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REAtf. Jan. IS Last
min. 67. , Weather,
partly cloudy, fresh g
1 SUGAR-96 Test
2 Centrifugals. 3.S?c.;
kM$ Per Ton, $77.80. S3 i
juidiym oms, vs. g
2 93-4d.;PerTon4SI.- &
I 20. g
ii 4i i i ,-?-?f, " i . in www lyitiwiii fi m urv ttm
i wj jan vi win fi tzul-. ,zs-' T'rwmrrs-uus. t i ii u ti m in tts it tt i it
f -
The Portuguese Society
Celebrate in New
The magnificent new clubhouse and
ociety hall of the Lusitana Society,
icm the corner of Alapai and Luna
lilo streets, was formally opened last
night, on the twenty-seventh anniver
sary of "tbe founding of the society in
Hawaii. The affair was a brilliant
one and attended by at least two
thousand persons, the members of the
bigr eociety, their relatives and friends.
Tor the occasion hundreds of red,
white and blue lncandescents gleamed
fthroughout the grounds, strings of
them being attached tothe high flag
pole, from the summit of which float
ed the banner of Portugal and the flag
of the society. Within, the building
was gayly decorated with- the Portu
guese colors, twined with the Stars
aind Stripes, while flowers, potted
plants and green wreaths were placed
throughout the big reception hall. The
opening program , consisted in ad
dresses of congratulation from the so
ciety officers, Governor Frear and
-others, a series of stereoptlcon pic
tures and an explanatory address by
E. Towse, a dance and the serving, of
ref reshmenfts. The Hawaiian band
rplayed during the evening.
On the platform,""- for the opening
part of the program, were August
Vierra, the chairman of the commit
tee under which the new hall had
leen fitted up; "21. A. Silva, the re
tiring president of the society; Gov
(Contlnued on Page Vtve.)
Two Interfering Friends Slash
ed by Infuriated Woman
Ail in Hospital.
A stabbing affair, In which a woman
cut up three men so badly that all
had to be taken to the hospital, took
place last night about ten o'clock on
Punchbowl. A native named Kahau
nale is the worst Cut up and It was his
wife Annie that wielded the butcher's
cleaver that did the cutting. The
other wounded men are William Co
elho and Kaulio, friends of the hus
band who interfered to save him from
being murdered.
Kahaunale went home last evening
for supper, being sent out again by
Annie, his wife, to get a gallon of wine
to celebrate payday with. Returning
with the wine and his two friends,
he found his better half gone. He and
his friends then prepared supper for
themselves and drank the wine, finally
setting out to look up the missing mis
tress of the house, locating her at a
The three returned home, after
which a quarrel started, the husband
beginning to inflict some husbandly
punishment on Annie for her neglect
in hospitality. The woman fought
back, finally seizing the big butcher
knife and slashing her husband across
thpfr friend. The Tiodv will 'be taken
to the Masonic Temple at 2 o'clock.
S - :r ,1 1
I 1 - t .4l i
I d 7 I
' .
Judge William Austin Whiting- died William Austin Whiting was born in
yesterday afternoon at 5:25 o'clock, of ' Charlestown, Mass., where most of his
dropsy caused by cirrhosis of the liver.
He had been seriously 111 for some
weeks and in ill health for many
months. His death has been expected
at almost any time for some days.
ancestors on both sides had lived for
several generations. He graduated
from Harvard College as six genera
tions of his name had done before him,
After graduating at the college he took
the Harvard law rmrsA. nnrt Vico-an
The funeral will be held at 3 o'clock the practise of his profession in Char-
this afternoon from the Masonic Tern-1 lestown and Boston, bot living in Char-
plo. The body -will be at H. H. Wll- lestown. His ancestors on both sides
I ho. il Kfian 1 n lit, rvrv-t In An t tv V -v 1 rn
o'clock this morning, where! friends
the hack of the npolr Infliftinp- nn ! ma- ia.K.e a last iuok. ai nie xctuc wi.jscfiiua.iii. ot uov. x nomas juuuiey ana
erauon, ana-some of them attained a
llaTger emience. He was a lineal de
ugly wound. Other slashes followed,
the man being cut on -the arms and
in the breast. .
Fearing that the now Infuriated wo
man would commit murder if left
alone, Coelho and Kaulio interfered,
and the knife was turned upon them.
Coelho was slashed across the upper
part of the right arm and Kaulio
hand, one of his fing"ers
severed by the force of
the blow. "
The police were called in after the
fighting had stopped, and the patrol
wagon was summoned to carry the
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across the
being nearly
The services at the Temple will be
Masonic. ' '
The funeral will be under the aus
pices of Pacific Lodge, No. 822, A. F.
& A. M., J. J. Belser, Right Worship
ful Master. The body will be taken
from the temple after the services, to
the crematory In Nuuanu cemetery
where it will be Incinerated.
The pall bearers will be H. E. Coop
er, John Kldweii, x. n. mne ana tx.
O. 'hite, all past masters of Pacific
Lodge, and Chief Justice Hartwell, P.
C. Jones, Cecil Brown and Col." C. P.
of Gov. Simon Bradstreet, and of Rev,
John Cotton, the first preacher of the
First Church in Boston, all of whom
were active in the third decade of the
seventeenth century. Another of his
anceitor8 was the president of Har
vard College, and his grandfather Aus
tin was a prominent lawyer in Massa
chusetts, and an author of some note
in his day, having written "Peter
Rugg: The Missing Man," a book that
attracted much attention in Its time.
H8 -s to Honolulu In 18S0,where
he had friends who were Influential in
affairs here, and gave the young law
yer a social and a business standing
at once, that was of much value to
him. An uncle, James W. Austin, was
I at one time a Justice of the Supreme
: Court of Hawaii, and It was doubtless
I (Continued on page 8.)
Brownson's Resignation Fails to Alter
President's Mind Ruef Goes, to
Trial Immediately.
(Associated Press Cablegrams.)
WASHINGTON, January 19. It has been officially decided
that Francis Lecain will be assigned as sailing master of the naval
hospital ship Relief to be commanded by Surgeon Charles Stokes.
This is a victory for President Eoosevelt acainst the mimmrtir f
Admiral Brownson, who resigned from the navy as a result of nr.lnr
Surgeon Stokes should command the hospital ship over the ha1a of the line
officers. It had been intended that the HeUet should accompany Admiral'"
Evans' fleet on its voyage to the Pacific, but the vessel was hel.l up on account
of the row which arose over the President 's order. The vewel will now prob
ably receive her orders to sail for the Pacific
SAN FRANCISCO, January 19 The prosecution has broken
off all negotiations f with Ruef concerning the granting of immunity
to him in exchange for evidence to be given against Schmitz and
others and he will be put on trial immediately on a charge of
bribery. . . " ' y; v .
A call has been Issued by National
Committeeman Alex Hobertson to the
members of the Republican Central
Committee to be present in quorum
strength at the regular January meet
ing of the committee, to be held to
wards the end of .the month " in the
Republican headquarters on Merchant
street.. At this meeting. the dates will
"be set for the Territorial convention,
and the orders will be issued that will
put the county and precinct organizers
at work and start off the political .ma
chinery for the campaign of 1908.
The workers have not been waiting
for any call to get busy, however,
Iiaving been hard at work launching
little private booms and steering lit
tle schemes through the wards for
months. Many a finger has been held
tap to see what way the wind was
blowing many a true word has been
am not a candidate for treasurer and
never will be."
Harvey is being talked about as the
Democratic candidate for the big mu
nicipal office: that Is, the Democratic
candidate, supported by the Home I
Rulers and the Achl wing of the Re-
Manuel Lewis, who lives on Baker's
lane on Punchbowl, started off his
married career last night by being
John Freitas will break rock for the
county for the next four months and
think over the calline down that Judsre
Andrade handed out to him in the po- oeaten up by his two brothers-in-law,
;as who is tne Nascimento boys, losing his wife,
occasioning his mother-in-law a shock
that drove her into hysterics and fin
lice court yesterday. Freitas, who
a young man, was up on three
charges, malicious Injury, drunkenness
puoiicans it is stated that a combi- and larceny. The three cases were
nation of these forces has been much one continuous offense. He had stolen
discussed and practically arrived at,
according to the hui of presumed
leaders. Harvey is to get their sup
port for mayor, Achl for county at'
torney, and "W ise for sheriff, while
the other candidates will be such as
the loyal Home Rulers can support,
This combination is counting on the
votes erf the Hui Kaukeouli and the
latest organized waterfront hui, the
one thing that stands in the way be
ing the ambition of Dwight, who
thinks that he would be a good man
at the head of such a ticket himself.
All these are bitterly opposed to
some poultry and sold it to a China
man, getting drunk on the proceeds
and falling through a showcase in a
Japanese store". With him on his
circuit went Enos Fragas, who will
also go with him to jail for ninety
Ha vs. .
Andrade roasted the two youths un
mercifully, Informing them that he
considered them 'all-round bad eggs
and in line for penitentiary life if a
change in their manner of living was
not made.
The nineteen fan-tan players cap
tured on the other "side of the island
ally being returned to his spouse in
battered up condition through the as-
I sistance of Detective Joe Leal. Thus
(initiated he began his life as a mar
1 riot man.
j The ffridegroom is eighteen years old
and his bride confesses to fifteen sum-
i mets. The pair were made one at the
i Roman Catholic cathedral last even-
j ing, going to the Orpheum by way of
la wedding trip. So far everything was
Io ely and with his bride's little hand
in' his and his head in the clouds he
; ted his wife out of the theater and
1 towards their home after the curtain
J had fallen on the happy finale of the
! piay. So engrossed was he in the hap
piness thicjj around him that he failed
spoken in jest and the effect scruti-j John C. Lane and will work against on Thursday were up for trial yester- f tc, reCognize his brothers-in-law, who
' nized, and many little private pledges j Wm fr any position, even reelection
and understandings
Among: those upon
whom the jaoi- j arising against
crobe has fastened is Jim Quinn. t threatening to
Quinn has had experience and has
been twice vaccinated, but in neither
case didj it take. He is now out after
the supervisorship that was supposed
to be his two elections ago and which
tte is credited with having thrown
away. - If he lands his nomination he
should be -well up in the bunch among
mobile to carry voters to the polls in.
He has learned that there is many a
slip of the tongue between the cup
and the lip, as well as other things
politically useful, and is already hard'
at work in an unannounced sort cf
It is a foregone cenclusion that at
least four of the present supervisors
will be on one or" other of the tickets
this falU The three possible excep
tions are Hustace, Keaioha and Har
vey. Hustace may run, but not un--less
he is nominated as mayor. He
doesn't want the treasurership on any
terms. ,
"Cut me out of that." he says; "I
have been ex-t to the Senate. Lane's friends know
j this and are hustling to stem the tide
the young leader and
go high enough to
cover even his elevated head. The
fact that Lane has moved out of the
Fifth District and qualified for resi
dence In the Fourth has not helped
him any with the Hawaiian voters,
who argue that his switch is to curry
favjr with the Civic Federationists of
his new home district-"
There are many young Hawaiians
who think littfe of the Harvey-Achi-"Wise
combination, especially the last
two named. The younger Hawaiian1?,
the members ,of the St. Louis and Ka
mehameha alumni, have little use-for
Achl, and denounce Wise asa job
chaser. They figure that he has a
soft snap now and ought to be con-
day, getting off easily with a fine of n,et him and he was not aware of
three dollars apiece and costs. Three i the piiikla that the gods had sent to
local gamblers had to pay seven apiece ie 'tn up things until a hard fist landed
and costs, while the ten-dollar hails ', on his eye.
of five others were forfeited.
NEW YORK, January ig. Edmund Clarence Stedman, the
banker-poet, died here yesterday from heart failure.
E. C. Stedman has been a celebrated writer of poetry and prose sinee
1853, when he graduated from Yale to take the editorship of the Norwich,
Conn., Tribune. As a journalist he served as war correspondent for the New
York World during the Civil War. He had served in the department of the
attorney uenerai ax Washington and was at one time a prominent figure
the New York Stock Exchange.
SAN FRANCISCO, January. 19. The Republican State Com
mittee has been called to meet in Sacramento on May 14, It has been
decided that the candidate for the presidency to be supported by the
state delegation at the National Convention will be chosen at the
. .
NEW YORK, January 19. Six boys were drowned yesterday
while out skating on the ice near the New Jersey shore. The ice
broke, precipitating the skaters into the river.
The answer of Mrs. Julia H. Afong
filed in the Circuit Court on Friday,
reported in the Advertiser yesterday,
seems to have S eated some misunder
standing because it is entitled "an an-
Just what happened during the next
few minutes the bridegroom has only
a hazy recollection of, but when he
came to; his girl-wife was gone and he
was battered and bruised. He hot
footed to the police station and told
his story, Detective Leal being sent
out with him to locate the - missing
bride and guard him. A visit was paid
to the girl's parents' home on Luso
street, and here it was found that tak
ing advantage of a hysterical attack
RIO DE JANEIRO, January 19. Admiral Evans states that he
anticipates no difficulty in making the passage of the Straits of Ma
gellan. The fleet will make the passage in single column.
tented with it.
In the meantime, the boom of Jack
Lucas for the first mayor is growing
nicely, "being nursed along and sedu
lously tendled. it is stated that a
good many prominent business men
have noted it ' and expressed hopes
that it will survive the spring storms
and the early summer epidemics.
swer in the suit of Mrs. Carrie B
Riggs vs. Julia H. Afong." That was j en the mother, caused by the return of
the title of the original suit brought ! the daughter under the accompanying
,, . . . . - , j circumstances, the wife had skipped
to have the trust deed in the Afong I . , , ,, . C
0 out and disappeared. The husband
estate construed. A compromise was and detective then visited the groom's
effected some months ago which was home. and here the abducted bride was
oerfectlv acceptable to Mrs Tiae-m an sitting, tearfully awaiting the return
was accepted by her, and with that
of her husband. After reuniting the
couple. Leal gave them hi3 blessing
compromise Mrs. Riggs' interest and and withdrew,
connection with the suit ended. Mrs. I
Burns, however, has now had herself
made a party complainant, and the
present proceeding is in effect her
suit, though it retains. the old title.
Mrs. Bums is now the real complain
ant, and Mrs. Riggs has now no in
terest or connection with the suit, ex
cept that her name remains in the
title of the cause.
It is telegraphically reported from
Vladivostok that vessels leaving and
entering the port have hitherto been
officially ordered to employ pilots, but
on and after January 1, Russian calendar,-
t,he employment of pilots is to
be left to the option of the captains
i of vessels.
TEXOLA, Oklahoma, January 19. The First National Bank
j here was robbed yesterday of four thousand dollars. The robbers
held up the cashier and gagged him to prevent any alarm being given.
"Washington, January 18, 1908.
"Chamber of Commerce, Honolulu.
"The President just informed me that he would send to Con
gress today message recommending improvement Pearl Harbor
dredging, fortifications and drydock.
j ; "H. P. WOOD." ...

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