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The Pacific commercial advertiser. [volume] (Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands) 1885-1921, November 10, 1910, Image 3

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'if' ''
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S Li !
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. , ,- s-, r- nr I y i r--. -
iimiihi mri i
A9 v CSis ptobi ips5;as t I
o fei feg $i if , ' ;
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young cmncse luu want amts HlUhs and College of Hawaii Jim Corbett Discusses Battling;1
- i- : flno nf f-.,nr Mnpninn i
Games of Series.
Students to Join Them in Soccer Series- i Ne,son ! hChances hof TT'n"
I mg Championship Title.
Delegates to Promote Project.
TiK, Ytui. the
- the Ka.-il-.iH! .".
jeto.of the so,-.-,:- :
goals to '';!r ;;
Cramm:ir Sen.- -terday
afternoon. :
faved yesterday '
team phiyM :,t M '
yau wort'il tin,'.- g--
lw played :: " : - '
0M tbro-ih wm k : -a
je score to ' 1
fcaiaau School boy-.
Bte!a.e.l iu tin
b?; iu tin-ir
$ .lav. Now :
eelthe Kaahuma:. .-'
tie ball with l.-r m
drive for the p.;.:. '
cuk the Kaahumahn
the ball :n etu-ri 'r:-';;;
jtbaek into the 1 '':!.
Yau kicked the tir-t
tade iii tiii g.!""
b: vi I'iay ia t::-
as the enly sere n.j
period of piay. 1
DOtized tiif ball ::.
it raid rirfhr with
itaioi-r gvntly w:t
ia easy reach of th
Yau or Rosehill i-:
gmi smug trum t:i' in.
w:, The'
i: !. tur.'e
on :i.:. 'ars to have
i likely t.i he a new triaiigu-. mart Irq.pens to Le kno.-ke-l out tl.ey
e ' i I .in 1 he ' ' ci.nie Vkh-I
ii. avs .liin l 'orKett in tiie Va
...;.. r 1:1 r- '"' '"ii lv a unailraiiijuiar. leipni ""I have no eiinttMit xhI to t
the tiei.i. an.t in view ..f the limited ';,!- 1 ':,1,i'r Is 2IV1! a
t - W l'I't.
. 'orajeii tor an inriTsi'lu.lfKti,. ,
I,,,.,, ., . ,' t'ori-es lie eeno.l to t'e.l a Tiioiiirh the -111111! nf himself ,-iiiee the de-
. l'" l:''e. n the etu..r stu.lents of ,r,,i ., . .,, , t . ,, ,,, , ,
1:-. The!1"0 K.unel.anteha s,-!ionis, the litmus. f;n.iir..n lu.iiors. , . , ,, . . ,. . , , ,
; ,1, . i- ;; , i, .. . , . , , n- M.n.-.. mhhv a,i Ins oMtime dash, atel
.-!iu,i : ' l!' i'-e i.t Hawaii an.l tho faints. ' etiUee men, however, nuht go , . '
111 with the Kams 011 the id. -a that the 1 ' "" "' ls a 1 :l " e
mem' the merrier, to eni oura-e tlf? V!'' "H"w iti..re al.out this when he goes
Ting; T!ie 'lawned oa some of the Kame-
U - !
hanu-ha atlileti.-
its. and met with'
.-ach g.-neral favor am.mg the members!
of the athieti
itiovemeiit. The Jligiis play their l.ist; '.i;. against si.:nr or' the harder nuts.
-:im' Teain.
!:... s ! g
iv.i.i- loiioii :nai .aniev llVingstoa and l ap
1- eommittee ot tins insti-I
game ot intvre.nleec.te next Satr.rdae
! v. .
out for t!ie lightweight
to hamionize with the haudsome costumes worn by the ladies
this season.
Satin and Velvet Footwear is Fashion's latest dcraanu.
There are no ric.ter, daintier or higher toned materials.
You will he surprised at the ELEGANT AND EXCLU
SIVE STYLES we are showing this season in SATINS and
Handsome Black Satin Pumps, in
new short-vamp, high-arch, "stubby"
Velvet Pumps, with French heels and
rhinestone ornaments, for evening wear.
lie cooe
! , . . , .. . : .imi a s ne win i.e 1 ne exeo unm
j oiigut to i,e open for engagements. 1 he - 1
1 . , . , , . . , . , ,0 10. r : T i.f T TO . e V I- ! : ! 1! t . W m ' V,T
.... .i i' v int' .-ir.w in I iii-, .ii.'.-' - ...... ... .....
iiail was ta!U,Ui,lt,;rS Wre tU'it-:lte'1 at a meet-j Vau .u)l j,,, !m enVorai ! H-ga: his l.e-t h-oiors. As Ad Woigast
, a-t .Mon.iay nignt to eonTer with ; to
g u....-t ot v- iuiio nope mat iney wni enier a senior , i tiinimut to I.e oat or tie- game lor
rhey th:-at- ' epreent a 1 1 ves of the other sehios on J team for the reason that the younger j j .,,,, wi(ll ;l i,I(,iu.u arm wb
' .-ii iiv rjT.i.iij.r tin' .r.!...it:ni! Th. K'-ima in. ,ti.-:,l...T I faints have developed stieh a good ., . ' ,
- i' i c ivams are unuled . . ' tuo liattier gong to win tne enaii.-
... a i -i i..!i' .... .. . I .M.eeer eleven in the (.rammar school ; " "
V, .' ., . tAo athietie wings tor sports j,,.,, pomsnip from 1 If Ad is forced tj re-
:. ,-r.-d ;u""n- tliemselves. j Favor Big League. j lire tle-ie will lie at lea-r a dozen
u..-e a:, l ioo ighr At the opening of the athletic sea-j The Kams favor an organiaztion tak- ' eiaimants for the title. Hat is one of
i :. -frit-TV. Ting; son two captains pieked alternately j ing iu ail the sehools that ei-tiM put out . tie- legitimate 1 '): pounder.-, and it is
a lineup of all the students, and Senior teams, which, they think, would tul lhl.u is a lllall hl lLe sanu.
" ai-.ii" ton mm- ea.Ti side formed live teams fur the 'avert dimensions siu'n as mignt disnna . .
f::-t halt. This various games. One side took the the league. --The t rouble with a tn-;"!:u anyihing on tue Dau at the
iii the ii::-: title of The Keds'' and the other i angular league,'' sai-1 l'rofe.-....r Horne ; weight.
Kiel i:;!it:in-;s i.vi.- '"lie Whites." The senior teams of ' a whiie a-'o. "is that when two fae- I Me Far la tid and lliiodmua are out of
oiid half and ..:h j.ies will meet Saturday a f rvmoon j t ions tret to squabbling the third is Ia,. i;ite. and t he ii.ot I'oraiidai-lc api- I
r':;;- 1 h''y iiui.-d in the tinai match of an alternate series i dragged in to decide tne eontrovery, : r.illU ia tli(J ,i:l!.u.lu i,un, h ar,. jui j
;a;.v until wjth- of baseball anil soccer, and this strif -! and this makes it unpieasai.t :.il around; . ... . , ., . i
. ,. I ,i ., -i ;,. - , .,. , , ... . .i ii.- . , Moore and ioinmv Murj.uv and i.ossibiv
i. at.T tui-n l l'.-g gie win te top-.ed otl bv a sumptuous; wtiereas, witli halt a dozen or so tue i . i - .
t thn-M-ii with a jiiaii. The Keds won three oames of i actions of cue would atfeet the whole : '-"'" Morau, with the chance- all in j
'A ill b- Kose- ! a-ciiaii and three of sin'er. inakin-' i bodv that much less in proportion to lau.r of Mooiv, who has the youth. Ill I
tili landed the ti'.-t g..-i, in tue e.-..if.i :x straight, and then the Whites pulled ; the greater numU-r. and this would be lue mean time iWisoii. to hovv that he I
half. Then the yi.;;g liii.e-e ia i . - themselves together and got aav with ' more of a restraint on all and b ss dis- ; means i.o.sin. s-. has s.gu.-d to box lit-
grated two alei 'K " -h i . I scored tin' game. The .Saturday' romp will be J turbing iu case otl one or two seces- , ; e.-u lonnds w itn ( ine- Kound " Hog.ui, I
last. at Soccer. " js'.ons." itn.- i'aciiic Coa-l marvel. If the liat-j
TLe other teams were m-.tv even.y Ready for Series. Stick to Student Sports. ::..-r gets away w.n. ll-gun ne w.a nave
n-it.-h-vL The l'u!::i:.-u t.rep. f..-Tt ' , s roved t- ews v one sat i: action tnat
Stbe Certral .;r..rn:,:.,r S,'h....S ag- After the Saturday mar-h they will The Kams were on the verge oi g-mg Js rva,v U:
rentiua If '."-:- m-tci kn- ,,-d for an inter.-eh.da-t h- serie. 1 nto : i.e Hawaiian A-.-iatii-n loothau A ,;,-..rd in g to tne ;.,..:i..g aiohon-
SV' the 1'ur.s in Th.- ii.-: halt a-,-: tain to.dfrev said yesterday j League, at: 1 rapta.n W niters had drawn : t,.s ; ,is ,
npifher i.le sere i in the last ie-: " '- ".'".e-i i gei me a,ei u,- .... " If. ':.!. is he clean:.;. .:. aa-1 alt
riod. The Puns had s-..tf.e big members
thi'lr team, bat this did lh't seem o'agae. a u -1 T lo-y no ..-n at lea-rio iana-iin an : 1. 1 e.-. .e n.. , :; e . a-t
to give them any no
is no scrimmage in t
one H allowed to .-a
use hand; in anv wav. 1'iof. Edward liawai
'The Home
Of tllti
Short Vamp
The finest variety of Evening Slip
pers ever assembled. Newest and best
styles in every material, including
stubby short vamp velvets. Prices as
low as Si
at soccer. s.ens. -
Ready for Series. j Stick to Student Sports.
After the Saturday mat.-h they will! The Kams were on the verge of going
le leiolv'tor ., inrer-chola-t I,- -iric- !intn ' lie Hawaiian Association Footba.l
and i':i! tain viodfrey said yesterday j League, a;: 1 r.iptaiu Winters had drawn : t
ti.at tic Kams wanted to get 'the other j up an appll.-at o-n to enter a team for ; . j
three - -he.l- to ji.c them in forming a .the soccer cut the proposition to ; !.,.,,, iu.h,.,i ,. ; . . o e - , ; Ux s
.... i . i. .. j, . . ...i ... i ...... ... i ., i ' , . 1 1....I-.I- !.i:-k! '. I ..ji.'iie was more
a ti.ere two ..t ti.em. mailing it a triangular in nne w-.tn the 1;iri po.icy to connne ,, ,,An
giune' and' n.r cmion item. Tne s-nes ,.f i n t -rcob j t h.-i r shorts to siudenr atidetics, and; fi,a tijl. ,
,. Pali or, iegiat" loothail i-etweeu tne ohege ot tney tio.uiit I ney iiTgiu i.e.-oine ,,y , tf crack.
the Huns starts text week : voiv.-.i m all-around complications ir , norl Mnteh for ICew York
t'nev mixed ui with outside aggrega- I
tions. so thev 'have set out to organize I J.' ""l""'';"". :h;';.''h
l e : t .i ; e i u i lelVieiice. i i 1 j ' 1 15 ioi -e ir,, ,.,u is iw j-y
nufacfurers' Shoe Co,
1 051 Fort Street
. f s i . at he is 'list llle-1
blgg.T gam,-. He will
1 ler a nr.-tt - tn-;ga nni
lloore refereed this !areh which was Saturday, and tne veterans can only
piaved on thePuna'Uhi lield. mut.-r about eleven players for tlmse
The Kamehaniehas shut out the St.! games. .Manager kuhns says that if a
Louis Stood see.;er t.'a: .. - t
I ftnt pine which was played
U ua-iaaeBa. Aaicia.n, tue ivam
r.iig, ki(i.il the tirst g..a! and
wsjsiis I'ahia. wlio played left w ing,
ur tirough the orber. Th" Saints
played a good game and had the Kams
giij; all the wh.h-. Tiieir goal
feeder was a little -..cv. however, or
he might have bl .ck. d the bali each
astic. league ;n ; teleience.
1 1
to a s : a :. e l..at ai cion.! on
i-oiu's nlace at l'lamoad lie:
toe it went through. Kal.-ialii playe-i -x !"",v a.-!" -h- "'"" "'
S Star game and landed his goal by a .nn of I'm -,, has ccene '
Ion? kick at a l'tl:.-,'.!t angle. aiaoug the h.uieh "f Marin.-s
The seoring in th'. g--:i,e was al! d..ue . , ., , :,
S. ,l. . , ,e " arrived t roil, the 1 n.i;,- oh.-,
ia tie first halt.
The fourth matd. !' the afternoon workitig o.;t wit.; Jo.-
M between the b la.ni and the Nor Hug!,..- Sai
rial School tenuis a mi neither side s,..,r- f.T ;.,,., ,
w a goal. This gam.- w:
ri -. s,,. . .
me Biivs' rit'l.I. Ah t . .'a'nes w
P'ayed in fifteen-minute halves with ,; ;ni al
will pro-;
i on- w.i
i out a a iiijii i v t
fi 'and. eeces-ita
TacK'.r.g aron.i Mils maiK tne ya.-his
wl.i stc.-r for 1'eari Harbor wte'ie th.-y
will encircle the red can buoy at the
uce and set their course ba.-k to
'l.:s i-itv. r..iind'hg the -ioi bu-.y p
I ; .,si-e llonolu'u harbor and fin Mi at th-
1 r. : - t vl . ... j,,,a- holise. , . ;
o ho .; i ' j ;;;,
i hosed bout between I'ackev Mcba:
lei ami -lac iv I Ithi a. 1 l.ese hoys
uti! maicned to tigiit early last imt.Iii.
the hoe . t i i o . 1 - i a ! i s
I'laveil at ,.
I - hminarv
u 1 :: a 1
. 1 1
A fi.
j::,. t' go up a ga . i! s ; i r. . . p
ks at J.e.ieiiua a- a .:
t iie star bout bet u-.-eii Me- Kor.-a
s-cidier Met oiioag:. hi,-;. 1 ston 11
ween a li
loi-uauuie ltit.-rti.is-a
I'aty, oae of the m'. ;
players r.f nam, 1
the game between f.-'
ahumac-js. ( )n y.. e, ,
tbree more garr.es f ;
Sf. the fiiiitestaut- '!'
"rsas the Kaah r :
rield; the Normals . .
at Punahou; the p-,;...
it U.i
JiaiKi. and .,a M..v:av att.o-noo
at the B.vs' Field t . Ivii:- and th
vftitral Grammar l,cv - ,. 1
Following ar. the lim ;.
"ht? teams in ves?,.; .m ..-'.
KtiahumamisTihg Va
Jia (captain i. if; "
; Ts,i Kn. rf: J. s, ,
J Ollfrr-h). fi,; p :
w managfr). in- W ",.
rl hang, lb- V- c
. and Pcip
Piitis-Wiilara" ' , .
Rmwa, -t: i;us (a ...
Konta Kckahio. U - i.
Psrw- ih: K. (am- I,.
(tuana-m-ri .t '. -.
"'"r, rli. and .1
Kams-D. Kale
P '? ("aptamj.
'' Nat!.,h;,. ,-f;
tCIl. fh; . s;.,..,
F.ehii,!na. g; ;
Hii'a, rf.
i haole and a
m day near the Win
r of Hotel and Ki. r
i the:n i-ei-'g
ckev claims to ,e wilting to make
" . Hinds for lloodaiau at:d Weigh Hi
five p. in. .hick -.ay. s that this weight
ii suit him. -o there shi.uM Pe n.i
c a in i iie ma t hm a h i :. g.
1 f the ; r.t :s were i !.-w n it is likely
it neither ;.ov can m : . . ;u:s w.-ign: :
ght ing in t:m
ma uy moons,
e !... s to 1 hat
.lie to the
classy boxers
with t he
. :rv Lewi-, if
Corner Nkiuann and I'aualii Sts.
Character Artist.
(Telephone 2(160)
Continued Success of
It l.o'li will
.eight .'as. 1,
e addit ion ot
-ion 111
welters. There aie !
among the welter w.i
possible except. on ..f
i u
iig to Happen . i. .
tt:r Jay night, hut a tr ice i,..- I'..- -u ;
iared until the aimy pay::ris. r has
; ...giare t o.,t - ia.s- Hit i. in-:
1 -ge r.-telee-t
vais and Ka-
li.-r.- vvi.l i.e
series piayed been ai'ehhd so ti.at
: the b lan;s be luui'v ia isniy li;i
it tie- H.e--' many, it is un-h-rsio
- the K'-is als.
........ . e .i I . . I t f 1 . o . ; I i i s I , .ii' .1 o
the jediee station f..r in''st:gu
1 the .other being treated a
en S 11 1 .s id t al i or -er oils , n
amp:e- that hae i i: 1 . ; ' n : s : , i n g
..tions it, New i i.ii; ch.i.s are ,.
-i iollslv col.solei-, d.
her Ibxie i : or Fighting I'i.-k
i, mi!,..! be ae l,g.... kind of a
- t- : : hi h
U. i g h
tow ti to witness tie- all lay
ixivn said last night that ;.- ha-i;
;. Iron
story t'dd bv wi'
Win-' on Itioe ;
i v a t; n m b" r o : t ne
'down ::ud severely
bv a ii:t it a !.. n tie'
.e ;.rrlvei he IV a -
r i e -.
According to
sses wh-i dve in th
e K..r,.:,n drew a knife a hatl- t '.-
cause ot the quarrei tie n
1 .. ! eel i.t.'. l.,,VVI) .lt to'-toi'e ; COUhl USC I
i'eit shulter. and he is g.-ii.g to t.u.e;w:.s rnsn
1 ,e 'Wo ih ctl ; w a- k le (
style of tight
.VI "
,ill. eiate. He is
re. ; ;..;:n hand out ail the pun -im
in- has to deilxer and tn.-n he y.r .
Ill clean hi ill Ule
ia i c
i ill he w .
re as if H
1 an
1 1,.
and l.
Restore Your Health
It is the privilege of most men
and women to be strong and
healthy and if y..u are suitering
from anv weakness of the
Stomach, Liver or Bowels take
the Bitters just now. It is for
Poor Appetite, Headache, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, Costiveness,
Malaria. Fever and Ague. Try
a bottle today, but be .-ure and
get the genuine with Private
stamp on necK.
Kntire Change of Hill tonight and
Fa'ance of week.
2:30 P. M.
Any Seat in the House, 25 Cents.
Funniest Farce of the Season.
A New- Vork Hit. I.mt Miss It.
New Orpheum's Augmented Orchestra
Evening Prices -25c, S'lc, and 50c
d uor.; ami
; a wa v w t; ii
ea-v iioiu lew oi
t Met i ill Li is i at iter slow a
t t he it i, of i I i n a; i. 1 1 . e
act. a w i i h g a c : a i e ,
en the degree of st.-. ley
shift-led bv tie1 Korean.
When the
i 1!
'I1 Oeoee
11 1 '-
;.- w ii-,;::
liouck Is Good Scrapper.
i he
el V
i w" ;
. reputation oi I'.'iu-,
en i-e. it is s.,i I, he
i iii the welding. 1
.1.,-s h.m : ht-i--r
an ; i n
u, he
11. 1 m. !':..
.1. M;
He is the ehte-t ih.Lg .h
Th-- wav he ;aggl"e his -in' s
.1. lewis; as he ex. cl.tes :1 H
ei t ,rn ar.h.nd his a n'.ag !
a,-:::g to tn-h-ed and w h --!
. -a-it a rig'ut or a ieti
and r - ' ' - :' :hs!aht n:
.1 . ,.. !,:: v ii. t I : iie h ; s w .; s
Honolulu People Should Learn to
Detect the Approach of
Kidney Disease.
The s pt-.-us of ki-'.'i-y ti-ub'.e ar- :
1 so unmlstahabie that th.-y : a . e n-' ;
! has b
Wei a s
ri Slab
Savoy Tneater
o I
Al- A;
i in'-.- a
1 I'::,",
tit? it.
ii 1 STOIV1ACH p
Benson, Smitn & Co., Ltd.
Ilollister Drug Co., Ltd.
Chambers Drug Co., Ltd.
Hilo Drug Co.,
nd at ail Wholesale Liquor Dealers.
V'ier'o :.;d success ,,f the Vaudeville
Artists presoi.tel at the Grind Open
ing Saturday night. Fend their names
1 're-.;'er S..u: g an I I 'a n-m A rt is: s
ooa Fake' and Y . i ": -1. Impersonator
ia-:!; Anderson"-. Or-hestra makes thfl
1 1
1 S - r
IheV- l.h
. .-- a '
lOMXiN'. (,."
'-hr. of the "
Potion b,r ;h"'
.mmir r , N
X" Kngll-h;.
S ".v.-n bv -W'iur-.
;, ,
be-a Wet,";;,, ";;
Tb" fi-lhev '
i' vie...
t4''1 ya.-ds. ' .
k-hf-n:,i, ';. "
22 -, ' '
.M;..,,,.. ...
i Ip 'tl for ,
i-v"'. rn p, . ..
aet'v .i, . . 1 -
JT"' Mi.'k ' ".. -'tf
Inn, ,:; . "
, h it-"--.
1 Mr. p.,'. , .
t;:(. ',,:,.. :
tor:es- ; i -. :::
At "el IMrd W.
I h
. - ai.ioi:
! . --
d i.
ik e
i TI oti
. . Vrri-
i ,

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