friendship.
v J
The Literary Circle of the Kilohana
Art League for the coming year will
be under the management of Mrs. L. L.
McCandless. whose literary taste is well
known and whose qualifications for
such a position are exceptional. At the
first entertainment, which will be given
shortly, a poem, "My Islands." by Mrs.
Walter F. Frear will be read verses
inspired by her approach to her native
land, on a return voyage. Miss Mary
H. Krout . has consented to read an
original story, 'Brandon's Beat," illus
trating one phase of New York news
paper life., which was published in the
Has been selected by the Bpard of
Regents of the
Hawaii College of Agriculture arfd Mechanical Arts
for the site of its
urn n x ii Hipp3
J. L , . I L .
The Mid-Pacific Institute has also purchased four acres in
for the site of its main College Buildings
3 CI
MORAL: Purchase a lot in
Highland Park of
J Jy) ill j
Telephone Main 480. Campbell Block, Fort Street,
friends, will not return to Hilo until
the later part of October.
Mrs. P. C. Jones has closed her' house
in Nuuanu valley and has returned to
ij '
Abram Lewis Jr., a Honolulu lawyer
and '95 graduate of Stanford Univer
sity, with a record of twenty-three
runs scored against California in vars
ity matches of eleven, twelve and thir
teen years ago, arrived at the Fairmont
yesterday, accompanied' by his bride.
Chronicle, Sept. 13.
the station.
retire by age
Sydney Maif -during her residence
Australia last year. x
Miss .Mary Alexander, who has re
turned to her duties at Punahou, was
much benefited by her visit to the
mainland. She spent a good deal of
her .time in the mountains, enjoying)
greatly the freedom of camping out.
& J
Mrs. Charles Cooper, who has spent
the greater part of the summer at her
bungalow on Tantalus, has returned to
her, home on Alakea street.
The friends of Lieutenant O. J.
Whitehead, of this city, !who was one
of the team which went back to Fort
Perry to represent this Territory at
the National shoot, and who was oper
ated on in the German ' Hospital in
San Francisco- for appendicitis, will be
, . J glad to hear that he is recovering and
"Where there's smoke there , is sure '.; will . soon be around once more. He
to e fire!" They are bearing. in mind was operated on by Dr. Brackett, who
the mossgrown adage at the beaches j did so much for the Honolulu boys in
in these parts just now. Of course, i . . . ; . . . . '
they have their reasons for doing so, i San Francisco, and who showed his
for there certainly has been a bie croD - kindness in every possible manner in
of destructive blazes at resorts along
the Atlantic in the last month. So it
is no wonder that an employe at one
of the Jersey seashore resorts made
haste the other day when he noticed
smoke issuing from one of the bathing
houses near the pier and not fifty yards
away from: a hotel that cost nearly
$100,000 to build. He didn't . stop to !
reason why, .but made a dash for thej
compartment whence issued the dan-j
gerous looking if thin stream of smoke.
Lieutenant Whitehead's case. --'-"
... v ; r. ; '
DAVISOX In 'Honolulu, September 20,
1907, to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Davison,
a son. v '
BARTELS In Honolulu, September
. 27. 1907,to Mr. and Mrs. Paul H.
Bartels, a daughter.
KAECK In this city, September 25, to
the wife of Fred Kaeck,
During the coming week, for the
German cruiser Condor, and the Thir
teenth Infantry,' who will arrive on the
transport Logan. The dates will be
advertised later.
. '
Have your shoes repaired by Yickers
before the wet wreat,her season sets in.
A sole with a hole in it invites colds.
Professional Cards
GEORGE LENORD Expert piano
tuner. Office, Wall, Nichols Co., Ltd.
a son.
nf Aamir?l Lyon will Mrs. Luther Severance, who Is being
limit early In ovember j much - entertained by her scorey of
He broke in that door in almost as ',
little time as it takes to tell it, but !
made a quick retreat amid the indig- j Judge Robinson yesterday found for
nant and horrified shrieks of two ; the defendant in the - case of Julia
maidens who were not clad for an Guerrero against Richard Antone Jr
afternoon tea. They will be careful 1 She rl5
. : ' vv u,uv. LCI iam tu W
hereafter as to where they indulge in j which she alleged belonged to her but
the sly cigarette, though they are ife : had been unlawfully converted by the
to do so so far as that vigilant employe defendant. The Judsre said th ran
is concerned. iof -act!on- frtVftiAit - . ; . .. ,
Classified Advertisements
FRIDAY, September 27, n, m., on Ka
lakaua avenue or King street, a gold
necktie pin. Finder will receive lib
eral reward by returning same to
this office. . 248
Several Springs and Two Streams
This fine property is situate in Mano
and adjoins the holdings of Jas. Boyd:
and the Catholic Mission and Imroe
dlately back of the McClanahan home
Well wooded and beautifully situated.
Will sell for less than $100 an acre.
NEAR Fishmarket on King street,
Saturday afternoon, gold .watch.v ini
tialed 'J. ,:T. Ty.Z- Jand "B. WV' von
case. Return to Adyertiaer, office, and
receive reward. v " . " ' 243
Phon Mam XI.' '

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