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Defending Honolulu
D. L. MacKaye
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hi' i't".iir'i in jiiiy other way then it
i- :t" reseiit in order that it may be
a va ia b!e.
The spur from Punchbowl Hill im-nn-l.au-!
v t-ast of t he present Hritisii
con-uiatP i a fiooil site for a land fort,
it i-ciiiiuiau -is two approaches to the
town anJ by reserving a broad road of
loo vanls width straight trom it to
Rofifrils of the department of war
and the department of the navy of the
Hawaiian government began late in the
but the bi-.lk of the reeonl do not
begin until the late '40. What docu
ments are dated previously to ISoU are
imiini'Ortant or uninteresting, relating
mostly to the cost of the upkeep of Sait I'au I.int, it would assist in the
the Hawaiian Army which seems to
have -caused an expenditure equal to
that of the Hawaiian Band at the pre
sent day. Much of it is correspondence
between Lieutenant-General Liliuolio,
commander in-chief, (afterwards Kame
hameba IV; and Major Francis Funk,
adjutant. These two ollicers kept up a
continual -cross lire of correspondence
concerning ''busted'-' guns and aeci-
lieionse ot the harbor and an enemy
mi oiib r to take it would be obliged to
find artillery on Punchbowl lliil. I re-i-'i!i,meiol
that abmir twetitv m-res be
re-erved on this spur below the steep
slope of the hill, being at a level of
abmit j.lo j'cet above the sea.
Civil Buildings.
The above are the reserves 1 recom
mend for military purposes but as it
appears there are several public build
ing for civil punmses required in Mo
dems to ammunition. The brig Loe. noiuiu i think they might be arranged
brought a ton of powder from San Fran- ; iis t0 '"rm Part the military de
fense above proposed. I think the civil
public buildings of the town snould al
ways be so situated and so planned as
to be capable of resisting an attack
by musketry. The want of such pro
vision has been felt in large towns dur
ing popular riots and it ap'pears to me
that such provision is peculiarly de
sirable in a town like Honolulu where
a native Government has to control a
large and irregular foreign population.
It is in fact the only kind of defense
work required in the Sandwich Islands
at present and in the early stage of the
town very easily provided for. The
principal public buildings at present re
quired appear to hie 1st, a goal, 2nd,
magazines for arms and ammunition,
lird, barracks for soldiers, 4th, police
oilieers. The folowing plan would
make these buildings defensible in
themselves against the sudden assault
and also form nart of the militarv de-
where Camp Very is now situated. This f,.I1M- ,,f the place,
he named as a proper place for one of Goal, Magazines, Barracks,
the most important forts of the city. ' 1, 2, 3. The Goal, Magazines and
Accompanying the report is a map Soldiers i la r racks, 1 recommaud to be
which he evidently copied himself and l'11'1 together on the site above men-
, . ,. . , . T , . tioned on the .spur ot Punchbowl. It
took trom one published m London m Js ;ui aJvalltagIe t0 h.,ve the8tf three
Ijsoti. it give- a good idea ot tae town, buildings a little seperated from the
the situation of the principal buildings town. There is space for all three on
and the entrance to the harbor. This tbat sit,:' und Uey will of themselves
, ii i-r t a iorm a land fort proposed for that
latter was materially dinereut than at , 1 1 . ,
position and a place ot security tor the
the present time, coming from a point Kings magazines and arms, ammunition
that teems to be Ewa of the present and money. They should be placed so
lighthouse and running straight inauka, :is r" t'"rm lilie of buildings facing
,- . ,v i i . -- f Punchbowl Hill, thereby covering the
Cisco and tins for three years remained
the chief event in Hawaiian military
circles. Lids were also received to
established a battery of eleven guns
on one of the points near the harbor
but there is little record of it. The
first interesting document is dated 1S50
and is a report by an English army of
ficer on the best method of defending
Honolulu. Some of his recommenda
tions seem to have been accepted but
the chief interest, lies in the, picture
of the town of Honolulu at this date
which can be seen between the lines.
Salt Pan point, wjiich he describes
as a point to which the city might
eventually grow and (at that time)
difficult of access is the spit of sand
ending in a saucer shaped basin of
small dimensions.
The report, in its entirely is as fol
Concerning the Military Defense of Ho
nolulu, Sandmen Islands.
Under the present circumstances of
the Sandwich Islands, it appears to me
that it would onlv be incurring un-
ground in front from the fire of
musketry from the top of it. The ex
treme building should project so as to
flank the others. A deep ditch should
lie dug around them and the bottom
of it planted with cactus or some
prickly plant which would form a de
fense in itself.
Police Offices.
4th. There will probably be two
police oilices required in Honolulu, one
necessary expense to erect iortineittious tor native and one for foreigners. I
to defend the town and harbor of Ho- recommend the native police ofliee to
lioluhi against a foreign enemy. It is be placed in the center of the square
nevertheless extremely desirable in my to be reserved in the middle of the
opinion for the future benefit of the town which should contain about two
place that suitable sites for field bat- acres and the foreign police office to
teries and laud forts should be selected be placed in the reserve to be made for
at once and reserved in the hands of the sea battery. Eaeb or' these police
the Grown and that the town shall be offices should 'should contain barracks
laid out so that sites shall never be f,,r the policemen, rooms for the court
encroached upon but shall always re- and lock up rooms for the confinement
main avaible for the defense of the 0f prisoners during short periods and
town as it hereafter may become neces- J eaee building should be planned so as
sary. This has been much neglected in to flank itself.
some of the Lritish colonies and the in- The broad road propped to be reserv-
jtirious consequences ot the neglect is ,., t ini ihe goal to Salt Pan Point will
now being felt in some, which it is now include the space between the King's
wi-he.l to fortify. In ail large i ov hs pa lac a nd t he nat i e h orch ana would
lateiy formed in the British Colonies ,-.rve as a boulevard fr the inhabitants
this has been more attended to. Sites j of the town.
for ail kinds of public purposes audi When the wharf" .abmg the coral reef
military as well as civil have ijeeii duly! is to be made the Terra Puggoiana
selected and reserved. which abounds in Tahiti will be found
In selecting sites for military pur- j useful ts a cement,
poses the principal object to be con-I (igiied ) T. !!. L1JS SN".
suler.'d is tio- iieieiise oi me nariior i apt. hnval laigi neei-
and after that t h
King's magazines
lion and money.
Sea Defense.
For the defease of the harbor the
best English authorities oi tin- subject
agree' that vea. batteries should be
idaced to as u command tne anciiorago i
opposite tin town ami not at the en
trance of a full and that thev sh.iiibl
be from twenty m thirtv feet above the I re- NETTIE HARRISON'S 4-DAY HAIR
.sea. Upon examination of the small J tu,-yK- " ' only entirely successful and
chart ot -Honolulu harbor published bv ; satisfactory preparation for the purpose.
Arrow-smith of London m ls;;o and at- ! S,mple Harm'ess - Certain. Sold for 20 years,
fQ " f rv m A n J ft J I I 1 I
,r f,,i ; ,cw imeu aim usea wun satistaction by
security of the I
arms, ammtin
I V)0.
fill hw iJl 1
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harbor i'self. it at pears to me that their 7'V vu twin no leao, suipnur or other
best sito no a - a' battery answe-ring to ! ln9rent. If -dyes" and -restorers"
yo'puuiicu juu, ii y iro. u never laiis.
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broad a
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King -)
battel v
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to an s
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ing sis web
per tally a it
Tow u w : n i xteiot
th-it ;. wa'k . i'i
cog-- of :t as fr,r a
the y.iU pan an
be .-s, l-v
--fist t--rt. 1 prefer tuts t
lor to sen wa r-1 been use j
dy com ma nds i he laud- j
the anchorage but f-s j
Oenrs l.roeille tteit ttie
reel and j
ti' where j
olio acre
over that
!i:i- cast p.
At least
1 for ' his bat ! evv. 1 n
!-'"v 'if a fo-e.'ir space tironnd
wtia i f. v io n ioi ; It . -OMiu hi lie
'i i i-id be that the ba!ter:e-)
n'; it la- - hole length. If t he
"'Id des'.'-e ;) have a diluting
1 slionb recotemeiol that it be
" ;h- s-fe a nd t hat agreeably
ions there be ;i
May's Old Kona Coffee
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toe iti-i-ja.-''
'.d Ttr.'teet
Land Defenses.
defer;-.' (.f the fowii the land
i i be so s : oated to ,,
i ppr ;ifii'' of the fiwi: and
-co b:i:t ii-- at;d sh ou ' , p,.t
.-de,! ;,v i, ei,er gro-i a I w th
' "t" .. r : i. rv. tin? tri !:-' p-i i j
'!-g :i . !ta.e 111 u e
-:-o;,1d be r,!;,eed. T
-no answering to
Is Eest.
Phone 22.
o Of lb..;,,;..
b.o;s. I'nm-i b..tv! IPH ;P ,,
I"''' to., hie. to d-
o 1 1 a a ! w iebd be yorv ex
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cviee.i u,r;y i pi . 11 s ) V , . fo ("htnirtlft :
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