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VOL. LIT, NO. 8791.
Business Men Choose No Second
Site Because They Want No
Change Made.
If Money Voted Will Not Buy the
Enlargement, Tell Congress
to Keep the Change.
Build up0" "p original Manuka site
if the enlarged site desired by the
treasury department can lot be secured,
was the sentiment of the chamber of
commerce and inert-hunts ' association
in joint assembly yesterday afternoon.
Both organizations tabled a. resolution
whereby the Spreckels site would toe
named as second choice for the public
building, thus leawng the business com
munity standing behind its original
choice of the Mahuka site without any
second choice.
George B. McCIellan, secretary to
Delegate Kuhio and the representative
in Washington of the chamber of com
merce, expressed an opinion that if
the Delegate was appraised of the com
munity 's wish that the public build
ing be erected upou the original Ma
huka site, minus the Fort street, area
proposed to 'be acquired toy condemna
tion proceedings, in all likelihood the
treasury depaitment could be prevail
ed upon to scale down the size of the
building and construct on the Jand l
Uncle of the Son of Heaven and
a Descendant of the Great
But the Band Is on Vacation; the
Government in Politics and
the Troops Busy.
Two distinguished far East royal
personages will be in Honolulu tomor
row morning when the Toyo Kisen
Kaisha line Chiyo Maru arrives from
San Francisco. Oue is a monarch of
all he surveys (under Uncle Sam's
watchful eye, however), and he is the
famed Sultan of Sulu, who offered him
self in marriage to Alice Roosevelt.
The other is Prince Tsai llsun, or Sunn,
or Siium as he is variously referred to
in print, uncle of the baby Emperor of
China and at present traveling under
an imperial deeree making him a com
missioner to the United States to see
how Uncle Sam builds war vessels.
It is announced from the local Chi
nese consulate that Prince Tsai Hsun
will not land from the Chiyo Maru
while that vessel is in port. It is un
derstood that he fears to face another
possible would-be assassin and prefers
remaining aboard the big liner.
Press Can See Prince.
His home-coming will be vastly dif
ferent from his outward trip to the
United States, as far as Honolulu is
concerned. On his first arrival two
troops of cavalry, two companies of
marines, a company of infantry, the
band, aides and various territorial and
readv owned by the federal government, j federal oflieials greeted him and con
The discussion over the proposed ducted him in state to the capitol. His
Spreckeis. or substitute site, arose j arrivaI on the wharf and in the street
through the offering of a resolution by j in front of the wharf was attended by
J. H. (Jalt, in which the Spreckels site jan effort on the yart of the territorial
was offered as an alternative if the j oflieials to prevent the hoi polloi, in-
federal government could not acquire t eluding the press, from getting near the
fej'is C" ij
"llSlIP ''MiK
'! wwP 11 life
ft 1
Jesuits Expelled by Decree of Government Fol
lowing Anti-Clerical Riots in Streets of Lisbon
Machado Proclaims New Order to Foreign
Powers and Makes Promises.
PARIS, October 11. Disquieting armed factions, and in the clerical
rumors have been reaching here all troubles.
night and yesterday afternoon regard-' Expel Jesuits.
ing conditions in Lisbon.' j LISBON, October 11. The last step
... -, . . . , , , of the newlv created eovernment in its
Disorders are. said to have broken radiea, k existing church
i out in the streets with riotiug between has been a decree which orders the ex-
the victorious republicans, the cler- pulsion of the Jesuits and of all mem
bers or roreigu ecclesiastical orders
The exodus has com-
icals and those of thp rovalist ivirtxr
i . n - n , ' V V- " from Portugal,
who still uphold the banner ot King mence(j
Manuel. m 1'ardinal Neto who, with Cardinal
No confirmation of the rumors cau be Birja, was imprisoned several days ago
secured. All news from the Portuguese3?, 'been released. 1'ardinal Baja Is
. . . . ., D : still a prisoner. These two men were
capital is strictly censored. fhe mo'st proinirH-n.t in cierieal ac-
The citv is enveloped in smoke and ' tivities Nefo formerlv- .hpinc Patriarch
it is feared that many buildings have
been fired in conflicts between the
the additional land now sought within
(Continued on Page Two.)
saered person of the prince, and orders
(Continued on Page Two).
Next Month All Present Officers
Will Be Detached Neville
to Be the Head.
Scarcely a month shall pass before
there will begin to be a new order of
thinggs in the United States Marine
Corps as far as this post in Honolulu
U concerned.
Authoritative information comes to
the effect that on or about the middle
of next month, in the neighborhood of
November 15, Major Ne viiie will arrive
here to relieve Major Long in the coin
Band of the ljcal assignment of United
States marines, and that just as soon
afterward as the new otlieer in charge
has. time to take up his new duties, all
the present officers of the Honolulu ma-
Already Recent Discoveries Are;
Being Utilized in Search j
for a Cure. I
Kuhio Looked To to Secure Much
Wanted Funds to Carry on
a Great Work.
Big Islanders Express Apprecia
tion for What He Has Done
as Delegate.
1 A vaccine for leprosy, prepared from
j infecting -organism, made possible by
j the discovery that the bacillus of lep-
rosv could
Whatever Link McCandless and his
I hired speakers mav have to sav regard
ing the things Kuhio has NOT done.
the people ot the Territory generally
appear to be mighty well satisfied with
the things he HAS done, and on the
T.ig Islands they presented him with
resolutions of thanks for his good work.
The Hilo Board of Trade adopted a
. 1
resolution in which the appreciation of j
the members was expressed for what j
the Delegate had done for Ililo in the j
be cultivated on artificial
! media, has been prepared at the bac
j topological experiment station on Mo
jlokai and is now being administered to
patients in a series of experiments to
ascertain if a leprosy cure has at last
been attained or nut. Pufortunatelv,
the exhaustion of the federal appropria
tion has brought the work more or less
to an end for the pivsen;. It will be
taken up again, immediately, however,
as soon as more money can be secured.
.Dr. Donald II. Currie is hopeful that
as a result ot what lias been :i,.n
already secured
e will be able to
m - v' ''ill
r :u
Proclaim Republic Abroad.
LISBON, October 11. Bernardino
Machado, the miniser of foreign affairs
I of the new reipubhcan government, has
! sent circulars to all the foreign powers
proclaiming the republic,
j The powers are assured that the new
i government at Lisbon will recognize all
j contracts, alliances and financial ob
ligations which were entered into or
incurred by the monarchy.
LKSBON, October 10. Rioting
against the religious orders, which has
brokeu'out with great violence in many
.arts of the country since the republic
was declared, reached its climax bere
today, when a wild mob attacked one
of the convents, drove out the nuna
and sacked the structure, which was
almost demolished.
The leligious orders 'have generally
been hell favorable to the monarchy,
and Eoman Catholicism is now the sub
ject of widespread opposition.
The republican government which is
strongly anti'atholic, gives the mobs
confidence in their work of destruc
tion. However, the government is mak
ing an organized effort to suppress law
lessness. Flees to England.
GIBRALTAR, October 10. King
Manuel of Portugal and Queen Amelie
are going to England. They are be
;eved to have given up all intentions
of attempting to return to Portugal and
to oppose the new government.
one ( f 1.
ishon s miBt beautiful iMid histoi if places e.f worship
1 1
Westminster of
Tells Southern Audience H2 Be-
lieves That Government
Should Do It.
a result of what
dished with tile mone
iv Kuhio. the Deiee-a!
wav of securing a quite unlooked f r
appropriation for a federal building
had a,--
a til aUo for the guod work
oiatiuuru in I lie It U a 1 Mituuu,
will be detached, which means tha; . 1 atl'1 ul0
thev will be t.r.-uwferre.l sent else- ! coniplished in seeiirg that congress ap
propriated liberally for the breakwater.
In connection with this last bit of
important work. Kuhio promised the
lliloites when he was there that he
would endeavor to secure an appropria
tion of $!im,miii) for the next break
water contract.
Irrespective of political faith more
than three hundred llawaiians of Kail
district who have resided on govern
ment lands for manv vears. and who
where, and that an entire new force in
tie matter of officers will take up their
duties in this city.
A change has for some time been
falked of, but never before has definite
information been received iu this re
gard. This is in the order of plans mapped
ot some time ago and has nothing to
0 with any possible eiitieism of the
incumbent; "on the contra rv .Major Long
nas main- coierih.neist ,.,,,i;n,r t,, iiim :
secure further and larger aioo-m.ria
Hons to carry the work on to a looked
lor success. It is only receurly that
the vaccine prepared in the way re
garded as the most probable for a cure
lias been obtainal.de, the discoverv bv
in the Philippines, hav-
y recent date,
everal months
mis of treat-
.,..,.,, f f 1 i J '
from the depaitment
Sol work here
' Lieutenant Burchfield, of course, wib
fe among those detached with the rest j
i the United States marine officers j
tfe. His detachment will be in line
t!1' transfer -j,,, ,,r!ier officers
an'l has nothinjj whatever to do with
y wcent alia i r.
The city will misS the officers of the
marine corps am! will hope that their
successors are as airreeab!
ent force
"": l-nit Pit Staf
force over who h
rme again within
"""a preat deal of argument as to
W 7" th,'-v be i-laced aboard
loships and .'iie-,, or should be
--ea a: c-r a :i s!,re j.omts iu tl
r;" 01 -Mueric-u. defence,
"t long ag., it v ,s announced that
Moses T. Cle
ing been ot comparativt
out throughout the pa-t
other vaccines and ot her f
meiu nave l.en employed.
Concertiinjr these experiments. Doctor
Carrie, in a recent lejiort. says:
"We prepare, 1 a vaccine (before we
had grown the bacillus of leprosv on
artificial media) from acid-fast or
g.iuisnis, l,elon-il.g to the grouj of the
U'Pra bacillus, -.n of theln Sll r..,,,e,l 1..
and law amend-j be nonpathogenic f,- ,,-, woakh.
tnent secured bv the delegate, wlucn . patliogenie i,r anv mStii-.l vv..
gives tnem tue preiereuce r-giu to our- ininisrere.l tins v h.e
passes a resolution at. in increasing ,os . '1'lo'n
Doctor iRaymond has authorized one of the Kopublica n leaders to
say that he believes that the policy adopted by L. L. iMc( .'aimless and
the platform that he induced the Democratic party to adopt at their
convention tire antagonistic to the business interests of the community
and if endorsed at the polls would be a severe blow at the Hawaiian
people. He believes, also, that McCmidless is insincere in the policy
that he is advocating and knows that he cannot carry it out. and that
the leaders who have followed him are also insincere.
Jle, therefore, lias come to the conclusion that the only honorable
course for him to adopt is to identify himself with the Republican
partv and to vote the Republican ticket.
This he proposes to do. and he will sign the Republican precinct
roll at the first opportunity.
! HOT .SPIMXUS, Arkansas, October
11. Lx-President Theodore Roosevelt
oieed his views on the southern re
clamation questions before a large and
I enthusiastic audience here yesterday.
He dt dared that the government should
assit in the reclamation of the swamp
areas of the South and throughout the
-Mississippi Valley where thousands of
acres ot valuable lands are rendered
useless yearly by the river overflows.
Itis views were warmly received, they
being in direct Contrast to the stand
taken by President Taft before the
A'ational Conservation Congress last
! mouth in St. Paul. Taft then advocat
ed reclamation by the states and by
private individuals.
HOT SPRINGS, October 10. Colo
nel Roosevelt attended the State fair
today. The grounds were crowded to
their capacity by people- gathered to
welcome the ex-President.
benefit bv the
ured bv the
as the pres
and only
I reaction at tin
T these ationt
chase the lands, passed a resolution
Waiohiuu. shortly before the Prince
visited there, and presented hiim with
Senator Achi, who returned from
Hawaii last week, after making a por- j substance for sev
fion of the Big Island tour with the j phenomenon was
Prince, states that the resolution wa-s nodules in both cases
prepared iu - advance of the Prince 's j a i, . brea ,l,,wn in tin
coming. The resolution thanks him 'a punched out. crater-si
two lepers
was no gen
ii ect from this vac
slight and doubtful
it" of injection,
lafl received this
ra I wt
i peculiar
d. liumelv the
g.'ui to soften :
enter, lea ing I
d nicer. A f 1
ter continuing for a short time in one
patient, this process ceased and no fur :
ther results were notice.!, although the j
tieatmenr abe described was con- !
T-m'"'d. In the other patient, this pro- I
we er. up to the time j
from the hospital'
Ka!a wao !
s marines
there h:t r
the oast
time and
few vears
I verv strongly for what ho has done tor
the llawaiians and other occupants of
'public lands, and particularly for secur-
ing them the right to buy in the lands
without bavin'' added to the price tliev
j must pay the cost of whatever improve
I ments thev mav have made ou the lauds
1,1 ,1..,., !,.,r O llf-V I
ii" t i ii'ui: i, u. ,.-.
At Waiohiuu
I tii'st pa vnients
; tenancy,
have been granted
under the prel
s continued. V,
his dischaie
ills Drunk on Track and Is
Crushed Beneath the
o W i I
prelerence j Ml,ntl
recent an. en.
:-t. laud tit!,
brou!u hero V . rv. ids allowed bv tl
11 l,rf. esj.ee; u v '.. man 'earl , t , ;.,:,
"arb-jr i,,,t i, , ,. . , , i ments to the Oig.an.c
tood thit VV "'!",T,M-V l,nac: ; which, bv the wav. would never haveli,,
the ma;;;V;;,w.:';Mn-0 y;vs..v hh u--
or the ff,n., m, . ' , ' his wav, and the andler l.iii Had n
MariaV P;' "'7 l" .,!"" :lt;co,,.e law in place of the bill backed b
UurUn " : l:u,,,'rri"1 ! he Delegate. MCandless' pet lan
- i ameii'dments exclude all town and eit
a firm
coieiit i
' YV,
.) the
111 a:
ls :
" oil tie-
'ti.-d and
e down e:
time .,f
. heub
IU 's
si; m
Failiiio drunk
Moiliiii iasf nig
! nese was struck
stun";.- hilled I
; No. l'.'i, halfwa;
I oriia l.uildiei.
J g 1 OM; ,'s.
j S 'ightlv did fiie imfolti
' 1 eeotne wedged 11 nder t he fa I'
i he had not been run over bv t
The Japanese at .Moiliiii all viewed the
body aim declared mm a stranger in i
that district. ,
Later a .Japanese contractor saw the
body and stated that he believed him
to be a resident of Kakaako although
he was nor positive about if. There
was even doubt about his nationality at
iirst. some declaring him to be :u China
man and others a Filipino.
Aleut five mintes I efore the fatal
ccidert happened he was seen stagger
ing tow.urds Kaimuki by .1. Tuva's and
(Continued on Page Eight.)
on the car track in
t. an unknown .Japa-
n:d presumable iu '
Rapid Transit ca;-j K A N S As
between the Farm It ling Ne!-.
SAN FRANCISCO, October 11 The
British steamship Damara which went
ashore at Fort Point, striking in a dan
gerous position, on Saturday last, hag
not yet been floated, although those
who have undertaken the task of get
ting her off into deep water again give
it out that they have hopes of saving
has. ball
uate man
all hough
;e wheels.
'ASJIIXCTON. oetob-r .-T!k
-"'ted Stat
! property t rom
j me Waiohiuu
I had to w histie
iV'an.l less been
res Sj
Cioveriior 1
preference rights, and;
llawaiians would Lave
for their homes had Me-.-ueeessful
iu his Wa-h-
iust as the Punchbowl
lice of the U
g u s
I'.'tich as an
uited States'
1 ourf, convened ringt
vns seated ou . J 'ortuguese w;a nae to w ni-ue i-r
by som.
tered if
id fast
from t
ica i
e jus-court.
theirs in case Me an. Less is elected,
and makes g.'od his platform pledges. I
to two pati.
without any ;
form of tiiera:
(.Continued on Pa.
f the
onise ot a lew
1 1 i i-s of t he :;. '
" piitii'iit. thus
Those wliich
l ' e- at ,
i . . . .
o -en -. si; rrou n. ed bv ' 1 ' "
' to- pa: ii rr 's general ! he h;
e l U-icLailged.
i a: ... 's :oa .t SUspeilMO!
, Ia!ty-!.:,e substance
he ab'.ve named bacill
cess and adminis- . wni.-ii -ne Imlv lav
its under our care. ! removed.
ppreciable results. 1 Kfforts of the police to identify him
v i- very close to j last night were unavailing and it i- ex
.y Deycke in his I beefed that hi- identitv will be learned
ober 11. Bat
Monte Dale in
nd round here last nioht. Nelson
wili o.i from lore to San Francisco,
where J,.- will meet "One Round"
Hogiip for a ten round l out on the
twenty fifth of this month.
Tiie British steamship Damara reach
ed Portland from Honolulu on Septem
ber lo. She arrived at this port from
Norfolk on Augitft 27 with a full carg'
of coal for the naval station here, was
discharged in quick time and then pro
ceeded north. According to the dispatch
above noted there is just a chance of
her being saved from going to pieces
ashore. During her stay in Honolulu
her officers made mnnv friends who will
t was
I o
ni i
found in
to the s."
and jack
essa rv to send two i
ne with wrecking I
up t he oue under i
before u could be :
Li is AMI
fifteenth bod
:e Two
d b;
:lks. oc
lias been
ins of the Los
g. which was t
ret ,b
iu tr
. r of the vessel be
tober 1 1 . The
recovered from
Ang.les Times
itallv wrecked
nn explosion of nitro-
av u mm
missed from his home.
ou October 1.
NEW YORK. Octber 11. Quota
tions ..n sugar yesterday reduced refined
sugar five cents a hundred.

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