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The Pacific commercial advertiser. [volume] (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1885-1921, October 11, 1910, SECOND SECTION, Image 10

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Mr. and Mr. J. A. Enquist. Mrs. J.
(J. M,re. Mrs. M. Knisiht. Col. Z. ?.
Sj.al.Jir.s. Mrs. C. VTulters, Ceo. B. Me
( 'Mian.
iVr tr. Manna Kea, for Hilo ami
Kav ports. O.-thIht 11 Professor Baron,
Brn.-c Oirtwriulit. Miss M. IVterson.
Mrs. Tavaros, Dr. an.l Mrs. W. ('. W'a:
son, Miss 'FieM. Mrs. "Watson. Mr. anl
Mrs. K. P. Huxtable, J. K. Brown. A.
K. Hatfield. F. T. Henry, Mr. an.l Mrs.
J P. Foster and child, "W. Green, Mrs.
J. J. Hali. Mrs. E. H. Tim, Mrs. TT.
Arlington, O. Lorensen. B. .1. Hind, Jr
C. Smith, J. O. Youn, II. Si-hultz. Miss
Victor. Mrs. Watson. Doctor Glaisyer,
Str. Kir.au. for Kauai por.s, ;j p. m. w Watson. A. .T. Schoenberjrer, II. F.
DUE TOMORROW. I HavsMon. J. Buchanan, J. Kraum, T.
T' K T Sherman, from San I ran- i.owinan ana r.. j. . v.x..M.i"
Cisco, a. in.
Monday, 0.-r,,"i.T 10.
Am. sn. Marion cfcUont, from Uaviota.
a. uu
(.'.-A. S. S. Makura, from Sydney via
Str. M.iuna Kea, for Hilo and tt ay
ports. '" a. in.
Str. Mikahala, for Maui and Molo
kai ports. .3 p. ni.
H. HACK. FELIX Or. sp.. ar. Sydney
from Hon., March 6.
HAWAII", Am. bin., ar. S. F. from Ma-
hukona, Aug. 13.
H. B. BEXDIXEX, Am. schr., ar. Grays
Harbor from Hon.. Mav 13.
H. C. WRIGHT, Am. schr., ar. 8. F.
AXI.HiEW WET-II. Am. Vk., from ! Muranan, June 15.
Hon. for S. P.. Oct. o. i HF.LF.XE, Am. schr., ar. Grays Harbor
AKU.MOl'XT, Br. S. S., from Hon. fori from Hon., fcept. as.
i MISSOURIAX. Am. S. S., from Mahu-
W. WATSON, Am. schr., ar. Grays! kona for Salina Cruz, Sept. 9.
Harbor, from Hilo, July la. MFRIEIi. Am. schr., from S. F. for
Per str. Kinau. for Kauai. Octoher
T K K S. S. Chivo Maru, from San ' 11 Francis Gay, Miss Hodgin, Mstor
Francisco '(three days late). I Albertina, W. II. Jardin, Mr. and Mrs.
Ocean Island, Oct. 7.
BALBOA, Am. schr., ar. Eedondo from
Hilo, June 3.
BEXICIA, Am. Id:., ar. Gravs Harbor
from Hilo, Oct. 2.
BO Ii BALIS, Am. schr., ar. Hilo from
Gravs Harbor, Sept. 17.
BUYO MARU, Jap. S. S., from Hon.
for Japan, Sept. 7.
C. S. HOLMES, Am. schr., ar. Hedondo
from Hilo, Sept. 13.
CAMAXO, Am. schr., from Hilo for
Port Town send, Sept. 29.
CARRIER DOVE, Am. sccr., ar. Grays
Harbor from S. F., Feb. 7.
Hon. from Leith, Oct. 7.
II I U)N I AX, Am. S. S., from .S. F. for
Hon.. (kt.
Honoipu, Sept. 23.
X EVA PAX. Am. .-i. S., from FJeele for
S. P.. Oct. 3.
XIXFA, ltal. sp., ar. Portland from
Hon., June 3.
NIPPON" MARU, Jap. S. S.. from Yo
kohama for Hon., Sept. 23.
XITANT, Am. bk., Josselyn, from N
Y. for Hon., Aug. 6.
OKAXOGAX, Am. schr.. from Port
Ludlow for Hon., Sept. 22.
OLYMPIC, Am. bk., ar. 8. T. from
Kaanapali, April 7.
OMEGA, Am. schr., ax. Coos Bay from
Hon., Aug- 14.
from Bcdocdo, Sept
WH. T. LEWIS, sp, from .
Sound, Oct. 4.
for Newcastle. Sept. 3. n W
LA LAN DIA, J '.r. .S. S
from Hon., Oct. 4.
S. Sierra, for San Francisco,
W. ('. Deerim
(Army and Navy.")
cruise, Sept. 8.
(Merchant Vessels.)
O. S
10 a. m.
M. X. S. S. Wilhelmina, for San Fran
cisco, 10 a. m.
C.-A. S. S. Maraina, from Victoria,
a. m. !
T. K. K. Tenyo Maru, from Orient,
p. m. or early Saturday.
T. K. K. lenyo Alaru. tor is-an i ran-j ()et 1()
Cisco, probably p. m. Philippine. Am
PASSENGERS. Pr.-Uo- Oct 7.
Booked to Depart.
Per O. S. S. Sierra, for San Francisco,
October 12 Mr. and Mrs. X. E. Gede.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Burnett, II. A. Lee,
Miss L. G. Johnson, Mrs. T. B. Haight
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Kirk
patrick. Miss O. L. Zehrinjr, X. Schar
tin. Master Hayin, W. J. Cutt'm?, Miss
X. B. Winston.'ll. L. Waldo, Mrs. Hen
riones. ( '. W. Miller, Mr. Hodson. Miss
Miller, J. S. ullv, H. T. Moore, Mr. and
Mrs. T. P.. Bla'ir, W. II. Friedly, Mrs. I
C. II. Waterman, A. C. McXoill. Paul A
Withintrton. Miss Jones, Mr. anil Mrs.
Miss no.tRin, .-sisjtr CHILCATTAN, Br. S. S., from Xor
folk for Hon., Jul.v 21.
CHINA. Am. S. S, ar. Yokohama from
Hon.. Oct. 7.
CHIVO MARU. Jap. S. S., ar. S. F.
from Hon. Sept. 23.
HONGKONG MARU. Jap S. S., from O. M. KELLOGG. Am. ehr.f ar. S. F.
Hon. for Salina Crat, Julv 25. 1 from IIana AnS-
HONOIPU, Am. schr, ar. Hana from ' PHILIPPINE, Am. schr., ar. Hon. from
S. F, Aug. 26. rt Brags, Oct. 7.
HYADEvS, Am. S. S., from Seattle for RExee R1CKMERS, Ger. sp., from
Hon, Oct. 4. i iion. for Seattle, July 10.
INCA. Am. schr, ar Port Tewnsend, RITHET, Am. bk., Nielsen, from
from Hon, July 13. j g p flr Hon gept; 28
1 REGARD, Am bkt, from Hilo or , jjobERT LEWERS, Am. schr, from
t t st4ytyiI?i-i Am vvi- Tnr I Hon. for Port Townsend, Sept. 27.
ROBERT SEARLES, Am. schr., ar. S.
F. from Hilo, July 21.
Bix, U. S. A. T.. from Manila, Oct. if. COLUMBIAN, Am. S. S.. from Hilo
Kukui, U. S. L. IL T., Kenger. for Salina Cruz, Sept. 21.
Thetis, U. S. R. C, Cochran, from .COLUMBIA, Am. .schr.. from Gravs
Harbor for Kahului, Oct. 4.
J. L. STANFORD, Am. bkt., ar. Port
Townsend from Hon., Jun 14.
.1 MRS H "RRTTPE. Am. sffhr.. from
F. for Hilo. June 12. ROKEBY, Br. S. S., from Hon. for
t ai- wr(Tiippw(r a t 1 Ocean Island. June 1
Eureka for Hon,, Sept. 29. ROMERA, Br. S. S, from Hon. for
JEAN BAPTISTE, Fr. bk., ar. S. F.,' Newcastle, Sept. 22.
from Hon, Sept. 28. j ROSECRANS, Am. S. S., ar. Monterey
JAMES ROLPH, Am. schr, from S. F. j from Hon., Sept. 30.
for Hana, Aug. 1. (Wrecked and SALEM, Am. schr, from acoma for Ka-
lost Aug. 3.)
CONCORD, Am. schr,, ar. Hon. from JOHN EN A, Am. sp., ar. Del. Break
water, July 21.
iTor7nfrin fecilie. Ger. sr... Leith. Oct. 7. Laysan Island, Aug. 6
. , , -..ii. a . o ' l flKf A Tm 1 Am f . I. r fTnm M nn f f T L." F I i atvtt . 1. 1 rn a
I Marion ( hilcott, Am. sp, Gaviota, . S. F, Juno 26. from Hon., Jan. IS
jj.i.univ, xan. oh., ar. o. r , irom JvATlIAKINE PARK, I?r. S. S., from
schr., from Fort Hon. Sept. 23
Hon. for Newcastle, Oct. 6.
schr., Jonsien,
S. C. Allen, Am. bk. Port Ludlow, Oct. 3.
Sierra, O. S. S, San Francisco, Oct. 7.
Wilhelmina, Am. s.s, Hilo, Oct. 9.
Buford at San Francisco.
Dix. in port.
Logan, from Hon. for Manila, Sept. 16. DEFENDER, Am. schr., ar. Honoipu ' LADY ELIZABETH, Nor. bk. from
Sheridan, from Hon. for S. F., Oct. 6. from Grays Harbor, Oct. 3. j Bremerhaven for Hon.. March'.
hului, Sept. 24,
SANTA MARIA, Am. S. S.. from Hon.
for Port San Luis, Oct. 6.
SANTA RITA, Am. S. S., ar. Monterey
from Hon, Oct. 4.
S. C. ALLEN, Am. bk, ar. Hon. from
Port Ludlow, Oct. 3.
.UTLLbS, Am. schr,, Jonsien, KILCHATTAN, Br. S. S., ar. Hon. from FoVt0T Am schr from Mahukona
r. Port Townsend from Her., Jan. 9. Norfolk Oct 3 ! TUi; I' f Mahukona
DAVID EVANS, Am. schr, from Pearl KIYO MARU, Jap. S. S., from Hon. ' pVov V : q fm TTon for
Harbor for Port Townsend. Sept. 30. for So. Am. ports, Sept. 23. , SFd P?' BI" ' fS-'-frm Hn' fr
JEMAKA. S S, ar. Portland from KOREA, Am. S. S., ar. Yokohama from siivljimv if S A T. from Hon.
. 1fl . . ..... . . -.,
for S. F, Oct. 6,
Lvle Mr and Mrs. ('. Bachman, Miss o.ioi-, "-" ar. j-nn.nieipnia irom lino. uct. -
Hon, Sept. lo. ! Hon.. Sent, 10.
DIX. U. S. A. T, ar. Hon. from Manila, i KOXA. Am. schr.. from a T. for Hon.. ' ,l?I.2?i . YCT- ... . ...
Qet 9 i T ? siBtitiA, Am. o. o., irom non. xor
RromorUn fr., iurarnh . s. G. wilulk. Am. tiKtn.. ar. Aianu-
Sherman, from S. F. for Hon, Oct. o. j PUM FRIESSI1IRE, Br. sp., from Hon. L'AVENIR Beli? so ar S F "from1 kona frotn s- F- SePt- 22
MOVEMENTS OT BH1PPINO I for Victoria, Oct. 1. , Hon, Aug. 12.
E. K. WOOD, Am. schr, from Gray's LAXKT'YO. Am s s T xnt tt.,,.i
F. COATES, se'nr., ar. Port 1 own- Harbor for Hon, Julv 20. 1 from Hon May 23
send from Hon, Aug. 6. I EDWARD SEW ALL, Am. sp.. Quick, LAH AIM a'att, hktA rnm v
! ar. Philadelphia from Hilo. Oct. 2. fnr Hon Annl s
F'. Keilv. Miss V. Kelly, II. U. Scovel, i Hilo, Oct. 6. j ENTERPRISE, Am. S. S, from S. F. LURL1XE, Am. S. S., from Hon. for
Miss J." Ivellv, Mrs. II. L. Hilton, Mrs. j A.. M. BAXTER, Am. schr, ar. Port, for. Hilo, Oct. 7. g. F, Oct. 4.
Gallagher, i. W. Spencer, Mr. Gal- Townsend. from Mahukona, July 8. . ERSKIXE M. PKELPS, Am. sp, from M. TURXE1J, Am. schr, from Pearl
lao-her. J ALDEN BESSE, Am. bk, ar. San' Norfolk for Hon, Aug. 2. 1 Harbor for Aberdeen, Oct. S
Per M. X. S. S. Wilhelmina, for San Diego from Hon, Sept. 1. j ESPADA, Am. schr, ar. Grays Harbor MAKURA, Br. S. S, from Sydney for
Francisco. October 12 Miss M. B. ALERT. Am. schr.. ar. Grays Harbor from Hon., Aug. 9. I Hon.. Sent. 2fi.
-w- , .. - -nm-r -r-. . n . . t r; it n
Evnon, Mrs. L. J. Warren ana cnna, , frora Honolulu, May 31. t L1HKL zams, Am. sclir, ar. Hilo from MANUKA, Br. S. S., ar. Sydney from ivloJ'. pni a.
:.' E. Hoffman, G. W. Ross, Mr. Shaw,' .Jinv, r-rCfzv Am phr. from Port Hon, Sept. 14, j Hon.. Julv 12. , TAURUS. Am. schr, from Port Allen
W. Warehouse, N. M. Howe, W. H. j T,If11nw fnr ttoi1 'Sevt 29. i EVA, Am. schr, ar. 8. F. from Mahu- MAKAWELT, Am. bkt.. ar. Eureka
ALBERT, Am. bkt., from Port Gamble Jna. Jan. 28. from Ahukini, Sept. 21.
fr Tfiln Sent 2 tArAioiu.n, Am. scnr.,a ar. itoaonao ilAiiAM A, Ht. S.
ALOHA, Am. scnr., ar. Eedondo from trom Hilo A ug 6.
iinn n,a oq irAULSOl' CLYDE, A
S. T. ALEXANDER. Am. schr, ar. Port
Townsend from Hilo. June 16.
SIERRA, Am. S. S., ar. Hon. from
S. F, Oct. 7.
STIMSON, Am. schr, ar. Port Towb
seed from Hon., April 5.
ST. DUNSTAN, Br. S. S., ar. Port
Townsend from Hon., June 21.
ST. KATHERINE, Am. bk., S. F. for
Hilo, Julv 4.
TAMON MARU, No. 6, from Hon. for
Priedlv, J. A. Smith, A. C. Alexander,
Mr. and Mrs. O. B. French. J. Walter
Doyle, Miss Ethel Angus, Mrs. John
Angus, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Disteli and
infant, Mr. and Mrs. Blood, Miss M.
Diaz, Miss Grace Storer, F. Kenyon,
Miss E. Lord, Mrs. E. Dye, Mrs. A.
M. Wertz, Mrs. W. D. Barnard, Miss M
E. Patv, Mrs. C. II. Fairer, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Smith and infant, Miss Ida
Anderson, Mrs. C. T. Mills, Miss E.
Blossom, Miss B. Schott, Miss Margaret
Dunn, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rolph, Mr.
and Mrs. D. Y. Campbell, Miss A. Wick
strum, C. H. Olsen, Mrs. G. II . Richard
son, Miss C. Oilman, Miss H. Ilobron,
Rudolph Spreckels, T. Magee. S. S. Cole
man, Miss P. B. Roberts, Mrs. J. B.
Roberts, Mrs. R, D. Mead and child.
for Sound, April 28.
TENYO MARU, Jap. S. S., from Yoko-
from Vancouver hama for Hon., Oct. 5.
for Hon, Oct. 7. TORSDAL, Nor. S. S., from Hon. for
m. sp, from Hon. ! MASUNDA, Br. S. S., from Hon. for Ocean Island, Oct. 7.
1 : A t. rr j--, . , mm mn K-pn -r Mr m m
AMARANTH. Am. bktn.. ar. Gray. ' "Cl:.f ..tl.V"-. .. . , 1JLA!"' Irom auo
WorW from Honolulu Mav 30 r MniJt'M' Am- scnr- ar- ura7s i maa CH UK1A, Am. S. S., from Hon.' Kedondo, Sept. 15.
API70N J Ts S ar Hon from' t-or from Hilo, Aug. 3. for Orient, Oct. 3. , VOLNAY, Br. S. S., from Hon. for
S t si -!0 ' rom i -pXiAUR EX'CE WARD, Am. schr.. ar. ! MANSHU MARU, Jap, S. 8., ar. Kob Newcastle, Oct. 5.
beanie, oipi. au. Midway Island from Hon, OcL 9. I from Hon.. May 25. , VIRGINIAN, Am S. S., from Seattle
ARAGO, Am. bkt., ar. Gray'. Harbor : ppOHNG SUEY", Am. bk, ar. Delaware 1 MARY E. FOSTER, Am. schr, ar. for Hon, Oct. 4.
from S. F., AprU 14. Breakwater from Port Allen, Aug. 29. 1 Hon. from Port Ludlow, Sept. 27. WM. OLSEN, Am. schr., ar. Gray!
ARIEL, Am senr., ar. Port Townsend FRED J. WOOD. Am. schr., from Hon. '.MARION CHILOOTT, Am. sp, ar. Hon. Harbor from Hon., March 22.
from Pearl Harbor, April 15. for Grays Harbor, Aug. 27. j from Gaviota, Oet. 10. 'WILHELMINA, Am. S. S, ar Hon
ASIA, Am. S. S., ar. S. F. from Hon., GAMBLE. Am. schr, ar. Port Gamble MARY WIXKELMAN, Am. bk., ar.' from mio. Oct. 9.
Oet. 1.
ASTRAL, Am. sp., Dunham, from Wil
mington for S. F., March 24.
ATLAS. Am. sp., ar. X. Y. from Manila,
March 6.
trom llilo, Oct. 4. I Eureka from Hon.. Sprit PCS W P TlATinnnr a TTo,:
GOLDEN SHORE, Am. schr, from Hon. j MEXICAN, Am. S. S., from Hilo for Sydney from Hon., June '30 '
VeiSr' . c- 1 ,Salina uz, Aug. 27. WM. P. FRYE. Am. sp., ar. Delaware
GRE STOKE CASTLE, Br. S. S, ar. , MONGOLIA, Am. S. S, from Hon. for Breakwater from Kahului, Aug. 26.
S. F. from Hon., Sept. 24. F., Oct. 9. W. H. MARSTON, Am. wAr.. arf Hilo
From a Honolulu Citu
a soreness iu the fcJ
Is your back lame and painfull
i-vm ii. uvuc cc-pcciauv aft
Is there
region ?
These symptoms indicate
There is danger ia delay.
Weak kidneys fast get wV
Give your trouble prompt tw
Doan-s Backache Kidney 3
auicklv. . R
They strengthen weak kidnew
Read this Honolulu testimonT
B. T. White, Pearl City. Oahn n
lulu, Hawaii, says: "I am WehV
years of age. and I suffered fronts
ache and kidney disease for eighth
I have given Doan's Backache
Pills a fair trial and have been ioT
ly benefited that I cheerfully?
mend them to other kidney suffer
Doan's Backache Kidney pjjjj
sold by all druggists and storeke!
at 50 cents per box (six boxes fc
or will be mailed on receipt of pny,
the Hollister Drug Co.. Honolnln J
sale agents for the Hawaiian iil
ixememoer tne name, Doat'i
oL-n n r en Vict i 11
Rubber Good!1
573-575-577-579 Market Str,
San Franciso ), Cal., JJ&X
Renear Co., hi
Pau Ka Ife
And the dirt moved, -Get
it from your grocer.
Beautiful Frames
Arte onI frofe CU
niu uuu viuii3 j
Regal She:
raxr 1 3)1
The patrons of this Company will save annoyance and avoid disappointment by handing in their
orders NOW for account books for next year.
An early order will give us time to turn out work that will be satisfactory to us and our customers.
A seasoned book will live to a greater age than one green from the bindery, a condition with which the
4 'old guard" of bookkeepers is familiar and the new men are getting acquainted with. Your orders placed
with us now will enable us to avoid any rush at the holiday season.
Don't be the last man in with your order. Get it off your mind today and throw the responsibility
on out shoulders. We have no word to say regarding the quality. Twenty-five years of superior book
binding talks for itself.
lil II wit iran
- Telephone 1473. -

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